About SpiritDog Training: An In-Depth Look

Last Updated on July, 2024

SpiritDog Training: A Beacon of Hope for Dog Owners

In the vast world of dog training, SpiritDog Training, founded by the talented Steffi Trott, has carved a niche for itself. Steffi’s journey into the realm of dog training is both impressive and inspiring.

Having honed her skills under the tutelage of eminent European and US trainers, she has been sharing her expertise with dog owners both locally and remotely since 2013.

Her dedication and unique approach have not only won her accolades but also features in esteemed media outlets like Reader’s Digest and Rachael Ray Every Day.

About SpiritDog Training

What truly sets SpiritDog Training apart from its contemporaries is its diverse and specialized course offerings.

For those grappling with specific behavioral issues in their pets, the platform offers a range of 18 distinct courses.

Whether it’s the Confidence Booster course, designed to instill confidence in anxious dogs, or the Mastering Potty Training course aimed at reducing accidents, there’s something for every concern.

And the best part? These courses are designed for short, efficient training sessions of just 10 minutes a day, making them perfect for the busy dog owner.

SpiritDog Dog Training

But it’s not just the diversity of courses that makes SpiritDog Training shine. The heart of the platform lies in its commitment to positive reinforcement techniques.

Moving away from the outdated punishment-based methods, SpiritDog emphasizes treats, praise, and proactive preparation for potentially stressful situations. This ensures that the training process is as much a joy for the dog as it is for the owner.

What Do Others Say?

The testimonials and reviews for SpiritDog Training speak volumes about its efficacy. Numerous users have shared their transformative experiences, with many highlighting the clear instructions, versatility, and overall convenience of the platform.

One user’s journey with their dog, Daisy, stands out. From mastering basic commands to curbing excessive jumping, the impact of the Basic Obedience Course on Daisy was nothing short of miraculous.

However, no platform is without its areas of improvement. Some users have expressed a desire for a more organized community section, a feature that SpiritDog Training Academy seems to be addressing with its dedicated forums.

SpiritDog Training Pros & Cons


Expert guidance from Steffi Trott, trained by renowned trainers.
Diverse and specialized course offerings for various behavioral issues.
Emphasis on positive reinforcement techniques.
Short, efficient training sessions of just 10 minutes a day.
Mobile-friendly courses for on-the-go training.
Supportive community for shared learning and experiences.


Overwhelming amount of information due to vast course offerings.
Courses need to be purchased separately, potentially increasing costs.
Community section lacks organization and could benefit from a revamp.


In conclusion, SpiritDog Training emerges as a beacon of hope for dog owners, offering expert guidance, a plethora of courses, and a supportive community.

Its emphasis on positive reinforcement and tailored solutions makes it a valuable resource. However, as with any program, potential users should assess its alignment with their specific needs and preferences.

For many, SpiritDog Training has been the bridge to a harmonious relationship with their canine companions.

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