Conforming to Accessibility Guidelines

The team of web developers at are unwaveringly dedicated to ensuring that all facets of the website are rendered accessible to the fullest extent possible. Our objective has consistently been to facilitate accessibility for all individuals, including those with disabilities, to consume the content provided on the website with ease.

In our ongoing efforts to guarantee accessibility, we consistently review and assess updates to the W3 Content Accessibility Guidelines to prevent any unintended hindrances for individuals with disabilities.

Improved Accessibility through Feedback

While the W3 Content Accessibility Guidelines offer a comprehensive framework for content websites to incorporate accessibility features, the actual experiences and feedback of our readers remain indispensable in our efforts to enhance accessibility.

This is why we have consistently maintained a willingness to receive feedback from all visitors to our website, particularly those who utilize various accessibility features.

“In the event that you encounter any obstacles that impede your utilization of the IPetGuides website, kindly utilize the designated contact us page to bring the matter to our attention through the transmission of a message.”

It is imperative that we are furnished with the specific URL of the page that is causing difficulty and a succinct description of the issue, as our development team will promptly initiate efforts to determine a resolution.

Accessibility Features

The IPetGuides website is meticulously examined on an ongoing basis to guarantee full conformity with accessibility features available on an array of devices, including but not limited to smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops.

We take care to confirm that each of the website’s functionalities aligns with established accessibility standards and guidelines:

  • Labels on both static and dynamic input forms must be clearly indicated
  • Keyboard and mouse accessibility must be seamlessly integrated
  • The color contrast must meet accessibility standards
  • The text zoom feature must be easily accessible
  • Video and image captions must provide descriptive information
  • Closed captions must be provided on all videos
  • Link descriptions must be easily understandable
  • Menus and forms must be viewable and navigable
  • The HTML heading structure for text content must be clear and organized

Ongoing Evaluations of Accessibility Compliance

Our development team has implemented a rigorous quality control protocol to guarantee adherence to accessibility standards for all web pages. This protocol encompasses both manual and automated assessments, with evaluations conducted by individuals with diverse disabilities.

As advancements in accessibility technology rapidly evolve, we diligently assess and examine these developments with a view to incorporating them in our pursuit of a website that accommodates the needs of all our readers.

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