7 Best Bark Collars for Beagles (Reviewed & Ranked in 2024)

Last Updated on June, 2024

Initially bred for hunting purposes, beagles are scent hounds who bark, howl, and bay, depending on their needs. On the other hand, it’s innate to the breed to vocally express themselves. 

Though it’s natural for beagles to bark and bay, excessive barking can get you up in arms anytime when the barking goes uncontrollable. 

This is when you have to leave no stone unturned to find a solution to the frustration. And YEAH! The bark collar has got your back! 

After hours of research and testing, I’ve picked the best 7 out of the 15 tested—any of these best collars will end your Barkzilla Beagle’s reign from here on in. 

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The 7 Best Bark Collars for Beagles! 

Below are the best bark control collars I think are worthy of a shoutout. I volunteered with four dog owners and tested out all 15 devices before picking the FINAL 7. 

Durability, type of corrections, intensity levels, battery life, accuracy, and all the other essentials were considered before picking each one as the best. So, no matter which one you pick, all of them will WORK. 

1. Pet Resolve Anti Bark and Training Collar

Pet Resolve has been one of the best brands in the market when it comes to providing quality equipment for dogs.

Their bark-plus-training collar is undoubtedly the best there is. Here’s what you should know about the Pet Resolve Anti Bark and Training collar. 

First of all, it is the only training-plus-bark collar in the market, which says it all.

This bark control collar for beagles is jam-packed with all the essentials you’ll pretty much need to stop your Beagles’ barking. 

Let me tell you what the collar offers you starting from the modes.

There are three modes to choose from; Beep, Vibration, and Shock. Out of the three, both vibration and shock modes have 10 levels of adjustable intensities to choose from. That right there is all the option you’ll ever need in a collar of this type. 

You can pick any of the three modes and adjust the intensity based on how bad your Beagle’s barking really is. 

Another excellent thing about Pet Resolve is that it’s smart; you don’t need to worry about those accidental activations most other collars make if a dog on the other block barks. It works great. 

By the way, you will also get extra long prongs just in case you own long-haired dog breeds. That eliminates the need to trim down the hair on your dog’s neck for the collar to fit. 

That is all you need in the best bark collar, but what makes Pet Resolve special is its training capabilities. If you’ve not trained your dog, this is a great and super easy way to do that.

Not just barking but any behavior such as Jumping, Digging, or Pulling on the lead can all be handled with Pet Resolve. 

If accuracy is one of your concerns, I think that’s something you don’t have to worry about, as everything here is manual. You will control and send signals with the remote control that comes with this device. 

When it comes to the physical aspect of the device, you don’t need to worry about that whatsoever. 

Pet Resolve is built with sturdy materials; moreover, the collar is fully waterproof, whereas the remote is splashproof. So durability-wise, this, as mentioned, has zero issues. 

On the other hand, the device is rechargeable and can last quite a bit based on the mode you use. Using only the bark mode, the collar can run for about two weeks. Training mode drains the battery faster; you can expect around 40 hours from it. 

Now this is not where I need to stop, but let me do so; otherwise, I’ll keep listing the features. However, all of these are enough to admit why Pet Resolve Anti Bark and Dog Training Collar is at the top of the table.


Training-plus-bark collar with multiple modes and adjustable intensities
Stable connection between receiver and transmitter for up to 3/4 mile, excellent for training
Smart design with no accidental activations
Extra long prongs are provided for long-haired dog breeds
Effective training capabilities for various behaviors
Sturdy and waterproof construction for durability
Rechargeable device with great battery life
Light on the receiver makes night walks a breeze
1-year Warranty


Runtime on training mode could’ve been higher

2. DogRook Dog Bark Collar

If you’re someone who is into humane training methods, then this is the one for you.

The DogRook Dog Bark collar is one of the best, most simple, easy-to-use devices available. Plus, it’s the best-selling on Amazon too. 

I was a bit skeptical about this product when I first heard that the collar has no shock Feature. However, the device exceeded my expectations, earning second place on this list.

Unlike most other Bark collars, the DogRook Bark collar has two basic modes: Beep and Vibration, nothing special. 

But the thing that is special is how both modes work. When your Beagle barks, the device combines both modes and delivers corrections progressively. To be exact, it starts with 2 vibration modes and goes up to 7 sound stages in order to train your Beagle not to bark.

The progressive correction worked exactly as it sounds; it kicked in instantly and took care of the dog’s barking. I won’t say it was as quick as Pet Resolve, but that’s understandable since the device only takes advantage of vibration and sound. 

Moving on, the collar also features a smart microphone integrated into the receiver. The benefit? This microphone filters all the environmental noises, and other dogs barking and only identifies your dog’s unique bark. 

Durability-wise, the collar is rain, snow, and splashproof and can hold up well indoors and outdoors.

Just like Pet Resolve, DogRook Bark collar also has a rechargeable battery inside it and can last up to 14 days. That, considering the size of the device, is excellent. And it looks quite good on a Beagle too. 

With proper training, DogRook Dog Bark Collar can be an excellent choice for most dog owners considering its capabilities. 

All that said, DogRook can be a top-notch device if you want something that’s simple to use and budget-friendly at the same time.


Simple and easy-to-use device
No shock feature, making it more suitable for those seeking humane options
Combines beep and vibration modes for progressive correction
Smart microphone filters environmental noises, identifying your dog’s unique bark
Rain, snow, and splashproof, suitable for indoor and outdoor use
Rechargeable battery with a long-lasting lifespan
Attractive design looks good on a Beagle
Budget-friendly option
5 sensitivity levels to prevent accidental activation


Not very customizable

3. DINJOO Bark Collar

DINJOO is a dog bark collar manufacturer offering effective, safe, and premium quality products that help pet parents find a breakthrough for their stress and frustration. 

Can DINJOO dog bark control collar bring back the forgotten peace into your house? Let’s see!

To begin with the modes, you have Beep, Vibration, and Static Stimulation.

To put those to work, you have 8 adjustable sensitivity levels; that’s more than enough levels for a Beagle. 

As you might have already guessed, The DINJOO dog bark collar is fully automatic. The collar will turn off temporarily for 1 minute after triggering your canine partner six times. You only have to get the collar and wear it on your dog.

On the other hand, the technology in this collaradopts an advanced smart dog bark recognition chip to detect dog barking without a remote. This filters the other dog barks and prevents punishing your sinless fido unnecessarily. 

And speaking of batteries, DINJOO training collars use quick charging and long-lasting batteries, which can run up to 15 days. Charged by USB charging, you’ll fully juice the DINJOO collar in under 2 hours.

Durability-wise, the collar is IP67 rated, which is excellent. You don’t have to worry, even if your canine pal is a waterholic.

Finally, a little info on the comfort of the collar, this, made with comfortable soft nylon, feels 

Overall, if you’re searching for a highly automated shock collar with superior technology, the DINJOO dog bark collar is worth considering. It’s a great device to work with. 


The large LED color screen displays richer content and is easy to use and read.
Easy to use with two buttons.
Magnetic fast charge for easy charging.
Two pairs of silicon protective sleeves protect the dog’s skin from harm.
IP67 is 100% waterproof.
Long-lasting batteries for up to 15 days.
It only activates when detecting both barking and vocal cord movements.


If you choose beep+vibrate+shock mode, it’s a bit more aggressive and strong with each consecutive bark, which probably can hurt your dog.

4. NBJU Bark Collar

Alright, NBJU bark collar, this can sound similar to what you read before.

But anyways, let me introduce you to another super cool device with excellent technical specifications. 

Let’s get everything straight. The NBJU bark collaroffers three modes: beep, vibration, and shock, along with seven customizable and adjustable sensitivity levels, which you can choose according to your dog’s temperament.

Next, the collar uses an upgraded smart sensor and premium chip which detects your dog’s barking and activates only when your dog starts barking.

And not to forget, the dog collar will activate only when your dog wears it to prevent false triggering from the sounds of other dogs. 

NBJU Bark Collar for Dogs

The NBJU collar is also equipped with a protection system that stops working temporarily after every minute if it has been activated five times in a row. On the other hand, there are two silicon sleeves to protect your dog from skin abrasion. 

Durability Next, the NBJU bark collar is IP67 waterproof, meaning it can normally work in rain or humid environments without damage. 

If slow-charging collars are not what you’re looking for, NBJU bark collar’s high-capacity batteries can be fully charged in just 30 minutes and run up to 15 days. Forget about recharging frequently. 

And finally, the adjustable bark collar can suit dogs of any sizebetween 8 to 120 lbs with neck sizes 7.8″ to 25″. 


Equipped with a light mode for a bright experience during night walks.
Silicon protective covers for safety and comfort.
IP67 waterproof design.
Comfortable fit for large dogs.
Fast charging batteries in just 30 min.
Long battery life.


Not a good fit for thin and too-small dogs.

5. TBI Pro No-Bark Collar

The TBI Pro no-bark collar is one of the most popular bark control collars, mainly because of its price and the features that come with that price.

This collar has much more to offer. Let’s look into technical specifications down the line! 

Speaking of the essential bits, the collar features three modes of training; beep, vibration, and shock.

The collar also features an intelligent barking detection system, meaning that only your dog’s barking can activate the collar. 

On the other hand, the collar is also equipped with a built-in no-bark receiver with automatic protection mode, which holds on the collar for a minute if it has been activated seven times, which is the safest feature.

TBI PRO UPGRADED Q6 Collar Product Image

Powered by a 3.7V 280 mAh li-ion battery, the collar lasts up to 14 days with a single charge. 

The dog collar is super lightweight and IPX7-rated, allowing you to use it indoors and outdoors in all weather conditions safely. 

It is worth noting that it is better to remove the collar while swimming in case of any damage.


Included rubber contact tips of various sizes to prevent injuries to your pet’s skin and for a comfortable fit.
Long battery life with a single charge.
The anti-false barking chip allows only your dog’s barking to activate the collar.
IPX7 waterproof rating and is ultimately water resistant.


The strap loosens often and doesn’t stay tight for too long.

6. PetSafe Basic Bark Control Collar

Petsafe is one of the largest suppliers of pet products in the U.S. They provide customers with innovative and advanced designs.

PetSafe Basic bark control collar is one of them. 

This basic bark control collar has six automatic adjustable static correction levels, which teaches your canine partner to resist his barking habits.

The progressive correction will help your dog be on red alert. 

The collar is powered by a PetSafe RFA-67 battery included in the package. But the battery side has a disadvantage here; it’s not rechargeable, you will probably have to replace it within 3-6 months. 

PetSafe Basic Bark Control Collar

The PetSafe basic bark control collar can best fit dogs 8 lbs and above, and the adjustable straps can suit dogs with neck sizes up to 27 inches.

Moving onto durability, the collar is entirely waterproof and submersible up to 3 feet. You don’t need to worry about removing the collar when heading outdoors.


Waterproof collar up to 3 feet.
Lightweight collar with adjustable straps.
Easy to operate.


The average battery life is 6-7 months.
No options to choose from other than static mode.

7. SportDOG Brand Bark Control Collar

SportDOG is one of the most recognized brands in the hunting dog training industry.

They ensure to provide customers with quality products by testing them intensively through various challenges. 

And one such product is the SportDOG bark control collar, built with exceptional features. This customizable bark collar can work best for your dog.

Let’s get into the specifications. 

The collar features three types of programmable training modes, including; temperament learning, progressive correction, and user selection, along with ten levels of static stimulation which you can choose according to your dog’s temperament. 

SportDOG NoBark SBC R Bark Control Collar

The no-bark SBC-R uses silent partner technology, which allows it to detect your dog’s unique barking and delivers a correction only then while filtering the external noise. This way, your dog receives the most consistent and proper training possible.

On the other hand, the SportDOG bark control collar features an automatic shutoff option that holds the correction automatically after every 80 seconds. 

The system is powered by rechargeable Li-ion batteries, lasting up to 200 hours per charge. The good news is you can juice the collar within just 2 hours.

Moving on to durability, the rugged system is waterproof and submersible to 10 feet making the device ideal for performing in any weather or terrain.

As far as I’m concerned, the SportDOG bark control collar is pretty impressive, and you won’t be disappointed with your purchase. 


Features a low battery indicator so you know when to charge.
Last up to 200 hours per charge and fast charging batteries.
Has progressive correction and manual settings.
Waterproof up to 10 feet.


Considering all that it offers, it’s still on the pricey side.

Things to Look for in a Bark Collar for Beagle

a beagle dog wearing a bark collar


One of the most important criteria to look into is safety. Make sure you consider purchasing a no-bark collar from a reputable manufacturer.

The modern e-collars are programmed with an automatic shutoff option after stimulating the dogs several times. The collar will resume once the dog starts barking again. This can be an excellent feature to look at in an anti-barking collar.

Adjustability and Flexibility 

Make sure the collars have adjustable levels of simulations so that you can find the right level of intensity to use. Most static barking collars have flexible correction modes, such as choosing a beep as a warning prompt before shocking the dog. 


The most common concern of all the pet parents out there is regarding the accuracy of the barking collars.

Pick a collar with accurate bark sensing technology to prevent false triggering of your dog for external noises. It may cost a few hundred dollars, but that’s the only way to get the best result from your dog training.

Water Resistance 

Opt for waterproof and submersible collars so that you don’t have to restrict your dog from diving into the pool if he loves to do so. This also can save you from replacement costs. 


It’s better to opt for rechargeable collars instead of replacing batteries. This can cut down additional costs later in your training. 

Types of Anti-Bark Dog Collar 

3 Types of Bark Dog Collar

There are three types of bark control collars, all of which have a nylon strap, and at the front of the collar is the piece of mechanism that releases the form of feedback.

This piece of mechanism sits against your dog’s throat, which, conversely, will detect the vibration caused by the dog barking and activates the mechanism. 

Electronic Bark Control Collars 

The electronic bark control or shock collars detect the vibration and vocal cords of the dog and deliver a low-level shock that travels through the two metal prongs that touch the dog’s neck. 

Many shock collars are built in such a way that the intensity of the shock increases gradually after consecutive barks. 

Depending on the brand you choose to buy, you can adjust the shock levels, plus you can also test it yourself initially to make sure the intensity of the shock is mild and has no harm in wearing it on your dog.

Citronella Bark Control Collars 

Citronella bark control collars have a small microphone in the collar to detect barking. Once it does, it will send out a spray of citronella-scented liquid. This fragrance is unpleasant for most dogs, so your dog will give up on further barking. 

Ultrasonic Bark Control Collars 

The ultrasonic bark control collars detect dog barking and emit a high-pitched unpleasant sound to deter your dog from excessive barking. 

Mostly ultrasonic collars are paired with electronic shock collars in which the sound is delivered first and then the shock correction if the behavior continues. 

Why Use an Anti-Bark Collar?

Dogs usually bark for many reasons. Either to seek attention from us or due to territorial reasons. But when it exceeds the limit, it becomes a frustration and nuisance. 

For pet parents who aren’t able to correct their dogs may choose to try bark-control collars. This might go a long way to get them on track, but proper training and purchasing humane training devices are necessary. 

How Do Bark Collars Work? 

a beagle dog lying down on the grass ground

Simply a no-bark collar is a device used in detecting dog barks and emitting a form of behavior correction upon the detection. 

When the built-in sensor in the device is placed next to the neck of the dog, it will sense the barking and send out a correction. 

The form of correction depends on the collar you buy. A no-bark collar can emit a beep, a shock, a puff of citronella, a vibration mode, or a combination of these. 


Yes, barking collars effectively control barking in beagles with a 98-99% success rate.

Vets typically do not recommend using barking control collars, especially for dogs that bark due to fear, anxiety, or compulsive behavior.

Beagles are known to be vocal dogs and will bark often; however, they can be trained to bark less with proper training and socialization, especially at a young age.

Final Thoughts: Best Anti-Bark Collars for Beagle

Beagles are a type of dog with a fun, friendly, and playful nature. Having them as a pet can keep you up every day, be it day or night! Their high level of activeness can sometimes become your high level of annoyance.

So these anti-barking E collars would thoroughly help you monitor and fix your woofy beagle behavior. Not every barking system would get the job done, and not every barking collar would backfire. 

If you still have no idea which one would lend a hand, Pet Resolve can be a great pick, especially thanks to its manual training capabilities. That said, other devices are no slouch and greatly assist in your journey of stopping your Beagle from the behavior no one asked for. 

So now that we have made your job easier in choosing the best option, it’s time for you to beat the clock! GOOD LUCK! 

Pet Resolve
Pet Resolve Product Image




Overall Score


Training-plus-bark collar with multiple modes and adjustable intensities
Smart design with no accidental activations
Effective training capabilities for various behaviors
Sturdy and waterproof construction for durability
1-year Warranty
Get the BEST PRICE valid until the end of June
Runtime on training mode could’ve been higher

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