6 Best Dog Crates for Pitbull (2024 Upd.) Our Top Cage Picks

Last Updated on June, 2024

Pitbulls are friendly and loyal dogs. But they are also athletic, strong-willed, and stubborn at times. These strong muscular build dogs need the best kind of dog crates to safely and comfortably hold them back when needed.

Since they are fast learners capable of advanced obedience, introducing them to crate training at any age wouldn’t be an issue, although it is highly recommended to start young. 

Here’s a list of the best dog crates for Pitbull, specifically designed for large and active dogs like them. Also, the brief buyer’s guide will walk you through purchasing the correct fit for you and your dog’s needs. 

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Rock Creek Crates
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Fable Crate
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Top Best Dog Crates for Pitbulls Reviewed

1. Impact Collapsible Dog Crate

Yes, as the topic gave it away, it is a collapsible crate.

So now you may wonder, ‘How is a collapsible crate rated no.1 in an article that reviews the best dog crates for Pitbulls’ right?

Well, this is no ordinary collapsible crate, And let me tell you why. The innovative idea behind this dog crate deserves a spotlight.

Apart from offering the best for the dog, Impact has also given much thought to the dog owners’ lives.

Producing a crate that can be expanded/folded up in under 60 seconds! That’s convenient on a whole other level. 

FYI- You don’t need any tools, just your hands for a few twists and turns. 

The whole collapsibility of the crate does not in any way compromise its outstanding quality or durability. The crate is crafted out of strong aluminum sheets.

This sturdy crate features two airline bars that add much more strength to hold the structure of the crate strong. Also, these airline bars make the crate IATA-approved. 

Despite the strong structure, these dog cages are still lightweight, so you can conveniently take them along on your travels.

This sturdy dog crate has ventilation holes on all 4 sides to allow optimal air circulation to ensure your dog is happy and safe. Also, these holes give plenty of visibility if your dog enjoys watching around.

For hassle-free use, the crate features a slam latch to easily open and close it with one hand while handling your dog. A lock and key system are on top of the slam latch for extra protection if your pooch leaves your sight.

The dog crates have extra fixtures on all four corners to enable stackability on top of like sizes, so you save floor space. 

This dog crate for Pitbulls is equipped with ergonomic handles, two on top and one on the side, for easy movability. These handles are military grade and are spring loaded, so strength-wise, no questions there.

Also, you get to choose from 6 impressive colors and 5 sizes. An adult Pitbull will comfortably enjoy the 34-inch size but be sure to measure your Pitbull’s size to choose the perfect fit.

Key Features:

  • Easy setup in under 60 seconds without any tools. 
  • The airline rails add structural support by improving stability so that the crate does collapse. Using these rails ensures the crate is IATA-approved.
  • Single-handed stainless steel slam latch operation allows easy automatic lock closure that is handy for still crate training puppies and dogs.
  • Lightweight and Durable due to the use of thin yet strong aluminum to ensure portability, strength, and durability.
  • Military-grade ergonomic handles on the top and side handles are spring-loaded and convenient for moving the crate around when it is open. 
  • Stackable corners ensure easy stack-ability and storage on top of similar sizes saving floor space.
  • Well-ventilated through the rounded-diamond-shaped air holes provide optimal airflow to ensure your dog is safe and comfortable inside.
  • The lock and key system on top of the slam latch for additional protection. This is a great feature to ensure your dog’s safety while traveling.
  • Easy carrying handle when in folded form is strategically positioned to comfortably move the crate around, making it ideal for road trips or anything traveling scenario.

Get to know more about this impact collapsible dog crate here.


Multiple color and size options for customization
Well-ventilated with optimal airflow for the dog’s comfort
Strong, sturdy, and durable crate
It folds down to just 8 inches, making it easy to store in small spaces
Lock and key system for added security while traveling
Airline rails add structural support and make the crate IATA-approved
Military-grade ergonomic handles for easy movability
Lightweight and durable due to the use of strong aluminum


No wheels included

2. Rock Creek Crates Aluminum Dog Crate

This heavy-duty dog crate by Rock Creek is available in 4 sizes and 7 interesting colors. The large size will be suitable for your Pitbull. 

These dog crates are shipped fully assembled with some impressive features backed by the 10-year warranty offered by Rock Creek.

This heavy-duty dog cage has an internal welded tube frame built from aircraft-grade aluminum.

So the structure stays strong despite any damage or external force. These crates have a 5-star crash test rating, ensuring durability even with rough use.

The crate door features a solid aluminum bar design with a lockable paddle latch. Also, the door has two additional butterfly latches on the top and bottom for added protection.

In conjunction with the ventilation system, these features ensure good visibility and airflow while maintaining a strong lock system.

With the added stackable corners and easy carry handles, the logistics of the crate can be effortlessly sorted.

And, of course, these heavy-duty cages are airline approved too.

Key Features:

  • Internal welded aluminum frame provides extra strength to the structure to resist drops and damages while maintaining a protective internal space.
  • Optimal hexagonal ventilation and better door design increases ventilation, visibility, and airflow to keep your dog safe.
  • Lockable door latch plus 2 additional butterfly latches ensures a safe, durable, and reliable locking system, so you don’t have to worry about your dog trying to escape.
  • Stackability on like sizes to save storage space.
  • Easy carry handles to facilitate easy portability without having to push it around. 


Heavy-duty steel frame to provide a solid and sturdy structure
Easy to use open/closure system
It does not rattle or make any noise, even when the dog is moving inside
Wide range of sizes and colors to choose from
Optimal hexagonal ventilation system for improved airflow and visibility
Extremely durable
5-star crash test rating, ensuring durability and safety
Stackable corners for convenient storage
Impressive 10-year warranty for added peace of mind


It is not collapsible

3. Fable Pets Crate

The Fable Pets crate is a stylish dog crate that will easily blend in with the furniture at home.

You can even use it as a side table. The crate is more like a dog bed that looks like a den. 

These handcrafted crates come in 4 sizes, and the Large size will perfectly fit a Husky.

Made using bentwood, these crates have a sleek look featuring ventilation holes to allow good air supply to the interior.

You can either choose a metal or a sliding door, and this door can be slid inwards to hide it away.

The fact that it resembles the design of a typical den makes it helpful for your dog to feel safe and relaxed.

Key Features:

  • A Sliding gate to open and discreetly store away inside or close it when required. It adds to the ease of use and sleek look.
  • Ventilation holes allow plenty of fresh airflows to keep your dog comfortable.
  • It fits in with home decor so you don’t have to worry about the crate being ugly or unattractive.
  • Handcrafted using bentwood with acrylic or metal doors to give an exclusive look.
  • Resembles the design of a den to make your dog feel safe by reducing its anxiety.


Handcrafted with bentwood for a sleek look
It can be used as a side table
Offers ventilation holes for proper air supply
It looks like a stylish piece of furniture
Creates a calm and cozy interior for your dog to relax
More comfortable than a typical wire crate
Choice of metal or sliding door adds convenience and flexibility


It does not have a reliable lock system, so not suitable for escape artists or destructive dogs
Cannot fold for storage 

4. EZ-Fit 4×7 Dog Kennel Kit With Run

The EZ fit dog kennel is a fancy dog crate resembling a mini playhouse.

So this will be like your own dog’s tiny house. It is an outdoor kennel with many features that will let your dog enjoy it in comfort and style.

Featuring a kennel area, prime smart side siding, a wooden door with lock and key, an outside run, treated decking, skids, floor joists, windows, a chain link gate, etc.,

This crate is an all-in-one package for dog owners to take care of, their dog’s comfort and protection while making a fashion statement among other dog owners.

EZ Fit 4x7 Dog Kennel Kit With Run

Key Features:

  • Kennel area using high-quality plywood for a long-term reliable use.
  • The outside run area with treated decking lasts long for years of use.
  • Extra long-lasting Primed Smartside™ Siding ensures durable use. 
  • High side walls provide better maneuverability.
  • Treated skids and floor joists prevent mold and rot from lasting longer.
  • A fully functional pitch roof that also looks good.
  • Aluminum drip edge to withstand all-weather effects.
  • A chain link gate in the front and a wooden door at the back for convenient in and out access.
  • High-quality stainless steel door with lock and key that ensures safe access only to the owner.
  • Windows to provide light and let your dog look around while resting.
  • Shingles lasting 25 years for maximum reliable durability


Overall high quality
It has 2 separate areas; kennel and outside run
Easy access front door
Lock and key accessible only for the owner


Instructions could be better
Ideally suitable only for outdoor use

5. Pro Select Empire Cages

The Pro Select Empire dog crate comprises 20-gauge steel and 0.5″ diameter steel tubes.

It is an extremely strong heavy-duty dog crate with two anti-escape locks for added security.

These dog crates for Pitbulls have a hammer tone finish that looks great and makes it corrosion-resistant metal. 

These durable crates have a grated floor for easy drainage into the removable steel tray, making cleaning easier.

The 4 lockable wheels provide better mobility, so you don’t have to carry this heavy crate to move it around.

These dog crates come in 2 sizes, and the medium size suits a Pitbull.

ProSelect Empire Crate

Key Features:

  • This heavy-duty dog cage uses steel tubes, gauge steel, and welded finishing to ensure sturdy construction.
  • The corrosion-resistant steel has a hammer-tone finish making it more attractive.
  • The grate floor and removable steel tray make overall cage maintenance much easier.
  • The strong slide-in latches provide extra security because it requires manual slide-out effort.
  • The 4 wheels are removable and lockable to allow better mobility.


Uses heavy-duty materials for strong dogs
The wheels are a good feature
Nice finishing look
It provides good visibility and ventilation


Assembly takes time
The welded finish and latches should be improved
The wheels tend to rust and lose function 

6. Midwest iCrate Dog Crate

The Midwest iCrate resembles the design of standard wire cages. These dog crates feature strong and good-quality construction.

From rounded corners to finished edges to large door openings with low thresholds to reinforced locks, this durable crate ensures a safe crate experience for your Pitbull.

For added security, the reinforced lock, which is slide bolt latches, features a patented paw block.

This heavy-duty steel wire crate folds completely flat. It is easy to assemble without any tools, facilitating better portability and storage. 

MidWest Homes for Pets iCrate

This folding crate also comes with a divider panel, a durable and leakproof removable tray, protective rubber feet, and a carrying handle to improve the ease of a dog owner’s life.

These wire crates come in 7 sizes, of which the 36″ crate will fit your Pitbull. You can also choose between a single door or a double design based on your needs. 

Key Features:

  • A durable construction featuring rounded corners, finished edges, a large door, etc., to improve the safety and longevity of the crate.
  • It is easy to assemble and folds flat for convenient storage and travel.
  • A leak proof pan for easy cleaning so you don’t have to wash down the entire crate. 
  • The protective rubber feet will protect your floors from scratches and dry marks.
  • A carrying handle for easy portability. 


Easy setup
Sturdy structure
Lightweight and easy to clean
Reasonably priced


There are a few sharp ends
The door latch needs improvement because dogs used to escaping crates can get out
Inserting and removing the divider panel is a bit difficult 

A Buyer’s Guide: Choose the Best Dog Crate for Your Pitbull

a pitbull looking through a chain crate

To start your crate training journey, you must get the best dog cage to suit your Pitbull. And to do that, you need to know what features to look for and how to evaluate the functionality of the features.

Below are a few factors worth considering to make the best choice.

1. Size

When choosing a crate size for your Pitbull, you have to ensure the crate you choose will allow comfortable space around the dog, not too much or too little. 

If there is extra space, it will take away the whole point of using a crate for housebreaking. Your dog may relieve itself in a corner, and you don’t want that happening.

If the crate is too small, your dog may feel stuffed. So the best is to measure the length from your dog’s nose to the edge of the tail and choose a crate size accordingly.

Considering that your Pitbull should have enough space to turn around, comfortably lay down, and stand up without hitting the sides or the roof, you can choose the ideal crate size with the help of the above measurement.

Usually, an average-sized Pitbull will fit into a 34″ -36″ crate but remember, your dog can be different. 

2. Quality & Durability

Pitbulls are athletic and strong dogs. Even a mild-tempered Pitbull will require a solid crate to keep it from escaping.

So consider your dog’s temperament to choose a reliable crate.

A heavy-duty crate made of strong aluminum or steel, like the Impact Collapsible crate, will be an ideal option to effectively contain energetic dogs like Pitbulls while ensuring the crate lasts a long time.

pitbull puppies in a crate

3. Logistics

If you expect to move the crate around inside the house or even for travel purposes, consider the weight and storage capability of the crate.

A strong and solid crate that is not too heavy but can also be collapsible to allow easy storage and portability, like the Impact Collapsible crate, is a great option. 

4. Flooring & Clean Up

Easy clean-up is very important for the overall maintenance of the crate, which ensures a hygienic space for your dog. So look for a crate with suitable flooring that is easy for you to clean.

A removable plastic tray or any durable pull-out tray will do the job.

5. Locking System

Having a secure lock system will give you peace of mind and assurance that your Pitbull won’t be able to escape the dog cage. So locks like slam latch, paddle latch, slide bolt latch, or auto-latch are safe and secure choices for escape artist dogs.

6. Ventilation & Visibility

A healthy oxygen supply is important for all beings. A well-ventilated design will ensure proper air circulation in and out of your Pitbull crate.

It will also prevent heat and odor from building up inside the crate.

Also, remember this ventilated design contributes to the visibility in and out of the crate too. 

So choose a suitable design that will keep the crate ventilated while giving you and your dog good visibility from outside and inside the cage. 

an adult pitbull in a crate

7. Additional Features

Look for additional features like a divider panel, multiple doors, rubber feet, cage covers, and wheels to improve your overall experience and increase your convenience.

8. Price

Price always affects any purchase. But your Pitbull crate isn’t something you should compromise on.

At the same time, it is important to ensure the features you get for your investment are reasonable. Usually, expensive crates mean long life, while a cheap cage may be more flexible with paint peeling off and locks not working anymore. So choose wisely.

Why Crate Your Pitbull Dog?

There are many benefits in crate training your Pitbull puppies and dogs. As Pitbull owners, here are some reasons why you should create your Pitbull;

  • Provides a safe space for your dog- Dogs instinctively prefer a den-like resting place. A crate, given that it resembles a den, can help your dog feel safe and comfortable to relax away from all the chaos privately. 
  • Helps with housebreaking– If the crate is rightly sized, your dog will learn to control its bladder and bowel movements to prevent soiling in its safe space.
  • Helps with behavior modification– As the dog starts to understand that the crate is its safe space, it helps the dog become more calm, patient and peaceful. Some dogs may even come to like the alone time.
  • Facilitates safe travelsMost crates are transport friendly. And using a crate not only on your air travels but also on road trips ensures the safety of your Pitbull.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Impact collapsible crate is the best crate for a Pitbull due to its superior design, strong structure and high-end materials.

The recommended crate size for a Pitbull is 34-36 inches. However, it is best to measure your Pitbull’s length from nose to tail tip and check against the particular crate to ensure the best fit, as sizes can vary based on the manufacturer and your Pitbull may be smaller or larger than a standard-sized Pitbull.

You can begin crate training your Pitbull puppy as soon as it comes home. Establishing the right expectations early will help your puppy adapt more easily. For puppies, start with 1-hour crate sessions and increase as your puppy grows older.

Conclusion: The Best Dog Crate for Pitbull

My overall choice as the top best crate for Pitbulls is the Impact collapsible crate.

The outstanding strength, high-end quality, collapsibility, and every other minute detail it features show the level of thinking and testing the crate has gone through for Impact to produce a reliable crate that all dog owners can enjoy.

I hope the above dog crate reviews and the buyer’s guide helped you choose the best crate you always wanted for your Pitbull.

Impact Collapsible Dog Crate
Impact Collapsible crate Product Image
Build Quality






Overall Score


Multiple color and size options for customization
Strong, sturdy, and durable crate
It folds down to just 8 inches, making it easy to store in small spaces
Lock and key system for added security while traveling
Military-grade ergonomic handles for easy movability
Airline rails add structural support and make the crate IATA-approved
Get the BEST PRICE valid until the end of June
No wheels included

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