4 Best Wireless Dog Fences for 2 Acres With Best Coverage

Last Updated on June, 2024

Nobody talks about how hard it is to keep your dog safe in houses built on more extensive lands. For example, 2 acres. 

So, dog parents often settle for less, and that reduces the roaming area for your dog, to begin with. It’s simply because they didn’t consider the most critical factor that matters; the area.

You do, and that’s why you’re searching to fulfill a specific requirement.

Lucky for you, we noticed this issue well beforehand.

We did our research, so you don’t have to, and here we are with the 4 best wireless dog fences for 2 acres.

All you need to do is read through and choose what you love the best. 

Let’s begin.

Editor’s Choice
Halo collar product image
Halo 2+
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#2nd Best Choice
spoton collar
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#3rd Best Choice
wagz collar
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4 of the Best Wireless Dog Fence for 2 Acres

1. Halo 2+ (Editor’s Choice)

Halo 2+, or the Halo collar, has been identified as the best wireless dog fence overall.

In fact, this is the best 2 acres wireless dog fence fulfilling the 2 acres requirement.

The sole reason is its performance capacity.

It comes in two colors, graphite and white, in three neck sizes such as,

  • Small: 11’’ – 15’’
  • Medium: 15’’ – 20’’
  • Large: 20’’ – 30’’

The collar lets you create up to 20 wireless fences with completely customizable shapes.

You can draw them conveniently on their free Halo mobile app that works.

With a range of 10 square miles, your 2 acres requirement is fulfilled.

There are three main feedback types such as sound, vibration, or shock. These activate when your dog crosses the fence boundary. There are 15 intensity levels in the shock mode. 

There’s also an encouragement feedback system that says ‘Come Back’ or ‘Good Dog’ as the dog returns. This is reward-based conditioning to stay in safe zones, and that’s very effective.

But how would your dog know what to do when they feel corrective feedback? That’s why you need to train the dog for that. Halo features Cesar Milan’s training content that helps you train your dog much more efficiently.

So, that’s why this is the best wireless fence on the market now.

The Halo collar also has activity tracking. That lets you track the active and resting time, the distance covered, and the number of steps.

With integrated location tracking features, you can track your dog’s location up to 10 square miles. The location updating rate is every 7 seconds.

The product is durable as it comes with a clip lock guaranteeing it won’t fall off easily. With a fantastic design quality, the Halo collar is IP67 waterproof rated.

With 21 hours of maximum battery life, you won’t have to worry about charging it every few hours.

Overall, this is the best 2-acre wireless dog fence.


  • 10 square miles of range 
  • 20 wireless fences with customizable shapes 
  • Activity tracking features 
  • 15 intensity levels of corrective feedback (sound, vibration, and shock)
  • Cesar Milan’s training content
  • Location tracking

Checkout the full review of Halo 2+ here.


Covers 2 acres of area 
Increase your dog’s safety with multiple corrective feedback levels and types 
IP67 waterproof rating increases durability 
Location tracking and activity tracking access for free
Train your dog for the fences with Cesar Milan’s training content 


There is a lot of training content that might not be useful to you

2. Spoton GPS Dog Fence (#2nd Best Choice)

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SpotOn tracker is rapidly getting popular amongst dog parents who seek virtual fences. For you, this is the second-best wireless dog fence for 2 acres.

It comes in three neck sizes such as,

  • Small: 10’’ – 14’’
  • Medium: 12’’ -18’’
  • Large: 16’’ – 26’’

SpotOn collar lets you create up to 20 wireless fences in its designed mobile app. All of these are customizable in shape.

You can either draw them on the app or walk along the path of the boundary.

The lowest area is ½ acre for a fence, and the maximum area is limitless. That covers your 2-acre requirement.

To increase the accuracy of the fences, you can draw them by using 1,500 fence points.

The SpotOn collar is designed to beep when your dog comes closer to the boundary. With the proper training, they will turn back. In case they don’t and cross the border, the collar can emit static shock. But you have to choose one level out of 30 intensity levels.

For all collars with multiple levels, starting from the lowest intensity level is always better. That gives you the full range to test as the dog grows up.

GPS positioning is available on the tracker and can be remotely monitored thanks to the free mobile app. The location updating speed is 6 seconds, and the location accuracy is up to 10 feet.

Durability is certified with the IP67 waterproof rating and fantastic build quality. Unlike the Halo collar, you get a belt and buckle system here, ensuring a comfortable fit.

The maximum battery life expected is 22 hours by design.

All things considered, the SpotOn dog satisfies your requirements, just less than the Halo 2+ collar.


  • Up to 20 wireless fences 
  • Limitless range
  • Warning beeps when the dog gets close to the fence boundary 
  • 30 static shock correction levels as your dog cross the fence 
  • Fits between 10’’ to 26’’ of neck circumference 
  • Location tracking features 
  • IP67 waterproof rating 
  • 22 hours of battery life

Here’s the SpotOn Smart Virtual Fence Review.


Covers 2 acres of the area easily 
The convenience of long battery life 
Audible warning to avoid your dog crossing the boundary
Choose the safest static shock level with 30 levels
Track your dog’s location remotely 


Lacks activity tracking

Get 50$ off using coupon code: IPET (Exclusive for IPetGuides readers)

3. Wagz Freedom Smart Dog Collar™ (#3rd Best Choice)

Unfortunately, this product has been discontinued.

The Wagz collar is the third-best collar on this list. It is an efficient collar with unique features that will impress you.

There is no static shock in this collar, and the company markets it as the most humane dog collar.

There are no different sizes as it comes with one specific size of dimensions, 2.375″ wide x 2″ high x 1.5″ deep, weighing 1.7 ounces.

The Wagz collar is recommended for dogs that weigh 15 lbs and above.

So, how does it fulfill your 2-acres wireless fence requirement?

Wagz Freedom Smart Dog Collar

You can have multiple wireless fences at a time. These are termed safe zones.

There is no limit to the distance, so it suits your 2-acre range.  You can draw the map on the free mobile app, making the wireless fences’ shapes customizable

As a unique feature, you can draw keep-out zones. These are inside the safe zones, and your dogs aren’t allowed to enter them.

In replacement of static shock, the Wagz collar uses ultrasonic as corrective feedback. However, the collar also has sound and vibrational alerts.

The bottom line is that this is an excellent solution for a 2-acre dog fence.

You also get GPS location tracking. The Wagz collar combines Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS for the 10 feet high accuracy of the system. The location updating rate is every 10 seconds.

In addition, you also get comprehensive activity tracking. You can track the sleeping time, the number of steps, calories burned, and more.

You don’t have to worry about the durability of the tracker system as it has superior build quality. It also comes with an IP67 waterproof rating.

The longest battery time by design is 24 hours. But you should understand that even if the maximum battery life is 24 hours at a stretch, you can use it even for a week, depending on the use.


  • The wireless fence is customizable in shape
  • Keep out zones
  • IP67 rated 
  • Activity tracking and GPS positioning 
  • Ultrasonic, sound, and vibrational alerts
  • 1.7 ounces of weight

Here’s the Wagz Collar review.


Comfort to the dog by using ultrasonic instead of static shocks
Increased safety with keep-out zones
The virtual fence’s shape is customizable
Remote location monitoring with the mobile app
Keep track of your dog’s health aspects with activity tracking
Replace the collar whenever you want


Not suitable for stubborn dogs

4. Petsafe Stay & Play Wireless Pet Fence

The PetSafe Stay & Play wireless fence differs from the first three wireless fences in this list. Curious why so? Keep reading.

The system comes with a collar and a transmitter, requiring no mobile app to operate. 

The collar is adjustable and suits dogs with neck sizes 6-28 inches, weighing 5 lbs and more.

The transmitter is 11.49 x 11.65 x 10.31 inches and weighs 5.29 pounds.

Let’s look at how the wireless dog fences work in this product.

Petsafe Stay Play Wireless Pet Fence

The transmitter lets you create circular fences with a maximum range of ¾ acres. So, to meet the 2 acres requirement, you need to sync another transmitter, that’ll do it.

There is the tone-only mode and five progressivelevels of static shock correction. You can know the intensity level by the LED indicator on the collar. If it flashes one time, then it’s level one, and so on.

The static correction lasts only 15 seconds, ensuring your dog’s safety. After that, the collar temporarily shuts down/ locks for 10 seconds. This is called overcorrection prevention.

The Petsafe Stay & Play Wireless Pet Fence features no activity tracking or location tracking.

Durability is assured since the collar is waterproof. It also has an impressive battery of up to 2 months. But it comes with a replaceable battery. You need to replace it with a PetSafeRFA-67D-11 battery.

If you have another Petsafe transmitter, the collar is compatible. It is also completely portable. But so are the other fences in this list, just not bound to a transmitter.

All things considered, the PetSafe Stay & Play wireless fence with a replaceable battery brings a lot of valuable features.


  • Circular fence with an expandable range up to 2 acres and more
  • 5 intensity levels of corrective static shock
  • Tone-only mode for corrective feedback
  • LED indicator for battery level and intensity level
  • Static-free re-entry feature 
  • 2 months of battery life
  • Over-correction safety 
  • Works with a transmitter

You can checkout the full review of this device here.


Multiple correctional levels with tone and static shock for better fencing
Convenient portable circular fence
The convenience of long battery life
Increased safety with over-correction feature


No remote monitoring or alerts
You cannot have multiple separate fences
Lacks activity and location tracking

Things to Know Before Getting a GPS Dog Fence

Range, Type and the Number of Fences Allowed

I know you want the range to be 2 acres. But a more extended range increases the overall performance of the fence.

In addition, you need to check whether the fence’s shape is circular or customized. Some fences are portable, and some are not; keep that in mind. Finally, check how many fences you can use at once.

Nature of the Corrective Feedback

The effectiveness of the fence depends on the success of the corrective feedback. Ideally, there should be at least one from the tone, vibration, ultrasonic, and static shock feedback methods.

But you also need to consider the different intensity levels static shock can be used on. Using one default shock intensity might not be enough in the long run.

Battery Life

The longer the battery life, the better it is; that’s obvious. But how long? Hours? Days? Weeks? And can you change the operational intensity to elongate the battery life? All these factors must be known before buying your GPS dog fence.

The Durability of the System 

All wireless dog fences are almost always created by a dog collar. So, the durability aspect of the collar itself must be assured. Usually, it is by the build quality and waterproof rating such as IPX7, IP67, etc.

Presence of Activity and Location Tracking

Activity tracking helps you track aspects such as the number of steps, distance traveled and the time taken for that, and even sleeping time.

Location tracking is self-explanatory. So, having access to these features only makes your life easier with pets.

Mode of Operation

Some dog fences work with a mobile app, as the collar creates the fence. Some work with transmitters and handheld devices of their own. You need to know if you’re okay with what you choose.

Benefits of Wireless Dog Fences

a dog wearing invisible fence collar and walking on the ground
  • Eliminate the trouble and expenses of physical fences
  • Eliminate dangers imposed by physical fences
  • You no longer have to cage or tie your dog up
  • Train your dogs better as you train them for corrective feedback
  • Have peace of mind knowing your dog is inside safe boundaries 
  • Focus better on your work 
  • And much more

In Conclusion

Halo 2+ collar becomes the best wireless dog fence for 2 acres effortlessly. The secret is that the collar meets and exceeds your expectations.

It has the fence, location tracking, activity tracking, and much more. That’s what I’m using, and enjoying the peace it brings.

Our dogs deserve the best options. With options like the Halo collar, ensuring their protection is made extremely convenient.


Custom-shaped ones let you meet bespoke needs, whereas fixed shapes like circular and rectangular shapes are relatively less effective.

Yes, they do. With corrective feedback, you can keep your dogs in safe spaces without physically caging them.

Not so much; but if the coverage area is more than 2 acres, you can always adjust accordingly.

Halo 2+
Halo collar product image
Battery Life





Overall Score


Covers 2 acres of area
Increase your dog’s safety with multiple corrective feedback levels and types
IP67 waterproof rating increases durability
Location tracking and activity tracking access for free
Train your dog for the fences with Cesar Milan’s training content
Get the BEST PRICE valid until the end of June
There is a lot of training content that might not be useful to you

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