9 Best Dog Crates for Separation Anxiety (Updated in 2024)

Last Updated on June, 2024

Separation anxiety can get severe almost overnight, and reverting that can be draining for you and your dog. The bottom line? Not your dog, or you deserve that.

After all, why should you go through the trouble when you can control it?

The ultimate weapon for that is the dog crates explicitly made for dogs with separation anxiety. 

If you’re looking for one, you’re in the right place, my friend.

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Impact High Anxiety
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Diggs Revol
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Why Trust Me?

I bought all these crates and tested them with my team at iPetGuides. That’s how I know what works and what doesn’t.

Not only have I listed 9 of the BEST dog crates for separation anxiety, but there’s also a buyer’s guide and the top 3 rated too.

So, trust me, and let’s start.

9 of the Best Dog Crates for Separate Anxiety

1. Impact High Anxiety Crate

Well-informed pet parents might already know how objectively superior the IMPACT brand is.

Imagine a company that SPECIALIZES in dog crates — this is it. Their high anxiety crate showcases some undeniable features to safely and comfortably contain dogs with separation anxiety.

For starters, you get 15% off your first purchase and other exclusive perks, and that’s the first green light about the company. 

The first design feature that makes this crate superior is over 62% thicker aluminum.

Needless to say, the thicker the aluminum material is, the higher would be the structural integration of the crate.

What does it deliver you? Stability and secureness under pressure — AKA, a menace of a furry friend.

This USA-made crate is not only welded together but also riveted together. This is only the first sign of how IMPACT provides extra layers of security. The best thing is that these bolts and welded edges are so functional and don’t hurt the overall look of the crate.

Is that all? No.

IMPACT boasts a heavy-duty dog crate system of four additional butterfly latches bolted onto the thick aluminum surface of the crate itself. What’s truly impressive is not merely the existence of the locks; it’s also the placement.

They’re bolted close to the opening corners of the door, which will experience the highest force when your dog pushes it from inside.

Add to that the Zinc steel paddle latch. This zinc-plated steel paddle latch provides a reliable and robust locking mechanism. 

That added security goes a long way in containing anxious dogs who transform into determined dogs quickly. The face of this anxiety crate has vertical bars that don’t run all the way from top to bottom. 

It’s a cutout design covering the upper and lower parts of the face. So, your anxious dog cannot bend these bars.

Around the body of the crate, there are ideally sized ventilation holes with a diameter of 0.05″, and it’s perfect. 

Not only it gives perfect ventilation, but it also gives enough light inside. Thanks to the spacing and the hole size, your dog’s teeth won’t get stuck in there; it’s one of the safe dog crates.

The military grade handles the IMPACT high anxiety cage brings a lot of value. The cylinder attached to the handle evenly distributes the pressure on your palm. 

IMPACT’s high anxiety crate comes in five sizes,

  • 30’’ length: 30.5″L x 20.5″W x 25.87″H
  • 34’’ length: 34.5″L x 23″W x 28.87″H
  • 40’’ length: 40.5″L x 23″W x 28.87″H 
  • 40’’ length (wide + tall): 40.5″L x 27.5″W x 33.87″H
  • 48’’ length: 40.5″L x 27.5″W x 33.87″H

It could be one of the very large kennels, as you can see.

You can also choose this heavy-duty dog crate in either gray, black, or white.

On top of all this, IMPACT gives you a lifetime guarantee with a 10-year dog damage protection warranty. 

Those who want to save on shipping can order this crate unassembled within 3-7 business days. But for a hassle-free setup, it’s better to assemble it within 10-15 business days.

With a 5/5 rating thanks to almost 2000 reviews, the IMPACT high anxiety cage is the best crate for separation anxiety out there, saving you a ton from dog daycare.

Click here to checkout the complete review of impact dog crates.


Superior design and construction with thick aluminum and riveted edges.
Suitable for dogs with severe separation anxiety.
System of four butterfly latches bolted onto the crate provides extra layers of security.
Zinc steel paddle latch offers a dependable and robust mechanism for locking.
Cutout design of vertical bars prevents bending and has a bar spacing of 11.3 inches.
Small ventilation holes provide sufficient airflow and light without risking the dog’s teeth getting stuck.
Military-grade handles have a comfortable cylinder attached that evenly distributes pressure.
Comes in four different sizes and three color options.
Lifetime guarantee with a 10-year dog damage protection warranty.
Highly rated with a 5/5 rating from almost 2000 reviews.
Exclusive perks include 15% off the first purchase.
Peace of mind for all dog owners.


Obtaining the assembled dog crate takes around 10-15 business days

2. Diggs Revol Dog Crate

DIGGS positions itself as a company that wants to ‘raise your dog’s living standard,’ I admire that. In fact, their Revol dog crate is an excellent example of their effort.

You’ll notice a significant difference compared to IMPACT’s anxiety crate. 

It’s primarily because diagonal nets more or less cover it. The strength factor is comparatively low compared to IMPACT’s crate.

But there are so many reasons why I ranked it the second best.

DIGGS Revol dog crate comes in three sizes, small (25 “L x 17” W x 19 “H), medium (32 “L x 20″ W x 22” H), and large (44 “L x 28 “W x 30” H). 

You can bring a little bit of personalization as it comes in three colors; charcoal, grey, and ash.

DIGGS fearlessly recommends the Revol dog crate for every puppy, and that’s great. 

Thanks to the unique diamond-shaped mesh, your puppies/dogs won’t end up with pinched fingers or struggle to open the door.

But the star feature (in my opinion) is the two ceiling hatches that let you access the dog WITHOUT the risk of them suddenly running out. 

That makes it one of the best crates by design.

I love how this separation anxiety crate has a removable plastic tray. This was not present in the IMPACT crate, if you remember. This makes it super easy to clean everything. On top of that, the garage-style side door helps the dog to feel more comfortable too.

This crate is made from a tough aluminum ‘air’ base and comes with a comfy mat too. As soon as dog owners visit their product link, it’s easy to see how relaxing it really is.

The ergonomic handles must be appraised just as much as the two collapsed positions

This makes it extremely easy to carry for pet owners. The improved side door latches can certainly handle a lot of pressure.

I wouldn’t recommend the DIGGS Revol dog crate for stronger dogs. But if you have a considerably cute and anxious dog who doesn’t have monster energy, the Revol dog crate is a great choice.

If you’re in the USA, you will also get free shipping, and it delivers within 1-2 business days.

As the cherry on top, DIGGS also gives you a one-year warranty; another reason why it’s this safe haven is one of the best high-anxiety dog crates.

If you want to know more about this specific cage, check out our review here.


The Revol dog crate is covered by diagonal nets giving more air and light
It comes in three sizes and colors, offering personalization
This is a collapsible crate.
The diamond-shaped mesh keeps your puppy’s/dog’s fingers safe
The two ceiling hatches allow access to your dog without the risk of them suddenly running out
Perfect for puppies and non-aggressive large dogs
The removable tray and garage-style side door make cleaning the crate easy
The crate is made of rugged aluminum and comes with a comfortable mat
Ergonomic handles and two collapsed positions make the crate easy to carry
DIGGS offers a one-year warranty and free shipping in the USA


The crate may not be suitable for stronger dogs

3. GUNNER G1™ Kennel

You will notice an interesting fact when you first land the product page on G1 by Gunner

It’s how Gunner crates stay 12% cooler on average than leading aluminum & 8% cooler than single-wall rotomolded crates.

That’s the first green light for a dependable crate for anxious dogs.

I initially expected it to be a stainless steel crate like the one from IMPACT. But it’s made from double-walled rotomolded plastic.

But those cooling factors are only the first two reasons for that.

So, at first glance, it’s safe to say that the G1 is most suitable for outdoor settings where the crate will experience more heat and coldness.

On top of that, the G1 anxiety crate also expends 20% less energy to stay warm compared to leading rotomolded or aluminum kennels.

G1 is not as strong and resilient as IMPACT’s dog crate. However, G1 is the market’s ONLY double-wall rotomolded crate that offers 2 times the impact protection. That makes it one of the unique high-anxiety dog crates.

In fact, there’s a testing video series on whether Gunner proves that the G1 is virtually bombproof. You can check it out here; it’s pretty impressive.

I love the reversible door that can open from either side because it’s more convenient than a single-sided one. 

This door is complemented by a powerful frame system reinforced with an aluminum frame designed specifically to contain a dog before, during, and after a wreck.

The cherry on top is the key-in-the-hole lock in the paddle latch. Gunner also boasts two extra backup and safety latches on top and bottom for additional backup.

That makes G1 an amazingly secure crate.

Your dog will love the element-repelling windows of this pet crate engineered to limit the penetration of seasonal elements like rain, sleet, and snow. Once again, it further confirms that G1 suits better outdoors.

Even if the G1 doesn’t have a removable tray, it has a drainage system, making it super easy to clean. The recessed floor will ensure that your dog with separation anxiety will not be sitting in water.

Did I mention how unique the carry handles are? The two kayak-grade handles provide a comfortable and secure grip. Since it has a broader base and non-slip feet, it’s pretty easy to place it securely. 

More comfort for anxious dogs!

Even if this crate isn’t made from stainless steel, all the hardware is. That’s another secret for the long lifetime of Gunner G1 crates. 

This is one of the best all-American-made crates for separation anxiety comes in four sizes.

The largest of the 72 lbs, and with exterior measurements of 40.25″ (L) x 28″ (W) x 33.25″ (H) / 34.5″ (H) with carry handles.

Don’t worry; the complete size guide is on the product page.

All of these come with a lifetime warranty policy.

All things considered, the Gunner G1 is a dependable crate for your dog with separation anxiety.

Here’s our complete review of Gunner G1 Kennel.


Cooler temperature than leading aluminum and rotomolded crates
Energy efficiency helps save on heating or cooling costs for outdoor kennels
Double-wall rotomolded plastic provides superior impact protection
Key-in-the-hole locks and backup safety latches offer added security
Powerful frame system with an aluminum frame can contain a dog before, during, and after a wreck
Element-repelling windows limit the penetration of seasonal elements
Drainage system makes it easy to clean the crate, ensuring the dog is in a clean and hygienic environment
Kayak-grade handles and non-slip feet make it easy to move
All hardware is made from stainless steel, ensuring the durability
Made in the USA
Lifetime warranty


The G1 is not as strong and resilient as IMPACT’s dog crate
The G1’s is likely to be opened by a strong dog compared to IMPACT crates

4. Petmate Ultra Vari Kennel

The Petmate Ultra Vari kennel looks a little similar to the Gunner G1, but it’s not the same.

For starters, the Vari kennel is made with 90% pre-consumer recycled plastic content. So, Petmate is going more for a greener initiative. 

The Vari kennel is still pretty dependable, even if it’s not made from stainless steel.

This kennel has an upper and lower part; think of it like one of those sleeping pods from Alien — not that serious looking! 

Petmate Ultra Vari Kennel

The upper part is bolted into the lower part midway of the crate. That’s probably why Petmate lists ‘easy to assemble’ as a feature.

There’s a nice steel square mesh as the door, but there aren’t any extra latches just in case your dog gets violent.

So, ideally, the Petmake Ultra Vari Kennel isn’t for heavy, strong, and violent dogs.

It comes in two colors; Taupe, or Taupe, and black. Personally, I’d recommend the Taupe and black, as a black base won’t discolor as easily as a lighter color.

With five sizes, such as 21″, 28″, 32″, 36″, and 40″, you still get a pretty decent amount of size options. There’s a lot of space inside, making it an ideal product for a tamed dog or a puppy.

Remember that only 21″ and 28″ include a handle; others don’t have one.

The weight range is 25-40lbs, and that’s why you can carry it easier. But a stronger dog might be able to impart enough pressure to loosen the bolts. 

With a one-year warranty, this kennel goes a long way to satisfy dog parents who have pets with separation anxiety. 

If you cannot find any crates for separation anxiety, the Petmate Ultra Veri Kenne sure works like magic.


Made with 90% pre-consumer recycled plastic content
Overall lightweight
Easy to assemble
Comes in two main colors
Available in five sizes from 21″ to 40″
One year warranty
Suitable for smaller dogs, tamed dogs, and puppies
360-degree full upper surround ventilation
Easy-to-open squeeze latch door


Only two sizes include the handle
Not recommendable for stronger or bigger dogs
Size range could have been wider

5. Lucky Dog® Dwell™ Series Crate

Lucky Dog is another brand dedicated to crates, playpens, and such. Their Dwell series crate is a definite candidate for dogs with separation anxiety.

So far, the Dwell series crate is the most open crate; it’s technically a cage too.

Some special features make this crate super suitable for dogs with separation anxiety. Let’s look at them one by one.

To start off, the cage-like feature is quite suitable for dogs with separation anxiety who hates that boxed-up feeling.

But remember that this crate won’t be strong enough to hold a stronger or a bigger dog.

Lucky Dog® Dwell

The Dwell series crate has a quiet and double-panel sliding door. Needless to that, that skyrockets space optimization. But that’s not all; you also get a standard swinging door for additional entry options.

The security level of the latching doors is admirable. The frame is built for strength and stability, and there’s no chance of topping or sliding. You can easily include a mat inside, and your dog can rest peacefully.

The rust-resistant wire frame is coated for durability and uses easy snap-on corner stabilizers. These stabilizers prevent overall flimsiness. But on the flip side, you can easily fold down the crate flat in a few seconds.

Say goodbye to spacious crate transportation.

Not only that, it’s incredibly easy to clean this crate too. Due to the wire-frame build of the Dwell series crate, the product is significantly lightweight.

Lucky Dog produces this crate for dogs with separation anxiety in five sizes, from 24″ to 48″. You’re also allowed to pay in 4 interest-free installments with ShopPay, which is convenient.

It’s a dependable dog crate, but I wouldn’t recommend it if your dog’s separation anxiety is severe or more robust than the average. 

But for a relatively smaller and more tame dog, this product is ideal.


Boxed up feeling is least for your dog
Double-panel sliding door for space optimization
Standard swinging door for increased convenience
Security level of latching doors is very high
High-strength wire frame body
No chances for toppling or sliding
Super easy to clean and move since it is flat-foldable
Comes in four sizes
You can pay in 4 interest-free installments
Easier to train your dog for the cage


Not recommendable for bigger/stronger dogs
Has no warranty
Cage-like structure might trigger separation anxiety more

6. Carlson Pet SECURE AND FOLDABLE Single Door Metal Dog Crate

Carlson’s single-door metal dog crate is yet another sensible investment if you can’t find any of the options above. 

I’ll refer to it as Carlon crate from now on.

Carlson recommends this crate for smaller dogs and puppies up to 25 pounds. It’s not merely because of the space construction but also because of the cage-like structure.

You don’t want a bigger dog to bend them or make them feel uncomfortable.

The Carlson crate comes in only one size, which is 24 inches long by 18 inches wide and 19 inches tall. It would have been great if there were more sizes.

Carlson Metal Dog Crate

A notable feature of this cage is that it’s all steel. If you’re not a fan of plastic cages for separation anxiety, the Carlson crate is an ideal solution. 

The single-door design makes everything simple, and it has one secure lock and is strong enough to hold back dogs and puppies up to 25 pounds.

The lock has a straightforward mechanism, which makes the Carlon crate’s simplicity factor almost a unique selling point.

The Carlon crate also comes with a nice washable pan. It’s easily removable and super easy to clean. Naturally, I’d recommend you have some sort of mattress on the pan; it’d be most comfortable.

You should understand that dogs with separation anxiety are generally more sensitive, and providing them with as much comfort as you can is the right thing to do.

I admire how Carlson’s crate is very space-friendly; you can easily fold, transport, and store it. In fact, this crate is certified to both JPMA and ASTM standards too. That should give a better understanding of the quality.

So, it’s not an exaggeration to say Carlson’s all-metal crate is dependable.


Simple single metal door
All metal crate
Built specifically for dog breeds and puppies up to 25 pounds
Has a removable and easy-washable bottom tray
Wire-frame build for more ventilation and light
Certified to both JPMA and ASTM standards
Single lock mechanism
100% collapsable
Overall lightweight nature


Not recommendable for bigger dogs
Comes only in one size and color
Contains only one latch/lock

7. LUCKUP Heavy Duty Dog Cage

LuckUp heavy-duty dog cage, which I will call the LuckUp crate from now on, is another strong candidate. 

It makes such an excellent crate for dogs with separation anxiety for several reasons.

The company understands the needs of the ideal dog parent, and the size range of 3 sizes; 42”, 38”, and 46”, confirms that. Personalization is further allowed with three color options; silver, dark silver, and grey.

The most notable feature of the LuckUp crate has to be the wheels. Yes, with these wheels, you can easily move the crate anywhere, like a shopping cart. 

LUCKUP Heavy Duty Dog Cage

The best feature about these casters is that they are 360 degrees rotatable, increasing the maneuverability factor sky-high — that convenience goes a long way.

The frame is imposing as this crate is made for heavy-duty work. So, if you have heavier or more aggressive dogs, you can rely on the LuckUp crate. Made from industrial corrosion-resistant metal, durability is 100% certified.

LuckUp further adds value through the anti-bite nature of the material. Because it’s spray-painted with dog-friendly paint, even the most stubborn dog will be safe.

On top of that, this sturdy crate is tough to be damaged by design — no pet parent has to worry if their dog will bend the frames at all.

The front door of the LuckUp crate is suitable for pets in and out for you to interact with your dog. The double door design’s upper door is about 1.5 times bigger than the lower one. 

You can also open both at once and make it easy to put your pets in or take them out quickly.

I admire the removable (slide-out) plastic trays that make it very easy to clean. That cleanliness keeps your separation anxiety-ridden dog safe and comfortable. 

In addition to the tray, the bottom of the LuckUp crate is designed not to have dog feet between them. This makes this separation anxiety crate safer.

On top of all these features, you will receive the package with all hardware included. All you need to do is fit it with the four wheels and eight screw bolts, as the locks are pre-assembled.

It takes about 5-10 minutes at maximum.

You also get a 30-day money-back guarantee but no warranties of any kind.

Whether you want a crate for your dog with separation anxiety indoors, in yards, or even outdoors, the LuckUp heavy-duty dog cage is suitable for all occasions.


Recommended for medium and large dogs with more energy
Industry-level corrosion-resistant steel
Virtually impossible to be damaged by a dog
Non-toxic surface finish
360 rotatable casters (wheels) for better moving and maneuverability
Comes with two doors for safer interactions with the dogs
Both doors can be opened at once
Removable (slide-out) plastic trays on the bottom
Anti-slippage bottom
Comes in three colors and three sizes
30 days return policy


Comes with only one lock
Has no warranty
If you forget to lock the casters, there is a risk of an accident

8. ProSelect Empire Dog Crate

PreSelect might not be as popular as IMPACT, but they still have pretty impressive cages. 

I wouldn’t say that their Empire cages are as bespoke as the IMPACT or DIGGS crate for separation anxiety.

But the Empire Cage is a sensible option if you can’t find any of the cages so far.

So, what does it bring to the table?

For starters, the Proselect Empire dog cage comes in one color and two sizes. At first glance, it’s not so different from the LuckUp cage as well. After all, this, too, has wheels on the bottom for better maneuverability.

ProSelect Empire Crate

The strength factor of this safe space crate is impressive. 

You could conveniently hold a tamed heavy dog or a bit aggressive medium-sized dog quite easily, thanks to the reinforced 0.5-inch diameter steel tubes. 

The floor grate comes with a tray, so it’s extra easy to clean it as well. 

On top of this, you can remove the casters. This helps you to stabilize the cage, of course, and takes away the risk of failure of caster locks as well.

Proselect Empire dog cage has only one side door, and two locks protect it. It’s big enough to get a medium-sized dog inside. I personally wouldn’t recommend this cage for a heavier dog as the space won’t be sufficient.

One downside is the definite high price, and I believe this is due to the increased strength of the materials. But you do get a 30-day replacement or money-back guarantee, and that’s a relief.

In conclusion, PreSelect Empire cages qualify to be crates made for dogs with separation anxiety.


High overall strength
Suitable for small and medium-sized dogs
Comes in one color (black) and two sizes
Wheels/casters for easier transportation and maneuverability
Convenient single-side door entry
Protection certified with two sliding locks
Comes with a 30-day money-back replacement or guarantee


Relatively higher price
It is not strong enough for heavier/stronger dogs
Doesn’t come with a warranty

9. The Super Dog Crate

The Super Dog Crate is my last recommendation, and yet, it also brings a lot of unique features to the table.

Made of sturdy steel and blow-molded plastic, the company wants to differentiate the product as a non-bothersome crate.

It reminds you how most dogs sleep on cold steel trays. Super Dog Crate’s solution is the removable and washable black fleece mat.

It’s a sensible point, and you need to remember that.

This dog crate for separation anxiety boasts a system of 4 doors; the top loading door, two side doors, and a large front door.

The Super Dog Crate

That allows you to interact with the pet inside with lowered risk of them running out easily.

The unique garage door is truly admirable, as it allows your dog to come in and out without the annoyance of a swinging door. 

I must also point out the rounded corners that protect you and your home from scratches. It’s easier to move them that way too.

The cherry on top is the wheels embedded in the structure that helps you move the crate very quickly. However, this crate is not stackable or not certified for air travel. It’s honest of the company to disclose these critical features.

Needless to say, you must keep the crate well away from fire.

If you cannot find any alternatives up to the Super Dog Crate, this is definitely a good crate you can count on and miles ahead of any plastic-sided crate.


Made from sturdy steel and blow-molded plastic
More comfortable black fleece mat for your dogs
The black fleece mat is washable and easily removable
Contains four doors, including a garage door
Rounded corners to prevent damages of all kinds
Wheels at the bottom for better maneuverability


Not suitable for stronger dogs
Not stackable
Relatively higher flammability

Buying Guide: Best Dog Crate for Separation Anxiety

a dog inside a crate

If you’re wondering how I chose and ranked these crates, I did that by considering five main factors, and let me brief each point.


You need to choose an appropriate crate for the dog’s size. If it’s for a puppy, you should also consider how big it will grow. You don’t want a smaller cage that worsens your dog’s anxiety.

Here’s how to measure your dog size for a perfect crate.

Material and Build Quality 

Some dogs have immense strength and can break and bend even steel. On the flip side, buying a crate designed with the highest quality materials for lifetime usage is better. 

Ventilation should be higher as well. You should pay attention to the space between bars because too much space could hurt your dog.

Think ten times before getting a plastic crate.

Locking Mechanism

Dogs understand where the doors are, and that’s where they will use their strength. The more locks there are, the better it is, and the placement of the locks is essential in containing dogs suffering from separation anxiety.

Pay close attention to the overall unlocking mechanism too.

Convenience of Cleaning

It’s better to have trays on the bottom, but having a built-in feature like a channel is best. All it takes is one high-pressure water cleaning session, and everything will return to the original. As a dog owner, it gives you much peace of mind.

Overall Comfort

If your dog has separation anxiety, overall comfort must be a priority. That’s why well-covered dog crates are suitable for that. Investing in a one-time high-quality crate is always a sensible investment for pet parents to keep an anxious dog safe.

With this in your mind, let’s move to the next section.

What is Separation Anxiety and Why is it a Serious Issue?

a Separation Anxiety dog lying down

Separation anxiety is a condition in which a dog feels nervous and anxious when left alone or separated from their owners — hence, the name separation anxiety.

This can manifest in a range of behaviors which I will elaborate on in a later section. 

Separation anxiety can be distressing for both the dog and its owners, and if you didn’t already know, it is a serious issue.

Dogs are social animals that form strong bonds with their owners. When left alone for extended periods of time, sometimes they can experience fear, loneliness, and abandonment. 

For dogs with the condition, these emotions can be very overwhelming and lead to destructive or disruptive behaviors.

In addition to the distress for the dog and its owner, the condition can also have negative health consequences. When combined with other symptoms, these health consequences can be tell-tale signs of worsening separation anxiety.

Left untreated, separation anxiety can worsen with time with increased stress and behavioral issues. That eventually increases the risk of injury or your dog destroying property.

So, you’re doing the right thing by buying a crate for your dog with separation anxiety. It won’t cure the condition, but it sure helps the dogs and the owners to have a less problematic life.

Types of Dog Breeds That are More Prone to Separation Anxiety 

Dog Breeds That are More Prone to Separation Anxiety

While any dog can experience separation anxiety, some are more prone to developing the condition. You’ll notice how these breeds are known for close companionship with humans or have a strong attachment to their owners.

Some of these are,

  1. Labrador Retrievers: Labs are social dogs that thrive on attention and interaction with their owners. When left alone for extended periods, they can become anxious and exhibit destructive behavior.
  2. Border Collies: Border Collies are highly intelligent and active dogs that form strong bonds with their owners. When you continue to leave them alone, their separation anxiety skyrockets.
  3. German Shepherds: you know GSDs are loyal and protective dogs that often form a strong attachment to their owner. Higher anxiety levels and barking and whining are highly expectable of them.
  4. Bichon Frises: Bichon Frises are affectionate and playful dogs that thrive on attention from their owners. When left alone, they will become more anxious and vocalize excessively.
  5. Cavalier King Charles Spaniels: Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are gentle and affectionate and quickly form strong bonds with owners. You can expect similar behavior from these dogs when left alone for extended times, similar to the other four breeds.

In addition, you can also expect the condition in Jack Russel Terriers, Vizsalas, and toy and miniature poodles.

It’s also important to recognize that each dog is an individual and may exhibit different behaviors or react differently. But as I promised earlier, let me teach you the symptoms of separation anxiety.

Symptoms of Separation Anxiety 

Remember that these behaviors can vary in severity and duration and may be influenced by factors such as the dog’s temperament, history, and environment.

But some of the common symptoms are as follows,

  • Excessive barking or howling
  • Destructure chewing or scratching 
  • Pacing or restlessness
  • Attempts to escape 
  • House soiling
  • Loss of appetite or overall change in behavior

There are more symptoms that can be unique to each dog, but they will surely showcase these symptoms when they have separation anxiety.

With that discussed, let’s learn how to introduce a dog crate to dogs with separation anxiety.

Guide for Crate Training Dogs With Separation Anxiety 

A human's hand and dog's leg

Introducing a crate to a dog with separation anxiety requires patience and a gradual approach. Simply placing them in a crate is never going to work, and it only heightens the issues.

Here’s your guide to crate-train an anxious pup or even a dog.

  • Start by placing treats and toys inside the crate, and let the dog explore the crate on their terms.
  • Then, feed the dog a little closer to the crate, gradually moving the dog closer to the crate over time. Eventually, you can feed them inside.
  • Simultenoylsy, begin closing the crate’s door for short periods while the dog is inside, and you can gradually increase the duration the door is closed.
  • Simultaneously, gradually move the crate farther away from the owner’s (your) presence until it is in a separate room.
  • Ensure that your dog has plenty of mental and physical stimulation while they are in the crate, such as puzzle toys or chew toys.
  • Simultaneously, make sure that your dog experiences positive experiences with the crate all the time.
  • Simultaneously, begin to practice leaving and returning to the room or horse for short periods of time, gradually increasing it, and reward your dog for remaining calm during your absence.
  • At all times, avoid punishment.

As long as you follow these steps, getting your dog used to the crate should be easier.

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In Conclusion 

Separation anxiety is like sugar levels; it cannot be cured but controlled. For that, dog crates made specifically for that work like magic. Out of this long list, IMPACT’s high anxiety crate wins with a lead thanks to all the features, nothing else. 

While that’s my best recommendation, you can always go with your personal choice. The end goal is to make your furry friend feel the best.

I hope this review was helpful in choosing your dog’s crate. See you in another review!


Dog Separation Anxiety is a condition where dogs exhibit fear and heightened vocalizations due to feeling unsafe or insecure when separated from their owners.

Yes, a heavy duty dog crate can help dogs with separation anxiety by providing them with a safe and secure space where they can feel calmer when they are left alone.

No, it is not recommended to leave your dog in a crate all day while you are at work. Dogs should only be left if they have been trained to remain calm.

For a dog with separation anxiety, it is recommended to get a crate that is big enough for the dog to stand up, turn around, and lie down comfortably, while not allowing for the dog to divide it into two sections–one for sleeping and one for bathroom use.

Impact High Anxiety
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Exclusive perks include 15% off the first purchase.
Small ventilation holes provide sufficient airflow and light without risking the dog’s teeth getting stuck.
Military-grade handles have a comfortable cylinder attached that evenly distributes pressure.
System of four butterfly latches bolted onto the crate provides extra layers of security.
Lifetime guarantee with a 10-year dog damage protection warranty.
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Obtaining the assembled dog crate takes around 10-15 business days

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