7 Best Metal Dog Crates (2024 Upd.) Durability Guaranteed

Last Updated on June, 2024

Not many talk about the superiority of metal crates anymore.

They’re better by design, and it’s for a lifetime if you choose the right crate.

Since there are so many options to choose from, I understand it can be a bit demotivating. Well, you’re in the right place for the answers.

But why trust me?

Why Trust Me?

As always, I picked around 20 metal crates, chose the top 7, and purchased them anonymously. If not, who knows if they ship only the best for iPetGuides?

We tested them firsthand, so what you read here is exclusive and accurate.

Without further ado, let’s start with the first and the best metal dog crate we found: IMPACT’s collapsible dog crate.

Editor’s Choice
Impact Collapsible crate Product Image
Build Quality






Overall Score


#2nd Best Choice
Petmate Precision Pet ProValu Product image
Build Quality






Overall Score


#3rd Best Choice
DIGGS Revol Dog Crate Product Image
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Best 7 Metal Dog Crates

1. IMPACT Collapsible Dog Crate

The IMPACT is a world-class dog crate brand, and their collapsible dog crate is, in fact, the best metal crate.

Curious why? Let’s find out.

For starters, this crate is made from 99% recyclable and premium aluminum.

The crate is built to last by design with superior USA-made design and manufacturing.

The crate is 100% collapsible, and you can collapse it more easily. But how long does it take to set it up? Just 60 seconds. That’s a flex.

Pet parents can buy this crate in six sizes, and here are the sizes of the smallest and the largest,

  • Smallest: 30.5’’L x 20.5’’W x 26’’H 
  • Largest: 54.5’’L x 35.5’’W x 42’’H

It is also available in six colors, giving more personalization. 

No matter the size or color, every crate will have rounded hexagonal ventilation holes.

These holes are special. Why? Not only do they provide ample airflow, but they also provide perfect visibility and light inside. Since they’re rounded, your dog’s risk of damaging their nails is nil.

I told you that the crate was collapsible. IMPACT has added more value with one easy-carrying handle when folded. When it’s not folded, there are two military-grade handles

It’s a clever design if you ask me.

This high-strength metal crate has a dependable door (with a lock) to hold even strong Great Danes easily. Even with that one lock, you can easily contain a strong dog, as it’s designed to withstand immense force.

The stackability feature will help you organize your shop better if you’re a dog breeder.

Pet parents receive free shipping and free exchanges with this crate and a lifetime warranty. On top of that, you’re highly likely to get 15% off your first purchase when you sign up for their website.

From an unbiased perspective, no other crate can compete with the features IMPACT’s collapsible crate brings. That’s why it’s the best metal crate.

Interested to know more details about IMPACT Collapsible Dog Crate? Check out our in-depth crate review here.


Made from 99% recycled premium aluminum 
It comes in six sizes and six colors
100% collapsible 
Sets up in only 60 seconds
Two carrying handled when unfolded, and one when folded for easier carrying
Easily stackable
Rounded diamond ventilation holes for amble airflow and visibility 
Higher protection & safety with the door and overall design quality
Free shipping
Free exchanges
Lifetime warranty
15% off the first purchase 


It has only one lock

2. Petmate Precision Pet ProValu

The best alternative for IMPACT’s collapsible crate is Petmate’s Precision Pet ProValu 1 — I’ll just call in the ProValu crate for easier reading.

Unlike IMPACT’s crate, this is a wire crate. Which means it’s very open, providing the highest air flow and visibility. 

But that makes it a bit unsuitable for dogs with separation anxiety. A cost-effective fix would be to use a crate cover.

This crate is available in four sizes and only one color since it’s a wire crate. But it’s big enough to contain many dog breeds.

The crate range’s smallest size is 19″L x 12″W x 14″H, and the largest is 36″L x 23″W x 25″H. 

The comfort factor further increases thanks to the removable plastic pan. This makes it super easy to clean the crate as well. But it’s not only the dog that gets more comfort; you can comfortably carry the ProValu crate by the carrying handle.

What about safety & protection? 

While lower than IMPACT’s, you get a dependable, patented 5-point locking system. This eliminates any gaps in the door’s top, sides, and middle. 

On the flip side, the crate has a rust-resistant electro-coat finish, which maximizes its lifetime. You can even use it outdoors easily.

Another remarkable feature of the ProValue crate is the crate divider panel. As some of you might already know, it helps you divide the crate only to give the necessary space as a puppy grows up.

If you’re unsure about the crate size, there’s a guide on their page to select the correct one for you.

All things considered, it’s a great metal crate that delivers.


Strong metal wire crate by design
Available in one color and four sizes
Removable plastic pan for easier cleaning
Carrying handle for easier carrying
Patented 5-point locking system for the highest safety
Rust-resistant & electro-coat finish 
Crate divider panel for puppy raisin
Sizing guide to choosing the best size
Lower price


Not collapsible 
No warranty

3. Diggs Revol Dog Crate

If you’re not the biggest fan of traditional wire crates, I know you’ll like Diggs’ Revol dog crate.

With a unique appearance, the Revol dog crate is also metallic, coming in three shades of grey.

More personalization is available as it comes in four sizes. 

The smallest crate is 25″L x 17″W x 19″H, and the largest is 44″L x 28″W x 30″H.

If you’re unsure about the crate sizes, you can take their crate size quiz, revealing the most suitable size for your dog.

If it’s a puppy, remember that you also get a crate divider to raise them better.

The unique diamond-shaped mesh is a special feature that ensures your dog’s safe containment with the crate’s durability. But I wouldn’t say it’s so suitable to contain aggressive dogs.

The solution for this is crate training them more.

Similar to IMPACT’s crate, the Revol crate is collapsible too. You also get a placed carrying handle for easier carrying. The cherry on top is the wheel at the bottom.

The usage convenience compliments this ease of portability; the dual door design is the perfect example of that. There’s the standard door with a wide garage door.

The lock is strong enough to withstand high force but, of course, not as high as IMPACT’s crate can.

The Revol metal crate is all about convenience, and that’s why you also get a removable plastic tray for easy cleanup.

It’s a relief that this USA-made crate ships in 1-2 business days too. Check if the EXTRA15 code works for a 15% discount.

With enough comfort and safety features, the Diggs Revol dog crate is another excellent alternative to IMPACT’s collapsible crate.

Want to learn more about this beautiful crate? Click here.


Deviated version from a traditional wire crate
Available in three colors and four sizes
Dual door design for easier movement
It has a crate divider for raising puppies better
Removable plastic tray for easier cleanup
Carrying handle for easier handling
Size guide quiz for better crate size picking
Made in the USA
One-year warranty


Not a well-covered crate
Bit pricier

4. Lucky Dog® Dwell Series™ Crate

My next suggestion is the Lucky Dog Dwell series crate; you’ll love this one.

Fulfilling the primary requirement, this is a 100% metallic wire crate.

So, it only comes in one color, black, but five sizes give ample space for several dog breeds.

  • Smallest cage size: 22″Lx13″Wx16″H
  • Largest crate size: 48″Lx30″Wx33″H

Two terrific features make this crate special. The first feature is its collapsibility.

But what’s impressive is how it also has four patented corner stabilizers to maintain the shape and prevent unnecessary collapsing. 

Lucky Dog® Dwell

The second feature is its double-door system, which is not seen in typical wire crates. The Dwell series crate features a smooth double-panel sliding door, which makes almost no noise.

In parallel, you also get a standard easy-access front door for space optimization.

With the combination of these two features, the Lucky Dog Dwell series crate comes with a rust-resistant frame with an electro coating for the highest durability by design.

You shouldn’t expect the resilience of IMPACT’s crate, but it’s pretty amazing, given the wire distribution and material quality. 

What about handling convenience? Lucky Dog certifies that with a center-placed carrying handle at the crate top. You also get a removable leak-proof pan to speed up cleaning.

I’d say it’s one of the most convenient metal crates to use.

If you didn’t know, Lucky Dog crates are made in the USA and sell all sorts of crate-related products like IMPACT.

Lucky Dog makes it easier for their customers to pay for the crate in 4 interest-free installments with ShopPay, too; it’s a great deal.


Robust metallic wire crate
Available in five sizes for best fit
Dual door design; front door and sliding door for easier access
Removable leak-proof pan for easier cleaning
Center-placed carrying handle
Payable in 4 interest-free installments
Collapsible crate with corner snap-on stabilizers


Comes in only two colors considering it’s a wire crate
Lacks free shipping

5. Midwest Homes iCrate

As soon as you visit the link I’ve provided, you can sign up and get 15% off the Midwest iCrate.

But why should you? Let’s have a closer look.

The Midwest iCrate is a high-performing all-metal wire crate. As it has many designs, this is specifically the single-door crate.

The brand flexes seven crate sizes varying from 18″ to 48″ in length.

It loosely translates to “the crate can contain small and larger dog breeds.”

Midwest Double Door iCrate

Although it technically can, pet parents should think twice before caging strong and hyperactive dogs in the iCrate. There’s a good chance of them damaging it.

Moving on, using this crate is easier thanks to the removable plastic pan. While cleaning wire crates is generally a bit difficult, cleaning the iCrate is more convenient, thanks to the two ABS plastic handles.

What about protection? 

This crate boasts a safe and secure slide bolt latch; with the single door, the operation is easier and safer. The rounded corner design of the crate ensures that your dog stays safe.

The MidWest iCrate also features a function-focused divider panel. As I mentioned, it helps you increase the crate size as your puppy grows.

With all these safety and comfort features, this metallic crate requires no tools for assembly. Which basically means it comes unassembled.

One clear downside is that the company doesn’t accept returns or exchanges. It would also be amazing if the iCrate was eligible for flat-rate shipping.

Be sure to check for their ‘how to measure’ crate size measuring guide on the product page. That will allow you to get the most suitable crate size.

Conclusion: A recommendable and cost-effective metal dog crate.


Traditional strong wire crate by design.
Available in seven sizes.
Single-door design for convenience
Higher security thanks to the slide bolt latch
Free divider panel
Requires no tools for assembly
Composite plastic pan for easier cleaning
ABS plastic handles for easier carrying


Returns and exchanges aren’t accepted
It doesn’t have a carrying handle

6. AmazonBasics Foldable Metal Wire Dog Crate

If you still haven’t been able to settle for a metal crate, let’s see if the Amazon Basics metal crate works for you.

This robust wire crate comes in seven impressive sizes, from crate length 22″ to 48″, and that’s a great range. But hold on; it gets better.

Amazon Basics metal crate is foldable too. There’s a carrying handle once you fold it flat for easier crate movement.

Convenience doesn’t stop there as dog parents can buy all the crate sizes as single door or dual doors.

AmazonBasics Foldable Metal Wire Dog Crate

The icing on the cake is the presence of the crate divider for crates. How convenient?

I personally loved the manual door locking mechanism on the strong-wire door. But you shouldn’t expect the safety and security of IMPACT’s crate.

Moving on, the Amazon Basics wire crate is recommended for indoor use only. But you can use it for crate training or transportation if you ensure the conditions are safe enough.

A unique feature of this crate is the distance between the wires: 15mm. This ensures that even the most determined dogs do not damage the crate and escape. It also discourages dogs from chewing the wires.

Ultimately, it increases the durability of the crate.

You should not buy the Amazonbasics from just any link as lower prices from other sellers may not have the free Prime shipping. That quality risk isn’t worth it.

As a substitute for IMPACT’s collapsible crate, Amazonbasics definitely performs pretty impressively.


Robus t wire crate with Amazon product quality
15mm crate wire distance to discourage dogs from damaging the wires.
Available in seven sizes
All crate sizes come with single or double doors
Every crate has a free crate divider
The plastic pan is removable for easier cleaning
Dependable lock for safer containment
Recommended for indoor use


Wires aren’t rust-resistant or electro-coated
Has no warranty


The last substitute for IMPACT’s collapsible crate is from Rock Creek Crates. As a last resort, their aluminum dog crate will surely impress you.

For starters, this crate is made from premium aluminum all over and comes in four sizes.

But the size range starts from 30″ crate length, which might not make it suitable for smaller breeds.

However, Rock Creek Crates boasts seven vibrant crate colors, including pink, for better personalization.


Apart from the looks and fit, what else is better? Well, it’s the only crate in the market with an internally welded aluminum frame. This skyrockets the resilience factor.

That strength is complimented by optimal hexagonal ventilation. Thanks to the 360-degree coverage of the ventilation holes, there is perfect visibility and light too.

The beefy door with the strong lock is definitely impressive, and security reaches a higher level with the two secondary butterfly latches.

The convenience of this crate is impressive as it contains two recessed carry handles at the two ends. It’s a shame that it is not a collapsible crate.

With all these features, Rock Creek Crates’ aluminum crate also has threaded inserts. These are compatible with 7 new accessories, increasing the crate’s versatility.

Did I tell you that this crate was 5-star crash-tested? In fact, it’s the first metal kennel to pass the test, according to Rock Creek Crates.

Coming fully assembled, you get peace of mind with 10 years of warranty with this metal crate.

Even for the last place, the crate performs pretty impressively.


Covered crate made from premium aluminum
Available in four sizes
Available in seven vibrant colors for personalization 
Beefy new door with a strong lock
Optimal 360 hexagonal ventilation
Recessed easy-to-carry handles
Ships assembled
10 years of warranty


Not a collapsible crate
No free shipping

Buyers Guide for Metal Dog Crates

a dog inside a comfy crate

I never want to gatekeep knowledge. In fact, knowing how to buy a metal crate verifies what you read is correct:

  • Know the quality and type of the metal, as there are aluminum, stainless steel, and other alloys.
  • Ensure the safety and strength factors by design, as metallic crates can typically withstand much damage. Crash-tested crates are always better.
  • It’s always convenient and saves money when you can have a versatile portable crate.
  • Avoid getting any dog crates with low visibility and ventilation, as that can harm your dog.
  • Dogs prefer covered crates as they make them feel safer; remember that.
  • Know whether you’re getting the crate assembled or not.
  • Having a long time warranty brings a lot of peace of mind.
  • Do not compromise quality for a one-time purchase.

Benefits of Buying a Metallic Crate

I’m sure there are more case-specific benefits, but let me remind you of some of the best when you buy a metallic crate:

  1. Metal crates are much more durable than any other material-based dog crates.
  2. Metal crates can be used for multiple purposes, especially in environmental conditions.
  3. Your dogs will be much safer inside a metallic crate in comparison.
  4. Some metal crates are collapsible, making them excellent travel-friendly crates.
  5. Brands that make high-end metal crates usually offer a lifetime warranty.
  6. Metallic crates will typically have optimal or highest visibility and ventilation.
  7. Lock systems of metal crates are much more robust.

In Conclusion

Buying a metal crate for any dog is wise due to many reasons. When you compare and contrast all the best-performing metal crates, it’s obvious that IMPACT’s collapsible crate is the best.

All the features bring so much value, comfort to your dog, and peace of mind to us, dog parents.

I hope this review was helpful!


Yes, metallic dog crates are good for dogs as they offer increased durability, safety, and cost-effectiveness.

Dog crates are typically made use of aluminum, stainless steel, or traditional iron.

The best metal crate for a destructive dog is the IMPACT collapsible crate; it is designed to be durable and can hold both sweet puppies and destructive Great Danes.

IMPACT Collapsible Dog Crate
Impact Collapsible crate Product Image
Build Quality






Overall Score


Made from 99% recycled premium aluminum 
100% collapsible 
Two carrying handled when unfolded, and one when folded for easier carrying
15% off the first purchase 
Lifetime warranty
Free shipping
Get the BEST PRICE valid until the end of June
It has only one lock

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