10 Best Dog Crates for Puppies (2024 Upd.) Tested & Reviewed

Last Updated on June, 2024

Getting a puppy is not so hard these days, and so is buying a puppy crate. Or is it?

I agree that choosing puppy crates is more complicated than most people think. That’s why I did the hard work for you. 

What did I do?

I chose about 20 puppy crates, trimmed the list to the top 10, and ranked them. Not only that, but this review also contains valuable knowledge regarding crate training, buying guides, and more; that’s why it’s the ultimate guide to choosing dog crates for puppies.

Without further ado, let’s start with the list.

Editor’s Choice
Impact Collapsible crate Product Image
Impact Collapsible
Build Quality






Overall Score


#2nd Best Choice
GUNNER G1 Product Image
Build Quality






Overall Score


#3rd Best Choice
Petmate Compass Product Image
Petmate Compass
Build Quality






Overall Score


10 Best Dog Crates for Puppies

1. Impact Collapsible Dog Crate

There’s one crucial factor that dog parents keep in their minds when buying — they grow up SO fast. In fact, a dog’s average lifespan is about 10-13 years, and they fully grow up in just around a year.

So, when buying a crate for a puppy, it should ideally be for an adult dog of the breed.

That’s why Impact’s collapsible dog crate is the best solution for ALL dog breeds.

For starters, this impressive crate comes in six sizes. The smallest size is 34.5 “L x 23 “W x 28.97 “H, and the largest is 54.6 “L x 35.6 “W x 42.03 “H. But how do you know what size suits your puppy?

Impact directly recommends you the breeds for each crate size, and it’s simple as that.

It also should be stated that a crate divider has to be used.

This puppy (or dog) crate is made 100% from premium Aluminum, and that metallic resilience is for life. The durability factor of the high-quality materials compliments strength, and that ensures your puppy’s safety.

It’s the overall build quality of this crate that’d impress you the second most.

For starters, it looks phenomenal. The six colors the crate is available in improve the design’s aesthetic appeal. Like I always say, it’s best to go for darker colors that last longer with the original appearance.

Collapsibility is another feature that makes this the best dog crate. 

The crate can fold flat in a matter of a few seconds. That tremendously helps you to save space at your home and when you’re traveling with it.

You’d naturally ask, how long and hard it is to reassemble the crate? 

It’s impressive how it only takes less than 60 seconds to do it; you’ll see it yourself. Many dog crates can’t even come close to this.

This premium puppy crate comes with a dependable door latch. It’s very easy to handle, as Impact demonstrates how even one finger is enough to open and close it. 

It’s not only the latch that protects the door; there are vertical bars with 1.5″ bar space. Thanks to the horizontal divider bar, there’s no way that even an adult Great Dane could bend these bars.

As you may have already realized, the door provides ample ventilation and light. But there are enough 0.817″ sized holes around the box to ensure proper air circulation, ensuring your puppy buddy is comfortable. 

These diamond-shaped holes with rounded edges guarantee that your puppy will NOT hurt themselves.

The cherry on top of this collapsible crate is the military-grade carrying handles, which lets you carry the folded crate conveniently. Since these crates are easily stackable, the unfolded transportation option is also easier.

You’d be very pleased to hear that not only do you receive a lifetime guarantee, but you also receive free shipping and exchanges. Given that the crate is manufactured in the USA, its value is sky-high.

The last reason why this really is the best puppy crate is that it comes fully assembled. 

Be sure to scroll past the FAQ section of the product page, and you’ll see photographs of well-rested furry friends inside Impact’s collapsible crate.

It’s the best overall dog crate for puppies, without question.

Should checkout our personal experience if you want to learn more about Impact Collapsible Dog Crate.


Wide range of sizes for your puppy’s breed and size.
Durable construction with high-quality materials (Aluminum with high strength.
Strong and secure build quality for the safety of your small dog.
Visually appealing design with six color options to choose from.
Collapsible design for easy storage and travel.
Quick and easy reassembly in under 60 seconds.
Dependable door latch that can be easily operated with one finger.
Most secure crates with a secure door and bars that prevent bending or damage from even large dogs.
Ample ventilation and light through the door and diamond-shaped holes.
Rounded edges on the holes to ensure your puppy’s safety.
Military-grade carrying handle for convenient carrying, even when folded.
Lifetime guarantee for peace of mind.
Airline-approved crate.
Free shipping and exchanges add value to your purchase.


Not the best travel crate.


Gunner is a popular dog crate brand, and their G1 kennel is the BEST alternative for Impact’s collapsible dog crate.

It is a crate of choice for most people, but that does not mean you cannot use it as a regular crate; it’s great at that too.

What makes it so? Let’s check it out.

The G1 kennel comes in four sizes. You can find your size based on the breed, the fit for your car, or 100% bespoke for your puppy. 

The right dog crate for your puppy shouldn’t be a pup’s crate, as your puppy will grow up in about a year.

You might wonder why it has a size guide depending on the vehicle. The reason is not that Gunner G1 is a fantastic dog crate, but Gunner presents it with the tagline’ world’s safest travel kennel.

Pretty awesome, right?

Unlike the all-Aluminum Impact crate, the Gunner G1 kennel is rotomolded, double-wall rotomolded. That provides you two times the impact protection. In fact, Gunner boasts how this is the ONLY double-walled rotomolded crate.

That’s why the puppy and the adult dog they’d grow up to will be perfectly safe.

Gunner is adamant about comfort, and that’s why their G1 kennel is 12% cooler and requires 12% less energy for your dog to stay warm. Most crates don’t have any such feature.

On top of that, this is one of the airline-approved dog crates as well.

You’ll also love the reversible door, designed to open from either side. The paddle latch includes a key-in-the-hole lock, making it a more secure crate. This door is backed up by a powerful frame system reinforced with an Aluminum frame.

This Aluminum frame is designed to contain large or small breed dogs before, during, and after a wreck. There are also backup and safety latches even to increase the safety value.

So, Gunner G1 is a safe haven for your puppy.

I admire the element-repelling windows of this dog crate for puppies, which makes it suitable for the outdoor setting as well. No puppy likes rain, snow, or sleet in their kennel.

One of the biggest challenges with crates for puppies is cleaning them. Gunner’s design team has identified the issue beforehand.

The oversized, well-placed, and removable drain plug is the best proof of that. 

Gunner G1 kennel is NOT collapsible like Impact’s crate, but you get super strong carry handles, built-in tie-down pins, and non-slip feet that ensure the crate stays in one place safely — especially when traveling.

This is a good dog crate made in the USA that comes in five colors, increasing the visual appeal. It could possibly be a furniture quality crate at first glance.

You’re also eligible to get free straps worth $90 with every purchase essential for transporting the crate safely.

With a lifetime warranty, the Gunner G1 crate is the best alternative for your puppy.

Want to learn more about this dog crate? Please read our review here.


A wide range of sizes is available for small dog breeds.
Designed as a secure and reliable travel kennel.
Double-wall rotomolded construction provides exceptional impact protection.
The kennel is 12% cooler and requires 12% less energy for your puppy to stay warm and cozy.
The convenient reversible door latch design allows for easy access from either side of the kennel.
The robust Aluminum frame system offers reinforced stability and containment.
Element-repelling windows make the kennel suitable for outdoor use.
Cleaning is easier with a removable drain plug.
Superstrong carry handles, built-in tie-down pins, and non-slip feet provide secure transportation and stability.
The availability of the crate in five colors adds visual appeal.


On the pricier side

3. Petmate Compass

Petmate is yet another dog crate brand. Their Compass kennel is the next best alternative for your puppy.

This is a specific size-based design, so it comes with the dimensions of 40″ L x 26.1″ W x 29.7″ H, which is more than enough for a grown dog and a puppy growing up. Plus, it weighs only 25 lbs.

The Compass kennel comes only in white, a white top side, and a dark blue-grey bottom.

It would have been nicer to have more color options, but then again, remember that this is an alternative.

Petmate compass puppy crates are made 90% from pre-consumer recycled plastic content. So, this plastic crate is very eco-friendly, and that’s being responsible for the world we live in.

But compared to Impact and Gunner G1 crates, the Petmate Compass is less strong by design.

Designed with 50 years of experience, Petmate wants you to see the value of easy assembly. With the unique Slide N Snap assembly, you don’t require any tools or experience; it takes only under a minute or two.

The increased door size is admirable, given how it is a two-way opening door. The dual turn-dial door compliments this door’s protection or safety latches. Your puppy will be perfectly safe.

How can you be sure that your puppy STAYS inside peacefully? That’s why you must get them crate trained. For your convenience, a later section is dedicated to how to do it stage-wise.

The comfort qualities are as impressive as the security qualities of puppies. 360 degrees of ventilation and visibility allow more comfort, especially when traveling. 

You’d be happy to hear that the Petmate Compass kennel is compatible with airline travel while meeting most air travel requirements.

The most important factor to know about this crate is that all the plastics are sourced from the USA while being a USA-made product.

This is one of the high-quality crates that makes both puppies and pet parents happy.


Specifically designed size for large and small dog breeds, providing ample safe space.
Lightweight design at only 25 lbs, making it easy to handle and transport.
Eco-friendly construction with 90% pre-consumer recycled plastic content.
Easy assembly with the Slide N Snap feature, requiring no tools.
Large two-way opening door with dual turn-dial latches for enhanced safety and security.
Promotes crate training for your puppy’s well-being and peace of mind.
360 degrees of ventilation and visibility ensure comfort.
Compatible with airline travel, meeting most air travel requirements.
All plastics are sourced from the USA, ensuring quality and supporting domestic manufacturing.
No rusting or corroding risks due to the all-plastic construction.


Limited color options.
Relatively less durable than Aluminum and rotomolded crates.

4. Lucky Dog® Dwell™ Series Crate

I was pleased that you could receive a 15% discount for the first Lucky Dog order.

After all, Lucky Dog’s Dwell series bronze finish crate is another great alternative cage for your puppy.

It’s clear that this is a steel mesh wire crate, but not the traditional wire crate, as so many unique features bring so much value.

For starters, the crate comes in five sizes, whose smallest is of a length of 24″ and the largest is twice of its, 48″ length. So, your puppy can comfortably grow up in this crate and live a happy life as an adult too.

Lucky Dog® Dwell

But as it can be seen, this is not a covered crate. That’s why you should have bedding, a crate cover, and such to ensure that your puppy feels safe.

What about the protection and safety factors?

The metallic material is not only strong, but it is also rust-resistant thanks to the E-coating. Lucky Dog is proud to reassure their clients that this e-coat ensures your puppy won’t be sick even if they chew the wires.

This feature is not seen in many other wire crates.

However, wire chewing must not be tolerated as it’s a matter of time until they grow up. Controlling a dog in an almost-traditional crate is difficult without ideal crate training. As I said earlier, you can do it like a pro, thanks to my step-by-step guide.

Lucky Dog’s Dwell crate’s dual door system makes it unique in the category. One door is located on a longer side and is exceptionally smooth. The mechanism doesn’t intimidate your beloved puppy.

In addition, an easy-access front swing door optimizes space, unlike a traditional wire crate. 

Both these doors have dependable locks, but I doubt if they can hold a puppy that grows up with separation anxiety or hyperactiveness.

I always admire anything original with any product. Lucky Dog’s Dwell crate, too, has one patented feature like that, the corner stabilizers. These ensure that the crate doesn’t collapse.

As a downside, carrying the crate would be a bit hard as it doesn’t come with handles.

The verdict? Lucky Dog’s Dwell series bronze finish crate is dependable as an alternative.


Multiple crate sizes enable the comfortable growth and accommodation of your puppy.
Unique features set it apart from traditional crates, providing added value.
The bronze finish adds an aesthetically pleasing touch to the crate.
Strong and rust-resistant metallic material with E-coating ensures durability and longevity.
Wire chewing is not a health concern due to the protective E-coating.
A dual-door system with a smooth, non-intimidating mechanism provides easy access.
Easy-access front swing door optimizes space and convenience.
Dependable locks on both doors enhance security and prevent accidental escapes.
Patented corner stabilizers add stability and prevent the crate from collapsing.
Offers a discount on the first order, providing cost savings for customers.


Doesn’t have a warranty.
It doesn’t have handles to make transportation easier.

5. Rock Creek Crates ALUMINUM DOG CRATE

For those who don’t know, Rock Creek is a brand-dedicated family business specializing in dog crates of all kinds.

Their Aluminum dog crate is my next best recommendation.

Let me tell you why it is so.

Unlike the Lucky Dog’s Dwell crate, this crate is somewhat similar to the Impact crate, with several differences.

You’d be happy to hear that the Rock Creek crate comes in four sizes; medium 30″, large 36″, extra large 42″, and XXL 48″.


In other words, there is no issue with the space. Any puppy of any breed can comfortably spend their puppyhood just as much as any adult dog.

Dogs aren’t color blind; they can see blue, yellow, and shades of grey better. Other colors are perceived as different shades of blue or yellow. 

Maybe that encouraged the Rock Creek design team to produce this crate in seven colors: grey, black, blue, yellow, and even purple. It’s nice to have that personalization.

This feature-packed crate’s most valuable selling point is the internal welded Aluminum. Not only this elongates the overall durability tremendously, but it also makes this crate the only dog crate with the feature.

The strength factor is complemented by the beefy new door with an upgraded and lockable latch.

The security of your puppy and your valuable properties is further increased thanks to the two secondary butterfly latches. There’s no way even a fully grown Great Dane can escape the crate.

You’ll also like the optimal hexagonal holes that guarantee ideal ventilation, light, and the door.

The Rock Creek crate is not collapsible, and that’s a letdown. But you do get recessed and easy-to-carry handles. It is best not to expect the strength of Impact’s crate here.

It gives you peace of mind since the crate comes fully assembled with a 10-year warranty. It would have been nice to have free shipping.

But all things considered, Rock Creek’s crate is a reliable alternative that does what it says.


Four sizes are available, providing ample space for puppies and adults of any breed.
Wide range of color options, allowing for personalization and customization.
The only internally welded Aluminum crate that construction enhances overall durability.
An upgraded and lockable latch on the door ensures safety and security for your puppy.
Secondary butterfly latches provide additional security and prevent escape.
Optimal hexagonal holes guarantee proper ventilation and light inside the crate.
Recessed and easy-to-carry handles facilitate transportation and handling of the crate.
It comes fully assembled, saving time and effort.
A 10-year warranty provides peace of mind and assurance of quality.
A well-covered crate that eliminates extra expenses for crate covers.


The crate is non-collapsible.
Lack of free shipping fees.

6. Fable Crate

Fable is another brand that gives you 20% off the first purchase — but you need to be fine with providing your email AND phone number.

Even if you do, is this the crate puppy-worthy? It is, and let’s see why it is so.

This is the first wooden crate on this list made from premium bentwood, and it comes in two finishes; limited edition walnut and signature. It looks very aesthetic and blends quite nicely with dogs with brown fur.

But the price of that aesthetic is losing the strength and durability compared to 100% Aluminum or even double-walled rotomolded build quality. 

Fable Dog Crate

But after all, the Fable crate is only an alternative.

Nonetheless, you will still adore the design that enables optimal airflow. The round square-shaped ventilation holes also let in a decent amount of light. But it’s the door that lets in most of the light due to a particular reason.

The door is transparent; it’s an acrylic door.

Compared to typical metallic or plastic crates, the Fable crate doesn’t have complex locks or steel bars to prevent your dog from escaping. 

But you might ask me, ‘Do I have to be that careful with a puppy?’

Of course not; the Fable crate is an excellent substitute for the Impact crate. But the issue arises as they gain strength and grow bigger within a year. 

I hope the point is clear, but Fable Crate is still a good choice.

Coming in three sizes, you have to pre-order the largest size, which might demotivate some puppy parents of breeds that grow bigger. Also, I wouldn’t say I liked that Fable doesn’t accept returns; they insist you be sure, which isn’t really the point.

The bed you see in the product pictures is sold separately, but you can buy everything for a reasonable rate.

Fable, as a brand, is honest; they straight away tell you that their crate is not for dogs with severe chewing tendencies, and it goes without saying.

You can consider the Fable crate more of a decorative one for puppies who don’t grow up as gladiators. With this crate, you must be aware of what you’re signing up for.

Nonetheless, it’s an excellent substitute crate that your puppy will love.

Here’s our complete review of Fable pet crate.


Wooden crate made from premium bentwood, offering a unique and aesthetic design.
Two beautiful finishes are available (limited edition walnut and signature).
Optimal airflow design ensures proper ventilation inside the crate.
Round, square-shaped ventilation holes allow in a decent amount of light.
The transparent acrylic door provides visibility and allows more light to enter the crate.
A suitable alternative to the Impact crate for puppies, offering a stylish and functional option.
Available in three sizes, accommodating puppies of different breeds and sizes.
It doesn’t require a lot of assembling experience to assemble it.
It can be considered a decorative crate, adding aesthetic appeal to your home.
Fable offers a reasonable rate for purchasing crates and accessories.


Less durable compared to Aluminum or plastic crates.
Fable doesn’t accept returns.

7. Diggs Revol Dog Crate

DIGGS Revol dog crate might remind you of the Impact crate; I understand it’s a beneficial selling point. 

What makes this crate suitable for puppies?

The Diggs Revol dog crate is a better version of mesh or wire crates. It’s made of a single-piece frame, but the thick gauge steel wire mesh makes it unique.

The aligned diagonal mesh ensures that your puppies don’t injure them easily.

The rest of the crate is reinforced plastic, so it has the best of both worlds. 

Diggs Revol Crate

This attractive dog’s crate folds flat easily and has an ergonomic handle, which makes storing and transportation much easier. 

You’ll like the fact that the Revol crate features two top doors. These two doors help you interact with the puppy without the risk of them running out. You know how fast puppies can be.

In addition to the top door, you can open two adjacent sides giving maximum space for your puppy. 

What about the build quality? 

You can buy the Revol crate in black, dark grey, and light grey. This crate is available in four sizes, whose smallest dimensions are 25 “L x 17” W x 19 “H, and the largest are 44 “L x 28 “W x 30 “H.

It’s clear that there’s no space issue with this crate.

Cleaning the Revol crate is easier, thanks to the removable pan. But most dog parents want bedding on it, so you have to rethink your priorities.

All things considered, it’s one of the best plastic dog crates of all time.

Here’s the full Diggs Crate Review of this beauty.


Made of a single-piece frame with durable thick gauge steel wire mesh.
The aligned diagonal mesh design prevents puppies from easily injuring themselves.
Reinforced plastic construction combines strength and stability.
Easy folding and flat storage design, accompanied by an ergonomic handle.
Features two top doors for easy interaction with the puppy while minimizing escape risk.
Two adjacent sides can be opened to provide maximum space for the puppy.


Bit pricey
Limited color options

8. MidWest Homes for Pets iCrate

If you like double-door crates, you’ll love the Midwest’s iCrate wire crate too. But you can also get it as a single-door version; entirely up to you.

Midwest flaunts its perfect size crate range capability across seven sizes, whose the smallest is 18″ long, and the biggest is 48″ long.

Like all the crates on this list, there’s plenty of space for your puppy, who’ll grow up fast.

This metallic wire crate has a slide-bolt door with paw-block latches to demotivate even the best escape artists.

MidWest Homes for Pets iCrate

Dog owners will love the divider panel that makes the usability experience better. A leakproof and removable plastic tray complements it. Ergonomic carrying handles make transporting it easier too.

Collapsibility makes the iCrate special. Midwest assures you that it’ll take only a few seconds and doesn’t require any tools. 

So far, durability, convenience of use, and experience for the dog parent are proven excellent. What about your puppy?

For starters, the build quality’s nature triggers your puppy’s natural instinct to den. With proper ventilation and large door openings with low thresholds, this crate is made to soothe little furry friends.

Your puppy’s stability and overall safety are not a question thanks to the paw block design complemented with the rounded corners and rounded side clip. 

Even for an alternative, Midwest’s iCrate performs pretty impressively.


Available in both double-door and single-door versions.
Wide range of sizes (seven sizes) to accommodate puppies of different breeds as they grow.
Slide-bolt door with paw-block latches deters escape attempts, ensuring safety.
Includes a divider panel for better usability and adapting the crate to the puppy’s size.
Features a leakproof and removable plastic tray for easy cleaning and maintenance.
Collapsible design allows for quick and tool-free assembly or disassembly.
Provides a den-like environment with proper ventilation and large door openings.


Not as durable as the fully Aluminum Impact crate.
Might not be suitable for dogs growing up with separation anxiety.

9. Amazon Basics Collapsible Soft-Sided Dog Crate

If you like double-door crates, you’ll love the Midwest’s iCrate wire crate too. But you can also get it as a single-door version; entirely up to you.

Midwest flaunts its perfect size crate range capability across seven sizes, whose the smallest is 18″ long, and the biggest is 48″ long.

Like all the crates on this list, there’s plenty of space for your puppy, who’ll grow up fast.

This metallic wire crate has a slide-bolt door with paw-block latches to demotivate even the best escape artists.

Amazon Basics Collapsible Soft Sided Dog Crate

Naturally, you can’t expect to contain very energetic or stubborn puppies inside. It’s a matter of time until they tear through. But this can be an ideal den for calm and collected puppies who’ll grow up to be as such.

If it’s fabric-based, how can you close it? By using secure zipper closures.

It’s efficient and very secure. This mechanism is backed up by the fastening straps that keep the unzipped rolled-up doors positioned neatly out of the way.

Providing more size options is always a green flag with dog crates, not just puppy crates. That’s why you get four size options, varying from 26″ to 42″.

AmazonBasics recommends the crate for even cats or kittens too. That should draw a picture of the cage’s nature.

This might be a good crate for a well-crate-trained puppy, but it’s questionable whether it’ll be useful after one year.

As an alternative, this fabric-based cage still delivers pretty decently.


Quick tool-less setup with a PVC frame and polyester fabric construction.
Suitable for calm and collected puppies without separation anxiety or aggression.
Secure zipper closures and fastening straps ensure efficient and secure containment.
Multiple size options cater to puppies of different breeds and sizes.
A versatile design is recommended not only for puppies but also for cats or kittens.
Lightweight and portable, making it convenient for travel or temporary use.
Offers a budget-friendly option for those looking for an alternative crate.


The fabric cannot withstand a lot of pressure.
The overall durability of the cage is very low.

10. Carlson Pink Compact Metal Crate

As a last resort, I am giving you the Carlson pink crate. It might look soft, but it’s strong enough.

But the first factor you need to understand is that this is a puppy-sized crate.

By dimensions, it’s 24 “L x 18” W x 19 “H, which is pretty much the smallest size of all the crate size ranges of the previous crates.

So, what’s the catch?

You will have to get a new crate when your puppy grows up in under a year. So, it would help if you considered your priorities again.

Carlson Pink Metal Dog Crate

The durable all-steel construction is admirable, so it’ll last longer. The single-door design with a secure locking system effortlessly keeps your puppy inside. 

Like most of the mesh crates on this list, the Carlson pink crate also comes with a removable and washable pan.

It brings much peace of mind, given that the crate folds flat, and you can carry it easily. Although it doesn’t have handles, it’s small enough, and you can carry it effortlessly.

You might need bedding for the crate, but it’s a matter of choice. Some puppies prefer a flat surface.

Any crates on this list aren’t hard to assemble; the same theory applies to the Carlson pink crate. 

Even as a last resort, the Carlson pink dog crate doesn’t disappoint, as long as you know the conditions it’s valuable in.


The strong and durable all-steel construction ensures the crate’s longevity.
Single-door design with a secure locking system keeps the puppy safely contained.
The removable and washable pan makes cleaning the crate easy and convenient.
Folds flat for compact storage and effortless transportation.
The pink color adds a cute and appealing aesthetic to the crate.
The easy assembly process is similar to other crates on the list.
Offers a budget-friendly option for puppy owners looking for a smaller-sized


The crate space will run out as the puppy grows fast.
Comes with no warranty.
Some might not like the pink appearance.

With that, we come to the end of the list. Next are some important subtopics that help you as a puppy parent.

Top Factors to Consider When Buying a Dog Crate for Puppies

puppies inside a wire dog crate

There are numerous factors to consider when buying a dog crate for puppies. Some of the most common ones are as follows,

  • The material and build quality — metallic but covered first, then rotomolded, and then wire crates, then the plastics or wooden, and finally the fabric based. Even the bar spacing matters.
  • Degree of protection — remember to check the locks and the strength of the crate, as you need to protect both your puppy and your valuable properties.
  • Ease of cleaning — it’s always best to have either a recessed floor or a removable slide-out tray. But having a slide-out plastic tray alone doesn’t mean it’s the best crate.
  • How much ventilation & light? — every puppy crate MUST have enough ventilation and light. That’s why there should be ventilation holes, but double-check for the sizes, as some can get injured if they’re too large.
  • Portability & storage — portability requirements don’t necessarily come up only for traveling. In addition, having a collapsible crate helps storage, too; that’s where your priority should be.
  • Warranty & shipping — you get the best rates with free shipping and a lifetime warranty. Get one with free shipping AND a warranty!

But the most important factor is that they will grow up faster than you think. Having a familiar crate is so much more convenient and cost-effective. 

So, my prime advice is that your puppy’s crate must fit a fully grown dog.

How to Crate Train Your Puppy Like a Pro?

You don’t need to hire a dog trainer to get your puppy crate trained as long as you follow these simple steps.

  • Step 1: Place the crate in a familiar area, and let your puppy explore it with the door open.
  • Step 2: As the puppy gets comfortable, include toys, treats, and bedding to make it comfortable.
  • Step 3: Start slowly bringing their bowl closer to the crate, and eventually feed them inside the crate; don’t close the door yet.
  • Step 4: Start closing the door and gradually increase the closing time. Reward your puppy for being calm.
  • Step 5: Once they’re comfortable inside the crate, start to leave them alone. Similar to keeping the crate closed. After then, only you should begin nighttime crating.
a puppy sleeping inside a dog crate

Ensure you’re VERY patient at all stages, as you don’t want to make the crate a negative association.

Types of Crates for Puppies

Some of the most common puppy crate types are wire, walled, plastic, soft-sided, and wooden crates. Of course, there can be mixed crates too.

Why Get a Crate for Your Puppy?

Providing your puppy with a safe space, aiding in-house training, facilitating travel, and promoting a sense of security and comfort are only some of the main reasons. 

But the strongest reason is to ensure they’re well-tamed for their crate as adult dogs. Because crate training adult dogs is borderline impossible.

Things to Put in a Dog Crate?

Creating a cozy environment gets puppies or dogs in a crate and makes them stay. Here are some of the things to put in a dog crate,

  • Comfortable bedding
  • Chew toys
  • Water bowls
  • Interactive puzzles
  • And anything that calms your dog.

Safety Precautions When Using Dog Crates for Puppies

a dog inside a dog crate

You’ll be surprised to know some of these safety precautions; check it if you guessed any of these rights.

Be sure to choose the right crate size, as that’s the fundamental safety factor. You also should avoid overuse to prevent confinement feeling.

Puppy owners should NEVER use the crate for punishment, as that makes the puppies reluctant to get used to it. When the puppy (or dog) goes inside, remove their collars and harnesses to avoid potential entanglements.

Remember to clean the crate regularly, as that prolongs the durability of the crate. Having a removable tray always helps. 

Preventing excessive restlessness is easier with regular exercise and play.

The final and most important safety precaution is to place the crate securely.

I’m sure there are more, but you shouldn’t move ahead without these.

Additional Accessories for Your Dog Crate

Enhancing your puppy’s crate experience with accessories can make it even more enjoyable. See if you can include these things in the crate.

  1. Crate mats for extra comfort
  2. Crate dividers for adjustable sizing
  3. Crate covers, if needed
  4. Crate plastic tray if not included.
  5. Crate fans to keep the air circulation even better 
  6. Crate training pads to absorb any accidents if necessary
a puppy sitting in front of a dog crate

I’m sure this draws a clear picture.

Best Dog Crates for Puppies: Conclusion 

You need a reliable crate for your puppy, and so many are in the market. As you read through, most of them aren’t so bad. But Impact’s collapsible crate wins with an impressive margin when you compare each other.

The result is you get the best crate for your puppy, who’ll grow up fast.

I hope this review was helpful, and say hi to your puppy for me! See you in another review.


The best crate for puppies is one that is large enough to accommodate the puppy when it reaches its adult size.

Yes, wire crates are suitable for puppies; however, walled or soft-sided crates are the best option, as they provide more protection and comfort for the pup’s development.

Crate training adult dogs is more difficult than training puppies, but crate training the puppy for a crate that fits the adult version can help make the process easier.

Impact Collapsible Dog Crate
Impact Collapsible crate Product Image
Build Quality






Overall Score


Durable construction with high-quality materials (Aluminum with high strength.
Quick and easy reassembly in under 60 seconds.
Ample ventilation and light through the door and diamond-shaped holes.
Lifetime guarantee for peace of mind.
Airline-approved crate.
Get the BEST PRICE valid until the end of June
Not the best travel crate.

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