10 Best Shock Collar for Training Dogs (2024 Upd.) Reviewed

Last Updated on June, 2024

A professional dog trainer or aspiring dog trainers alike are familiar with what a shock collar is. These help pet parents train their pup with little effort. 

There’s a lot that goes into using modern shock collars, though. The first thing, of course, is to buy a training collar in the first place. 

Taking the first step is usually always the hardest. Unfortunately, that’s very much the case for dog owners looking to buy the best dog training collar. That’s because there are so many great dog training shock collars to choose from.

Are you looking for one too but can’t seem to make a decision? Well, don’t worry any longer! We’re here to make things much easier for all those struggling to find the best dog shock collar.

We’ve used a bunch of the most popular dog training collars out there and prepared a list featuring 10 of the best ones. Continue reading to learn more about which one suits you best!

Editor’s Choice
Pet Resolve Product Image
Pet Resolve




Overall Score


#2nd Best Choice
HALO Dog Collar Product Image
Halo 2+




Overall Score


#3rd Best Choice
Wiggle Kingdom Shock Collar
Wiggle Kingdom




Overall Score


What Makes a Dog Training Collar Good?

Best Shock Collar For Dogs

Shock collars are simple devices in terms of functionality. But, they are still complicated devices when it comes to learning how they work. Any old shock collar can zap your dog and call it a feature.

But the best dog training collars are capable of so much more than that. Pet owners should be able to use it however they please. In addition, they can customize settings and features which are best suited for their needs.

That’s why the best training collars are always versatile. They feature many safe training modes. They also give remote trainers the option to choose which one they like best.

The best dog shock collars also let pet owners choose what intensity they want the collar to work at. Additionally, the whole point of such a device is to make dog training easier for many pet owners.

That’s why the best dog training collars also focus on making the experience more convenient. Both dog owners and their pet dogs should be comfortable working with them.

Speaking of comfort, at the end of the day, a shock collar is another collar. It’s supposed to wrap around your dog’s neck perfectly, so he isn’t bothered. It should also accommodate many neck sizes.

This lets dogs stay with the same e-collar for a long time. So even while the little guy continues to grow bigger, the dog training collar should be able to fit him. Otherwise, you’ll have to buy a new one after every few months.

It should also be durable. There’s no point in getting feature-filled dog training collars if they’re going to break after a bit of roughhousing. Instead, a dog collar should have a waterproof design and stay functional regardless of how dogs mess with it.

Our List of the 10 Best Dog Training Collars 

We’ve covered important information about shock collars and what makes them suitable. But that’s not where our side of things ends. We’re here to help you find the best dog shock collars, and that’s what this article is for.

We’ve tested some of the most popular and praised shock collars for dogs. After our experience, we’ve drawn our conclusions from them. 

Given below is our list of best dog training collar reviews. If you’re looking to skip all the searching and wish to find out the best options, continue reading to find out!

1. Pet Resolve Dog Training Collar (Editor’s Choice)

I can’t think of a shock collar that deserves this more than Pet Resolve; this thing is a well-priced, highly effective dog-training shock collar that you can’t go wrong with. 

it is simply the Swiss Army Knife of dog training collars, and here’s why. 

It is not worth looking at something if it does not fit, so let’s begin by taking a look at whether or not Pet Resolve will fit your dog.

If you’re an owner of a small, which is less than 15 lbs, scroll down cause this ain’t gonna fit yours.

This dog training shock collar fits dogs above 15 lbs, which means medium to large-sized dogs. 

Now that we’ve made sure the collar fits, let’s get into the main picture. 

Variety, that is what makes Pet Resolve stand out from the rest. Most other shock collars may offer the same features, but this one takes it a notch above.

First of all, the anti-bark feature, you can turn Pet Resolve into a fully-fledged bark collar. If you own a dog that does barking as its job, Pet Resolve will take care without your input; it’ll understand the barking on its own and send corrections. That’s solo-dolo dog training for you.

Speaking of correction, Pet Resolve sports three, like most training collars, Beep, Vibration, and Shock. Something that’s not similar to other collars is the 10 levels of continuous or momentary adjustable intensity levels both vibration and shock modes have.

This allows you to pick the correction your dog responds to the most, and continuous shock can come in emergency situations.

Training modes are generally good on all training collars; the same cannot be said for the range though. Range in a shock collar means the max distance the remote is able to send signals to the receiver, which sits on the collar. 

3960 ft of range is what Pet Resolve offer, that is more than most of the collars in the market. You can send corrective commands to your dog even if it is a few hundred meters away. 

That kind of range is also excellent if you go on hikes or hunting trips with your dog.

This is the kinda versatility Pet Resolve offers if you’re to train your dog with it. But there’s more.

Pet Resolve comes with loads of essentials inside the box; one of those is the extra-long prongs. If you own one of those beauties that is the long-haired dogs, this is super beneficial.

You don’t need to trim down the hair just for the device to work, simply remove the main prongs in the receiver and attach these long ones.

Another area where Pet Resolve separates itself from the pack is its ability to work as a complete vibration collar.

Along with those long prongs, you also get some plastic prongs in the box, remove the inserted metal prongs and attach these, and that’s it, a whole new vibration collar.

Once your dog masters the shock, you can resort to this, and it’ll work without any doubts. That is not everything Pet Resolve offers; there is more. 

However, everything above is just enough to show why it is THE BEST. Everything about the collar was top-notch, from effectiveness to its features, EVERYTHING, and it deserves the top spot more than any other shock collar on this list. 


Durable and comfortable collar
Many essentials in the box, including a clicker for training 
Multi Dog system allows to train up to three dogs with a single remote
Extra long prongs for long-haired dogs
Collar has a built-in LED which can be used for walking at night
Impressive range
Works great as a hunting dog collar
Waterproof receiver and splashproof transmitter


You can’t turn off the receiver with the remote

2. Halo 2+ (#2nd Best Choice)

Dog training shock collars do not come any better than this.

Halo 2+ is everything you need to train your dog and keep it safe. 

I’ve had the experience of handling a variety of dog training collars, and to be honest, it’s nothing short of SPECTACULAR.

Let me tell you why… 

First, the training modes, yes, this is a shock collar, but that does not mean it is the only mode.

Additionally, there’s Tone, Voice, and Vibration, a variety of options like this when it comes to dog training goes a long way.

You can not only train your dog with the shock mode but also try out tone or even vibration, which can be as effective as shock. 

Next up is the intensity levels. It’s very important that you get your hands on a collar that allows you to adjust the intensity of the corrective stimulus. A collar with no adjustable levels can affect the flow of the training. 

Halo has 15 intensity levels to choose from, which is great. You can pick the one that fits your dog’s behavior, and once your dog gets used to the collar, you can simply reduce the levels. 

Another aspect that puts Halo leagues above the competition is the range; it, from all the collars I’ve seen, has the best. It’s basically more than what you’ll need to train your dog.

Before I give you the number, there’s a reason as to why this collar provides this amount of range. 

At the start, I mentioned that the collar could also help you keep your dog safe, YES, and it is with the added ability to create virtual fences.

With Halo 2+, you can not only train your dog but also set boundaries and contain your dog. Basically, the collar will work as a virtual fence and will keep your dog contained within an area such as your yard or property. 

This is a great way to keep your dog safe if you live in an area with potential dangers, like, for example, busy roads. Halo 2+ allows you to create 20 fences, and each can be of any shape and size. 

Fences are the reason why this sort of range is present in Halo 2+.

So what’s the range?

First of all, fences are what determines the range; with that in mind, each fence has a whopping range of 6.2 miles in the Halo 2+. That, as mentioned above, is more than what you’ll need. And you can train your dog anywhere within that range. 

Halo is different usability wise too, in a good way. You won’t be getting any remote controls (transmitters) with the collar to control it. Instead, everything is handled with your mobile phone itself, which makes everything much more intuitive and easy to use. 

Also, another plus of not having a transmitter is that you don’t need to carry anything with you wherever you go; you can just pull out your phone and control the collar. 

Size-wise, the Halo 2+ comfortably fits medium-sized dogs to large-sized dogs with neck sizes of 11 to 30.5 inches.

One last thing, Halo 2+ is also a real-time GPS tracking device; you can simply keep an eye on your dog 24/7, no matter where you are.

Doesn’t all this deserve the top spot? 

Yes, but this may not be for everyone as it’s on the pricier end of the spectrum. However, if you’re ready to spend, the collar will not only help you train your dog but also keep it safe.

A vast range, a variety of modes, adjustable intensity levels, and on top of that, virtual fences and GPS tracking all make Halo a collar like no other.


Training, Tracking Containing, all in one device
Far and wide range
Multiple modes for training 
21 hours of battery runtime on a single charge
IP67 Water and Dust Resistant
Excellent collar design and build quality 



3. Wiggle Kingdom Shock Collar for Small Dogs (#3rd Best Choice)

There aren’t many dog training shock collars available for small dogs, that does not mean there aren’t any options though.

Wiggle kingdom is one of the best, if not the best shock collar if you own dogs that are between 5 to 15 lbs. 

It is marketed as the smallest dog training available, and by looking at the dimensions, it is:

  • Width: 2” 
  • Depth: 1” 
  • Height: 1.5”

Everything needed to train your small dog is present here, excellent range, correction options with adjustable intensity, and more.

First, let’s get the training options out of the way; like most of the collars, this one too, has; Tone, Vibration and Shock. That’s typical; apart from that, there’s adjustable intensity for both vibration and shock, you can select between 0 to 9 levels. 

Intensity levels are important because you’re going to deal with small dogs. That said, if you’re not sure what level to go with, I’d suggest you start from the lowest and pick the one that your dog responds to.

Range is important; small dogs tend to be rather energetic and aren’t for sure not going to stay in one place, that being the case, Wiggle Kingdom’s collar has a range of 1000ft. That’s great to keep your small dog under control.

When it comes to the exterior, I need to tell you about the collar; it has an excellent design with great comfort, and the remote too, is very small and will fit into your pocket without any hassle. 

Durability-wise, the collar is water resistant, so zero problems when the dog is exposed to water. With that, both the collar and remote have top-notch battery life; I got around 3 days, which isn’t bad for a collar of this size. 

Coming back to the remote, it has an LED display built into it; it displays all the details you need to know about the collar, mode, and intensity level; all of those are viewable with a single glance at the remote.

It’s super easy to hold and control too, buttons are clicky, and overall it’s just a great, high quality remote for a dog training collar. 

To cap that all up, Wiggle Kingdom dog training collar comes with a one-year warranty. All things considered, this is an excellent option to go with if you own a small dog. You won’t be disappointed. 


Both the collar and remote are super small
Durable collar and remote with great design
Water-resistant collar
Impressive range considering the size
Effective vibration mode
One year warranty


Would have been great if the collar fitted dogs around 22lbs max

4. Educator E-Collar Remote Dog Training Collar

If you’re looking for variety, Educator remote dog training collar is just the thing for you.

The option to choose from different variations makes the task relatively easier for the trainer. 

Although there are different variations, we’ll be discussing the one that we have the most experience with. 

Starting off with one of the most essential features, the range of the collar.

Since training sessions are often performed outdoors, the range has to be a lot. Thankfully, though, this particular collar has a terrific range of 2640 feet

Educator E-Collar Product Image

What gives this collar an edge over others is its convenient and amazing design. It’s pretty simple and it’s easy to use, thanks to the small stopwatch-like body.

Instead of a remote, you’ll have this small transmitter in your hand which is also pretty useful if you’re planning to keep things discrete.

The transmitter has buttons on the side, making it easier to use. Each button accounts for a different function. 

In general, the stimulus levels 1-100. However, additional levels are also included. These additional levels refer to the boosted levels on this device, which range from 1-60.

It’s important to remember, though, that these extra levels are for adult dogs. It’s best not to use them on little dogs. For those that have an adult dog at home, you’ll find these additional levels pretty useful. 

But, still, we recommend that you only use these extra levels when you’re working on a specific command. For instance, if you’re having trouble teaching something with the normal levels, you can switch to the additional levels for higher intensity.

Moving on to the vibration mode, it comes with a tapping-like sensation. This particular sensation helps you get the dog’s attention. So, if you’re working on a task and need your dog’s attention at all times, this vibration will do the trick for you.

Size and the design of the collar are also important factors that need to be addressed. This collar has an adjustable size, making it easier for the owner to use it on dogs of different sizes.

By cutting off the collar’s belt, you can use it on smaller dogs. However, the default size is large enough for adult dogs. 

Collars can be itchy or uncomfortable in many ways for your dog’s neck. But, this collar makes sure there are no comfort issues for the dog. The Biomethane design ensures that the collar is easy and comfortable to wear. 

Its special design also ensures that the collar never slips off of your dog’s neck as long as it’s wrapped around the neck properly. 

The feature-filled collar also comes with a bright LED light on the collar. For those that only have free time to train their dogs at night time, this is a useful feature. This light is pretty bright and it makes it easier for you to track your dog if it’s dark outside. 

Another fantastic thing about this collar is that it’s waterproof. The receiver, as well as the transmitter. Whether it’s raining outside or your dogs’ simply playing around in puddles, you won’t have to worry even a bit. 

The features don’t end here as you’ll be happy to know that the charger included in the box lets you charge both components at the same time. You can put the transmitter and the receiver on charging at the same time. 

What’s even more impressive is that the charging time is really less. In just two hours of charging, you’ll have both the components fully charged.


It has a fantastic range. (2640 Feet)
There’s no static shock simulation. Just a blunt vibration.
The design is unique as the transmitter comes with a Mini Ergonomic design. It’s also helpful in scenarios where discreteness is essential.


It’s a bit expensive.

5. SportDOG FieldTrainer 425X

An option on this list from SportDOG Brand is their great FieldTrainer 425x.

It’s a waterproof dog training collar that can be submerged in up to 25 feet deep water without being damaged.

You don’t have to worry about pups messing with the collar, breaking it, or damaging it in any way.

But, of course, it goes both ways around as well since you don’t have to worry about the collar hurting the dog. 

SportDOG Brand 425X Remote Trainer

It keeps track of your pet’s safety with comfortable materials and protection around the contact points. Make sure to adjust the collar after every hour or so, and it’ll be great.

All four modes on this dog shock collar are entirely humane. First, there’s the vibration, beep, and static shock. The static shock has two separate modes. Each of these modes includes continuous stimulation and instant stimulation.

Trainers can use the remote to switch between all these with ease. We found the controller easy to get the hang of. It was easy to manage between the few buttons, and the dial made things even more comfortable for us.

This dial is for changing the intensity of static stimulation. For example, you can use it to turn the shock level up or down depending on whether your dog shows aggressive behavior or proper behavior.

Speaking of aggressive behavior, the 21 different levels to choose from can help you deal with it. Find the setting best suited to your little pet and use it to train him. After a bit of correcting, he’ll let go of his bad habits and display positive behavior.

It fits most dogs that are larger than 8 pounds. As for the neck size, any dog between 5 to 22 inches should wear it comfortably. There’s no restriction on the age either. But, we recommend waiting at least until your pup is six months old before trying it out.

SportDOG Brand FieldTrainer 425X also features a decent distance range of up to 1500 meters. So it’s great for training in parks and other semi-open areas. Just make sure not to let your dog wander off too far.


1 transceiver can communicate with 3 receivers to train 3 dogs at once.
Fast charging and long-lasting battery.
Waterproof design makes it submersible in up to 25-feet deep water.


Some users have complained about the packaging being insecure.

6. Petrainer Dog Training Collar

Earlier, we mentioned many different things that make a shock collar great.

The Dog Training Collar from Petrainer ticks all those boxes and outshines most modern shock collars because of that.

Have you lost control of your dog’s behavior and are looking to set things straight? Well, this training collar is excellent for correcting behavioral issues.

It comes with three training modes you can use to get the dog’s attention, including beep, vibration, and shock modes.

Petrainer Dog Training Collar Product Image

There are a hundred different levels of intensity for both the shock and vibration modes.

Whether you’re looking to train smaller breeds or big dog breeds, the Petrainer shock collar can help out. In addition, these varying intensity levels are easy to switch between.

This makes it easy for you to try all the settings out and determine which one is best for your furry little friend. Not only that, but the shock collar also has an adjustable strap.

The adjustable collar strap’s size goes from 14 to 25 inches, making it suitable for most dogs. The strap is made from nylon, which is both durable and safe.

Plus, that’s not the only safety feature. The Petrainer shock collar comes with a rainproof design. So while it won’t be able to survive being in lots of water at once, it’s still capable of handling minor amounts.

It stays safe and functional during the rain while also managing in small puddles. We had no issues with the functionality or durability during our experience with this training collar, and you shouldn’t either.

It comes with a rechargeable battery on both the transmitter and receiver collar. It also includes the charger. When fully charged, we had no issues with the battery regardless of the length of training sessions.

As long as you remember to put the shock collar on charge after each dog training session, you shouldn’t have any issues with it either. It has fast charging too, which is all the more convenient.

The range isn’t all that bad either. The remote control can communicate with the receiver across approximately 990 feet. This is more than enough for training in closed but spacious environments.

Lastly, there’s a light mode too. This can be enabled at night or in any dark environment so that it’s easier to spot your dog no matter where the little guy runs off to. 


The fully waterproof design lets you train without worrying.
The light mode makes it easier to see your pup at night.


Some report that input can be inconsistent at times.

7. NVK Shock Collars for Dogs (Best Budget)

NVK collars just entering the scene recently, have made a name for themselves, and their shock collar for dogs hits all the right spots that earns itself a spot on this list. 

Range is one area where the NVK collar gets it right, 1600 feet ofcoverage is nothing but perfect even if your dog is beamed with high energy.

This amount of range allows you to simply have more control over your dog. 

Modes, it strikes in that regard too, three; beep, vibration, and shock, it’s all you will need to train your dog.

NVK Shock Collar Product Image

With that, there’s a staggering 99 levels of intensity for the shock mode, even though that’s a little too much, it’s never a downside to have options. 

These itself show how good of a collar NVK is, as mentioned above, it just hits the right spots. 

The user experience of the NVK shock collar is great too, notably, it has this accidental shock prevention feature which is quite helpful. 

I know transmitters which when inside the pocket emit corrections accidentally without you knowing, this can impact the progress of the training and it’s not something that is fun for your dog either.

That is why the accidental shock prevention feature in the NVK collar exists. The collar will not activate a single correction unless you press the button on the remote. 

That is everything that’s beneficial for training in the NVK collar. But it does not end there. 

All other small details like the build quality of the collar, comfortability of the collar, the transmitter with a display built into it, superb battery life make the device simply a joy to work with. 

Before moving on, a small note on the size the collar fits, 10 to 110 lbs is the size range of the NVK collar. Any dogs within that range will casually fit into the collar, no issues.


IPX7 waterproof design
Accidental shock protection.
Ideal option for those working under a tight budget.
Can train up to 4 dogs at once with 1 transmitter.


Even though it is claimed that a single charge lasts 15 days, in reality, it’s much lower than that.
The shock can be too strong even on the lowest settings.

8. Garmin Sport PRO Bundle

This is one of the most popular dog shock collars on this list.

Like all the others we’ve reviewed, we tried it out on our dogs and found that popularity is well earned.

The Sport Bro Bundle from Garmin is one of the top Garmin dog collars because of its simplicity.

The remote has a decent size and comes with a minimal amount of buttons.

Each of these represents their function and makes sure that there’s no confusion. There’s also a simple dial at the top.

This allows for changing between the ten static stimulation level options. 

Garmin Sport PRO Product Image

There’s both a continuous and momentary static shock mode. Both of these are handy in different ways for different dogs. The beep mode and vibration mode are also helpful.

While there’s no display on the remote itself, there is an LED light on the collar. This makes it easier to spot your little buddy even during the dark. In addition, this light is visible even from 300 feet away, so don’t worry about losing your dog during late-night outings.

The collar is very durable. Despite having a lightweight design, it packs quite the punch. Unfortunately, it’s not fully waterproof. But, it still has an IPX7 rating which means it can withstand lots of water at once without any issues.

The strap is made of nylon, which is comfortable and doesn’t break when under pressure. 

We loved the option to remove contact points when necessary. You can change these between long and short points for different conditions.

The Garmin Sport Pro bundle also has a channel switch on the remote. You can buy additional collars and pair these with the controller to train three dogs simultaneously.

It has terrific ranged capabilities, which are some of the best among dog shock collars on this list. The controller and receiver can communicate with each other over distances as long as 3960 feet.

It doesn’t matter how energetic the pup might be. As long as you’re keeping an eye on him, there’s no way he’s escaping the range of this collar.


The amazing 3960 feet range is perfect for any dog owner.
Beacon lights on the collar make your dog easy to spot even in the dark.
Can be paired with multiple collars for training 3 dogs simultaneously.


Some users have reported that the battery gets much weaker after little use.

9. DOG CARE Rechargeable Dog Training Shock Collar

We’ve discussed some collars on this list that let you train multiple dogs at once.

Some of them offered to train 2 or 3 at once, while some even offered to train 4. 

But what if, being the ultimate dog lover, you’ve got a whole litter of pups?

Well, this collar is just the thing for you!

The Rechargeable Dog Training Shock Collar from DOG CARE takes things a step further.

It lets you train up to 9 dogs at once. This means you can use 9 collars at once with just a single remote.

DOG CARE Rechargeable Collar Product Image

Trainers can use the transmitter to easily switch between individual channels to discipline specific dogs. That’s not all that the transmitter is good for, though. It has a convenient layout and a display.

The remote’s screen displays the current battery life for both the receiver and transmitter. It also shows the current channel, current training mode, along with the current intensity level.

Speaking of intensity levels, there are 99 different options to choose from. Pet parents often struggle to find the optimal intensity level to train their dogs. Sometimes it can be too strong, and other times it’s too weak.

With the variety of shock levels offered by this device, it’s easy to find the ideal option for your dog. There are also 3 training modes to choose from, including shock, beep, and vibration.

Accidentally shocking your dog is another thing you don’t have to worry about with this collar. That’s because it features accidental shock protection that prevents misoperation.

Another great thing about this collar is that it’s made from powerful ABS. Thanks to the flexible and durable design, it can handle any kind of movement with your dog. It also has a decent range of 990 feet.

The adjustable strap makes it easy for any dog that weighs between 15-100 pounds to wear it. So, whether you have a pup or an adult dog, this collar should be able to fit him.

While the battery life doesn’t live up to promises, there is an auto-off protection feature. You don’t have to worry about leaving the device on your pup’s neck because of this. It automatically turns off after 8 hours, protecting both your dog and the battery life.


Makes it possible to train up to 9 dogs at once with a single remote.
Features accidental shock protection.


Battery life isn’t as great as advertised.
The receiver isn’t fully waterproof, only water-resistant.

10. PetSpy M686 Premium Dog Training Shock Collar

The M686 Premium Dog Training Shock Collar from PetSpy is another impressive option. It goes all out when it comes to range.

This training device has a range of 3300 feet. That makes it an exceptional dog obedience collar for those that like outdoor training. 

The range isn’t the only remarkable feature, though.

We loved working with this shock collar because of how convenient it was.

Professional trainers and amateurs will find working with the M686 dog training shock collar to be great.

PetSpy M686 Collar Product Image

The remote control is simple and to the point, featuring four main buttons. 

Each of these buttons represents one of the different training modes found in the e-collar. In addition, there’s the standard instant shock mode and a continuous stimulation feature for the more stubborn dogs.

The other two options left are the beep and vibration modes.

Along with these buttons, there’s also a dial at the top, which you can twist. This dial allows you to change between the eight levels of intensity. Make sure to test out the lower stimulation levels before making your way up. The higher levels are extreme.

If you’re worried about your dog messing with the electric shock collar, then there’s no reason to worry about that either! It’s made from durable materials and has an IP67 waterproof design.

The collar is capable of keeping both itself and your dog safe from harm. It has a coating on the contact points which makes sure that the dog’s skin remains unharmed. As for its size, this collar comfortably fits any dog that weights between 10-140 pounds.

We loved using it in open areas and found it great for things such as off-leash training. If you have an energetic four-legged friend that loves to wander about, this is an ideal training collar for you!

It also comes with a charger that you can use on both components of the device. Remember to put it on charge once you’ve completed training for the day. Then, you won’t have any problems later on. 


The great range allows for worry-free outdoor training.
Convenient design is great for both new and experienced trainers.
Adjustable strap fits nearly all dogs (10-140) with ease!


Only 8 adjustable stimulation levels.

Things to Keep in Mind When Buying a Shock Collar

French Bulldog Wearing a Collar

There are great things about these devices and some less preferable things as well.

One example of the former is that they offer faster results than a majority of other training methods.

The shock feature helps get rid of your dog’s attitude and makes it easier for you to instil good behavior. Just a couple of corrections is usually enough to get their attention! (1)

But, there are also some bad things about these devices. An obvious example of this is that a shock collar will definitely hurt your pooch if used incorrectly.

It could cause nerve damage and other issues which will be awfully detrimental to the little guy’s physicality.

A few other things you should know about are:

  • Using shock collars is much easier. As opposed to some other methods, using a dog shock collar with proper training is much more convenient, simple, and effective. As already mentioned, it’s also faster in terms of providing results!
  • The best collars also have adjustable intensity. As covered in our reviews, this feature lets you change between different stimulation so you can find the best one for your dog. Make sure that whatever product you choose has this option.
  • It’s easier on the pocket. While they may be more expensive than simple collars, these devices are much cheaper than other training methods such as getting a dog trainer.

As for the relatively negative points…

  • Training with a shock collar is very fast, but only if you know how. Learning how to properly use these tools is very important, and it can also take a bit of time to adjust. For the sake of your dog’s safety, make sure to take that time, or look for alternatives.
  • We’ve already mentioned that these collars can cause physical pain if used improperly. Additionally however, they can also cause mental pain. For example, your dog might develop fears, anxiety, aggressive behavior, and more. (2)
  • There’s no way to reward pleasant behavior. These devices are only capable of correcting unwanted actions and don’t have any way to reward your pup for the good things he does. Handle this yourself through positive reinforcement!

Here’s our Beginner’s Guide to Choosing the Right E-Collar for Dogs.

How to Use a Shock Collar?

Dog Wearing Shock Collars

These devices are easy to use, but very difficult to master.

There’s a lot that goes into learning how to use a dog shock collar, and one of the main things is managing the intensity of your corrections.

Every shock collar has its own unique traits, so make sure never to trust a specific level stimulation setting.

Instead, start from the lowest level and make your way up while noting your dog’s reactions.

Once you reach a level which noticeably bothers your dog but doesn’t hurt him, you’ve hit the jackpot. Use this setting for your training purposes.

It’s also important to learn the timing of your corrections. How long they should last and when they should be given. These are small but important details that make a huge difference in how effective shock collar training is for your dog. 

As for the rest, it’s pretty simple. Each of these devices have a different remote, but they usually work the same. There’ll be buttons assigned to each setting and those that let you switch between intensity levels.

Learning how to work with these depends on the device you have. Make sure to thoroughly read through the manual and by checking in with someone you know that has experience with it.

Once you’ve nailed the settings, timings, and controls, you’re ready to start training with the device. There’s not much more to it than just pressing a few buttons in the right way!

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How Does a Shock Collar Work?

Dog with Dog training collar

Dog shock collars make use of two very important components to allow manual training. This includes the transmitter and the receiver.

The receiver is located on the collar around the dog’s neck, whereas the transmitter is the remote you use to give commands.

Through signals, the two communicate with each other, allowing the transmitter to provide instructions to the receiver. Depending on the kind of shock used and the intensity it’s set at, the metal contact points on the collar interact with the receiver.

They then generate an electric current that passes from the collar to the dog’s body. With just one click of a transmitter’s button, all of this takes place. It’s a great way to train the little guys and won’t hurt them as long as you use it with care and moderation.

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The most effective shock collar for dogs depends on the individual dog’s temperament and training needs. Popular and effective shock collars for dogs include the Halo 2+, Pet Resolve, and DOG CARE Dog Training Collar.

The use of shock collars for dog training is a matter of personal preference and varies depending on the dog and the training goals. While some dog owners find shock collars to be an effective tool, others may find them to be cruel and ineffective. Ultimately, it is the dog owner’s responsibility to decide whether or not to use a shock collar, and to consult with a qualified trainer if they have any questions or concerns.

Yes, many professional dog trainers use shock collars as a tool for their training.

When buying a shock collar, seek one that is comfortable for your dog, has a good range, is waterproof, and has a long battery life.

No, shock collars do not cause brain damage. There is no scientific evidence to support this claim.

To introduce a shock collar to a dog, start with a low setting and increase intensity as needed, only use it when necessary, and praise the dog for correct responses.

You can start shock collar training as early as 6 months old.


That’s a wrap for our list of reviews! We tried out a lot of different shock collars, and these are the ones that we found the best in the batch.

We’ve discussed all their key features and essential details. There were no problems for us while using any of them. Especially Pet Resolve and not to mention Halo. Both are just a step above all else.

Anyways, as long as you give each review a good read and pick the one best suited for your own needs, we assure you that you won’t have any problems either!

We hope that the list was able to help you and that you’re able to find the dog-training shock collar that’s perfect for both you and your little furry pal!

Find the Best Shock Collars for Your Needs:

Pet Resolve
Pet Resolve Product Image




Overall Score


Durable and comfortable collar
Many essentials in the box, including a clicker for training
Multi Dog system allows to train up to three dogs with a single remote
Extra long prongs for long-haired dogs
Waterproof receiver and splashproof transmitter
Get the BEST PRICE valid until the end of June
You can’t turn off the receiver with the remote


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