4 Best Humane & No Shock Dog Training Collars (2024 Upd.)

Last Updated on June, 2024

You might’ve already heard about dog training shock collars, also known as (remote control collars or e-collars). As you may know, these collars produce a small electric nick to a dog’s neck to get its attention and correct the undesired behavior.

Not many dog owners are a fan of this approach, and some even deem it as unethical, and by the looks of it, you might be one of them too!

If that’s the case, you should know that a shock dog collar isn’t the only answer to training your furry friend. You can try the no shock vibrating collars. 

Vibrating collars, unlike shock collars, do not cause any pain to your dog, even a little jolt, but they work the same as those collars in a more humane and gentle way. 

They do not even have the metal prongs that you otherwise find on the static shock collars.

However, when it comes to no shock collars, there aren’t that many options available, and it might be seemingly impossible to get one that’s effective.

Not to worry, though!

We’ve put up a list of the Best No Shock Dog Training Collars that you use to train your dog to be the dream pet you’ve always wanted. 

Any of the vibrating dog collar mentioned below can help you train your dog effortlessly. And if you integrate your training with positive reinforcement training, you can see nothing but positive results.

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Pet Resolve PTS1200




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(#2nd ) Best For Small Dogs
Wiggle kingdom No Shock Dog Collar
Wiggle Kingdom




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Paws Furlosophy
Paws Furlosophy




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Top 4 Best No Shock Dog Training Collars

Below are 4 of the best dog vibrating collars that you can use to train and get rid of any type of unwanted behavior in your dog. Be it excessive barking, pulling, lunging or anything, these vibration collars can help.

1. Pet Resolve PTS1200 (Best No Shock Dog Training Collar)

Pet Resolve is technically a shock collar, but don’t get deceived; you can also use it as a no-shock tone or vibration collar.

No, not by switching just the modes, if that’s what you’ve been thinking. This dog training collar allows trainers to completely remove the metal prongs that emit static stimulation.

This, along with a handful of other useful features, is what brings the PTS1200 to this position. 

First, let’s start with the corrections, with the metal prongs removed, you’re looking at a training collar with tone and vibration only.

Typical for no-shock collars, moreover, to adjust the corrections and all the other settings related to the collar, you get an excellent transmitter with a tiny display. You can check the correction intensity and selected modes there. 

Speaking of levels, you get 10 vibration intensities to choose from, based on your dog’s behavior, you can pick the suitable one. 

Before getting into other important bits, let me get the fit of the collar out of the way. Any dog over 15 lbs will fit into the Pet Resolve no-shock collar. 

Range is important if you want to keep control of your dog when training, and not a lot of collars deliver in that regard. Pet Resolve, out of all the no-shock collars, provides the highest with 3936 feet. That is a lot, considering you can control your dog anywhere within that range. 

Also, with that type of range, you can even use the Pet Resolve if you go hunting with your dog. 

That’s everything as far as the essentials go. From what I’ve seen, no other collar of this type does better than Pet Resolve. 

Moving on, the anti-bark collar mode is an excellent addition to the collar. If your dog is a barkzilla, you can simply put the collar into this mode, and it’ll take care of your dog’s barking from there. 

Next is the ability to control a max of three dogs at once with one transmitter, if you are a parent of more than one dog, this is excellent as you can train all of them at once.

Durability should not be taken lightly because your dog isn’t going to go easy on those collars. With Pet Resolve, you don’t have to worry, the build is excellent, and top that with waterproof, you have a highly durable collar. 

That is everything Pet Resolve brings to the table, as you can see, it’s stacked, and if you decide to pick one, you will not be disappointed. 

Other Key Features:

  • Multi-dog system allows you to train three dogs at once with a single transmitter.
  • If you go on night walks, the built-in night light on the collar can come in handy.
  • 60 hours of battery runtime, excellent when you go out hunting or hiking.


Versatile training modes 
Adjustable vibration intensity (10 levels)
Impressive range (3936 feet)
Suitable for dogs over 15 lbs
Anti-bark collar mode included
Control up to three dogs with one transmitter
Durable and waterproof construction
Built-in night light for night walks
Long battery runtime (60 hours)


The collar cannot be turned off using the remote control

2. Wiggle Kingdom No Shock Dog Collar for Small Dogs

Small dogs are often overlooked when it comes to collars that have no shock; Wiggle kingdom is the answer to that.

This collar could’ve secured the first place if it wasn’t for size. As already mentioned, it only supports small dogs between 5-15 pounds. 

So what does it bring to the table?

First of all, this is the smallest no shock dog collar available on the market; it’s that small. 

Next, there’s no shock; that’s the obvious thing and most important out of all.

With the shock absent, like most collars, Wiggle kingdom will operate with Tone and Vibration, both of which are more than enough to train small dogs. 

Vibration out of the two has an adjustable intensity like most other collars on this list, there are 9 levels, and you can pick whichever is right for your dog. Lower modes are always ideal and will work. 

Range is where the collar surprised me; it’s so small and yet can reach up to 333 yards (1000ft); that’s a lot considering the collar only fits small dogs. 

All this time, I’ve been saying that the collar is small, but how small it is actually?

Here are the dimensions of the collar:

  • Width: 2.1”
  • Depth: 0.9”
  • Height: 1.3”

Collar is not the only thing that’s the smallest here; the remote, on the other hand, fits into any pocket effortlessly; it too is very small, smaller than most other remotes that typically come with these devices. 

The battery is excellent on both the collar and remote; it lasted well over two days for me, with no issues. 

Two days for the remote is excellent because it has a big and bright LED display too, that displays the battery level, mode, and intensity level, all of which are essential to know in a dog training collar.

Looks of the collar and remote is another area where Wiggle kingdom excels; the design is excellent and is just good-looking; I’d say it’s the best on this list design-wise. It’s waterproof too! 

So zero problems during outdoor training. 

And out of all, the collar has a one-year warranty, so that makes the purchase completely risk-free. 

Other Key Features:

  • The Wiggle kingdom collar and the remote, if not in use for some time, can turn off on their own, which saves battery life and longevity.
  • The button placement on the remote is very user-friendly and easily accessible. 


Beautiful and durable design
Excellent battery life
Water-resistant collar
Super small device
Good range for the size
Vibration is effective even in low
One year warranty


Only for small dogs

3. Paws Furlosophy No Shock Dog Training Collar

Next up on this list of the best vibrating dog collars is Paws Furlosophy no shock training collar

This collar is somewhat on the pricier but hosts nearly all the features as the WOLFWILL collar.

First of all, the range, Paws Furlosophy, has a maximum range of 650 yards (1950. ft), which is 10 yards less than the WOLFWILL’s offerings. 

And as for the modes and intensity, those are pretty much the same as WOLFWILL’s vibrating dog collars.

There are three modes, vibration, sound and light, and the vibration mode offers intensity levels up to 1-16.

Looking at the other features, such as the display brightness and vibration strength.

They are precisely the same as well; there is no difference whatsoever, which is surprisingly awkward.

I for once thought both of them were produced by the same company, but no.

Even the design is the exact same. The only real difference is the fit. The Paws Furlosophy vibrating dog collars fit all dogs weighing from 22- 100 lbs. Also, there’s no auto shut-off feature. 

Other than this, there’s zero difference except for the price.

Other Key Features:

  • The collar is IPX7 waterproof rated, zero worries when training outdoors
  • You can train up to 3 dogs with a single remote


Good build quality
Great range
Battery life is excellent
IPX7 waterproof rating
Fits medium dogs to large dogs
Can train multiple dogs with one remote


It will not fit smaller dogs
No auto-off feature

4. Paipaitek No Shock Dog Training Collar

Paipaitek’s no shock remote training collar is one of the go-to’s in the vibrating collar department.

This thing is kind of a trimmed down version of the WOLFWILL collar and is much cheaper.

As always, let’s look at the available modes and their intensity. Like the competition, this too has three modes, vibration and sound

However, there’s one mode that’s different from the light mode available in the collars above, and it’s the vibration plus sound mode.

Paipaitek No Shock Dog Training Collar Product Image

This particular vibration plus sound mode with the press of the remote control will produce both the vibration and shock at the same time. That’ll get the attention of your pooch much faster.

Paipaitek’s vibrating dog collar has adjustable intensities ranging from 1 to 10. The vibration plus sound mode, too, has the same amount of intensity. 

The range is a bit lower on this option, though. It can go upto 533 yards, roughly about 1600 ft, which, even though it is lower than the competition, is definitely not bad. 

This collar is more focused on small to medium dogs as it fits dogs weighing from 4 to 60 pounds. If you own a larger dog, you’ll have to look for other options.

Other Key Features:

  • Paipaitek’s no shock collar has an IPX7 waterproof rating similar to many training collars. You know how beneficial this can be. 
  • The battery life of this collar is an A+. This thing effortlessly lasts just more than ten days with a single charge. Also, if the collar runs out of battery, you charge the collar transmitter both at the same time.
  • The display on Paipaitek’s collar is even larger and brighter than the two mentioned above. The buttons are also positioned well on the remote.


Along with other training modes the vibration and sound is excellent
Superb battery life
Straightforward to use
Perfectly fits small to medium sized dogs


Just 10 levels of intensity
Not suitable for very large dogs

Top 3 Best No Shock Bark Collars

Above, we took a look at the best training collars; those collars help you deal with any behavioral problems. However, if you’ve taught your dog all manners in the world but cannot seem to find an answer to its barking, bark collars can help!

You might think, why bark collar if you can train everything with a training collar itself. 

If so, you need to know that dog barks can happen even if you’re away from home; this is where a bark collar can help. These collars work on their own, unlike a training collar which you should control via its remote.

Work on their own means; every time when your dog’s about to bark, the collar can detect it and send the correction on its own. You don’t need to do anything.

That said, below are 3 of the best no shock dog bark collars that can help you say goodbye to the nuisance. 

NOTE: go with a Bark collar only if you’re away from home regularly and are unable to keep an eye on the dog all the time.

1. DogRook Humane No Shock Dog Bark Collar

Our number pick for the dog bark collar is from DogRook. This collar is quite a celebrity on Amazon with tons of glowing reviews. 

If you want a perfect collar to stop your dog’s barking, this is the one to go for.

Firstly, this collar has two modes that can change based on how hard your dog’s barking.

The modes available are sound and vibration, and each has an intensity level of 5. This is ideal for a collar of this type as it only takes care of barking.

You can set the level to whatever you want, but don’t choose the highest one right away.

DogRook Humane No Shock Dog Bark Collar

Any dogs that weigh between 8 to 110 lbs with a neck size of 9 to 22 inches will fit into this collar. And while we’re here, we should talk about battery life. This thing is in an all other tier of endurance as it can last about 14 days with a single charge. 

As for the other features, waterproof is one significant one.


Has two modes and five intensity levels
Automatically switches between sound and vibration
Fits small to large dogs
Adjustable collar strap that’s durable
Amazing battery life


On the pricier side for a barking collars

2. NPS No Shock Bark Collar

All bark collars have one job to do and it is to alleviate the dog’s barking! And the NPS collar is one of the best one to do that job perfectly.

These types of collars are all the same with just a few differences that one might not even notice. 

This particular collar similar to the one from DogRook has sound and vibration modes. Also it can change between the modes on its own too. 

One key difference that sets this collar apart from the one above is that it can adjust the intensity from 1 to 7 on its own.

This means that you don’t have to adjust anything after the collar’s on. It’ll do everything for you.

NPS No Shock Bark Collar

NPS collar also solves one of the biggest problems in a bark collar and that is the false triggers. This means that you don’t need to worry anymore about the collar triggering on its own every time when other dogs bark or when your dog’s growling. 

The collar can basically fit dogs of any size, it’s fully adjustable and is capable of fitting dog’s from 6-120 lbs. 

NPS no shock, for its price provides way more features than most collars available in this type. You won’t regret it if you decide to go with it.


Adjusts the intensity levels on its own
No False Triggers
Fits almost all sizes of dogs


Not very durable

3. GoodBoy Small Rechargeable No Shock Dog Bark Collar

GoodBoy is back again as our third preferred option. 

This collar’s feature set might not be as eye-catching as the two mentioned above, but for its asking price, this collar provides more than what you need.

Unlike the training collar, this bark collar from GoodBoy can fit any toy-sized to medium-sized dog.

It can fit dogs weighing 7lbs and above with neck sizes ranging from 4 and 19 inches.

GoodBoy no shock, similar to every collar in this list, has the two proprietary modes, sound and vibration

NPS No GoodBoy Small Rechargeable No Shock Dog Bark Collar Bark Collar

However, this is where the first drawback can be noticed, this no bark collar will not change the modes on its own, plus there are no intensity levels to choose from. Everything is manual except for the collar detecting the barks and producing corrections. 

GoodBoy no bark works in a totally different way compared to other collars. There are seven options to choose from, and each has different attributes. 

For example, out of the seven options, if you choose the fifth option, the correction time period for each detected barking will be 4.5 seconds of sound and 1.5 seconds of vibration.

Another downside to the GoodBoy no bark is that it’s not waterproof. This can be a concern for many as even the slightest of contact with water can turn the collar useless.


Fits toy breeds
Two modes
Works in a unique way


Need to change the modes manually
Not waterproof

Best Head Collar to Reduce Pulling Without Shock Collars

If your dog wreaks havoc while on walks by pulling, head collars can help. These collars can train your dog to stop pulling and walk nicely. A head collar is also called a head halter, an anti-pull head collar, a Halti collar or a dog nose lead.

If you want the best alternative to a shock collar to stop lunging, pulling, jumping, head collars are what you were missing all this time. 

That said, even though there are tons of headcollar options in the market, we found one that’s pretty much flawless. This collar, according to most, is the best in this department.

1. PetSafe Gentle Leader Headcollar

PetSafe’s Gentle Leader will help you lead your dog in the gentlest way.

This headcollar will ease off all the walking nightmares you’ve been having with your dog. 

PetSafe’s gentle leader, apart from the types of collar we took a look at earlier, is totally different.

There is no static stimulation (shock), vibration or even sound, plus it is not one of those cruel prong collars either.

This collar is completely humane and works based on its intelligent design. 

Let’s talk about the way gentle leader fits. This collar slots right around the snout and neck to give you complete control if your dog pulls, jumps or lunges. 

PetSafe Gentle Leader Headcollar

Here’s how this whole thing works since the collar’s straps fit around the dog’s nose and the neck, behind the ears. 

It works mostly similar to halters on bulls, horses and other large animals. What this means is that wherever the nose goes, the body must follow.

This might sound cruel for most at first, but it isn’t. You’ll never pull against the dog’s entire weight on a collar. Instead, what you’ll do is simply put a subtle pressure on the halter to turn the dog’s head toward you. 

Either way, the PetSafe Gentle Leader is everything you need if your dog just won’t walk appropriately while on a leash.


Comes in a variety of sizes and colors
Perfect for dogs that pull, jump or lunge 
Provides full control over the dog
Easy to fit unlike other halters


Proper fit is a must for better results
Can be difficult to put on active dogs

Things to Look for When Purchasing a No Shock Training Collar

Best No Shock Dog Training Collars

A variety of things needs to be taken into consideration when going for a vibrating dog collar. 

The main reason being that not all of them are effective, and the majority does not have multiple modes, plus they miss out on some of the must-have features.

If you want the best training collar, you need to go for something that is jam-packed with all the essential features.

With that in mind, below are some of the crucial things to look out for if you’re to purchase the best vibrating dog collars. 

Multiple Modes 

This is the most important thing to look out for. A training collar without multiple modes is basically not a training collar. 

The luxury of having multiple modes is that you’ll have options if one mode fails. For example, if vibration fails to get your dog’s attention, either light or sound can help. 

One other benefit is that not all dogs need vibration; some may even respond better to sound or light.

Intensity Levels

This, I would say, is almost as important as multiple modes. 

A vibrating collar should allow the dog owner to change the intensity of a specific mode as it will help choose the perfect one based on the temperament of the dog.

Some dogs might be totally fine with the lowest of intensity, while others might need some adjustments here and there. So having the luxury to adjust the intensity in a shock collar can play a significant role if you’re to get results.


Most training session take place outdoors, and if you have a dog that has a tendency to take off at any moment, you might want a collar that covers a great amount of range. 

This will also make sure that you have complete control over your dog while outdoors. 

That said, the ideal range you need to look out for in a vibrating dog collar is 1500 feet or higher. 


You don’t want a collar that’ll run out of battery before your training session is over. Many vibrating collars do not have great battery life, and they typically run out of juice while on sessions.

Keep an eye on the battery specifications when purchasing vibrating collars if you want good levels of endurance.

Other Features

Above are all the essentials that need to be taken into consideration. Now here are some other important factors that need attention if you want the best vibrating collar in the market.

Make sure the collar you go with is durable enough because it’s gonna have to get through some difficult times. Check whether it’s waterproof or at least water-resistant.

This’ll ensure zero damages even if your pooch goes for a swim without you knowing. Features such as training multiple dogs with one remote can also come in handy if you’re the owner of more than one dog.

Types of Corrections No Shock Dog Training Collars Use

Dog wearing a no shock collar

No shock collars are available in various types, and each uses specific types of corrections in order to get the dogs to behave. Below I’ll list the most common types of correction that no shock training collars use.

  • Vibration

A collar without a shock feature is basically called a vibrating collar, and as you may know, they work in the same way as shock collars but in a more humane way. 

  • Tone

This mostly comes in as a separate mode for a vibrating collar, and it can be very hard to find a collar that only uses tone as its main correction. Tone can be a hit or miss; they may not work for the majority of the breeds, mainly larger ones, because the sound that comes from the collar will not get the attention of many dogs.

  • Spray

This is a slightly unpopular opinion, but it gets the job done for the most part!

Spray collars come in different varieties and have various forms of corrections. Some can use citronella or unscented varieties as corrections, while others just use water. 

Citronella spray collars all have a sensor that’ll feel the sound and vibration of your dog’s bark, which triggers the collar to emit the spray.

Why No Shock Dog Training Collars?

A labrador dog wearing a no shock collar

The answer to this is pretty simple!

Most dog owners are simply not a fan of shock collars. The shock collar emits a static stimulation to the dog’s neck every time it misbehaves, and some pet owners consider this a cruel way to train their pets. 

Vibrating collars, on the other hand, is much more humane; by now, you know how they work. These collars are a great alternative to shock collars, and they present no harm in any way to your pet.

Are These Collars Effective as the Shock Collars?

This is a commonly asked question. Both shock and the vibration collar work in their own way, and when it comes to the effectiveness, it just has to be the shock collar.

Shock or e-collars send a physical shock to your dog’s neck while the vibration collar just emits a slight buzz. Because of this, the shock collar is more capable of getting your dog’s attention and correcting it.

However, that does not mean the vibration collar is not effective. It is. With the provided intensity slider, you can adjust how you want your collar, and for sure, it’ll deliver the results you need.

And worth mentioning, the vibrating collars are much safer than e-collars too!

How to Use a No Shock Collar to Train Dogs?

Using vibration collars is much easier than you think. 

For example, if you are to teach “SIT”,. First, what you have to do is verbalize the “sit” command while at the same time activating the vibration stimulation on your button on your remote.

Also, remember to set the intensity on a level that gets your dog’s attention, don’t go too high or too low. 

Keep a treat in your other hand too!

Once those are out of the way, now you should move toward your pooch and hold that treat you had in your other hand right above his nose. This will get his nose to rise and his tail to drop.

Right after the dog’s seat hits the ground, stop pushing the button and reward him. Repeat the process with the treat in hand a few times and once he gets a bit familiar, stop using the treat.

Pros and Cons of a No Shock Training Collar

These collars are great if you know how to use them properly. But at the end of the day, they’re a piece of tech that has its flaws. So here are some of the pros and cons you need to know about a vibrating dog collar. 


Safe and Humane presents no harm.
Easy to use on most dogs.
If integrated with a positive reinforcement training method, one of the best ways to train a dog.
Most vibrating collars allow owners to train up to three dogs simultaneously.


It May not be as effective as e-collars
Vibration collars weigh a bit more than other collars

Can No Shock Dog Training Collars Help Your Hearing-Impaired Dog?

A chihuahua dog wearing a no shock collar and sitting on the bed

Vibrating dog collars can help deaf dogs without any problems.

Since they cannot hear anything around them, training them with verbal commands and capturing their attention with recall when off-leash simply isn’t going to work. 

Vibrating collars can help, though!

First, teach your dog to make eye contact with you every time you turn on this collar. You can do that with this collar. 

Now that the dog’s focus is on you, you can use hand signals and body language to communicate with it. 

Vibrating collars can serve great if you own a hearing-impaired dog. At the end of the day, they too are the same as other Fidos, and they too will love to jump, run and play. However,

Final Thoughts

Vibrating collars can be excellent training tools when compared to an e-collar. It’s all up to you to use it properly and reap all its benefits.

With that said, we’ve done the homework for you and have provided the best in the business when it comes to this category. And Pet Resolve deserves a special shout-out for providing so much for so little. 

If you own a small dog, you can go with Wiggle Kingdom, which is another excellent option.

Either way, the ball is in your court, and you’re the one who’s going to be the trainer. Any of the above-mentioned collars can help you, no matter your training needs.


Pet Resolve PTS1200
Pet Resolve Product Image




Overall Score


Versatile training modes 
Impressive range (3936 feet)
Control up to three dogs with one transmitter
Durable and waterproof construction
Long battery runtime (60 hours)
Get the BEST PRICE valid until the end of June
The collar cannot be turned off using the remote control

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