6 Best Wireless Fences for Small Dog Breeds [2024 Updated]

Last Updated on June, 2024

Small dogs tend to be more energetic, which increases their risk of running away. The problem is, what will you be able to do if they run into danger?

No dog deserves to be tied up in modern times (and even back in the time) to ensure their safety. You’re on the right path by considering a wireless dog fence as a solution.

They’re easy to set up, highly effective, and last for a long time with no maintenance. 

But the real challenge is choosing the best wireless dog fence for smaller dog breeds.

We did our research, filtered the best wireless dog fences, and tested them, so you won’t have to.

Below are our top 6 picks for the job. Read through and find the best wireless fence that suits the best for your needs.

Let’s begin!

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#2nd Best Choice
Petsafe Stay & Play
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#3rd Best Choice
Tractive GPS Dog Tracker with box
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6 of the Best Wireless Dog Fences for Small Dogs 

1. HALO 3 Dog Collar (Editor’s Choice)

Halo has been the go-to when it comes to wireless fences, no matter the breed or size of the dogs. I’d go as far as to say it’s the iPhone of GPS fences. 

Packing a punch in the specs department, there’s simply no competition.

But before I get into detail, let me tell you the sizes Halo comes in. Any small dogs with a neck size 11 in. – 15 in. will fit into the Halo 3 seamlessly. 

That said, it also comes in medium and large sizes.

Now, moving on to the specs, as mentioned above, it’s stacked. It straight-up has the most advanced tech out of all the wireless dog fences.

For starters, you can create up to 20 wireless fences, which, coupled with 6.2 miles of range for each fence, is something you cannot expect any other device of this type to provide. 

Versatility is another aspect Halo excels in; those 6.2 miles of range you get is completely customizable. With that, you can set up those 20 fences wherever you want.

It does not end there; each of the fences can be of any shape you like. Most wireless fences only allow to create circular fences; compared to that, Halo 3 is miles better. 

Setting up the fences is a breeze. Since Halo 3 is a smart wireless fence, all you need to do is download the Halo app on the App Store or Google Play Store, sign up, and set up the fences right from where you are. No other wireless fence on the market allows you to set up fences as easy as this. Like I said, no competition. 

Halo, when it comes to security, is top-notch. With its pinpoint algorithm and variety of correction features, your dog’s got zero chance to escape the boundary you’ve created. 

Tone, Vibration, and Static Stimulation are all three of the corrections present; that’s typical, but how they’re taken advantage of is what makes the difference here. It’s progressive feedback here; the feedback will change every time your dog gets close to the boundary. 

When your dog is 10 feet away from the boundary, tone comes into play, and vibration takes control if it continues to move forward. Even then, if your dog does not retreat and continues towards the boundary, static stimulation will start. 

That should give you a picture of how Halo works. Along with that, all of the feedback is highly customizable, allowing you to adjust everything based on your dog’s breed and temperament. 

Corrections-wise, this is just the tip of the iceberg; Halo brings a lot more features to keep your dog safe and secure. And one more thing regarding the wireless fence: every time your dog gets the first set of corrections, you will receive an alert on your phone, allowing you to take quick action. 

As mentioned earlier, Halo is a smart collar, so along with the wireless fences, you also get real-time GPS tracking, allowing you to keep an eye on the dog no matter where you are. 

Halo has the most advanced GPS system on a collar of this type, so accurate and instant location updates are a given.

Now for the Durability and Build Quality. There is not much to say; Halo 3 is top-notch and comes in four colors: Sunburst, Orchid, Ivory, and Graphite. The collar is IP67 water resistant too, so no worries if your dog loves water.

Finally, for the battery life, Halo, with a full charge, can go for up to 24 hours. Not the best, but considering it can fully juice up in 2 hours, I’d say it’s not a big deal. 

All in all, Halo 3 is everything you need to keep your dog safe and sound. The highly customizable wireless fences, GPS location tracking, and all-day battery make it the best you can get. 


  • Activity Tracking to keep track of dog’s health and daily activities
  • 24 hour battery runtime
  • 15 intensity levels on static stimulation
  • Beacons in the box to create keep away zones indoors
  • WiFi, LTE, and Bluetooth compatibility
  • IP67 Water and Dust Resistant Rating

Check out the Halo 3 dog collar review if you’re wondering to learn more about this device.


Allows to create up to 20 fences all of which are customizable
Effective corrections to keep your dog inside the boundary
Notification alerts if your dog is heading towards the fence
Real time GPS location tracking
Allows to create indoor fences thanks to the beacons
12-Month Warranty


Has a learning curve

2. Petsafe Stay & Play Compact Wireless Dog Fence (¾ Acre)

PetSafe Stay & Play wireless fence is one of the impressive underground dog fences.

This wireless fence works with the combination of a transmitter and a dog collar.

The company recommends that the collar fits best for dogs above 5 lbs with a neck size between 6 – 28 inches. So you don’t have to worry about the fit.

The wireless fence’s fixed range is ¾ acres, which explains why this dog fence is recommended as a play area fence.

But for that, the package includes a separate transmitter unit with a power adapter. 

You can’t draw custom-shaped fences like the Halo fence; instead, you get circular fences. This is because the fence’s center is the transmitter.

But the entire wireless dog fence system is portable. So, you can take it on vacations, camping, and anywhere you travel with the fence with you, just as much as you use it while at home.

The collar has six correctional levels. The lowest is the tone-only mode, and the rest are static corrections with the static-free re-entry feature. Even the tone-only mode might be enough to retain a small dog after training.

You should press the mode button and release when the receiver (the collar) indicates a flash. One red flash means the lowest level, and the level of static correction increases with the number of times the light flashes.

The same light acts as a battery level indicator.

To ensure your pet doesn’t undergo a harmful level of static correction, the collar also has over-correction protection. After 15 seconds of static shock, the system will lock until the pet returns. For small dogs, this feature is a safe haven.

With rechargeable Li-ion batteries, you can charge the battery in just 2-3 hours. How long do you think the battery stays? Up to 3 whole weeks at max

This is a waterproof collar with a fantastic build quality, so the durability aspect is well covered.

The device has no location-tracking features.

You can also add separately bought unlimited additional collars to the system. That’s how to make pet owners with multiple pets happy.

All things considered, the PetSafe Stay & Play has become the second-best wireless dog fence.


  • Suitable for dogs with neck sizes between 6-28 inches
  • Multiple tones and correctional shock levels
  • Overcorrection protection
  • Three weeks of maximum battery life
  • Waterproof collar
  • ¾ acre of circular dog fence

Here’s the Petsafe Stay & Play Compact Wireless Dog Fence Review.


Increased safety with comprehensive wireless dog fence 
Decide the adequate level of correctional static shock level
Add multiple collars to the system
Work with tone-only mode for correction 
Eliminate any possible over-shocking situations with static-free reentry
Requires no mobile app or smartphone 


Fixed fence range
No way to monitor the status in real-time and remotely 

3. Tractive GPS Tracker For Dogs

Since 2012, Tractive has been winning the hearts of thousands of pet parents all over the world.

The product is based in Austria, and its creators come from a highly technological background.

In this product, the Tractive dog collar creates a wireless fence similar to the Halo collar.

The adjustable collar fits perfectly with the dimensional compactness and the light weight of 1.2 oz. 

The wireless fence feature is not custom-shaped.

That means it’ll either be a circular or rectangular fence. The minimum radius of the circle is 160 feet, the minimum dimensions are 330 x 330 feet, and the maximum range is unlimited.

The virtual fence is activated and operated from the Free Tracive mobile app compatible with iOS and Android. When the fence mode is inactive, it will appear grey on the screen.

But what about the corrective feedback? The Tractive collar is designed mainly to track your dog’s location; a wireless fence is secondary. But when your dog crosses a boundary, you will receive a mobile notification

However, the collar has no corrective feedback, such as tones, vibrations, or shocks.

The Tractive tracker also has location tracking like the Halo tracker. Its location updating rate is 2-3 seconds which is borderline real-time. The coverage range is worldwide.

This is in addition to the LED and a sound emitter integrated into the tracker that lets you find it without tracking.

The Tractive tracker has activity tracking. It enables dog owners to know details such as the number of steps walked during the day, the calories burned, and how long a pet spends at a particular location. In addition, you can track the dog’s sleeping time too. 

This is an IPX7 waterproof collar, and its build quality greatly extends its lifespan. The cherry on top is how the tracker is shockproof as well. 

You get seven days of maximum battery life, and that’s a relief for all pet owners.

All things considered, the Tractive tracker is one of the best trackers in the market. But it comes to third place as the best wireless dog fence for small dogs.


  • The circular or rectangular wireless fence
  • 1.2 ounces in weight
  • 2.81’’ x 1.1’’ x 0.68’’ dimensions
  • 2-3 seconds location updating rate
  • Seven days of maximum battery life
  • Comprehensive activity tracking 
  • Dog-safe power button
  • IPX7 waterproof rating
  • 30-day money-back guarantee 

Learn more about this device with this Tractive GPS Tracker For Dogs Review.


Increased safety with virtual fences and boundary-crossing notifications 
Track your dog’s health to predict health complications early 
The convenience of not having to charge often
Fast and accurate location tracking 
Operate with your mobile phone 
Prevent accidental turning off by the dog-safe button


Lacks corrective feedback
No custom-shaped fences

4. My Pet Command Wireless Underground Dog Fence System

My Pet Command is a wireless underground dog fence that brings a different experience. But it’s definitely an effective smart fence for small dogs.

The device comes with a receiver collar and a handheld locator and requires no free mobile app to operate it.

The company recommends their collar for all breeds of dogs with neck sizes between 8.2″ to 26.5″ as an adjustable collar. 

Although the product is marketed as an underground wire fence, you don’t have to dig your ground.

My Pet Command Wireless Underground Dog Fence System

It works perfectly above ground, and you can lay it around your existing fence (if you have any).

But burying the wire will increase its longevity.

The fence comprises a 1.8mm 13 AWG robust polyolefin solid copper core cable. It allows you to expand the area up to 10 acres.

There’s one unique trick — you can twist some parts of the wire and make fences within fences. The reason is the absence of signals in twisted wires. This lets you create custom-shaped fences.

This means you can have a fence along the border of your land to contain your small dog.

Here are the three auto levels for fence operations.

The handheld has an + and button to increase and decrease the intensity. There are also separate buttons to enable tone, vibration, and shock with ten intensity levels. It’s more than enough to contain small dogs.

Let me remind you again; your dog won’t know how to return to the safe area unless they’re trained to do so. So, be sure to read the “how to train your dog” section at the end. It’ll be much easier since you get 50 boundary flags in the package.

The durability is certified with a unique design quality for both the handheld and the collar. My Pet Command containment system is a waterproof collar with an IPX7 rating that only increases its durability.

The system lets you sync up to three collars, and you’re in luck if you own multiple small dogs.

The fully rechargeable battery will last for 8-12 hours by design. 

However, there is no location tracking — My Pet Command is nothing but an electric fence made to contain small dogs easily.

That’s why the My Pet Command made it to this list.


  • Above ground/ buried wires fence system
  • Ten correctional levels with the tone, shock, and vibrate
  • IPX7 waterproof rating 
  • 12 hours of maximum runtime 
  • Up to 10 acres of range 
  • Comprehensive package 
  • One year warranty


Custom-shaped virtual fences
Increased safety with virtual fences and correctional levels
Increased durability by design 


Buried or on-ground wires activate the fence
Setting up requires a lot of effort
Unless buried, electric shock risk is high 
Location tracking

5. Petsafe Invisible Dog Fence (½ Acre)

What caught my eye with the PetSafe wireless dog fence is how it is expected to last for a decade. 

After that, I wanted to know if it would meet my expectations as a wireless dog fence for small dogs, and it did.

This is one of the electric fences that work with a combination of a receiver collar and a transmitter

The receiver collar is suitable for small dogs with neck sizes between 6-18 inches in circumference. 

PetSafe Wireless Pet Fence

The transmitter creates one wireless small-dog fence circular in shape, making the transmitter the center of the fence. This is similar to the previous Petsafe system.

The fixed range is ½ range.

But you don’t need to bury or lay any wires for the fence since it’s transmitter-based. Petsafe Invisible Dog Fence is a portable fence that helps you take your dog on hikes and vacations with peace of mind. 

The product is one of the best electric dog fences with six correctional levels. The lowest one is tone-only, and the other is static correction.

Training a small dog to obey the tone-only mode is always better. If you’re switching to the static correction, be sure to start from the lowest intensity level.

The light starts to flash when you press the mode button and release it. One red flash signals the lowest tone-only mode, and the number of levels above it corresponds to the number of times the light flashes; it’s the third level if it flashes thrice.

Similar to the Stay & Play containment system, this one also has a static-free reentry feature. 

The expected battery life is two months, and there’s a battery level indicator too.

Durability is assured as the collar is waterproof, and you can replace it depending on your need. But not to worry, the tracker comes with a collar.

Like the previous PetSafe containment system we talked about, this wireless pet fence lacks location tracking. But the product performs excellently as a wireless fence.

With 50 training flags in the package, you’ll be able to give proper training.

All these features make this wireless fence in 5th place on this list.


  • ½ acre range
  • Six levels of correction (static and tone-only mode)
  • 11 x 12 x 9 inches transmitter
  • Battery level indicator
  • Waterproof collar 
  • Two months of battery life


Long battery life’s convenience 
Multiple levels of correction and types for your dog’s increased safety 
The convenience of portability of the fence
Increases protection with static-free reentry
You can add more than one pet to the system


No way to monitor the location or activity in real-time 

6. Pet Control HQ Wireless Pet Containment System

At this point, I’m sure you’ve realized that it’s always better to have custom-shaped fences.

That’s just the starting point for the Pet Control HQ wireless pet containment system.

So, how does this product perform?

The collar is suitable for dogs that weigh 11-154 lbs with a neck size between 8″ and 27″. That ticks the ideal-fit requirement for your small dog.

This product comes with a wire bundle (that makes the virtual fence), transmitter, handheld device, and collar.

That’s why it works without a phone app.

Pet Control HQ Electric Pet Containment System

This is a dual training/containment system. This means the fence is made from a wired boundary system and the wireless remote control, together or separately.

This wire drum is 492ft long with 20-gauge solid core wires, which is enough for a ¾ acre range. With wires laid down, you can use custom-shaped fences. The fence range is expandable up to 10 acres.

For that, you will need an additional wire bundle or more.

But that’s not all.

You can cover complicated areas, including ponds and pools. All you need to do is twist the wires together to cancel the signal. That lets you create no shock zones easily, resulting in fully customized fence shapes.

The correctional features consist of sound, vibration, and shock, with ten correction levels. As always, be sure to move from sound to vibration and then to shock, starting from the lowest intensity levels. Since your dog is small, it doesn’t hurt to be extra careful.

The Pet Control HQ system has no location tracking.

The product’s durability is assured by its high build quality and IPX7 waterproof rating. 

The maximum expected battery life is around seven days, and it takes less than 3 hours to charge fully.

You can also add as many collars as you wish to the system. That’s great news for dog owners with multiple small dogs.

The package is comprehensive, and you get 50 training flags, amongst other important things, including a training guide.

The Pet Control HQ containment system is the sixth-best wireless fence and meets your expectations.


  • Range up to 10 acres
  • Dual containment system (with or without the collar and wires)
  • Transmitter dimensions are 13.39 x 12.99 x 2.83 inches
  • IPX7 waterproof rating
  • Add up to 3 dogs/collars
  • Ten levels of correction
  • Three types of corrective feedback (tone, vibration, and shock)


Can use for multiple collars dogs at once
Increases durability with the waterproof rating
Make maximum use of the virtual fences with multiple correctional levels 
Longer range increases the area of the fence 
Customize the shape of the fence


No way to track the location in real-time
More wire needs to be purchased to expand the range

Factors to Consider in Buying a Wireless Dog Fence for Small Dogs

Type and Range of the Dog Fence

By now, you know that there can be circular or rectangular geofences. But a custom-shaped invisible fence is also a great idea.

In addition, you need to consider the range and whether the performance is the same as the range increases.

The Method of Creating the Fence

All you need to do is draw the map of a phone screen with collar-based wireless fences. Transmitter-based wireless fences require no drawing as the range is fixed.

Fences made by buried or on-ground wires require you to lay them down physically. So, it’s up to you to decide what works best for you.

Nature of Corrective Feedback for Boundary-Crossing Attempts

There NEEDS to be corrective feedback; what else is the invisible dog fence for? The problem is how it works. Maybe the fence turns into an electric dog fence emitting shock through the collar.

If not, there can be vibrations or anything from the sound. Having some warning when the dog approaches the fence boundary is the cherry on top.

Battery Life

The longer you can go without a full charge, the easier it will be. Some trackers enable dog fences to drain batteries depending on the intensity of use. These are better, giving you more control of the battery power.

The Fit

The best wireless dog fences are connected to dog collars. So, you should ensure the collar fits your dog. It’s better to go with the manufacturer’s recommendation since it usually comes in terms of the dog’s neck size and weight.

Incase If you have a large dog, too, checkout the best wireless dog fences for big dogs.


The durability factor is decided based on resistance capacity and build quality. Because of this, it’s better to choose waterproof collars with an IP waterproof rating.

You might not receive an impact resistance, but it’s better to have shock resistance.

Presence and the Nature of Location Tracking

As you noticed, the best invisible fences in the list come with location tracking. Having these features, along with invisible fencing features, is never a waste.

If you find them, check for the location updating rate, the range, and the aspects of activity tracking that are covered.

Benefits of a Wireless Fence for Small Dogs

  • Get rid of the distress inflicted on the dog by an actual fence
  • Make more space in your yard 
  • You no longer have to tie your dog up
  • Train your dog better
  • Ensure your dog walker is not lying to you
  • Make sure your dog stays in and stays away from specific areas
  • Fix your paranoia about your dog’s safety 
  • Know where your dog is all the time (with location tracking)
  • Save a little fortune for physical fences

Your Guide to Training Your Small Dog to an Invisible Dog Fence

Your dogs must know what to do when they hear or feel corrective feedback when they either come close or walk past the boundary.

So first, check the collar yourself — it’ll beep when you’re getting closer to the boundary and will trigger a shock if you cross it (don’t worry, the level 1 shock is negligible when absorbed into the human body in almost all the trackers).

Then, make the dog wear the collar and let them familiarize themselves with the collar. An hour or two should be enough. From here onwards, we work with a leashed dog.

After that, we begin the actual training. I recommend having flags or colorful poles that your dog can notice along the perimeter. 

Afterward, walk with your dog along the perimeter after turning off the corrective measures. When the beep is heard, get farther from the boundary.

Repeat this a few times and test their actions when the beep is heard.

If they come back, give them a treat and praise them. You can try adding distractions to see whether the dog returns with the beep.

A session should be ideally between 10-15 minutes.

a man training a small dog

Next, let them step outside the boundary and pull them inside until the beep is heard, and then finally, the beep disappears. Remember to start from the lowest level and let them understand the pattern.

Every time they return, reward and praise them.

Finally, unleash the dog, let them wander freely, and see what they do when they hear the beep. 9 out of 10 times, they will return. For that remaining one time, the static shock should do the trick. 

Nonetheless, keep a close eye on the dog and be ready to catch it if it runs away. Afterward, you can try repeating the training or increasing the intensity of the static shock.

Here’s our complete guide to training a dog to stay inside the fence.

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In Conclusion

Having one reliable wireless dog fence is all you need to keep your small dogs safe. After all, why cage them when you have better options?

The Halo 3 dog collar is the most suitable wireless dog fence for small dogs. After all, it’s designed to have the capacity to control a stubborn dog.

Taking care of our beloved small dogs is not challenging in the modern world. All we need to do is use the right opportunities. Because they might be small dogs, but their hearts are sure to be big; that’s why they deserve the best.


Absolutely not. But the rule of thumb is to start from tone-only and then from the lowest vibration and static shock intensity levels.

The range always depends on the product, which can be thousands of acres.

They are incredibly effective and are trusted by thousands of dog owners worldwide.

Halo collar product image
Battery Life





Overall Score


Allows to create up to 20 fences all of which are customizable
Effective corrections to keep your dog inside the boundary
Notification alerts if your dog is heading towards the fence
Real time GPS location tracking
12-Month Warranty
Get the BEST PRICE valid until the end of June
Has a learning curve

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