US Service Animals Review (2024 Upd.) Does it Really Work?

Last Updated on July, 2024

Service dogs are a vital support system for many individuals with physical or mental health challenges. Not only do they assist, but they also provide companionship, affection, and love that can help improve the individual’s life.

Keeping that in mind, working with legit and trustworthy service providers like the US Service Animals is important to ensure reliable and effective results. Here’s a quick review of the service dog training program offered by US Service Animals.

Overview: US Service Animals

US Service Animal Logo

US Service Animals (USSA), established in 2015, is a leading online platform that lawyers set up to educate and assist people with disabilities through the use of animals. This platform offers information on service animals, emotional support animals, and the laws surrounding each.

The main services offered by the USSA include;

  1. Emotional Support Animal and service animal registration
  2. Doctor’s letter for housing
  3. Online Psychiatric service animal training required by Airlines
  4. Support services (Ex: Documentation maintenance, assistance with landlord disputes)

USSA prides itself as an ethical leader in the field. They partner with licensed mental health professionals (MHPs) from all 50 states for online evaluations and consultations.

The benefits of choosing USSA are;

  • RISK-FREE Live consultations with licensed MHPs
  • ESA letters are written by lawyers and approved by respective MHP
  • The ESA letters meet all American Disabilities Act (ADA) and Fair Housing Act (FHA) requirements
  • USSA has a legit physical address and contact numbers
  • Live Customer support 7-days a week
  • On-staff attorneys for legal support
  • You won’t be charged if you are not approved for an ESA
  • Holds the Prevent ESA Fraud certification for its code of ethics and conduct 

The Service Dog Training Program

USSA offers an online service dog training program developed by a team of professional service dog trainers with over 20 years of experience

This course is for any individual receiving assistance from a dog that performs a task directly related to the physical or psychological condition the individual is suffering from.

These conditions can include blindness, diabetes, panic attack, anxiety, depression, ADHD, seizures, PTSD, hearing loss, mobility and stability issues, or any physical or psychological disability.

A dog sitting

If you want or already have a dog who helps you with one of the following tasks related to your disability, then you can sign up for this course;

  • Seeing eye
  • Alerting the deaf and hard of hearing
  • Retrieving items
  • Seizure assistance
  • Interrupting destructive behaviors
  • Providing physical support

Any dog can qualify as a service animal! No breed, size, or weight restriction exists as long as the dog is trained to perform work or tasks.

Your service dog can be self-trained or professionally trained but has to behave in public and always be under your control. And all service dogs should be up-to-date with all vaccinations.

Service dogs are allowed in no-pet housing, the cabins of airplanes for free, exempt from any pet rent or deposits, restaurants, stores, uber vehicles, etc. By completing this course, you allow yourself and your service dog to enjoy these benefits across all 50 states of the USA.

Inside the Course

You can expect the following to be included in your online training program;

  • Lessons structured into 6 modules
  • 12 training videos
  • Training clicker
  • Individual professional trainer support
  • Trained service dog certification upon program completion
  • Service vest, collar, collar tag, leash, and more are optional

Based on your dog’s current level of fluency to perform a task, this course can take between 10 hours and 10 weeks to complete.

Training Technique Followed in the Course

This course follows the effective reward based- positive reinforcement training technique that gives amazing and fast results. The course is designed so that both experienced and new trainers can understand and apply the lesson content for training. 

Us service animals logos
US Service Animals

Pros & Cons of the USSA Online Service Dog Training Program


Can be followed by new as well as experienced trainers
Reward-based- positive reinforcement training
Certificate upon completion
Affordable-95% cheaper than in-person training
Recognized in all 50 states for Service animal benefits
Meets airline and housing requirements
Individual support from a professional trainer
Legal support
Offers ESA letters
Excellent customer support
Money Back Guarantee, so value for money
Has over 97% 5-star rating


After registering, you get spammed with multiple follow-up emails

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Frequently Asked Questions

It usually takes 7-10 business days for printed materials to arrive in the mail, but vests and other accessories arrive sooner. However, if you purchase digital copies of your registration, you will receive copies of the ID card and registration certificate almost immediately after purchase via email. And you will receive an email with a tracking number within 2-3 business days. 

Yes, all mental health professionals employed by US Service Animals are board certified and licensed according to their respective state regulations.

Registering with USSA gives you access to a national database, high-quality kits and animal IDs, a certificate for excellent registration documentation, legal assistance, and reliable customer support.

You can register your emotional support animal or service animal with USSA through their website. Register your emotional support animal or service animal with USSA by visiting their website.

The US Service Animals Refund Policy states that customers who are not satisfied with any product except ESA letters are eligible for a 100% money-back guarantee refund within 45 days of purchase. Customers can apply for a refund by contacting USSA at [email protected] with no questions asked.

Final Words 

Individuals who rely on dogs to support them in performing specific daily tasks can improve the quality of their lives through this assistance. And having that dog registered and trained as a service dog makes them eligible for many benefits. 

USSA is a legitimate service provider that has an excellent reputation among customers. It is a solid option if you are exploring training programs to train your service dog. 

Always go for a legitimate option that will legally support you and your dog.

US Service Animals
Us service animals logos
Ease of Training




Overall Score


Can be followed by new as well as experienced trainers
Reward-based- positive reinforcement training
Affordable-95% cheaper than in-person training
Legal support
Money Back Guarantee, so value for money
Get the BEST PRICE valid until the end of July
After registering, you get spammed with multiple follow-up emails

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