9 Best Dog Crate Covers to Keep Your Dog Safe & Warm (2024)

Last Updated on June, 2024

When looking for the best dog crate covers, YOU could become easily swayed by a fancy-looking crate cover that offers little functionality!

It is ESSENTIAL that you find a crate cover that you can TRUST!

Well, you have come to the right place because, at iPetGuides, we only answer your questions with recommendations of the BEST of the BEST.

Hence, if you are looking for a dog crate cover, this list of the BEST 9 contains the TOPMARKET selections that YOU MOST CERTAINLY NEED to be informed of. 

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Aspen Chenille Crate
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9 Best Dog Crate Covers

When considering the best dog crate covers, there are certain things you need to be looking out for.

In bringing YOU this list of the 9 BEST dog crate covers, I went through hundreds of online listings and narrowed it down to dozens of crate covers, which were hand tested to conclude on the BEST 9.

1. Rock Creek Crates Insulated Cover

The ROCK CREEK Crates INSULATED Crate Cover is a CLIMATE CONTROLLED dog cover that will provide shade in RAIN or SHINE!

This crate is perfect for use at home, on the road, or even on a field. This cover is DESIGNED for both indoor and OUTDOOR use!

When looking for a dog cover, you need to consider the DURABILITY of the cover. The crate pad has to be perfect for both indoor and outdoor conditions.

This crate cover has handles, making it usable as a travel crate cover.

This is a TRAVEL COVER, which can be used on the road, at home, in the car, train, or plane, or EVEN at a CAMPSITE!

Dog owners that have used this crate cover will tell you that this is a heavy-duty crate cover that can be used on a metal crate. It has two side panels, which can be kept open for ventilation, and the front panel can be rolled up.

The roll-up panels on the front and sides are a GREAT addition, allowing for greater airflow into the crate, which is CRUCIAL!

The panels roll easily, and this cover can also be used on wire dog cages.

For more details, this cover is lined with ½ inch water-resistant foam insulation. The windows and doors use adhesive tapes (Velcro straps), which are of GOOD QUALITY, ensuring the longevity of USE.

There are some TOUGH metal buckles on this cover, which secures this cover to the base of the crate. 

This cover has an open bottom design which works to reduce heat escape. Also, this cover is SIMPLE to REMOVE.

The straps that allow it to be used as a travel crate are STURDY. This product is MADE in the USA, with surety and GUARANTEE of GREAT QUALITY STANDARD!

At the TOP of this LIST, this HEAVY DUTY dog crate cover, one of the BEST in the MARKET!

It comes in TWO sizes, medium and large.


Lined with ½ inch water-resistant foam insulation
Heavy-duty and durable for metal crates
Durable fabric
Sturdy straps for travel crate functionality
Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
Roll-up panels for improved ventilation
Climate-controlled and provides shade in all weather
Tough metal buckles for secure attachment to the crate
Open bottom design reduces heat escape


Limited color and design options

2. Aspen Chenille Dog Crate Cover

Now, if you want to transform the UGLY look of a wired dog crate, then dog covers such as the one by Aspen Chenille are an EXCELLENT CHOICE!

When it comes to dog covers, you really should be looking at how easy it is to CLEAN the crate cover. 

When choosing a kennel cover, dog owners will tell you that not everything that looks good is actually good.

For instance, though a metal crate is heavy-duty, what is the point if your dog cover isn’t heavy-duty?

This stylish dog cover is very TOUGH and is made of a very TOUGH fabric composite.

They offer a host of sizes for various sizes of dogs (small to double extra large). This crate cover is machine-washable. The fact that this is machine washable means it comes with washing instructions on how to CLEAN this cover.

The fact that this crate cover is machine washable makes a WORLD of difference to some dog owners. Just the fact that it is EASY to clean can often be the deciding factor.

Unfortunately, there are no mesh windows or panels on this cover. So, when it comes to ventilation, it does fall short.

The front panel can be left open, and though the cover does not come with mesh windows, when placing this cover securely on a crate, you will notice tiny holes in the cover.

Hence, though this crate cover does not have windows, it DOES have GOOD ventilation due to the extremely BREATHABLE nature of the fabric and mesh. 

This crate cover is a GREAT way to add a TOUCH of class to the LAME wire finish of a dog crate. 


Tough and durable fabric composite
Good ventilation due to breathable fabric and mesh
Easy to clean
Machine-washable for easy cleaning
Available in various sizes for different dogs
Simple and elegant
Excellent choice for transforming a wired dog crate


Only one color (light grey)

3. Precision Pet Indoor Outdoor Crate Cover

The Precision Pet dog crate cover is another dual-purpose, adaptable indoor and outdoor crate cover.

Other covers may not have the BEAUTIFUL panels as on this cover.

Not only is the front of the cover rollable, but the sides also have windows, and the top has a SUNROOF! That is right; this crate cover EVEN has a SUNROOF!

The crate cover works really well to create a den-like environment for your pet.

The precision pet is a cover that converts an UGLY wired cage into a little CAMPSITE for your pet. It’s like a little tent. 

Now, don’t misunderstand the word little. This dog crate cover by Precision Pet comes in three sizes, medium, large, and JUMBO at 48 inches.

This crate cover does offer easy cleaning and is made of waterproof fabric. The material from which this crate cover is made is WATERPROOF; hence cleaning it is EASY!

Dogs and dog owners have left GREAT reviews in favour of Precision Pet for not only being a QUALITY product but also because it offers a solution to crates of almost any size, including the JUMBO one at 48 INCHES!

All in all, the Precision Pets dog crate cover is an excellent option that dogs and dog owners cannot but be DRAWN to!


Excellent Quality Material (Nylon Canvas)
Easy to clean, made of waterproof fabric
Easily washable
Dual-purpose indoor and outdoor use
Available in three sizes: medium, large, and jumbo
Sunroof adds extra ventilation and light
Beautiful panels with rollable front and windows on sides


Not the easiest to place and remove.

4. Molly Mutt Crate Cover

The Molly Mutt Crate cover is an insulated kennel cover with 18 COLORS and DESIGNS!

Molly Mutt gives you the most vibrance and energy in design and color with many exotic patterns; Molly Mutt differentiates itself from other crate cover providers IMMEDIATELY!

It comes in 5 SIZES, ranging from 24 inches to 48 inches.

This range of sizes means that you could probably find a cover that is the right fit for YOUR dog and crate.

This cover has hook and loop tabs which allow the front panels to be rolled up and hooked and looped into place.

Molly Mutt Crate Cover

The hook and loop tabs allow for easy access. There are no window flaps; however, you can allow for two doors if your crate allows for such. This simple crate cover has roll-up sides fixated on a roll-up front.

You can roll up any side of this crate cover and keep all sides uncovered if you wish to. You can cover three sides and leave one open, or over two sides and leave two open. 

Furthermore, the cover is not a ziplock fit; there is plenty of room for airflow; however, when closed off at night, the lack of windows may make this cover a little suffocating for your little friend. Hence, keeping one side rolled up may be a good idea.

This is a durable crate cover and is machine washable. This kennel cover can be machine washed when needed to be cleaned and dried like ANY damp cloth. 

This cover does not have travel features and will not provide a crate handle. If your crate does not have a handle and you are looking for a crate cover that can double as a crate handle, then this is NOT the choice for you.

However, all in all, GREAT crate cover!


Multiple designs and colors
Durable and good quality
Roller shades designed for ventilation and access
Good ventilation
Good choice of sizes
Machine washable 


No carry handles

5. MidWest Dog Crate Cover

This cotton polyester blend crate cover by MidWest is an elegant option. It comes in a generic grey pattern.

Unfortunately, there are no choices when it comes to the design and pattern. 

However, the pattern on this crate cover is neutral and appealing.

This crate cover has Teflon fabric protection which repels stains and odors, which is EXACTLY what you NEED in a dog crate cover.

The dog crate cover provides easy access to the front and is compatible with the rear door or even a 1, 2, or 3-door option.

MidWest Dog Crate Cover

Hence when it comes to ventilation, this crate cover is PRACTICAL. However, it has to be noted this elegant crate cover does not have windows or panels. When it comes to ventilation, it isn’t the BEST on this list.

That being the case, this crate cover does provide access to sufficient ventilation and isn’t considered a safety hazard. 

This is a very durable product and can be machine washed, which makes it easy to clean. However, that being the case, this isn’t the crate cover most suitable for outdoor use. 

There is no water resistance with this cover, and you must ensure that the crate DOES NOT get wait.

This cover is considered one of the BEST due to the Teflon fabric protection, which makes it repel stains and odors. This option is not available on all crate covers.

This cover comes in various sizes ranging from 24 to 48 inches!


Elegant design
Durable material
Teflon protection from stains and odors
Rolling upsides
Variety of sizes


Not water resistant
No windows or panels

6. Mud River Dixie Insulated Kennel Cover

The Mud River Dixie crate cover is an insulated WORK OF ART!

This is a hunting-style dog crate cover, which is slightly different from other dog crate covers on this list.

For instance, it has these pockets on its sides, where you can store things outside the crate.

Hence, this dog crate cover can make things VERY easy to manage when it comes to containing pet essentials on the go. 

Mud River Dixie Insulated Kennel Cover

The cover has built-in handles, making it GREAT for those looking for travel crate covers. The handle on this crate cover is actually of EXCELLENT quality, VERY durable!

It has removable window flaps that allow for much VENTILATION and airflow. 

This HEAVY DUTY dog crate cover is also great for OUTDOOR use. 

Though the product cannot be washed in a machine, the material of this crate cover is easy to clean. You can spray and hose off this crate cover and allow it to dry, simple as that. 

The insulation provided by this crate cover is great for those living in colder climates. If you are looking for a crate cover in colder climates more suited to HEAT preservation, then this crate COVER could be the pick for YOU!


Durable and tough
Great for outdoor use
Multiple pockets for storage
Easy to clean
Insulated and suited for cold climate


Only one color and design

7. BowhausNYC Elegancia Crate Cover

This elegant choice of crate cover comes in a BEAUTIFUL royal sage color, which makes it a vibrant choice.

If you are looking for a GORGEOUS crate cover, something that you can maybe leave around the LIVING room, even. 

This crate cover is a VERY presentable choice. It has a beautiful green print, making it an eye-catching statement for you, your dog, and your house guests.

This crate cover is a work of ART made of cotton canvas. This means this crate cover can be easily cleaned.

BowhausNYC Elegancia Crate Cover

The sides and front can be rolled up, allowing for a good amount of ventilation and access. It is a fancy little cover that converts the crate into a BEAUTIFUL home for your furry friend. 

It only comes in one size, which may be a limitation. This crate only comes 36 inches in diameter. 

So though the size limitation does apply, if you are looking for an elegant crate cover, which you can present to an audience of guests, then yes, this crate cover would be one that could be considered.


Beautiful design
Durable material
Indoor use
Good ventilation
Presentable and eye catching


Only one size

8. Pet Dreams Complete 3-Piece Crate Bedding Set

The Pet Dreams Complete 3 Piece Crate bedding set differs slightly from the regular crate covers on this list.

With them already making way for their 3rd Generation, this 2nd Generation Cratewear comes with a foam crate bumper with ties, a crate cover, and a crate pad. 

Hence, this option gives you a WHOLE LOT more than a cover.

The cover is made of breathable fabric and has access through the front.

There are side panels that can be opened and used with both single and double-door metal dog crates.

Pet Dreams Complete 3 Piece Crate Bedding Set

You can open all sides if you wish to, and the seams have snaps to ensure the panels close off properly and neatly, ensuring pitch darkness. 

The snaps are easy to open and close, and using this COVER is simple and easy.

It comes in three sizes, 24 inches, 36 inches, and 42 inches. However, when it comes to the choice of design and color, only the burgundy-red color is available.

This dog crate cover is for indoor use and will not work outdoors. It does not have water resistance; however, it can be easily cleaned.


3 in 1
Good ventilation
Good quality snaps
Three size options
Easy to use
Durable and tough


Only one color (burgundy red)

9. X-ZONE PET Double Door Dog Crate Cover

This POLYESTER double-door work of wonder is an AMAZING dog crate cover with a simple and sleek design.

The Z-ZONE PET crate cover comes in three colors: black, neutral tan, and grey.

The choice of color makes this crate cover adaptable to many people and places.

It is a very simple yet elegant crate cover in five sizes ranging from 24 inches to 48 inches.

Yes, with this cover, you again can order a cover for a JUMBO pet, size 48 inches.

X ZONE PET Double Door Dog Crate Cover

The crate cover is made with material known to prevent damage caused by pet scratching. This cover is composed of multiple zippered panels, which allow the angle of the door opening to be changed and altered based on need. 

This crate is made with HEAVY DUTY and DURABLE polyester, making it a great choice for indoor and outdoor use. 

That being the case, with outdoor use, the use is limited due to the lack of water resistance. 

However, if you are looking for a stylish and simple crate cover that gets the job done, this one by X-Zone may be exactly the simple option you are looking for!


Choice of sizes
Tough and Durable
Three color options
Simple and sleek design
Good ventilation functionality


Not water resistant

What Are the Benefits of Dog Crate Covers?

a dog resting inside a covered dog crate

The den-like atmosphere created by a dog crate cover is something dogs, in general, are DRAWN to!

So, if you are already using a dog crate as a place to cage your dog, a crate cover at night may be a good idea. The dark environment created by a dog crate cover could provide a good DEN-like environment for your dog to SLEEP.

When using a cover, it is important to ensure adequate ventilation. Standard crates that house small dogs could have panels open, allowing for airflow and good ventilation.

If the crate cover is made with breathable material, the environment inside the dog crate becomes much nicer. Hence, the benefits of a dog crate cover are varied based on various factors that go into selecting the dog crate cover. 

One of the fundamental benefits of a dog crate cover is that it works like a BLANKET, which can be very beneficial to many dogs. These covers are blankets and are known to reduce anxiety and soothe dogs. 

Due to the fact that dog crate covers limit visual stimuli, it allows your dog to find a soothing and relaxing shutdown from the brightly lit WORLD in the 21st Century!

Dog crate covers are known to actually prevent OVER excitement and reduce EXCESSIVE barking, especially at night.

If you have a barking problem with your dog, most dogs will respond to a covered crate, for it produces a nature similar to that of a wild animal’s den. 

Is it Good to Cover Your Dog’s Crate?

Obviously, leaving the dog in a crate for too long, whether covered or not, is NOT recommended. 

That being the case; ideally, the crate cover should only be USED at NIGHT when your dog is ready to sleep.

The crate, with a fancy cover, will look much like a DOG HOME, which your dog will look to become accustomed to. 

Maybe during the day, you can leave the crate door open, with a BEAUTIFUL cover making it a BEAUTIFUL addition to your home furniture and setting.

dogs inside a covered dog crate

So, is it good to cover your dog’s crate? Covering your dog’s crate at night can provide a good environment in which your dog can sleep.

Obviously, even a little bit of light is known to wake dogs up, even puppies. Hence, using a covered crate will reduce anxiety by creating a NATURALLY DEN-like environment for your dog to rest in.

In actuality, when you compare to the wire crate finish of most crates, doggo crates without covers DO NOT look nice. They aren’t something that you would want to leave around the living room. 

However, with a nice dog crate COVER, the dog crate is NOW presentable to both the dog and you, the dog owner.

At the end of the day, the choice of design and look depends on YOU, the dog owner! 

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Final Thoughts

When it comes to picking a dog crate cover, though it may sound simple, due to the sheer amount of choice in the market, it is always difficult to find the BEST product to TRUST. 

At iPetGuides, through rigorous trial and testing, the best of the best are presented to the reader in hopes of providing the direction necessary to make an informed purchase. 

This list of the BEST 9 will provide you with options to choose from. You would be able to better understand your EXACT requirements, and I hope that this article has helped YOU pick the MOST SUITABLE crate cover for your furry friend!


Yes, it is recommended to cover a dog’s crate at night to create an environment of a den, which dogs feel comfortable and safe in.

Yes, there are benefits to covering a crate. Covering a crate can improve its visual appeal and make it more attractive and presentable

To find the best crate cover, look for one that meets your needs for outdoor use, has a material that is easy to clean, provides good ventilation, and is suitable for the specific size of your crate.

Yes, a crate cover can be beneficial as it helps to block out light and create a darker environment which can improve the quality of sleep for your dog.

Yes, covering a crate or leaving a dog in the crate at all times can be dangerous.

Rock Creek Insulated Cover
Rock Creek Crates Insulated Cover Product Image
Build Quality





Overall Score


Lined with ½ inch water-resistant foam insulation
Heavy-duty and durable for metal crates
Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
Climate-controlled and provides shade in all weather
Open bottom design reduces heat escape
Get the BEST PRICE valid until the end of June
Limited color and design options

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