7 Best Outdoor Dog Kennels & Cages (Reviewed in 2024)

Last Updated on June, 2024

There are dog kennels explicitly made for the outdoors, and buying one is an investment. The only question is, which is the best?

This is the question that I wanted to answer.

So, what did I do? First, I found out about 20 outdoor dog kennels. 

After I did, I carefully studied each crate and selected the 7 best outdoor dog kennels. The iPetGuides team bought one unit from each type, and that’s how I share details that any other review doesn’t have.

I know you want the best, and it’s here — all you need to do is read through and pick one.

Let’s start!

Editor’s Choice
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Overall Score


#2nd Best Choice
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Lucky Dog
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#3rd Best Choice
K9 Outdoor Kennel Castle product Image
K9 Kennel Castle
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7 Best Outdoor Dog Kennels 

1. IMPACT High Anxiety Crate

As you may already know, IMPACT is a beloved brand among dog parents. The best outdoor dog kennel is none other than their high anxiety crate.

But what makes it so? 

For starters, the crate is made from 100% premium Aluminum.

So, you don’t have to worry about outdoor damage as the material is rust resistant and durable. It also doesn’t have sharp edges by design.

You’ll notice that IMPACT’s high anxiety crate is almost fully covered. 

This makes the crate perfect for your furry friends to spend much time outdoors, even under inclement weather. Which dog doesn’t like a safe space like that?

I don’t need to emphasize the strength, and IMPACT has made it to contain dogs with anxiety. This means the build quality is strength-focused too. After all, they use 62% thicker Aluminum to keep your dog safe.

But you can always carry it to a secure location easily thanks to the military-grade carry handles. 

This crate comes in five sizes,

  • 30’’ length
  • 34’’ length
  • 40’’ length 
  • 40’’ length (wide+tall)
  • 48’’ length 

In other words, it’s a spacious outdoor kennel with enough wiggle room for your dogs or even other animals.

The three colors it comes in are gray, black, and white. A darker color will last longer than the original look. 

One of the biggest concerns dog owners have with outdoor crates is security. How can you stay indoors knowing that your dog might have escaped?

Well, thanks to the zinc steel paddle latch, you can say goodbye to that paranoia. It provides a robust mechanism for added security against the toughest escape attempts.

The four additional locks complement the level of security given by the high-stress-absorbing paddle latch. These additional butterfly latches are strategically placed to ensure that even Houdini himself can’t escape.

As an outdoor dog crate, this security level gives you peace of mind.

I initially told you that this is more or less a covered crate. But don’t worry; there are well-placed 0.05 inches sized ventilation holes that provide the best air circulation.

Their placement and spacing all around the crate guarantee that your furry friend won’t damage their nails.

It’s another reason you can take it on camping trips.

Did I tell you these dog kennels come with a lifetime guarantee? Yes!

You need that extra layer of durability with outdoor crates. Not only that, but you also get free shipping and free exchanges.

You can buy thisassembled or unassembled crate, which makes your life easier.

Look out for special seasonal and color-based offers because IMPACT LOVES to give that.

All these features effortlessly make Impact’s high anxiety crate the best outdoor dog kennel. 

Here’s our complete review of the Impact dog crate.


Designed specifically for the outdoor setting for extended periods
Top-notch safety design features with no sharp edges
Suitable for large and small breeds equally
The almost fully covered design protects from bad weather in general
Military-grade carry handles allow for easy transportation to secure locations
Made from 100% premium Aluminum to ensure durability and prevent rust
The size chart provided by IMPACT helps you choose the right size for your dog
A zinc steel paddle latch makes the crate fully secure against escape attempts
Four additional butterfly latches were strategically placed for maximum security
Comes in three colors for more personalization
Well-placed, 0.05-inch holes ensure proper air circulation without risking nail damage
A lifetime guarantee offers added durability and peace of mind
Option to purchase assembled or unassembled for convenience


Rain protection may require a simple crate cover for the ventilation holes

2. Lucky Dog Stay™ Series Kennels

Lucky Dog’s Stay kennel series is the best alternative if you can’t buy IMPACT’s crate. 

This wire dog crate comes in five sizes: studio Jr, Studio, Villa, Executive, and Presidential. 

The smallest dog crate is 4ft long and 4ft tall, and the Presidential crate is as big as 10ft long and 7ft and 6 inches tall.

Larger and smaller dogs can have outdoor fun for an extended period.

You’ll also notice the hidden roof cover attachment. This is a UPF 50+ protection polyester designed for ultimate comfort.

It’s waterproof so you can keep the crate outside under occasional rains for extended periods.

But since all Stay kennels are quite tall, there’s a problem with whether it’ll safeguard your dog from sunlight.

That’s why having a heavy-duty waterproof cover around this outdoor pen is better.

This frame comfortably sinks to the ground and stays firm. This stable positioning is very important when setting up outdoor dog cages. It’s almost like it has ground anchors.

The Lucky Dog Stay Series is recommended for well-tamed dogs. You need to think twice before caging an anxious Great Dane in just about any outdoor kennel, as they might damage the wires with their immense strength.

I also love that quick cleaning can be done since this outdoor kennel has no bottom.

The crate has a single door without too complex locking mechanisms. This is how Lucky Dog ensures effortless handling of the crate.

But you don’t get carrying handles.

Since this is a wire crate outdoor kennel, the ventilation and natural aspect are highest. However, be sure to take your dog inside or cover it properly at the risk of rain or a similar environmental change.

You can buy it for interest-free installments, similar to IMPACT’s crate. But Lucky Dog doesn’t give free shipping or any warranty.

Nonetheless, all things considered, this is one of the best outdoor dog kennels, the best alternative outdoor dog kennel.


Comes in two roof colors and five sizes for various space requirements
Includes a hidden roof cover attachment for UPF 50+ protection and waterproofing
Sturdy kennel frame that securely sinks to the ground, ensuring stability
Simple design suitable for well-tamed dogs
Single door with an easy-to-use locking mechanism for effortless handling
Excellent ventilation and natural feel due to wire construction
Suitable for dogs that do not possess immense strength to damage the wires
It can be purchased through interest-free installments
Provides ample space for dogs, with the largest size being 10ft long and 7ft 6 inches tall


It may not provide sufficient protection from sunlight, requiring a cover
Has one traditional lock

3. K9 Outdoor Kennel Castle

The K9 outdoor kennel castle is one of the best outdoor dog kennel ideas brought to life. 

Let’s see why it is so.

For starters, the crate is designed only to be outdoors. It’s not a wire crate but a complete house, a small house for dogs.

Surprisingly, this product comes in over 40 sizes and is easy to assemble.

Don’t worry; the assembly method for the entire kennel is explained step-by-step.

This heavy-duty steel enclosure stands above ground level with a heavy-duty steel frame around the perimeter. The best outdoor-friendly benefit of it is that your dog won’t be in contact with the ground. 

So, even under heavy rain, your dog can play safely inside the space.

You can even upgrade the flooring of the raised flooring for an additional cost. You are also eligible for either a free food dispenser or a free dog cot — how generous?

But how do they get to that elevation? By the 4′ x 4′ ramp that comes with the castle. 

This is perfectly fitted on the flat veranda/platform before the castle’s door. Your dog can spend more than a few hours on this platform, enjoying the sun.

I love the digging prevention system with 8′ ground stakes. No matter how trained your dog is, most dogs have deviating behaviors occasionally, which is the answer.

If this is a dog house or castle, it should have a roof; this one has a pitched roof. 

But you can have an extra metallic extension, similar to the upgraded flooring. You can also have up to two additional windows included as an upgrade to this enclosed space.

The Kennel store recommends the K9 kennel castle for show breeders, police units, or hunting dog enthusiasts.

On top of all this, you also get a one-year warranty for this third-best outdoor kennel.

However, dog owners should remember that this is a permanently fixed outdoor dog kennel and comes with multiple add-ons that increase its value.

All things considered, Kennel Store’s K9 kennel castle is the third-best alternative for an outdoor dog crate for both large and small dogs.


Unique and visually appealing design with the appearance of a small house
Specifically designed for outdoor use, providing a complete and sheltered enclosure
Available in over 40 sizes to accommodate various dog breeds
Easy-to-follow step-by-step assembly instructions are provided
Elevated flooring design keeps dogs off the ground, ensuring comfort and protection from heavy rain
Option to upgrade the flooring for an additional cost
Includes a 4′ x 4′ ramp for easy access to the castle and a platform for sun enjoyment
Features a digging prevention system with 8′ dig bars
Roofed structure with the option to add a metallic extension and additional windows
Suitable for show breeders, police units, and hunting dog enthusiasts


A permanently set outdoor dog kennel
Very expensive

4. FenceMaster Cottageview Dog Kennel

The next best alternative is the FenceMaster Cottageview dog kennel. What makes it a dependable outdoor dog crate? Let me elaborate.

Unlike the K9 Kennel Castle, this wire crate comes in only one color and size; its gross weight is 100 lbs, which is pretty decent for a big kennel.

The corresponding dimensions are 48″ x 60″ x 60″, and it’s spacious enough for puppies and well-grown dogs.

The sunblock share cover is the cherry on top, enhancing the dog’s comfort.

What else does this heavy-duty steel kennel have?

FenceMaster Cottageview Dog Kennel

You’ll notice a similarity between the Lucky Dog’s Stay kennel series and the crate’s bottom. You can see that these slightly extended bars can drive onto the ground easily. But that makes the Cottageview a permanently set dog kennel.

This wire crate features only one door with one lock. Since the welded wire mesh is approximately 2″ x 4″, I cannot guarantee that this can hold anxious or strong dogs.

It’s admirable how the crate’s mesh consists of two layers of corrosion resistance to elongate longevity. 

This weather-resistant crate comes unassembled. But FenceMaster reassures that it only takes 15-30 minutes and it only requires a ½” wrench. 

Since it doesn’t have a bottom, you’ll have to get an outdoor dog bed for your dog to stay comfortably. Additionally, investing in a full crate cover is best to ensure the effect of rain, heavy wind, and even harsh sunlight is lessened.

Unfortunately, FenceMaster doesn’t give you any warranty. However, you should be eligible for free shipping if you go through the product link I have listed.

Overall, the FenceMaster Cottageview delivers well, but you should be comfortable with the terms it’s most useful for.


Sturdy wire crate suitable for outdoor use
Spacious dimensions of 48″ x 60″ x 60″ accommodate puppies and well-grown dogs
Includes a sunblock shade cover for enhanced comfort
Easy to anchor to the ground for a permanent setup
Features a welded wire mesh with two layers of corrosion resistance for durability
Quick and easy assembly with a 15-30 minute estimated time using a ½” wrench
Weather-resistant design suitable for outdoor conditions
It can be permanently set on the ground
Simple operational mechanism with only one door
Free shipping is available through the provided product link


It should be paired with a full crate cover to protect against rain, wind, and harsh sunlight
Has only one lock

5. EZ-Fit 4×7 Dog Kennel Kit With Run

I cannot begin to tell you how attractive the EZ-Fit 4×7 dog kennel kit looks. But hey, looks aren’t everything; let’s see why this is the next alternative.

To make reading easier, I’ll call this the Ez kennel from now on.

With remarkable quality Amish construction, the EZ kennel comes with a 4×3′ kennel area and a 4×4′ outside run.

You can see it’s a house for dogs and takes up considerable space in your backyard.

EZ Fit 4x7 Dog Kennel Kit With Run

Needless to say, this is a permanent structure; a house with two windows (18 x 27″) and a wooden door (26 x 44″) that comes with a lock and key. Its high-quality stainless steel dog is one of the most valuable parts of the product.

The overall height is 5’10”, and you don’t have to worry about vulnerability to sunlight, wind, or rain from around, as it’s completely covered.

Let’s take a look at what’s inside.

Inside this house, the floor is of ½” CDX high-quality plywood, and that’s why it lasts so long. Additionally, there’s a 2×4″ treated floor jousts. These effortlessly prevent mold and rot.

That’s why the EZ kennel is truly impressive outdoors, with relatively higher moisture content.

Did I mention its siding? The EZ kennel comes with an extra long-lasting Primed Smartside™ siding, and it is a delight; your dog will love it.

I also love the 4′ sidewall height that provides more maneuverability, and the treated skids are very useful for outdoor settings. 

EZ-Fit has ensured all-weather sustainability thanks to the Aluminum drip edge, bringing more value to this dog house.

You also get 25-year shingles, but you can also upgrade to 30-year shingles.

The biggest downside of the EZ kennel is the delivery and assembly process. Since it comes assembled, you might need forklift delivery that costs about $200-$1000.

You’re also requested to send them and email them separately to check the availability of the service.

As a product, the EZ-fir 4×7 dog kennel is impressive, and you and your dog will love how it looks and makes them feel.


Attractive and well-constructed dog kennel with Amish craftsmanship
Spacious 4×3′ kennel area and 4×4′ outside run, providing ample space for dogs
Permanent structure with two windows and a wooden door equipped with a lock and key
High-quality stainless steel dog, ensuring durability and security
The completely covered design protects against sunlight, wind, and rain
Durable ½” CDX high-quality plywood floor and treated floor joists prevent mold and rot
Long-lasting Primed Smartside™ siding adds visual appeal and durability
4′ sidewall height allows for easier maneuverability
Treated skids offer stability and suitability for outdoor settings
All-weather sustainability is ensured by the aluminum drip edge and 25-year shingles (upgradeable to 30-year shingles)


It may require forklift delivery at an additional cost
Availability of delivery services and email communication required, adding potential inconvenience

6. Advantek Dog Gazebo Kennel

Wouldn’t you like to have a patented outdoor dog kennel? If so, the Advantek Dog Gazebo kennel might just be a great option.

The Gazebo octagonal outdoor kennel is a semi-permanent structure; you can move it relatively easier than structures such as the EZ kennel.

With a nice conical roof, you can buy within one standard size, 60 “L x 60” W x 60 “H.

So, you do not have to worry about any rain damage or sunlight in minor situations. 

Advantek Dog Gazebo Kennel

But it’s best to have a full crate cover if you want to keep your pet inside during harsh environmental conditions.

The single-door access to this outdoor kennel makes things simpler for you. Advanatek positions the Gazebo as a kennel with a pet-proof lock.

I believe the higher elevation (concerning the average dog’s height) positively affects the pet-proof nature of the lock.

But it’s not just the door that enables access; there’s a window too.

This window is extremely useful for the outdoor setting, where you can access the cage without the risk of your pet running out. The one-hand dropdown nature simplifies refilling your pet’s water and food bowl.

I also love how this outdoor kennel can be set up on either soil or a patio ground; it’s a 360-degree kennel.

The biggest question is how hard it is to assemble. It’s good news: you can set this kennel up in 10 minutes. It requires NO tools to do that!

Another specialty that makes Advantek Gazebo kennels special; they can be interconnected. This feature is very useful if you have multiple dogs and want to cage them outside WHILE giving them enough space.

What is my verdict? The Advantek Dog Gazebo is an excellent alternative if you fully understand how it benefits you.


Patented outdoor dog kennel with a unique octagonal shape and ample space
The semi-permanent structure can be relatively easily moved
Spacious 4×3′ kennel area and 4×4′ outside run, providing ample space for dogs
Permanent structure with two windows and a wooden door equipped with a lock and key
It has a conical roof that provides protection from rain and minor sunlight
Single-door access with a pet-proof lock ensures security and convenience
The window allows easy access inside the kennel without the risk of the pet escaping
The one-hand dropdown window for simple refilling of food and water bowls
It can be set up on soil or patio ground, offering flexibility in placement
Easy assembly process under 10 minutes and requires no tools or expertise
The interconnectivity feature allows for multiple kennels to be joined for multiple dogs


You need to use a full crate cover for better comfort
Limited to one standard size, which may not be suitable for all dog breeds

7. Neocraft My Pet Companion Dog Kennel

For the last resort, I am presenting you with the Neocraft My Pet companion kennel, which looks fantastic.

For starters, this wire crate comes in one standard size, 4’W x 4’L x 4.5’T weighing 42 pounds.

These dimensions complement the stability of the crate in the outdoor setting. After all, your pet gets 16 square feet of ground area.

That’s more than enough.

Similar to the Advantek kennel, the Neocraft kennel also has a window which they refer to as a dual door design, considering the main door. 

Neocraft My Pet Companion Dog Kennel

The door window allows you to engage with your dog without the risk of them running out.

It’s admirable how Neocratft has ensured kennel strength with a #10 Steel wire panel with galvanized 3/4″ round steel tubular frame. This skyrockets the strength, thanks to the high tensile characteristics.

In other words, it will not be knocked over by wind or damaged by larger dogs.

The cherry on top is the UV-proof powder coating, which provides impressive resistance against rust, corrosion, and fading, even in extreme environmental conditions.

Even as a last resort, it should be noted how outdoors-friendly this kennel really is.

The professional quality cover made of 600D polyester further increases the outdoor-friendly nature of this kennel. 

With the water-resistant nature of the roof cover, you can use it for a long time safeguarding your pet from all sorts of troubles.

But you will need a full crate cover if you want to leave your dogs inside, especially under heavy sun or rain.

Like all wire crates, the Neocraft pet kennel ensures superior ventilation and natural light. You can rest assured knowing your pet is healthy.

The kennel comes unassembled, but you can easily set it up as the crate folds flat; you don’t need any tools or expertise. You can even combine kennels together, similar to the Advantek kennels.

In conclusion, it’s another great alternative for outdoor time, without a doubt.


Comes in one spacious standard size of 4’W x 4’L x 4.5’T
Dual door design with a window, allowing interaction with your dog without the risk of escape
#10 Steel wire panel with a galvanized steel tubular frame, ensuring strong and durable construction
UV-proof powder coating for resistance against rust, corrosion, and fading in extreme weather conditions
Professional quality 600D polyester cover for added outdoor durability and water-resistant protection
Superior ventilation and natural light for the well-being of your pet.Easy assembly as the crate folds flat and requires no tools or expertise
Option to combine multiple kennels for additional space


Has no warranty
Assembly is required
Has only one lock

So, that’s the end of the list of the best recommendations. Now let me share important knowledge about outdoor kennels that comes in handy.

Buying Guide: Best Outdoor Dog Kennels 

a dog standing at the entrance of an outdoor dog kennel

How did I choose about 20 outdoor kennels and rank the top 7? It’s simply by following a set of parameters. Let me share that with you.

  • Size and space: Ensure that there is enough space for your dog to stand, lie down, and move around comfortably. Read more about crate sizing here.
  • Material and durability: Look for kennels made from sturdy and weather-resistant materials such as galvanized steel, heavy-duty plastic, or welded wire mesh. 
  • Security and safety: Opt for kennels with secure latches, locks, or fastening systems to prevent escape. Ensure that the kennel has no sharp edges or protruding parts that may cause injury to your dog.
  • Ventilation and Airflow: Adequate airflow is essential to keep your dog comfortable and prevent overheating. Look for kennels with proper ventilation features, such as mesh panels or air vents.
  • Weather protection: Buy a kennel with features like a roof, sunshade, or UV protection. It’s best if the kennel comes fully covered by design.
  • Ease of assembly: Some kennels require a few hours of assembly with several people and tools, and some need only a few minutes. Remember to consider this factor.
  • Portability: it’s best to have a portable kennel, as that helps you make it in the indoor and car travel crate too.
  • Reviews: Some products are acclaimed, but some are bombarded with negative reviews. Take your time to go through and get the best.

Benefits of Buying an Outdoor Dog Kennel 

A small outhouse in the middle of a dirt road.

Buying an outdoor dog kennel is an investment. If you’re still unsure, let me point out some main benefits.

  1. It provides a safe and secure environment, ensuring your dog’s well-being and preventing wandering.
  2. Allows dogs to enjoy the outdoors while confined within a designated space, offering fresh air and freedom to move.
  3. Assists in managing behavioral issues by providing structure and boundaries.
  4. It offers protection from weather, wildlife, and hazards, reducing accidents and illnesses.
  5. Facilitates socialization opportunities, promotes social skills, and reduces anxiety or aggression.
  6. Helps in-house training by designating a specific area for bathroom needs.
  7. Prevents property damage by keeping the dog in a secure away area.
  8. Provides convenient time management for pet owners, ensuring containment and care.
  9. Offers travel convenience with portable options for outings or trips.
  10. Knowing your dog is in a protected environment provides peace of mind.

Outdoor Kennels Safety Tips

While there are so many safety tips, let me list down the most common and essential ones.

  • Provide ample shade and protection from extreme weather conditions.
  • Regularly inspect the kennel for any damages or potential hazards.
  • Secure the kennel to the ground to prevent tipping or moving.
  • Consider installing a lock or double-checking its performance.
  • Avoid leaving your dog unattended for long periods, especially in extreme weather.
  • Provide comfortable bedding and access to clean water.

How to Set Up and Maintain Your Outdoor Dog Kennel?

A dog is sitting in a kennel in front of a house.

Even if you have the best outdoor kennel, setting up and maintaining it is how you make the most of the investment. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Select a suitable location in your yard that is flat, well-frained, and away from potential hazards.
  2. Clear the area of debris, sharp objects, or toxic plants.
  3. Assemble/place the kennel according to the manufacturer’s instructions, ensuring proper stability and reinforcement.
  4. Provide sturdy and comfortable flooring, such as grass (unless provided by the kennel.)
  5. Regularly clean the kennel, removing waste and sanitizing surfaces.
  6. Inspect the kennel for any damage, loose parts, or signs of wear and tear.
  7. Consider adding additional features like a roof cover, windbreak panels, or insulation.
  8. Follow a regular maintenance calendar to ensure you do not miss the momentum.

Follow these simple eight steps, and you should be more than fine.

Types of Outdoor Dog Kennels 

There are so many types of outdoor kennels, but let me list down as much as I can.

  • Wire mesh crates 
  • Chain link kennels 
  • Portable kennels
  • Soft-sided kennels
  • Heavy duty kennels
  • Kennel runs
  • Kennel and crate combos
  • Modular kennels 
  • Kennel gazebos 

And more. But knowing this, for now, is more than enough.

We share our top dog cages in this article.

Additional Accessories for the Outdoor Dog Kennel

A collage of pictures of a dog, a cat, and a solar panel.

Leaving your dogs in outdoor areas shouldn’t be taken lightly. Here’s a list of additional accessories for your outdoor kennel.

  • Kennel covers unless your dog kennel isn’t already well covered by design.
  • Raised beds to offer comfort and insulation from the ground preventing dampness.
  • Water and food bowls, since hey, you need them.
  • Dog toys and enrichments to ensure the dog stays mentally stimulated.
  • Solar lights illuminate the kennel area during the nighttime for enhanced visibility.
  • Security cameras monitor your dog’s behavior and safety remotely, especially for non-portable kennels.

I’m sure there’s more, but you can start with these.

Next, let me share my rating for the top 3 picks.

In Conclusion: The Best Outdoor Dog Kennels to Keep Your Dog Safe

Buying an outdoor dog kennel is a long-term investment, so saving a few bucks or settling for less is not advisable. 

You need the BEST value for the investment. The bottom line is securely holding your pet in an outdoor cage — IMPACT’s high-anxiety crate does that. 

For obvious reasons, IMPACT has ensured that pet parents can use this crate not only as an outdoor crate but also as their everyday and car crate too. It’s airline certified too.

I hope this review was helpful for you to make the right choice.


No, not all outdoor kennels are good enough generally; some may have certain limitations, while others provide the best in terms of keeping dogs safe.

Yes, outdoor dog kennels are worth it as they provide a safe and comfortable environment for dogs to enjoy spending time outdoors.

The best outdoor dog kennel, according to features and recommendations from dog breeders, is the Gunner G1 kennel.

IMPACT High Anxiety Crate
Impact High Anxiety Crate Product Image
Build Quality






Overall Score


Top-notch safety design features with no sharp edges
A zinc steel paddle latch makes the crate fully secure against escape attempts
Made from 100% premium Aluminum to ensure durability and prevent rust
The almost fully covered design protects from bad weather in general
Military-grade carry handles allow for easy transportation to secure locations
A lifetime guarantee offers added durability and peace of mind
Get the BEST PRICE valid until the end of June
Rain protection may require a simple crate cover for the ventilation holes

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