6 Best Dog Crates & Kennels for Mastiff (Updated in 2024)

Last Updated on June, 2024

English Mastiffs are Giant dog breeds known for their supreme strength. The average weight of a fully grown Mastiff usually exceeds 120 pounds, so it is not easy to find crates strong enough to keep your Mastiff safe effectively.

Although not aggressive, their bulky build requires you to get them the best crates that money can buy. 

In this Best Dog Crate for Mastiff article, I have reviewed five crates suitable for an English Mastiff and a buyer’s guide to help you compare and decide. 

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6 Best Dog Crates for a Mastiff

1. Impact Collapsible Dog Crate

All Mastiff owners out there, make a note when I say the Impact Collapsible dog crate is one of the highly rated dog crates for Mastiffs and the best for your Mastiff.

Based on what you read in this review, I bet you’ll agree with me. 

So you must wonder how a collapsible crate can hold a massive dog like a Mastiff. Uhm…but it can.

The Impact Collapsible is nothing like any of the regular collapsible crates you are considering. And here’s why it’s the best choice for your Mastiff…

This feature will impress you greatly: you can assemble or fold the crate in just under 60 seconds. I mean, like, is that even possible? Well, with Impact, IT IS. The crate is designed in such a way as to ensure hassle-free use by pet owners.

Oh, BTW, the setting up doesn’t require any tools, just a few twists and turns to secure joints, again proving it’s hassle-free.

Answering that lingering doubt of yours, No, the collapsible nature of the crate does not in any way compromise the strength and sturdiness of it. 

To achieve outstanding quality, the crate is made of solid aluminum sheets to hold even the toughest dogs, but at the same time, it is lightweight to allow convenient portability during your travels. Airline travel too.

The airline bars add strength and hold the crate structure strong. 

These mastiff crates have a ventilation system on all four wallsallowing maximum air circulation to ensure your dog is happy and safe.

These ventilation holes give you good visibility to keep an eye on your dog, and your dog also can watch the surroundings.

The featured slam latch allows single-handed opening and closure for convenience, while the lock and key system on top of the slam latch make it an escape-proof crate.

It also comes in handy for extra protection if your pooch has to leave your sight, like during air travel. 

These crates for mastiffs have stackable corners that allow you to stack them upon others, like cages, without any stability issues to save ground space.

They have three spring-loaded, ergonomic handles that are military grade to move even a large dog like a Mastiff easily.

Ideally, a 48″ size will work just fine for your big dog.

Doesn’t this crate have all the features you expect from the best Mastiff crates?

Key Features:

  • It takes less than a minute to expand or fold and doesn’t require any tools. 
  • The airline rails add structural support to improve stability to prevent possible collapse. Also, the rails make it IATA-approved.
  • Single-handed stainless steel slam latch operation allows easy automatic closure that is handy to use while handling a dog from the other hand.
  • The lock and key system add to your dog’s protection. It is a great feature to ensure your dog’s safety while traveling.
  • It uses thin yet strong aluminum sheets that are lightweight to ensure portability, strength, and durability.
  • Military-grade ergonomic handles are spring-loaded to move the crate around conveniently. 
  • Stackable corners allow easy stackability and storage on top of similar sizes by saving floor space.
  • The rounded-diamond-shaped air holes provide optimal airflow to ensure your dog is safe and comfortable inside.

Here’s our honest review of this dog crate.


Effective ventilation system for air circulation and visibility
Rounded-diamond-shaped air holes for optimal airflow
IATA-approved with added airline rails for structural support
Sturdy and strong, made of solid aluminum sheets
It folds down to just 8 inches, making it easy to store in small spaces
Quick assembly and folding (under 60 seconds)
Lightweight and portable for travel, including airline travel
Slam latch for single-handed opening and closure
Lock and key system for extra security during travel
Stackable corners for space-saving storage
Military-grade ergonomic handles for easy maneuverability


May not fit in smaller vehicles due to its size.

2. Rock Creek Crates Aluminum Dog Crate

These mastiff crates feature an internal welded tube frame made of aircraft-grade aluminum to ensure it remains intact despite extreme external force.

To prove this, they are crash tested and hold a 5-star crash test rating. Also, they are airline approved too.

Following an escape-proof design, the crate door is made better with solid aluminum bars and an upgraded lockable paddle latch.

Two additional butterfly latches are on the top and bottom for extra protection.

The Rock Creek aluminum dog crates are also great for giant breed dogs. 

And the door is welded both inside and out. The door design facilitates good ventilation while ensuring a secure lock system. 

These Mastiff crates are available in 4 sizes and six colors. The XXL-sized crate will comfortably fit your Mastiff.

Key Features:

  • The internal welded aluminum frame keeps the structure extra strong to resist external forces to ensure your dog is safe inside.
  • Hexagonal ventilation holes and the bar-designed door optimize ventilation and visibility to keep your dog safe and comfy.
  • The lockable door latch and the two butterfly latches ensure a safe, durable, and reliable locking system, so you don’t have to worry about your dog trying to escape.
  • Stackable corner guards allow stackability on like sizes to save storage space.
  • Easy carry handles facilitate easy portability without having to push it around. 


Solid and sturdy structure
Aircraft-grade aluminum frame for extreme durability
Good ventilation and visibility for the dog’s comfort
5-star crash test rating for added safety
Easy to use open/closure system
Escape-proof design with solid aluminum bars and latch
It does not rattle or make any noise, even when the dog is moving inside
Stackable corner guards for space-saving storage.
It has a secure lock system
Easy carry handles for convenient portability.
10-year warranty


It is not collapsible

3. Lucky Dog® Dwell™ Series Crate

The lucky dog dwell crates are traditional wire kennels featuring an intelligent design.

This wire cage has a quiet and smooth rail system for the double-panel sliding door, allowing more space for easy access.

The doors have super secure latches to ensure strong security.

The smooth rust-resistant e-coating ensures durability for long-term reliable use wherever you want to.

The patented, easy snap corner stabilizers add strength to prevent collapses and protect the frame.

These wire cages fold flat, so you can conveniently use the handles to move and store them away. The 48″ sized crate will comfortably house a Mastiff dog.

Key Features:

  • The rust-resistant e- coating ensures durability, so you can use it for a long time.
  • A secure lock system provides peace of mind knowing your dog is safe inside.
  • Patented, easy snap corner stabilizers add strength to prevent collapse damage to the frame
  • Ergonomic handles to conveniently move it around with ease.
  • The double-panel sliding doors and rails are easy to open and close without unnecessary creaking.
  • The smooth rail design has a sleek look, and the intelligent design optimizes the space to allow easy access to the door.
  • Ensuring functional ease, the crate is easily foldable, and the removable litter box/ tray makes cleaning easier.


The bronze finish gives it a sleek look
Two doors but a single entrance to optimize easy access
Removable litter box/tray for easy cleaning
Foldable design for convenient storage
Secure lock system ensures pet’s safety
Rust-resistant e-coating for long-term durability
Hassle-free cleaning
Ergonomic handles for easy transport


Not very sturdy
The crate wires bend easily with rough use
Rattles when the dog moves around inside

4. EZ-Fit 5×8 Dog Kennel Kit With Run

The EZ fit dog kennel is an outdoor playhouse crate for your Mastiff. With this kennel, your dog can enjoy its own house in comfort and style.

These dog crates have many features like a kennel area, prime smart side siding, a wooden door with lock and key, an outside run, treated decking, skids, floor joists, windows, a chain link gate, etc.,

Thoughtfully laid out to ensure your dog has a wonderful experience using it.

EZ Fit 4x7 Dog Kennel Kit With Run

Key Features:

  • Kennel area uses high-quality plywood for long-term reliable use.
  • The outside run area features treated decking for lasting use.
  • Extra long-lasting Primed Smartside™ Siding ensures durability. 
  • High-side walls provide better maneuverability.
  • Treated skids and floor joists prevent mold and rot to last longer.
  • A fully functional pitch roof that looks good.
  • Aluminum drip edge to withstand all-weather effects.
  • A chain link gate in the front and a wooden door at the back for convenient in and out access.
  • The high-quality stainless steel door with lock and key ensure safe access only by the owner.
  • Windows provide light and visibility for your dog while resting.
  • 25-year lasting shingles for maximum reliable durability


Overall high quality
It has two separate areas; kennel and outside run
Easy access front door
Lock and key accessible only by the owner


Instructions could be better
Suitable only for outdoor use

5. MidWest Life Stages Folding Metal Dog Crate

The Midwest Life stages crate is a standard wire crate with a high-quality construction featuring heavy wires, reinforced doors, patented rounded corner clips, and finished edges for a durable and strong finish.

The door has a large opening to allow easy entry and exit.

The door locking system features slide bolt latches with patented paw blocks and locking tips to ensure a safe and secure space for your dog.

This wire cage conveniently folds flat and is easy to assemble without any tools for better portability and storage.

MidWest Life Stages Folding Metal Dog Crate

This crate is handy during hot and humid climates with all-around ventilation.

This wire dog crate has protective rubber feet, a durable and leakproof removable tray, and a carrying handle to improve functional ease. The 48″ sized crate will be suitable for your Mastiff. You can also go for a double door or divider included option. 

Key Features:

  • A quality construction featuring rounded corners, finished edges, a large door, etc., to create a safe and secure space for your dog.
  • Allows easy assembly/ folding for convenient storage and portability.
  • The leakproof pan allows easy cleaning, and the protective rubber feet will prevent scratches on the floor.
  • A carrying handle for easy portability. 


Easy setup
Sturdy structure
Lightweight and easy to clean
Reasonably priced


There are a few sharp ends
The door latch needs improvement because dogs used to escaping crates can get out
Inserting and removing the divider panel is a bit difficult 

Buyer’s Guide: Choosing the Best Crate for Your Mastiff

an english mastiff standing in a grass field

Picking a dog crate is not something you do just once in your dog’s lifetime. It has to be upgraded a few times as your dog grows up to ensure the crate is just the perfect size for your dog.

And to choose the right crate for your dog, you have to compare and contrast it with other crates you are interested in. Below are important factors that should be included in your evaluation.

Dog Crate Types Against Dog Nature

Dog crates come in many different types. You have to explore your options and decide if the crate can withstand your dog’s nature. Crate types include;

You must evaluate if your dog will chew into the wooden crates or easily destroy a plastic crate. For an English Mastiff Adult dog, a heavy-duty metal crate like the Impact Collapsible crate will be suitable to contain the dog effectively. 

See our overall best cages here.

The Crate Model Should Align the Purchase Intent

You have options in crate models like high anxiety, collapsible and stationary crates.

You have to choose a crate model that suits your lifestyle and, at the same time, accommodates your dog’s nature.

So for that, you have to figure out your primary purchase intent; is the crate for daily use or for vet visits or for long-distance travel, etc.

For example, if you travel often, the Impact collapsible crate is ideal as it is IATA approved. And it is excellent for daily use too.

But if you go for a stationary crate, you need something else to suit your travel needs.

A large english mastiff dog laying on the grass with its tongue out.

Size of the Crate

Picking the right dog crate can be challenging because the crate size has to be upgraded a few times throughout your dog’s lifetime to fit your dog’s size during its different growth phases.

The general rule for crate sizing goes as follows: a dog should be comfortable enough to lie down, stand up, and turn around without hitting the roof or the side walls.

Going by that, an Adult mastiff will comfortably fit into a 47″- 50″ length size dog crate. But I recommend you check your dog’s correct crate size using our crate sizing guide.

Other Factors

Look for the features below to ensure improved overall functionality with minimal hassle.

Ventilation & Visibility

The ventilation system of any crate contributes to the visibility. Ventilation is important to ensure a continuous supply of fresh air to keep your dog comfortable and disturb visibility.

Durable Quality

Despite the crate type you choose, the materials used to build the crate should be high quality to ensure a strong and sturdy substructure.

At the same time, look for finishing details like riveted or welded joints, weather-resistant coatings, etc., to ensure reliable use over a long time.

What matters is that the crate you choose should be able to effectively withstand the hard and rugged use you expect out of a large and bulky dog like a Mastiff. 

Ease of Use

For feasible storage, portability, and transportation, go for a crate with ergonomic handles, casters, or wheels and easy to assemble or fold.

Ensure the crate has a removable slide-in tray for easy cleaning and maintenance. Also, a double-door dog crate will be great to ensure easy access in and out.

Crate Training Tips for a Mastiff

Three pictures of mastiff dog laying down

Following the do’s and don’ts below will optimize your as well as your dog’s experience with the crate;

  1. Never use the crate as a ‘time out option
  2. Use positive reinforcement when crate training
  3. Be mindful of leaving mastiff puppies unsupervised for more than 2 hours
  4. When your Mastiff is crate trained, give it the freedom to choose when it wants to go in the crate, and you can gradually introduce the dog bowl into the crate,
  5. Place the kennel preferably in an area where you and your family spend the most time
  6. Keep your Mastiff happy and comfy with pillows and a blanket.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is not recommended to leave a Mastiff puppy in a crate unsupervised for more than 2 hours. For an adult Mastiff, it is safe to leave them in the crate for up to 4-6 hours with periodic supervision.

You should start crate training your Mastiff puppy when it comes home for the first time. This is an opportune time to introduce physical boundaries and establish rules in the new environment.

Crate training your Mastiff can help with potty training, manage bad behavior, and ensure house rules are followed, providing benefits to both pet and owner.

In Conclusion

My choice for the best Mastiff crates is the Impact Collapsible crates that cover almost all that you would expect from an excellent quality crate. Not many crates can fall on par with this crate. 

It offers much versatility from the collapsing nature to thin yet strong aluminum sheet construction that keeps it lightweight but strong at the same time to air travel-friendly features and everything in between.

This crate will check off all the boxes on your checklist.

Overall, I hope this review helped you make the best choice for your Mastiff.

Impact Collapsible Dog Crate
Impact Collapsible crate Product Image
Build Quality






Overall Score


Sturdy and strong, made of solid aluminum sheets
IATA-approved with added airline rails for structural support
Lightweight and portable for travel, including airline travel
Effective ventilation system for air circulation and visibility
Quick assembly and folding (under 60 seconds)
Stackable corners for space-saving storage
Get the BEST PRICE valid until the end of June
May not fit in smaller vehicles due to its size.

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