9 Best Wire Dog Crates (2024) Unbeatable Comfort & Quality

Last Updated on June, 2024

All pet owners will agree that wire crates are essential tools that come in handy to handle various pet-related requirements. Whether to house an injured pooch or even provide a safe resting spot for your dog, wire crates have many helpful benefits.

If you are a new pet parent looking for the best wire dog crate for your new pooch or simply want to get rid of your old, sloppy crate, look no further.

This article reviews nine wire crates to help you choose from the best wire dog crates. The buyer’s guide will also help you evaluate your needs against the wire crate’s offers to determine if it is a suitable fit.

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Lucky Dog Dwell
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#2nd Best Choice
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Diggs Revol
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Precision Pet Provalu
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Top Best Wire Dog Crates: Reviewed

1. Lucky Dog® Dwell™ Series Crate

Can a wire dog crate get any better than this?

That is the thought I had when using the Lucky Dog Dwell…

It is everything you would want in a crate of this type; for the price, it’s a bargain in the world of dog crates, literally. When looking at $600 to $700 crates (the typical cost of good ones), there’s no getting over how good of a crate this is.

Enough of me raving; let me tell you why this is the best.

First thing first, size. Do you own a Great Dane? A GSD? A Cocker Spaniel? A Shih Tzu? A Toy Poodle?

No problem whatsoever; you can choose from seven different sizes, from 22″ to 48″; there’s basically a crate for every dog on the planet. That is not something the crate you’ve been having on your wishlist might have. 

Moving on, build quality is one of the important aspects to look into when buying a dog crate. Even though I said the Dwell is great for everyone on a budget, it does not cut costs in this department like most of the competition. 

The frame is stable and sturdy and made with Rust-Resistant Wire, which, in turn, increases longevity and prevents rust from compromising the cleanliness of the crate. To add to that, the Dwell comes with Snap-On Corner Stabilizers, as the name suggests, reinforces the frame and prevent flimsiness and collapsing. 

Lucky Dog has also kept the dog’s safety in mind, and that is the reason you won’t come across any sharp corners throughout the crate. The edges are seamless, and that means no more pinched fingers or paws. 

So, no need to worry about the build quality. That said, I’d say the quality of the doors is almost as important as the build. 

Dwell does not disappoint.

The Latching Doors do more than enough work to keep your dog safe in its den. All I can say is you have nothing to worry about. 

Dwell’s love for doors does not end there. Another excellent thing about this crate is its two-door setting, and it’s not any typical door you’d see on other wired ones; here, you’re looking at a Double-Panel Sliding Door, which adds to the usable space inside the crate plus makes entering and exiting the crate a breeze thanks to the smooth sliding mechanism. 

Second is a Standard Swinging Door, which just provides another entry option for your dog. But what’s special is that both the doors are equipped with the same high-quality latching doors.

All that contributes to not only the build but also the design of the crate too, I’m pretty sure there is not a better-looking wire dog crate than the Lucky Dog Dwell; it’s so good and blends in seamlessly with your home décor.

You can also get the Dwell in two colors: Bronze and the Classic wire crate color Black

Not to forget, the portability; you can simply fold the crate flat and store it. Also, Excellent when you’re looking to travel with the crate or change its location often. 

It does not end there though; the cherry on top is the Removable Leak-Proof Pan, which simplifies the cleaning process, quick and easy, and keeps the crate clean and odor-free. 

And finally, the Dwell comes with a removable divider, super helpful if you own two dogs or get a crate that’s too big for your pup. You can simply close down one side and take out the divider once your puppy grows. 

All these only translate to one outcome: the Lucky Dog Dwell IS THE BEST in the business when it comes to the wire crate category. For its price, you cannot get anything better. 

Key Features:

  • To allow functional ease, the crate folds flat, and the removable leak-proof pan makes it easier to keep the crate clean.
  • The rust-resistant e-coating ensures durability, so you can use it for a long time.
  • A secure lock system provides peace of mind, knowing your dog is safe inside.
  • Patented corner stabilizers allow easy snap to provide additional strength to prevent collapse damage to the frame.
  • The ergonomic handles make it convenient to move around with ease.
  • The double-panel sliding doors and rails are smooth and easy to open and close without unnecessary creaking.
  • The smooth rail design has a sleek look, and the intelligent design optimizes the space to allow easy access to the door.


Wide range of sizes available (22″ to 48″)
Stable and sturdy frame with rust-resistant wire
Snap-On Corner Stabilizers reinforce stability
High-quality latching doors ensure pet safety
Double-Panel Sliding Door maximizes space
Stylish design blends with home décor
Comes with a removable divider
Removable Leak-Proof Pan simplifies cleaning


Just two color options to choose from

2. Diggs Revol Dog Crate

If you’re in the mood to splash out a generous amount of cash on a crate, this is where that needs to go.

Diggs Revol is not your typical wire crate; with a design unlike most other crates and some features to match, this should be your next best pick behind Lucky Dog.

Build quality, along with the design is what caught my attention.

I guess this is how all the wire crates will look in the next few years; this design is so ahead of its time, just perfect, and considering the colors it’s available in: Charcoal, Gray, and Ash, you just can’t go wrong.

The materials used to build perfectly sync with the design; made with durable, high-grade aluminum, reinforced plastic, and steel mesh wire, the crate screams quality and, not to forget, safety.

Escapes? Not Anymore…

Looking at the sizes, it’s not worth reading this section if you’re a Great Dane owner. 

Revol is available in four sizes ranging from 25″ to 44″; even though it is not for any pocket-sized dogs or hulking beasts, there are still options for the majority of the breeds here. 

The build also contributes to another important thing: collapsibility. Revol comes with a handle on top; just twisting it would completely collapse the crate, and to store it, you can either use the built-in carrying handle or the two wheels, which also provide the option to take the crate with you when traveling.

Edges are almost similar to the Dwell here; corners are perfectly rounded with no sharp ends, reducing injuries to your dog while inside, and the mesh cutout is excellent too. 

Next up, doors. Who doesn’t love a strong door in their dog crate?

Revol, just like the Dwell, has two doors: a typical front door and a garage-style side door. Both provide easy entry options for your dog, plus the side door is completely removable, and it makes adding things inside the crate just a little easier. 

Additionally, there are also two access points on the ceiling of the crate; those can come in handy when you’re crate training your dog, as you can offer treats through one of each. 

Not to forget the locking mechanism of the doors. Both front and garage-style side doors are occupied with a dual-locking system that’s sturdy and not accessible by your dog. Excellent work there overall. 

A dog crate is not complete without a removable tray. Revol, thankfully, does not miss out on it, so cleaning the crate gets all the more easier and less time consuming. Divider is present here too, and you already know how useful it can be. 

All that said, Diggs Revol is a top-notch dog crate; the only problem, and a big one at that, would be its price. If that’s not a problem for you, Revol will not disappoint. 

Key Features:

  • Crafted out of premium quality materials like aluminum, coated steel, and reinforced plastic to give it a solid structure that will last years of use.
  • The collapsible design is easy to fold and set up, so transport and storage are sorted in seconds.
  • The round edges of the plastic frame prevent injuries from cuts and scrapes.
  • The double-door system allows you to use the wire crate as you see fit for your dog.
  • The ergonomic handle featured on the front door is easy to use, so no more pinched fingers or struggling to open the door.

Here’s the full review of this beauty. 


Innovative design sets it apart
High-quality materials ensure durability and safety
Convenient collapsibility for storage and travel
Rounded edges and mesh cutouts enhance safety
Two doors offer easy access and versatility
Dual-locking system ensures security
Removable tray for easy cleaning
Includes divider for customization


High price may deter budget-conscious buyers
Limited size options may not suit all breeds

3. Precision Pet Provalu 1 Door Wire Crate

The Precision Pet Provalu has a classic wire dog crate look. It comes in 4 sizes and one color.

This crate does not need assembly and folds flat for easy storage and transport.

Although the crate is pretty simple, it is designed with your dog’s safety in mind. These wire dog crates feature a patented 5-point locking system.

This lock eliminates the gaps from all sides to increase the strength and safety of the door system. 

The rust-resistant electro-coat finish elongates its lifetime and makes the wire crate suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

To ensure easy cleaning, this single-door crate comes with a removable polypropylene pan. And the divider panel comes in handy to adjust the crate size as your puppy becomes an adult dog.

Key Features:

  • The 5-point locking system provides maximum safety to protect your dog and prevent escape.
  • The rust-resistant electro-coat finish extends the usable lifetime of the crate so that you can use it indoors and outdoors as well.
  • The removable polypropylene pan allows hassle-free cleaning.
  • The divider panel facilitates more space as your fur friend grows bigger.


It is an affordable wire dog crate
Hassle-free cleaning with removable polypropylene pan
Folds flat for easy storage and transport
Adjustable size with the divider panel as your dog grows
Well-ventilated design from all sides
Rust-resistant electro-coat finish for indoor and outdoor use
Maximum safety with the 5-point locking system


Rattles and makes noises when the dog moves inside the crate
No fancy features compared to other crates

4. The Super Dog Crate

The Super Dog crate comes in 2 colors and three sizes. These crates feature a unique design to facilitate the best functionality.

It has four doors for easy access from all around, and the main garage-style door is designed to be stowaway rather than swinging.

This makes it easy for your dog to go in and out. This garage door also lets you create a comfortable resting spot for your dog. 

With this crate, your dog doesn’t have to sleep on cold steel floors.

The Super Dog Crate

The black fleece mat in the crate kit will facilitate a cozy and comfortable sleep for your dog. It is removable and washable, so you can easily keep it clean. 

These wire dog crates are crafted from sturdy steel and strong blow-molded plastic, which resists cracking and lasts long. The rounded corners protect you and your dog from scratches. Also, the latch system keeps your dog secure and safe inside, so it can’t get out once it is latched.

To improve ease of use, this wire dog crate can be folded easily and quickly while the featured wheels let you move it around effortlessly.

Key Features:

  • Sturdy build featuring steel and molded plastic ensures durable use
  • The rounded corners of the plastic frame prevent scratches from sharp edges
  • Four doors, including one stowaway garage door, allow easy access for you and the dog.
  • The garage door allows dogs to enjoy a more open resting space while napping.
  • The cozy bed ensures a comfortable sleep for your dog.
  • The fleece bed is removable and washable, so there is no hassle in cleaning.


Great concept and design
The garage door facilitates an open resting area
Includes a comfortable mat
The rounded corners are great around dogs and small children


Assembling the crate requires effort and time
Initially, the latch can be hard to use
The instruction manual can be improved

5. Zenova Steeple Top Heavy-Duty Pet Crate

The Zenova metal dog crate is a classic-looking crate that resembles a small house. It comes in 3 colors and two sizes. 

These dog crates are made of strong and sturdy carbon steel metal bars to make them suitable for heavy-duty use.

These bars are flat square-shaped bars that keep the crate stable.

The shape also makes it chew-resistant, considerably reducing the chance of breaking.

The carbon steel material is rust and corrosion-resistant, making it more durable. 

Zenova Steeple Top Heavy Duty Pet Crate

The crate is well constructed and has a smooth, environment-friendly, non-toxic coating to ensure it is safe for your pet to live in. The triangular-shaped steel top design of the dog crate is ideal for large dogs to stand comfortably without hitting their heads. 

To allow easy access, this dog crate features two doors, one on the top and one on the side. Both the doors have a good lock system to keep dogs from escaping.

While the removable tray makes it easy to keep the crate clean, the four wheels, 2 of which are lockable, facilitate effortless movement of the crate, so you don’t have to carry it around.

This double-door dog crate can be used indoors and outside because of its water-resistant nature. 

Key Features:

  • Includes wheels for easy movement of the cage.
  • Water resistance makes it suitable for outdoor and indoor use, so you don’t have to worry about rust or corrosion affecting durability.
  • Double door design allows convenient access for your dog to get in and out easily. 
  • Includes a removable tray so you can easily remove and clean it without having to clean the entire crate every so often.
  • Easy to assemble within 10 minutes, so it saves your time from having to figure out parts of the crate.
  • The strength and shape of the bars make it Chew- resistant, so your dog cannot easily break the bars.
  • The non-toxic, smooth coating finish is safe for your dog even if it bites on the bars.


Solid and sturdy construction
Well designed
Can easily roll around to relocate it
The wide slots on the floor and removable trays make it easy to clean
The wide on top allows you to easily slip in the food without the dog escaping
Easy to set up


Not collapsible
The side door is comparatively small

6. Tucker Murphy Kennel Pet Crate

The Tucker Murphy kennels stand on a heavy-duty, durable steel frame.

Featuring flat metal bars firmly welded, the cage has a strong and sturdy construction to ensure durable and rough use through the years.

It has a double door design, one on the top with a single latch and one on the front with two latches to allow easy access to your dog.

The latches hold the doors strong to prevent your dog from escaping attempts. 

To ensure easy maintenance, these wire dog crates feature an easy slide-in grate floor and steel tray, so you can clean them without opening the crate.

Tucker Murphy Kennel

In addition, these wire dog crates are also easily foldable and come with four wheels, of which two are lockable. These features allow you to move it around or store it away easily.

Key Features:

  • The heavy-duty steel frame ensures the dog crate is strong and durable for years of use.
  • The front door features two latches, and the top door, with one latch, strongly holds the doors in place to prevent your dog from escaping.
  • Four wheels for easy moving, and two are lockable to avoid accidental movement.
  • The double door design allows easy access from the top and the side.
  • Easy slide-in grate floor and steel tray to facilitate hassle-free cleaning.
  • The crate easily folds down so you can take it wherever you want.


The double doors provide more accessibility
Sturdy construction
Easy to assemble and keep clean
The wheels allow easy movement


The paint coat seems to wear off easily
The strength of the lock can be improved

7. 37″ Homey Pet Heavy Duty Metal Open Top Cage

The Homey Pet is a heavy-duty metal crate that comes in a single size.

It can hold up to 70 lbs weight and is stackable on top of each other.

It has a heavy-duty, extra-weight support bar to ensure the strength of the crates.

It is an all-metal crate featuring a heavy-duty design with a safety auto lock system for better dog protection.

The non-toxic finishing surface makes it more pet friendly, so you don’t have to worry even if your dog manages to scrape off some paint.

37 Homey Pet Heavy Duty Metal Open Top Cage

This durable crate features two doors, one on the top and one in the front, to give better accessibility to your pet to enter you to put your pet in easily.

Featuring a grate floor and an ultra-strong pull-out tray, cleaning the wire dog crate is easy. The tray can also fit under the grate floor on top of it to provide a secure base for the dog’s paws.

Key Features:

  • The heavy-duty design ensures rough and long-term use
  • The safety auto lock system is easy to operate and provides extra security
  • Two doors allow double and spacious access to your dog
  • Extra weight support bar to ensure the overall strength of the crate.
  • To ensure easy cleaning, the crate has an extra strong pull-out tray.
  • The pull-out tray can be placed inside the crate to protect your dog’s paws from the grate flooring
  • Lockable wheels facilitate the effortless movement of the wire crate.


Suitable for adult dogs weighing up to 70lbs
Easy move wheels
Easy to assemble
Convenient cleaning
Great pricing


The crate is heavy
Requires nuts and bolts to put together
Not collapsible

8. Midwest Ultima Pro Series 30″ Dog Crate

The Midwest Ultima Pro series is an ultra-strong crate with the strongest and thickest wire gauge for assured durability. Also, it folds flat, so easy travel, storage, and portability are 

ensured. So it is ideal for pet parents who often travel with their dogs.

This double-door crate features two slide-bolt latches that keep the doors tightly secure. Two doors mean easier access to your dog.

This crate kit also includes a divider panel, leak-proof plastic pan, strong carrying handle, rubber feet to elevate the wire crate from the floor, and 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Midwest Ultima Pro Series 30 Dog Crate

Key Features:

  • The crate has an ultra-strong design to withstand travel movements and rough use.
  • Convenient double-door design for better access
  • Two slide-bolt latches per door securely lock and keep the door in place.
  • Includes multiple accessories like a divider panel, leak-proof plastic pan, strong carrying handle, and rubber feet to improve the functional ability of the crate
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty to assure the purchase.


1-year manufacturer warranty
Thick wire panels and sturdy structure
Travel friendly
Rubber feet keep the floor protected from scratches


No wheels
Heavier than it looks

9. Icrate Dog Crate Starter Kit

The crate comes in 6 sizes to house all dog sizes weighing up to 110 lbs.

The crate features two doors secured using slide bolt latches to hold your dogs inside safely. 

Setting up the wire dog crate does not require any tools. Similarly, it easily folds flat for easy storage and portability. 

These wire dog crates are the ultimate starter kit for new pet owners.

It includes multiple accessories like a divider panel to adjust space, a durable, leak-proof, and easy clean plastic tray, a strong detachable carrying handle, and rubber floor protectors to effectively the safety, security, and comfort of your dog.

Icrate Dog Crate Starter Kit

Adding to the starter kit, it also includes a fleece crate bed, crate cover, and feeding bowls. 

Despite the many things this crate kit includes, this wire dog crate is backed by a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty as quality assurance.

Key Features:

  • The two doors allow better access to your dog.
  • Easy setup and collapsibility for effortless use.
  • It is the ultimate starter kit for new pet parents as it includes many of the necessary items you will need for your dog.
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty to back the quality of the crate.


Reasonably priced
1-year manufacturer’s warranty
Available in multiple sizes
A well-made structure that allows easy fold
Includes multiple items covered by the cost of the crate


Not suitable for high-energy dogs
Thin fleece bedding
Wires tend to bend with rough use

Buyer’s Guide to Get the Best Wire Crate for Your Dog

2 dogs sleeping inside 2 wire crates

Most wire crates look alike and resemble a traditional design. But not all crates can be on the same level in terms of quality and additional features for convenience. 

By following the guide below, you can choose the best wire dog crate that will last a long time to keep your fur friend comfortable and safe. 


To choose a suitable crate size, consider your dog’s weight, size, and breed. You have to ensure the wire dog crate is big enough to comfortably accommodate your dog while keeping it small enough to make it feel like a safe place. More on crate sizing is covered below.

Quality & Durability

The metal wires of the crate shouldn’t be too thin or too thick. Thin wires are likely flimsy and can affect quality, while thick wires, although strong, can affect the crate’s weight, which may result in issues with portability. It can also restrict visibility from inside and outside of the crate.

To ensure durability, check if the wires are stainless steel and are non-toxic paint coated to a smooth finish. This makes it easy to clean and protects the wire dog kennels from corrosion when exposed to water. 


In terms of logistics, the weight of the crate should be on a reasonable scale without causing any extra hassle when it comes to moving it around. Also, look for a foldable crate to ensure easy storage when not in use.

A crate that folds flat is a nice feature despite your planning to use the dog wire crate in the same place.


Wire dog crates come with different flooring options. Some have a padded insert, and some simply include a slide-in plastic tray. You can choose one based on your dog’s general nature and your cleaning convenience. A removable tray is easy to clean, even with a destructive dog. 


Dividers are a great accessory to have in a crate kit. If the metal crate is too big, you can use the divider panel to limit the area your dog is allowed within the crate.

As your puppy grows, you can expand it as required. Also, you can house multiple puppies in one large crate with multiple divider panels.

Locking System

A secure crate is important to prevent your dog from escaping attempts. Most dog breeds learn from what happens around them. So choose a wire crate with a good lock system that is easy to open and close in a hurry but complex enough for your dog to figure out easily. 

Additional Features

Many wire crates include multiple doors, rubber feet, and dog crate covers. These additional features will improve your overall experience with the crate.

Get to know the overall best dog crates we’ve tested and reviewed on our website.

Reasons to Choose a Wire Dog Crate

2 dogs sleeping inside 2 wire crates

Strong and Durable

Metal crates are built strong and tough to last a lifetime. Even with years of use, a good wire crate won’t easily wear off and can withstand dog scratches and biting.

The same cannot be said about fabric, wooden, or plastic crates that are easily prone to dog damage with the slightest destructive nature.

A Safe Space for Your Dog

Most dogs have a natural denning instinct. If the crate is arranged to house your dog comfortably, it will eventually transform the crate into a safe zone to rest when tired or stressed.

So having a special place for your dog is very important so that it can peacefully and privately relax away from other chaos.

Helps With House Training

When your dog gets comfortable and starts loving its safe zone, it will try to take care of the place. It will eventually learn to control its bladder and bowel movements to ensure its area is not soiled. 

As a Time-Out/Household Safety Option

When your dog misbehaves, or you cannot directly supervise your dog (especially puppies), you can create it to make sure it remains safe even when unsupervised. In the meantime, you can take care of other household chores without worrying about your dog’s safety. 

Improves Good Behavior

When a dog starts understanding that the crate is a safe space, it will learn to become more and more calm, patient, and peaceful. Some dogs even may eventually appreciate the alone time.

Starting crate training at the early stages of a dog’s life makes it easy for you to leave the dog alone in the crate and sets the correct mental attitude for the dog to adjust to the change without getting anxious or stressed out. And anxious dogs have higher disruptive tendencies. 

Well Ventilated and Gives a Great View of the Surroundings

A typical wire crate design is well-ventilated from all sides because the walls are made of wires instead of solid sheets. This allows good air circulation in and out of your dog’s crate and ensures the interior stays dry and doesn’t get overheated. 

The ventilated design also provides much visibility. It is beneficial for the dog to look at its surroundings without feeling left out, and it allows you to keep an eye on the dog.

Portability & Travel Safety Assured

When traveling on the road, rather than just putting your dog in the back seat where it pokes its head out of the window to sniff and explore the excitement, you can use the crate as a pet carrier to transport your dog safely. This will keep the dog calm and safe.

Limits Damages

If you own an anxious dog without any previous crate training, then it’s highly likely that leaving such a dog alone will result in a major destruction behavior.

Crating this kind of dog, both supervised and unsupervised, will eventually wean your dog off destructive behavior. It is also ideal for keeping an injured dog in recovery to limit its movements and prevent further harm.

Easy to Clean

Even with the messiest dogs, cleaning a wire crate is easy. Since the crate wires are non-absorbent and non-reactive, you can easily wash them down with a suitable detergent. It won’t hold any stench, and it will dry easily.

Wire Dog Crate Sizing Guidelines

Dogs instinctively prefer enclosed areas that give a sense of a ‘dog den’ feel.

This sort of setup makes a dog feel cozy and safe.

But this does not necessarily mean the dog must be cramped inside the crate.

An ideal crate should provide modest housing without being oversized.

Many dog owners tend to buy a ‘one size for lifetime use’ so the dog crate is large, even if the dog is small. And this affects the benefits of using a dog crate. For example;

A dog sleeping inside a wire dog crate
  • If the dog crate is too big, it takes away the feeling of comfort and safety from a dog’s point of view.
  • It can affect house training because more space allows the dog to relieve itself in a corner. However, dogs prefer not to soil their close surroundings. The right amount of space will prevent your dog from doing so.
  • Large crates can be difficult to transport.
  • A large crate may not necessarily keep an injured dog safe. The perfect crate size for a dog should be measured against the dog’s current size. Ideally, a dog crate should allow a dog too;
  • Comfortably lie down on the crate
  • Easily turn and move around without hitting the sides 
  • Have a headroom of at-least 4-inches when it stands

Check our in-depth crate sizing guide here to help you choose the best dog crate based on your dog’s breed, size, and weight. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, wire dog crates are safe for dogs when they are constructed with good quality materials and have safety features like thick and strong wires, no sharp edges, multiple doors, and reliable latches. Proper crate-training is also essential to ensure the safety of your dog while in the crate.

Yes, you can cover your dog’s crate with breathable fabric such as blankets, but make sure they do not obstruct the airflow and cause the crate to become too hot. Avoid using knit blankets as they can easily snag or unravel.

To clean a wire dog crate, use a hose with gentle soap and warm water, or wipe the metal wires with a microfiber cloth dampened in warm, soapy water.

End Note: The Best Wire Dog Crate

All is well and good, but for successful use of a wire dog crate, you have to crate train your dog to control its escapades.

Even high-energy dogs can be contained in wire dog crates with proper training for behavior modification. And by far, the best wire crate that will suit any dog’s nature is the Lucky Dog Dwell.

The Dwell crate is thoughtfully and meticulously crafted with so many features to ensure the safety and comfort of your dog. From high-quality materials to seamless rounded corners, all features come together to keep your dog safe. 

No matter your choice, I hope you and your dog enjoy the new crate.

Lucky Dog® Dwell™ Series Crate
Lucky Dwell Dog Crate product image
Build Quality






Overall Score


Wide range of sizes available (22″ to 48″)
Stable and sturdy frame with rust-resistant wire
Snap-On Corner Stabilizers reinforce stability
High-quality latching doors ensure pet safety
Removable Leak-Proof Pan simplifies cleaning
Get the BEST PRICE valid until the end of June
Just two color options to choose from

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