Ruff Land Kennel Review (2024 Upd.) Are These Crates Good?

Last Updated on June, 2024

Ruffland Kennels has been a household name in the world of dog crates; made in the USA, these are known to be some of the best of the best, especially if you travel with your dog a lot, which I do.

Options are plenty when it comes to a travel crate, but the prices, that’s where the problem starts; not every one of these crates is cheap. Even if there are budget options, the quality is, most of the time, meh, at least according to my experience. 

That is where the Ruffland Kennels excel: marketed for both traveling and normal use, this not-so-expensive dog crate is right up there with the expensive alternatives quality-wise. 

So quality and cheap, but what of the portability, cleaning convenience, space, and all the other essentials?

In this Ruffland Kennel review, I’ll cover all that and more. After partnering up with two fellow dog owners and testing it out for myself for months, I’m more than ready to share my experience. 

 Overall: 4.9/5.0
Ruff Land Kennel Product Image
  • Features strong doors, ventilation holes, and secure latching systems
  • Offers various accessories like kennel pads, water dishes, and storage units
  • 2-Way Door for flexible access
  • Locking Mechanism with side latch rods for security.
  • Stackright Design for convenient stacking of kennels
Brand Information
  • Founder Doug Sangl
  • Kennels made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) for toughness and impact resistance
  • Manufacturing durable and high-quality dog kennels and crates
  • Positive reviews from customers who have experienced the durability and safety of Ruffland Kennels
Product Benefits
  • Durable HDPE material for kennel strength and weather resistance
  • Innovative Ruff FLEX technology absorbs impact for pet safety
  • Stackright design optimizes storage efficiency
  • Rattle-Less design minimizes noise during transport
  • Transparent pricing, no hidden charges
  • 1-year warranty and efficient customer support
  • And more

About Ruffland Kennels

Rufland performance kennels logo

Ruffland dog kennels is a well-known brand that manufactures and sells durable, high-quality dog kennels and crates. 

Their kennels are made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), a tough and impact-resistant material. 

Designed to withstand rough handling and extreme weather conditions and provide maximum safety for your dog. 

The kennels feature strong doors, ventilation holes, and secure latching systems. 

In addition to their kennels, Ruffland also offers a wide range of accessories, such as kennel pads, water dishes, and storage units, to complement their products. 

Their kennels come in various sizes to accommodate different breeds and sizes of dogs. 

When you purchase a Ruffland Kennel, you’ll enjoy many notable features and benefits. However, these mentioned aspects are just a glimpse of what they offer. 

Their innovative range caters to the unique requirements of every hunting enthusiast. 

The Ruffland kennel is easily the best travel kennel at this price. It has more features, accessories, and flexibility than any other kennel. 

Popular among dog owners, hunters, and dog trainers who require sturdy and reliable kennels for transportation, training, or containment purposes. 

Each design offers its own unique advantages and innovative features, ensuring you can find the perfect kennel to suit your specific requirements.

Ruffland Kennel Review: Key Features Explained 

a hunter with a dog inside a ruffland kennel

Design and Dimensions

Ruffland Kennels boasts a design that brilliantly balances functionality with visual appeal. 

The kennels’ layout offers ample room for the dogs to move around comfortably, while abundant natural light coming through large windows creates a vibrant and cheerful ambiance.

The choice of color is a calming fusion of earthy tones, seamlessly blending with the surrounding natural landscape. 

The interiors are decorated with soft colors that soothe the eye and contribute to a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. 

The choice of colors reflects a deep understanding of the dogs’ comfort and the visitors’ experience, making Ruffland Kennels both aesthetically pleasing and comfortable for all.

Below are the sizes the Ruffland Kennel is available in:

ruffland kennel sizes

X-Large Kennel

  • Exterior: 40 ⅜” length x 22” width x 29 ⅞” height 
  • Interior: 39” length x 21 ⅝” width x 28” height
  • Floor: 38 ½” length x 19” width
  • Crate weighs approximately 42 pounds

Large Kennel

  • Exterior: 35” length x 22” width x 26 ¾” height
  • Interior: 34” length x 21 ⅝” width x 25” height
  • Floor: 33” length x 17 ½” width
  • Crate weighs approximately 30 pounds

Intermediate Kennel

  • Exterior: 30 ½” length x 20” width x 23 ¼” height 
  • Interior: 30” length x 19 ½” width x 22” height 
  • Floor: 28 ½” x 17 ½” width
  • Crate weighs approximately 20 pounds

Backseat Rider

  • Exterior: 27 ⅞” length x 20” width x 23 ¼” height 
  • Interior: 26 ⅛” length x 19 ¾” width x 22” height
  • Floor: 24 ½” length x 17 ½” width

Crate weighs approximately 17 pounds

Medium Kennel

  • Exterior: 27 ⅝” length x 18” width x 20 ¾” height
  • Interior: 26” length x 17 ½” width x 18” height 
  • Floor: 25 ⅜” length x 15 ½” width 
  • Crate weighs approximately 17 pounds

Mid-Size Kennel

  • Exterior: 24 ½” length x 16 ½” width x 18” height 
  • Interior: 22 ½” length x 16 ¼” width x 16” height 
  • Floor: 22 ½” length x 14 ½” width
  • Crate weighs approximately 14 pounds

Small Kennel

  • Exterior: 22 ¼” length x 16” width x 15” height
  • Interior: 20 ½” length x 15 ½” width x 13 ¼” height 
  • Floor: 20 ¼” length x 14” width
  • Crate weighs approximately 10 pounds

Ruff FLEX Technology

Ruffland Kennels distinguishes itself by incorporating built-in flexibility into its kennels’ walls, top, and floor. 

This unique feature allows the kennel to absorb and dissipate energy that would otherwise impact your dog. 

In contrast, conventional “stiff” two-walled plastic kennels, often promoted as safer options, lack this crucial flexibility.

While they may resist breaking, they cannot provide the necessary give when your dog makes contact with the kennel’s side.

a ruffland kennel advertising poster

Stackright Design

Ruffland kennels are designed with form-fit nesting on their tops and bottoms, enabling them to fit together seamlessly.

This thoughtful design feature allows for convenient stacking of the kennels, optimizing space usage and storage efficiency.

SureVent Tapered Wall Design

Ruffland kennels incorporate vent holes on their sidewalls to ensure optimal air circulation for your dog. 

Going the extra mile, Ruffland has also tapered the side walls to prevent the vent holes from getting blocked, even when the kennel is placed against a flat-sided object like a wall.

This thoughtful design feature guarantees continuous and unrestricted airflow within the kennel, promoting a comfortable and well-ventilated environment for your furry companion.

Upside Raised Floor Interior

Ruffland kennels feature an elevated interior floor design that effectively channels debris and liquids away from your dog. 

This innovative UpSide™ raised floor design ensures a clean and dry environment and provides a cushioning effect for your dog while traveling in your truck. 

The flex of the raised floor adds a layer of comfort, enhancing your dog’s overall experience during the journey.

2-Way Door

Ruffland kennels are designed to be ambidextrous, offering the flexibility to adjust the swing direction. 

a ruffland kennel kept inside a vehicle when travelling

This means the doors can be easily configured to open from the left or right side, allowing for convenient access based on your specific needs or spatial requirements.

No-Bite Grid Pattern Design

The grid pattern incorporated into the Ruffland kennel door design is a deterrent to prevent dogs from chewing or biting the door.

This thoughtful feature provides an added layer of protection to ensure the longevity and durability of the kennel, safeguarding it from potential damage caused by the dog’s chewing or biting behaviors.


Ruffland kennels are engineered to minimize rattling, providing a more peaceful and enjoyable experience for you and your dog. 

Unlike other kennels that may produce excessive noise and rattle during transport or movement, Ruffland kennels are designed with features that effectively reduce rattling, ensuring a quieter and less disruptive environment. 

This attention to detail contributes to a more pleasant and stress-free kennel experience for pets and owners alike.

Locking Mechanism 

The side latch rod kit is the most reliable locking system made by Ruffland; these two hardware-equipped rods are attached horizontally to the exterior of your kennel door, providing an additional layer of security for your pet.

Ruff Land Kennel Product Image
Ruffland Kennel

Price and Warranty of Ruffland Kennel

ruffland kennel sizes and its prices

Ruffland’s kennels start from $200 and go up to $480 based on their size, door style, accessories, and other add-ons. 

Ruffland Kennels offer exceptional affordability compared to other dog kennels on the market. They provide an excellent balance of quality, durability, and functionality at a competitive price.

With Ruffland kennels, you can confidently find a cost-effective option without compromising on the essential features and benefits required for a reliable and comfortable kennel for your dog.

Rest assured that there are no hidden costs involved. You see the price you pay without any unexpected or undisclosed charges.

Ruffland values transparency and strives to provide customers with a straightforward and honest pricing structure, ensuring you can make an informed decision.

And wait, there is more… 

Ruffland provides a 1-year warranty period from the date of delivery. 

All warranty claims must be accompanied by the original purchase receipt from their website or an authorized Ruffland Kennels dealer, distributor, or website.

In the event of a warranty-related issue with a Ruffland Kennel, the company takes responsibility for the product’s return and replacement or repair.

If it is determined that the issue falls under the warranty terms, Ruffland Kennels will cover the cost of shipping the product back to their facility for replacement or repair.

Once the necessary actions are taken, they will return the repaired or replaced product to the customer.

This commitment to customer satisfaction and support ensures that you can rely on Ruffland Kennels to address any warranty concerns efficiently and at no additional cost.

Pretty sweet, right?

Things I Like About the Ruffland Kennel 

Huge fan of the design of the Ruffland kennel. Truly remarkable.

Its one-piece composite construction not only provides exceptional strength but also offers flexibility and a visually appealing aesthetic.

The availability of multiple door options and ambidextrous doors that can be adjusted to swing in either direction is a significant advantage. 

This feature allows for effortless customization and confident kennel placement in any desired location.


The easy squeeze latches offer a user-friendly experience, making it simple for even younger individuals, such as little equestrians, to operate.

Despite their ease of use, these latches are robust and secure, minimizing the risk of any escape attempts.

Overall, the thoughtful design and extensive array of accessories offered by Ruffland Kennels contribute to an exceptional user experience, making them an outstanding choice for pet owners.

Things That Need Improvement 

a picture of a ruffland kennel crate kept in a vehicle

While the raised floor design is generally advantageous, cleaning the kennel can be slightly inconvenient, as water tends to accumulate in the channel. 

To address this, a drain plug or hole near the bottom of the cage is a helpful addition. This will facilitate easier draining of water during cleaning, ensuring a more efficient and convenient maintenance process for the kennel.

Another thing that disappointed me is the fact that the crate does not come with a bed.

Your dog may tend to struggle when kept inside for extended periods. It certainly does not provide a sense of coziness to the dog. 

Comfortable bedding will be a MAJOR UPGRADE.

What Are Others Take on the Ruffland Kennel?

I had a positive experience with the Ruffland kennel. But let’s also look at what the others have to say.

ruffland performance crate customer review 1

Morgan Scott left a positive review, explaining how ruffland kennels saved and protected his dogs in 2 car accidents.

ruffland performance crate customer review 2

Haleigh Hope had faced a very severe car accident but still managed to save her dog, Rosie, thanks to Ruffland Kennel. 

ruffland performance crate customer review 3

Tom Crane was impressed by the durability of the Ruffland Kennel. 

Accessories to Go With the Ruffland Kennel 

Ruffland Ventilation Turtle Plate Fan – $260.99 – $267.99

Heavy-duty cooling solution designed to help keep your dog cool in various situations.

It conveniently attaches to the door of your Ruffland Kennel and comes in two sizes. 

The fan offers two-speed settings: HIGH for maximum cooling and LOW to minimize power draw, which is less than 2 AMPS. 

Ruffland Kennels assures that they routinely leave their fans on throughout the day without concern for their vehicle battery, ensuring the safety and comfort of their dogs.

Field-tested for durability, the Turtle Plate Fan is designed to withstand various weather conditions and vehicle vibrations.

These airflow levels contribute to efficient and effective cooling for your dog inside the kennel.

ruffland ventilation turtle plate fan

Dog Bowl – $17.99 – $21.99

The dog bowl Ruffland Kennels offers is far from an average, flimsy plastic bowl.

It stands out with its sturdy construction and thoughtful design features.

The bowl has a broad base, ensuring excellent stability and resistance to tipping. 

Specifically designed to be dishwasher-safe, allowing for convenient and hygienic cleaning (top rack placement recommended).

This high-quality dog bowl is proudly made in the USA, using super durable, food-grade polypropylene. 

Its robust construction ensures long-lasting performance and reliability. 

With its durability, stability, and dishwasher-safe convenience, this dog bowl from Ruffland Kennels offers a superior feeding solution for your pet.

ruffland dog bowl

Tie Down Bracket Kit – $29.99

Ensure the utmost safety and security for your Ruffland Kennel with the essential Tie Down Bracket Kit.

This kit comprises four brackets, four washers, and four bolts, specifically designed for easy attachment to your Ruffland Kennel.

With this kit, you can secure your kennel firmly in various locations, whether in the bed of a truck, back seat, or any other suitable area.

The kit allows you to tie down your kennel from all four corners, ensuring maximum stability and minimizing the risk of accidents or damage.

ruffland tie down bracket kit

The Shield – $27.99 – $32.99

The Ruffland Kennels Door Shield is an EXTREMELY valuable accessory that serves multiple purposes for your dog’s comfort and safety and is available in various sizes.

This Shield effectively helps retain heat within the kennel while keeping debris out, ensuring a cozy and clean environment.

It also acts as a barrier against excessive airflow during travel, whether in the bed of a truck or on a side-by-side vehicle.

But, it IS NOT chew-proof. 

If you require a more durable option, you can explore the Guard Dog door liner, which provides a heavier-duty solution.

ruffland kennel shield

Pros and Cons of Ruffland Kennel


Durable HDPE material for kennel strength and weather resistance
Innovative Ruff FLEX technology absorbs impact for pet safety
Stackright design optimizes storage efficiency
SureVent design ensures proper air circulation
UpSide raised floor keeps kennel clean and dry
Ambidextrous 2-way door offers convenience
No-Bite grid pattern enhances door durability
Rattle-Less design minimizes noise during transport
Transparent pricing, no hidden charges
1-year warranty and efficient customer support


No Drain Plug
Accessories Should Be Purchased Separately

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Final Thoughts

The Ruffland kennel stands out as the ultimate choice for dog owners seeking the best kennel.

You should try it, as there are no risks involved, and considering the price, it’s truly a valuable pick.

This is by far the BEST dog crate for travel or hunting purposes. 

The longevity of the Ruffland kennel makes it a wise investment for the safety and well-being of your dog.

I’ve put it on a plate for you; what are you waiting for?


Yes, the Ruff Land Kennels Dog Kennels can be approved for airline travel, however, their requirements vary depending on the airline.

The Ruff Land Kennel is made of Polyethylene that is food-grade safe, UV stabilized, and sourced in the USA.

No, Ruff Land Kennel’s plastics do not contain BPA and they are all certified food-grade safe.

To determine if the Ruff Land Kennel is a right- or left-side entry, one should observe the kennel from the front-facing perspective. A right-side entry kennel will have an additional door on the right side, resembling reaching to the right to open it.

Ruffland Performance Kennel
Ruff Land Kennel Product Image
Build Quality






Overall Score


Durable HDPE material for kennel strength and weather resistance
No-Bite grid pattern enhances door durability
Innovative Ruff FLEX technology absorbs impact for pet safety
SureVent design ensures proper air circulation
Transparent pricing, no hidden charges
1-year warranty and efficient customer support
Get the BEST PRICE valid until the end of June
Accessories Should Be Purchased Separately
No Drain Plug

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