11 Best Portable Dog Fences for Camping [Reviewed in 2024]

Last Updated on June, 2024

Imagine being on the best camping trip ever with your dog included and suddenly realizing that the dog is missing. You’re in an unfamiliar area, the time is limited, and you don’t know what to do.

Restless situations like these could escalate to horrible endings that no dog parent deserves.

That’s why investing in a dog fence is better, not just any, but a portable one.

But there are so many due to the high demand already. Finding the best fence on your own will take a long time.

So, we did all the research and analysis work for you! All you need is to read through to the end and make a choice.

We’re confident you’ll like our list of the eleven best portable dog fences.

Let’s jump right in!

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Halo 2+




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#3rd Best Choice
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11 of the Best Portable Camping Dog Fence for Camping

1. Halo 2+ (Editor’s Choice)

Halo has been a reliable brand within the community I deal with.

So, it was nice to hear that they were introducing an all-new Halo 2+.

With two major colors; Graphite or white, the collar comes in 3 neck sizes fits such as,

  • Small: 11’’ – 15’’
  • Medium: 15’’ – 20’’
  • Large: 20’’ – 30’’

Bolt is a bit of a large dog, and I went with the large size.

How does it work as a portable dog fence for camping?

It’s easy to draw the boundaries on the free mobile app. You can zoom in on the camping location with all the details. You won’t need 20 virtual fences for a camping trip but the feature is there. 

Most importantly, you can draw custom-shaped and custom sized virtual fences around your camping site up to 10 square miles of range. That gives enough room for your dog to wander freely.

But what happens when your dog crosses the fence?

As it does, there are two types of feedback responses. One is an audio that plays “come back”. The other one iscorrective feedback with 15 levels. You can choose from static shock, vibration, or sound.

For camping, it’s always better to use static shock because the response is much faster.

You can constantly monitor your dog’s location being inside the camp tent from the app. The GPS tracking feature has a location updating rate of 7-15 seconds.

Oh! I couldn’t mention the activity tracking! Halo 2+ portable dog fence gives you easy access to track the number of steps, the distance covered, the time spent resting vs. active, and so on.

The durability of this camping dog fence is assured by design, especially with the IP67 waterproof rating.

Because it lets you create multiple fences, you can use it to contain your dog while at home. You can also have simultaneous fences around your dog daycare, or any other location you frequently visit. You get 20 virtual fences to create that safe environment.

It’s safe to say that Halo 2+ is the best portable camping dog fence. After all, it is also an activity tracker and a GPS tracker.


  • Feedback features to guide your dog back home
  • Add up to 20 virtual fences 
  • GPS tracking features
  • 21 hours of battery life
  • 3 feet location accuracy 
  • Built-in activity tracker 
  • 1-year warranty

Want to learn more about this device? Checkout this halo review.


Longer battery life for camping
Ensure safety with virtual fences and correctional feedback (vibration, sound, or shock)
Track your dog accurately with 7-15 seconds of location updating rate
Suitable for small dogs too
Train your dog with Cesar Millan’s training program 
Increased durability with an IP67 waterproof rating
10 square miles of range 


Not for very small dogs

2. SpotOn GPS Dog Fence (#2nd Best Choice)

Get 50$ off using coupon code: IPET (Exclusive for IPetGuides readers)

SpotOn GPS portable dog fence is my second-best portable camping dog fence.

The SpotOn portable dog fence comes in three neck sizes,

  • Small: 10’’ – 14’’
  • Medium: 12’’ -18’’
  • Large: 16’’ – 26’’

I chose the large size because Bolt’s a bigger dog.

As a dog fence, the SpotOn fence meets and exceeds your expectations.

The fence operates based on a free designated app. The users can draw up to 10 custom-shaped virtual dog fences. There are two ways to draw the fences.

You can use up to 1500 fence posts to draw fences on the app. If not, you can walk the path of the boundary. Walking might be easier if you want a fence closer to the camping site. But the minimum area is ½ acre, and there’s no maximum limit. 

So, you can always have a far away boundary that lets your dog wander safely.

The boundary works the same even if you draw one on the water. 

The collar beeps when the dog gets closer to the fence to make it return. This is a warning signal, and that makes the SpotOn a unique camping fence.

But if it doesn’t work, you can use optional static shocks and vibration, too; there are 30 levels of correction. 

So, you can use the SpotOn fence even at your home, and at locations where your dog visits frequently. 

You also get GPS location tracking features for free. The location updating rate is 6 seconds with a range of 10 feet.

With an IP67 waterproof rating, this portable dog fence has a battery range of 14-20 hours


  • Three sizes from 10’’ to 26’’ neck size 
  • IP67 waterproof 
  • 20 hours of maximum battery life
  • GPS features (with True Location technology)
  • 1-year warranty and 45-day money-back guarantee

We got you covered with our complete SpotOn review, if you want to know more about this virtual fence.


Up to 20 custom geofences from ½ acre to 1000+ acres
6 seconds location updating rate with high accuracy 
Operational with the app
Free shipping for the US
Optimized for active dogs


Works only in the US and Canada

Get 50$ off using coupon code: IPET (Exclusive for IPetGuides readers)

3. Dogtra PATHFINDER 2 (#3rd Best Choice)

Products from Dogtra excel when it comes to outdoor activities like hunting, camping, hiking, you name it, and the PATHFINDER 2 is no exception.

If you’re on a budget and want something almost as good as the TOP 2 products, this is something that’s absolutely worth considering. 

Features-wise, the PATHFINDER 2 is no slouch, but before I get into those, let me tell you the sizes this Portable Dog Fence is available in—any dog with a 12.5-inch neck size or above will fit into the collar.

That’s a pretty good number of small dogs and pretty much every medium to large-sized dog. 

Now, let’s get into the features. For starters, PATHFINDER 2 operates just like the more expensive Halo and SpotON.

All you need to do is download the app to control the device. 

Setting up fences, adjusting corrections, and all the essential bits are done through the app.

And speaking of fences, the most important out of all, it’s simply everything you can expect from a high-end device. Size-wise, the fences can be as big as 2000 yards, which means it’s completely adjustable. You can create fences of any size you like.

The same goes for the shape of the fences too. Most budget fences only allow to create circular fences, but with PATHFINDER 2, the shape can be anything you like. 

That said, to stop your dog from exiting the fence, PATHFINDER 2 boasts three corrections, all of which work in harmony to stop your dog. 

Tone, Vibration, and Static Stimulation are all three corrections, and each works progressively to stop your dog from going out of the boundary. 

Here’s a sneak peek at how everything works. When your dog is a few feet away from the boundary, it’ll receive the first set of correction: TONE, and if it continues to get even closer, vibration and static stimulation will come into play. 

With that, you’ll also be alerted every time your dog gets a correction, thanks to the app.

As long as your dog is trained properly with these devices, you have nothing to fear while you’re out and about.

That’s not it, though; just like both portable fences above, this, too here, has Real-time location tracking. It’s not something that’ll be super useful when camping, but it’s there when you need it. 

And location tracking is powered by GPS, by the way. 

PATHFINDER 2 is made for hunting dogs, so with that in mind, you’ve got nothing to worry about: build quality and durability; it’s rugged and was able to withstand all of the pressure we put it through, the IPX7 waterproof rating only add to all that.

All in all, the Dogtra PATHFINDER 2 is a solid top 3, but that does not mean it fails to deliver. For it’s price, it more than does, and if you’re on a budget, you will not be disappointed. 


  • For Dogs That Are 35 lbs or larger
  • Available In Black Color
  • Rechargeable Battery 
  • GPS Location Tracking
  • Safety Light For Night Walks
  • IPX7 Waterproof collar
  • 1 Year Warranty


Budget-friendly option
Adjustable and customizable fence size and shape
Three effective correction modes
Real-time GPS location tracking
Durable and rugged build quality
Suitable for medium to large-sized dogs
IPX7 waterproof collar for added durability


Limited suitability for small dogs under 35 lbs
Location tracking not the fastest

4. Yaheetech Dog Barrier Fence

Yaheetech dog playpen portable dog fence is a physical dog fence.

The dog fence comes in seven types based on the number of electrophoresis premium rust proof iron panels; 2, 4, 6, 8, 16, 24, and 32. 

The panels come in 3 sizes; 24’’, 32’’, and 40’’ of height with 0.5’’ thickness.

The product is recommended for small, medium, and large animals, including dogs.

For camping, you can set the fence around the camping tent easily as it’s foldable.

Yaheetech Dog Barrier Fence

But it reduces the free roaming area for your dog. You must ensure that the dog won’t jump over the fence.

It’s easier to set up the fence to multiple shapes since the panels are connected by metal anchor stakes and the presence of a safety lock. Safety is assured by rounded edges in each panel and anchor.

However, the ground soil condition of campingsites becomes relevant as the stakes need to be driven into the ground. 

If that’s not a problem, the Yaheetech dog playpen is another dog fence suitable for camping.


  • Made from premium iron 
  • Multiple sizes and panels to choose from
  • Rust resistant metal
  • Highly weather resistant


Dogs will respond to a natural sense of being caged
Know if the dog is actually inside the perimeter instantly
Easy set up, disassembly, and transportation
Requires zero mobile phone literacy to use it
Ideal for regular use as well


The ground needs to be flat to use it
Stability of the fence depends on the ground condition

5. FXW Portable Dog Fence

FXW dog playpen is my fifth best solution for camping fences for dogs.

The company offers 4 standard sizes; 24, 32, 40, and 50 inches.

The eight configurations are in terms of the number of panels; 2, 4, 6, 8, 16, 24, 32, and 48.

Each package contains 42 panels, 6 dog gates, 51 stakes, and 3 manuals; that’s more than enough to create a safe fence around your camping site.

FXW Portable Dog Fence

But like all physical fences mentioned in this list, the free roaming area will not be as much as the virtual fences.

Like the Yaheetech, the panels are connected using metal ground anchors. Each stake is 33.5″ in height and 0.4″ in diameter. The secure door increases safety, and it’s easy to install. 

Although products like these do not come with an IP rating, the company claims the product is suitable for all weather conditions, including rainy and snowy.


  • Multiple panel sizes and configurations 
  • Panel door size: 31.5″H x 26.7″W x 0.6″THK
  • Requires no technological knowledge
  • Lasting high-quality metals
  • Highly weather resistant


Operate with no mobile phones 
The durability of lightweight premium metal 
Suitable for all types of dogs
Easy storage
Fence is very close to the camping tent


Requires physical installation 
Convenience depends on rigidity and evenness of the ground
No alerts in case the dog escapes the fence

6. AmazonBasics Foldable Metal Pet Playpen

Foldable fences are effective in safeguarding more than one dog in camping.

The AmazonBasics foldable and portable playpen is one such product.

You can buy this portable camping dog fence with or without a dog door by design.

The dog fence is available in six sizes, and the length is the same for each panel which is 59.06″

The configurations can deliver a 16 square foot enclosure.

AmazonBasics Foldable Metal Pet Playpen

But unlike the previous physical fences, this fence works better when set up without making your tent as the center. 

I loved the double-wire construction made of durable iron, which is made to be a rust resistant metal. The fence folds flat, ensuring easy portability.

Like the Yaheetech and FXW dog fences, the AmazonBasics come with metal clips to be driven to the ground. But I can’t guarantee that the fence itself will hold bigger dogs since it is pretty light in weight.

The only difference is that the ground soil condition is irrelevant, although the evenness is.

You can create one octagon, two squares, and three rectangles with their eight panels

Overall, the dog fence definitely works both indoors and outdoors. 


  • Made of heavy duty metal
  • Eight panels system
  • 16 square feet enclosure
  • Panel height range: 24’’, 30’’, 36’’, 42’’, 48’’
  • Comes with with-door or without-door


Ability to pick the suitable size for your need
Folds flat and easy storage
Ground soil condition is irrelevant
Has no sharp edges but only round to reassure safety


Larger dogs might be able to shake the clips off the ground
Stability always depends on the nature of the ground

7. IRIS USA Dog Playpen

If you dislike metallic camping dog fences, the IRIS USA portable playpen is an ideal alternative. That’s because it’s made from durable molded plastic.

The recommended panel height for small puppies and dogs up to 30lbs is 24″.

Other dogs that are medium and large up to 50lbs can be contained with panels 34″ in height with a pet-proof lock.

But you need to set the fence away from the camping tent as due to the small enclosure size.

IRIS USA Dog Playpen

However, the fence comes with non-skid rubber feet and no stakes. So, the camping site’s ground’s soil condition is not that important as long as it is even.

When I was testing it in my yard, keeping it in one place was a bit challenging. 

Its lightweight nature makes it easier to set up, and it’s waterproof too. The long-term durability is certified against harsh camping outdoor conditions.

Ideally, a product like this is suitable for well-tamed dogs who don’t try to break off a cage.


  • Made from lasting molded plastic 
  • Maximum panel height of 34″
  • Customizable sizes
  • The average weight of 21.51 pounds


The non-metallic nature increases the durability 
Easy assembly
Easier to clean
Has much room
Increased safety with molded plastic 
Folds flat and easy storage


Larger dogs may damage it faster
Less durable compared to metallic fences

8. North States Mypet Dog Pen

North States Mypet Petyard pet playpen is another physical dog fence that suits some camping situations.

There aren’t multiple sizes as the product’s dimensions are 35.25″ in length, 10.3″ in width, and 26.5″ in height. 

You can purchase the dog playpen as an eight panel or a six panel fence.

Similar to the IRIS dog fence, the North States Mypet dog fence is also made from durable plastic.

I personally like the brown look of it.

North States Mypet Dog Pen

The lack of ground stakes that should be driven to the ground raises a question; will the dog fence stay in an outdoor area? The answer is, yes. The fence stays pretty stable in outdoor areas as long as the ground is even.

So, don’t worry about using it for your camping trip.

I recommend something other than this dog fence for somewhat larger dogs, as they’d be able to push the fence around.

 Like the IRIS dog fence, this one suits small and medium dogs under 40lbs who are already tamed.

The 8-panel play yard encloses over 30 square feet of the area; this makes the dog fence ideal for caging multiple dogs at once.

Finally, the dog fence is portable and easy to carry since it’s foldable.


  • Made from durable plastic 
  • 35.25″L x 10.3″W x 26.5″H dimensions weighing 22.45 pounds
  • Maximum height of 26.5″ 


Highly durable with durable plastic
Cage multiple dogs at once
Doesn’t require fixing to the ground


Comes in only one fixed size
It might be hard to fix to the ground

9. ZENY Dog Play Pen Camping Dog Fence

Zeny dog playpen is quite suitable for small dog owners, as the company recommends. 

This is a physical dog fence or a pet playpen that might be ideal for your next camping trip.

Unlike the physical dog fences mentioned so far, this one comes in one fixed size and one configuration; 16 panels with 31″ in width and 24″ in height. 

So, the overall size would be 66.52 square feet, and the height is enough to hold a small child.

ZENY Dog Play Pen Camping Dog Fence

The slide-latching gate ensures the dog won’t leave from the door.

The fence is designed to work indoors and outdoors. So, it wasn’t so hard to set it up in a camp site. I set it up away from the tent and I could see how Bolt was calm inside it. The only problem was that he didn’t have the freedom of roaming.

The dimensions of the gate of the Zeny playpen are equal to that of the panels. The metallic ground stakes are 23.4″ in height. 

Overall, it’s enough for a decent camping dog fence, but it’s not the best portable dog fence.


  • Package contents: 2 gates, 14 fences, 16 stakes
  • Manufactured from durable metal 
  • 31’’ in width, 24’’ in height
  • Slide-latching gate 
  • 65+ square feet of the area covered 


Increased durability with premium metal 
Increased protection with the slide-latching gate
Stakes included ensuring stability 
Gate is designed above the ground in the panel (step-through)


Recommended only for small dogs
Has only one fixed size

10. Midwest Foldable Metal Dog Pen

What caught my eye in the Midwest foldable dog fence is a unique feature; I’ll tell you what that is in a moment.

The Midwest foldable dog fence is another physical dog fence. The standard width of a panel is 24″, and it comes in six height categories.

So, there’s that advantage of buying this premium metal fence depending on your dog’s size.

You can contain your dog in this fence during camping easily.

Midwest Foldable Metal Dog Pen

But the moving space is least as it’s almost like a cage unlike the virtual fences we discussed earlier. 

However, protection is ensured with a step-through dog door. This was the first physical dog fence I saw with a company warranty, which is excellent news.

Remember that unique feature that caught my eye? It’s how the fence can be connected to a crate. You can use it as a personal den for your dog, especially in camping and exposed atmospheres.

Make it padded with clothes and cover it, and your dog has their own comfortable version of a tent.

With eight metal ground anchors, eight corner stabilizers, and four ground stakes, it was easier for me to set up the fence. 


  • Six height categories: 18″, 24″, 30″, 36″, 42″, 48″
  • Made from premium durable metal
  • Standard width and multiple heights 
  • 17.8 pounds of weight
  • Comes with company warranty 


Relatively easier to set on the ground with the anchors 
Easier to assemble
Step-thru door
Connects to a crate
1-year company warranty


Requires physical setting up
The stability of the fence directly depends on the ground conditions

11. Zampa Dog Playpen Portable Dog Fence

The Zampa dog playpen was unsuitable for my Alsatian; he’s a big dog with strong claws.

But that doesn’t mean it’s not a bad dog fence since I checked it out anyway.

It comes in five sizes, and the company itself recommends suitable sizes between 15lbs to 70lbs.

The body of the fence is made from waterproof fabric with eight panels. The enclosure is very suitable for all sorts of dogs (and cats) up to 70lbs.

Zampa Dog Playpen Portable Dog Fence

Camping gets a bit difficult in the night as it gets cold. You can let your pet spend the night warmer with an enclosure like this. But on the flip side, holding dogs in it during day time might require supervision.

With 8 panels, it is a nice enclosed, and spacious own space for a well-tamed dog. Because you don’t want the fabric to be torn away.

The product is portable and comes with a nice pink carrying case. Overall, the dog fence works nicely.


  • Five sizes to choose from: up to 15lbs to 70lbs
  • Suitable for 15 lbs to 70 lbs dogs 
  • Zipper to open and close the entrance
  • Carrying case 


Requires no assembly; pops up in seconds 
Lightweight and easy to carry
Suitable for small dogs and even cats
Convenient portability with the carrying case
Increased warmth for dog due to the enclosed nature


The enclosing fabric might tear easily 
The ground ideally should be flat to place the fence properly 
Not suitable for highly active dogs 

Factors to Check When Buying Portable Dog Fences

Portable Dog Fence on the floor

Whether it is a Physical Fence or a Virtual Fence

Setting up a physical camping dog fence takes time and effort, and success always depends on the surrounding. On the other hand, virtual fences require no physical effort; draw the fence on the app, and you’re set.

There are so many smart features in virtual fences that prevent your dog from crossing boundaries. But you need to check the battery life, range, and shape of the virtual fences.

Primary Purpose of the Fence

Is it to contain the dogs in one place overnight? Or all day long? The answer to this question helps you choose a better fence based on the space and comfort factor.

For example, an enclosed dog fence would be better for overnight containment. On the flip side, a virtual fence is the best to contain them during daytime. 

Convenience of Setting Up, Removing, and Transportation

Virtual fences don’t require anything at all except for the collar. But physical fences need to be set up. If so, you should check how easy it is to set them up and whether they can be folded or collapsed.

You also need to consider how much space it takes for transportation as well.

Geological Conditions of Setting Up

Physical fences require the ground to be almost flat. So, you need to know whether that requirement can be entertained before purchasing a fence.

In addition, some fences require stakes to be driven into the ground. If so, the ground condition matters too. Virtual fences don’t require anything similar; some can be drawn on water too.

Build Quality and Durability

Camping sites can get pretty adventurous, and you can’t expect your dog to safeguard the collar or the fence itself.

That’s why it should be built from high-quality materials, completely waterproof (needed for any wet dog), dustproof, and with decent impact resistance. 

Why You Need a Portable Fence?

A camping dog fence alerts you when your dog leaves the safe boundary.

So, the primary purpose of camping dog fences is to make a secure environment for your dog during camping. If not for one, you will have to keep an eye on your dog almost constantly, which is not practical.

Situations Where Portable Fences Can Help

  • When you’re on camping trips
  • When you want to train your dog
  • When you want to ensure your dog stays home 
  • When you don’t have time to guarantee your dog’s safety
  • When you need to take trips, leaving your dog at home
  • And much more

Tips for Using a Portable Fence

some Tips for Using a Portable Fence
  • Pay close attention to the real-world boundary conditions when you set it up
  • Read the operations notes from the manufacturer clearly 
  • Test the dog fence a couple of times without the dog
  • Try out drawing maps in multiple areas to verify their portability 
  • Always double-check for the battery life
  • Ensure there is enough cell service (if applicable) for the dog fence to work

Benefits of a Portable Dog Fence

A portable dog fence has several benefits, and they are not limited to this list.

  1. Free your dog from cages
  2. Free your dog from tying 
  3. Ensure your dog is definitely in a specific location
  4. Focus on your work better
  5. Enjoy camping with your dog to the max
  6. Maximize your dog’s safety at all times
  7. Train your dog better 
  8. Be safe from countless unwanted troubles caused by your dog

In Conclusion 

In conclusion, having a reliable camping dog fence is necessary. The best part is, you can use it at your home too.

It’s obvious how Halo 2+ clearly makes it to the top out of the best portable dog fences. After all, none of the physical dog fences come close to the 3 virtual ones on the list.

You no longer have to tie up your dog or be paranoid about his/her safety on camping trips. All you need is a well-functioning dog fence, and now you know what exactly you should invest in.


Usually, you draw a small map on the designated mobile app. Whenever your dog gets closer or tries to leave, the collar gives corrective feedback and alerts you.

Dogs can be trained to respond to corrective feedback, the range is much broader, and setting up is extremely easy.

Setting them up can take a lot of effort and still fail.

Halo 2+
Halo collar product image




Overall Score


Longer battery life for camping
Ensure safety with virtual fences and correctional feedback (vibration, sound, or shock)
Track your dog accurately with 7-15 seconds of location updating rate
10 square miles of range
Increased durability with an IP67 waterproof rating
Get the BEST PRICE valid until the end of June
Not for very small dogs

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