4 Best Wireless Dog Fences For 2 Dogs [2024 Updated Reviews]

Last Updated on June, 2024

There’s one common feature of the most popular wireless dog fences in the present. It’s that they’re designed to contain only one dog. So, it’s been bad news for parents with more than one dog. 

They almost always have to purchase separate systems, and that’s a lot of money.

But what if I told you there’re systems explicitly made to contain at least two dogs simultaneously? That’s right! You’re already on the right path, trying to find the best wireless dog fence for two dogs.

To make things more efficient, we’ve listed down the four best wireless dog fences for two dogs below. As we’ve done the research for you (as we always do), all you need to do is make a choice.

The result is both of your furry friends being protected in the best and same way.

Without further ado, let us look at the four best wireless dog fence systems for two dogs.

Editor’s Choice
Petsafe Stay and Play
Battery Life





Overall Score


#2nd Best Choice
Pet Control HQ
Pet Control HQ
Battery Life





Overall Score


#3rd Best Choice
Battery Life





Overall Score


Best Wireless Dog Fence For 2 Dogs

1. Petsafe Stay and Play Wireless Dog Fence System (Editor’s Choice)

PetSafe Stay & Play is the best 2-dog wireless dog system, period.

The reason is its unique set of features. This is the fence system I use for Brox and Beet, and I couldn’t be happier.

PetSafe brand is Tennessee-based and founded in 1991, and they have a proud history of success.

Their Stay & Play system consists of a transmitter and two waterproof collars.

The collar is suitable for dogs that weigh 5lbs and above with neck sizes between 6-23 inches.

It weighs only 3.1 oz. Moreover, you can replace the collar with a new collar whenever you want.

The transmitter is 8 x 12 x 12 inches in dimensions and weighs 5.73 pounds.

What about the wireless dog fence?

The fence is circular and needs a minimum radius of 17 feet. Its maximum range is ¾ acres. and that works for almost all typical households.

The fence and corrective feedback are superior in operation due to several reasons.

For starters, it comes with a boundary zone. This is a 2-3 feet wide area inside the boundary line. Unless your dog charges outside the fence, tone-only corrective feedback starts in this area.

If your dogs cross the boundary, static shock corrective feedback is triggered.

There are six intensity levels in the collar when it comes to shock. Apart from that, there’s tone

Thanks to the LED intensity level indicator light in the collar, you can know the current intensity level. One red flash equals one intensity level.

Static shock or tone-only mode will stay on for 15 seconds until overcorrection features turn on. Over-correction feature will prevent your dog from being harmed by static as it temporarily locks(pr shuts downs) the system for 10 seconds.

That’s why the Stay & Play system truly is the best 2-dog fence.

I loved how it takes around just 2 hours to charge it from 0% and lasts about two weeks. That convenience is necessary when you can’t be bothered to charge it every few hours.

The LED light acts as a battery level indicator too. It’ll blink in green every 4-5 seconds if the collar’s battery is between 60%-100%. Similarly, the light will be yellow between 20%-60% and red if it is 20% or below.

PetSafe understands that your dogs need to be trained so that they’ll return when they experience corrective feedback. That’s why there is a free 30-day training guide designed for you. 

Overall, this is the best 2-dog system that lets you expand to an unlimited number of dogs with the same transmitter with separately purchased collars. 

In conclusion, you get more than what you’d expect. PetSafe Stay & Play is the best wireless fence for 2 dogs.


  • Transmitter + two collars in the system 
  • Maximum range up to ¾ acres
  • Waterproof collar 
  • Six levels of corrective feedback (tone-only and static shock)
  • Two weeks of battery life
  • Free 30-day training guide
  • The fence consists of a boundary zone and a fence boundary
  • Battery level and intensity level indicator 

Learn more about this device here.


You don’t need to replace the batteries
Expandable to an unlimited number of pets
Independent correctional levels for each collar
Choose the adequate level of correction
Train your dog systematically with the training guide
Take the fence with you anywhere you travel with the dogs
Charge your battery on time with the battery level indicator


Vibtation correction would’ve made the collar even better

2. Pet Control HQ Wireless Pet Containment System (#2nd Best Choice)

Pet Control HQ is a Melbourne-based company. Their products have been winning the trust of pet parents.

The founder has a professional background in animal care.

So, what about the Pet Control HQ Wireless Pet Containment System?

The system is similar to the PetSafe system we just discussed. The system has a wall-mounted transmitter, a remote and two collars.

The collar is recommended for dogs weighing between 11 and 154 pounds with neck sizes between 8 to 27 inches. The strap is adjustable

This is a dual-working system; you can use it as a wireless fence system with 20-gauge solid core wire or a remote training collar independently or together. The wireless fence range is ¾ miles and expandable up to 10 acres with extra wires.

Burying the wires is essential for the longevity of the system. 

When you use the wires, you can twist them to create custom shapes zones and other zones. Here are some of the dog fence layouts.

Now, let me tell you about what happens when they cross the boundary?

There are three types such as tone, vibration, and shock. There are ten progressive intensity levels for vibration and shock. You can increase, decrease, and select the mode from the remote. 

But I observed how the activation speed of corrective feedback was a bit delayed compared to the PetSafe Stay & Play.

The battery lasts up to seven days at max, and it took me around 3 hours to fully charge the collar.

The company is accountable enough to give you a 1-year product warranty. You receive a 30-day money-back guarantee as well.

The collar is IPX7 waterproof with up to 30 minutes under 3.3ft deep.

For dog training, there are 50 flags included in the package.

All these features can be applied to two dogs at once by design. So, the PetControl HQ dog containment is the second best solution.


  • Maximum range between ¾ miles and expandable up to 10 acres with extra wires
  • Three levels of progressive correction stimulation when dogs near the fence
  • Ten progressive levels of boundary-crossing corrective feedback
  • Contains sound, vibration, and shock
  • IPX7 waterproof
  • Seven days of maximum battery life
  • Suits dogs between 8 to 27 inches in neck size


Long range of dog fence
Ability to make custom-shaped fences by the wiring system
Warning feedback prevents the dogs from crossing the boundary 
Choose the ideal vibration or static shock intensity to bring your dog back
The convenience of handling the remote
Expandable system up to 3 dogs 
Durability is certified with the IPX7 rating
Risk-free due to 30 days money back guarantee and 1-year warranty
Audible wire break alarm 


Expandable only up to 3 collars
Lacks a proper training guide

3. SportDOG Brand Rechargeable In-Ground Fence (#3rd Best Choice)

SportDOG is another brand based in the USA with an inventory of several dog containment products. Since 2003, they have won the hearts of thousands of pet parents.

And I’m one of them.

This system has two collars and a branded transmitter similar to the previous containment systems.

But you need to bury wires for the invisible fence to work.

The collar is recommended for dogs that weigh 10lbs and up.

Although the system comes with just two collars, you can add unlimited collars to one transmitter system.

The fence is impressive in terms of the area and corrective feedback.

The base coverage is 1 ⅓ acres with the wires that come with the package. Dog parents can expand the area up to 100 acres with additional wires. 

Similar to the Pet Control HQ system, you can make customizable shapes of the fences. As mentioned earlier, the transmitter does not make the fence. You need to bury the wires to activate the fence.

The transmitter also features a wire break alarm. This is useful because in case the wire breaks, the invisible fence stops working.

Corrective feedback is divided into warning and correction.

When the dogs come close to the fence boundary, the collar gives warning feedback with tone (beep) and vibration. With training, the dogs would know that this is their cue to turn back.

When I tried it, the beep and the vibration were enough to get them back. But sometimes, dogs tend to run past boundaries. 

When that happens, the collar will emit static shock. There are seven intensity levels to choose from. That allows you to choose the safest static shock intensity depending on the dog. 

There is no remote in the system, so the intensity level adjustment is made on the collars. That’s why you can have two different intensity levels in the two collars separately.

SportDOG collar is 100% waterproof with their DryTek® technology, which is similar to the IP67 waterproof rating.

The system has a rechargeable battery, saving you a little fortune in replacing batteries. It took me around 2 hours to fully charge the battery. The battery is expected to run for two months at maximum.

However, the SportDOG wireless dog system has no dog training guides. But as long as you know to train your dog for wireless fences, the 100 training flags should be helpful.

That’s pretty much about this product, and in comparison, it is the third-best wireless dog fence for two dogs.


  • 1 ⅓ acres base coverage
  • Custom-shaped virtual fences
  • Presence of warning feedback with sound and vibration
  • Seven static shock intensity levels
  • Expandable up to 100 acres with additionally purchased wires
  • Works with a transmitter 
  • Waterproof with DryTek® technology
  • Two months of battery life
  • Wire break alarm

Read the full SportDog Fence Review.


The convenience of custom shapes fences 
Boundary-crossing prevention with warning feedback
Choose the ideal static shock level corrective feedback
It takes only 2 hours to charge fully
Long battery life’s convenience 
The intensity level is set only in the collar (two collars, two intensity levels)


Lacks a remote in the system
Lacks a training guide

4. Petsafe Wireless Containment System

PetSafe’s Wireless Fence Containment System is another excellent wireless dog fence if you have two dogs.

You already know about the company, so let’s look at the product.

The system comes with two collars and a wireless transmitter. It requires no wires to be buried.

With 5 pounds of weight, the transmitter is 8.5 x 8.5 x 7.5 inches. The collar comfortably fits dogs that weigh 8lbs and above, with neck sizes ranging from 6 to 28 inches

The collar is adjustable allowing you to get the perfect fit for your dogs.

PetSafe Wireless Pet Fence

Different from the first few wireless dog fences in this list, the Petsafe Wireless Containment System doesn’t let you have custom-shaped wireless fences. Instead, you get one circular wireless fence. The maximum range is ½ acre

But that’s not a problem for most households. The usefulness of customizability of these fences is almost always case-sensitive.

With that much of a range, corrective feedback is pretty impressive too.

Before the dogs cross the boundary, there’s a 2-3 foot wide area outside the perimeter. The collar will begin to beep when the dog comes to that area. With dog training, your dogs should return.

But what if they continue to cross the boundary?

There are six correctional levels for static stimulation and a tone mode. There’s a LED integrated into the collar. It will blink as you change the levels, and one blink equals one level, and two blinks mean you’re on the second level, and so on.

So, as a wireless fence, the Petsafe Wireless Containment system delivers excellently.

You also get an over-correction feature. To remind you, the over-correction feature shuts down the corrective static shock after 15 seconds for 10 seconds. Safety is guaranteed in PetSafe products in general.

There’s a battery level indicator too. But this product only flashes once every 4-5 seconds, indicating low battery.

The collar is fully waterproof, and you get a 30-day training guide to train your dog to respond better to corrective feedback. 

While the maximum battery life is about two months, this cannot be recharged. So, you need to replace the battery once the battery runs out.

Overall, this is my fourth-best choice for a wireless dog fence for two dogs.


  • The maximum range of a ½ acre circular fence
  • Warning beeps at the boundary zone
  • Six static shock correctional levels when crossing the boundary
  • Over-correction protection feature
  • Two months of battery life


Moderately long fence range
Increased safety with warning beeps by the boundary 
Six levels of static shock correction to further improve your dogs’ safety 
Designed to be a 2-dog wireless fence
Train your dog faster with the 30-day training guide


The range is a bit low 
Cannot be recharged

Buyers Guide for Wireless Fence for 2 Dogs

  • Ensure the system works at least with 2 dogs (additional collars are optional)
  • Make sure you’re happy with the base coverage (expandable ranges are always better)
  • Check the fence’s shape type; custom-shaped, circular, or rectangular?
  • Make sure the corrective feedback types and levels are sufficient
  • Double check for the durability aspects such as waterproof rating and battery life
  • Consider the convenience of setting up and maintenance
  • Prioritize products with training guides

Benefits of Multiple-Dog Wireless Fences

two dogs running on the ground
  • Eliminates the requirement of separate purchases to track dogs 
  • The convenience of monitoring on the same screen 
  • Reduces separate energy costs 
  • The convenience of setting up and monitoring in the same device
  • Some devices let you add more than two dogs
  • And more!

Do Wireless Fences for 2 Dogs Work Well?

They do! All four virtual dog fencing systems in this article performed better than expected. The reason is that these are explicitly designed as 2-dog fence systems.

However, remember not to confuse devices that let you track the locations of multiple dogs. They are different from virtual dog fences.

Is Using a 2 Dog Fence Different From Using a Physical Fence?

A regular fence needs to be set up physically with wires. The cost and the effort vary on the land. In addition, these fences give you a caged feeling for your dog. If the dog managed to jump over the fence or make it through it somehow, there’s nothing you can do.

A 2-dog wireless fence system keeps your dog away from crossing boundaries. It is because they’re trained on what to do when they hear corrective sounds or static shock. 

So, they are very different, and wireless fences are much more effective and long-lasting.

In Conclusion

The PetSafe Stay & Play becomes the best wireless dog fence for two dogs simply due to its unique features. The device is diverse in features and aims for simplicity.

After all, Brox and Beet are two sweet dogs whose protection needs to be reassured. As a busy dog parent, I’m glad it meets and exceeds my expectations. 

Every dog parent with two dogs deserves to have that peace of mind.


No. Unless mentioned, a typical dog system is compatible with just one collar/dog.

It is harmless. That’s why most collars with static shock have multiple intensity levels.

You need to train them, so they know to return when experiencing corrective feedback such as tone, vibration, or static shock.

Petsafe Stay and Play
Petsafe Stay and Play
Battery Life





Overall Score


You don’t need to replace the batteries
Expandable to an unlimited number of pets
Independent correctional levels for each collar
Choose the adequate level of correction
Take the fence with you anywhere you travel with the dogs
Get the BEST PRICE valid until the end of June
Vibtation correction would’ve made the collar even better

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