8 Best Dog Collars For Pulling: Top No Pull Training Collars

Last Updated on July, 2024

Dogs are humans’ best friends. We love our dogs so much, but it can be very frustrating when your dog keeps getting on your nerves during your peaceful evening stroll.

Dogs pull off the leash every time they see something interesting on the road. We, as humans with better brain power, need to understand that it is the dog’s nature. 

Dog pulling can be extremely dangerous, especially on the road. Cars crash at the most random time, and your dog could be a victim.

Also, there can be situations where your pup can destroy public property or cause danger to people on the road, driving everyone around you so mad!! 

Dog pulling is something that we can address and find a solution to. Professional dog trainers worldwide and animal behaviorists have put together their expert knowledge to find an answer to this growing concern. 

This article covers a list of best dog collars for pulling that can help you overcome this problem with proper training and lots of love. 

Read through the article from top to bottom and pick the perfect No-Pull dog collar for your notorious best friend! 

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Most Promising Dog Collars For Pulling! 

1. PetSafe Gentle Leader Padded No Pull Dog Headcollar

PetSafe Gentle Leader Padded No Pull Dog Headcollar is a perfect solution for dog pulling.

This dog collar makes any type of jumping, pulling, and lunging avoidable. The PetSafe Gentle Leader No-Pull Dog Headcollar is the best dog collar for pulling.

A veterinary behaviorist has designed this piece with a neoprene padded nose loop that exerts pressure on the back of the dog’s neck instead of the dog’s throat.

It will form a V when appropriately fitted. 

This works as a head collar which allows the dog owners to take control of the dog’s snout and guide them through.

The collar will help prevent choking or coughing as it does not touch your dog’s trachea. What happens with the collar is that it will move the dog’s head and body back towards you every time it tries to pull. 

Many pet parents share that they find it easier to walk their dogs with the Gentle Leader. The neoprene nose loop will teach the dog that it is not going anywhere by pulling. 

One might confuse this Gentle Leader Padded No Pull Dog Headcollar with a dog muzzle. Safe to say that this product is not a dog muzzle, and it is created in such a way to take control of the dog’s head instead of its neck. 

The collar comes in different sizes, starting from petite, suitable for dogs under 5 pounds. Small for dogs up to 25 pounds. Medium size for dogs ranging from 25-60 pounds. Large for dogs weighing 60-130 pounds and extra-large for dogs over 130 pounds. 


Most veterans around the world recommend the product
The padded neoprene nose loop gives maximum comfort to your dog
A minimal amount of strapping is involved in keeping the dog calm
The nylon used in the strap is durable and long-lasting
The collar enables a full range of motions such as barking, eating, play while wearing the collar
The nose loop and quick-neck strap help with easy fitting in minutes


Flat-faced dogs cannot use it
The “O-ring” tends to rust quickly
Dangerous to be used for over-aroused dogs

2. Frisco Solid Nylon Martingale Dog Collar

The Frisco Solid Nylon Martingale Dog Collar is one of the best collars for dogs who tend to slip out of their collars.

Martingale means that it comes with two loops, one that goes around the dog’s neck, which works just like a traditional collar, while the other allows the human to pull when necessary.

The function of the second loop is to tighten the dog without letting it pull; however, it will not choke or cause any unpleasant pain to the dog-like in traditional collars. 

The stylish martingale collar is made of nylon, making the piece highly durable.

Unlike in other collars where you hang all the gadgets in one D collar, Nylon Martingale Collar comes with an additional D collar to attach your dog’s name tag.

The collar comes in multiple sizes and colors, which makes the collar workable with any breed and fashionable. The collar size depends on the dog’s weight. Small size is recommended for dogs weighing 35-50 pounds.

Medium size for dogs ranging from 50-80 pounds. Large for dogs weighing 80-100 pounds. The Frisco Solid Nylon Martingale Dog Collar is considered the best martingale collar. 


The prices are affordable and cheap comparatively
A good range of colors and sizes
The nylon webbing in the collar is lab tested to prove that it can withstand up to seven times the maximum recommended weight for each size 
Martingale style itself is an advantage to dog parents
The nickel-coated hardware gives a polished look to the overall collar
The second loop gives extra control
The collar is ideal for dogs with narrower heads that slip out of their collars
It can be easily cleaned with the help of some detergent.


Not recommended for tie-out, off-leash play, or use with retractable leashes

3. Sporn Dog Halter

Sporn Dog Halter No Pull Collar is one of the unique no-pull collars.

The collar is ideal for dog parents who don’t like to have collars around the dog’s neck that choke the dog. 

Sporn Dog Halter Collar exerts pressure around the two front limbs of the dog, stopping the dog from pulling. The collar will be worn around the dog’s front limbs.

This is considered as one of the most efficient and effective collars in training dogs.

The collar stands out because of its convenient feature of converting the collar into a normal one if the pull function is not needed. 

A few things you might want to consider before using the collar is the fitting of the collar. Sporn Dog Halter needs to be tightly fitted to your dog. If not, the dog can easily wriggle out of the collar.

Secondly, the tightening clip on the dog leash is not the most durable. However, the company gives a lifetime guarantee which makes it hassle-free to get the clip replaced. 

The product is made of high-quality braided cord and nylon webbing. Sizes are available for dogs from 5 pounds to 130 pounds. Small collar is recommended for dogs weighing 5-20 pounds.

Medium size collar is for dogs weighing 20-50 pounds. Large size collar is for 50-90 pounds dogs and extra-large is for dogs ranging from 90-130 pounds. 


Puts zero risk of choking, unlike in traditional collars
Stop dog pulling with minimal effort
Ideal for dogs who pull excessively
Immediately stops the dog on tracks without causing pain to the neck
Lifetime guarantee


High chances of escaping if the collar is not fitted correctly
Issues relating to the tightening clips

4. 2 Hounds Design Freedom No Pull Dog Harness

Alisha, the founder of this dog harness, invented this product for her two retired Greyhounds.

2 Hounds Design Freedom No Pull Dog Harness is not just an ordinary leash. 

The dog harness comes with a patented loop that sits in between your dog’s shoulders.

The dog collar is attached to the harness from the back of the shoulder blades and the front of the chest. This gives more control over the dog when it’s pulling.

Out of normal dog harnesses in the market, this Freedom No Pull Dog Harness stands out because of its unique design and will help you eliminate dog pulls in no time.

This is one of the most innovative and best dog harnesses. 

Freedom No Pull Dog collar

Many other reasons make this product one of the best collars. First off, the dog harness helps in maintaining a correct posture throughout. 

Also, the harness is made out of soft violet velvet lining, which makes the product exceptionally comfortable for the dog. There is absolutely no discomfort, and your dog will enjoy the little evening stroll. 

When your fur buddy pulls while walking, the harness will exert pressure on the dog’s chest, making it stop. The harness discourages the “opposition reflex,” opposition reflex is the dog’s reflex to pull against the pressure exerted when walking.

For example, if the dog is walking towards the road and you hold your dog, the opposition reflex is the dog’s tendency to walk towards the road, despite the pressure exerted by you.

The dog harness will not cause any choking or coughing as it does not deal with the dog’s neck area. This collar fits dogs from 15 pounds to 200 pounds. Any dog within this range can use the collar. 

However with the number of straps involved, you might wonder if it will cause any sores to develop from rubbing and chafing. I am more than happy to say that the harness will not cause any unpleasant experience for the dog. 


The two buckles on the strap make it easier to adjust
Easy to put on and take off from the dog
Great control because of both front and back support
Does not involve any choking or coughing
Any dog breed can use it
Option of quick release


It cannot be used for running and hiking
Sometimes the leash tends to get twisted

5. PetSafe Easy Walk No Pull Dog Harness

The PesSafe Easy Walk No Pull Dog Harness is used by many dog owners. The minimalist design makes the harness very light and comfortable.

Easy Walk harness does not go around your dog’s neck. This leaves no worry in dealing with choking or coughing. The harness goes around the dog’s chest area. 

When the dog pulls the harness, it will draw back your dog’s attention towards you.

The harness is attached to a martingale loop, which helps direct the dog.

The harness is not very complicated, so many pet owners prefer it.

PetSafe Easy Walk No Pull Dog Harness

The strap underneath the dog’s belly is made in a different color, making it easier for pet owners to identify which part goes where when setting up the harness. 

This is one of the best harnesses on the market to take control of your pet and guide him conveniently and efficiently. Petsafe Easy Walk harness comes in many sizes and colors, making it stand out from a regular collar. 

However, restless dogs tend to break through the harness. You have to be mindful to introduce the dog harness gently without drastically changing your dog’s lifestyle. Though the harness is made of nylon, it is not indestructible. 

Therefore, dog parents need to be patient and progressive when introducing dog harnesses. 

Sizing of the collar ranges from petite to extra large. Below charted is the size guide in relation to Easy Walk No Pull Dog Harness. 

Collar Size Chart


Comfortable fit with minimal strapping
Quick and Easy fit
Teaches better leash manners
Easy-grip to handle
Fully adjustable to fit any dog breed
The harness does not interfere with the dog’s movements 
Quick snap shoulder and belly straps 


Adjusting the size for smaller dogs could be tricky with the type of design involved with the harness

6. Rabbitgoo Dog Harness

The Rabbitgoo Dog Harness is used by dog owners who cannot control the feisty, naughty uncontrollable brats.

This harness is different from all the other types because of its unique design.

It has two D rings in the back and the front, giving you better control to handle the pet. 

Dog trainers prefer this type of dog harness because of the amount of control you could take over.

The harness comes with two sturdy metal strap attachments on either front and back contact points.

The no-pull no choke design is attractive since most dog parents are concerned about the dog’s final look while on leash.

Rabbitgoo Dog Harness

On-leash behavior will develop with time when using a Rabbitgoo Dog Harness. The front leash attachment and the leash clip take over complete control of the dog’s entire body. 

If you are a dog owner who often uses a dog harness, this harness is one of the best because of its easy-to-use-back-buckle design. 

Rabbitgoo No Pull Dog Harness is measured and fitted by the neck girth and chest girth. Make sure you measure your dog’s specifics before buying the perfect size for the dog. 


The bright straps on the harness offer visibility for nighttime walks
No Chock design prevents injury to the dog
Suitable for any dog type as this is an adjustable harness
The harness can be easily set up on the dog
Snug fit for your dog
Padded, breathable, and comfortable
Safety colors are available


No Martingale loop
Some dogs wiggle out of the harness quickly
Only available in 4 sizes

7. Country Brook Petz – Martingale Heavy Duty Nylon Dog Collar

Country Brook Petz- Martingale Heavy Duty Nylon Dog Collar is another popular martingale collar.

This is one of the best collars to avoid dog pulling. The Martingale collars were explicitly used on Greyhounds, but the collar was used to prevent pulling dogs of all breeds with time. 

The martingale technique used in these collars prevents the dog from choking, making it safe for all dog breeds. 

Dog trainers recommend a martingale collar as a better option than a prong collar. The collar is designed to stop your pup from slipping out. 

Country Brook Petz Martingale Heavy Duty Nylon Dog Collar

What makes this collar unique is that the collar is a flat collar with minimal strapping; however, about a third of the length of the collar is essentially a loop of fabric with a D ring attached.

The collar offers better protection and comfort to the dog. 

With practice, your dog will stop pulling, and the dog’s tendency to jump or lung will eventually stop. The Martingale Heavy Duty Nylon Dog Collar is by far the most popular dog collar for pulling because of the positive reviews made by pet owners. 


Martingale style gives you gentle control over your dog
Silk and soft nylon webbing will keep your dog comfortable
No buckle is involved making it perfect for training
Nickel-plated superior hardware for superior strength.
Durability is very high
Stylish and unique colors make it very fashionable
Easy to clean and even machine washable


It may be a little smaller when worn by large dogs

8. HALTI Optifit Headcollar

An animal behaviorist designed this Halti Optifit Headcollar.

The use of halters in horses inspired the headcollar. This is different from a regular collar. 

Head halters are used as a dog training tool by controlling the dog’s face instead of chain collars or prong collars. 

The collar goes around the dog’s snout, resting near the eyes. The harness attaches under the mouth.

When the dog pulls, the head collar will take control of the dog by stopping him and directing him towards you. 

HALTI Optifit Headcolla

Choke collars and prong collars exert pressure on the dog’s neck by causing damage to the dog’s trachea. However, head halters are perfect for stopping a pulling dog who is a little more stubborn than the rest. 

Fit dogs who tend to have unruly behavior are a little hard to manage with regular collars, so here’s the perfect solution. 

The Halti head harness is lightweight and lined with neoprene for added comfort. It will not cause any discomfort to the dog while walking. 

The Halti collar stands out from other collars because of the padding used. It also allows a lot of room for the dogs. Your furry buddy could comfortably yawn, pant, eat, drink, or play with its toys. 

The drawback I would like to stress is that the Halti Optifit collar is not for all dogs. This might not be very helpful for inexperienced dog owners. 

It requires a certain amount of practicing in dog walking and dog training to make maximum use of the head halter. You can speed the process with positive reinforcements, such as giving treats correctly when they wear the head halter. 

People who lack knowledge on the specifics of collars that you may encounter might think the head halter is a dog’s muzzle which ain’t true. It is the same as a training collar or no-pull collar. It does the same job. It is harmless. 

The headcollar sizes range from small to large. Small sizes for 12-15.5 inches neck sizes. Medium size for 15-20 inches neck sizes and large collar size for 19-27 inches neck sizes. 


Trains the dog faster than other collars or head harnesses
Chances of more minor injuries as it takes control of the dog’s face
It can be used for correction and obedience training by giving commands and guiding them through
Padded nylon material provides excellent comfort to the dog
The head collar comes with an adjustable chin strap and reflective cheek straps
Easy fit
Fashionable as it comes in different colors


Dogs take a considerable amount of time to get used to head halters
Carefully select the size as the sizes of head halters are not universal
If the dog is stronger than you, it is highly likely to escape the head halter

Quick Brainstorm for Better Understanding! 

A black color labrador dog wearing a pulling collar

What Are No Pull Dog Collars? 

As much as we like to go on long walks with our pet friends, it gets incredibly frustrating when your over-enthusiastic dog pulls every time. 

By pulling what I mean is trying to move towards what attracts them on the road. This could be a tiny creature, a moving cat, or even a vehicle. 

These are different from a traditional or prong collar. Collars that are not designed for pulling are not recommended as they can hurt or cause injury to your pup. 

No Pull dog collars essentially help with dog pulling. It will restrain the dog’s body using different techniques. There are many types of collars for pulling. 

However, not every no pull technique will suit your dog. You must be mindful and identify which method works the best for your pup. 

Types of No Pull Dog Collars 

Types of No Pull Dog Collars

The types of no-pull collars are categorized according to the kind of technique used in the collar. 

Front or Back Harness

This harness has two mounting points. The first one is often on the back or top, and the second is located in the front. These are the most common types out of all. This type provides better control of the pulling, and thereon stops pulling efficiently. 

Head Harness Or Head Collar 

This type is often confused with dog muzzles. Head harnesses are efficient if you are a well-trained person in handling dogs. The head collar has a strap with a quick-release buckle attached which goes around the dog’s snout. 

Martingale Collars

I would say a Martingale Collar is the best dog collar for pulling. It does not involve any type of choking or coughing. This is used by many pet sitting companies as well. The collar deals with the dog’s neck, but the no pull technique is affiliated with a D collar. 

Dog Harnesses 

Dog harnesses are different from dog collars. The collars for pulling mostly go around the neck, whereas a harness goes around the dog’s whole body. Certain products have put together the dog collar and harness to create more effective no pull products. 

Prong Collars 

Prong Collars are fearsome and considered a torture device. However, the collar fits comfortably on the dog, but the pain is inflicted when the dog pulls. This type of painful devices are never recommended by veterinary professionals and animal behaviorists. 

There are many types of collars that are less painful and effective in dog training as opposed to prong collars. 

How To Pick The Best No Pull Dog Collar?

A dog wearing a collar and pulling leash

All of us genuine dog lovers want the best for our furry friends. This is why finding the best dog collar or dog harness is essential. Here are a few harness features you should consider when choosing a good no pull training collar. 


The material plays an important role. Certain materials used in collars cause irritations and rashes on your dog’s skin. 


It will always be better to purchase a no-pull dog collar that is adjustable. Dogs grow pretty fast, and the adjustability will come in handy, and it will avoid the cost of purchasing multiple collars every time your pup grows. 

Most importantly, ill-fitting harnesses or collars will cause long-term injuries to your dog. 

Quick-Release Buckle

The quick-release buckle allows you to unbuckle the dog from the no-pull collar conveniently. This is important to have, especially in emergencies.

Underbody Protection 

Dog’s underbody area needs extra protection when wearing harnesses. Thin straps could easily make cuts.

Therefore, it is vital to buy a good woolen harness to prevent your dog’s legs from becoming sore.

How Does a Pull Dog Collar Work?

The technique used in pulling dog collars is not used in many dog collars. The dog’s collar is specifically designed to avoid pulling, lunging, or jumping while walking.

No pull dog collars are designed to draw your dog’s attention towards you every time it pulls. The no-pull collars are also intended to train leash pulling and to avoid it from continuing. .


Final Thoughts! 

Suppose you are still here with me on this article, great! You know everything you need to know about no-pull collars and harnesses. 

Purchase the right and most suitable dog collar for pulling. Ensure the collar does not cause any strangulation, limb or mouth injury, skin rashes, or neck damage. 

As for collar safety tips, make sure you can place your thumb between the neck and collar; I call it a perfect fit. If your whole hand fits in between, it means that the collar is too loose.

If you cannot place your thumb, probably the collar is too tight and eventually will cause general discomfort to your dog. 

With good training sessions and lots of love, you can train your dog to walk better without pulling. This will make both your and your pen-friend’s life much easier. GOOD LUCK! 

PetSafe Gentle Leader Padded No Pull Dog collar



Overall Score


Most veterans around the world recommend the product
The padded neoprene nose loop gives maximum comfort to your dog
A minimal amount of strapping is involved in keeping the dog calm
The nylon used in the strap is durable and long-lasting
Get the BEST PRICE valid until the end of July
Flat-faced dogs cannot use it

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