11 Best Dog Crates for Small Dog Breeds (Updated in 2024)

Last Updated on June, 2024

“Hey, can you send me the best dog crate for my Shih Tzu? Thanks!”

I remember gazing at this text message, not knowing the answer, being YOU, at that time.

A few weeks later, I knew everything to pick the best dog crates for small dogs. 

That’s why you’re in the right place to know the answer. But why trust me?

Editor’s Choice
Impact Collapsible crate Product Image
IMPACT Collapsible
Build Quality






Overall Score


#2nd Best Choice
Midwest iCrate product image
Midwest iCrate
Build Quality






Overall Score


#3rd Best Choice
Petmate Precision Pet ProValu Product image
Petmate Precision
Build Quality






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Why Trust Me?

At iPetGuides, I always shortlist about 20 crates and bring the list down to about 10-12 options. We buy them and test them ourselves.

When you combine the test results with the opinions of our friends who are small dog parents, I can assure you that this really is the best source to buy the best crate for your small dog.

Since it’s ranked, too, let’s start with the best: Impact’s collapsible crate.

11 Best Crates Suitable for Smaller Dogs 

1. IMPACT Collapsible Dog Crate

Impact’s collapsible dog crate is the best for your small dog for many reasons.

For starters, this USA-made crate folds flat (completely collapsible); can be set up in just 60 seconds. It also has two strategically placed military-grade handles to skyrocket portability convenience. 

With that convenience comes the small-dog-suitability as the crate comes in six sizes, varying lengths between 30″ to 54″

Personalization doesn’t stop there; you can buy the crate in six colors, including black.

But I liked the gray one better.

This crate is designed to keep even the most determined dog inside; it is anything but a rugged crate made from premium aluminum.

You’ll be delighted to know that the crate is safely perforated with rounded-diamond-shaped air holes for the best air ventilation too. 

When you combine that with the easy-to-use latched door, this metallic crate brings all the peace of mind to dog owners.

Not only that, but you can also buy Impact’s collapsible crate with a lifetime warranty, free exchanges, and free shipping. The cherry on top is that this crate ships assembled.

I don’t need to tell you this is the best crate for small dogs; you know it already is.

Get to know more about this crate through this review.


Perfectly sized crate
Well-covered for superior comfort
100% collapsible dog crates
Sets up in 60 seconds
Higher portability with military-grade handles
It comes in six colors 
Superior ventilation with rounded-diamond-shaped airholes
Strong lockable door
Free shipping
Free exchanges
Lifetime warranty
Ships assembled


A bit heavier since it’s a metallic crate

2. Midwest iCrate

If you can’t find Impact’s collapsible crate, MidWest’s iCrate is the ideal substitute for that.

The crate comes in eight sizes, from 18 to 48 inches. So, the crate clearly fits your dog. Not only that, each size comes with a crate divider for any growing puppy.

Being a completely metallic crate, iCrate is safe enough. But you probably shouldn’t expect the resilience of the Impact crate. After all, iCrate is the lightest wire crate under the Midwest brand.

But a silver lining similarity to Impact’s crate would be collapsibility. iCrate folds flat and expands without any tools. 

It folds into one piece, and you can lock it so it doesn’t unfold. You also get one or two (depending on the model) carrying handles.

This high-quality crate is coated with a black electro-coated finish. And cleaning accidents by your small dogs is easier thanks to the ABS waterproof plastic dog tray that you can remove.

With rounded crate corners and the general build quality, this crate is an amazing, safe space for all small breeds.


The lightest MidWest crate
Comes in eight sizes
Each size has a divider panel
100% collapsible dog crates
Electro-coated finish for durability
ABS waterproof removable pan
Carrying handles for easier moving
Easy to assemble


Might need a crate cover
Doesn’t have a warranty

3. Precision Pet ProValu

My second alternative for Impact’s crate is PetMate’s ProValu crate. I’ll just call it the ‘Precision crate’ to make reading clearer.

The precision crate comes in only one size: 19″ L x 12″ W x 14″ H weighing 8.8 lbs. So, ensure the size works for your dog. 

You’ll notice this is somewhat close to a traditional wire crate, but it’s so not.

The door system of this Precision crate is impressive. It features a patented 5-point locking system. Its purpose is to eliminate gaps in the door’s top, sides, and middle. That’s why it’s so strong.

With strength comes reliable safety, too — trust me, your little troublemaker NEEDS that.

PetMate has prioritized durability immensely. The rust-resistant electro-coat is another example of that. Unlike many soft-sided crates, this coat makes the crate last much longer in outdoor settings.

You also get a polypropylene pan for easier cleaning and also a divider panel.

On top of all this, this is a double-door model crate whose second door is on the top.

All these features collectively work together to ensure your dog is content and safe. It’s one of the best collapsible dog crates.


Very lightweight.
5-point locking system for secure locking.
Rust-resistant electro-coated crate.
Removable plastic pan for easy cleaning.
It comes in six colors
Superior ventilation with rounded-diamond-shaped airholes
Strong locked door for better crate training.
Free shipping


A bit heavier since it’s a metallic crate
Not recommendable for aggressive dogs 

4. Diggs Revol Dog Crate

Diggs’ Revol crate is pretty unique, and its features make the crate suitable for smaller dogs.

For starters, the crate comes in four sizes with crate lengths of 25″ to 44″. Personalization is higher thanks to the three colors it comes in.

The Revol crate is a mixture of premium plastic and metallic parts. That explains its lightweight nature too. On top of that, the crate folds flat and is quite travel-friendly thanks to the well-placed handle at the top.

The lock is placed at the top right to make sure dogs can’t reach it easily. Although not extremely strong, it’s a decent lock.

Your dog won’t be uncomfortable as it has a removable tray for easy clean-up. 

Diggs Revol Crate

Using the crate is even easier, thanks to the dual-door system. The double doors consist of the standard swing door and the garage door.

I personally loved the overall wire-crate-like build quality with diamond-shaped mesh that ensures safety. It looks safe, and it works safe too.

Your small dog can comfortably spend their days inside this crate with a fully opening single door. The Revol crate truly sets a new standard for dog management for dog owners.

Interested to know more details about the Diggs Dog Crate? Check out our in-depth Diggs Crate review.


Multiple size options
Comes in three colors
Fully collapsible
Easily movable with carrying handles
Removable tray for easier cleaning
Diamond-shaped mesh for higher safety
Double door design for easier moving
Secure latch


Not as strong as a fully metallic crate
Doesn’t have a lifetime warranty


Gunner makes amazing dog kennels, and their G1 crate is crowned as the world’s safest travel crate, and it suits smaller dogs amazingly.

This crate is 5-star crash tested and is the only double-walled rotomolded crate in the market. 

Your small dog will experience maximum comfort thanks to the element-repellant windows and its special materialistic capabilities; 12% cooler and 20% less energy to stay warm.

The comfort factor further increases thanks to the removable drainage plug. Your dog can sit comfortably on the recessed floor until you pull that plug and let the water out.

Gunner G1 Crate

The reversible door with the powerful lock ensures safety. The backup latches increase that. The wreck-proof Aluminum frame complimented the door system, unlike most other crates.

Crate training will be easier as it’s a well-covered crate.

Since it’s a travel-friendly crate, you’ll notice its features like built-in tie-down pins, strong carry handles, a wider base, and even non-slip feet

This USA-made feature-packed crate comes in four sizes and five colors.

With a lifetime guarantee, this virtually indestructible crate is another great crate option for your dog.

Chechout the comprehensive review of Gunner G1 dog crate here.


Comes in four main sizes & five colors
Element-repellent windows are 12% cooler and need 20% less energy to stay warm
Removable drainage plug and recessed floor for easy cleaning
Powerful aluminum frame with metallic door
Strong carry handles for easier carrying
Built mainly as a travel crate with tie-down pins & non-slip feet
American made
Lifetime guarantee


Not a collapsible crate
Not a metallic crate

6. Lucky Dog® Dwell

The next alternative is the Lucky Dog Dwell crate.

It’s not one of the traditional wire crates, although it looks like one. 

For starters, it has exceptionally smooth double-panel sliding doors.

Additionally, it has a second typical door for easy access. Double-door systems are great for small breeds.

The super-secure door latch system ensures security, and it also has a carrying handle for secure moving.

Although it comes in five sizes from 24″ to 48″ length, you can choose a smaller size for small dogs.

Lucky Dog® Dwell

Being collapsible, the Lucky Dog Dwell small crate features patented, easy-snap corner stabilizers to prevent unwanted crate collapsing.

The build quality of this dog kennel is terrific, thanks to the rust-resistant frame. There’s no way a dog can chew and damage the frame, unlike with a soft-sided crate.

It’s a relief that you can pay with 4 interest-free installments with ShopPay.

Lucky Dog Dwell crate might not be as good as Impact’s collapsible crate, but it sure delivers enough as an alternative.


Durable metallic wire crate
Double door system with strong door latch system
100% collapsible
Available in five sizes
Carrying handle for easier moving
Patented snap-on corners stabilizers to avoid unnecessary collapsing.
Sliding door for smooth operation
Purchasable with 4 interest-free installments


Doesn’t have a covered bottom
The crate would collapse without corner stabilizers


Rock Creek’s aluminum crate might work for you if you’re into colorful crates.

The personalization factor is quite higher, with seven colorful colors and four sizes. For your small dog, the smallest you get is a 30″ crate — double-check the dimensions.

Looking similar to Impact’s collapsible crate, this crate also has a dependable beefy door accompanied by a main latch and two secondary butterfly latches.

That’s not all; there’s optimal hexagonal ventilation all around the crate. 

Did you know that Rock Creek’s aluminum crate was the only crate with an internally welded frame?


That skyrockets the strength. The cherry on top is recessed and easy-to-carry handles.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that your dog will love this crate. But one clear downside is that it is not collapsible. But it comes fully assembled with a 10-year warranty.

Rock Creek’s aluminum crate is truly unique as a substitute crate.


Multi-color and multi-size crates for smaller dogs
Single door with main latch and secondary latches
Robust internally welded aluminum frame
Optimal hexagonal ventilation
Stackable corner guards
Recessed handles for easy carrying
10-year warranty


Not a collapsible crate
Doesn’t have a drainage plug

8. Fable Crates

As soon as you land on their product page, you’re eligible for a 15% discount; take it.

The Fable crate is different and suitable for smaller dogs for many reasons. The main one is that it’s a wooden crate, a crate/end-table home decor item.

You can get two surface finishes, and three sizes whose smallest is 24.5″ deep x 18″ wide x 20.5″ high, and the largest is 40.2″ deep x 28″ wide x 29.2″ high.

Although the crate has no strong lockable door, it has an innovative gate. This can be either whitish or acrylic (transparent). I loved how these ‘gates’ can be slid into the top of the crate to save space.

Fable crates have 360 ventilation with rounded square ventilation holes. These holes are present in the gates too.

Fable Dog Crate

One reason why I felt hesitant is that Fable doesn’t accept returns. On top of that, the limited-edition walnut finish crate takes up to 5 months to arrive.

I wouldn’t say it’s chew-proof, as some smaller dogs can truly be hyperactive. But for a well-tamed, calm small dog breeds, the Fable crate is yet another great alternative.

Read our comprehensive review of the Fable crate.


Wooden crate with two surface finishes
Crate gates can be bought transparent
Home-decor wooden furniture build quality
Optimal hexagonal ventilation
Stackable corner guards
Recessed handles for easy carrying
10-year warranty


Not returnable, just in case.
The gate doesn’t have a lock.

9. Aspen Pet Traditional Kennel

Is it a crate or a bucket, you may ask, and my answer is that it’s a mixture. This is the Aspen Pet’s traditional kennel.

Unlike traditional metallic crates, the Aspen crate is made from premium plastic. Not just any plastic but 90% pre-consumer plastics, making it an amazingly eco-friendly product.

Usually, plastic kennels aren’t that recommendable for large dogs, but we’re considering small dogs, so it’s all good.

This special crate comes in one size of 28″ L x 20″ W x 20.5″ H dimensions and one color, gray. The recommendation is for dogs weighings between 20-30 lbs.

Aspen Pet Traditional Kennel

You can clearly see how all of its nuts and bolts are plastic too. This and the PVC frame eliminate the risk of rusting.

The Aspen crate has a dependable mesh door with one lock. Once again, it’s strong enough to keep a well-tamed dog. After all, it has perfect 360 ventilation for the best comfort.

With one year limited warranty, this USA-made Aspen crate is definitely recommendable.


Adequately spacious with one size and one color
Made from durable and premium plastic
Mesh door with a dependable lock
360 ventilation for the best comfort
One-year limited warranty
Made in the USA


Not collapsible
They are not as strong as metallic crates

10. AmazonBasics Foldable Metal Wire Dog Crate

Amazonbasics is recognized for producing budget-friendly cages. Their foldable metal crate definitely suits your dog.

This is a traditional wire crate that comes in six impressive sizes from 22 “L x 13” W x 16 “H and 48 “L x 30” W x 32.5 “H. The crate’s value goes higher as you can buy all these crates with a crate divider.

The gap between each metal wire is 15mm, which makes the crate immune to wire bending. This build quality is complemented by a door accompanied by a dependable lock.

What about portability? The crate is collapsible, and you get a top carry handle

AmazonBasics Foldable Metal Wire Dog Crate

Your small dog’s comfort is further guaranteed with optimal ventilation by design and the removable plastic tray for easier cleaning. 

However, pet parents must remember that the Amazonbasics crate is designed for indoor use. This limits the occasions of usage, undeniably.

For a standard wire crate, Amazonbasics crate delivers enough as long as you’re comfortable with its limitations.


Multiple sizes from 22″ to 48″ in length
Made from durable metal
Simple single-door mechanism
Dependable plastic lock
Optimal ventilation and visibility
Removable plastic tray for easier cleaning


Not a well-covered crate
Suitable only for indoor use

11. Carlson Pink Metal Dog Crate

I know some dog parents love cute pinkish crates. Luckily, I found a solution for that need for smaller dogs with the Carlson pink crate.

This crate comes in one standard size, 24 “L x 18” W x 19 “H, and it fits the smaller dog’s size requirement.

As the product name says, it’s an all-pink crate. But don’t let the color fool you; it’s made from durable alloy steel.

Certified to both JPMA and ASTM standards, this crate folds flat easily for easier transportation. 

The cherry on top of this design is the durable lock accompanied by well-spaced wires. With that comes the slide-out tray for easier cleaning.

Carlson Pink Metal Dog Crate

Coming at a very low price, this crate lacks several performance features compared to crates like Impact’s collapsible crate and Gunner G1. 

But as for the last recommendation, it performs impressively. 


One standard size for easier choosing.
All-pink attractive crate.
Made from alloy steel for long durability.
Dependable multi-point metal lock.
100% foldable easily.
Removable plastic tray for easier cleaning.


Not suitable for anxious dogs
No warranty.

Buying Guide for the Best Small Dog Crate

A small puppy is peeking out of a yellow crate

Buying smaller crates is not the same as buying regular ones. You can follow this buying guide so you can evaluate a potential crate better.

  • Pick a size that covers the entire growth, ensuring they can stand up, turn around, and lie down comfortably, not too small or too large.
  • The material has to be sturdy and durable to withstand your small dog’s activity level.
  • Pay close attention to the safety and security features at all times — ventilation, locks, and smooth interior.
  • Consider how easily portable it is with carrying handles and carrying orientation too.
  • Build quality & design is important as most pet parents like pleasant-looking crates.
  • Get an easily cleanable crate that makes your life easy

Next, let me teach you how to measure your dog for the perfect crate size.

If you want to get to know the overall best kennels on the market, checkout this article.

How to Measure Your Dog for the Perfect Dog Crate Size?

All dogs must have enough space in their cage. Measuring that is actually simpler than you’d expect. 

Measurement #1: Measure the distance from the dog’s nose tip to the tail’s base. Add a few inches to this measurement, and this is a potential crate length.

Measurement #2: Measure the distance from the standing floor to the tip of their ears when raised up. Remember that the dog must be standing. Add a few inches to this measurement, and this is your potential crate height.

Measurement #3: Measure the width of your dog’s torso and add twice as the extra inches as you did for crate length and height. This is your crate width.

You can consider these numbers and get a matching size. It’s always best to avoid getting crates based on weight too. 

Just to be on the safe side, check if the manufacturer has their own sizing guide.

You can also checkout our crate size guide.

How to Use a Smaller Dog Crate? Crate Training 101 

A french bulldog laying in a cage

Your dog doesn’t know what to do with the crate, and it’s your job to make it to your advantage and get them well crate trained.

Let me walk you through it.

Step 1: Let them explore the crate on their own.

Step 2: start bringing the feeding bowl near the crate gradually. 

Step 3: Place treats and toys inside the crate and let them go inside. 

Step 4: After they start going inside, practice a phrase like “go to bed” or “go to crate”.

Step 5: close the crate door for brief periods, and praise and treat the dog for being calm. 

Step 6: increase the closed-door time while continuing appraisals and treats.

Step 7: After playtime, evening walks, and showers, take them to the crate. 

Step 8: keep the door closed, get away from it, and increase their alone time. 

As you go, you’ll notice how your smaller dog prefers to use the crate as if it’s their own place. That’s the plan, and it’s not difficult when you’re patient and understanding.

Now that it’s done, how would I rate the top 3?

In Conclusion

Accompanying your small dog with a crate is one of the best investments. It keeps them safe and brings you peace of mind — that’s the whole purpose of it.

But with a crate like Impact’s Collapsible Crate, you can ensure that one crate does it all and beyond. Its features make the crate the hallmark of dependable crates for small dogs.

So, I hope you make the right one-time investment, and this review was helpful!


Crate training smaller dogs is not difficult; following instructions makes it an easy process.

Yes, smaller dogs should be crated as it encourages good behavior and contributes to an overall comfortable environment.

The best crate for smaller dogs is Impact’s collapsible crate, which offers resilient and comfort-focused features.

Smaller dogs should only be crated for as long as they willingly stay in the crate, but no longer than 6-8 hours without any interaction.

IMPACT Collapsible Dog Crate
Impact Collapsible crate Product Image
Build Quality






Overall Score


Well-covered for superior comfort
100% collapsible crate
Higher portability with military-grade handles
Free shipping
Lifetime warranty
Get the BEST PRICE valid until the end of June
A bit heavier since it’s a metallic crate

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