7 Best Shock Collar for Long Haired Dogs With Thick Fur 2024

Last Updated on June, 2024

Are you constantly worried about how to train your extra-furry friend? It is quite normal for pet owners to think that long-haired pets may not respond well to the use of shock collars during training. 

Yet, there is no need to worry as there are plenty of good shock collars out there that work well on even the hairiest dogs.

Here I have rounded up the 10 best shock collars for long-haired dogs. If you have an extra-furry friend, make sure you check out this list before buying a remote dog training collar.

In this review, you can find high-quality collars and budget options that serve the purpose.

Editor’s Choice
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Pet Resolve




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#2nd Best Choice
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Halo 2+




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#3rd Best Choice
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10 of the Best Shock Collars for Long-Haired Dogs

Although you’re not a professional dog trainer, training your dog need not be stressful if you’ve got the right tools in hand with you. 

Traditional shock collars are perfect to use to train your pet. Read on to learn the features and benefits of the best shock collars out there to help you make an informed decision. 

1. Pet Resolve Dog Training Collar (Editor’s Choice)

Pet Resolve, when it comes to dog training collars, is at the top of the pack, be it for long-haired dogs, short-haired, or any size of dog. 

Finding a training collar isn’t easy, especially when you have a dog with long hair, and even if you find one, the chances are that most won’t be as reliable if the contact point isn’t in proper contact with the dog’s neck. 

Pet Resolve has taken that into consideration and comes with extra long prongs in the box, which itself makes it a perfect fit for long-haired dogs. 

Speaking of fit, the size of dogs that can fit into the collar is also an important factor to consider. If your dog is 15 lbs or more, Pet Resolve will slip in effortlessly.

Having said that, proper measurement of the dog’s neck is important for a proper fit; otherwise, the collar may not work properly. 

With all that out of the way, what about the performance of the collar?

That is what we’re about to take a look at next. 

A training collar without training modes is like a fancy hat without a head to wear it on – a pointless accessory that leaves everyone scratching their heads (but not the dog’s)! 

Pet Resolve has three; Beep, Vibration, and Shock; these are typical, but what isn’t typical is the adjustable intensity levels both vibration and shock have. Pet Resolve allows you to pick among ten intensity levels based on the behavior of your dog. 

Higher levels of feedback can come in super handy if your dog doesn’t seem to obey your commands. That said, lower levels are more than enough when you’re just getting started. This is the benefit of having multiple training modes and levels; you’re covered all around. 

While we’re on the topic of getting covered all around, the range is another area where Pet Resolve excels. The receiver can send corrections to the dog wearing the collar even if it’s 3936 feet away; that is one of the highest coverage in a Dog training collar. 

Having that amount of range makes Pet Resolve ideal not only during training, hiking, and even hunting trips become a breeze. 

Pet Resolve nails the essentials when it comes to the training department. However, it’s more than just a training collar. 

If your dog is a barking banshee, Pet Resolve can help you with that. You can simply turn it into a full-on bark collar. Tap and hold the button on the collar, and that’s it. The collar will take care of your dog’s barking from there; your input is not needed. 

Another aspect that might come in handy if you own more than one dog is Pet Resolve’s multi-dog capability.

You can train max of three dogs with just one remote with Pet Resolve; this makes the hassle of training multiple dogs much easier. 

All that, even though not everything, is enough to separate Pet Resolve from the pack. Everything about it is top-notch, and if you want the perfect device to train your long-haired dog, you’re looking at the best here. 


  • Built-in LED light
  • Waterproof collar and splashproof remote
  • Memory function that remembers the modes used before turning off
  • The shock function can be removed completely, making the collar vibration only
  • One-year warranty


Excellent build quality
Comfortable collar
Good battery life with 50 to 60 hours of runtime
Killer range
Straightforward to use
Multi-dog system
The collar receiver cannot be turned off by the remote


The collar receiver cannot be turned off by the remote

2. HALO 2+ Shock Collar (#2nd Best Choice)

Literally, everything you need to train your dog and, on top of that, keep it safe. Halo 2+ hands you everything!

Made in partnership with the World Renowned Dog Trainer Cesar Millan, Halo 2+ is without a doubt the best Dog Training Collar available, no matter if you have a dog with long hair or no hair at all. 

There’s a lot to this collar; let’s start with its training features.

First and foremost, Halo 2+ fits dogs with a neck size of 11 in. to a maximum of 30.5 in. (28 cm to 77.5 cm).

That makes it suitable for most small dogs and large dogs. 

With that, the collar is not operated with a remote like most other dog training collars, you’ll need to download the Halo app on your mobile phone, and that is where you’ll be able to take control of the system.

That takes away the need to carry a remote everywhere you go. For Training, you’ll be able to take advantage of four primary methods, all of which will help you correct your dog.

Tone, Voice, Vibration, and Static Feedback are all four of the training methods in Halo 2+. These many correction options are a rare site when it comes to these types of collars. 

The collar also allows you to adjust the intensity of both the Static Correction and Tone. There’s a maximum of 15 intensity levels to choose from. That itself sets this collar apart from its competition. 

Range is an important aspect when it comes to dog training. A collar with a relatively low range can pose a lot of problems down the line.

What if your dog runs over the allocated range?

In Halo however, there are plenty, a lot to be exact. You need to create a boundary to enjoy maximum range though. To do that, all you have to do is use the Halo app. You can create up to 20 fences, and each can be as big as 6.2 miles.

That is more than any of the collars on this list.These boundaries can not only be used for training but also to keep your dog contained. 

Yes, Halo isn’t just a training collar but also a wireless dog fence and GPS-tracking collar. It has the ability to keep your dog contained in the boundary you’ve created and, on top of that, allows you to keep an eye on your dog’s location 24/7.

No other training collar brings these sorts of features to the table except Halo, clearly an all-rounder. 

Coming back to training, you’ll also get a behavior training program with the purchase of the collar. The program is put together by Cesar Millan. 

The features aren’t the only thing Halo excels in; the Build Quality and Durability are all exceptional. The collar has an IP67 Water and Dust Resistant Rating, enhancing the quality even further. 

Along with that, the Battery Life is top-notch too; you get 21 hours from a single charge, which is excellent. 

With all that said, Halo exceeds expectations with all of its features. But why it isn’t at the top?

Price, Halo, with all its features, is more expensive than any other training collar on this list. 


  • Fits dogs with a Minimum Neck Size of 11 in. to A Maximum of 30.5 in
  • Comes in two colors; Black and White
  • Has 15 Levels of Static Stimulation
  • Provides four primary feedback methods
  • 2 hours charging time and 21 hours runtime
  • 21-Day training program by Cesar Millan
  • Activity Tracking, which will help keep track of your dog’s activities every day and stuff related to its health
  • Comes with beacons in the box that allows you to create keep-away zones while indoors
  • GPS Location Tracking 24/7
  • IP67 Water and Dust Resistant Rating
  • 12-Month Warranty


Training, tracking, and containing, all in one system 
Activity tracking works great
Comfortable with good durability 
Various training options with a training program
Excellent battery life


Not for very small dogs

3. Educator E-Collar Remote Dog Training Collar (#3rd Best Choice)

The Educator E-Collar Remote Training Collar is one of the best shock collars for dogs.

It has an ergonomic handheld device that easily fits even a small hand.

It delivers a tapping sensation instead of a full-blown shock. It just feels like a small nub on the skin, and your dog will not feel an intense shock.

The device has stimulation levels ranging from 1 to 100, ideal for dogs of varying temperament levels.

This dog training collar is also a winner when it comes to the vast range of 5280 ft. it works in.

It allows you to have control over your dog even from a distance.

This collar supports dogs weighing anywhere between 5 to 20 pounds. It is perfect if you have a small pooch or even a large dog. You can use it for night walks with your dog as it comes with a handy flashlight feature.

Its water-resistant feature allows your dog to wear it even on a rainy day or while in the water.The Educator E-Collar Remote Dog Training collar has two sets of contact points that help to fit properly on the dog’s neck, even with its long hair.


  • Selectable stimulation level from 1 to 100 with additional boost stimulus selectable from 1 to 60
  • Delivers a tapping sensation (similar to but stronger than a vibration) instead of an intense shock
  • Two stimulation modes: tone and vibration
  • It fits small and large dogs (5 to 20 pounds)
  • Works in a range of 5280 ft
  • Water-resistant transmitter and collar receiver 
  • Includes a tracking light for use in the dark
  • Shock resistant


Ergonomic design that easily fits the hand
Two sets of contact points to accurately fit on the dog’s neck
A tracking light to locate the dog in the dark


Battery doesn’t last long

4. Dog Care Dog Training Collar

Dog Care Dog Training Collar comes in three stimulation modes: tone, vibration, and shock.

You can use any stimulation depending on your dog’s response.

It has adjustable straps, making it easy to fit around your dog’s neck, irrespective of its long hair.

The remote can control up to three haired-dogs simultaneously, which is a great feature if you have more than one furry pet to train.

It works in a range of approximately 1000 ft., which is a fair distance to keep an eye on your dog when training outdoors.

Dog Care Collar Product Image

The device’s rechargeable battery is also long-lasting, which means you can use it for several training sessions without worrying about losing its battery power.

Its security keypad feature prevents anyone from misoperating the device and creating accidental shocks.


  • Security keypad feature
  • Works in a 1000 ft. range
  • Three training modes: tone, vibration, and shock
  • Stimulation levels ranging from 1 to 99
  • Long-lasting battery life


Adjustable strap
Simultaneous control of multiple dogs
Security keypad feature to prevent accidental shocks
Long-lasting battery


Relatively low range (1000 ft.)

5. Sportdog Brand Sporthunter

Sportdog Brand Sporthunter is perfect for small dogs as its mild shock does not cause harm to this type of dog breed.

The collar fits dogs as small as 8 pounds with neck sizes ranging from 5” to 22”.

The device has eight levels of static stimulation from low to medium and goes up to high.

It also supports tone and vibration stimulation modes.

It means you can find the ideal stimulation level for your dog without causing harm to it with a shocking level that is too intense.

Sportdog Brand Sporthunter

It is a waterproof device that you can use to control many dogs. It works in a range of approximately 1000 ft which is adequate for training your dog out in the field.

Replace Heading:

  • Works in a range of 1000 ft.
  • Waterproof and submersible to 25 ft.
  • Three stimulation modes: tone, vibration, and shock 
  • Supports eight levels of static stimulation
  • Can control multiple dogs simultaneously
  • Supports dogs as small as 8 pounds with neck sizes ranging from 5” to 22”


Simultaneous control of multiple dogs
Can use on small dogs


Higher intensity levels might cause harm to smaller dogs

6. My Pet Command Dog Training Collar

My Pet Command Dog Training Collar works a great distance of 6600 ft.

It is the ideal device to use if you want to train your dog on a large area of land.

It has an adjustable collar with various prongs that is ideal to use on your long-haired pet.

This waterproof collar can stay in up to 3 ft. of water for a long period. 

The collar comes with a flashlight that you can use in the dark if you lose track of your pet.

With the flashlight feature and long-range, this collar is ideal for training hunting dogs out in the field.

You can also use it for any type of uninterrupted dog training.

My Pet Command Dog Training Collar


  • Works in a range of 6600 ft
  • Water-resistant
  • Three stimulation modes: tone, vibration, and shock
  • Up to ten levels of static shock
  • Simultaneous control of up to three dogs
  • Collar fits neck sizes of 8.2” to 26.5”
  • Flashlight feature


Works at a far distance of up to 6600 ft
Can submerge in 3 ft. of water 
Simultaneous control of up to three dogs
Collar fits dogs of varying sizes


Receiver charge usually lasts only a day or two

7. Dogtra 3502ncp Super X

Dogtra 3502ncp Super X dog collar is an excellent choice for an aggressive dog. It is because it is commonly used for working dogs.

These types of dogs usually require higher levels of stimulation.

You can use the same type of stimulation on your aggressive pet. 

The device supports up to 127 levels of stimulation. It has two different types of stimulation: a half-second nick and continuous stimulation up to 12 seconds.

With these features, you can find a stimulation type and level to suit any dog.

Dogtra 3502ncp Super X Product Image

The collar fits dogs of at least 35 pounds and larger. It works in a range of 5280 ft., which has easy outdoor training covering. You can use this device to control at least two dogs simultaneously. 

Replace Heading:

  • Works in a range of 5280 ft
  • Water-resistant
  • Suitable for large dogs that are at least 35 pounds
  • Up to 127 levels of stimulation
  • Two types of stimulation: continuous or momentary shock
  • Can use to control up to two dogs simultaneously


Stimulation works well on even the most aggressive dogs
Works in a large area (5280 ft.)
Can control multiple dogs simultaneously


The battery does not last long
It does not work on small dog breeds

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Shock Collar for Long-Haired Dogs

A girl touching a long haired dog's shock collar

Now that you know of the best shock collars out there for long-hair dogs, is it enough to help you buy the correct one? There are many factors to consider when selecting the correct collar for your dog. Simply knowing the top products will not get you there.

You are about to find out what you need to look out for when buying the best shock collar for your dog. It will ensure that your dog gets the proper training comfortably.

Prong Size

Prong size is one of the important features to look out for when purchasing a dog shock collar for your long-haired buddy. The prongs should be long enough to reach your dog’s neck through its long hair.

If not, your dog will not feel the stimulation and correct its behavior.

Collar Sensitivity

Various dog breeds react differently to stimulation. It mainly depends on your pet’s size. A large pet will need stronger stimulation than a smaller pet who would be fine with tone stimulation.

You need to identify the type of dog you have and purchase a collar with stimulation levels that suits it.


The dog shock collar you choose should have a range of training modes and levels for you to choose from. It will allow you to use the collar on any dog you have. 

If you get a new dog, you can still use the same collar due to this feature. Additionally, some training collars support the control of multiple dogs simultaneously.


The collar size should be adjustable so that your dog can wear it comfortably. A collar too tight will not allow you to train your dog properly as it will be suffering from it and will not respond to your commands.


The best shock collar needs to have long-range control to be a good tool when training dogs. Collar dog training system is all about teaching your dog to respond well in different environments. A greater range means you can train your pet outdoors and still keep watch on it.

Battery Power

A shock collar should have long-lasting batteries that at least last a couple of weeks with a single charge of a few hours. This way, you don’t have to worry about your device switching off in the middle of an outdoor training session.

Dog’s Size

Your dog should be able to wear the collar comfortably around its neck. You need to find a collar that fits its neck size to do this. Various dog shock collars support different neck sizes, so this is something you should look for when you want to purchase an e-collar.

Collar Material

The soft material will not irritate your dog’s coat. Your dog needs to wear the collar for some time while training. Therefore, you should ensure that it is made of a soft and comfortable material.

Training Type

There are different types of training for dogs like ultimate training, hunting training, barking training, etc. Similarly, there are various collars that are meant for each type of training. Know what type of training you want to do with your dog before purchasing an e-collar.

Customer Reviews

The internet is full of customer reviews of various online products, running from the best collars to cheap shock collars for dogs. Check out some of the reviews available for the electronic collars that you find suitable for your dog. 

Compare positive and negative reviews of people who have used these collars and decide for yourself.

How Does a Shock Collar Work?

a human using the remote of a shock collar

Shock collars work by sending electric shocks through metal contact points. You use a controlling device to trigger a static shock to the skin on your dog’s neck from these metal contacts.

With multiple training modes and variable intensity levels, you have control over the strength of the electric shock. It can vary from a mild tingling sensation to a shock, depending on the stimulation and type, and levels of selection.

E-collars should not accidentally shock your dog in any way. Some collars come with a security lock feature to avoid this situation. Ideally, a good shock collar should have batteries that last at least 15 days per charge. Charging should only take a few hours at most.

Check out our complete guide on “how does a dog shock collar work

How to Use a Dog Shock Collar?

Simply using a shock collar and training your dog will not be helpful. You need to use it correctly to reap its many benefits.

Keep these things in mind when you train your furry friends with e-collars:

  • Always start with a low stimulation level that has minimal impact. At times, even tone or vibration modes will work fine on your dog. Your dog needs to first get used to the feeling of having a collar around its neck.
  • Once your dog is comfortable wearing the collar, you can shift to shock mode. However, if the tone or vibration works fine, you can continue using these modes.
  • At the beginning of training, give clear verbal commands to your dog. You need to ensure that it understands what you’re saying in the first place.
  • Don’t use too strong intensity levels on your dog unless aggressive. Always stick to a lower intensity level because your dog might respond negatively to the collar if you misuse it.
  • Make sure you combine positive reinforcement when you train dogs. Using these devices alone during training will only create a negative feeling in your dog.

What Can You Teach a Dog With a Shock Collar?

Dog wearing a collar

Shock collars help in teaching your dog to respond to your commands.

Here is what you can teach dogs with electronic collars:

  • Teach your dog to be obedient and respond to your commands
  • Monitor your dog even from a far distance
  • Keep your dog calm in different situations
  • Reduce your dog’s aggressive behavior
  • Train many dogs simultaneously


Finding a reliable shock collar for long-haired dogs could be challenging. However, you can simply look out for the features you require and match them with the top picks given above.

However, if you want everything in one, look no further than Pet Resolve; it simply has everything you need to train your dog and more. If you’re ready to spend a little more, Halo is an option that you can consider.

Getting a shock collar for long-haired dogs does not have to be a daunting task. Look out for the pros and cons of each type of collar, and also make sure to read customer reviews online.

This way, you are bound to find an e-collar that will work perfectly well for training your dog.


Yes, shock collars can work on long-haired dogs as the long prongs on the collar can touch the skin of the dog despite its long hair.

No, when used correctly, the prongs in shock collars are not painful for dogs.

No, you do not need to shave your dog’s hair to make it wear a shock collar. Shock collars for long-haired dogs come with long prongs that can reach the neck through the fur.

No, the shock collar will not wear out quickly after using it on a long-haired dog. Regular cleaning of the collar will ensure its longevity.

Non-shocking collar options available for long-haired dogs include citronella collars, which consist of a small amount of citronella spray that is safe to use on your dog.

The Dogtra 1900s Series, SportDOG Brand 425X, Pet Resolve Collar, Funnipets Dog Training Collar, and PATPET Dog Training Collar are all collars that have strong shock intensity levels, with the ability to customize the static shock to your dog’s comfort level.

Pet Resolve
Pet Resolve Product Image




Overall Score


Excellent build quality
Comfortable collar
Good battery life with 50 to 60 hours of runtime
Killer range
Straightforward to use
Multi-dog system
The collar receiver cannot be turned off by the remote
Get the BEST PRICE valid until the end of June
The collar receiver cannot be turned off by the remote

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