Tractive GPS Dog Tracker Review [2024 Upd.] Best For Dogs?

Last Updated on June, 2024

Where was your dog yesterday when you were at work? When was the last time it went to your neighbor’s garden?

Where is your dog right now? 

You should be worried as a dog owner if you struggle to answer at least one of these. I was too. Until I came across the Tractive GPS tracker. 

This read is all about the Tractive GPS tracker for dogs, from A to Z, for those who’re going to buy it or have already bought it.

Let’s get into it.

 Overall: 4.9/5.0
Tractive GPS Dog Tracker with box
  • Real-time Live Tracking.
  • This GPS dog tracker is only 2.81 inches long, 1.1 inches tall, and 0.68 inches wide.
  • Resistance Properties.
  • Multiple Colors to Choose From .
  • Virtual Fence.
  • Shareable Location With Family and Friends.
  • Worldwide Coverage.
  • Tractive Mobile App.
  • Dog-Safe Power Button.
Product Benefits
  • The Tractive tracker’s updating frequency of the dog’s location is 2-3 seconds.
  • The tracker’s size is familiar to wear, so that your dog won’t feel uneasy.
  • Tractive’s GPS dog tracker is certified waterproof & shockproof.
  • 7 Days of Average Battery Life.
  • Virtual Fence will alert if the pet leaves a virtual fence.
  • Tractive keeps your dog’s location history safe for your use.
  • Tractive device has a dog-safe power button. That assures that the device will not turn off.

The Company Behind the Tractive Dog Tracker

During the past few years, I have used a few GPS trackers on my dog, Rex, a Labrador. Almost all of them were straight from Amazon without any significant brand value. However, Tractive is the complete opposite of it.

It’s an Austrian-based company founded in 2012 that ships almost worldwide. They sell only two products; the tractive cat tracker and the tractive dog tracker, along with some accessories related to their two products.

Tractive’s co-founder, Michael Hurnaus, was a developer at Microsoft and then a technical project manager at Amazon.

By the looks of it, Tractive is beloved and trusted all over the world by thousands of people as a reliable company.

About the Tractive GPS Tracker for Dogs

The Tractive GPS tracker for dogs is a borderline high-tech device that gets attached to your dog’s collar.

The collar is digitally connected to a global network and your smartphone. I’ll explain everything clearly as we go.

The functional design of the Tractive GPS tracker is impressive.

They use cloud technology connected to GPS satellites to enable accurate live tracking and so much more.

Tractive GPS Dog Tracker with box

I just haven’t seen this many relevant features in one device. The foundation of their exponentially rising sales is nothing other than top quality.

So, what are the key features that make the Tractive GPS tracker for dogs so priceless?

Tractive GPS Dog Tracker with box
Tractive GPS Dog Tracker

Notable Features of the Tractive GPS Dog Tracker

Real-time Live Tracking

The most prominent feature of the Tractive GPS tracker is the live tracking mode. 

The last pet tracker I owned updated only every 10-20 seconds on the best days.

That’s not remotely close to the benchmark requirement for a live mode for dogs.

The Tractive tracker’s updating frequency of the dog’s location is 2-3 seconds. That’s extremely impressive in any context.

Tracking features like these cannot be achieved unless the device is connected to GPS satellites.

live tracking feature of tractive gps tracker

Tractive figured it out with an integrated high-quality GPS signal. They offer you UNLIMITED live tracking.

In addition to all this, the live mode can be enabled and disabled when you want.

Compactness of Size

You attach the GPS device to the dog collar to enable tracking of some sort.

It shouldn’t be overly massive because it will hinder the dog’s movements.

Tractive’s designers got their dimensions right. This GPS dog tracker is only 2.81 inches long, 1.1 inches tall, and 0.68 inches wide.

You can easily attach it to the collar with a rubber clip.

That almost qualifies as an early 2000s Nokia. And there’s one more reason to justify that.

Size of Tractive GPS Dog Tracker

Superior Strength 

Although Tractive doesn’t disclose the material properties, which is not really necessary, the device is exceptionally resilient. Almost all the Amazon reviews I read had some mention of it.

After all, it has to be strong when looking at all the resistance properties it brings to the table. But, what resistance properties? 

Resistance Properties

resistant of Tractive GPS dog Tracker

Tractive pet trackers are certified waterproof, not water resistant. Because the durability would be heavily affected if it was just water resistant. It’s the waterproof status that keeps even the tiniest droplet of water just on the surface.

But classic Nokia is well-known for its shock resistance. You guessed right! Tractive’s GPS dog tracker is certified shockproof. What more can you ask for?

Lightness of Weight

Usually, the weight increases with strength. This happens mainly due to the density of the materials. But I wonder if Tractive uses materials like fiberglass, which is 8 times lighter than stainless steel, to begin with.

Because the device only weighs 35g while preserving the strength of the tracker. What’s admirable is how the weight factor has not been compromised in achieving strength.

The dog collar won’t even feel the presence of the tracker.

Multiple Colors to Choose From 

snow color Tractive Dog Tracker
black color Tractive Dog Tracker
pink color Tractive Dog Tracker
light blue color Tractive Dog Tracker
coffee color Tractive Dog Tracker

I personally love black, but my wife is more into blue, so, of course, I had to check if they had a blue version of it. To my luck, there was. But that’s not the only available design color.

There’s midnight blue (dark blue), light blue, light pink, coffee, and snow. Since black wasn’t there, I chose midnight blue since that’s a dark color.

Tip: Darker colors do not get untidy faster.

7 Days of Average Battery Life

The biggest problem with modern tech devices is their battery life. The last three I owned barely made it to 2 days. So, I was skeptical when the Tractive dog tracker’s battery life was said to last for 7 days.

I was blown away by the results of this Tractive device.

The battery life exceeded 7 days, and I’ll explain what made it that way under the pros and cons section. But as a matter of fact, Tractive’s longer battery life is unparalleled.

Virtual Fence

Virtual fences are often used for toddlers, but the technology is not that advanced. It’s mainly due to the problems with defining the boundaries.

Tractive’s virtual fences have changed the game in the pet tracking industry.

Not only can you define several virtual fences, but you’ll also be alerted if the pet leaves a virtual fence.

The results were so accurate that I got my alert as Rex stepped out of my virtual fence.

The radius of the virtual fence has a minimum of 160 feet when creating a circular fence or a perimeter of 330 by 330 feet for rectangular fences.

virtual fences feature of tractive gps tracker

It allows you to ensure you have enough room to tolerate the inaccuracy of GPS location and not get false alerts.

In addition, you can define safe zones where you know your dog will be safe no matter what.

Just like in the live mode, you can enable and disable the fence whenever you want.

Shareable Location With Family and Friends

The GPS location tracking of the Tractive tracker is not focused on just you. 

The shareability option lets you share a live tracking feature with your family and friends. Here’s where it gets more interesting.

All they need to do is download the app, and then the main user can directly share the live tracking mode with them.

There are no hidden additional costs whatsoever.

A woman is checking the phone and a dog is running

Worldwide Coverage

Despite the mechanical features of the tracker itself, it needs to function digitally. For that, coverage is the number one feature. Tractive lets you monitor your dog’s movements all over the world.

This comparison is quite insane since the average GPS tracker works for only a few hundred meters. But Tractive’s GPS is aided by satellites, and that’s not a luxury almost every other tracking device can afford.

Stores and Exports GPS Data

The location history feature of the tracker is quite impressive. After all, GPS tracking, in general, is only one side of the operation of typical tracking devices. 

The other side of live tracking is storage. So, Tractive keeps your dog’s location history safe for your use. But the next question you face is how much of that pet’s location history can be saved.

UNLIMITED. That’s right. All Tractive customers get unlimited location history data of all the locations.

It doesn’t stop even at storing. Tractive lets you export the location history data as much as possible. Features like these have made Tractive trackers phenomenal.

Tractive live tracking data can be exported in two forms, such as gpx and kml. That’s the standard export settings of GPS data.

So, it’s safe to say that the Tractive GPS tracker is a comprehensive pet tracker.

The Tractive Mobile App (iOS and Android)

Tractive GPS dog Tracker app is available on iOS and Android

Using a website for GPS tracking purposes is ineffective. At the same time, you should be able to view the tracker’s status conveniently and in real-time.

This requirement is fulfilled by the Tractive GPS app.

All of these features are connected to the Tractive GPS app. This smartphone app is available for both iOS and Android devices. My wife and I own Apple devices, and the Tractive app runs smoothly.

The interface of the Tractie app is a beautiful clear blue and white duotone.

At the very bottom, there are five specific tracker features such as:

  • Map 
  • History 
  • Activity
  • Profile
  • Account

You’d find the live mode and virtual fence under the map. Then there’s history, and this is where your pet’s location history will be saved. The activity tab checks the dog’s daily activity aspects, such as the number of calories burned, how much time the pet spends at a particular location, and the sleeping aspects. 

Profile and account are where you find your credentials and personal details for the Tractive GPS account.

The Tractive app does a fantastic job and defeats all the other pet trackers easily.

Integration of Sound and Light Into a Tracker Device

Finding the collar itself, including the pet’s location, without using GPS is enabled by design. 

You won’t find this feature in any other Tractive GPS collar review since most of them haven’t used the tracker unit themselves. 

A small LED light and a sound feature help find the tracker quickly. All you need to do is look for the little light or pay attention to the sound.

Dog-Safe Power Button

Dogs are not much different from children who do not know what they’re doing. My wife’s an experienced dog mom to multiple pets over the years, but not even she can predict some of the actions of Rex.

But none of these are excuses to have the tracker turned off. Lucky for you, the Tractive device has a dog-safe power button. That assures that the device will not turn off.

A Full Package

the Tractive Dog Tracker
charging cable of Tractive Dog Tracker
rubber clip of Tractive Dog Tracker

Tractive isn’t ripping you off like most of the popular mobile brands. You get all of the essential accessories in the package for free.

There are 3 major components:

  • The GPS tracker 
  • The charging cable
  • The rubber clip (to fit the tracker to the dog collar)

Being a prepared person, I bought an extra cable and a clip just to be safe.

So these are the significant features that make the Tractive dog tracker so unique. Now it’s time to look at all the pros and cons.

Pros and Cons


  • The Sheer Ease of Use

My parents and my wife aren’t that tech-savvy, although I am. However, we all have one factor in common; we all love Rex.

The Tractive GPS dog tracker is highly user-friendly. It’s so simple that even a child could understand what’s going on in the interface and data presentation, especially live tracking.

In addition to that, setting up the Tractive GPS dog tracking device is super easy. You can choose a subscription plan (I’ll explain in a moment) at the checkout. So, all you need to do is, power the device up and log into the app with your credentials.

That’s it. You’re good to go.

  • No Need to Pay for Mobile Data

It’s not a secret that a GPS dog tracking device cannot work without mobile data or WiFi. But naturally, GPS status updates this fast should consume a lot of data. So, I was worried about having to pay a little fortune for that.

Lucky for me, Tractive GPS has covered that as well.

None of the pet owners who sign up for any subscription plan have to pay a penny for mobile data. 

  • Affordable Subscription Plans

I noticed that the subscription was identified as a downside in one Tractive GPS review. But when you analyze it, it’s definitely a pro.

But as a matter of fact, services like these are like Netflix. But Netflix doesn’t pay for your data, right?

Imagine how much you’d have to pay for live satellite GPS data if these plans were not there. Imagine how much you’d have to pay for individual services if not for the plans. 

So, all things considered, the subscription plans are peace of mind. Although the Tractive GPS company might think they have the advantage, it’s actually us who get the benefit.

The Tractive GPS company wants to PROVE their worth. How? That’s the next pro.

  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

The Tractive GPS company promises and delivers a 30-day money-back guarantee with no questions asked. This benefit is a marketing flex to show that there’s no way you will dislike what they’re offering.

At the end of the day, the utmost quality is what we want.

But there can be rare occasions of malfunctions or other defects. On occasions like these, this sort of warranty is a blessing; pet parents who buy this product have zero chances of being scammed.

  • Amazing Customer Care

I didn’t expect a devoted customer support team for a question regarding my pet’s current location and power saving zones. It’s pretty admirable how the team members truly understand from a pet parent’s perspective. 

Because NO other company I’ve dealt with cared how urgent it was to sort the problem out. Tractive’s customer service team resolved my question perfectly.

So, I can confirm that Tractive delivers premium customer service, and you will NOT regret that service at all.

  • Be Free of the Nuisance of Constant Charging

I absolutely hate charging my phone almost all the time, but it’s not like I have a choice. But imagine doing that for a dog tracker; it’ll be such a nuisance. 

That’s why you get 7 days of average battery life. However, I told you mine exceeded the 7-day mark. Here’s how I did it.

For starters, I turned the live tracking mode off when I was home. The live tracking mode seems to use most of the battery. In addition to that, you can define power saving zones as well.

So, when you combine tactical management of the operational services, you can easily exceed the 7-day mark from a full charge.

  • Little or No Daycare Expenses 

I’m okay with leaving my dog in a daycare, but their rates these days are too expensive. I don’t think it’s the recession; they’re just making use of the fact that people are unaware of tracking devices.

So, with the Tractive GPS device, you can say goodbye to all your unnecessary doggie daycare expenses.

  • Make Sure You’re Getting What You Pay for

I have a niece who walks dogs to make some extra cash, and there’s one common feature of most dog walkers these days; they do NOT walk the distance or the path they promise you to.

But it’s so hard to find time to take our dogs, or even cats, for a walk these days. Rex loves walking, and the Tractive GPS tracker resolved a massive problem.

Now I see the path the dog walker followed and even how long he or she took to complete it. Tractive is saving me from being ripped off. 

So, if you’re seeing this, Michael, THANK YOU!

  • Don’t Have to Tie Them Up

One of the most considerable damages pet parents can do to a dog is keeping them tied up all the time. I’m all in for a massive cage, but they don’t deserve to be caged since a tracker can fix the matter. 

With live updating, a virtual fence, and the access and export of your pet’s location history, you don’t have to tie them up.

  • No Need to Lose Your Focus to Keep an Eye of Them 

Keeping an eye on a dog is more challenging than you think it is. Especially if the dog is kind of a bigger one. But whether it was a massive stud or a cute little pup, Tractive GPS resolves this issue.

All you need to do is quickly glance at the phone screen and return to work. That concentration shift is negligible, considering you’re getting up from a chair and looking all over the place and outside for your dog.

  • Stay Safe From Annoying Neighbors

Rex isn’t a violent dog, but my neighbors aren’t really dog friendly. My wife can’t keep an eye on him all the time. The last time Rex went over to their garden, it was quite a problem. 

I was worried that they’d poison him.

But I defined a virtual fence well away from this neighbor’s house. I made sure to train Rex to come back on command. So, when your pet leaves the boundary, you get an alert and it’s your cue to call him back.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that this tracker feature might have saved my Rex.

  • Share the Location in Case One Gets Busy

There are occasions when I can’t afford to look at the phone but also can’t give my phone away. The location sharing feature immensely helps me to fix that.

What I do is simply share the location tracking on my wife’s phone, and I’m a free man! 

Not only that, you can share this data with as many people as you want.

  • Find the Collar Without GPS

There can be occasions when the tracker is not on the dog collar, especially when you take it off before bathing time. On the flip side, using satellite tech might be hard to find where your dog is INSIDE the house. Or, the room could be dark enough.

For all these occasions, you can use the light and sound features of the tracker.

  • Monitor Your Dog Even When You’re Not Home

Here’s a fact about dogs that you might not know; their behavior changes when the pet parents aren’t around. But the problem is, there’s no knowing whether they’ll be good or bad when you’re gone.

But correction is impossible unless you know what they mean when you’re not home. Tractive GPS lets you do that since the coverage is worldwide.

So, you can monitor your little buddy and see what he’s up to when you’re not home.

  • Notice Fatal Matters at Early Stages

This pomeranian I owned, Bella, turned out to have a curable brain tumor. But by the time we noticed that it was too late. We did everything we could, but Bella was lost.

It was one of those moments when you felt as if you could see into the future.

Now I know for a fact that Bella could have been saved if Tractive GPS was available ten years ago. 

The sleeping tracker and the activity tracker of the device let you closely identify patterns. These patterns can be decrypted with the help of a vet. But as long as you can diagnose problems at the earliest stages, saving our pups isn’t so hard.


  • Issues With the Power Saving Zone

I understand the critical role of power saving zones, but there’s a problem if I can’t remove one easily. It’s not a big problem, but I didn’t understand why Tractive fell short of perfection.

I wanted to get rid of a power saving zone, and oh god, it was such a pain since there’s no option to remove power saving zones.

I reinstalled the app, reset tracker – no effect; the power saving mode was still there. That’s why I had to call them to get it sorted from their end.

  • Waterproof Quality is Not Standardized

This is me nitpicking at this point since there aren’t actual cons to the product. Typical IPX8 and IPX6 are found on most waterproof flashlights, and I think that’s what I was looking for.

Because most dog trackers have the IP rating.

But it was really waterproof because I practically dipped it to check. 

  • Doesn’t Directly Ship to Some Countries

It’s an Austrian company that covers worldwide GPS coverage. So, I was wondering why they’re not shipping to major 1st world countries at the moment. However, there’s a reliable solution for this.

  • Tractive GPS for Cats Has the Collar + Device But Not for Dogs 

Yet again, I’m trying to look for the slightest mishap from the company. Tractive also produces a device to track your cat’s location, but there’s a plus point there.

You can buy a collar with the tracker attached to it. But then again, almost all the cats are the same size, and dogs are not. So, the logic of not producing is very much understandable.

Customer Reviews of the Tractive GPS Pet Tracker

I’m a very rational man, and I never check the user reviews on the company website, no matter how amazing the product is. So, I checked Amazon and Trustpilot for the reviews.

Here’s what I came across.

tractive dog tracker customer review 1
tractive dog tracker customer review 2

And these are about the app.

tractive dog tracker app customer review 1
tractive dog tracker app customer review 2

It’s quite reassuring to see how the product’s actual value is acknowledged all over the world.

Recommended Place to Buy From

Unless Tractive doesn’t ship to your country, the best-recommended place to buy the product is from the official website, right here.

It eliminates several complications of authenticity, and you can choose the subscription plan as you’re buying the tracker; it’s convenient.

Current Price of the Tractive GPS Tracker

The current price of the dog tracker from Tractive is €49.99, and this is on their website. 

I could explain each subscription plan individually, but I think it’s convenient for you if it is presented below.

There are two plans; basic subscription and premium subscription.

subscription plans of tractive gps tracker

I went with the yearly premium plan, and I have a good reason for that.

Because the difference between the basic and the premium plan for the yearly plan is less than $10, and that’s why I think the Premium subscription on the yearly basic plan is safe.

Tractive GPS Dog Tracker with box
Tractive GPS Dog Tracker

Is the Dog Tracker Worth it?

YES. That’s the straightforward answer I can give confidently.

I’m saying it because of all the features that the tracker itself carries and all the features enabled by the subscription plans. Because no tracker I have owned this far has come closer to that.

But there’s one more key advantage that you might be missing.

It’s the fact that the company doesn’t walk out after the sale. Think about it; most companies sell the tracker and ask you to figure out your own method of tracking — you’re more or less on your own.

But Tractive stays with you and your canine friend every day and moment. That’s the kind of loyalty and devotion you receive when choosing Tractive.

So, all things considered, grabbing a unit for yourself before the demand skyrockets are definitely the wise thing to do.

What Do You LOSE By NOT Tracking Your Dog?

a dog wearing tractive gps tracker

Before I round up, I need to show you just how important it is to track your dog; I need to show you what you LOSE by not doing it adequately.

  • You lose the opportunity to cure fatal illnesses at the early stages
  • You lose the chances to defend yourself and your dog against false accusations
  • You lose the chances to save your dog from potential instantaneous dangers
  • You lose the opportunity to bond better with your dog
  • You lose the peace of mind of not knowing the whereabouts of your dog
  • You lose the chances to adjust meals and activities based on the requirement (calories burned etc.) 
  • You lose a ton of money on lazy dog walkers and expensive dog daycare centers
  • You lose the chance to boost the growth and improvement of the dog

Other Dog trackers we’ve compared Tractive with:

In Conclusion

Keeping an eye on your dog almost all the time is borderline impossible.

But Tractive GPS has made it a reality with their Tractive GPS pet tracker. All the features and the pros justify the true worth of the product. That’s why I know Tractive’s dog tracker is the ultimate pet tracking solution we need. 

Pet parents like you and I deserve that type of reassurance.

Be sure to share this read with your fellow dog owners as well.


Yes, Tractive tracker is highly reliable, being the most reliable dog tracker in the market in 2020s and providing 1000% reliability in multiple aspects.

No, the Tracker and Tractive App do not work without cell service as it is necessary for live updates via GPS data connection.

No, you do not have to pay for mobile data charges as subscription plans cover all associated costs, regardless of data usage.

You should contact the customer care team to change your plans. They can do it quickly.

Tractive GPS Dog Tracker
Tractive GPS Dog Tracker with box




Overall Score


Be Free of the Nuisance of Constant Charging
30-Day Money Back Guarantee
Amazing Customer Care
Share the Location in Case One Gets Busy
Affordable Subscription Plans
Get the BEST PRICE valid until the end of June
Waterproof Quality is Not Standardized

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