4 Best Dog Crates for Great Danes (2024 Tested & Reviewed)

Last Updated on July, 2024

Who doesn’t like Great Danes? They’re big and strong, and they make their owners look better. But the challenge is finding them a great crate.

That rings a bell, doesn’t it?

If you’re looking for the best Great Dane dog crate, you’re in the best place.

Not only will you learn about the crates, but you’ll also learn about Crate-involved knowledge that comes in handy in the long run.

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IMPACT Collapsible
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Overall Score


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MidWest Homes
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Why Trust Me?

It’s because I handpicked about ten candidates to make this list and trimmed it down to the top 4. I checked with multiple sources and read enough customer feedback, and that’s how I know what’s best.

Now it’s your turn to know what’s the best.

Without further ado, let’s begin!

4 Best Dog Crates for Great Danes

1. IMPACT Collapsible Dog Crate

As you may already know, Impact is a globally recognized brand for resilient dog crates of the highest quality.

Their collapsible dog crate is the BEST crate for Great Danes.

It’s my favorite crate too; let’s see why so.

To begin with, this robust Great Dane dog crate comes in six length sizes.

Out of them, the longest length size of 54″, is literally named ‘Great Dane’ — talk about branding! 

The Great Dane size of the crate is 54.6 “L x 35.6 “W x 42.03 “H, and it’s pretty huge. That’s essential to contain Great Danes, given how tall and flexible they are. 

You don’t have to worry about the strength/resilience factor, as this crate is made from 100% premium Aluminum that doesn’t rust. That loosely translates to ‘it’s very durable by design.’

When you bring in the strength factor of Impact’s crate, the durability only elongates more. Even if your Great Dane were aggressive, the crate would hold them in effortlessly. 

As I did, you’ll love the overall design of the crate. It has a framed door with bars in the middle spaced at 1.125 inches. That’s why there’s no chase that your Great Dane escapes the cage.

Around the dog crate are 0.8’’ sized ventilation holes that provide the best ventilation. Since their holes are present all around, the air circulation is top-notch. Additionally, these holes will provide the optimal light inside the crate.

The bottom line is that your gentle giants will feel safe inside the cage without discomfort.

I told you that this crate is collapsible. This makes it easier for you to store and transport it by design. But the real question is, how long does it really take to set it up/ fold?

The answer: in 60 seconds.

Before you say that’s impossible, check the auto-playing gif on the product page. Impact SHOWS you how it’s done in 60 seconds.

Simplicity must be prioritized with bigger crates, and it’s perfectly present in the Impact crate. 

Just as easy as folding and setting it up, you can open and close the impact dog crate with only one hand, one finger, to be most precise.

I also love how you could use this crate for a Great Dane puppy that grows fast.

More companies want to emphasize the portability of their crates, but there’s a recurring issue almost always: lack of handles. Impact has fixed that issue with military-grade handles that give the perfect grip with non-breaking strength.

Is that all? No.

Impact gives you a lifetime warranty along with FREE shipping and free exchanges. This made-in-USA crate is the hallmark of supreme quality.

All these features working together makes this the best Great Dane crate effortlessly.


Available in six length sizes, with the longest size specifically named “Great Dane” for easy selection.
The Great Dane size is 54.6 “L x 35.6 “W x 42.03 “H, making it large enough to contain even the tallest and most flexible Great Danes.
Made from 100% premium Aluminum that doesn’t rust, ensuring durability and longevity.
The crate is designed to be strong and resilient, even for more aggressive Great Danes.
The framed door with bars in the middle spaced at 1.125 inches ensures that Great Danes cannot escape the crate.
One of the very attractive crates.
The 0.8-sized holes around the crate provide excellent ventilation and optimal light.
The crate is collapsible, making it easy to store and transport.
The crate can be set up and folded in 60 seconds, as demonstrated on the product page.
The crate is easy to open and close with just one hand or finger, making it simple to use.
Military-grade handles provide a perfect grip for easy transport.
The crate comes with a lifetime warranty, free shipping, and free exchanges.
The overall design of the crate ensures that Great Danes will feel safe and comfortable.
Lifetime guarantee.


It has only one lock.

2. MidWest Homes Single-Door Starter Series

If you can’t find Impact’s safe and comfy crate, the second-best Great Dane crate is the Midwest cage.

This is not one of the covered or walled dog crates like the Impact.

But it’s a big cage with more than enough space for a fully grown Great Dane. 

Midwest has constructed this as one XXL size with dimensions 54″L x 35″W x 45″H — as I said, it’s one of the large crates.

Since it’s a conventional cage, I’d recommend you use bedding on the bottom.

If not, your Great Dane’s paws won’t exactly feel the best. But rest assured; they can comfortably stand inside the cage.

That’s a luxury that most cages can’t meet.

Midwest Homes cage also features not only one but two locks. I wouldn’t say that they were as reliable as Impact’s ones, but the locks still do a pretty solid job. 

However, if your Great Dane is a bit aggressive or has separation anxiety, you need to train them WELL before fully using the crate.

You can also use an ABS-composite plastic plan for quick cleanup. This is sold separately, and that’s a bit of a letdown with these dog crates.

It’s admirable to have the industry-standard electro-coat finish for a single-door metal dog crate. Thanks to the close spacing of the wires, your Great Dane won’t end up chewing them. 

Similar to Impact’s crate, Midwest’s crate also requires assembling. The company guarantees that it would only take a couple of minutes. 

On top of all this, Midwest gives you one year of limited warranty for their crate Great Dane crates.

However, it’s important to note that this cage is not foldable or doesn’t have special handles. That makes transportation a little bit harder.

All things considered, Midwest’s Great Dane crate is one of the best Great Dane crates for caring for Great Dane owners.


XXL size with dimensions of 54″L x 35″W x 45″H provides ample space
Two locks ensure that the cage is secure
The close spacing of the wires prevents your Great Dane from chewing them
An industry-standard electro-coat finish ensures durability
The cage is easy to assemble, taking only a couple of minutes
Provides a secure environment for your Great Dane
The cage features an ABS-composite plastic plan for quick cleanup
Midwest offers a one-year limited warranty for their crate for Great Danes


The removable tray is sold separately
The locks are conventional and might not be strong enough to hold stronger dogs

3. Frisco Heavy Duty Double Dog Crate

Another great alternative for Impact’s collapsible crate is the Frisco Heavy Duty Double Dog Crate.

Lucky for you, the cage is very suitable to hold fully grown Great Dane.

You can either buy it as a single-door or double-door cage.

But don’t worry; the price difference between the two versions is only around $10 for extra doors.

The Frisco crate come in seven sizes. For large dogs like Great Danes, there’s more than enough space. In fact, the XXL crate has dimensions 54″L x 36.5″W x 44.75″H. 

Most dogs of the Great Dane breeds don’t grow this big. 

What do I think about locks? They’re not bad and as good as Midwest’s ones, but definitely not as reliable as Impact’s locks. But I love the drop-pin that helps you keep pets safe and secure.

You’d also love the black electro-coat finish similar to Midwest’s Great Dane cage. That extra layer of protection applies to your Great Dane AND the cage itself.

That’s why it’s suitable for Great Dane puppies too.

Frisco emphasizes how their Great Dane cage doesn’t require any tools to assemble. But unlike Midwest, they’re not very open about the approximate time taken. Nonetheless, this is an alternative, so it’s still good enough.

The removable and durable plastic base is cheery on top, that makes this one of the best dog crates

But unlike Midwest’s removable trays, this comes INSIDE and on the floor. 

In other words, your Great Dane will stand on the removable tray. Even so, it’s a great feature to have that increases the value of the overall product.

The only thing you should remember is not to break the removable plastic pan. 

Frisco wants their potential customers to know that this huge crate is not escape-proof and that dog training is required. 

Given that most Great Danes are well-trained, Frisco’s heavy-duty crate is a great alternative.

Remember to read the instructions and the size guide on the product page when you’re buying it. In case the XXL is too big, you can confirm that. 

With almost 5/5 ratings based on 2600+ reviews, no Great Dane owner need to worry about the quality of these Great Dane crates at all.


The XXL size of the crate is spacious enough to fit a fully-grown Great Dane comfortably.
Available in both single-door and double-door options.
The black electro-coat finish provides extra protection for both the dog and the crate.
Comes with a drop-pin hinge that keeps pets safe and secure
Assembly doesn’t require any tools.
The removable plastic tray is a great feature that adds value to the overall product.
Frisco offers a range of sizes, and it’s always better to go for a larger size for Great Danes.
This extra large-size crate has a high rating in customer reviews, indicating its quality and popularity.


The crate is NOT escape-proof.
Frisco does not provide a clear estimate of the time required for assembly.

4. Amazon Basics Foldable Metal Dog Crate

If you can’t find all three crates in the market, there’s one last resort; the Amazon basics foldable metal wire dog crate.

At a glance, it’s another version of the Midwest and Frisco cages.

This Great Dane crate comes in seven sizes, and the largest size is recommended for Great Danes; they will never be small dogs.

The dimensions of the largest size are 48”L x 30’’W x 32.5’’H. So, it’s a pretty spacious cage, and the length factor, particularly, is admirable.

AmazonBasics Foldable Metal Wire Dog Crate

You can buy this with a single or double door. If you’re wondering what you should choose, keep reading; I have described a full buying guide in the next topic. 

Both the doors are lockable with one lock per each. This locking mechanism is not enough to qualify to be an escape-proof crate. But it’s definitely strong enough to contain most Great Danes that are well-trained.

The wire-frame construction is appealing and very safe. The spacing between the wires is not close or too far — it’s thoughtful of Amazon to pay attention to little details even if they’re not as specialized in the dog crate industry as Impact.

This crate folds easily and provides convenient transportation and storage. Similar to the Midwest and Frisco crates, and unlike the Impact crate, there aren’t any carrying handles. 

You’ll also love the removable plastic base that comes with the package. The placement is such that your Great Dane’s body weight will be directly applied to it. But since there’s the bottom net to distribute the load, the risk of it breaking is the least.

It doesn’t come assembled, so you have to do some work. Considering the first three of this list, Amazon basics could take the longest time to set it up. You’ll agree with me if you look at the instructions.

So, what is my verdict? For a third alternative, I’d say these Great Dane crates are amazing.


The largest size is recommended for Great Dane with an Ample space of 48” L x 30’’W x 32.5’’H dimensions.
The wire-frame construction of the crate is safe and sturdy.
The wire spacing is perfect, and it makes it difficult for Great Danes to escape or get stuck.
The crate comes with both single and double doors, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your needs and preferences.
The doors are lockable, with one lock per door.
The removable plastic base is easy to clean, making maintenance and hygiene easier.
The crate is foldable, making it easy to store and transport.
The Amazon Basics crate is priced competitively, making it an affordable option.


The Amazon Basics crate is not escape-proof.
Unlike the Impact crate, it doesn’t have carry handles, making it difficult to move around.
The placement of the plastic base inside the crate may be uncomfortable for your Great Dane.
The crate requires a relatively longer assembly time and energy.

Buying Guide for Great Dane Dog Crates

a great dane dog sleeping inside the crate

To remind you, Great Danes are one of the largest dog breeds, and their crate choice is not so simple. Here are the key factors to check when buying a crate for Great Danes.

The Balance Between Shape, Type, and Size

Ideally, the perfect crate lets your dog stand up, turn around, and lie down comfortably. 

Remember that the Great Dane dog can grow up to 30 inches tall and weigh over 100 pounds; you need big crates for such a giant dog. Getting an average crate is never ideal, even for a new Great Dane puppy.

Remember that a Great Dane pup grows fast. If you don’t get the right crate, your crate train hours will be for nothing.

Additionally, remember that an internal soft crate provides better overall comfort, especially against temperature and other external factors.

The type of the crate matters too, and we’ll talk about that in the next subtopic.

Read our complete guide on “What Size Crate for Great Dane?” Or the comprehensive guide which talks about everything to select the right crate size.

Overall Durability Factor 

Durability is directly related to the material and the quality of construction.

Since Great Danes are powerful dogs, you should think twice before getting weaker crates. 

The ideal recommendation is an aluminum or similar metallic crate that can withstand chewing, pushing, and scratching.

Getting custom crates isn’t needed since you can easily found. 

Best not to settle for cheap crates that cannot keep your dog safe.

A great dane dog laying down inside a metal crate

Ventilation, Access, and Lighting 

There are several cons of getting a fully exposed large crate, although it has the most ventilation. 

But ideally, crate designs with holes carved into the body are better. Especially young puppies will feel safer inside a well-covered crate. This stops them from developing separation anxiety.

Ensure to check the placement and the opening size; it can’t be too large or too small, but perfect.

You also need to check the access points, as double doors aren’t always the best option, especially for a giant crate that holds these gentle giants.

How Portable is it?

Air travel with your Great Dane dog shouldn’t be an extra expense. That’s why buying a resilient and well-covered crate that can be folded and stored easily is better and more cost-effective.

The icing on the cake would have dedicated handles and design features to make it easy to mount on surfaces.


It’s always best to have a company warranty for whatever you buy, and be sure to buy a crate with at least one year warranty.

I don’t think most dog crates in your local pet store can give that reassurance.

Overall Comfort

Training dogs in highly comfortable crates is easier and more effective; it’s just one tip, but I’ll share more in a later subtopic about training your Great Dane in the crate.

Since metals get colder with time, keeping the crate cozy with soft and cushiony bedding is better. But that only increases comfort; the crate must be comfortable for them.

Although there are so many other nitpicking factors, these five are the primary. You get them right; you get a dependable crate.

Benefits of Using Dog Crates for Great Danes

a great dane dog sleeping on a dog bed

I know you know you want a crate for your Great Dane. But what are the benefits of getting a Great Dane crate?

Let’s look at it.

For starters, the crate becomes your Great Dane’s safe place. If you have room to feel comfortable, I’m sure you’ll agree they deserve the same. A dedicated crate does that work.

Then we have the security factor. As much as the comfort, the crate will keep your beloved Great Dane safe from many things. 

On the flip side, having a caged Great Dane will ensure your valuables are not destroyed when you’re home from work. If your dog has the slightest separation anxiety, don’t take chances.

Using a crate can also help with housebreaking by teaching your Great Dane to hold their bladder and bowels until they are let outside.

Great Danes are considered easy to train. But having a crate only speed up the process, especially with commands. You can train them better to behave appropriately and prevent destructive behavior.

Investing in a dependable crate can make traveling with your Great Dane much easier and safer. Which dog doesn’t like a familiar space for them to rest and relax? 

There are so many more advantages, so you shouldn’t compromise quality for a one-time purchase.

Top Tips to Make Crate Training Easier

Putting your Great Dane inside the cage and magically expecting them to stay inside calmly won’t work. That’s the purpose of crate training, as you may already know.

Let me tell you the top 10 tips to make crate training easier:

  1. Choose the right dog crate that allows your Great Dane to stand, turn, and lay down comfortably. (Best if it’s a collapsible crate.)
  2. Add soft bedding, toys, and treats to make the crate more comfortable and inviting.
  3. Use positive reinforcement such as treats and praise to encourage your Great Dane to enter the crate.
  4. Begin crate training slowly by keeping the door and gradually working up to closing it for short periods.
  5. Establish a routine for crate training to help your Great Dane become more comfortable with it.
  6. Start with a short period of time in the crate and gradually increase the duration.
  7. Never use the crate as a form of punishment, as this will create a negative association with it.
  8. Take your Great Dane for a walk to play with them before crate time to help them relax.
  9. Place the crate in a central location of your home to make it feel like part of their environment.
  10. Be patient always, and let them get the hang of it.

Reading these tips may have given you more ideas, and remember to use them patiently to speed up the training process.

Types of Great Dane Dog Crates

types of dog crates for great dane dog breeds

There are many deviations, but it’s safe to say that the below are the commonly found types of Great Dane dog crates.

  • Walled or wire crates are metallic, typically can be folded, and are very long-lasting. But walled crates are more comfortable than wire crates.
  • Plastic cages are lightweight and durable but most suitable for traveling.
  • Wooden crates focus more on the decorative aspect and may not be as practical or durable as metallic or plastic. But they’re an excellent choice for temporary crates.
  • Soft-sided crates are recognized for portability but are less durable than other crate types.

In Conclusion 

A Great Dane is a glorious creature; you should raise them, savoring and preserving their glory. On top of that, raising big and strong dogs like Great Danes without cages is not a wise idea. 

Especially from when they are just Great Dane puppies.

To meet both of these requirements and many more, it’s clear how IMPACT’s collapsible Great is most suitable. It’s nothing but the superiority of the features that makes it such a valuable and risk-free investment.

Your Great Dane DESERVES that quality.

I hope this review was helpful. See you in another!


For a Great Dane, it is recommended to get a crate that is at least 48″ x 30″ x 35″.

Yes, metallic crates are more suitable for Great Danes due to their strength and durability, and walled crates are better than metal-wired crates for these larger breeds.

Training Great Danes to crates is not difficult; they are typically easy to work with when following the proper approach.

IMPACT Collapsible Dog Crate
Impact Collapsible crate Product Image
Build Quality






Overall Score


The Great Dane size is 54.6“L x 35.6“W x 42.03“H, making it large enough to contain even the tallest and most flexible Great Danes.
The crate is collapsible, making it easy to store and transport.
The crate comes with a lifetime warranty, free shipping, and free exchanges.
The overall design of the crate ensures that Great Danes will feel safe and comfortable.
Lifetime guarantee.
Get the BEST PRICE valid until the end of July
It has only one lock.

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