10 Best Shock Collars for Rottweiler (That Actually Work)

Last Updated on June, 2024

Being an owner of a Rottweiler is no easy feat as they’re highly energetic and tend to have a slightly stubborn streak. Because of this, it’s essential to train them. 

Training a Rottweiler is not going to be an easy task, especially if you’re new to dog training. Even though these are some of the smartest canines around, their willfulness can play its part during training sessions, and you’ll find it hardto keep up with them! 

That’s where shock collars (also known as e-collars, remote training collars) come in. 

No matter whether you’re training a dog for the first time or have trained quite a few dogs in the past. This training tool can help.

A remote training collar is an easy way to alleviate all of your Rottweiler’s behaviour problems, such as; barking, lunging, snarling, and more. 

These tools are great alternatives to professional dog training, which can often end up costing tens and thousands. 

Shock collars not only help you get rid of problems, these are great tools to help you teach your dog basic obedience commands. If used properly, a dog shock collar can work wonders and can help you turn your Rottie into an obedient canine companion.

However, the problem is shock collars are stacked these days and finding one that’ll actually work can be nothing but daunting. 

Even we had a hard time choosing the right ones. 

But after tons of research, personal testing and dozens of sleepless nights, we came up with 10 of the best shock collars for Rottweiler that actually work!

These shock collars were picked based on so many factors such as features, durability, and effectiveness, to name a few. 

All of these collars below are guaranteed to work on your Rottweiler with zero problems and will for sure help you turn him/her into the dog you’ve always dreamed of!

Editor’s Choice
Pet Resolve Product Image
Pet Resolve




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#2nd Best Choice
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Halo 2+




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#3rd Best Choice




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10 Best Dog Training Shock Collars for Rottweilers

Below are 10 of the best shock collars for your Rottweiler. No matter what collar you go with, any of the below will help you turn your Rottie into an obedient canine companion.

1. Pet Resolve Dog Training Collar

Shock collars you’re about to buy for your Rottweiler need to be tough and should be able to withstand anything it goes through; that said, nothing is better than Pet Resolve in this regard.

It’s hard as a rock with an excellent industrial design and has a waterproof collar along with a splashproof remote.

That is not the reason it’s in the first place though; when it comes to getting things right, Pet Resolve does it better than everything else in the training collar department.

But it’s not just a training collar; it’s more; Pet Resolve can also be used as a Bark Collar, more on that below.

Let’s cover what it brings to training first. 

First and foremost, Pet Resolve has three training modes; Beep, Vibration, and Shock.

On top of the three modes, both vibration and shock can be used continuously or momentarily. With that, both modes have 10 adjustable intensity levels.

Training modes and intensity levels aren’t the only important things when it comes to shock collars; Range is another thing you wouldn’t want to miss out on; it is very important. 

Even though Rottweilers aren’t great when it comes to running, a training collar with, like I said before, a good range is important. And Pet Resolve is one of those with an excellent range. The transmitter (remote) can send corrections to the receiver (collar) even if it’s 3963 feet away.

So 3963 feet of range; that’s enough for hiking trips and even hunting with your Rottweiler; it’s super vast.

For training, that is everything Pet Resolve is capable of providing. It’s more than you’ll ever need for training.

However, as mentioned already, Pet Resolve isn’t just a training collar. You can use it as a Bark collar too. Rotties don’t bark a lot; if yours is different, this can be a super useful addition.

The anti-bark mode will take care of your Rottweiler’s barking on its own. Manually sending corrections is not needed. 

On the other hand, if you own one of the super rare long-haired Rottweilers, you no longer have to trim down its hair in the neck for the collar to work.

Pet Resolve comes with additional long prongs in the box. Remove the standard prongs and insert these; you’ll be good to go. 

Not only are long prongs in the box, but fake plastic prongs are also provided too. With this, you can remove shock mode from Pet Resolve completely. If your Rottie is used to the shock and responds to it without fail, you can take advantage of it. 

Moreover, there is also a built-in LED in the collar; this might come in handy during walks at night or training in not-so-great weather conditions. 

Like I said, Pet Resolve is more than just a training collar. If you want the complete training experience and more, Pet Resolve is the collar for you. You will not be disappointed.

Other Key Features:

  • Three Dog Training System. With one remote, you can train three dogs with Pet Resolve. Additional collars should be purchased.
  • Both the Collar and Receiver are Rechargeable. With 50 to 60 hours of battery life, you can have multiple training sessions without having to charge. When it comes to charging, it takes only 2 hours.
  • Waterproof Construction. The collar has a thorough waterproof seal, and the transmitter, on the other hand, is splashproof. No worries when it comes to contact with water. 


Excellent build quality, both collar, and transmitter
Impressive battery life
Includes a lanyard and training clicker with purchase
Top-notch range
User-friendly button placements make it easy to use for new pet owners
The function of shock can be eliminated by inserting fake prongs
Build-in LED for night walks
2-year warranty


It is not possible to turn off the receiver (collar) using the remote.

2. Halo 2+ (Editor’s Choice)

This is a collar that would’ve taken the top spot if it wasn’t for price. It’s the most expensive on this list and also the most advanced out of any collar in the market


Not just training, you can use Halo to Keep Track of Your Rottie’s Location and Contain It (wireless fence). 

That’s a complete package, everything to keep your dog safe and sound.

That said, let’s start with the training modes and intensity levels.

With 4 modes of training and 15 levels of intensity, you’re given more than enough firepower to breeze past training. Getting into more detail, Tone, Voice, Vibration, and Static Feedback are all of the 4 modes.

Halo is the only collar that provides an option to add your own voice and has more than 3 modes which most others come with. 

Moving on to the intensity levels, Halo’s 15 levels for shock are more than what you’ll need; adjust it depending on the behavior of your Rottie. Starting off with lower levels is advised though. 

Before I go any further, let me tell you this; Halo does not come with a remote to control the collar. Everything, from correcting, adjusting modes and intensity levels, is done through your mobile phone with the Halo app. That is great if you’re not a fan of carrying those handsets wherever you go, just pull out your phone and start training.

Now that’s out of the way, let’s get back to the features.

Range, an important part of training your dog with a collar, is better than any other collar on Halo. 

Imagine having 6.2 miles of wide open field to train your dog; that is what Halo gives you. Nothing even comes closer. That is even adjustable. If you want to train your dog in a smaller space, you can simply reduce the range through the phone. It can’t be less than 30 feet though; keep that in mind.

As said earlier, Halo can also be used as a wireless dog fence. That has a direct link to the range for training. Firstly, you can create up to 20 fences with Halo; each can be of any shape and, size-wise, a maximum of 6.2 miles, which translates to the range when it comes to training.

You can create these fences anywhere you like, and they’ll come in handy during training and will also contain your Rottweiler at the same time without letting it stray. 

Kinda complicated, but you’ll get hold of it as soon as you get your hands on the collar. 

Fences can be easily created with the Halo app by the way,

Halo is a real-time GPS tracker too; you can keep an eye on your Rottie 24/7, even if you’re away from it, with a simple glance at your phone.

With all that said, Halo as a whole is the best dog training collar if budget is not an option. Just look at what it offers. If you want your Rottweiler to be a perfect canine companion and keep it safe, there’s nothing other than Halo.

Other Key Features:

  • 21 Hours Of Battery Life. The runtime of Halo isn’t as impressive as its other features. However, considering everything it offers, it’s more than enough for a day or two of training. It’d be better to charge the collar every night as you’ll be ready to go with a full charge the next day.
  • 21-Day Training Program. Halo was co-founded by the world-renowned dog trainer Cesar Millan, so it comes with a training program put together by him.
  • Beacons. Halo 2+ comes with indoor beacons, which you can use to keep your Rottweiler away from places you don’t want it to enter. 


Train, track, and contain your Rottweiler 
Massive range that is also adjustable
Multiple training modes
21 hours battery life on single charge
IP67 Water and Dust Resistant
Premium collar with good design


On the pricier end

3. SportDOG 425X Dog Training Collar (#3rd Best Choice)

SportDOG 425X secures third place in this list of the best shock collars for Rottweilers.

This collar, even though not on the same level as Halo or the Educator, is more than you’ll need to get your Rottie to behave. 

Primarily marketed as the go-to collar for hunting dogs, the SportDOG 425X has an excellent range of 500 yards (1500. ft.). This is perfect for both indoor and outdoor training sessions with your Rottie. 

This e-collar, just like the Educator, has 3 distinct training modes that include Tone, Vibration, and Electric Shock.

The static stimulation mode offers 21 levels of intensity which is perfect for large dogs like the Rottweiler. 

One of the biggest advantages of this dog collar is its Blind Operation Design. The benefit of this is that it gives you more control over the dog and lets you operate the remote with ease without even looking at it. That’s because the buttons are structured in a way that’s different from one another. 

The endurance is another notable highlight of this shock collar. You can expect it to last for about 70 hours with a single charge, which is pretty great, especially if you regularly train your Rottweiler outdoors and go on hikes.

Rotties can get huge, and you’ll need a collar that’s sturdy enough to go through everything you throw at it.

SportDOG 425X is one sturdy collar that’ll, without a doubt, go through everything you throw at it. The collar’s build quality and durability are simply in a class of its own.

Other Key Features:

  • Multi Dogs Training System. Unlike Educator, SportDOG allows you to train three dogs with a single remote instead of two. This can be a huge plus if you own three dogs. 
  • IP67 Certified Waterproof Collar. The shock collar is equipped with what SportDOG calls the dryer technology. This tech lets the collar be submersible to 25 feet.


Stunning battery life
Superb build quality
Multi-dog training


No display on the remote

4. Dogtra Edge Advanced Remote Dog Training Collar

If you want the highest-end, bleeding-edge dog training collar on the market and are not concerned about the amount you’re about to spend.

The Dogtra Edge is an option worth considering.

This collar has some notable features that are probably not present in any dog shock collars on the market. 

First, let’s start with the range. The Dogtra Edge covers the exact same amount of range as the Educator training collar, which is 1760 yards (5280. ft.).

This, as you may know, is excellent if your training sessions take place primarily outdoors. 

Dogtra Edge Advanced Dog Training Collar

Not only that, but this amount of range may also come in handy when you go on a hike with your Rott.

Training modes and intensity levels are what we’re going to take a look at next. This is one of the notable features I mentioned earlier. The Dogtra Edge gives a variety of options to the trainers, unlike any shock collar on the market. 

Dogtra Edge offers an interchangeable correction dial which consists of 127 levels of Rheostat Dial that allows for smoother level changing and 8 levels of Selector Dial for rapid level changing.

Now for the training modes. This dog shock collar consists of three; nick, constant, and pager vibration. The nick is a type of static shock that emits correction for about ½ second, while constant, on the other hand, offers 12 seconds of correction.

All you need to do is select one correction dial along with either nick or constant, and you’ll be good to go.

Pager vibration is just like all vibration modes typically available in a collar of this type.

Other Key Features:

  • Expands To Train Upto 4 Dogs. Each of the above collars allows trainers to train 2 and 3 dogs at once, respectively. That’s not the case with the Edge; with this training collar, you can train upto a maximum of 4 dogs. 
  • IPX9K Waterproof Certified. The Dogtra Edge provides the highest security from the water there is when it comes to a waterproof shock collar. This certification is only offered after the collar and receiver survive a series of stress tests.
  • Best In Class Battery Life. Typically most dog collars tend to have decent battery life, but if you want something that’s more than just decent, this might be the collar for you. We were never able to kill this collar during our testing. It consistently lasted for a week before a recharge was required.
  • Combination Boost Control. This feature allows you to increase the correction power quickly and provides more control over the collar. If you’re willing to train your Rottweiler for competition, hunting or even as K9, this can prove effective. 
  • Beacon And Locate LED Light. Not many modern shock collars do this feature better than Dogtra. This training collar has the brightest light I’ve seen in a collar. With that, it also provides an option to change the color of the light to white, orange, blue or green. You can also change the light mode to flash or continuous too. 


Lightweight collar even though packed with high-end tech
Ergonomic transmitter
Extremely well built
Batteries can be replaced


No Tone mode
Not cheap

5. Educator E-Collar Dog Training Collar

There’s no collar that deserves the second place as much as this.

Educator have been in the industry for a good few years, and this particular dog training e-collar from them clearly shows off all of their expertise. 

If you want a jam-packed device with literally every possible feature crammed in it, look no further than Educator’s e-collar.

It is simply superb for all dog owners with a Rottweiler. 

Educator collars are known for their versatility, and this one is no exception. Let’s start with one of the most important features of a dog collar which is the training modes.

Educator E-Collar Dog Training Collar

This dog shock collar provides dog owners with three training modes; shock mode, pavlovian tone and vibration mode.

Shock collars give the trainers the luxury to adjust the stimulation level of each mode to ensure the safety of the dog. 

And taking a look at what Educator offers, it offers stimulation levels upto 100 along with 60 additional boost levels for stubborn Rottweilers. 

Most pet owners are not fans of the static stimulation that these collars emit to the dog’s neck. To counter that, Educator have come up with their own shock mode, the tapping sensation that’s way less gentle than the static shock other dog collars tend to provide. 

Range is one of the important factors when looking for the best shock collar, and Educator doesn’t miss out on it either. This dog shock collar has a wide range of 1760 yards (5280. ft.), which is more than enough if you’re a dog owner who trains their Rottweiler puppy primarily outdoors. 

This is a rechargeable dog shock collar; this means it contains a lithium-ion cell in it. As for the battery life, it is pretty much what you can ask for in a collar of this type. It can last all day without any problems whatsoever.

Other Key Features:

  • Dual Dog Training System. Dog owners who own two dogs and want to train both of them, this dog collar will allow you to do so with ease. If you purchase an additional Educator collar, you’ll be able to train both of your dogs with a single remote without having to use a separate one for each.
  • Waterproof collar and remote. Rotties tend to get hot easily, and they often enjoy getting wet. Getting an e-collar that’s able to withstand water can be a huge plus down the road. That said, both the transmitter (remote) and receiver (collar) of the Educator dog collar are waterproof.
  • Lock Feature. This feature allows you to lock the best stimulation you’ve set for your dog. Along with that, it’ll also help prevent accidental shocks. 
  • Tracking Light. Educator shock collar has an LED light embedded in the collar. This makes sure that your Rottweiler’s visible even if it’s far away from you, especially in the dark. 


Great battery life
Has an LCD display to show everything selected
Excellent build quality along with durability
Two-year warranty if registered



6. DOG CARE Dog Training Collar

Dog Care most probably produces the best shock collars for Rottweilers under $50. This collar from them makes all of the expensive collars just obsolete when compared. 

Packing in all the fancy features from its expensive brothers, the Dog Care shock collar is a bargain when it comes to this department.

I just don’t understand how they stacked this in one piece for such a low price. 

With three training modes (tone, vibration and shock) and upto 99 levels of shock, this is for sure is enough to help you alleviate all the unwanted behavior your Rott has.

Dog Care Collar Product Image

Also, worth noting that some of the expensive collars don’t include this much versatility when it comes to intensity levels. 

The range is one place where this collar sets its name apart from the expensive ones. With just 330 yards (1000. ft.), you can expect to have stressless indoor and backyard sessions. For wide-open areas, forget it! 

That is because trees, walls and anything similar will block the signals from reaching the receiver, and this makes the range shorter than what’s mentioned on paper. So having a wider range from the start can do a world lot of good.

Other Key Features:

  • Security Keypad Lock. This’ll let you lock the keys on the remote and help you prevent accidental shocks.
  • Auto-Off. The Dog Care shock collar turns itself off after 8 hours to ensure that it doesn’t cause any problems to the dog’s neck. It’ll also remind you to check the collar at the eight-hour mark. 


A highly adjustable training collar fits even the smallest of Rottweilers
Excellent battery life 
Has 99 levels of intensity


Not an adjustable waterproof training collar, just a weatherproof one
No multi-dog system

7. PATPET P320 Dog Training Collar

PATPET dog shock collar is what I’d call a perfect collar. This thing checks all the boxes and provides just the right amount of everything for training dogs such as your Rott. 

Like all shock collars, the P320 also has the three training modes: tone, vibration, and shock. 

But what’s not similar in this collar compared to others is that it provides you with different intensity levels of both the static stimulation and vibration. 

Speaking of intensity levels, the shock mode has 1-16, and the vibration mode has 1-8.

If you use vibration instead of shock, this can be a great option as you’ll have complete control over the intensity levels of both. 

PATPET P320 Dog Training Collar

One great feature that other bark collar and shock collar companies can copy from the P320 is its auto warning system. Whenever the selected stimulation is too high for your Rottweiler, this collar will warn you.

This is a great feature for first-time pet owners who haven’t used a dog’s shock collar as it will prevent them from over shocking the pet. 

Let’s move on to range now. The PATPET P320, just like the Dog Care adjustable collar, covers precisely 330 yards (1000. ft.), which is perfect for training indoors or in the backyard.

Other Key Features:

  • Ergonomic Design. This is one of the few collars that have a design that just slips right into any hand. It’s so well built. And not to mention the button placements, which are perfectly sized and allow you to reach every operational button effortlessly.
  • Good Battery Life. With the P320, you’ll never have to worry about the collar giving up on you in the middle of the training sessions. Expect both the collar and the receiver to last at least 15 and 12 days, respectively. This is one of the best shock collars when it comes to battery life. Also, the receiver and remote will be fully charged in a little more than 2 hours.
  • Multi Dog Training System.


The collar and receiver are IPX7 rated waterproof
Includes conductive silicones that can be attached to the prongs. That’ll make it for a collar with humane training modes
Provides the trainer with different intensities for shock and vibration


Shock is more intense than other collars

8. Garmin Delta XC Dog Training Collar

This is one of the popular training collars available on the market right now.

With a few notable features, this is one effective dog training collar that can help you alleviate all of your dog’s behavior. 

Delta XC offers three training modes, just like the majority of the collar. Shock, vibration and tone are all three of them.

As for the levels of intensity, you’ll be having the option to adjust to upto a max of 18.

The adjustable collar also features a perfect wide range of 880 yards (2640. ft.) for uninterrupted outdoor training.

Garmin Delta XC Collar Product Image

Other Key Features:

  • Allows To Change Or Replace The Contact Points. The Delta XC comes with additional short and long probes. This can especially come in handy if you own a highly rare long-haired Rottweiler because you have the luxury to change to the longer contact points.
  • Excellent Battery. From what I’ve seen, The Delta XC is one of the best shock collars when it comes to the battery department. The receiver and the remote of this rechargeable dog shock collar are able to last 40 and 60 hours, respectively. So worry less if you go on regular hikes or camping trips with your Rott.
  • Multi Dog Compatible.


The dog shock collars transmitter fits into the palm perfectly
Excellent range
Best training collar when it comes to battery
IPX7 waterproof certificate for both receiver and collar



9. Petrainer Rechargeable Dog Trainer

Petrainer shock collar is one of the best sellers on Amazon in its category.

With the right amount of price and enough features to get the dog’s attention and alleviate its behavior.

This for sure is a great training tool that most dog parents should put on their wish list.

The collar is perfect for first-time owners as it’s very straightforward to use, nothing advanced, just pick up and play.

It features three training modes; standard tone, vibration and shock, plus both the vibration and shock modes host 100 levels of intensity for effective dog training. 

Petrainer Dog Training Collar Product Image

Since the vibration alone has an intensity level of 100, you’ll not need to go for a shock as it’ll do the job of getting your Rottweiler’s attention alone.

Petrainer e-collar nylon strap is surprisingly comfortable to touch, and it does a great job of protecting every dog’s sensitive skin. 

As the collar is somewhat targeted at the first time dog parents, it is designed for primarily backyard training. 330 yards (1000. ft.) is the maximum range this highly affordable is able to cover.

Other Key Features:

  • Auto Power Protect Mode. The Petrainer collar will automatically go into power-saving mode when not in use for a specific period of time. This’ll ensure maximum battery capacity.


Effective vibration mode
100 intensity level for both shock and vibration
Comfortable nylon strap
Night light 


Rainproof, not waterproof
Operational buttons are easily triggered

10. Pet Union PT0Z1 Training Shock Collar for Dogs

The Pet Union shock collar is somewhat similar to the Petrainer.

With an affordable price range, this is another collar that most beginner dog trainers should keep an eye on. 

PT0Z1 allows you to get rid of overwhelming dogs behavior problems with ease by providing the four training modes, unlike almost all collars which tend to offer three.

Tone, light, vibration and shock are all four of the modes that you can take advantage of when training your Rott. 

1-100 levels of intensity are available for shock and vibration modes.

Pet Union PT0Z1 Premium

This makes the collar a little more versatile, and probably, it’s more than you’ll ever need while training any dog breed. 

Surprisingly the collar offers 400 yards (1200. ft.) of range, which many other collars at this price point don’t do. Even though not higher, it’s enough for training in a small park or your backyard.

Other Key Features:

  • Power Protect Mode. Just like the Petrainer, this collar too features a power protection mode that puts the device to sleep to save battery when not in use.
  • Dual Dog Training System.


Offers additional light training mode
Waterproof e-collar
100 levels of intensity
Lifetime warranty


The collar and remote feel much cheaper compared to other collars of this price
Vibration is not effective enough at lower levels

Things to Look for in the Best Dog Training Collars for Rottweilers

Shock collars for rottweilers

There’s a wide range of training collars available in the market, and not all of them do the job they’re supposed to do in the best way.

And picking one that’ll do the job in the best way possible can be incredibly daunting, especially when you don’t know what you’re looking for.

That said, below are some of the important features that you need to keep an eye on if you’re to purchase the best shock collar to train your Rottie. 

Types Of Corrections

Almost all e-collars these days come with three training modes; tone, vibration and shock. In some collars, there might be even four, a light mode. 

If the collar you go with has just two or lower, it just isn’t going to be worth it. Especially if it does not have the vibration mode, just go for another. Most modern collars that have vibration will do the job for you without the need for a shock.

Also, having more options just gives you that little bit of versatility. If one mode isn’t enough to get your Rottweiler’s attention, you can always try out the remaining ones.

Adjustable Intensity Levels

Now, this is a big one. Having more training modes just isn’t going to make sense if there are no intensity levels to control them.

Having the option to control the levels of intensity can play a huge role during the training as it will provide you with the luxury to choose what’s best for your dog. Also, you can try out different levels if your dog isn’t responding to the lower ones. 

However, the most notable benefit of having this option is that it ensures the safety of your Rottweiler. You don’t want a collar that emits intense corrections as it will lead to problems down the line. 

With that in mind, always go with a shock collar that allows you to change the intensity levels of the training modes, especially the shock mode.


No one wants their collar to run out of charge during the training sessions. If you train your dog multiple times during the day, you’ll need a collar that lasts longer between charges.

Not all collars tend to have a good battery, as most are packed with features that suck all the juice that’s left in the battery. So make sure you get a collar that has a battery that can actually last for at least 3 to 5 sessions without sacrificing any top priority features. 

Thankfully the collars I’ve mentioned above too have zero problems when it comes to battery. Any of them can help you get that number I’ve stated above without any issues.

Side note; also get a collar with rechargeable batteries. If it relies on AAs or AAAs, it’ll not be worth it as those collars will run out of battery regularly and need frequent replacing.


The transmitter of an e-collar goes through a lot during its period of use, and from what I’ve seen, a majority of the training collars are not able to handle most of the pressure it’ll be put through.

So you don’t want a collar of that type. YES! If you’re buying online, you can’t check them in person, but take my word for it. Most of the e-collars in this list are built to last. 

I’m pretty sure any of them will be able to handle the amount of pressure you put on them without any issues. 

Also, check whether the collar is waterproof and, if not, at least rainproof. Because there’s a high chance that the transmitter will come in contact with water, and it should be able to withstand it. 


If you go on regular hikes or train your Rott on wide-open areas, you’ll need a collar with a good range. 

Rottweilers, unlike many other dog breeds, are highly energetic and independent dogs and have a tendency to take off if they feel like it. Having a collar with great range will help you alleviate this problem and keep your Rottie in your sight.

This is not going to be an issue if your training sessions take place in backyards or small fenced areas.

Will Dog Shock Collars Work on a Rottweiler?

Rottweiler wearing a collar

A dog shock collar will well and truly work on a Rottweiler. But you need to make sure that you get the proper collar that’ll fit your dog without problems. If the collar is too tight or too loose, it may not work as intended. 

Also, make sure the collar is having the features that you’ll need the most so that you can take full advantage of it. 

Don’t forget to use the collar properly too. You need to set the intensity levels to the point it gets your Rottweiler’s straight away. Also, you should let the dog know that he’s being stimulated only for behaving improperly. 

Since they can feel the shock, you wouldn’t want to use the stimulation unnecessarily as they’ll associate it with a negative way.

How Does Remote Training E-Collars Work on Rottweilers?

A shock collar on a Rottweiler works just like it works on other breeds of dogs, and it’s not even that difficult. The main thing you’ll need here is the remote as it’s the brain of everything.

Use it to send the radio signal to the transmitter on your Rott’s collar, and from there, it’ll take care of everything. 

It’ll activate the stimulation type and intensity level you’ve gone with and deliver it through the two prongs, which touch your Rottweiler’s skin.

Also, don’t forget to fit the collar properly.

Do’s And Don’ts When Training Your Rottweiler With a High-Quality Shock Collar

Shock collars are great, but there’s definitely a list of dos and don’ts that you’ll need to know before and while using them.


Do test the collar before actually using it on your Rott.
Do let the dog wear the collar for a day or two before starting the training sessions.
Do take advantage of the shock collar to get rid of Rottweiler’s behavior problem.
Do keep the collar clean.
Do seek advice from pros if you don’t know how to get started with a shock collar.


Don’t use the collar if your Rott’s unhealthy.
Don’t use the highest intensity of the shock when training your Rott.
Don’t use the shock collar if your Rottweiler is too young.
Don’t use the shock collar if your Rottweiler is wet.


A Rottweiler should be at least 8 weeks old before being introduced to a shock collar.

It is recommended that a Rottweiler should not wear a remote training collar for more than 8 hours per day, and the collar should be adjusted accordingly during this time.

Yes, training collars can be beneficial for Rottweilers when used for training purposes, as they can help to correct undesired behaviors.

The effectiveness of shock collars on Rottweilers can vary, as each dog may have a different response to the collar.

Final Verdict: The Ultimate Dog Training Collar for a Rottweiler

So there you have it!

10 of the best shock collars for Rottweilers covered. The collars I’ve mentioned above are great, and many of them can assist you in training your Rott. However, it’s up to you to choose what’s right for you and especially for your dog. 

But I would personally recommend Pet Resolve Dog Training Collar. It’s the best training collar available for a Rottweiler. It’s perfectly well-rounded in every aspect, and any typical Rottweiler owner who gets their hands on it will not be disappointed.

If money is not a problem and if you want the best of the best for your dog, Halo 2+ is, without a doubt, an excellent option.

That is all from me; all I can say is that the ball is in your court, and I hope you’ll make a wise decision.

Pet Resolve
Pet Resolve Product Image




Overall Score


Excellent build quality, both collar, and transmitter
Impressive battery life
Includes a lanyard and training clicker with purchase
Top-notch range
2-year warranty
Get the BEST PRICE valid until the end of June
It is not possible to turn off the receiver (collar) using the remote

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