7 Best Airline-Approved Dog Crates (2024) IATA-Compliant

Last Updated on June, 2024

Can you use your wheeled or collapsible super-strong crate to air travel?


But what CAN you use? That’s the question to which I have the answer.

I realized this is a topic pet parents will need the most reassurance on. So, I took my time, found about 15 potential dog crates, and brought the list down to the top 7.

As long as you read to the very end, you’ll know what to do; I won’t have to tell you.

Be sure to read after the list to discover some of the must-know information when you’re flying with your dog.

Let’s start the list!

Editor’s Choice
Diggs Passenger Travel Carrier Product Image
Diggs Travel Carrier
Build Quality






Overall Score


#2nd Best Choice
Petmate Sky Kennel
Petmate Sky Kennel
Build Quality






Overall Score


#3rd Best Choice
GUNNER G1 Product Image
Gunner G1
Build Quality






Overall Score


7 Best Airline-Approved Dog Crates

1. Diggs Passenger Travel Carrier

Diggs is a brand recognized for innovation and class.

From now on, their passenger travel carrier, which I’ll call the Diggs carrier, is the BEST airline-approved carrier.

Let’s see why it is the best.

For starters, this is not only an airline-friendly carrier; you can carry your furry friend in this bag in trains, cars, or even on foot. But remember that Diggs recommends this carrier for dogs AND cats up to 18 lbs.

You don’t have to worry about the space as the Diggs carrier comes with external dimensions 20″ L x 10.8″ W x 11.5 “H and internal dimensions 18 “L x 10” W x 10.75 “H.

In other words, it’s spacious enough for your dog and small enough to fit under the seat in front of you, as it should be.

Not only that, but the carrier also boats a front pocket with dimensions 16″ x 6″. It’s clear that Diggs has designed the crate keeping the utmost comfort and sense of safety in mind.

But the biggest problem with most dog carriers is that they’re very heavy — Diggs wins there, too, as the bag is only 4.5 lbs.

Before I go any further, these airline-approved dog carriers are made from premium nylon with four elegant colors, including navy blue, that make you look like a Wall Street executive.

I absolutely admire how this dog carrier has intelligently integrated design details that make air travel hassle-free. 

For example, it has a cross-body strap, a D-ring clip for your keys, and even a collar tether clip to secure the pet when the carrier is open.

On top of that, you get three pockets to keep the essentials within easy reach.

Multiple access points design feature helps dog parents to manage their dogs during flying easier. 

If an accident occurs, there’s a side door by which you can fix the issue quickly and discreetly. On the side, there’s a third opening which tremendously helps you with the bag’s orientation in tight spaces when you’re flying.

The cherry on top is the patent-pending pee pad with impressive absorption capabilities.

Ventilation and privacy are a top priority when flying, and Diggs also impresses you in that aspect. A special mesh is present throughout the carrier for ventilation. Your dog won’t feel anxious thanks to the well-covered design.

Not only that, you also get a 30-day return window, but the catch is the 10% return shipping fee.

But as a matter of fact, Diggs Passenger Travel Carrier is the BEST IATA-compliant dog crate.


The Diggs carrier meets almost all airline standards of many airlines.
It can also be used for train, car, and foot travel, providing versatility.
The carrier is suitable for dogs and cats up to 18 lbs.
The external dimensions (20 “L x 10.8 “W x 11.5 “H) and internal dimensions (18 “L x 10” W x 10.75 “H) offer ample space.
It fits comfortably under the seat in front of you.
The carrier features a front pocket (16″ x 6″) for convenient storage.
Despite its spaciousness, the carrier is lightweight, weighing only 4.5 lbs.
Made from premium nylon, the carrier exudes durability and style.
The integrated design details, such as the cross-body strap, D-ring clip, and collar tether clip, enhance convenience and safety.
The multiple access points make it easier to manage your dog during flying.
The side door provides quick and discreet fixing of any accidents.
Three pockets allow easy access to essentials.
The carrier includes a patent-pending pee pad with impressive absorption capabilities.
Comes with 30 day return period.


10% return shipping fee for returns

2. Petmate Sky Kennel

Petmate is a brand that has almost always reached the top few of my reviews. The reason is their superior build quality.

The same quality is continued with the Petmate Sky Kennel.

Coming in only light gray, Petmate lets you pick the kennel in six sizes. It’s an impressive size range from 21″ to 48″, ensuring almost all dogs are eligible to fly.

This kennel is made from eco-friendly 90% pre-consumer recycled plastic content, whose product weight range is from 6 lbs to 51 lbs. 

I’d say it’s an outstanding balance between strength and airplane-friendly weight. To make it easier to carry the kennel, there’s a carrying handle on the top too.

These features show how amazingly Petmate understands pet parents who fly with dogs.

Unlike the Diggs carrier, the Petmate pet kennel has only one door, but it’s big enough. There’s an easy open squeeze-latch with a 4-way locking vault mechanism for sizes 21″, 28″, and 32″.

For 36″, 40″, and 48″, there is a dial latch system with a 4-way locking vault kennel door. The mesh design will keep your dog safe WHILE helping it see outside.

In addition to the door, there are two metal side vents and rear ventilation to always ensure ideal air circulation.

Remember that this rigid plastic carrier has a secure non-corrosive wing nut & bold design complimented with tie-down strap holes while being tamper-proof.

It’s admirable how Petmate has included airline travel essentials such as 2 Live Animal stickers, a food and water bowl, an absorbent paper pad, and ID stickers. It shows how airline-travel focussed this crate really is.

The overall build quality of the Petmate Sky Kennel is admirable. The sense of safety and the objectively superior design features ensure that your furry friend stays calm and comfortable when you’re flying.

The Petmate Sky Kennel is the BEST ALTERNATIVE if you cannot find the Diggs passenger travel carrier.


Available in six sizes from 21″ to 48″, accommodating a wide range of dog sizes for air travel.
Made from eco-friendly recycled plastic, striking a balance between strength and weight.
Includes a carrying handle for easy transportation.
Relatively lightweight construction with a product weight range from 6 lbs to 51 lbs.
Features a large kennel door with an easy-open squeeze-latch.
A dial latch system and an easy-open squeeze latch system are available.
Mesh design allows pets to see outside while feeling secure.
360-degree ventilation outlets for the most comfortable air circulation.
Secure and tamper-proof with non-corrosive wing nut and bold design.
Includes essential items for airline travel such as live animal stickers, food and water bowl, absorbent pad, and ID stickers.


It has only one door.
It comes in only one color.

3. Gunner G1

Gunner is an all-rounder kennel, and that statement further solidifies as the brand’s G1 kennel is my second-best alternative to the Diggs kennel.

Let’s see what makes it special.

For starters, Gunner positions G1 as the world’s safest travel kennel.

In fact, the kennel’s powerful frame system is reinforced with an Aluminum frame designed explicitly to contain a dog before, during, and after a car wreck.

In other words, dog owners can rest assured knowing their dogs will be safe in car AND air travel.

The crate comes in four sizes; the smallest is 21.75″ (L – Floor) x 14.5″ (W – Floor) x 15.5″ (H) / 16.5″ (W) at the kennel’s widest interior point, weighing 27 lbs.

The largest is 33.25″ (L – Floor) x 21″ (W – Floor) x 29″ (H) / 23″ (W) at the kennel’s widest interior point, with a weight of 72 lbs.

To make the fit better, Gunner lets you choose the fit by 3 methods; by crate size (mentioned above), by measuring your dog’s physical dimensions, and by the vehicle fit. 

G1 is the only double-walled rotomolded kennel in the market, further increasing your dog’s safety while skyrocketing its durability value.

What about comfort?

The Gunner G1 kennel is 12% cooler, and your dog expends 20% less energy compared to leading most leading Aluminum and single-wall rotomolded kennels. 

The reversible door makes it easier to access, and the key-in-the-hole with the paddle latch certifies protection. That peace of mind matters tremendously in domestic flights.

You’d also find the element-repelling windows helpful for your dog. They’re engineered to limit the penetration of seasonal elements like snow or rain. 

Gunner boasts the G1’s interior drainage system with an oversized and removable drain plug. This might not be useful during the flight, but it’s beneficial in the long run.

The Petmate kennel had one carrying handle, but this kennel has two kayak-grade handles. Combine that with the built-in tie-down pins and the non-slip feet; this crate will stay put wherever you place it.

Isn’t that a mandatory requirement, anyway?

As you may already know, Gunner kennels, including the G1, are completely made in the USA. With a lifetime guarantee, its value is quite high.

With five vibrant earth-tone colors, Gunner gives you dog owners no choice but to love this travel dog crate.

So, in conclusion, the Gunner G1 is one of the best airplane crates.


Gunner G1 is positioned as the world’s safest travel kennel, designed to safely contain dogs during car accidents.
Double-walled rotomolded construction increases durability and enhances safety.
The kennel provides 12% cooler interior temperature and reduces energy expenditure by 20% compared to other kennels.
The reversible door and key-in-the-hole paddle latch.
Element-repelling windows prevent the penetration of exterior elements.
An interior drainage system with a removable drain plug ensures easy cleaning.
Two kayak-grade handles, tie-down pins, and nonslip feet ensure secure placement.
Gunner kennels are made in the USA and come with a lifetime guarantee.
Available in four sizes to accommodate various dog breeds.
It offers a range of vibrant earth-tone colors to choose from.


It has only one access point.
It is fairly heavier.

4. AmazonBasics Pet Carrier

The next best recommendation is the AmazonsBasics pet carrier. Let’s see how well it performs as an airline-approved crate.

The AmazonBasics crate is unique; it comes in two styles: a metal vent or a two-door top load. 

This crate is available in one color (cream and grey) and one size, which is 23.6 “L x 15.7 “W x 13 “H. The two-door top-load version comes in blue-grey, with one size, which is 22.83 “L x 14.96 “W x 12.99 “H.

So, it’s not for very large dogs like Great Danes who want more moving space. Ideally, this crate suits the best for puppies and small-medium-sized dog breeds.

AmazonBasics Pet Carrier

I love the mixture of metal and plastic for the design, similar to the Gunner kennel. The Amazon Basics kennel is made from single-walled molded plastic, and the other elements are metallic.

If you go with the metal vent design, you get one door with a wire mesh and three-way air holes covered with metal wires.

The two-door top load version has a side and a top door. This makes handling your pet in the cage inside the flight easier.

The cherry on top is the securing locking door closure mechanism. They’re not 100% metallic in both cages, but the 2-door model with spring-loaded latch in the two-door version is more secure.

No matter how secure the locks are, pet owners must crate train their dogs ideally to ensure they’re safe and comfortable during airplane traveling.

The center-aligned top carrying handle makes it easier to carry it. 

You might wonder, wouldn’t it be better to have a crate with wheels? But it’s one of the forbidden features; you can read the rest at the end of this list.

You also get free Prime shipping in the link that I have recommended; no worries about safety.

The verdict? It’s a great alternative when you can’t find the most suitable airline-approved dog crates.


It comes in two styles, a metal vent or a two-door top-load, to suit different preferences.
Made from a combination of plastic and metal, providing a durable and secure design.
The metal vent design features one door with wire mesh and three-way ventilation openings.
The two-door top load version offers side and top doors, facilitating easier handling of pets during flights.
Both versions have secure locking door closure mechanisms for added safety.
Suitable for puppies and small to medium-sized dog breeds.
The center-aligned top carrying handle ensures convenient transportation.
Free Prime shipping is available for the recommended link, ensuring timely delivery.
Affordable and budget-friendly option.
Suitable for both dogs and cats.


This is only a single-wall molded kennel.
Both kennel styles come in one color and one size.

5. Away The Pet Carrier

AWAY is not a brand dedicated to dog kennels, but you’d be impressed when reading about their pet carrier.

This pet carrier meets Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requirements while being certified by The Center for Pet Safety (CPS) — that’s where I’d like to start this review.

Away pet carrier comes in one standard size, 18.7″ x 10.8″ x 10.75″, and the company recommends this fine dog carrier for pets up to 18 lbs

With the retractable privacy screen, you’ll never have anxious pets. In addition, Away has ensured ideal air circulation with the mesh panels on three sides. These crate features ensure your pet’s safety.

Away The Pet Carrier

How much does it weigh? 

It weighs 4.3 lbs with a shoulder strap and 3.9 lbs without. So, the dog’s weight will typically be around 25 lbs, which is great.

You’re highly likely to get somewhat reminded of the classy look of the Diggs carrier. After all, it comes in black, made from superior quality Nylon leather material. That’s why it lasts so long by design.

The removable and washable plush sherpa bedding is Away’s secret to providing the best comfort for your dog in air travel. Combine that with the water-resistant lining for easy accident cleanup; this pet carrier is a phenomenal alternative.

You’d like the safety collar clip ideally placed to prevent quick pet escapes when opening. You know you don’t want that risk in air travel. 

But how access-friendly this bag really is? The two-way zip top and side openings resemble multiple access points as they enable easy access to your pet. 

It’s admirable how Away has integrated latches that fasten to a car seat belt. When traveling by car, you can make great use of the strap that secures any Away luggage too.

Away boasts its pet carrier’s usability experience with the side pocket, waterproof lining, and raining holes. It’s bespoke for storing a collapsible water bowl.

As an established brand, Away gives you 100 days to return the bag with one year warranty. But remember that branded/customized carriers cannot be returned.

All things considered, you can definitely rely on this airline-approved dog crate as well.


AWAY pet carrier meets FAA requirements and is certified by The Center for Pet Safety (CPS), ensuring safety during airline travel.
Retractable privacy screens and mesh panels provide better comfort and ventilation.
Lightweight design weighing 4.3 lbs with a shoulder strap, suitable for pets up to 18 lbs.
Made from superior quality Nylon leather material, offering durability and a classy look.
Removable and washable plush Sherpa bedding ensures comfort for pets.
Safety collar clip prevents pet escapes when opening the carrier.
Two-way zip top and side openings allow easy access to pets.
Integrated latches for car seat belts and compatibility with Away luggage offer additional convenience.


Limited color options are available.
Branded/customized carriers cannot be returned.

6. ASPEN PET Dog Kennel

I’m very picky, even when it comes to alternatives. Luckily, Petmate’s Aspen pet kennel was promising enough.

Let’s see what’s so special about it.

I admire how this product’s sizes don’t come in dimensions but are based on the dog’s weight. There are four sizes that change from 25 to 90 lbs. That’s an impressive range, suitable enough to accommodate even bigger dogs.

But Petmate gives you a simple size guide to pick the ideal kennel size. 

ASPEN PET Dog Kennel

This heavy-duty kennel has a plastic shell and metal screws to keep the parts together. That increases the overall strength and durability. Most importantly, it gives you enough peace of mind when flying.

Thanks to the air holes, you don’t have to worry about your pet’s comfort. After all, the Aspen kennel has a mesh door, so the air circulation is superior by design.

Petmate kennels are easy to assemble, and the Aspen kennel doesn’t deviate from that. 

You don’t need a massive toolbox or box-assembling experience; it’s very hassle-free.

Once you assemble it, ideally, you have to clean it before getting your dog inside. Thanks to the plastic surface, this is when you’ll notice how easy it is to clean.

I have to emphasize the shape of the interior of this magnificent crate. It satisfies natural denning instincts, and this helps them not only stay calm but PREFER staying inside the kennel throughout the flight.

On top of its suitability for air travel, I also love how Petmate recommends the kennel for cars too. This eliminates the need for a separate kennel for traveling with your pet by car.

Although the handle and the other components are imported, the Petmate Aspen dog kennel is made in the USA. Having that reassurance helps you more than you assume when it comes to flying.

But it’s necessary to double-check with your airline because you never know how some surprise rules can delay your trip.

As an alternative, this is one of the best airline-approved dog crates by design.


The Aspen kennel offers four sizes from 25 to 90 lbs, accommodating even larger dogs.
Heavy-duty construction with a plastic shell and metal screws ensures strength and durability.
Superior air circulation and ventilation openings provide comfort for better airline travel.
Easy assembly without the need for additional tools or expertise.
The easy-to-clean plastic surface makes maintenance hassle-free.
The interior design satisfies natural denning instincts, promoting a calm and preferred environment for pets.
Suitable for both air and car travel, eliminating the need for separate kennels.
Made in the USA, providing reassurance and quality assurance.


Has only one access point.
Has no return period.

7. Petsfit Carrier

If you have been unable to find the Diggs pet carrier and all the alternatives so far, then I have good news. The last resort is still terrific

This is the Petsfit expandable pet carrier.

This special kennel comes in five sizes. But the largest size is dimensions 19 “Lx12 “Wx12” H, which limits the size compatibility for larger dogs. 

At the start itself, Petsfit reassures potential customers that their carriers are airplane approved.

These are some of the airways that accept it: United Airlines/ Virgin America/ Hawaiian Airlines/ Air Wisconsin/ Air Canada/ Alaska Airlines/ Southwest Airlines/ Canadian North.

Petsfit Carrier

But are all sizes approved by default? No, only the small and medium sizes comply with the airlines mentioned above. 

However, it doesn’t hurt to double-check with your airlines before purchasing a large size, just to be sure.

It’s worth noting that two detachable fiber rods are on both sides of the carrier’s top. When the large size is too high to fit under a seat, you can remove these two fiber optic rods and fit in better.

The side part of the bag can be expanded. With that, your dog gets extra space in a few seconds. The best thing about this side opening is that it has an opening. 

The second point of access is the side opening, the smaller size. The third opening is on the top. With three access points, Petsfit brings a lot of value to its kennel.

The material of this crate is a mixture of Polyester, Nylon, and Polypropylene (PP), with some metallic parts.

The solid wire keeps it from collapsing and is flexible enough to compress to fit under an airplane seat. 

With these crate features comes the top and 2-sided windows. Petfits is proud to have them made of anti-scratch ventilation mesh material, and your dog will feel both safe and comfortable thanks to the ideal air circulation.

This collapsibility is greatly complemented by the soft bottom inside. It keeps your dog perfectly warm enough for as long as they want. Additionally, the self-lock zipper ensures that your pet doesn’t escape too.

What about the carrying ease? 

For that, Petfits gives you two flexible handles to hold with your hands. If that’s not enough, you can always switch to the detachable strap to hang on the shoulders.

It has a side pocket too.

In conclusion, this is one of the dependable pet crates. But remember to double-check everything with the airlines before purchasing.


The Petfits expandable carrier comes in five sizes with one color.
An Airline approved carrier accepted by many airlines ensures hassle-free travel.
Detachable fiber rods allow adjustment of carrier height to fit under seats when necessary.
The expandable side design provides extra space for pets during the journey.
Three access points (top, side, and side opening) offer convenience and flexibility.
Soft-sided construction with solid wire reinforcement allows for collapsibility and easy storage.
Anti-scratch ventilation mesh windows ensure ideal air circulation and pet comfort.
The soft bottom interior provides warmth, while the self-lock zipper prevents pet escapes.


Larger sizes may not be approved for airline travel.
The material can be damaged easily compared to rigid materials like plastic.

With that, we come to the end of the list. But up next is some must-know information that most people discover AFTER facing issues with flying with their pet.

Let’s start with the buying guide.

How to Choose the Right Airline-Approved Dog Crate?

2 dogs inside pet carriers

If you’re wondering how I choose and rank these dog crates, here are the full buying guidelines for you.

Measure Your Dog Accurately

Use a tape measure to determine your dog’s height and length. 

Read the size guide of each product carefully, as your dog needs enough space to stand, turn around, and lie down throughout the flight. Here’s our well researched crate size guide.

Assess Your Dog’s Activity and Level of Tameness

You don’t want to make your dog feel trapped in a long airplane journey when you know they’re not tamed enough. But assuming there’s a considerable level of obedience, prioritize more robust materials.

Consider the Crate’s Ventilation

Look for a crate that provides adequate airflow to keep your dog cool and comfortable, not too much or too less.

Opt for a Secure Locking Mechanism 

Ensure that the chosen crate has a reliable and secure locking mechanism to prevent any accidental openings during travel. 

Check for Easy Assembly and Disassembly

Select a crate that is easy to assemble and disassemble, as you may need to set it up quickly during check-in and collapse it for storage when not in use.

It’s better to choose crates with user-friendly design features.

Consider the Weight of the Crate 

So many brands understand the typical requirement for an airline-approved crate. But even with all the conditions satisfied, the weight will always vary. 

Asses the Comfort Features

Look for comfortable crates, such as a soft and cozy bed or mat, and adequate padding to ensure your dog’s comfort throughout the journey. 

Consider the Ease of Cleaning

Accidents happen, and it’s best to be prepared for the worst. Crates with multiple access points can do wonders in this situation. On top of that, consider the ease of cleaning surfaces when choosing the material.

Dog Crate Requirements of Each Airline

If you’re unsure, you can always call the airline or find the hyperlink from their official website where you can find the information. It’s always better to double-check and confirm so that last-minute unpleasant surprises don’t happen.

Features of an IATA-Compliant Dog Crate

2 chihuahua dogs inside a pet carrier

IATA is the international air travel association headquartered in Canada, and here are some of the main features of IATA-approved dog crates.

Size Requirements 

Remember that the chosen airline-approved pet carrier MUST be tall enough so that your dog’s ears’ topmost point does NOT touch the top of the kennel.

It’s as simple as that.

No airline wants to undertake extra work, and knowing your dog has enough space reassures them of it.

Pet Documents 

Documentation for international flights is a critical matter, and that seriousness applies to your canine companion too.

So, remember to include your pet’s information, preferably on the top of the crate, to meet IATA airline requirements.

You need to include these details:

  • Your dog’s name
  • Your contact number 
  • Final destination 
  • The flight number 
  • Your address 
  • Contact info of someone at the final destination 

Having these details well communicated will save you a lot of trouble if the situation arises.

The Nature of Nuts and Bolts and the Door

IATA really wants the best or nothing, and we all know that metallic bolts and nuts are the strongest. That ultimately gives the most support for typical turbulence.

So, ensure the chosen airline-approved crates have metallic nuts and bolts, and you should be fine.

Ventilation Requirement

Although not known enough, IATA mandates that the crate must have ventilation or air holes on at least three sides to ensure a sufficient supply of fresh air for your dog. 

Any best IATA-approved crate would have four.

Food and Water Dishes Aspect

Your dog would want water or food during the flight, and IATA understands that.

But having all the food and water dishes attached to the crate door itself is an IATA requirement. This measure eliminates the risk of someone’s hyperactive dog running out when the door is opened.

Feeding Instructions

You should tag along the feeding instructions on the crate and a bag of food. Give the highest priority to dry food.

In addition, you also must note down any allergies and food habits the crew must know.

Crate Lining

A dog travel carrier must have a lining with cushions and absorbent papers; these are IATA guidelines for international travel. 

The purpose is to protect your dog from injuries during air travel. Since they will serve as pee pads, you don’t have to worry about minor accidents, as that can be mitigated.

These are the most basic ones, and it’s essential to fulfill all these requirements with many airlines. As always, do a quick background with your airline, and it should be fine.

Features That Shouldn’t Be in Your Airline Dog Crate

Now that you know what to choose, you should ALSO know what to avoid for international travel. 

Here are some features that should NOT be in your airline dog crate. You’d notice that these are mostly seen in regular dog crates.

  • Remember to avoid crates with built-in fixed or detachable wheels.
  • Soft-sided crates prone to collapsing can compromise your dog’s safety.
  • Crates with excessive openings or mesh panels on all sides should be avoided. 
  • Crates with detachable parts, such as removable doors or panels, should be avoided. 
  • You must not buy dog crates with weak or loose latches for air travel, leading to accidental openings.
  • There must be ventilation openings from at least three sides, and lacking that will immediately disqualify the crate 99% of the time.
a dog inside a dog crate

There can be more features, but as long as you avoid these and follow the instructions of the previous subtopic, you should be able to find the best crate.

Preparing Your Dog for Air Travel

Let me keep things brief and to the point so any dog parent would know what to do.

  1. Schedule a veterinary check-up to ensure your dog is healthy and fit to travel.
  2. Choose an airline-approved travel crate with comfort and meets all requirements.
  3. Familiarize your dog with the crate by making it a positive and comfortable space.
  4. Crate train your dog, increase the time in the crate, and reward calm behavior.
  5. Acclimate your dog to the noises and motions associated with air travel.
  6. Ensure your dog gets exercise and bathroom breaks before the journey.
  7. Place familiar scents and comfort items in the crate to reduce anxiety.
  8. Adjust the feeding and watering schedule before the flight.
  9. Secure identification tags and consider microchipping for added safety.
  10. Stay calm, offer reassurance, and comfort your dog on the day of the travel.

Benefits of Buying Airline-Approved Pet Crates

2 Dogs sitting near the dog crates

I’m sure there are more, but here are 10 of the most prominent benefits of airline-approved pet carriers.

  1. Ensures compliance with airline regulations for a smoother travel experience.
  2. Enhance safety measures to provide optimal protection during air travel.
  3. Designed to fit within airline size restrictions for comfort and peace.
  4. The proper ventilation system (air holes) keeps your pet comfy.
  5. Durable and strong construction withstands transportation rigors.
  6. Easy-to-clean features simplify maintenance and hygiene.
  7. Facilitates TSA security screening with convenient design elements.
  8. Provides stress-free familiarity for anxious dogs.
  9. Offers peace of mind for your dog’s safety.
  10. Reusable for multiple trips and daily use, maximizing investment.

In Conclusion

No matter how used you are, air travel is stressful and gets more stressful when you fly with your dog.

So, ideally, you should try to fly with as much peace of mind as possible. In doing so, Diggs passenger travel carrier is the absolute best thanks to its features, which meet several airline requirements.

So, remember to make an investment that lasts and gives you peace of mind throughout the flight.

I hope this review was helpful to you. See you in another!


AITA Approved Crate is a carrier that meets International Air Transport Association requirements, such as having at least three ventilation entries, providing adequate lighting and temperature regulation, and ensuring the safety of the contents.

Yes, there are pet carriers made specifically for air travel. Many brands and products are available to meet this need.

Yes, dog crates are allowed on planes as long as they meet certain requirements.

Diggs Passenger Travel Carrier
Diggs Passenger Travel Carrier Product Image
Build Quality






Overall Score


The Diggs carrier meets almost all airline standards of many airlines.
The multiple access points make it easier to manage your dog during flying.
The side door provides quick and discreet fixing of any accidents.
Comes with 30 day return period.
Get the BEST PRICE valid until the end of June
10% return shipping fee for returns

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