8 Best Dog Crates for Large & XL Dogs (Updated in 2024)

Last Updated on June, 2024

Containing large dogs is a bigger challenge than you’d imagine. You just don’t want them to feel uncomfortable, but you also can’t afford to put them in a weak cage that won’t last a few minutes.

Does that sound familiar? 

I’m sure it does; I was there some time back.

Then I realized that the best way to find the answer is what I do best — an in-depth review.

So, I chose about 15 best dog crates for large dogs and trimmed them down to the best 8. In addition to the crates, there is so much valuable information after the list.

Before you learn anything, let me tell you how to find a dependable or proper crate for your large dog. It’s the same formula I used to choose and rank this list.

Let’s begin!

Editor’s Choice
Impact Collapsible crate Product Image
IMPACT Collapsible
Build Quality






Overall Score


#2nd Best Choice
DIGGS Revol Dog Crate Product Image
Build Quality






Overall Score


#3rd Best Choice
GUNNER G1 Product Image
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Overall Score


8 Best Dog Crates for Large Dogs 

1. IMPACT Collapsible Dog Crate

It’s not an exaggeration to say that Impact is an industry leader. It’s incredible how they have such bespoke dog crate options.

Their collapsible dog crate is the best dog crate for large dogs. Let’s see why it is so.

For starters, this large-size dog cart comes in six sizes.

The crate size varies between dimensions 34.5 “L x 23 “W x 28.97 “H and 54.6 “L x 35.6 “W x 42.03 “H.

You can buy the perfect large dog crate thanks to their simple-size guides.

In addition to the size variation, all Impact crates are made in the USA with 100% high-quality aluminum. That’s why the durability factor is sky-high by design.

Many other competitor crates will take a long time to assemble, and it requires a considerable amount of energy. That’s why some companies will charge you more to send an assembled one.

Any adult can easily set up Impact’s collapsible large dog crate in under 60 seconds. They even show how exactly it happens on their product page, and you can see how convenient it is to set it up.

As the product name explains, this large dog crate is collapsible. This makes it an easily portable crate that consumes minimal space.

I love this crate’s one-handed operation capability with a very secure latch. Escape artist dogs will be discouraged faster than you’d assume.

Larg dog crates become quote annoying when they’re hard to be transported. Impact has understood that, so the handle has a larger cylinder to provide a fantastic grip.

You’ll remember me whenever you lift it with convenience.

Impact also boasts its superior ventilation design. Rounded diamond-shaped air holes around its body provide plenty of ventilation, making it comfortable for your dog. The round edges shape of the diamonds ensures that your dog’s hands don’t get stuck there.

How thoughtful of Impact? And that’s not even all.

This beautiful large dog crate comes in six colors, whose preview images are clearly shown on the product page. It’s better to avoid the white dog crate as that tends to get untidy faster.

All of these magnificent features come with a lifetime guarantee and ten years of dog damage warranty for this crate for large dogs.

If that’s not enough, you get FREE SHIPPING too. 

Be sure to scroll down past the features section on the product’s web page. There’s a beautiful photo collage of fit dogs having a peaceful time in this heavy-duty dog crate. 

It’s amazing how it’s a pup’s crate too.

Ideally, there’s only one thought pet owners would come across seeing them.

“My dog totally deserves this.”

If this is your first Impact purchase, sign up for Impact, and you’ll get a 15% discount for this heavy-duty dog crate.


Enough space by design for even extra large dog breeds
Impact crates are available in six different sizes to accommodate different dog breeds.
Made with high-quality, durable aluminum in the USA for the highest strength
The collapsible design of the crate makes it easy to transport and store, consuming minimal space
It only takes 60 seconds to set it up
The one-handed operation of the crate door is convenient and easy to use
Impact crates are stackable, allowing you to save even more space
The handle of the crate is designed with a larger cylinder for easy lifting and a comfortable grip
The diamond-shaped air holes around the crate provide plenty of ventilation for your dog
The rounded shape of the air holes ensures your dog’s paws don’t get stuck
Impact crates come in six different colors to choose from
The lifetime guarantee and 10-year dog damage warranty offer peace of mind and protection


A bit heavier

2. DIGGS Revol Dog Crate

If not for Impact’s collapsible crate, the DIGGS Revol dog crate would have come to the top. 

Nonetheless, it’s one of the best dog crates suitable for large dogs fulfilling almost all requirements of the buying guide.

With three sizes, the Revol is one of the significant largedog crates. Their largest crate with dimensions 44 “L x 28 “W x 30 “H makes it look like a mini villa for your dog.

You’ll instantly love the product picture on their official product website — I think it’s a great marketing trick that immediately communicates the comfort factor.

This high-quality crate for a large dog also comes in three colors; black, grey, and light grey. It’s ideal to use darker colors as they’re easier to clean.

This innovative dog crate is too collapsible in two positions and extremely easy to transport. 

This crate’s body is 75% covered with meshes all over. These diamond meshes are quite small, so there’s no risk of pinched fingers or struggling to open the door. I would also say that it provides more light and ventilation for your dog. 

But keep in your mind that your dog will be able to SEE all around, which has pros and cons to it.

The improved side door latches and a door lock certifying security is impressive. 

I wouldn’t say this lock is as strong as Impact’s, but it’s dependable, given that your dog doesn’t have hyperactive conditions like separation anxiety.

I love the garage-style door as it gives more space for your dog to enter comfortably. You won’t be surprised to hear that the dogs feel more comfortable when the door’s size is bigger.

The DIGGS design team has included a removable tray, making it easier to clean as well. But be extremely cautious as you do not want to break this tray. 

But remember that a large Revol crate requires two people to set up, unlike most other crates. The Large Revol is recommended for large breeds up to 90 lbs.

All things considered, the DIGGS Revol dog crate is a reliable alternative if you cannot find Impact’s collapsible crate.

If you want to know more, you can read our in-depth Diggs Dog Crate Review.


Spacious and comfortable for large dogs, with three sizes available
Comes in three colors to choose from
Collapsible in two positions for easy transport
75% of the crate is covered in diamond meshes for light and ventilation
Improved side door latches and a secure door lock
Garage-style door for easy access
Removable tray for easy cleaning
Suitable for large breeds up to 90 lbs
Attractive product picture that communicates the comfort factor
A reliable alternative to Impact’s collapsible crate


Requires two people for setting up
The tray could break if not cautious


All metal crates for bigger dogs are unique, but let me introduce you to a non-metallic kennel that’s better than some of the leading metallic kennels. 

The American-made Gunner G1 kennel, which is crowned to be the BEST travel kennel.

The size guide of G1 is based on the dog’s size, the vehicle’s fit, or merely on the kennel dimensions. 

With four sizes such as small, medium, intermediate, and large, the largest ‘large’ kennel weighs 72lbs with exterior dimensions 40.25″ (L) x 28″ (W) x 33.25″ (H) / 34.5″ (H) with carry handles.

Regarding the space factor, the Gunner G1 kennel is suitable for large dog breeds.

The interior shape is large-dog friendly, with the largest dimensions 33.25″ (L – Floor) x 21″ (W – Floor) x 29″ (H) / 23″ (W) at the kennel’s widest interior point. You can easily contain an adult dog.

Let’s look at the material superiority if that doesn’t impress you.

For starters, the Gunner G1 kennel stays 12% cooler than leading aluminum kennels and 8% cooler than leading single-wall rotomolded kennels. 

Also, the ceiling of leading aluminum kennels heated up about 50 degrees more than a Gunner kennel in 100+ degree weather.

Assuming you know how much difference just one-degree Celsius makes, isn’t it a magnificent design? It helps your big ‘ol furry friend be very much comfortable.

The Gunner G1 kennel LOOKS amazing. 

But what makes it so special is how these design details ultimately enhance the overall performance. 

For example, it has a performance-focused, reversible, escape-proof door with pentagon-shaped mesh. A heavy-duty door frame holds it. 

The safety of your large dog is further certified with a high-quality locking paddle latch with backup safety latches. But these aren’t as strong as Impact’s ones.

The icing on that cake of design superiority is the all-stainless-steel hardware. They last longer with high strength, and the combination looks so attractive.

You’d be relieved that the G1 features a recessed floor that helps clean it easier. But nothing beats the sheer convenience of having a removable drain plug at the bottom — that’s design superiority.

Although it’s subjective, I’d say that the weather-repelling windows of the Gunner G1 kennel are as attractive and functional as the Impact’s one, but not more. 

These windows provide the perfect ventilation while letting in the best amount of sunlight.

Like I said, G1 kennel is crowned as the best travel-friendly kennel. But why?

Built-in stainless steel tie-down pins with 5-star crash test-rated FREE straps are rwo most solid reasons for that. 

With a lifetime warranty, multiple interest-free payment methods, and five attractive colors, the Gunner G1 kennel is an ideal alternative for large dogs if you cannot find the first two in this list.


Made in America with high-quality materials
Suitable for large dog breeds with spacious interior dimensions
Stays cooler than leading aluminum and single-wall rotomolded kennels
Performance-focused, reversible, and escape-proof door with pentagon-shaped mesh
Heavy-duty door frame and high-quality locking paddle latch with backup safety latches ensure safety
All-stainless-steel hardware for increased durability
Features a recessed floor and removable drain plug for easy cleaning
Weather-repelling windows provide proper ventilation and sunlight
Travel-friendly with built-in stainless steel tie-down pins and 5-star crash test-rated FREE straps
Lifetime warranty and multiple interest-free payment methods available


The locking paddle latches aren’t as strong as Impact’s ones
The material is not stronger than the best metallic kennels

4. Lucky Dog® Dwell™ Series Crate

Lucky Dog might not be as popular as Impact, but its Dwell series bronze finish crate is recommendable for large dogs for many reasons. 

For my convenience, I will call it the Dwell crate.

For starters, the Dwell crate comes in five sizes, whose largest size is 48″, which is pretty huge, providing ample space for big dogs.

But this is one of the standard wire crates with a wireframe and typical locks. 

Lucky Dog’s Dwell dog kennel features a standard swinging door for additional entry options. Although this is the main door, the crate’s second door is quite interesting.

Lucky Dog® Dwell

It has a quiet double-panel sliding door which is often used as the main door by dog owners. Unlike most dog kennels, this saves you a considerable amount of space. 

Think about swinging or garage-type doors in dog kennels. However, its usefulness is quite case-sensitive.

But whose usefulness is not case sensitive is the nature of the thicker wire frame. It’s rust-resistant, and that’s why durability is certified in this kennel. 

On top of that, there are easy snap-on corner stabilizers in it as well. Thanks to them, you don’t have to worry about the flimsy nature of the crate.

The best thing about it? You can easily fold down the crate flat in a few seconds. This collapsible nature makes it another great alternative if Impact crate is unavailable.

But there’s a catch.

The Dwell crate is a regular cage, and a strong large dog might be able to damage the frame with time. That’s why the dog’s tameness plays a critical role in choosing this kennel. I recommend not picking this kennel if your dog is strong and big enough to bend frames.

Nonetheless, I’m sure your big dog is well-domesticated, so that won’t be an issue.

Since this doesn’t come with a mattress or a crate cover, it’s better to fix it. If not, it’ll be both uncomfortable for your dog.

All things considered, Lucky Dog’s Dwell Bronze crate is another great alternative.


The largest size of 48″ provides ample space for large dogs
The crate features a quiet double-panel sliding door which saves space and offers additional entry options
The wireframe is rust-resistant and easy to stabilize with snap-on corner stabilizers
Collapsible and can be easily folded down flat in a few seconds for storage or transportation
The crate comes in five sizes to choose from
The crate is affordable compared to some of the other high-end dog crates in the market
The bronze finish adds an aesthetic appeal to the crate and can match your home decor
Has good ventilation and airflow for your dog’s comfort
The crate is lightweight, making it easy to move around
Suitable for domesticated large dogs who are not strong enough to bend the frame


A stronger large dog might be able to damage the frame with time
The cage doesn’t come with a comfortable bottom

5. MidWest iCrate

Midwest’s iCrate almost sounds like something from Apple, doesn’t it? It feels like the brand wanted to leverage that ‘intelligent’ essence of Apple. 

But does it do a great job?

Let’s find out.

Similar to the last one we discussed, this is a simple cuboidal cage too. 

The Midwest Homes for Pets presents this as a product that has a den-like space. That cozy space is delivered with the 48 inches size, which suits larger dogs.

Midwest Icrate

The twodoors access and exit are a special feature of the iCrate. Big dogs would find it a bit difficult if it were only one door. But that’s not even the best part; the best part is the placement of the door.

Nonetheless, you can buy the iCrate as a single-door or double-door version.

One is at the smaller face, and the other is at the right side surface, making a 90-degree angle — this is nothing but pure convenience.

The value of that convenience goes up thanks to the leak-proof pan. It’s an amazing tool that makes it extra easy to clean the cage. On top of that, it provides a comfortable and relatively warmer surface for your large furry friend to rest.

Midwest homes for pets know what to prioritize.

Midwest’s iCrate comes in multiple sizes, in addition to the 48-inch size with the divider. There’s an 18″, 22″, 24″, 30, and even 36″ size range. But no matter how big the iCrate is, you can fold the entire thing within seconds.

As it’s collapsible, pet owners can save a lot of space when they’re not using it and transport it much more conveniently. In fact, it also has a carrying handle, making it easier to carry.

Nonetheless, I wouldn’t say it was as good as Impact’s foldable crate.

As an alternative cage, the iCrate brings a lot to the table; rounded side clips, rounded corners, locking tips, paw blocks, and a lower price.

After all, you can attach this to a Midwest exercise pen if you have one.

But you must ask yourself if you should compromise quality, especially when it involves a strong and large dog. Ultimately, the priority should balance durability, comfort, safety, and affordability.


The iCrate provides a den-like space for your large furry friend
Dual door access and exit make it easy for large dogs to get in and out of the crate
Leak-proof pan is an amazing tool that makes it easy to clean the cage and provides a comfortable surface for your dog to rest
The iCrate comes in multiple sizes, including a 48-inch size with a divider
The entire iCrate can be folded down within seconds, making it easy to store and transport
It has a carrying handle which makes it easier to carry it
The rounded side clips, corners, and locking tips make the iCrate safer for your dog
It is more affordable than some other options on the market


Might not be as durable due to a lack of strength
Value of the cage drops if you break the leak-proof pan
Doesn’t have extra locks or a stronger lock

6. AmazonBasics Foldable Metal Wire Dog Crate

At first glance, the Amazon Basics metal wirecrates will look similar to the iCrate. But there are some similarities and differences too. The question is whether it suits large dogs.

The short answer is, yes, it does. But let’s see if this one works for you.

Available in six sizes, the crate’s frame cage height goes as high as 32.5 inches, a length of 48 inches with a width of 30 inches — it’s a BIG cage suitable for many dogs.

Since you can get it as a single or double door with a divider, its value increases further.

AmazonBasics Foldable Metal Wire Dog Crate

The double door that I mentioned works somewhat similarly to the iCrate. There’s a front door and a side door that allows entering and exiting to be easy and hassle-free.

I personally love the reliable manual locking mechanisms. Since it’s a lower-end cage, the strength of these locks might be questionable if you have an aggressive dog. As long as it’s a well-tamed dog, you can comfortably keep yours inside one of these.

The cherry on top is the easy-to-clean plastic tray. 

Like the others, the removable plastic tray will slide on the rails on either side of the bottom, ensuring a proper fit. Once again, you should be careful enough not to ever break one.

Is the Amazon basics crate foldable? Yes, it is. You can fold everything flat and make it look like a tray. 

Thanks to its lightweight build, carrying it anywhere is super easy. The problem is the lack of strength to hold a stronger and bigger dog for a long time.

For your convenience, this comes with its own size guide from crate length 22 inches to 48 inches, so it fits most dogs.

For example, if it’s a poodle, the 42-inch size is recommended, and the 48-inch might be too big.

But a foldable and dual-door metal crate for large dogs is a steal for that price. It’s best to settle for options like these as a last resort. Nonetheless, the Amazon Basics crate brings a lot of value, and it’s a dependable alternative.

4.7 stars out of 10,000+ reviews speaks volumes, after all.


Available in 6 sizes, with the largest size suitable for big and medium dogs
Can be purchased as a single-door or double-door dog crate with a divider
Convenient double door design with front and side doors for easy access
Reliable manual locking mechanisms to keep pets secure
Easy-to-clean tray slides on rails
Lightweight and foldable for easy transport and storage
Affordable price point and high customer rating with over 10,000 reviews


Locking mechanisms may not be strong enough for aggressive dogs
Plastic base tray may break if not handled carefully
Long-term durability is lower with stronger dogs damaging the frames

7. Walnest Heavy Duty Dog Crate

Walnest is another alternative brand if the top few options aren’t available. You’ll notice how it is yet another steel cage with many features that makes your dog’s life easier.

This dog crate for big dogs comes in two sizes; 42 and 48 inches. The largest size has dimensions of 48.8 “L x 33 “W x 37 “H. So, it’s a big dog crate, and your dog will feel safe there. 

Its value further increases thanks to the metal trays underneath. There are not just one but three plates.

This gives you more time to clean them, making them more comfortable for the dog. Because if not, you’d have to clean them immediately and push in.

That’s clever design details.

Walnest Heavy Duty Dog Crate

Walnest’s heavy dog crate is a cuboidal cage with resilient bars that are adequately spaced. While your large dog will be able to see all around, they won’t be able to bend the bars that easily. 

The escape-proof value further increases with the double latches lock design. Remember that it’s just one lock, and this crate is not as strong as Impact’s crate. But there is a similarity.

This crate is 100% collapsible or foldable. That’s why you can save a lot of space, and it’s so easy to transport. On top of that, it’s very easy to assemble; the product page has clear instructions on how to do it.

But it’s not as simple and effortless as Impact’s crate.

Once you assemble the crate, you will love the wheels, making it easy to move it around. The designers have also foreseen the issue of the crate moving if your large dog moves too much inside.

That’s why you can lock the wheels to prevent accidental movement, which keeps the crate secure in one place.

Did I mention about its double doors? Walnest’s double doors are beautifully placed, making walking in and out easier. The top door is quite useful as it lets you interact with the dog without having to worry about the risk of them running out.

But you should remember not to exceed the capacity weight of 330 lbs for extra large dogs. You’re good to go once you take good care of the trays and that lock. 


Comes in two large sizes, 42 and 48 inches, providing ample space for large dogs
The metal trays underneath the crate are removable
Three metal trays deliver higher comfort and convenience to clean
The bars of the crate are adequately spaced and resilient, providing security and visibility for the dog
The double latch lock design ensures the crate is escape-proof
The crate is 100% collapsible or foldable, saving space and making it easy to transport
The wheels make it easy to move the crate around
The crate’s wheel can be locked to keep the crate secure in one place
Double doors makes it easy to walk in and out


This crate is not as strong as Impact’s crate to hold aggressive large dogs
Takes some time and effort to assemble the crate
The crate has a maximum capacity limit of 330lbs

8. DWANTON Dog Crate

I thought about including a fine piece of furniture that also fits the context to finish off the list. Dwanton dog crate is a beauty, and it does the work.

At the start, Dwanton differentially positions its product in two impactful ways. The first way is by eliminating having wire bottoms. Needless to say, it’s hard to keep paws on wires like that for a long time.

So, what has Dwanton done to fix it? Introducing a soft and comfortable cushion.

Additionally, this beautiful crate has a sturdy and durable Basel plate. Dwanton attacks all crates with hard-tray bottoms with that. 


But then comes the durability aspect of the material. While stainless steel stays intact for a lifetime, there’s a question about furniture.

Although you won’t have removable trays, cleaning the ground is still pretty easy. It would have been better if it had built-in drainage. 

Available in four sizes, the largest of them has dimensions 43.3 “L x 29.1 “W x 31.7 “H — it’s a pretty big cage for large dogs for sure. 

With only one door, this furniture-based crate is multifunctional as it can serve as a side table, end table, or nightstand; it’s a soft crate. 

Double doors of this crate is admirable, as the designers have enabled dogs to move in and out easier. The entrance size is adequate enough for large dogs, so you don’t have to worry about that.

Chew-resistant construction of this crate furniture makes it more valuable. But the catch is the strength of these wires. Although large dogs might be unable to chew them, they could damage them with time.

That’s a given risk with wire-based cages with larger dogs, anyways.

While that downside is there, the product further comforts your large dog with its leveling foot and stronger load bearing.

Verdict? It’s a good crate for extra large dogs.


The Dwanton dog crate is a beautiful piece of furniture that can serve as a side table, end table, or nightstand
The soft and comfortable cushion in the crate eliminates the discomfort of paws on wire bottoms
The crate is available in four sizes, with the largest size being 43.3 “L x 29.1 “W x 31.7 “H
The sturdy and durable Basel plate replaces hard-tray bottoms
The double-door design of the crate allows for more effortless movement in and out of the dogs
The chew-resistant construction of the crate makes it a valuable option for dog owners
The leveling foot and stronger load bearing add comfort for the dog


Clear durability issue when compared to metallic crates
The lack of built drainage can make cleaning harder
The wires used might not be strong enough to hold a large dog

And that’s about the list of the best crates for large dogs. 

Best Dog Crates for Large Dogs Buying Guide

a dog sleeping inside a dog crate

Now that I’m done explaining this list of best crates to accommodate dogs let me tell you HOW I did it. 

This is the guide to finding a dependable crate for your large dog.

The first factor is obviously the size, that’s crucial to ensure your large dog has enough space to stand up, turn around, and lie comfortably. Different manufacturers have different sizing guides for dogs over 50-100 pounds.

Strength, durability, orbalance are essential as larger dogs are strong. You shouldn’t trust a weak crate; it only makes you buy several. Be mindful of choosing a strong and sturdy material.

You can’t rely on a wooden dog crate in terms of durability. Conversely, a plastic dog crate would not be strong enough. However, a wire dog crate is better. 

But a wire crate can’t be better than a fully covered, high-quality, heavy-duty crate.

What’s the point if portability is not enabled adequately by a crate? 

So, prioritize collapsible crates, which are incredibly easy to store and transport. Since it involves large dogs, you should think twice about whether wheels on the crate would be best.

Ventilation is another crucial aspect. They’re bigger and hence require more air. On top of that, staying cool and comfortable is necessary. Look for crates with ventilation holes or mesh panels for adequate air circulation.

Overall, design features that include shape and safety features are critical for larger dogs. You don’t want to put them at an injury risk, and you also don’t want to make them damage your property — dependable locks come into play here.

Large dogs might be strong and scary, but they all deserve great comfort. So, be sure to choose a comfortable crate. Prioritizing crates with padded floors and walls and adding a cozy bed should do the trick.

So many crates are so hard to clean, and that’s why the ease of cleaning is a deciding factor for a crate for large dogs. It’s always best to have built-in drainage over trays, as trays can break. If they do, your dog’s paws will be on cold wires.

Although there are so many other factors, these are the most important.

Why Should You Invest in Best Dog Crates?

Investing in the best dog crate is essential for the safety and well-being of your dog. It provides them a safe and secure place to rest, sleep, and retreat when anxious or overwhelmed.

It doesn’t matter how big your dog is; they all feel all these feelings.

Just as much as their mental safety, their physical safety matters too. You don’t want your big fluffy furry friend to injure them while wandering around the house and outside.

Additionally, it’s always better to let them have a safe space to heal from illness or injury.

It’s not even just the damage to them but also the damage to your valuable properties.

a large dog sitting outside a dog crate

You know what I mean here, especially with larger.

Using a crate can tremendously help house-train your large dog better. This is mostly because dogs generally prefer not to eliminate where they sleep. 

Separation anxiety is like diabetes; it’s a condition that can be controlled. So, don’t be surprised if your strong large dogs start whining when you’re not around. The root cause is that they feel unsafe.

Having a ‘safe space’ crate immensely helps these beautiful creatures to feel better.

Since dogs can get better sleep and peace of mind that promotes overall health, investing in the best crate for your large dog is always a great idea.

Guide for Crate Training Your Large Dog

Getting a large dog crate trained is not a challenge if you know what to do. It’s a 4-staged training method.

Starting slow is critical as you do not want the crate to resemble a sense of caging; it’s a secure crate, not a prison.

You can begin by leaving the crate door open and leaving treats, toys, and blankets your heavy-duty dog loves. 

This helps the dogs explore the crate independently, and that’s the starting point.

a GSD dog standing inside a dog crate

As they slowly become crate trained, you MUST reward your dog with treats and praise whenever they enter the crate voluntarily or spend time inside. 

Positive reinforcement is the fastest way to crate-train dogs.

Remember to increase the time spent in the crate gradually. Once your dog is comfortable inside the crate, gradually increase the time they spend inside with the door closed. Including food or toys is an excellent strategy for that.

Do NOT close them inside for a long time at the start; start up a few seconds, and slowly work your way up to longer periods.

The fourth and most fundamental pillar of dog training for crates is patience. Understand that you are dealing with a creature with less intelligence, and they can’t be reasoned with. 

Some dogs might take longer to adjust than others, but they all stop at one destination as a well-crate-trained dog.

How to Maintain Dog Crates for Large Dogs?

a big dog coming out from a dog crate

Cleanliness is directly bound to the healthiness of your dog, regardless of the size. Let me tell you how to maintain dog crates for large dogs like a pro.

You must clean the crate regularly to prevent bacteria, dirt, and grime buildup. Depending on how frequently your dog uses the crate, you may need to clean it weekly or bi-weekly.

Before cleaning the crate, be sure to remove any bedding or accessories inside. This makes it easier to clean the crate thoroughly and prevent damage to bedding and accessories.

Who doesn’t like a good vacuum job? 

Start by using a vacuum to remove any loose debris, dirt, or hair from the crate. You might need to use a cleaning solution and a cloth for stubborn stains. Clean the plastic tray separately if there is any.

Double-check cleaning solutions’ suitability, quality, and toxicity before cleaning sure; this is imperative for wooden and plastic dog crates.

After cleaning the dog crate, dry it thoroughly with a clean towel to avoid bacteria or mold growth.

Then you can move to clean the bedding and accessories. It’s always best to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for washing and drying. 

You’re almost done.

Inspect the dog crate regularly for any damage or signs of wear and tear. Be sure to check for any loose or broken parts, and make any necessary repairs or replacements.

But the most important factor is to store the crate in a clean and dry place when it’s not in use. 

As you use the crate, you’ll come up with your own methods, but this should be a great starting point.

Now, let me rate my top 3 picks for you.

In Conclusion 

Containing large dogs is not the same as containing small or medium-sized dogs. But you also can’t compromise size compatibility, comfort, safety, or any of these crucial factors, especially for the determined dogs.

Luckily, you don’t have to. 

The best overall dog crate is the IMPACT collapsible dog crate which brings a lot of large-dog-friendly features. It’s a durable crate for big dogs that is miles ahead of most crates.

I hope this review was helpful to you. See you in another!


To determine the size of a crate for your large dog, measure from nose to tail and head to ground, then add a few inches for the crate’s length and height.

Wire dog crates may provide better ventilation than walled crates, but overall walled and well-covered crates are generally considered to provide the best comfort and psychological protection for large dogs.

Yes, the Impact Collapsible Crate is strong enough to hold large dogs, and is known for doing so with ease.

IMPACT Collapsible
Impact Collapsible crate Product Image
Build Quality






Overall Score


Enough space by design for even extra large dog breeds
Made with high-quality, durable aluminum in the USA for the highest strength
The diamond-shaped air holes around the crate provide plenty of ventilation for your dog
The lifetime guarantee and 10-year dog damage warranty offer peace of mind and protection
Get the BEST PRICE valid until the end of June
A bit heavier

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