7 Best Bark Collars for Small Dog Breeds [Updated in 2024]

 Last Updated on June, 2024

A dog’s incessant barking can be a real nuisance. Not only to you but also to all your neighbors around you. Especially the barking of a small dog that is yappier and continuous. 

You have to turn to an effective solution before the situation escalates to a point where you aren’t invited to neighborhood parties or get-to-gathers. And that’s not a situation you would want to be in.

Here’s how I can help you with that. This article includes 7 bark collars for small dogs reviewed below to help you train and wean your dog off the unhealthy barking habit that can be dangerous to small dogs.

Editor’s Choice
Wiggle No Shoock
Wiggle Kingdom No Shock




Overall Score


#2nd Best Choice
SportDOG Brand NoBark 8 Collar product image
SportDog No Bark




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#3rd Best Choice
Dogrook Dog Bark Collar product image




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Top 7 Best Bark Collars for Small Dogs: Reviewed

1. Wiggle Kingdom No Shock Dog Collar (Editor’s Choice)

Choosing an anti-bark collar for a small dog can be challenging and stressful because they are extra sensitive.

Considering all the minute details from size to sensitivity to efficiency, I rank the Wiggle Kingdom No shock collar as the first best bark collar for small dogs. 

First, this collar looks like a fashion accessory for your dog rather than a bark collar. Its aesthetic and sleek look keeps your dog on the latest fashion trend.

You can swap the face plates to color coordinate with your or your dog’s outfit. 

Wiggle Kingdom says it’s the “world’s smallest no-shock collar.” Let’s look at the size of the device to judge this.

The collar’s dimensions are 2.1 by 1.1 inches, so this size effortlessly fits dogs between 5-15 pounds. This tiny bark collar is suitable for all small dogs and toy breeds.

This tiny, no-shock bark collar employs only sound and vibration on multiple levels as dog training modes to ensure safe and compassionate use on your mini companion.

Using this collar, you can address many issues like excessive barking, bullying, wandering off into the streets, snarling at guests, and/or unnecessary chewing behaviors. Train your pup to be on its best behavior without using static shock. 

These bark collars are controlled with an equally sleek pocket-size remote control jam-packed with features. The operation of this remote is very simple and straightforward.

The remote has a long-range antenna that allows you to control the bark collar receiver from up to 1000 feet away. The remote also has a large illuminated screen for easy daily and night visibility.

The remote and the receiver of these no-shock collars are rechargeable. The packaging includes a dual cord fast charger letting you charge both devices simultaneously, so less downtime and more ready-to-train time.

Also, with the auto-shut-off function included, the device won’t require frequent charging, so you can save time and energy.

This no-shock bark collar’s receiver and strap are water-resistant, so you can use it in most conditions. The collar strap is a reflective vinyl strap that is handy to easily find your dog in the dark.

To top it all off, the Wiggle Kingdom gives you a ‘no questions asked’ 30-day full money-back guarantee and a 1 Year unconditional warranty.

Isn’t that just great? You buy the collar, you use it to see if it suits you, and if you don’t like it, you return it and get your money fully refunded. It’s like trying the product for free.

When compared to other bark collars that are inhumane, bulky, ugly, lack a reflective strap, and don’t offer a warranty, the Wiggle Kingdom collar is the smallest no-shock collar in the world, has an attractive design, perfect pocket-sized remote, a reflective strap and provides unconditional warranty for 1 year. 

A bark collar for a small dog cannot get better than this! 

Key Features:

  • Programmed only on multiple sound and vibration levels as training modes to keep training safe and humane.
  • The rechargeable remote and receiver require only 2 hours of charge to last a few days.
  • The auto-shut-off function prevents unnecessary battery drainage from saving working time, so frequent charging is unnecessary.
  • The pocket-size remote control lets you control the receiver over a long range of 1000 feet, so you can conveniently deliver corrections without approaching your dog.
  • The large illuminated screen that displays information on modes and intensity levels is easy to read during the day and night.
  • The receiver and collar strap is water-resistant to allow use in water conditions.
  • It is a fashionable accessory that adds to your dog’s fashion statement.
  • The world’s smallest no-shock collar comfortably fits dogs 5-15 pounds.
  • The 30-day full money-back guarantee and the 1 Year unconditional warranty ensure 100% customer satisfaction.


Features two training modes and gradual correction over a range
Small and easy to use
Super lightweight
Sleek design
Great run time per charge
Auto shut-off function
Unconditional warranty


Both tone and vibration are activated using the same button

2. SportDog Brand No Bark Collar (#2nd Best Choice)

The SportDog Brand No Bark collar is a very simple and easy-to-use dog collar.

All you have to do is turn the collar ON, put it around your dog’s neck, and the collar will take care of the rest.

Since this anti-bark collar does not require your intervention, it uses 8 progressive static shock correction levels to stop excessive barking. 

Application of the progressive correction starts at level 1 of static stimulation.

Each time your dog barks within 30 seconds of the previous bark, the correction gradually increases level by level until your dog stops barking.

And if your dog doesn’t bark within 30 seconds, the collar resets to level 1 and starts from the beginning. 

Also, the bark collar includes an automatic shut-off function to stop the correction after 80 seconds of continuous correction. This function makes sure the bark collar is safe to use without causing any harm or pain to your dog.

These anti-bark collars feature the SportDog brand’s Silent Partner™ bark-detection technology that detect barking of only your dog and filter out other background noise.

This ensures consistent and reliable correction only when your dog barks and not when other dogs bark so that your dog doesn’t get corrected unnecessarily.

The SportDog No Bark collar is an adjustable collar featuring a coated nylon strap that is durable and odor resistant. The collar is suitable for dogs above 8 pounds with a neck circumference as small as 5 inches to as big as 22 inches. It will easily fit your small dog’s neck.

These collars run on a single replaceable 6V battery that provides up to 200 hours of runtime per battery. And with the low battery indicator, you’ll know when to replace the battery, so you don’t have to worry if the collar is working.

Finally, to facilitate water environments, the collar features the DryTek® technology that makes the collar waterproof and submersible in water up to 25 feet deep. 

Key Features:

  • Includes 8 levels of progressive static shock correction to help your dog understand that your dog’s excessive barking is the reason why it’s getting corrected.
  • The automatic shut-off function maintains the collar at an always safe-to-use level without traumatizing your dog.
  • SportDog brand’s Silent Partner™ bark-detection technology ensures the correction is delivered only in response to your dog’s bark.
  • The DryTek® technology used makes the collar waterproof for various water activities.
  • The collar uses durable materials to ensure reliable long-term use.
  • The collar is adjustable to comfortably fit small dog neck sizes.


No setup is required; you only have to put it around the dog’s neck
Works on progressive stimulation that will automatically find your dog’s threshold
Long runtime per battery
Auto shut-off function saves the battery from draining


Automatic, so you have no control over the correction applied 

3. Dogrook Dog Bark Collar (#3rd Best Choice)

The Dogrook bark collar is another collar that follows the humane and safe approach.

In this collar, you’ll find 2 dog training modes: sound and vibration, usable at 5 levels of intensity.

Using this collar, you can correct excessive barking by gradually increasing vibration levels.

These anti-bark collars feature a smart microphone to prevent false triggering.

The microphone avoids picking up on other dogs barking and noises from around, so your dog doesn’t get corrected due to the surrounding noise.

These dog bark collars are designed to be super lightweight, weighing only 70 g. And since the collar is adjustable to fit neck sizes from 9 to 22 inches, your small dog will effortlessly fit into it. 

This anti-bark collar is made of strong and durable materials featuring a high-quality reflective nylon strap to ensure sustainable use. The waterproof receiver allows your dog to enjoy the snow and rain or splash around in the water. 

The receiver of this anti-barking collar is rechargeable and can hold a charge for up to 14 days. That’s an excellent run time. So you don’t have to worry about the receiver running out of charge occasionally.

This bark collar is so easy to use. You just have to select the mode and the intensity you prefer and watch the collar train your dog to stop barking. 

Key Features:

  • The collar operates on 2 training modes: sound and vibration, usable at 5 levels of intensities to allow customization to suit your dog’s nature.
  • The smart microphone can detect the barking of the dog wearing the collar to prevent false triggering
  • The super lightweight design makes it suitable for your small dog to wear without weighing down.
  • This is a waterproof bark collar, so your dog can use it around the water.
  • The use of strong and durable materials assures reliable quality.
  • This rechargeable has a battery life of up to 14 days, so you don’t have to worry about charging every so often.


Long battery life
No false bark detection
Lightweight bark collar, so it is suitable for small dog breeds
Uses only humane modes
Strong, sturdy build and waterproof nature


Doesn’t include any additional features

4. Educator BP-504 Bark-Less 

The Educator BP-504 anti-bark training collar has many useful features to modify and correct your dog’s barking behavior. 

This automatic dog bark collar works in 3 modes, including tone only, 8 levels of stimulation, and auto-mode.

The tone-only mode delivers an audible correction.

The dog owners choose and set one of the stimulation levels, and when on auto mode, the level of stimulation changes with the level of barking.

This mode is ideal for stopping excessive barking while away from home.

A dog collar with a yellow ring and a yellow collar.

These bark collars maintain a 5-second safety delay between stimulation activations to ensure your dog is not overcorrected even when continuously barking. 

To stop barking, this anti-bark collar features advanced sound and vibration sensor technology.

Through the 3 levels of adjustable bark sensitivity modes: low for loud barks, medium for all barks, and high for soft and whinny barks, you can work on all bark behaviors, such as barking, howling, and whining.

These bark collars run on a Li-Po battery that requires only 2 hours to fully recharge. The receiver’s LED light will keep you in the loop on the battery life. While in sleep mode, the collar gets deactivated when not in use so the charge doesn’t drain.

The collar strap is adjustable to fit neck sizes 6 to 23 inches, so your dog can wear it without any issue.

The receiver of these bark collars is fully waterproof, shock resistant, and made of antibacterial plastic. All these features together contribute to the high quality and reliability of the device.

Educator Collars offers a 1-year warranty for these bark collars, prioritizing client satisfaction.

Key Features:

  • Includes 3 modes of training, including tone only, 8 levels of stimulation, and auto-mode for variety use based on your dog’s behavior.
  • The 5-second safety delay between stimulation activations maintains the collar safe.
  • The advanced sound and vibration sensor technology accurately detects only your dog’s barks.
  • 3 levels of adjustable bark sensitivity modes: to address different bark behaviors
  • LED light indicates battery status when recharging is needed.
  • Sleep mode puts the receiver to sleep when not in use to save unnecessary battery drainage.
  • 1-year warranty speaks for product quality and prioritizes customer satisfaction.


Holds a long charge
1-year warranty
Multiple modes and bark intensity detections
Safety delay between corrections


The reliability of the bark sensitivities low and medium should be improved
The instruction manual could be better

5. Progutileer Bark Collar for Small Dogs

The Progutileer Bark collars can comfortably fit dogs weighing 5- 15 lbs because it is lightweight.

But it can also be used on medium to large dogs up to 120 lbs due to the effective training modes offered.

This collar uses beep and vibration as the main mode and shock as an optional mode. So you can use this collar as a shock or shock-free one as you see fit.

These bark collars employ a high-capacity battery that needs only 30 minutes of charging to deliver a super-long runtime lasting up to 15 days.

Progutileer Bark Collar

The receiver is made of waterproof materials rating it at IP67 waterproofing level, making it suitable for various weather conditions.

This waterproof collar uses a smart sensor and chip to detect the frequency of your dog’s vocal cords vibrations, thereby preventing false triggers due to other noise.

The integrated protection system guides the collar to work on a step-by-step approach. 

Key Features:

  • Operates on 3 modes: beep, vibration, and optional static shock, giving you the flexibility to use it as you, please
  • Runs on a high-capacity battery that provides super long runtime, so you don’t have to recharge often.
  • Waterproofed at IP67, making it suitable for different weather.
  • Includes a smart sensor and chip to prevent false triggers that may end up punishing your dog
  • The protection system is in place to ensure the safe use of the collar.


Self activates when the dog is barking
Optional shock function
Very reasonably priced
Superb battery life


It can be strong for a little dog
Finish quality wise it could be better
It can be hard to program

6. NBJU Bark Collar for Dogs

The NBJU anti-bark training collar comes with three 3 basic modes: beep, 7 levels of vibration, and shock, which gives you a combination of 64 training methods.

That’s a lot of ways for you to approach your dog’s bark training.

This rechargeable collar can be charged in 30 minutes to obtain a 12-day-long runtime. That’s excellent battery life.

These anti-bark collars feature a digital LED screen that can be operated using sensitive touch buttons for effortless use.

NBJU Bark Collar for Dogs

Made of strong and durable materials, the receiver of this anti-bark collar is waterproof and rated IP67 to allow safe and convenient use in water.

Including smart anti-false triggering, this dog bark collar can intelligently detect your dog’s unique bark. And the protection mode prevents too many corrections from being released in a row to protect from potential accidents.

Key Features:

  • 3 basic modes: beep, 7 levels of vibration, and shock, allowing you to try out a variety of training combinations.
  • 12-day-long runtime.
  • The digital LED with sensitive touch buttons provides easy and feasible access to training mode details.
  • The use of durable materials ensures longevity and reliability.
  • The smart anti-false triggering and protection mode accurately detects your dog’s bark to ensure just the necessary correction.


Modern and sleek design
You can try out 64 different training methods
Sensitive button touch operation for effortless use
Includes silicone sleeves to provide extra protection for the dog’s skin


Lacks a loop to attach a leash
The collar does release corrections for other dog barks from time to time

7. Petsafe Spray Bark Dog Collar

This PetSafe spray bark collar works on citronella or unscented spray.

This spray releases gentle sprays to interrupt your dog and deter unwanted barking. It is a completely safe and humane solution to train your dog.

This bark collar includes a bark sensing technology to ensure other outside noises do not trigger a correction.

The rechargeable battery it runs on gives you 40 hours of use through just 2 hours of recharging.

The PetSafe bark collar can comfortably fit neck sizes up to 27 inches. So it will fit your small dog too.

Petsafe Spray Bark Dog Collar

Key Features:

  • The collar releases gentle bursts of citronella or unscented sprays to correct your dog.
  • The bark-sensing technology will sense only your dog’s unique bark to prevent false corrections. 
  • With 40 hours of use, you only recharge sometimes.


Long battery life
Can fit small dogs
More humane and safer than others
14-day performance guarantee


It may not necessarily suit all dog personalities
No versatility in training options

Choosing the Best Bark Collar for Your Small Dog

A small dog wearing bark collar

A bark collar training device teaches your dog to stop barking. But choosing a bark collar for small dogs can be challenging because of their size. 

Below I have discussed a few factors you can evaluate to understand how these factors can contribute to the effectiveness of dog training. I have explained and made recommendations specifically considering small dog breeds.

Correction Type

So when choosing a bark collar for small dogs, you must decide on the correction type against the dog’s overall temperament. Corrections like beep, spray, and vibrations will do if the dog is mellow and gentle.

But for aggressive or stubborn dogs, having the static option and using it only when required is wise.

Anyways most collars, you will find our combination collars that will offer multiple correction methods.

For example, using the Wiggle Kingdom bark collar with both sound and vibration correction will effectively work on most small dogs.

Intensity Adjustability

Just like having multiple correction options is useful, having mode scalability, especially for vibrations and static options, is important. This provides you the flexibility to deliver just the right intensity of the correction to your dog and nothing more than necessary.

Collar Fit

Although this article reviewed all collars suitable for small dogs, keep an eye on the minimum and maximum fit range to know your dog can comfortably wear it.

Battery Life

Consider the runtimes that the collar can give you per charge or battery. If it is reasonable and acceptable to you, then go for it. But I recommend a collar gives you multiple days before needing a top-up.

Comfort and Durability

Be it small dogs or large dogs. A bark collar should withstand wear and tear to match your dog’s energy. Check if the collar receiver is waterproof.

Check the quality of the collar strap and any buckles used. I recommend nylon, leather, or biomethane straps for durability and comfort.

Size and Weight

Most bark collar receivers can be hefty and bulky for a small dog. So check the size and weight of the collar to ensure your small dog can wear it without weighing it down. The Wiggle Kingdom collar can be an excellent choice in that sense.

Different Types of Bark Collars

bark collar types

In general, dog bark collars operate on different correction/stimulation methods. Below are a few broad options you’ll find;

  • Beep collars mostly work on sound and /or voice corrections. They are completely safe and harmless, but their effectiveness is questionable based on the nature of the small dog.
  • Static shock collarDog shock collars are very common, and these collars static shock when the sensor detects your dog barking. Shock collars come with adjustable intensities to customize the correction reciprocating to the dog’s reaction.
  • Vibration collars– This works very similar to shock collars; instead delivers vibrations as corrections. These types are less invasive and effective at producing results.
  • Spray collarsSpray bark collars uses either lemon or citronella spray. This spray is released at the dog’s nose to interrupt the barking. A spray collar is a gentle correction type.
  • Combination collars– Lately, most of the collars available in the market provide a combination of correction types in one bark collar to make it convenient for pet parents to work on bark training.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Yes, bark collars are safe for small dogs when the right collar is chosen with appropriate correction types and protection systems and the collar is used correctly as a training aid, not a substitute for dog training.

No, it is not advised to leave a bark collar on your dog overnight. It is best to use it during the day when your dog barks the most, but not for more than 12 hours.

Yes, bark collars are an effective tool to help train small dogs to control their barking.

Final Thoughts

Bark collars are meant to be used only as a training tool to get your dog to stop unnecessary barking.

When embarking on this training, your end goal should be to eventually get to the point where your dog won’t need the collar anymore, just like the training wheels of a bicycle.

Although I have reviewed 7 bark collars in this review, I’d push you to choose the Wiggle Kingdom shock-free collar. I consider it the best bark collar for small dogs of any temperament.

It is lightweight, has 2 gentle training modes with multiple sensitivity levels, and comes with a 1-year unconditional warranty on top of the money-back guarantee.

Whatever you choose, I hope this review gave you the guidance you sought.

Wiggle Kingdom No Shock
Wiggle No Shoock




Overall Score


Features two training modes and gradual correction over a range
Small and easy to use
Super lightweight
Sleek design
Great run time per charge
Auto shut-off function
Unconditional warranty
Get the BEST PRICE valid until the end of June
Both tone and vibration are activated using the same button

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