5 Best Double Dog Crates for 2 Dogs (2024 Updated Reviews)

Last Updated on June, 2024

Imagine buying one dog crate for two dogs; it’s an intelligent choice.

But are there crates like that?

YES, there are quite a few, and you’re in the right place if you’re looking for one. But why should you trust me?

Why Trust Me?

As a professional dog crate reviewer, I review so many crates with a thorough understanding of the market. That’s why I chose the ten best and trimmed it down to the 5 absolute best double dog crates.

Once I bought the crates via iPetGuides, we tested them with our expert team and rated them.

That’s the level of credibility we give.

So, without further ado, let’s start the list with the best: the Diggs Revol crate.

Editor’s Choice
Diggs Revol Product Image
Diggs Revol
Build Quality






Overall Score


#2nd Best Choice
Lucky Dog® Dwell™ Series Crate Product image
Lucky Dog Dwell Series
Build Quality






Overall Score


#3rd Best Choice
Ruff Land Kennel Product Image
Ruff Land KennelsRevol
Build Quality






Overall Score


Best 5 Double Dog Crates

1. Diggs Revol

Diggs Revol is a brand that runs with the slogan ‘Raise your dog’s standard of living,’ and they live up to the expectations.

Their Revol crate is the best crate on our list, and I’m about to tell you why.

When our unit came, I was impressed with the superior build quality.

For that price, it was super cost-worthy. Since the crate comes in four sizes, and we had two dogs, we went with the largest size.

The smallest size is with dimensions 25 “L x 17” W x 19 “H, and the largest is 44 “L x 28 “W x 30 “H. 

Personalization is more thanks to the three elegant grey crate colors. We chose the charcoal (black) one.

I found it admirable that the designers used a secure diamond-shaped mesh pattern all over the crate. This minimizes several injuries.

The secure lock complements that safety factor. This lock is special as it’s placed on the top right, ruling out all possible attempts to reach it. 

Since the wire mesh pattern hinders their chances of being bent, your dogs will stay inside safely.

In addition, this crate also features two ceiling hatches. Dog parents can easily feed or interact with both of their dogs much easier thanks to this.

Who likes dogs running out the moment they open the door, anyway?

One of the biggest difficulties with double dog crates is access and exit. Luckily, Diggs has integrated a two-door system. One door is swung open, and the other is a larger-side garage door.

It’s so easy to use, and it doesn’t need demonstrations to prove how effective this part is.

The cherry on top is that the garage-style door slides on the top, saving a lot of space.

Just as much as saving space, the wire-crate-like design naturally enables higher ventilation in the the Diggs Revol. With high ventilation comes better visibility, so your dog always can see you.

While we’re on the topic of saving space, let me point out that the Revol crate is 100% collapsible or foldable.

Once it’s folded, you can move it more easily with the handle on the top. There are wheels on the bottom (when folded) to make things even easier.

The convenience of using it for both the pet and you is quite high.

Another messy challenge most dog parents face is crate cleaning. Diggs’s design team has understood that too. That’s why you get a removable tray that makes cleaning much easier. 

All of these features are compacted with a very ergonomic design whose features complement each other. To bring even more comfort, you can always buy their Snooz Pad or Pilo Bed (sold separately).You also get a 30-day return period window and a 1-year warranty.

In conclusion, there isn’t a crate that can match these features while being suitable as a double dog crate — that’s why the Diggs Revol crate is the best, whether I like it or not.

Want to learn more about this wonderful crate? Checkout this review.


Size and shape enough to suit two dogs comfortably
Modern & attractive build quality
Made with high-strength plastic for durability
Available in four sizes and three gray colors for personalization
Safe diagonal and diamond mesh pattern for safety
Highest security by a well-placed & secure lock
Two ceiling hatches for escape-proof interaction
Adjacent-sided two-door system for versatile crate orientation and easier access & exit
100% foldable crate
Has one carrying handle at the top
Wheels for easier transportation 
Removable tray for easier cleaning
Can buy a crate bed for a lower price
30 days return period
1-year warranty 


Has only one lock

2. Lucky Dog Dwell Series

If the Diggs Revol crate doesn’t work, the best substitute is the Lucky Dog Dwell Series crate.

Before you judge it as a traditional crate, let me show why it’s a great double-dog crate.

The Dwell series crate’s size options are higher than the Revol crate’s.

You get seven sizes whose smallest length is 22″ and the largest is 54″. We chose the largest, and it weighs about 60 pounds.

The best thing is, those 60 pounds are nothing but the highest quality metal.

This build quality rises in quality with the rust-resistant e-coat too. So, the crate’s durability, by design, is certified.

If you want to raise your dogs in separate compartments, the Dwell series crate also gets you a crate divider panel. This also makes the crate suitable for puppy raising too.

What about its strength?

Thanks to the close placement, your dogs won’t be able to to bend the wires. But this wire gap is not too small to hinder visibility. Hence, the crate’s airflow is optimal, and your dogs will stay perfectly comfortable.

But this crate is no ordinary crate.

One reason is the dual door system. Of course, it has a main side swing-open door, and the second is a trademarked sliding door. This Whisper Glide™ door is so special that it has two parts sliding opposite ways — like how mall doors open.

Not only that, this crate is fully collapsible with a top carrying handle too. To secure the shape (and basically avoid accidental collapsing), the Dwell series crate has patented secure-lock corner stabilizers.

However, it got me wondering, what would happen without them?

This crate doesn’t have strategic lock placement, but there are three locks per door. I loved how its positioning made it impossible for dogs to unlock the crate. 

On top of all this, Lucky Dog has integrated a removable plastic pan too. It’s placed as a crate floor, making it easier for your dogs to stand and lay down. However, I recommend getting a dog bed.

As a unique feature, the Lucky Dog Dwell Series crate has floor-protecting rubber feet. This prevents floor scratching, especially if you have wooden floors.

Their return policy is similar to Diggs, as you get 30 days. With a decent warranty, it’s evident that Lucky Dog is confident about their products.

All things considered, the features of the Lucky Dog Dwell series crate make it the best alternative crate for double dogs.


Enough size options to choose from for two dogs
Crate dividers to separate two areas if necessary
Made with high-strength metal with rust-resistant e-coat for durability
Collapsible crate with a top carrying handle
Ideally placed mesh wires that discourage bending and minimize injuries
Dual door system for easy access and exit with versatile placement 
Three locks per each door
Floor-protecting rubber feet safeguard your floors
Patented corner lock stabilizers to secure the crate shape 
Warranty with a 30-day return period


Not a whole lot of color options
The crate shape may depend on the corner stabilizers

3. Ruff Land Kennels

I do not normally recommend covered crates for two dogs. But the Ruff Land Kennels are a clear exception.

Our team, including myself, loved the unique shape of the crate, which gives more space by design.

They’re boastful that all crates are designed by dog trainers and outfitters, which is reasonable.

With four sizes and three colors, these crates’ personalization factor is admirable.

We, of course, went with the largest size with interior dimensions of 22″ W x 38.5″ L x 28 H, weighing only 44 pounds.

The conclusion, it’s spacious and comfortable for two adult dogs. Similar to the Diggs Revol, the Ruff Land Kennels are made from superior quality and molded PE plastic. 

These don’t need e-coats as they will not rust.

But wait, this is not just high-quality plastic; it’s rotomolded. As you might already know, they’re more durable and much easier to clean.

This crate focuses on space-saving-usability-convenience too. That’s why Ruff Land Kennels also has a door that opens in both directions. 

The door is also made from rugged composite, and so there is no rusting risk. The locking system is simple yet super resilient too.

One evident downside is the lack of visibility and the partially covered nature. But its effect can be managed as long as the dogs are well-tamed and calm. That’s why crate training is so important.

Although not collapsible, the Ruff Land Kennels have a carrying handle on top. The middle placement makes it easier to carry.

While we’re on the transportation subject, remember that these kennels are designed to be stackable. That’s why it also has sturdy metal inserts for attaching multiple kennels. Dog breeders could benefit from a feature like this immensely.

With a one-year company warranty, shipping is 100% free for the largest two crate sizes. The cherry on top is the 30-day return period.

All things considered, the Ruff Land Kennels bring a unique set of features. As a USA-made product, it is definitely one of the best crates.

Learn more about this crate here.


Perfectly suitable for two dogs
Four sizes and three crate colors for better personalization
Made with durable premium PE rotomolded plastic 
The door is made from rotomolded plastic for durability
Simple yet resilient locking system
The door opens in two ways for easier movement
Carrying handle on the top
Stackable by design
Shipping is 100% free for the two largest sizes
Warranty with a 30-day return period with a 1-year warranty


Partially covered, lowering visibility
Doesn’t have a strategically placed lock

4. MidWest Homes iCrate

MidWest Homes have always been a brand that dominates any dog crate list due to their sheer quality.

For double crates, their iCrate is quite suitable.

This is closer to a traditional metal wire crate but has several double-dog-friendly features.

For example, you can get the iCrate in eight sizes, all of which come with or without the crate divider.

The smallest has dimensions 8L x 12W x 14H, and the largest is 48L x 30W x 33H.

MidWest Homes for Pets iCrate

But you should think twice about raising dogs in separate spaces as this may lower their chances of bonding. It also halves the crate area per dog. 

But sometimes, it’s a great tool.

MidWest Homes produces this crate in two-door designs: single door or double doors. If you choose double doors, they are placed on the crate’s adjacent sides, ensuring versatile placement and easier movement inside. 

The convenience doesn’t stop there; you also get a leak-proof and removable plastic pan. By now, you know how it works and how it makes crate cleaning easier.

Another feature that makes the iCrate better than most is the rubber feet. As an indoor crate, your floors will never get damaged. 

Notice that this crate’s door has two slide-bolt latches. Although not the strongest, they do a decent job.

However, it’s a downside that the crate doesn’t have a carrying handle. As the crate folds flat, it would have made things easier.

But since it’s a wire mesh crate, visibility and air circulation are more than enough. That ultimately brings the highest comfort. 

Remember that unlike the crates so far, the iCrate doesn’t come assembled. But don’t worry; it’s super easy to assemble it. 

In conclusion, it’s a great alternative crate for both of your dogs. 


Suits double dog containment
Eight crate sizes with enough size variations
Made from durable metal 
All crates come with or without dividers
All crates come with single or double doors
Two slide-bolt latches for each door for better safety
The crate folds flat
Removable plastic pan


It comes unassembled
Doesn’t have a carry handle

5. Unipaws Furniture Style Dog Crate

For the last recommendation, I give you the Unipaws furniture-style dog crate.

Let’s see what makes it special.

For starters, the personalization factor and suitability for double dogs increase thanks to the three sizes.

The dimensions of the smallest is 22.9 “L x 18.1” W x 20.5 “H, and the largest is 40.9 “L x 28.3 “W x 31.3 “H.

As the product name suggests, this wooden crate blends perfectly with your house interior. Thanks to the broad top, you can decorate it better too.

5. Unipaws Furniture Style Dog Crate

The crate looks terrific, and you can get it in five colors. We chose the Walnut finish.

This spacious wooden crate has a dual-door design. Similar to the some previous crates, the dual doors are situated on adjacent sides. This increases orientation options.

I’d say it brings a decent level of security with a threefold safeguard approach. It comes with an outside lock and a double interior magnet baffle to close the door. 

It’s peace of mind for both you and the dogs.

Even if the crate is wooden, it features chew-proof metal bars. These cannot be bent, thanks to the square mesh design.

One of the best features of the Unipaws crate is the soft pet bed that comes with it. It’s comfortable, machine washable, and removable too.

You can attach a second easily if you feel like one Unipaws crate isn’t enough. The installation instructions are very straightforward.

Unipaws is honest about their crates suitable for trained dogs. So, I wouldn’t recommend this to all types of dogs, as I recommend the Diggs Revol crate.

This is a great crate as long as the usability conditions are perfectly met.


Spacious dog crate suitable for two dogs
Available in three sizes for the right fit and can attach a second crate easily if needed
Made from high-quality wood
Elegant five-crate colors to blend better with the house interior
Double door design for versatility
Chew-proof door metal bars
Free comfortable bed


Not suitable for untrained dogs
The wooden material is relatively less durable 

How to Find a Great Double Dog Crate? Buyer’s Guide

Three best  Dog crates in one image

Every review I do is backed up with a method; the same theory applies here. How did we choose Diggs Revol to be the best? 

Let’s look at the buyer’s guide now.

Compatibility of Dog and Crate Sizes

If you don’t know how to measure a crate, here’s how. Measure the distance between your dogs’, 

  • Nose tip to tail’s end (length)
  • Torso width
  • Ear tips (when erected upwards) to the floor (height)

Add the respective measurements together and a few inches for each measurement; those are your crate dimensions. 

However, look out for unique shape crates for which the company provides the size guide. Or you can checkout our guide to determine the correct size.

You can also get a best dog crates with dividers if your dogs are fight busters.

The Right Material is Crucial

You must consider durability, portability, and strength when choosing a double dog crate material. Remember that metallic crates aren’t rust-proof, although high-quality plastic is.

But the bottom line is that solid materials should always be the priority.

Door System 

Handling two dogs in one crate with one door is a bit difficult, despite what you may assume. However, having two doors at opposite ends is not as useful as having them on adjacent sides.

This is another reason why the Revol crate shines higher. 

It would be best to consider whether it’s the entire side or a part of it opens up; the more, the better.

Ventilation! Ventilation! Ventilation!

Similar to the Diggs Revol crate, it’s better to go for a well-opened and meshy crate. Not only that provide ample airflow, but it also gives enough visibility. This helps the dogs stay calmer compared to the covered crates.

Even for dogs with separation anxiety, completely covered double crates aren’t recommendable.

How Secure is the Crate?

Whatever the double dog crate you get, ensure that it has strong enough locks. It’s always better to have multiple, but that alone doesn’t make it a great crate.

My Conclusion

Buying a single crate for two dogs is a smart choice — but you need a strategically designed crate for that.

The Diggs Revol is the best recommendable double dog crate, thanks to all of its features. It keeps your dogs safe and your mind at ease. What more can you ask for?

I hope this review was helpful. Say hi to your dogs for me!


No, not all the dog crates can contain two dogs. Other factors need to be taken into consideration.

Yes, it is a good idea. Crate training helps two dogs bond better with each other.

The best double dog crate is the Diggs Revol, as it has all the necessary features for accommodating two dogs.

No, you shouldn’t. Dividing the crate will only give half the space for each dog.

Diggs Revol
Diggs Revol Product Image
Build Quality






Overall Score


Size and shape enough to suit two dogs comfortably
Made with high-strength plastic for durability
Safe diagonal and diamond mesh pattern for safety
Highest security by a well-placed & secure lock
1-year warranty 
Get the BEST PRICE valid until the end of June
Has only one lock

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