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Last Updated on June, 2024

Are there any best luxury dog crates? 

The short answer is yes. But the problem is that the market is concentrated with several wannabe luxury crates. 

You shouldn’t have to pay the big bucks for that.

That’s why I did the hard work for you. You’re in the right place because your pick is on this list.

But why trust me?

Editor’s Choice
Fable Crate product image
Fable Crate
Build Quality






Overall Score


#2nd Best Choice
DIGGS Revol Dog Crate product Image
Build Quality






Overall Score


#3rd Best Choice
Moderno Dog Crate White Oak product Image
Moderno Dog Crate
Build Quality






Overall Score


Why Trust Me?

If you know how I do my reviews, you know that I choose several crates at the beginning, trim down the list by feature evaluation, and bring the list to about the top 5 to 10 crates.


To buy them and check them myself!

This time it wasn’t any different. To bring another layer of reassurance, we invited a couple of dog owners for their opinions too. 

So, without further ado, let’s start with the best suggestion: the Fable Crate.

5 Authentic Best Luxury Dog Crates 

1. Fable Crate

The Fable crate looks amazing, feels amazing, and works amazing.

On top of all of that, it’s the best example of a luxury dog crate. Why so? Let me explain.

For starters, this crate is made mainly from wood, not just any wood, but premium bentwood that comes in two finishes. One is a signature, and the other is a limited-edition walnut.

I went with the walnut finish.

Fable positions their wooden crate to be a furniture/decor-based dog crate. That’s why it blends in perfectly indoors. Since it’s a luxury crate, you shouldn’t expect it to be resilient to typical outdoor conditions.

Pet parents can own this crate in three sizes: small, medium, and large. The smallest has internal dimensions of 24.5″ deep x 18″ wide x 20.5″ high, while the largest is 40.2″ deep x 28″ wide x 29.2″ high.

It’s a pretty spacious crate, in other words.

This crate’s door defines modern dog-crate luxury as it’s different. You could have a transparent acrylic plate-like gate or be metallic & non-transparent too.

To make it ‘luxurious,’ the gate has no ugly chunky lock that makes it function-based. Luxurious build quality assures higher overall comfort in addition to the den-like environment. 

That’s why there are many rounded square ventilation holes all around. These holes provide better-than-the-best air circulation and light insight.

The hole placement ensures that dogs can’t harm themselves or the crate itself.

The most luxurious aspect of the Fable crate is that it is handmade. Yes! Every single one of them. 

That’s why the limited edition walnut finish crate with the white metal crate can take about 4-5 months to arrive. Naturally, Fable doesn’t accept returns, given it’s a luxury large furniture item. 

I must point out never to crate your dog if they’re not crate trained to be in a luxury crate. 

To luxury-crate-train them, you only have to crate-train them longer and have maximum crate-dependence. This helps them stay inside willingly.

You also can buy a bespoke bed and a bowl from Fable to ensure it’s a full package.

Praised by credible entities like the Apartment Therapy, New York Post, Cosmopolitan, and even BuzzFeed, the Fable crate is the hallmark of fantastic luxury dog crates.

If you want to know more about this amazing crate, you can check out our Fable Crate review.


Luxurious crate made from premium bentwood
Available in two surface finishes, including walnut finish
It doesn’t have chunky and mechanical-looking locks
It comes in three size options
All crates are handmade
Choose from transparent or metallic gates 
Square rounded holes for perfect ventilation and light
Opportunity to buy branded beds and bowls
Praised by credible entities like the Cosmopolitan and New York Post
Seamlessly blends with your interior decor


Not suitable for untamed dogs

2. DIGGS Revol Dog Crate

This isn’t the first time Diggs’ Revol crate come up to the top three. The secret is in the design. You’ll understand as you read forward.

This luxury crate is a mixture of premium plastic and stainless steel. So, the materialistic durability of the build quality is there. 

Build quality is also enhanced by the unique diamond-shaped shape that keeps your dog safely inside, preserving the luxurious vibe.

The revol crate has an almost-standard meshy gate that opens conveniently; not so conveniently to dogs.

Revol crate brings another unique luxurious element: travel-friendliness. How so?

Thanks to the handle, you can easily collapse the crate flat and transport it more easily. But would you have to drag it? No! It has wheels to ensure smooth transportation.

This feature-packed dog crate also comes with two doors’ the standard side door and the garage-side large door. This helps your dog move inside more easily, improving comfort.

The comfort factor further increases thanks to the removable, easy clean-up tray. It’s strong enough and slides in and out quite conveniently.

Remember that luxury crates have to be convenient to use too. But that convenience alone is never enough to categorize it as a luxury crate.

You can buy this crate in three colors. These are elegant 3 shades of grey, and the crate looks super luxurious. More personalization is available in four sizes, whose smallest is 25 “L x 17” W x 19 “H, and the largest is 44 “L x 28 “W x 30 “H.

If you’re unsure of the size, Diggs has their own size guide too.

The cherry on top is the puppy divider that lets you raise puppies with optimal size. Growing up, you don’t want puppies to have too much space inside the crate.

Similar to Fable crate, Diggs lets you buy a branded crate pad, bowl, and even a Groov training aid. If the timing is in your favor, you’ll likely get 15% off with the code EXTRA15 — check it!

More value comes to the purchase as you get free shipping and a 30-day window for returns. But there are some conditions for that which are clearly mentioned.

All things considered, Diggs’ Revol Crate meets and exceeds expectations as a luxury crate; it’s a clear investment.

Read our Diggs Dog Crate Review to learn more.


Luxurious crate made from premium plastic and metal
It comes in three elegant color choices
100% collapsible crate
Easily movable with the handles and wheels
Four size options to choose from
Puppy divider for raising puppies better
Dual-door system for easier moving inside
Easily removable tray for quick clean up
Free shipping & 30 days return period


Not handmade

3. Moderno Dog Crate White Oak

Didn’t like the plastic-metal crate?

Not to worry, the Moderno dog crate just might work for you.

This is a rather rectangular wooden crate with a unique design, made from premium white Oak.

That’s why the company has given you enough pictures to get a true idea about the design quality, which outlines dog-crate luxuriousness.

Moderno comes in three sizes, the smallest and the largest is outlined below: 

  • Smallest crate size: 30″ x 19″ x 22″
  • Largest crate size: 42″ x 28″ x 31″

For starters, this crate has two doors with horizontal metal bars. The door placement is somewhat similar to the Revol crate, ensuring user-friendly movement for your dog inside.

Unlike uniformly distributed ventilation holes, the Moderno crate has fixed-window-like openings with horizontal metal bars. This proves that the design team had the best idea of natural air circulation and light intake.

These factors come together with the overall interior shape to ensure comfort.

Similar to the previous cases, you can also buy a branded dog bed and a velvet dog collar. But remember that these are luxury items; the price margin will be slightly higher.

I think of the Moderno crate as a great attempt to meet the design specs of the Fable crate. After all, this, too, could be an interior decor item.

But factually, this crate is not as luxurious as the Fable crate. After all, the Moderno dog crate is only an alternative. I also think it would have been amazing if the crate had carrying handles too.

Although not handmade, you cannot return any Moderno dog crate. If you’re unsure about the size, look for the “how to measure” guide on the product page. That’ll help you get the perfect measurement.

As you visit the product page via my link, you immediately receive 15% off. Reveal your code by giving away your email.

As an alternative luxury dog crate, the Moderno dog crate performs quite well.


Luxury crate made from premium White Oak and metal
Dual-door system for easier moving.
Door-window ventilation system
It can be bought with a dog bed and velvet dog collar
Three sizes to choose from
15% off when you sign up
Spacious horizontal design 
Brushed stainless steel bars 
Size guide for the most suitable size


One color/finish
Not returnable

4. Lucky Dog® Dwell

I know how wire crates can hardly belong in the luxurious category, but the Lucky Dog’s Dwell series crate is a clear exception.

The first sign of luxury is its appearance, which deviates from the standard wire crate. It looks relatively more elegant and spacious.

On top of that, the premium metallic wires are rust-resistant with an e-coat for added durability.

So, that appearance is complimented by resilience.

It’s amazing how the Dwell crate is 100% collapsible too. The design team has included one carrying handle on the top to make moving easier. 

Lucky Dog® Dwell

Since it’s a wire crate, the patented easy-snap corner stabilizers add a layer of stability. Because of them, the crate doesn’t collapse easily.

But remember that this is an alternative to the Fable crate, and that’s why the Dwell crate is a bit more function-oriented.

The comfort factor is a priority in the Dwell crate’s design. The wire crate design naturally gives ample ventilation with maximum visibility. But the shape automatically allows you to include comfortable bedding too.

If you don’t like bedding, don’t worry; the Dwell crate comes with a removable leak-proof pan. You know how easy it is to clean crates with these pans. Its placement ensures that the luxurious look of the crate is not damaged.

Lucky Dog has manufactured this crate for all dogs. That’s why you can buy the Dwell crate in five sizes from 24″ to 48″ crate length. To be more specific, 22″ x 13″ x 16″ of the smallest crate and 48″ x 30″x 33″ of the biggest.

It’s very spacious.

Since it’s a wire crate, it typically comes in black, but you can get it in bronze too.

What about accessibility? The Dwell crate boasts a dual door system with a side swing-opening door and a double-panel sliding door. The sliding door slides so smoothly and silently, making the crate special.

Lucky Dog is considerate enough to let you pay in 4 interest-free installments as well. But right after the purchase, you get a 30-day return period and a decent warranty too.

In conclusion, the Lucky Dog Dwell crate is a great alternative for the best luxurious dog crate.


Luxury dog crate made from premium steel
Rust-resistant and e-coated for longer durability
Dual door system with a swing-open door and sliding double doors
100% collapsible with corner stabilizers 
Five sizes to choose from 
Ample ventilation by design
Carrying handle for easier moving 
30-day money-back guarantee and a warranty 
Purchasable with 4 interest-free installments


It has several standard wire crate characteristics
Shape stability depends on corner snap-on stabilizers


For the last resort, I give you Rock Creek Crates’ Aluminum dog crate. Let’s see what makes it luxurious.

What I liked the most was its color range; you can buy the crate in grey, blue, green, pink, yellow, white, and black.

Every crate comes with black metallic parts, so the color contrast is great. 

Personalization increases as you get the Rock Creeks crate in four sizes. The smallest is 30″ in length, and the largest is 48″. 

It’s clear that the crate doesn’t really fit very small dogs.


Did you know this is the only crate with an internally welded frame? It is. This slightly lowers the luxury component of the crate (after all, it’s my last recommendation.)

The strength factor further increases thanks to the beefy new door with increased height. It’s watchable too. If the main lock fails, this crate has two secondary butterfly locks.

I also love the optimally placed hexagonal ventilation holes. The 360-degree ventilation design ensures ideal air circulation and visibility too.

Although the crate is not collapsible, it’s easier to carry it thanks to the two handles. They’re recessed for a better grip. The grip factor further increases thanks to the stackable corner guards too.

Rock Creeks sells this crare with a 10-year warranty. Since it comes fully assembled, all you have to do is start crate training. The best thing? You’ll get the crate delivered within 14-20 business days.

We got ours in about 3 weeks, so it adds up.

You can buy this crate with ShopPay or affirm monthly installment methods too. 

As for the last substitute for the Fable crate, Rock Creek Crate’s aluminum crate delivers amazingly. But remember that it is more function-oriented, diluting the luxurious vibe.


Luxury crate made from durable stainless steel
Available in seven vibrant colors 
Four sizes to choose from
Only internally welded crate for added strength
Main and two secondary locks for higher safety
Optimal hexagonal ventilation
Two recessed, easy-to-carry handles
10-year warranty
Ships fully assembled


More function-oriented, lowering the luxurious value 
Very expensive 

What Makes a Crate a Luxury Crate?

A labrador dog breed laying down inside a wooden dog crate inside a house

If you thoroughly read what I repeat in this review, you will realize that I’m following a checklist of sorts — I am.

A luxury crate deviates immensely from conventional crates via many characteristics. For starters, it could be the sheer look. The locks of these crates aren’t escape-proof but elegant (but work well enough!)

What else?

The best luxurious crates are made from wood, and the metallic ones go down, not because of anything else but because we’re considering luxury.

In conclusion, a luxury crate prioritizes gives less priority to resilience and gives more to style, comfort, and exotic value.

How to Choose the Perfect Luxury Dog Crate?

Wonder how I chose my list? Let me walk you through my recipe of selection.

  • Ensure you know your dog’s correct measurements for the crate, with a few inches added to height, width, and length. (More about crate size.)
  • Prioritize an elegance-focussed material like wood.
  • Does it have a super-strong lock? Or is the lock just enough and minimalistic?
  • It’s better if the crate has its own bedding, too, as it aligns with the luxury factor.
  • Handmade crates scream “luxury” — remember Patek Philippe watches.
  • Pay attention to a finish type or color that takes more time to finish.

I know that you might know your own selection criteria, but you can’t make an omelet without an egg; you need the basics.

Wondering what’s the best dog crate that fits all the needs? Find a best one here.

In Conclusion 

Luxury is not just a state of mind; it materializes well if you know what to look for. Fable crate has all of it and more; that’s why it really is the best recommendable luxury crate.

The material, the style, the safety, the comfort… the Fable crate wins with a lead.

I hope this review was helpful. Make the better choice!


Yes, there are. These crates are made specifically for parents who crave luxury.

No, they are not overly expensive. However, standard crates tend to be more affordable.”

Yes, luxury crates are worth the money due to their superior build quality, rare material selection, and impressive aesthetic appeal.

Fable Crate
Fable Crate product image
Build Quality






Overall Score


Luxurious crate made from premium bentwood
Available in two surface finishes, including walnut finish
Choose from transparent or metallic gates
Square rounded holes for perfect ventilation and light
Seamlessly blends with your interior decor
Get the BEST PRICE valid until the end of June
Not suitable for untamed dogs

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