7 Best Dog Crates & Kennels for Labradors (Updated in 2024)

Last Updated on June, 2024

Is there a recommendable crate specifically for labs?

That random question was the foundation of this review because I had no answer.

Now I do — lucky for you, it’s what you’re looking for.

You’ll find everything you need to get the best dog crate for Labs here. After all, it’s a ranked list to make things easier for you.

Note that these crates were picked out of a 15+ list based on their suitability specifically for Labradors. I’m a committed and responsible dog parent myself; don’t worry, I got you.

Let’s jump right in.

Editor’s Choice
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Overall Score


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#3rd Best Choice
Rock Creek Crates
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7 Best Dog Crates for Labs

1. IMPACT Collapsible Dog Crate

As you may already know, Impact is the most recognized and beloved crate brand among dog parents.

The reason is none other than the utmost quality.

You’d be relieved that their collapsible dog crate is borderline bespoke for Labs. Let’s see why.

To begin, you can buy this in six dog crate sizes. The smallest is 30″ long, and the biggest is 54″ long. 

Labs aren’t as big as Great Danes, so you don’t necessarily need the largest size, but it’s always the most comfortable. 

However, as Impact suggests, you can choose the 34″ length dog crate size. This weighs 35 lbs and has dimensions 34.5 “L x 23 “W x 28.97 “H. But do your measurements just to double-check.

If you’re getting this for a lab puppy, aim for a large crate since it’s a fast-growing breed. As the puppy grows, it’s better to have a properly sized crate for fully-grown labrador retrievers.

You don’t want to get a small crate for a pup and buy an extra large dog crate for an adult dog after a year.

Along with the size variation, you also get six earth-tone colors for the dog crate: gray, desert tan, black, white, teal, and green. Ideally, it’s better to go with either gray or desert tan since they are relatively less intimidating than other dark colors.

Labs are strong and active dogs. So, containing them in a safe yet strong cage is imperative. That’s why Impact’s collapsible crate is made 100% from premium Aluminum.

It doesn’t rust or bend, and it most certainly doesn’t dent too.

This is a collapsible crate, and that makes your life so much easier. Impact demonstrates in a GIF how it takes under 60 seconds to assemble it. It’s effortless, and anyone can easily do it.

That also allows you to fold and store it away safely while saving a lot of space.

Usually, high-quality dog crates tend to have sophisticated designs. Impact’s crate has that, but it doesn’t complicate most commonly used parts. For instance, you can open and close the door with just one finger.

The body of Impact’s collapsible dog crate is admirable. It has perfectly spaced and right-sized hexagonal ventilation holes, enabling better ventilation and light. So, your Lab will NEVER feel uncomfortable when they’re used to the cage.

The cherry on top is the military-grade handles that allow you to transport it easily. This feature goes a long way, as most alternative products to Impact’s dog crate don’t have that feature.

That’s not all.

Impact gives you a LIFETIME WARRANTY with FREE shipping and FREE exchanges. Most crates (especially metal crates) don’t come with that sort of high-quality guarantee.

Although it’ll take less than 60 seconds to spring it up, no assembly is required as it’ll be done for you. All you need to focus on is the crate train stage, for which I have given you a step-by-step guide at the end.

You can simply sign up for Impact dog crates and get 15% off of your first order — it’s like all stars are perfectly aligned.

This US-made product is a true hallmark of dependable dog crates that lasts for generations providing the utmost comfort and safety to your Labrador.

In other other words, your beloved Labrador deserves this crate, and crate training will be much easier.

Read our in-depth impact crates guide here.


Impact is a well-recognized and trusted brand name among dog parents 
The crate is borderline bespoke for Labs, with six different size options
It is made from 100% premium to last for generations 
The crate is available in six earth-tone colors
Perfectly spaced and diamond-shaped holes provide better ventilation and light
Military-grade handles allow for easy transportation 
Lifetime warranty 
Free shipping and free exchanges
100% US-made
The crate comes fully assembled 
Signing up for Impact gets you a 15% discount
It has a very aesthetic and non-intimidating look 


It doesn’t have a removable plastic pan


The ‘why’ factor matters — Addison Edmonds (Gunner’s Founder) says he created the kennels because he felt uneasy traveling with conventional kennels that break too often.

Gunner’s G1 is a pleasant surprise for any loving dog parent.

For starters, G1 is the ONLY double-wall rotomolded crate in the market. It means that there’s 2x more protection from external trouble.

Although it’s not as strong as Impact’s Aluminum crate, G1’s strength is more than enough.

This crate comes in four sizes, whose largest has the dimensions 33.25″ (L – Floor) x 21″ (W – Floor) x 29″ (H) / 23″ (W) at the kennel’s widest interior point, weighing 72 lbs.

But it’s your decision to choose the suitable size according to your Lab’s measurements. Remember what I said about the growth of a labrador puppy; it applies everywhere.

Gunner points out some of the non-metallic advantages that make the time of your labrador puppy or adult inside the crate more comfortable. 

A G1 dog crate is 10% cooler than leading Aluminum and rotomolded crates.

This comfort factor further increases thanks to the element-repelling windows. They ensure your Lab gets to spend their time comfortably safe from rain, sleet, and snow.

Notice that Impact’s collapsible dog crate and Gunner G1’s are walled crates. 

That protects your Labrador Retriver’s delicate body giving them the warmth and protection they deserve.

You’ll also love the reversible door Gunner has included to be able to open from either side. The paddle latch consists of a key in the hole lock.

That’s not all; there are backup and safety latches on top and bottom too. That’s why it has that escape-proof to contain adult dogs easily. The crate is equally suitable for Labrador puppies too.

A powerful all-aluminum frame system complements the door. Gunner emphasizes how it’s designed to contain a dog before, during, and after a wreck — strength is NOT an issue.

Cleaning dog crates can be challenging, so the Gunner design team has included a drainage plug inside. The uneven levels inside the cage promote faster water flow and better cleaning.

Gunner’s G1 is not collapsible like Impact’s cage. But it does have super strong carry handles that make carrying it easier. The transportation factor becomes stronger thanks to the built-in tie-down pins.

Remember that buying multiple crates (one for home and one for traveling) isn’t needed with the best dog crates like the Gunner G1.

This overall design is further benefit-driven thanks to the stainless steel hardware, non-slip feet, and a wider base (given its unique shape).

With a lifetime warranty, this US-made crate is the best alternative for your Lab’s crate.

Want to learn more about this ultimate dog crate? We got you covered with our in-depth Gunner kennel review.


Double-wall rotomolded construction offers 2x more protection than conventional kennels
5 Star Crash Test certified by the Center For Pet Safety
10% cooler than leading Aluminum and rotomolded crates
Labs will spend 20% less energy staying warm
Element-repelling windows keep the dogs safe from rain, sleet, and snow
Reversible door and paddle latch with key-in-hole lock for escape-proof quality
Powerful all-aluminum frame system to contain a dog before, during, and after a wreck
Drainage plug inside the dog’s crate promotes faster water flow and better cleaning
Super strong carry handles make carrying the crate easier
Stainless steel hardware and non-slip feet provide additional benefits
A lifetime warranty guarantees long-term use and peace of mind


Not collapsible like Impact’s cage

3. Rock Creek Crates ALUMINUM DOG CRATE

At first glance, Rock Creek’s crate looks similar to Impact’s collapsible crate. But it’s different with some shared and unique features.

A straightforward crate size chart specifies the dimensions of the four sizes, whose largest is 48″ in length and weighing almost 80 lbs.

If you’re unsure what to choose, you can simply follow the hyperlinked size guide on the product page, and it’s that easy.

The most prominent feature you should focus on is the internal welded aircraft-grade aluminum frame.

In fact, this is the ONLY one in the market with that feature.

That makes this one of the best dog crates known for its indestructibility.

That’s only the inside; the overall body is made from premium lightweight Aluminum. So, there are no chances for rusting, and you can expect long durability. 

So, once you crate-train your labrador retriever puppy, it’s pretty much for life.

Rock Creek has ensured health safety by integrating optimal hexagonal ventilation holes on the crate’s upper half. This ensures that your active Lab doesn’t get their nails injured by sending them through the ventilation holes.

Your Lab will love that perfect amount of light when they’re all cozy.

This dog’s crate also boats a beefy metallic door. The vertical bars ensure that your Lab can see through the door but never bend and definitely not squeeze through them.

The lockable main lock/latch is perfectly sized and well-placed.

The main lock’s functionality further increases thanks to the two secondary door butterfly latches. There’s no doubt that Labs are very active, but this level of security is most suitable for Labs with separation anxiety.

In fact, Rock Creek emphasizes the escape-proof value, and you need to think whether you really want it with your Lab.

The threaded inserts are compatible with seven new accessories and are very useful when transporting the crate. The stackable corner guards increase overall efficiency and safety.

You’d be relieved that this US-made cratecomes fully assembled and has 10 years of warranty.

For an alternative, Rock Creek’s crate is highly recommendable for your beloved Labrador.


It comes in four sizes. Whose largest size is 48″ in length
The overall body is made from premium lightweight Aluminum 
Internal welded aircraft-grade aluminum frame makes the crate indestructible
Hexagonal ventilation ensures health safety by preventing injuries and allowing light in
The metallic floor has vertical bars, ensuring that Labs cannot bend or squeeze through 
The lockable main lock/latch is well-placed and perfectly sized for security 
Two secondary door butterfly latches to increase the security 
The crate is compatible with seven new accessories making transportation easier
Stackable corner guards increase overall efficiency and safety 
The crate comes fully assembled, making it convenient for pet owners 
You get ten years of warranty, providing long-term peace of mind 


No collapsible option is available

4. Lucky Dog® Dwell™ Series Crate

Lucky Dog might not be as popular or recognized as Impact or Gunner, but their Dwell series crate is an amazing alternative.

Let me tell you why.

Unlike the first three we discussed, this is one of the metal wire crates, fully open with thick wires.

The spacing of the wires has to be double-checked compared to the crate’s overall size.

You get five sizes, whose smallest length is 24″ and the largest is 48″.

Lucky Dog® Dwell

As I said, you should choose the size based on the company’s recommendations (which are absent here) or the measurements you take.

The super secure door latches provide peace of mind for sure. But you don’t want to cage a Lab with separation anxiety in this as it might not be so suitable.

It’s admirable to see the convenient top handle that makes it easy to move anywhere you prefer. Unlike crates, most cages don’t have this feature, so Lucky Dog deserves that credit.

The crate is fully metallic, and hence the durability is naturally high. That durability further elongates thanks to rust-resistant e-coating. But you will need a dog crate cover.

Don’t worry; large dogs won’t be able to bite the wire bars simply because the spacing isn’t enough to do that.

The smooth double-panel sliding door and rails are an impressive feature that you and your Lab will love. It also saves a lot of space. If that’s not enough, an additional front door enables easy access while optimizing space.

It’s safe to say that the Lucky Dog crate is ahead of its regular dog-cage competition.

Did I tell you about the easy-snap corner stabilizers? These patented stabilizers strengthen and prevent the collapse of the durable and rust-resistant frame by design.

However, it’s better to have a dog bed inside because your Lab will be lying on cold wires, which is uncomfortable.

Even if this cage is pretty impressive, needless to say, you shouldn’t use it to travel or outdoors.


The Lucky Dog Dwell series crate is a durable, fully metallic cage with rust-resistant e-coating
It comes in four sizes, ranging from 24″ to 48″ in length 
Features a smooth double-panel sliding door and rails, with an additional front door 
Convenient handles on top for easy transport 
Easy-snap corner stabilizers strengthen and prevent the collapse of the frame
The crate has a secure latch that provides better safety 
Spacing of wires is suitable for preventing your Lab from biting them
The crate is more affordable than some of its popular counterparts 
The open design with thick wires all over allows for ample ventilation 


No warranty 
It has only one lock

5. Petmate Precision Pet ProValu

Another great alternative to either the Impact or Gunner G1 crate is Petmate’s precision pet ProValu — let me just call it the Petmate crate to make it easier to read.

This, too, is a conventional dog cage at first glance, but it brings a lot more value to the table. 

For starters, you can get the Petmate crate in four sizes; 19″ to 36″ inches.

So, it’s very spacious, and you can rest assured knowing your playful Lab has enough space.

It comes only in black, just so you know.

Petmate Precision Pet ProValu

What sets the Petmate’s crate apart is the removable polypropylene tray. It comes free, so it adds more value to the investment.

However, you should ask yourself whether the plastic tray is enough or if you should also throw in bedding. After all, there’s no such thing as too much comfort when it comes to Labs, right?

The plastic pan makes cleaning easier as it’s removable, but remember to be careful not to break it.

Petmate’s crate features one door that comes with one lock. Labs aren’t as strong and aggressive as dogs like Great Danes, but training them better before using the crate is better.

This wired cage brings more value with the carrying handle at the top. Since it can fold flat, the crate’s portability value is much higher. 

But I wouldn’t recommend this to a Lab with separation anxiety, but this is a great crate for house training.

All things considered, Petmate’s Precision Pet ProVau is a dependable alternative crate for sure.


It comes in four sizes ranging from 19″ to 36″ in length, providing plenty of space
The removable polypropylene tray makes it easier to clean
It’s easy to clean the crate as a whole, and thanks to the tray
Folds flat easily for better space-saving storage
It has a carrying handle at the top, making it easy to carry 
The wired cage design is familiar to dogs and easy to use for house training
Simple design with one door and one lock for dogs that don’t require extra security
No assembly is required


It doesn’t have a warranty 
Tray might not be completely comfortable with some Labs
Not suitable for Labs with separation anxiety

6. Midwest Double Door iCrate

Buying branded cages for Labrador is always an investment; Midwest is yet another brand that belongs on this list.

Their iCrate is the next best alternative.

This double-door dog crate is a bit similar to the last one we discussed; wire framed and completely open. 

But iCrate comes in seven sizes, and the price changes as you go up; that’s understandable.

The wire dog crate dimensions are 48” L x 33’H x 30’W for a large dog.

Midwest Double Door iCrate

Midwest is very straightforward about helping you to get the size right. All you need to do is,

  • Measure nose-to-tail length, 
  • Measure seated height, 
  • Add 4 inches to both measurements

And there you have your iCrate.

The double doors of the iCrate are a definite special feature. It’s not even the mere feature but also the placement on two adjacent sides. This makes the double door placement easy for your not-so-calm Lab to enter and exit the cage quicker.

Also, it helps you figure out a better placement in the house. 

Did you know that the crate’s placement affects how fast they will be crate trained? More will be covered under the topic of crate training.

You’ll also love that Midwest’s iCrate is one of the double-door crates for Labradors that can be folded flat. 

As you already know, that helps you store the crate with the least space. The carry handle is the cherry on top that makes it more valuable.

There’s also a crate divider panel that lets you adjust the living area as your pet grows.

This folding metal dog crate comes with a durable plastic tray, making cleaning easier. You can simply throw dog beds easier on top of it too.

The icing on the cake is the safe and secure slide bold latch. Once again, this double-door crate cannot be recommended for stronger Labs (maybe) with separation anxiety. But it should be fine for an older dog. 

For an alternative, it’s an excellent crate for Labs for sure.


Seven sizes to pick from, and Midwest provides guidance on to pick 
It has double doors on two adjacent sides to enter and exit more easier 
It can be folded flat and has a carry handle for easy storage and portability 
It comes with a divider panel to adjust the living area as your Lab grows
It has a removable plastic tray that makes cleaning easier
Features a safe and secure slide bolt latch for primary security level
Free shipping for crates above small size


Not suitable for Labs with separation anxiety
The wireframe might not be as durable as other crate types
No warranty

7. Dakota 283 Kennels

If you have had no luck finding the Impact collapsible crate and all the other alternatives, then the Dakota cages just might work for you.

Unlike others, Dakota doesn’t have a specific design whose size changes. Instead, they have separate products. 

For instance, let’s consider the G3 large framed kennel. This has interior dimensions of 33L x 22.8W x 26.2H (at the tallest point) in inches.

You can go through the link above and select the suitable size for your Lab.

Dakota 283 G3

Dakota Cage comes in eight colors; as always, it’s better to go for darker ones as they’re the easiest to clean. 

Unlike almost all the crates on this list, except for the Gunner G1, Dakota crates are molded. Since Gunner G1 is crash tested severely, it doesn’t get better than that. But Dakota crates are strong enough.

You’ll also love the keyed paddle latching front door. It’s safely check-meshed, and the spacing is perfectly sized to ensure your Labs avoid injuries.

Having secure crates helps you get your labrador pup crate trained faster.

The ventilation holes, the placement, and the number are amazing. There are 20 ventilation holes per side, which makes 40 in total. But there is a considerable risk of your Lab’s nails entering them.

However, the design is dependable, it’s made in the US, and you get free shipping too.

Should a Dakota crate be your first choice? No, but is it a great last resort for dog crates for Labradors? Definitely.


It comes in eight types and various sizes to pick from.
They are molded, making the crates sturdy and strong. 
It comes in eight different colors for better personalization 
Keyed paddle latching front door with a check-meshed layer.
40 ventilation holes for the best air circulation inside the cage.
One of the free shipping dog crates for Labradors.
Made in the USA.


Considerable risk of nails getting caught in the holes
Dakota molded crates aren’t crash-tested like Gunner G1 crate
There’s only one lock

Buying Guide: Best Dog Crates for Labradors

A yellow labrador dog is laying in the grass.

If you’re wondering how I managed to pick AND rank this list, let me share the secrets with you. Here’s the buying guide.

Size and Shape

Always get the measurements right, and know what measurements you should take. 

Most crate companies have their own size guides, so it’s easier. You don’t want a too large or too small cage but just the right size.

The interior shape of the dog crate matters too. Make sure the shape provides better comfort to your Lab.

Read our complete guide on “What Size Crate for Labrador Retriever?” And also you can learn more about choosing the right crate size in this ultimate guide, which covers all the things you must consider.


Even if the manufacturer is very confident, there that 0.1% of running into trouble with any dog crate.

A warranty is a blessing, and the duration also matters; the longer, the better!

The Balance Between Material and Type

For example, an aluminum-walled crate is much better than a walled rotomolded crate. But a metal wire might be less reliable than a walled rotomolded crate.

See what I mean about the balance? 

So, not only that you should check for the material, but you should also consider the crate type.

Overall Durability 

A dog crate that can withstand the chewing and scratching of a Labrador is essential. Look for a crate made from high-quality materials and with sturdy construction.

As an extra tip, ensure the wire or bar space is too small for them to chew or send their nose/mouth through.


It’s better to have a foldable and movable crate, preferably with handles. Trust me; you don’t want to buy a new cage for traveling with your Lab.


Standard cages have 100% ventilation but lack many other crucial features. But better cages still ensure that your Labrador gets the best ventilation. Pay attention to the size, spacing, and placement too.

I’m sure there are more factors, but now that I have done the hard work for you, all you need to do is make a choice; it’s that simple.

Types of Dog Crates for Labrador

labrador puppies seen in a wooden crate and a metal crate

Several crate types are available, each with pros and cons. Some have more pros, and that’s what you should focus on.

Let me tell you some of the most popular crate types for Labs.

Soft-Sided Crates

These best crates provide the utmost comfort and safety in multiple ways. They’re a little bit heavier than a wire crate, but it doesn’t comprise quality. As long as there’s enough ventilation, this is the better option to prioritize.

It’s best to choose a collapsible crate that makes it easier to transport over soft-sided crates.

Metal Crates 

Metal crates can be walled or a wire crate.

As seen on this list, the second alternative is wire kennels

Labs aren’t naturally aggressive or hyperactive dogs, but it’s always better to double-check the metal quality of any walled or wire dog crate. You also need to ensure the wire spacing isn’t too much or doesn’t have a good bottom.

Remember, a metal crate lasts longer, and wire crates last less than walled metal crates.

Wooden Crates

Any wooden crate would look better than the typical metallic crate. But a metallic crate is stronger and more resilient than furniture-style crates.

It’s alright to get a furniture-style crate, but best not to make it the primary crate for your labrador.

Plastic Crates 

There aren’t a few plastic dog crates nowadays except for small dogs and puppies. Ideally, a plastic dog crate cannot be recommended for big and energetic dogs like Labs.

Get the best plastic dog crates here.

Escape-Proof Crates 

Dogs with separation anxiety are borderline aggressive. You can’t really hold them in regular crates. That’s why there are special escape-proof crates; even Impact has an escape-proof crate.

These are stronger and have multiple locks, and are generally more expensive. It’s up to you to decide whether you want it or not.

Note: We got you covered with our overall best dog cages that can help your various needs.

Crate Training for Labrador Retriever: Step-By-Step Guide

I know you love your Labrador Retriever, and you don’t want just to put them in a cage and expect them to take it. After all, it doesn’t work that way as well.

So, the foundation of getting your Labrador familiarized with the crate is basically a strategic approach.

Here’s how to do it.

Introduce the Crate Gradually 

You can start by placing the crate in a location where your dog can see it but not necessarily go inside it. It would be best if you made it be seen as many times as possible before you actually do something.

Make it Comfortable 

Now that you’ve completed the first level, it’s better to introduce soft bedding and toys to the crate. You can even mix up the first and second levels easily together. 

Encourage Exploration 

Once your dog is comfortable around the crate, please encourage them to explore it independently. You can do this by placing treats inside the crate, which are more effective than toys.

Close the Door

When the dog feels comfortable enough to go inside and stay, it’s time to close the door. Start with a few seconds and work your time up. Be sure to reward your dog for remaining calm when the door is closed.

Be Patient

Patience is the secret weapon in training Labs to your new crate. Recall that they’re innocent; all they have is you, and you don’t want them to feel unsafe.

Do this right, and your Lab will LOVE the new crate. 

Accessories You Need for a Dog Crate

A collage of pictures of dogs with toys and a fan.

When it comes to dog crates, several accessories can make your Lab’s experience more comfortable and enjoyable. Some essential accessories include:

Notice how the top three recommendations have the first three points built in — it’s all about benefits.

Pros and Cons of Buying Dog Crates for Your Labrador 


Provides a safe and secure place for your Lab to retreat to
It can aid in potty training your dog by limiting its access to the rest of the house
Helps prevent destructive behavior by limiting your dog’s access to furniture, etc
It makes traveling with your dog safer and more convenient 
It can be used as a tool to help with behavioral issues such as separation anxiety
It gives your dog a sense of privacy and ownership of their own space
Can serve as a temporary home for your dog during times of transition (e.g., moving)
It helps with training your dog overall
It can be used as s tool for managing multiple dogs in the same household 
Provides a convenient and comfortable way for your dog to travel in a vehicle


Requires some training to the crate

In Conclusion

Labradors are adorable, and they should be well taken care of. In doing so, the role of a dog crate is imperative.

It was my pleasure to do the research, refine, and finally rank them. Out of the list, Impact’s collapsible crate wins with an immense lead. It’s nothing but purely because of its remarkable features.

If you want long-lasting peace of mind with your Lab’s crate, that’s the best choice.

I hope this review was helpful, and say hi to your Lab for me! See you in another review!


For a Labrador, a crate of approximately 36” L x 24” W x 27” H is recommended; however, it is advised to double-check the size to ensure optimal comfort for the pup.

The best type of crate for a Lab is a soft-walled, well-covered crate made from Aluminum or Rotomolded material. Wired crates should be a third choice.

No, crate training with Labradors is not hard. All that is required is a consistent approach and patience as they are smart and can learn and adjust quickly.

IMPACT Collapsible Dog Crate
Impact Collapsible crate Product Image
Build Quality






Overall Score


Impact is a well-recognized and trusted brand name among dog parents 
It is made from 100% premium to last for generations 
100% US-made
Free shipping and free exchanges
Perfectly spaced and diamond-shaped holes provide better ventilation and light
Signing up for Impact gets you a 15% discount
Lifetime warranty 
Get the BEST PRICE valid until the end of June
It doesn’t have a removable plastic pan

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