3 Best Aluminum Dog Crates (2024 Upd.) Tested By Experts

Last Updated on June, 2024

Imagine if you could have a dog crate with a material used to make space crafts. That’s possible with aluminum.

So, there are so many fake and low-quality aluminum crates because of this competitive advantage in the market.

So, you’re here for a dependable solution, and you’ll get it. But why trust me?

Editor’s Choice
Impact Collapsible crate Product Image
Impact Collapsible
Build Quality






Overall Score


#2nd Best Choice
Rock Creek
Build Quality






Overall Score


#3rd Best Choice
Zinger Deluxe 5500 Crate product image
Zinger Deluxe
Build Quality






Overall Score


Why Trust Me?

I picked about 20 crates that claimed to be superior aluminum. Then, we lab-tested a sample and tested the crate on our own. The solution was that over 10 crates were either fake or lowest quality.

But from the remaining 7 or 8 crates, I realized that only 3 are worth mentioning.

That makes it easier for you to pick too.

Without further ado, let’s start.

The 3 Best Aluminum Dog Crates

1. Impact Collapsible Dog Crate

Impact is a brand dedicated to producing affordable and high-quality dog crates. Perhaps you knew that already.

But did you know that their collapsible crate is, in fact, the best aluminum crate?

Let’s see why so.

For starters, this magnificent crate is made from 0.063 aluminum. This version of aluminum is typically used to create durable and robust containers. In fact, it’s non-magnetic AND not heat-treatable.

These materialistic features make this the hallmark of high-quality aluminum crates.

Its most memorable characteristic is collapsibility. This helps you store it with minimal space, which is super helpful when traveling. 

But then, you’ll wonder how long it takes to collapse and set up.

Under 60 seconds, it almost sounds unbelievable until you see that being demonstrated in the product video. You need no tools or no experience at all.

The Impact collapsible crate comes with two military-grade handles to make carrying it easier. Not only can you move the crate easier, but you can also use it to tie the crate better.

Impact is prideful about its product size range, allowing all breeds to enjoy their crates. The segmentation varies from 30″ in length (coming soon) to 54″ across six sizes.

The smallest size is yet to come, and the available smallest size (intermediate) is 34.5 “L x 23 “W x 28.97 “H, and the largest is 54.6 “L x 35.6 “W x 42.03 “H.

In other words, it’s pretty spacious.

Inside this spacious crate, your dog can spend time comfortably thanks to the well-distributed ventilation holes. Not only do they provide ample airflow, but it also provides enough light inside.

Security and safety go parallelly, and that’s why Impact’s collapsible crate comes with a dependable lock. It’s so easy to operate it as it takes just one hand — how convenient?

Getting this premium aluminum crate in six colors is a privilege. That lets you integrate the crate better into your home interior.

Did you know that all Impact crates are fully made in the USA? On top of that, you get free shipping AND free exchanges.

The most convenient fact about this crate is that it ships fully assembled. Once the order is finalized, you’ll receive an email with tracking information for its full journey to your doorstep.

The cherry on top is the lifetime warranty.

In conclusion, the Impact collapsible crate’s features are ahead with a massive lead as the best recommendable aluminum dog crate.

Please read our comprehensive review to learn more about this crate.


Made from 0.063 aluminum, known for its durability and strength
The collapsible design allows for easy storage, perfect for traveling
It can be collapsed and set up in under 60 seconds; no tools or experience is required
It comes with two military-grade handles for convenient transportation and security
Available in a range of sizes, from 30″ to 54″ in length, accommodating all breeds
Spacious interior dimensions, with the smallest size being 34.5 “L x 23 “W x 28.97 “H
Well-distributed ventilation holes provide ample airflow and light inside
Equipped with a dependable lock for security, easy to operate with just one hand
Available in six colors, allowing you to match it with your home interior
Made entirely in the USA, ensuring high quality and supporting local production
Offers free shipping and free exchanges, adding value to your purchase
Ships fully assembled, saving you time and effort upon arrival
You can track the order from start to finish
Lifetime warranty


A bit expensive

2. Rock Creek Aluminum Dog Crate

At first glance, you’d notice a visual similarity of the Rock Creeks aluminum crate to the Impact’s. It makes sense as it is heavily inspired by the best.

This crate offers more personalization with a vibrant range of six colors.

You can get the most suitable fit across four sizes, from 30″ length medium to 48″ XXL size. 

Once again, the space requirement is perfectly satisfied with this crate too.

Rock Creeks praise their flagship product with a unique feature. In fact, this is the only dog crate in the market with an internally welded frame.

This inner aluminum frame skyrockets the resilience factor.

Not only that, this crate comes with a 5-star crash test rating too.

But remember that this crate is not collapsible. However, it has recessed handles to make carrying easier.

Although Rock Creeks doesn’t disclose the exact version of aluminum they use, it’s apparent that they prioritize material quality. When you read my guide below on how to pick the best aluminum crates, you’ll know what I mean.

The premium aluminum materialistic quality is complemented by the beefy new door with increased height. But it’s more open than Impact’s collapsible crate, slightly making crate training harder.

The reason is that your dog can see through the door relatively more.

However, it has a dependable door latch and two secondary butterfly latches. So, there’s no way that a dog can escape this crate. 

But it should be comfortable enough when they’re inside the cage. That’s why there is optimal hexagonal ventilation. These hexagonal ventilation holes guarantee amazing air circulation from all four sides and let in light too.

I also love the stackable corner guards. These corners will come in handy when you don’t stack them up. The design also increases friction, providing better stability on the surface too.

Similar to Impact’s collapsible crate, this crate, too, comes fully assembled. But there’s no lifetime warranty, but a 10-year warranty.

You must be able to get a discount, so go through the link I mentioned below.

Rock Creek’s crate is the best alternative for the Impact collapsible crate, and you can definitely depend on this aluminum crate.


Made by inspired by Impact’s collapsible crate.
It offers a vibrant range of six colors, allowing for personalization.
Available in four sizes, from medium (30″ length) to XXL (48″) size, providing options for different dog breeds.
The only crate with an internally welded aluminum frame delivering resilience.
It boasts a 5-star crash test rating, demonstrating its safety and durability.
Features recessed handles for easier carrying.
Contains two secondary butterfly latches ensuring secure containment.
Stackable corner guards add convenience and stability with added friction.
Ships fully assembled, making it easier for you.
Has a 10-year warranty period for peace of mind.


This crate is not collapsible; hence harder to move.
The quality of the aluminum is not clearly disclosed.

3. Zinger Deluxe 5500 Crate

Even for the third-best option, the Zinger Deluxe 5500 Crate brings a lot to the table as an aluminum crate.

The company boasts about the finish of the crate that features a durable ‘Silver Hammertone’ powder coat both inside and out.

This makes the ‘skin’ not peel off or discolor with time.

But what about the strength and overall build quality?

Unlike Impact’s collapsible crate, the Zinger Deluxe 5500 Crate doesn’t clearly disclose the quality of their aluminum. It’s not crash-tested, either. But I’m sure it’s a higher-quality aluminum that provides enough strength.

After all, it’s an airline-approved aluminum crate. 

This loosely translates to the fact that the crate has 4-sided ventilation. After all, this tall & cuboidal dog crate has ventilation holes all over. The door has a strong lock, so your dog will stay inside the crate peacefully.

I also liked the two handles on the top. But similar to the Rock Creeks crate, this one also is not collapsible and can be a bit difficult to move.

It is important to note that this crate comes in only one size of 21.0″ x 24.0″ x 30.0″ and one color; silverish gray. 

Since it’s an airplane-approved aluminum crate, you get “live animal” stickers and 2 plastic bowls for food and water. Getting free stuff is always great with dog crates, as they usually increase your dog’s quality of life.

This crate can also be easily stacked up on one another, which works great for kennels. 

But the issue is with the price. Understandably, Zinger names the price fairly, but I’ll let you judge it.

However, you do get a limited lifetime warranty. If you don’t know already, it means that the labor cost will be free for repairs, but you’ll have to pay for any additional parts.

My last recommendation is Zinger Deluxe 5500 Crate. It might not be as good as the Impact’s collapsible crate, but it was better than the rest of the sample space.


Durable ‘Silver Hammertone’ powder coat finish, both inside and out.
4-sided ventilation with ventilation holes throughout, ensuring ample airflow for your dog.
Equipped with a strong lock on the door, ensuring secure containment.
Comes with two handles on the top for easier lifting and carrying.
Include “live animal” stickers and 2 plastic bowls for food and water for the dog’s comfort.
The crate is stackable by design.
Durable construction (and other factors) makes it suitable for air travel.
Stackable corner guards add convenience and stability with added friction.
Weighs only 30 lbs.
Offers a limited lifetime warranty.


Doesn’t have a lifetime warranty.
Doesn’t offer free shipping.

Aluminum Dog Crates Buying Guide

6 aluminum crates kept on the ground

These are the parameters that I used to assess the best aluminum crate; you can follow them too.

Get the Size Right 

This applies to all crates; ensure your dog can stand, turn around, and lie down comfortably. Here’s my complete crate sizing guide to find the perfect crate.

Make Sure the Material is Authentic 

The best way to do it is by buying from dependable brands, as they won’t risk their credibility in the competitive market. Do your research extensively if it’s a lesser-known brand.

Prioritize the Comfort Factor

The right size is only basic; you need to look at the ventilation and the shape to ensure it’s comfortable enough. The ease of cleaning is the cherry on top.

Security and Safety 

There can be times when the inner escape artist awakes in your dogs. The solution is to have a crate with a dependable lockable door, preferably with additional latches. The build quality decides the safety factor.

Ensure Easy Portability

Having handles is a blessing when you want to move a crate. If it is collapsible, that’s as great as it gets. Pay attention to the weight too.

The Warranty Matters

It’s always a blessing to have a warranty on anything you buy, and the theory applies the same to aluminum crates too.

Benefits of Getting an Aluminum Dog Crate

You’ll notice how each Aluminum crate has its own set of advantages. But these are the best benefits of aluminum dog crates when you look at the big picture.

  1. Lightweight and portable, making it easy to transport your dog wherever you go.
  2. Durable and long-lasting, ensuring your dog’s safety and security for years to come.
  3. Rust-resistant, providing excellent protection against moisture and outdoor elements.
  4. Easy to clean and maintain, saving you time and effort to keep the crate hygienic.
  5. Secure and escape-proof, preventing your dog from breaking out or causing damage.
  6. Excellent ventilation, promoting proper airflow and ensuring your dog’s comfort.
  7. Chew-resistant, minimizing the risk of your dog damaging the crate.
  8. Ideal for travel, as many aluminum crates that are airline-approved for safe air travel.
  9. It can be used indoors and outdoors, providing versatility in housing options for your dog.
  10. Corrosion-resistant, making it suitable for use in various weather conditions.
  11. Offers visibility for your dog, allowing them to see their surroundings and reducing anxiety.
  12. Stylish and sleek design, adding a modern touch to your home decor while providing a cozy den-like space for your dog.
a husky dog inside a aluminum dog crate

Is it Necessary to Crate-Train Dogs?

The short answer is yes.

But most pet parents would want to know why they’re spending time for that when you can just put your dog inside and lock it.

Dog crate training aims to ensure that the dog PREFERS staying inside the cage.

When this factor is fulfilled, they won’t bark or whine or try to break the crate apart. This could even injure them.

It’s an annoyance to you AND the dog.

A simple step-by-step guide for this would be as follows;

a dobermann dog sitting outside a aluminum dog crate
  • Step #1: Keep the crate open, include their beddings inside and let them explore it by themselves.
  • Step #2: put a few toys and treats inside and let your dogs be inside with the door open.
  • Step #3: close the door for brief periods of time, and stay outside.
  • Step #4: Increase the closed-door duration gradually, and praise and treat them for remaining calm.
  • Step #5: start making distance from the crate once they’re fully accustomed to staying inside. Come back after enough time, praise, and give treats.

And you can repeat the process until they’re happy to be inside.

The secret to success is patience and compassion, which ultimately doesn’t make the crate associated with negative experiences.

In Conclusion

Buying an aluminum dog crate is a sure-shot investment. But the challenge is finding a genuine aluminum crate made specifically for dogs.

Amongst around 20 contestants, Impact’s collapsible aluminum crate made it to the top simply due to its superior characteristics.

You’re buying an aluminum crate because you expect durability, resilience, and peace of mind. So, I hope you can make the right call with the help of this review.

Say hi to your dog for me!


Yes, aluminum dog crates are better than most options since they are strong, durable, and lightweight.

To choose the right size of aluminum crate for your dog, make sure the crate is large enough for your pet to sit, turn around, stand, and lie down comfortably.

Impact’s collapsible dog crate is the best aluminum crate for dogs based on features and performance.

Impact Collapsible Dog Crate
Impact Collapsible crate Product Image
Build Quality






Overall Score


Made from 0.063 aluminum, known for its durability and strength
The collapsible design allows for easy storage, perfect for traveling
Well-distributed ventilation holes provide ample airflow and light inside
Offers free shipping and free exchanges, adding value to your purchase
Lifetime warranty
Get the BEST PRICE valid until the end of June
A bit expensive

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