Top 9 Best Dog Training Collars Under $100 (Cheap & Rated)

Last Updated on June, 2024

E-collars are a fantastic dog training tool. They are perfect for correcting your dog’s behavior.

The downside is that training collars can be quite expensive. 

Are you looking for a remote training collar that won’t burn a hole in your pocket? 

Well, you are in luck!

We have rated the best dog training collars under $100! The best thing is that these training collars will give you all the right features you need for a great training session.

So keep reading to find out the best training collar for your dog. We’ll be covering everything from the pros and cons of the best budget-friendly e-collars. By the end, you can pick the one that best fits your needs.

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What Are the Best Dog Training Collars Under $100? 

1. Pet Resolve Dog Training Collar (Overall Best)

I know you’re here looking for a training collar under $100.

This one’s a little more than that, but I want you to have the best; that is the reason I’m presenting Pet Resolve at the top.

This, from all the collars I’ve seen, is the best when it comes to training, Pet Resolve simply excels in every department as a dog training collar.

Even though you’ll be spending a few more bucks, I’m pretty sure you’ll not be disappointed. 

Let’s start with the essentials first. 

What is more essential in a training collar than its training modes?

Pet Resolve has three training modes; Static Stimulation, Vibration, and Beep. That is everything you need if you’re to train your dog. However, that’s typical.

What’s not typical is the adjustable intensity levels; Pet Resolve has 10 levels for the vibration and shock modes you can choose from based on the behavior level of your dog. 

And before I go any further, let me tell you about the fit. Any dogs that are 15 lbs or more will fit into Pet Resolve effortlessly. That is perfect for a lot of small-sized dogs and a majority of large dogs. 

Now that’s out of the way. 

Range is up next, and Pet Resolve has the highest on the list and is up top among the most expensive ones. You’re looking at the training device that can send signals to the collar even though it is 3963 feet away. 

That is a stellar range that can come in handy not only during training sessions but also during hunting and hiking trips if that’s something you’re interested in. 

Essentials are out of the way. Now for the extras.

Pet Reolve’s anti-bark mode isn’t something to sleep on. If you have a Barkzilla, this feature is heaven-sent. All you have to do is simply press the button on the receiver, and that’s it; you have a full-fledged bark collar that’ll take care of your dog’s barking even when you’re away from it. 

Fun fact is that a single bark collar alone can cost $30 to $50, so with Pet Resolve, you’re getting it for absolutely free. 

Moreover, when it comes to durability, Pet Resolve is leagues ahead compared to the collars that are typically below $100. This has a solid waterproof build, and the remote, on the other hand, is splashproof.

For a few more dollars extra, you get a lot more with Pet Resolve in return; I mean, take a look at everything above for yourself. Everything Pet Resolve has is helpful for training one way or the other, and you will not regret spending that few bucks. 


The collar and transmitter are well-crafted and long-lasting.
The collar is waterproof, and the transmitter is splash-proof.
It has a memory mode that allows you to continue training from where you left off.
The battery runtime is impressive, lasting for 50 to 60 hours.
It offers a top-notch range for effective communication.
The device is user-friendly and straightforward to operate.
It supports a multi-dog system.
It comes with a 2-year warranty for added peace of mind.


The remote control does not have the capability to power off the collar receiver

2. Dog Care Dog Training Collar (2nd Best Choice)

If you’re not ready to spend that little bit more, don’t worry, you’re not out of options.

When it comes to the best training collar under $100, Dog Care Dog Training Collar is, without a doubt, the best.

Dog Care is a trusted brand among dog owners with good-quality products. 

Dogcare dog training collar is suitable for medium to large dogs between 15 – 100 lbs.

You can select from three training modes: tone, vibrations, and shock.

There are also 1-99 levels of static shock for you to pick the best stimulation for your dog.

This remote trainer is a multi-dog training system. The remote has three different channels so that you can train three dogs at the same time.

This training system is perfect for dog owners with many dogs. You will have to buy the additional training collars separately.

With a great range of 1000 ft, you can train your dog inside your home, backyard, or even in a park.

Another perk is the very long battery lives. The electronic collar will last for about 15 days, and the remote will last for about 45 days on standby mode. 

The training collar receiver will shut down after 8 hours to save power. This remote trainer’s long-lasting batteries are perfect for long trips, hiking, and other adventures.

A micro USB charging port is available to quickly charge the system from your laptop or power bank.

Have you ever shocked your dog by accident? The security lock on this remote will ensure it will never happen again. The security lock is a great additional feature that makes this remote dog training collar well worth the money.

The only catch in this training collar is that it is not waterproof. The collar is water-resistant so that you can train your dog in the rain. But if your dog takes a dip in a pool, the collar may stop working.

Dogcare dog training collar is the best dog training collar under $100, even without the waterproof ability, because it ticks all the boxes for training modes, range, multi-dog system, security lock, and has good battery life.


1000 ft range
3 training modes
Can train up to 3 dogs at once
1-99 levels of static shock
Security keypad to prevent accidental shocks
Micro USB charging port 
Great battery life


The collar and the remote are not waterproof

3. Petrainer Dog Training Collar (3rd Best Choice)

The Petrainer Dog Training Collar is the third-best dog training collar under $100.

Petrainer is a popular choice for affordable and effective pet training products.

A good range, excellent battery life, and many stimulation levels make this collar a good fit for experts trainers and beginners alike.

Petrainer Dog Training Collar is an adjustable nylon collar that fits dogs of all sizes above 8 lbs. The collar is easily adjustable and fits neck sizes 14-25 inches.

You get to choose from tone, vibration, and shock modes.

With 100 stimulation levels, you can pick the one that works best on your dog without overstimulating him.

The range of the Petrainer Dog Training Collar is 1000 ft. So you can use this for both indoor and outdoor training sessions.

The remote and the collar have fast charging lithium rechargeable batteries with good battery life. It takes just 2 hours to charge the system entirely. There is an automatic standby mode that is very helpful in saving power. The 2 in 1 adapter allows you to charge the remote and the collar simultaneously and makes charging even faster.

This electronic dog collar is rainproof, so your dog can wear it outdoors in any weather. The remote is not waterproof, so you must keep it away from water. Petrainer also has an updated version of their collar for a few extra dollars.

The updated electric shock collar is completely waterproof, and your dog can even wear it while swimming.

To make sure that your dog has zero skin irritation, the contact probes of the collar have silicone caps. The soft silicone caps provide your dog with a safe and enjoyable training session.


100 stimulation levels
1000 ft range
The adjustable collar fits most dogs
Fast charging electronic collar and remote


Pairing issues between the remote and the e-collar 

4. DOBE Dog Bark Collar And Dog Training Collar 

DOBE Dog Bark Collar And Dog Training Collar has so many great features, which is why it is number 4 on our best dog training collar under $100.

This complete training system is perfect for a remote training collar or an anti-bark collar.

The collar is suitable for small, medium, and large dogs between 10 – 150 lbs. This training dog collar is ideal for neck sizes 8-26 inches.

There are 3 training modes (tone, vibration, and shock) with 100 intensity levels of shock.

DOBE Dog Bark Collar And Dog Training Collar 

You can train multiple dogs with one remote. The system is expandable to train two dogs at the same time.

A good range of 1300 ft makes this collar perfect for training in outdoor spaces and off-leash walks.

Both the training collar and the remote have excellent battery life. On standby mode, the battery lasts for 90 days on the remote and 14 days on the training collar.

Designed with IPX7 technology, the shock collar is completely waterproof. You can submerge the collar in 1 meter of water for 30 minutes, and it will still work! This fully waterproof e-collar is the perfect fit for dogs that love water.

With a built-in anti-bark feature, this collar is perfect for pet owners with loud dogs that bark at literally anything! All you have to do is set the remote to anti-bark mode. Now the collar will automatically detect and correct barks. 


Automatic anti-bark feature
Waterproof dog collar
Superb range of 1300 ft


The automatic anti-bark feature may not work at times

5. Pet Union PT0Z1 Premium Training Shock Collar 

Pet Union PT0Z1 Premium Training Shock Collar is an adjustable training collar for dogs weighing 10 lbs and up.

This training system is easy-to-use for a new dog owner to teach basic obedience commands.

You can also use it to correct barking and leash walking.

There are three training modes: beep, vibration, and shock. This collar lets you control how you want to train your dog, with its 100 vibration and static stimulation levels.

The collar also has a light mode that indicates the power and pairing.

Pet Union PT0Z1 Premium

This dual-dog training system lets you can train two dogs with the same remote. You will have to purchase the additional collar separately.

A range of 1200 ft makes this collar a good fit for outdoor training sessions.

Withrechargeable batteries and long-lasting battery power, you don’t have to worry about the batteries draining fast. There is an automatic power saver mode when the training system is not in use.

Being entirely waterproof, this collar can withstand rain and swims.

There is a blue backlit LCD display screen on the remote. The LCD display makes the remote very easy to operate in low visibility. 


1200 ft range
It is a waterproof dog training collar
Backlit LCD remote display


The remote is a bit tricky to operate

6. PATPET Dog Training Collar 

With three training modes and 16 levels of stimulation, PATPET Dog Training Collar is another good fit for a low budget.

The training modes and stimulation levels let you choose the best training level for your dog.

This adjustable collar fits all dog breeds between 10 – 140 lbs.

If you are looking for a good range, this is the best dog training collar under $100!

The training collar has an impressive range of 3000 ft. This range is perfect for long-distance and outdoor training.

Patpet Collar IPX7 Waterproof Shock Collars For Dog Shock Collar 

The remote has an average battery power of 20 days when used, and the electric shock collar has a battery life of 10 days. The rechargeable, lithium batteries will hold their charge on standby mode for about one year. The long battery life allows you uninterrupted training time with your dog.

Another plus is that both the remote and the shock collar are waterproof. The dog collar is IPX7 waterproof and suitable for bathing, swimming, and all water activities. The remote is IPX5 waterproof, which means you can use it in rainy weather without worry.

The dog collar has a double protection design. The collar receiver comes with silicone caps that you can place over the metal prongs. These soft caps keep your dog comfortable and protect his skin during vibrations and shocks.

With its remarkable range and waterproof abilities, this is one of the best shock collars for outdoor training.

The easy-to-operate remote is another plus. The simple design makes it possible to use the remote by touch only. This style allows you to focus on commanding your dog instead of adjusting the remote.


3000 ft range
Both the transmitter and the dog collar are waterproof
Long battery life
Easy-to-operate remote


Not very durable

7. ieGeek Dog Training Collar

ieGeek Dog Training Collar is another excellent, budget-friendly pick. The collar fits dogs with neck sizes 14-23 inches and is suitable for dogs weighing 22-100 lbs.

All dog breeds of small, medium, and large sizes can wear this collar.

This training system corrects all behaviors, from barking and biting to leash training. It is perfect for both pet owners and expert dog trainers.

There are 3 training modes of tone, vibrations, and shock. 16 levels of shock and vibration make it easier to pick the safest intensity for your dog.

ieGeek Dog Training Collar is perfect for training two dogs at once. The easy-to-operate switch will let you change between dogs very quickly.

ieGeek Dog Training Collar

A range of 1960 ft, makes this collar an excellent fit for long-distance training sessions.

Since the dog collar is waterproof, your dog can wear it while bathing, swimming, and in rainy weather.

You’ll be getting a 2 in 1 charger to charge both the training collar and the remote simultaneously. It takes only 2-3 hours to charge the remote and the collar fully. The rechargeable batteries in the collar receiver last for 15 days. You can use the remote for 60 days with a single charge. 

Each button has a unique design so that you can handle it blindly. This trainer is perfect if you want to operate the remote by touch. Because the design is very user-friendly, this collar is popular with both professional dog trainers and newbies to dog training. The blind operation gives you more freedom to command your dog.

Another unique feature is the shape of the buttons. The buttons are built in a concave shape to stop you from pressing them by mistake. These specially designed buttons prevent accidental shocks. 

To keep your dog comfortable and safe, the contact probes on the collar have soft, silicone caps. These caps will protect your pet’s skin from metal contact points. The end result is a safe and comfortable training session for your dog.

You will get an extra lanyard when you buy the training system. You can use the lanyard to hang the transmitter on your neck to keep your hands free.


Waterproof training collar
1960 ft range
Easy to operate remote design
The design of the buttons prevent accidental shocks


The remote is not waterproof

8. PetSpy P620 Dog Training Shock Collar 

The PetSpy P620 Dog Training Shock Collar is a user-friendly, low-budget remote trainer. The fully adjustable collar fits dogs weighing 10-140 lbs and is suitable for all dog breeds.

You can use this shock collar to correct behaviors like barking, jumping, leash pulling, and many more.

This training system comes with audible tone, vibration, and shock modes, with 16 adjustable levels of static stimulation.

The adjustable levels let you choose the best stimulation for your dog. The material used for making the remote transmitter is long-lasting, non-slip, and durable.

The PetSpy shock collar is expandable for multiple dogs. So you can train two dogs with the same remote.

PetSpy P620 Collar Product Image

With a range of 1950 ft, this e-collar is suitable for both indoor and outdoor training sessions.

A simple layout makes the remote perfect for blind operations. The shape and placement of buttons make it simple to operate the remote with only a touch.

Both the remote and the e-collar are 100% waterproof, making them suitable for outdoor training and swimming.

You can charge both the transmitter and the e-collar simultaneously with an adaptable two-in-one charger. The rapid charging batteries will completely charge in just 2 hours.

There is a 1-year warranty for all PetSpy e-collars, so you get a free replacement if the collar malfunctions.

You also get a free dog training e-book to help you fine-tune your training methods.


Fully waterproof e-collar and remote
1950 ft range 
Easy-to-operate remote


The collar doesn’t always work well on long ranges

9. Bousnic Dog Training Collar 

Bousnic Dog Training Collar is an effective, user-friendly e-collar for small, medium, and large dogs between 15-120 lbs.

This collar is great for correcting your dog’s behavior and teaching basic obedience commands.

The collar length is adjustable from 8 – 26 inches.

The Bousnic shock collar comes with three training modes of beep, vibration, and shock.

With 16 levels of shock and 8 levels of vibration, you get to choose the exact level of stimulation your dog needs.

The Bosnic collar is a dual training system, meaning you can train two dogs simultaneously with the same remote.

Bousnic Dog Training Collar

The 1000 ft range of the Bousnic shock collar allows you to train your dog inside your house, in the backyard, during walks, or in the park.

The collar receiver is IP67 waterproof, meaning your dog can safely wear it in 1m depth of water. So you don’t have to remove the collar when your dog plays in the rain or takes a swim. A downside is that the remote is not waterproof, so you have to keep it away from water.

With rechargeable lithium batteries and long battery life, this collar is great for long, training sessions. The batteries in the dog collar will last for 15 days, while the remote batteries will last for 60 days in standby mode. It will take 2-3 hours to completely charge both the remote and the dog shock collar. You can quickly charge the collar and remote using a phone adapter or a USB outlet.

There are silicon caps to cover the metal probes on the collar and reduce the chance of your dog getting irritated from the metal prongs. The silicone caps keep your dog comfortable and safe.

A handy safety feature of this collar is the automatic protection mode. If there is a continuous static shock for 10 seconds or more, the training collar receiver will go into protection mode. This safety feature prevents your dog from getting hurt by overstimulation.


IP67 waterproof collar receiver
Long battery lifespan
1000 ft range 
Automatic protection mode to prevent continuous shocks


The remote is not waterproof
The shock mode doesn’t always work properly

How to Pick the Best Dog Training Collar?

Dog wearing a shock collar

Picking the right dog shock collar is not an easy task. There are so many brands of collars out there with various features. 

So what must you look out for when buying a shock collar?

Collar length, training modes, range, and waterproof ability, to name a few.

Here’s an overview of the essential features of any dog training collar.

Collar Material And Length

The length is critical in selecting a shock collar. Always measure your dog’s neck before you place an order. A collar that is too tight or too loose will never work properly.

Nylon is the primary material used in most dog collars, but other materials are also available.

Also, keep in mind that some dogs can be sensitive to the collar material. For example, if your dog seems itchy with a nylon training collar, you might have to switch to a different material.

Training Modes And Intensities

Most modern training collars have three training modes: beep, vibration, shock, and a range of shock levels. 

The intensities can be anywhere from 1-10 or 1-100. If your dog is new to training collars, buying a dog collar with a wide range of intensities is better.

This way, you can choose the best stimulation level for your pet.


Most e-collars have a range of about 1000 ft or more. The maximum range doesn’t consider all the obstacles in your way, like furniture and trees. If you plan to use the collar outdoors or hiking, always pick a long-range collar. 

Even a short-range shock collar will work if your focus is only on indoor training.

Waterproof Ability

The waterproof feature is essential if you plan to use the collar outdoors. The collar will be waterproof most of the time, while the remote is not. 

Also, keep a lookout for dog collars marked as water-resistant. These shock collars will withstand rain and a splash of water, but they are unsuitable for swimming and bathing.

Expandable Training System

Most remote trainers are expandable to include one more dog, given that you buy an additional collar. A few remote trainers can include 3 or maybe even 4 dogs. If you are a pet owner with multiple dogs, always go for an expandable remote trainer.

Charging/Battery Life

All modern shock collars are rechargeable and come with lithium batteries. Some dog training collars have longer battery power than others. These collars usually have an auto-standby mode. Long battery life is a must if you spend a lot of time on outdoor training sessions. 

Some remote trainers have USB charging ports. The USB charging port is a big plus if you travel with your dog.

You can charge the collar and the remote by plugging them into a power bank or a laptop.

LED Light For Low Visibility

Some dog collars come with LED lights. This handy feature allows you to spot your dog in the dark and in low visibility conditions like fog and mist. If you let your dog out at night, the night light feature is necessary. The LED light also protects your dog by making him visible to traffic.

Security Lock/ Safety Features

The security keypad lock is a great safety feature that prevents your dog from getting accidental shocks. Most budget-friendly dog collars don’t have a security lock feature. Some remotes have other safety features, like specially designed buttons to stop unintentional shocks. 

Are These Budget Collars Good as Their Higher-Priced Counterparts?

Training collars & a Dog

Yes, they are almost as good as their more expensive counterparts! The best dog training collars will give you similar results to high-end products. 

Starting with a budget-friendly collar is better if you are new to remote training e-collars. So you can figure out what works for your dog before making a big investment. After all, you might like the low-budget collar so much that you won’t have to purchase another one for years to come.

However, there are some drawbacks to choosing a low-budget shock collar.

Durability: The low-budget product may not be as durable as more expensive training systems.

Fewer features: You will find that a few features are missing from these budget-friendly collars. It’s pretty hard to find the security lock and night light feature in most under $100 collars. However, if you are looking for a dog shock collar with essential functions like tone, vibration, shock, and a good range, all these collars are very effective.

To be safe, always buy the remote collar from an authorized seller. All genuine collars will come with a 1-year or 2-year warranty. This way, the supplier will replace any malfunctioning collar.

Most collars also have a money-back guarantee within 30-60 days. So if you are unsatisfied with the training system, you can return it.

How to Train a Dog With a Dog Training Collar?

Training a dog with shock collar

Training your dog with an e-collar can be daunting, especially if you are new to dog training. Here’s a breakdown of the main steps to follow.

Read the user guide:  The first step is to familiarize yourself with the training system. Different collars have different operational methods. Always make sure you understand the instructions and safety precautions before using the dog collar.

Install the collar receiver: Most shock collars come with two sets of prongs. The longer probes are for long-haired dogs, and the shorter set is for short-fur dog breeds. You must install the correct set of probes for the collar to function correctly.

Pair the collar with the remote: The next step is to pair the remote with the collar. Every remote trainer will have different ways of pairing. So always follow the user instructions from the user manual.

Check if the collar is working correctly: Before you fit the collar on your dog, make sure it is working properly. All remote dog collars come with a test-light tool. All you need to do is hold the test-light tool on the contact points on the collar and click on the shock or vibration button. If the collar is working properly, the light will flash.

Fit the collar properly: Make sure that the collar receiver’s contact points touch your dog’s skin. The collar must not be too tight or too loose. With a proper fit, you should be able to fit a finger between the collar and your dog’s neck. Readjust the collar every hour or so, if possible.

Select the training mode: The best way is to start with vibration mode and only move on to shock mode if your dog is unresponsive. After a few training sessions, you can reserve the shock mode only for emergency use.

Find the best level of static stimulation/vibration: Different dogs respond to different levels of shock and vibration. The size of your dog, breed and the length of fur determine the shock level. It is best to stick to the beep and vibration mode and use the static shock only in an emergency. 

Start training: Finally, you are ready to start training! Keep the training sessions fun and upbeat. Repeat and reinforce the commands and reward your dog for good behavior. 

Always use the beep and then vibration mode to warn your dog before giving him a shock. You can use the beep mode to issue a warning or call your dog back.

Safety Tips

Nothing is more important than the safety of your dog.

Here are some tips to keep your pet safe during training:

  • Do not make your pet wear the collar for a long time. Some collars specify 8 hours as the maximum training time, and others go with 12 hours.
  • Check your dog’s neck after taking off the collar. If you notice a rash or redness, do not put the collar back on for a few days. If the irritation persists for over 48 hours or if your dog is in discomfort, get help from a veterinarian.
  • Clean the contact points on the dog shock collar regularly. This way, your dog won’t pick up skin irritations or infections.
  • Stop training immediately if your dog shows any signs of pain during vibration or static shock. The corrections must be uncomfortable for your pet but not painful. 


Final Thoughts

Now that you have seen our best dog training collars, you pick the ultimate dog training collar. All the 9 collars we reviewed are excellent low-cost e-collars that give effective results. 

If you can spend a few more bucks, Pet Resolve outshines every other training collar on this list, no doubt. However, not in the mood to spend more than $100?

Dog Care Dog Training Collar, Petrainer Dog Training Collar, and DOBE Dog Bark Collar And Dog Training Collar are all options you can consider.

Even though not up with Pet Resolve, for below $100, they’re for sure excellent devices that will help you train your dog. 

Pet Resolve
Pet Resolve Product Image




Overall Score


The collar and transmitter are well-crafted and long-lasting.
The collar is waterproof, and the transmitter is splash-proof.
It supports a multi-dog system.
It has a memory mode that allows you to continue training from where you left off.
The battery runtime is impressive, lasting for 50 to 60 hours.
Get the BEST PRICE valid until the end of June
The remote control does not have the capability to power off the collar receiver

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