10 Best Training Collar for German Shepherd (2024 Reviews)

Last Updated on June, 2024

German Shepherds are intelligent and friendly dogs by nature. But just like any other breeds out there, German Shepherds need training

Proper training can take the relationship with your GSD to a whole new level, and if you want a loyal and obedient canine companion, training is the only way to go about it. 

Not only that, German Shepherd dogs are highly active too. If untrained, a simple walk can end up in a huge disaster.

When it comes to training, there’s a variety of ways to achieve it. One way is using shock collars (also known as; e-collar, remote dog training collar). This is a great training tool that, if used properly, can provide outstanding results. 

However, picking one dog collar that’s actually effective can be a frustrating task, especially with a market this stacked. 

That’s why we’ve done the hard work for you! 

We went through hundreds of dog shock collars available and picked the best bunch based on their function, effectiveness, built quality and more.

Any of the dog collars mentioned below can help you train your German Shepherd with ease. So, if you want the best canine companion in the neighborhood, you will have to keep on reading.

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10 of the Best Dog Training Collars for German Shepherds

Below are 10 of the best shock collars available in the market for German Shepherds. And as I said before, any of these shock collars can help you train your GSD to become what you wanted it to be. It’s just a matter of you being consistent. 

With that said, let’s get started…. 

1. Pet Resolve Dog Training Collar (Best Overall German Shepherd Shock Collar)

German Shepherds are large dogs, and training them isn’t going to be an easy task unless you have a training collar with all the necessary features.

You need something that’s durable so that it which won’t break with a single pull, has additional modes and levels, along with a good range. 

That’s precisely what Pet Resolve delivers; more actually, this is an excellent dog-training shock collar that is, considering everything it offers, a well-priced device. 

Here’s what makes it our number one pick out of all the collars we tested.

First, the training modes, which are super important when training, shock mode alone will do the job, but having that little bit of options can be very helpful in the long run. Pet Resolve has three training modes, Beep, Vibration, and Shock. 

Not just the modes though; vibration and shock are continuous and momentary and can be adjustable in the intensity of up to 10 levels. Allthese will help you pick the right mode and level so that your German Shepherd responds appropriately. 

Second, the range, basically means how far the transmitter can send the signal to the receiver (collar). Pet Resolve can send signals for up to 3960 ft, which is one of the highest out of all the collars. 

That amount of range can not only be excellent for dog training, if you ever take your GSD for hiking and hunting trips, this can be super handy. 

If you own more than one GSD, you can train those with Pet Resolve. This dog shock collar allows you to train up to 3 three dogs at once with the purchase of extra collars only, no remotes. 

Pet Resolve can be excellent for you if you own multiple dogs; you can train all of them at one go; talk about time-saving… 

Finally, Pet Resolve can also work as a full-on anti-bark collar; if your GSD is prone to barking, you can set up the anti-bark mode, and that’s it; it’ll automatically send the selected correction whenever your dog barks. 

Just because I said ‘’finally’’ does not mean that’s everything. Pet Resolve, when it comes to features, does not end, and you simply have to get your hands on it to experience how good it is. For its price, it is no doubt the best shock collar for your GSD.

Other Key Features:

  • Night Light: this can be very helpful when walking at night or training in harsh conditions. 
  • Extra Long Prongs: If you’re an owner of a stunningly beautiful long-haired German Shepherd, then this can come in super handy. Most shock collars aren’t effective when it comes to correcting long-haired dogs until the hair is trimmed. That’s not the case if you have a Pet Resolve; you can simply install these long prongs that come in the box.
  • Rechargeable collar and transmitter: change for just 2 hours and get over 50 to 60 hours of runtime, which is more than enough for at least 5 training sessions. 


Excellently comfortable collar with good build quality
It can be converted into a bark collar or a no-shock collar
The shock collar comes with additional long prongs
Multi-dog system
Top-notch range
Ability to change into a no-shock collar
2-year warranty


The remote cannot turn off the receiver (collar)

2. Halo 2+ (Best Overall German Shepherd Shock Collar)

Coming in second with essentially all the features needed to train a dog is the Halo 2+ by Cesar Millan (Renowned Dog Trainer). 

Dog training collars can’t get better than this; from multiple training methods to over five miles of range, literally, everything is stacked into this tiny piece of tech. 

If you’re ready to spend, this collar will not only help you train your dog but can also help to keep it safe.

Continue reading to know why.

Before going into detail, a German Shepherd’s average neck size is between 18-24 inches; Halo can fit into that neck size seamlessly as it fits dogs with neck sizes of 11 to 30.5 inches.

Now that we’ve made sure the collar fits, let’s move on… 

Let’s start with the modes and intensity levels first, with Halo; you get a max of Four Training Modes; Voice, Tone, Vibration, and Static Feedback. Most training collars come with two or three at most, but here, you get four; that’s the versatility of Halo.

But it does not end there; 15 levels of intensity are available for Vibration and Static Feedback. You can go with the level that fits the dog. 

If you’re looking for a training collar, you should not sleep on the range; it’s very important to get a collar that can offer the maximum. With that in mind, Halo 2+ exceeds expectations.

But before I give you the exact number, to achieve that max range, you need to create boundaries, kinda like fences for your German Shepherd. 

That is where you’ll be able to achieve the max distance. 

How to establish boundaries, you may ask. Halo, unlike other training collars, does not come with a transmitter (remote); instead, everything collar related is controlled via the Halo app available for your mobile phone. 

App is where you set up the intensity levels, corrections, boundaries, and everything collar related. 

Now that you know how to set up boundaries, the distance Halo hands you are a whopping 6.2 miles, which is literally class-leading. 

That is everything in training, but Halo is not just a training collar. 

The boundaries you create with the app, those can be used as virtual fences to contain your dog and prevent them from taking unwanted strolls down the neighborhood.

Not just that, you can also use Halo as a location-tracking device and keep an eye on your dog 24/7, no matter where you are. That’s Halo for you. 

When it comes to battery life, Halo excels there too, it can last 21 hours with a single charge, that’s almost a day of runtime. 

Finally, the comfort of the collar is top-notch; with that, the durability isn’t something to worry about either; with an IP67 water and dust-resistant rating, the Halo 2+ shines every step of the way. 

Other Key Features:

  • Comes with a 21-day training program prepared by Cesar Millan.
  • Fast charging, takes just 2 hours to fully charge.


Four training modes
15 levels of intensity
Impeccable range
Excellent battery life
Comfortable and durable collar


On the pricier side

3. SportDOG 425X Dog Training Collar (Best Overall German Shepherd Shock Collar)

Up next on this list of the best shock collars for German Shepherd is SportDOG 425X. This e-collar has everything you would want in a collar of this type! 

Specially designed for hunting dogs and highly active sports dogs, this thing has 21 levels of continuous or momentary static stimulation along with vibration and tone.

These are perfect levels for large dogs such as the German Shepherds. 

The SportDOG 425X is also best in class when it comes to range.

This shock collar can cover an impressive range of up to 500 yards (1500. ft.) which is more than enough for outdoor training and for a GSD, which frequently takes off. 

GSDs can get huge, and you might want a collar that’ll fit throughout. SportDOG 425X can support GSDs that are 8 pounds or larger. This means you will not have to replace them once your GSD gets larger. By the way, the dog’s neck size should be 5″ – 22″.

One of the impressive features that this shock collar has that most dog shock collars don’t have is Blind Operation Design. This means you won’t have to look at the remote when controlling it. The benefit of having this is that your GSD won’t know where the corrections are coming from and will give you more control during training.

Training sessions don’t have to end in a hurry. With the SportDOG 425X, you get up to a maximum of 70 hours of use with just a single charge.

Other Key Features:

  • Multi Dogs Training System. If you’re an owner of up to three dogs, the SportDOG 425X will allow you to control all of them at once with a signal receiver. Separate collars should be purchased, though. 
  • Waterproof. It uses a unique tech called dryer technology that allows the collar to be submersible to 25 feet.


Three training modes
Shock training collar that nearly fits GSDs of all sizes 
Allows you to train multiple dogs
Long-lasting battery life
Superb build quality


There’s a learning curve to use the remote

4. Educator E-Collar Dog Training Collar (All In One Package)

This is most probably the jack of all trades when it comes to e-collars. Educator E-Collar is one of the most versatile dog training shock collars on the market. 

Versatile, I mean, there are a whopping 100 stimulation levels along with 60 additional boost levels for more stubborn dogs.

On top of that, pavlovian tone and vibration mode are available too.

What’s unique about this collar is that, instead of static shock, it delivers a tapping sensation that usually feels like a nub on the skin.

This makes the Educator shock collar much more gentle compared to many other collars out there. 

Educator E-Collar Dog Training Collar

As for the range, you can choose whatever distance you want. The base range is itself more than you’ll ever need, that surprisingly covers a staggering distance of up to 1760 yards (5280. ft.).

Next up is the fit. This is where the versatility of Educator E-collar shines again. It can support dogs starting from 5 pounds and larger.

Other Key Features:

  • Multi Dog Training System. This collar, too, allows you to train more than one dog with a single receiver. To be precise, you can train two dogs with a single receiver, and as always, a separate collar needs to be purchased. 
  • Waterproof. Both the transmitter and the receiver of the Educator E-Collar are waterproof.
  • Continuous and momentary shock modes are available.
  • Lock Feature. This feature allows you to set a lock to the selected stimulation level. With that, the main benefit of this is that it prevents accidental shocks.
  • Tracking Light. That’ll let you know your GSD’s location by emitting light from a distance. 


Great versatility
Excellent durability and user-friendly design 
It has an LCD display 
Lock feature for the prevention of accidental shock
Waterproof design
Two-year warranty if registered 



5. PATPET P320 Dog Training Collar

Most training collars do not allow the trainers to change the intensity of all the modes provided within the collar.

However, this dog collar from PATPET allows you to do exactly that!

The P320 Dog Training Shock Collar includes three modes; shock, vibration and beep.

Within those, you’re given the luxury to change the intensity levels of the shock and vibration mode.

The static shock mode has intensity levels from 1 to 16, while the vibration has up to 8. 

However, those are typical stuff. The star feature of this collar is that it can warn you if the selected static stimulation is too high for your German Shepherd.

PATPET P320 Dog Training Collar

This is great as you don’t have to test it on yourself every time when choosing a new level.

The range is somewhat low compared to the German Shepherds shock collars we’ve discussed above. It clocks in at precisely 330 yards (1000. ft.), which is serviceable when training in the backyard or in a small park.

PATPET dog training collar can fit your GSD without any problems as it supports dogs that are as small as 11 pounds with neck sizes ranging up to 27 inches.

Other Key Features:

  • The Ergonomics. PATPET’s transmitter is one of the most comfortable ones I’ve ever experienced. It slides right into the palm with zero issues, and the buttons are super reachable. This just makes the training experience a bit more enjoyable.
  • Allows To Train Two Dogs With A Single Transmitter. You know the drill by now. If you’re an owner with two dogs, you can purchase an extra collar and train both of them with one remote. You can purchase a two collar bundle for an affordable price, though. 
  • IPX7 Waterproof collar and receiver. The receiver and collar are both IPX7 rated. This rating ensures zero effects on your GSD’s collar if it engages in water-related activities.
  • Great Battery Life. PATPET’s collar has one of the best battery life of any e-collar. With a full charge, you can expect the receiver to work for at least 12 days and the remote for more than 15 days. 


The remote’s form factor is excellent, even more so than a premium training collar
Provides a warning if the intensity is too high for your GSD
Allows you to adjust the intensity of both vibration and shock modes
The prongs have a conductive silicone texture that makes them safer than the other shock collars for German Shepherds


The range is a bit lower compared to most collars. And if there are obstacles like trees and walls, the range can be reduced even further

6. Pet Union PT0Z1 Training Shock Collar for Dogs

More often than not, training collars can be a headache to use for many first-time dog parents. That’s where a collar like the PT0Z1 comes in. 

Preferred by many dog trainers because of its user-friendly design, this is one of the best shock collar for German Shepherds that’s affordable out there.

Just like PATPET P320, this collar allows trainers to adjust the intensity of both shock and vibration modes, but this time to a maximum of 100 levels.

But, again, this is more than you’ll ever need. 

While we’re on the topic of training modes, this collar comes with 4 of them, unlike many other shock collars out there.

Light, shock, vibration and tone are all of them.

Pet Union PT0Z1 Premium

Up next is the range. Just like the last collar, this collar too has a short range that only covers a distance of just 400 yards (1200. ft.).

Looking at the fit, this collar from Pet Union is able to support German Shepherds from 10 to 100 lbs.

Everything about this collar is good except for the components it’s made from. This collar and receiver feel much cheaper in quality than most counterparts that are priced less than this.

Other Key Features:

  • Good Display. This is one of the few shock collars with an excellent display in the front. It has a perfect display that’s even viewable in bright daylight. 
  • Can Train Up To Two Dogs With A Single Remote.
  • Auto Power Feature. This feature is able to put your device into sleep when not in use to save battery life. 


100 levels of intensity
4 Training Modes


Collar and receiver feels cheaper in hand

7. Dogtra Edge Advanced Dog Training Collar

If you want one of the most advanced shock collars in the market, Dogtra Edge Advanced might be just what you’re looking for!

With a hefty price tag, this shock collar has a variety of features that are not available in the majority of the collars out in the market. 

First, the Dogtra Edge has the exact same range as the collar from the educator, which is 1760 yards (5280. ft.). This is excellent for training in any kind of open space. 

Next is the correction levels. This is probably the most advanced tech of correction levels I’ve seen in a dog collar.

There is a 127 intensity level of what Dogtra calls the Rheostat Dial that allows for smooth level control and an 8 intensity level Selector Dialthat allows for rapid level change. 

Dogtra Edge Advanced Dog Training Collar

Why does Dogtra have a name for everything?

Anyways, to put those intensity levels into work, the Dogtra Edge comes with three correction modes; nick, constant, and a pager vibration. The nick provides a quick ½ second correction while the constant mode offers up to 12 seconds of correction. 

Pager vibration is just vibration. As I said before, why do they have to name everything?

There is a downside to this collar, though!

It only fits GSDs that are 35 pounds or higher, which is a bummer.

Other Key Features:

  • Can Train Upto A Whopping 4 Dogs With One Receiver. This collar allows you to train 4 dogs simultaneously with just one receiver. 
  • IPX9K Waterproof Certified. This is the highest-end protection from water that you can get from any collar. The collar goes through various stress tests to get this certification.
  • Beacon And Locate LED Light. That’ll help you to locate your dog in the dark. But unlike other shock collars, there are a variety of options in this too, such as flashing or continuous light in white, orange, blue or green colors.
  • The Remote. Dogtra Edge has an excellent remote that is perfect for one-handed use.
  • Combination Boost Control Feature. This feature allows you to rapidly increase the correction power. This can be handy when training your German Shepherd for competition, hunting or as K9.


It covers up to 1 mile
Best shock collar when it comes to waterproof
Allows the trainer to train 4 dogs simultaneously
127 intensity level of Rheostat Dial and 8 intensity level Selector Dial


It does not fit German Shepherds less than 35 pounds
Very expensive

8. Garmin Delta XC Dog Shock Collar

The Delta XC from Garmin is everything you would want in a modern remote dog training collar.

It’s another great training tool in this list of German Shepherd collars that anyone would be happy with.

Let’s start with usability because I have to mention how this is one of the best shock collars when it comes to comfort and usability.

Even though not on the level as some of the collars discussed above, especially the one from PATPET, this is more than enough to satisfy a typical trainer.

Range is another section where this dog shock collar shines. It can reach up to a maximum of 880 yards (2640. ft.) which, as you may know, can be excellent for training in wide-open fields.

Garmin Delta XC Collar Product Image

As for training modes and levels of stimulation, this collar gets a pass there too. 

Like most shock collars for German Shepherd, it has three training modes, the typical static shock along with vibration and tone. 

Static stimulation has 18 levels of momentary and continuous stimulation. However, there are no intensity levels to choose from when you go with vibration!

Other Key Features:

  • Multi Dog Compatible. Allows you to train three dogs. 
  • IPX7 Waterproof Rating For Both Receiver And Remote. This rating ensures that your Delta XC can be submerged up to 1 meter in water for 30 minutes, which is great even if your German Shepherd takes a little dunk in the puddle during summer.
  • Battery Life. The Delta XC is one of the best shock collars in terms of battery life. This dog shock collar with a single charge will last for about 60 hours (remote) and 40 hours (receiver), which is more than enough for a day’s training session. 
  • Provides The Luxury To Replace Or Change The Contact Points. The shock collar comes with additional long and short probes. This can be a huge plus if you own a much rarer long-haired German Shepherd. 


The transmitter is great in the hand
One of the best shock collar for German Shepherds in terms of battery life
Includes long and short changeable/replaceable contact points
Great range 
Adjustable collar strap that can be cut to fit any size


Expensive considering the lack of many premium features

9. DOG CARE Dog Training Collar

Suppose you’re on a tight budget and can’t afford to spend more than $50 on a shock collar for a German Shepherd.

You might be looking at your best bet right here! Dog Care’s training collar offers everything you need at an unbelievably lower price.

Let me go through everything at a glance since it contains almost the same features as its higher-priced counterparts. 

It has a range of 330 yards (1000. ft.) which, even though not higher, is pretty much a pass for its price.

This shock collar has three typical modes for training purposes: shock, vibration, and tone.

Dog Care Collar Product Image

One huge surprise is, Dog Care’s collar allows you to change the intensity of the shock levels from 1 to 99. Which absolutely is a premium feature that even most expensive collars don’t include.

The e-collar also sports an adjustable strap that allows you to easily fit in your German Shepherd.

Other Key Features:

  • Safety Keypad Lock. This feature is not even present in most higher-priced e-collars. This’ll prevent accidental stimulation that happens without you knowing. 
  • 8-hour Automatic Shut-off. After precisely 8 hours, the collar reminds you to remove it from your German Shepherd. This is to ensure that your dog does not wear the e-collar for too long.
  • An LCD Display That’s Actually Very Useful. Dog Care’s remote dog training collar for German Shepherd has a premium display that shows all the info you’ve selected, unlike most other displays, which just shows the battery level and intensity chosen.


Great features for an extremely low price
Safety Keypad Lock and 8-hour Automatic Shut-off
Supports large GSDs
Shock stimulation has up to 99 intensity levels


Both collar and receiver are not waterproof
Does not support a multi-dog system
Vague range

10. Bousnic Dog Training Collar

Bousnic shock collar is especially targeted at dog owners with two pups since it comes with an additional collar for a reasonable price from the get-go.

The remote dog training collar also provides the option for trainers to alter the intensity of vibration (1-8) levels and shock (1-16) levels.

There is also a tone mode too. So altogether there are 3 training modes.

Range, just like most collars for German Shepherds mentioned in this list, is 330 yards (1000. ft.). 

Bousnic Dog Training Collar

Other Key Features:

  • Multi Dog Training. An additional collar comes with the purchase of this dog collar that allows you to train two furry friends at no extra cost. 
  • IP67 Waterproof Certified. This is the waterproof certification that most modern mobile phones come with. It allows the e-collar to be submerged up to a meter deep for half an hour.
  • Protection Mode. This mode will put the collar automatically into protection mode if the static feature works for more than 10 seconds.


It comes with an additional collar
Allows to select vibration intensity levels
IP67 Waterproof 


Not great range

Things to Look Out for Before Buying the Best Training Collar for Your GSD

Best training collar for german shepherd

Purchasing the best shock collar is no easy feat. There are a lot of factors that need to be taken into account.

Below I’ll mention some of the most important ones. Make sure the collar you choose at least has some of these settings if you’re to get the most benefits out of them. 

Typical Training Modes

The collar you choose should at least have two training modes. One just isn’t going to cut it. 

Having more than one will provide you with options, and most importantly, if the collar you choose has the three typical vibration, shock and tone modes, it’s a great shock collar in my book. 

Main reason being for it is that the vibration itself is able to get the attention of some GSDs. This means you’ll not need to rely on the shock to get your dog’s attention every time he misbehaves.

Variable Intensity Levels

This is another important factor. The collar you choose should allow you to change the intensity levels of the static mode. 

Some collars will also provide the option to change the level of vibration. If the collar you’re about to choose has this option, it’s a bonus. 


The option to change the levels of static mode is essential, though. This is to ensure the safety of your German Shepherd as you don’t want a collar that provides intense corrections, which would later lead to pain and discomfort.

Having the option to change the intensity will help you select the right stimulation level for your dog.

The benefit of choosing the level that’s right can grab your GSD’s attention quicker and can lead to more effective training.


A training collar will be going through a lot every day, and if it’s not durable enough, it’ll break easily. So get a collar that’s sturdy enough and can handle anything you throw at it. 

Everything I’ve mentioned above is sturdy collars that are built to last long, no matter what you go with.

Waterproof is also a part of durability, so make sure the collar is waterproof and not water-resistant.


This is really essential if you constantly keep your training sessions in wide-open areas, parks or any similar places. As you may know, GSDs are highly active dogs, and if untrained, they might take off without you knowing. 

So, having a great range ensures that this does not happen, and even if it happens, a collar that covers a significant amount of distance can help! 

This isn’t that big of a deal if your training sessions are in your backyard or indoors.

Battery Life 

No one wants a collar that runs out of battery during usage. Get a collar with good battery life if you’re to take on extended training sessions. Also, make sure it’s a rechargeable battery. It should not rely on AAs and AAAs, which are outdated and run out immediately.

How Does a Dog Training Collar Work?

German shepherd wearing a collar

Remote dog training collars work via the handheld remote transmitter. You use it to send the radio signal to your GSD’s collar receiver, and it’ll activate the correction or stimulation you’ve chosen, such as vibration, static pulse or tone, to correct the unwanted behaviors and reward positive behaviors.

As you may know, you can choose the amount of intensity that’s right for your dog.

The stimulation will be delivered through the two prongs present in the receiver, which touches your German Shepherd’s skin.

Also, make sure the collar is properly fitted. Only then it’ll work as intended.

If this information is not enough, check out this complete guide how does a dog shock collar work, here!

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Yes, shock collars can be beneficial for German Shepherds (GSDs) if they have problematic behaviors. They can be used as a tool to help modify undesirable behaviors.

A shock collar can not only get a GSD to behave but can also help you get rid of all of its unwanted behaviors with proper usage. 

It is recommended to start training a German Shepherd puppy with a shock collar at least 10 weeks old.

Using a shock collar to train a German Shepherd is not always the best option and should be discussed with a professional trainer to determine the best training method for the individual dog.

Yes, bark collars work on German Shepherds by emitting a loud noise or electric shock when the dog barks, which trains the dog to stop barking.

Final Verdict: The Best Training Collar for German Shepherd

Now that you know the best shock collars for your German Shepherd, it’s up to you to choose which one you’re about to go with. 

Any of the collars mentioned above will greatly assist you throughout your journey of training and help you turn your GSD into an obedient canine companion. 

Even though every collar mentioned is epic in its own right, Pet Resolve and Halo 2+ deserve special attention for being the best when it comes to literally anything training related with collars of this type.

Both of these are so well rounded that anyone who gets their hands on them will never be disappointed.

Pet Resolve
Pet Resolve Product Image




Overall Score


Excellently comfortable collar with good build quality
It can be converted into a bark collar or a no-shock collar
The shock collar comes with additional long prongs
Multi-dog system
2-year warranty
Get the BEST PRICE valid until the end of June
The remote cannot turn off the receiver (collar)

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