5 Best Dog Crates With Dividers (Reviewed & Updated in 2024)

Last Updated on June, 2024

“If only there were a crate that grows with my puppy.”

Well, did you also not know that there were such crates? When my friend complained about it once, I wondered how many more might not know this.

Dog crates with dividers are the solution for that, as you can change the crate size as the puppy grows. But it also is the solution for many issues. Now, the real problem is, which is the best one?

I’ve got the answer to that.

But, hold on — why should you trust me?

Editor’s Choice
Lucky Dwell Dog Crate product image
Lucky Dog Dwell
Build Quality






Overall Score


#2nd Best Choice
Diggs Revol Crate Product image
Diggs Revol
Build Quality






Overall Score


#3rd Best Choice
Precision Pet Two-Door Crate Product Image
Precision Pet
Build Quality






Overall Score


Why Trust Me?

I follow a very Christopher Nolan method in choosing and ranking my suggestions. I do the online research, shortlist the best few, buy them, and test them with the iPetGuides team.

That’s why what I tell you is exclusive and the utmost truth.

So, for this list, I chose about 12 best dog crates with dividers and shortlisted five. I know you’re curious to know the ranking. 

Why don’t we start with the best, Lucky Dog Dwell?

Best 5 Dog Crates With Dividers

1. Lucky Dog Dwell Series

After I came across the Lucky Dog Dwell, only one thing hit my mind: cheap crates are getting so much better. Stop spending thousands of dollars and JUST PICK THIS ONE!

Yes, the Lucky Dog Dwell…

This crate can do it all.

The impressive crate divider this one has; no other crate has it from a customization standpoint. 

First, with the divider, you partition the crate into a smaller space. But that’s something all crates have. What’s not is the option to decide on the divided side.

You can adjust it to fit any four sides of the crate. As mentioned, not many crates provide that flexibility. 

Moreover, setting up the crate is no longer than 2 minutes; it’s super simple and straightforward. 

Additionally, this is a collapsible wire dog crate. That contributes to the easy setup process, but the main deal here is the portability. Stopped using the crate? Just fold it up and store it, simple as that. 

Carrying the crate is nothing but a breeze unless you pick the largest size available. Continue reading to know more about size. 

To make transportation easier, there’s a carrying handle at the top too.

This heavy-duty dog crate boasts four patented secure-lock corner stabilizers to prevent any accidental collapsing. It also reduces rattling, making the crate very comfortable for your dog or puppy.

Removable Leak-Proof Pan adds that much-needed convenience when it comes to cleaning the crate. Pop the pan out and start cleaning. 

As the product name emphasizes, this crate has a sliding Whisper-Glide™ door. That allows for smooth opening and closing. That is not the only door in the crate though; Dwell also has a standard front door, which allows versatile crate positioning. 

I personally loved the multi-lock doors that ensure your dog stays inside the crate. And don’t worry; puppies and small dogs can’t bend crate wires like these.

Surpassing the traditional wire crate standards, the Dwell Series crate has rubber feet. This can prevent floor scratching and keep the crate steady.

Lucky Dog has made this crate for all breeds and sizes. That’s why you can buy the crate in seven sizes; the smallest size is 22 “x13″ x16”, and the largest size is 54 “x37″ x40”. That’s literally for all dogs, no matter the size.

However, you might need a crate cover since it’s a wire dog crate. But the durability is extremely high thanks to the rust-resistant E-coating.

It’s amazing how the price gap between the smallest and the largest sizes isn’t drastic. It is a relief that you can use Shopify to pay with 4 interest-free installments. You get a 1 year limited warranty and a reasonable 30-day return period too.

So, in conclusion, it’s safe to say that the Lucky Dog Dwell Series™ crate with the sliding door and customizable dividers is the best in its class.


Crate dividers let you divide the crate into any two sizes
Double door (sliding and swing–open) design ensures versatile crate placement
Ample ventilation and visibility by wire dog crate design
Removable Leak-Proof Pan
Made with high-quality metal with rust-resistant E-coat
Collapsible crate with a carrying handle for better carrying
Patented secure-lock corner stabilizers to maintain the crate shape
It comes in seven crate sizes to be suitable for a wider breed range
Payable with 4 interest-free installments
One year warranty and 30-day return period 
Free Shipping for orders above $50


Carrying handle is not so ergonomic

2. Diggs Revol

Consistency of customer satisfaction is borderline impossible for so many dog crate brands.

However, Diggs excels in that regard with over 5000 positive reviews, which was the first green flag. 

With that, the features it brings to the table are everything you could ask for in a dog crate. 

So here’s why I think Diggs Revol is the second-best divider dog crate behind Lucky Dog.

This dog crate fulfills the primary requirement with a strategically placed dog crate divider. It’s in the middle, dividing the crate into two. 

Not only that, this crate has two separate ceiling hatch openings from both sides separated by the divider. In other words, it’s two crates in one. The cherry on top is how they auto-lock.

But what about the size? 

For that, you get four sizes whose smallest is 25 “L x 17” W x 19 “H, and the largest is 44 “L x 28 “W x 30 “H — in other words, it’s a wide size range. However, not for you if you’re a Great Dane parent. 

That said, personalization is higher, thanks to the three crate colors.

The Diggs Revol dog crate is made from a mixture of a premium aluminum frame and high-quality plastic parts. Durability and safety are at the heart of the design.

Another amazing feature of this dog crate is the double-door style. There’s the traditional side door and a removable garage-style door. This ensures versatile crate placement and better movement inside the crate. 

Travel-friendliness of this dog crate with a divider is sky-high. It collapses into two positions, giving you access to the crate’s handle in both. Thanks to the wheels, moving it is a piece of cake.

If you pay attention to the build quality, you’ll admire the mesh. It’s not the standard square mesh seen in wire crates but diamond-shaped. This ensures that your dog/puppy doesn’t experience pinched fingers.

Cleaning a crate regularly can be a bit of a nuisance, but it’s necessary. Diggs’s dog crate design team understood it very well. The Revol crate comes with a removable plastic tray, and it also has a lock handle. 

One downside is that it takes two people to set up this partial plastic dog crate; the process is easier though. 

Another problem for some can be the cost. If you’re ready to splash out its asking price, you’ll be in for a treat, an excellent crate, to say the least. 

Before moving on, you get free shipping, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and one one-year warranty — it’s an attractive offer that is difficult to refuse.

Willing to learn more about this dog crate? Read our honest review.


It is a dog crate with a crate divider that divides the crate into two
Each divided side has a unique ceiling access point, making it easier
Endorsed by close to 4000 positive reviews
Made from durable Aluminum and premium plastic for durability
Double door design with a garage door enables versatile crate positioning
Moving the crate is easier with the carrying handle and wheels
Diamond-shaped mesh to minimize injury to your dog
Cleaning is made easier with the lockable and tray
Free shipping
30-day money-back guarantee
One-year warranty 


Requires two people to set up the Revol crate
On the pricier side

3. Precision Pet Two-Door Crate

PetMate is a popular brand for dog containers and related products. Their Precision Pet crate is my next best alternative to the Revol crate.

For starters, you get a dependable crate divider with the crate. That’s why PetMate positions this product as a great puppy crate.

After all, you get full freedom to decide the divider placement.

But like the Dwell crate, pet owners should ask themselves whether it is immensely useful if you choose this one.

The personalization factor is quite low since it’s a wire crate.

While it may not have that many color options other than black, you can get the crate in six sizes. The smallest is 19″ long, and the largest is 48″ long. This could be a pup’s crate or the home for extra large dog breeds too.

With that size range comes superior build quality. The entire crate is heavy-gauge wire coated with a rust-resistant black e-coat finish. So, if you’re into the black color, the lack of color choices won’t matter so much.

What about the protection factor?

Their patented 5-point lock system is one of the special features Petmate wants to emphasize about the crate. It’s amazing for dog owners who always worry about whether their pet will run out.

Features like these are useful if you own a puppy that will grow into a strong and big dog.

While the protection factor is top-notch, the safety factor is given significant attention too. After all, there are rounded corners all over this durable crate. Rubber feet of this crate ensure the crate doesn’t slip while not damaging your floors.

With protection and safety assured, Petmate has ensured easier cleaning with a removable pan. You can expect better longevity as it is made shatter-resistant.

On top of all these features, the Precision pet crate is also collapsible. It’s fascinating how it folds to roughly 2 inches. However, there is a downside: it doesn’t have a carrying handle when it collapses.

I loved how the crate has two entrance points, enabling versatile crate placement and easier movement inside the crate. 

To close things off, I will state it is a very budget-friendly dog crate with a divider. But you should be fine with the lack of a warranty or a return period.

My conclusion? It’s an Amazing crate with a divider for anyone on a budget.


Crate with a divider panel that lets you choose the size you want
It has two swinging doors on adjacent sides for versatile crate placement
Six crate sizes to suit multiple breeds
Highest ventilation and visibility since it’s a wire crate
Made from high-quality metal with a rust-resistant e-coat
Patented 5-point lock system to ensure the dogs can’t run out
Rounded edges throughout the crare to prevent injuries
Removable and shatter-resistant tray
Budget-friendly crate


No warranty
Lacks a carrying handle

4. MidWest Homes iCrate

If you still haven’t been able to settle for a dog crate with a divider, then MidWest Homes for Pets iCrate might do it.

Let’s see what makes it valuable.

For starters, you can buy this crate in seven sizes. The smallest size is 18 inches long, and the larger crate size is 48 inches. 

All of these come with or without the crare divider — for you, it’s the one with the divider. This divider panel can be inserted anywhere manually. 

MidWest Homes for Pets iCrate

But since it’s a wire crate, the iCrate comes only in one color: black. Keeping things simple, the iCrate only has one door. This door comes with a strong slide-bolt secure door latch and is patented.

Along with this security factor comes the ease of operation. MidWest Homes for Pets iCrate is 100% collapsible. That convenience is doubled as it’s easy to set up, just as much as collapsing it. You don’t need any tools too.

Any dog parent would love the rounded corners and the quality of the wires — they are present to minimize all sorts of injuries. 

There is a leak-proof plastic pan to increase the safety against injuries further and clean the crate easier. On top of all this, I admire the presence of the protective feet. A wire crate should damage your precious floors; iCrate doesn’t bring that risk.

If you plan to get a playpen, you can connect the iCrate easily to the MidWest exercise pen — that’s an added advantage if applicable. But it is a letdown that the iCrate doesn’t come with a warranty or return policy.

Overall, it’s an excellent crate as long as you’re okay with the shortcomings.


Use the divider to create any size of the divided area in the crate
Simple single-door mechanism
Seven crate sizes to suit multiple breeds
100% collapsible crate that enables convenient storage
Easy to set it up from the collapsed form
Rounded corners to ensure safety
Protective feet safeguard your floors better
Easy cleaning with the removable plastic tray
Lower price crate


It has only one door
Doesn’t have a crate handle

5. Unipaws Furniture Style Dog Crate

What makes Unipaws crate special? Let’s see.

Unipaws’ crate of my choice is a wooden crate. It has a rectangular shape and a completely unique build quality.

Fundamentally, you get a crate divider that helps you manage inner space.

I also want to look at this crate as a home decorative item.

However, it is admirable that Unipaws has included a comfortable dog bed inside.

While the comfort factor is there, there is a question of the ease of cleaning, as this crate has no removable tray.

5. Unipaws Furniture Style Dog Crate

Nonetheless, the crate’s design allows ample visibility and ventilation. That comfort comes without the price of the protection; the Unipaws wooden crate has a threefold safeguard.

How does it work?

It has an outside lock and double interior magnet baffle to close the door for your peace of mind; simple as that.

Would you be surprised to hear that this furniture crate has a double-door feature? It does. Since they’re placed on adjacent sides, the versatility of the crate placement is high. But remember that both doors are swing-open doors.

Unlike most other crates, except for the best pick, The Revol crate, the Unipaws crate comes in three colors — two shades of brown and grey.

Personalization further increases thanks to the three-size range. The smallest crate is in the size of 22.9 “L x 18.1 “W x 20.5 “H, and the largest is 41 “L x 28 “W x 31 “H. 

But it’s clear that there is a suitability limitation as some breeds can grow past the largest size.

All things considered, the Unipaws crate brings a unique experience of crates with crate dividers — it’s a dependable crate.


Attractive wooden crate with a crate divider 
Wide top build quality that makes it a home decor item
It comes in three attractive colors
Available in three sizes up to 41 inches in length
Built-in bed to increase your dog’s comfort
Double door feature for crate placement versatility
Chew-proof metal bars for durability 
Elegant and threefold lock system
Ample ventilation and visibility by design


The body is made of wood which is less durable than metal
Lacks a wide size range

Buying Guide for Dog Crates With Dividers

If you wondered how I made the selection, let me share the blueprint with you now:

  • Check whether you’re comfortable with the crate-dividing method. Some take only a minute or two, and some have semi-permanent parts.
  • The right crate size must be there to ensure there is enough space after the crate is divided.
  • Remember that your dog grows, and the full crate size should be able to contain an adult dog of the breed.
  • Ensure that the crate divider is strong enough, as some dogs/puppies can be tricky and strong enough.
  • Remember to choose a crate with strong YET comfortable materials.
  • Ample ventilation and visibility are critical with any dog crate, especially for puppies.
  • It is essential that you choose a crate with the best safety features, such as rounded edges, etc.
  • Portability goes a long way, and foldable crates are the best in this category.
  • It would be easier for you to have a dog crate with multiple openings to ensure easier movement inside.
  • Always remember to get a crate with a known brand name and positive reviews to eliminate all risks.

If you follow all these aspects, I assure you that you will have the best dog crate with a divider; that’s how the Revol crate came to the top.

The Uses of a Crate Divider

two dogs seated inside a wooden crate that has a divider

Have you ever wondered how a crate divider can benefit you? Check how many ways you already know below:

  • You can adjust the crate’s size for a growing puppy as you don’t want them to feel overwhelmed with excess crate area.
  • Raising multiple dogs in one crate with two separate sides is possible.
  • You can train your dog to be calmer by reducing the stimulation and distractions of a larger space.
  • Smart dog parents use dog dividers to block the access to the door, so there is NO chance of getting out; it’s better than having multiple door latches.
  • Have you ever considered introducing a new dog to your dog through a crate divider? You can do that too.

And this list goes on with case-specific benefits, but remember that no crate is 100% dog-proof. 

The bottom line? It’s a clear investment.

Set Up Process of a Puppy Crate

a human setting up a pup's crate

I’m going to pinpoint the entire process of setting up a puppy crate, as that’s a struggling point for most.

Notice that the process contains some dog training elements as they go in parallel:

  • Place the crate in a central part of your home where your family spends most of their time.
  • Once you do, make the crate cozy and welcoming. To do this, you can add things like blankets, toys, and pillows.
  • While you do that, remember to use the crate divider to give them adequate space.
  • Let the puppy explore the crate alone, and do NOT force them to go inside.
  • Now it’s time to start feeding the puppy inside the crate, for which you should use a food bowl. The cherry on top would be giving them treats for staying calm inside the crate.
  • Now the crate is fully set up, and it’s all about crate training them slowly.

Dog parents must remain calm and patient when dealing with puppies and new crates. Being compassionate is the fastest way to get your puppy to love its new crate.

In Conclusion: The Best Dog Crate With Divider

Buying a dog crate with a divider is a clear investment. When you compare the features and user reviews, it’s clear how Lucky Dog Dwell crate wins with a massive lead. These features come together to make your puppy’s and your life much easier.

What more can you ask for?

I hope this review helped you finally make a sensible investment. Say Hi to your puppy for me!

Best Dog Crates With Dividers: FAQs

Yes, buying a divider dog crate is worth it since it can be adjustable to fit the size of the puppy as it grows.

No, not all dog crates with dividers belong to the wire dog crate category. There are other types of metal-plastic crates with crate dividers that provide greater benefits.

No, it is not always best to have a double door dog crate; rather, you should consider all factors before deciding which dog crate is the best option for your pet.

Lucky Dog Dwell Series
Lucky Dwell Dog Crate product image
Build Quality






Overall Score


Crate dividers let you divide the crate into any two sizes
Double door (sliding and swing–open) design ensures versatile crate placemen
Removable Leak-Proof Pan
Made with high-quality metal with rust-resistant E-coat
Collapsible crate with a carrying handle for better carrying
Warranty and 30-day return period
Get the BEST PRICE valid until the end of June
Carrying handle is not so ergonomic

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