9 Best Plastic Dog Crates (2024 Upd.) Find a Good Kennel

Last Updated on June, 2024

What if I told you there were plastic crates better than metallic ones?

Sounds intriguing, right? Not only that, some of these plastic crates SHOW how resilient they are with video proof.

So, it’s a shame that some people pay thousands for metallic ones when there are unique plastic dog crates. In that aspect, you’re already a wiser dog parent.

This list contains precisely what you want, the best plastic dog crates.

But one question: why trust me?

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Gunner G1
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Ruff Land
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Why Trust Me?

After getting my hands on 15 crates and thoroughly reviewing them based on factors like design, build quality, portability, space, cleaning convenience, and price, picking up the best wasn’t even an option. 

Out of the 15, I picked 9 of the best plastic dog crates you can invest your money in without hesitation. All of the options below are made of high-quality plastic materials, super portable, and a breeze when it comes to maintenance. 

So, with that said, let’s start with the first and the best: the Gunner G1.

9 Best Plastic Dog Crates You’ll Love

1. Gunner G1

If you didn’t already know, Gunner produces legendary dog crates. Their G1 kennel has been able to beat even metallic ones.

Let’s see what makes it the best plastic dog crate.

For starters, the crate meets the most fundamental requirement you’re looking for, but it also exceeds your expectations.

This is the market’s only double-walled rotomolded crate.

Not only that, it is crowned as the world’s safest travel kennel too.

This strong plastic material is coupled with a high-grade aluminum frame. That’s why the crate is designed specifically to contain a dog before, during, and after a wreck. 

In fact, the G1 5-star crash tested, and Gunner SHOWS you by video proof just how resilient it is. The durable materials of this crate are prominent. 

In other words, G1 is the most resilient plastic kennel on the market.

It’s not only the resilience; it’s the superior comfort factor. The G1 is 12% cooler than leading aluminum crates and needs 20% less energy for the dog to stay warm inside. 

All dog owners will instantly love that feature.

The element-repelling windows are the other side that satisfies the highest comfort. Because of this, you can leave the crate outside with your dog even in rain, sleet, or snow, as their penetration will be limited.

Gunner G1’s interior is made to trigger the denning instinct of your dog. This covered feeling will minimize chances for separation anxiety and help them stay inside comfortably.

Just as much as resting, cleaning the crate is easier thanks to the raised interior recessed floor. Gunner has integrated a removable and oversized drain plug to make things extremely efficient.

Your dog will never have to sit on water or after an accident.

The protection factor of this plastic crate is pretty impressive.

This durable crate has a reversible front door for easy access, and the paddle latch includes a key-in-the-hole lock. To make things even more secure, the crate also has backup latches.

There’s no way even Houdini himself could escape this. So, crate training is easier. 

This lightweight crate’s portability factor is prominent thanks to the super strong carry handles, built-in tie-down pins, and nonslip floor.

This feature-packed plastic crate comes in four sizes. The smallest for small pets is 21.75″ x 14.5″ x 15.5″ at the kennel’s widest interior point, weighing 27 lbs. 

The largest weighs 72 lbs with dimensions 33.25″ x 21″ x 29″ at the kennel’s widest interior point. Both large and small breeds can easily fit in the crates.

Dog parents are granted enough personalization with five earth-tone crate color options.

All these come down with a lifetime guarantee with the made in USA superior quality.

Right below the features strip, check out the #GUNNERSAVES images. These feature some severe car crashes where dogs were SAVED thanks to the crate. The only downside of this reinforced plastic crate is that it might not suit all vehicles.

Can it really get better than this? It really is the best plastic dog crate.

Read more about gunner dog crate here.


Market’s only double-walled rotomolded crate
Crowned to be the world’s safety travel kennel for dogs
5-star crash tested 
Superior comfort is 12% cooler and needs 20% less energy for warmth
Element-repelling windows for highest comfort 
Designed to reduce separation anxiety
Cleaning is easier with a recessed floor and oversize drainage plug
The reversible front door has a paddle latch with safety latches for increased safety
Portability is easier with superstrong handles
Tie-down pins and nonslip floor ensure secure transportation
Available in four sizes
Available in five colors
Made in the USA
Lifetime warranty


It may not suit all vehicles

2. Petmate Ultra Vari Kennel

With a considerable gap compared to the Gunner G1, Petmate’s ultra Vari Kennel is your best alternative.

The brand boasts how their Vari kennel is eco-friendly and made with 90% pre-consumer recycled plastic content.

So, it fits your primary requirements. But Petmate doesn’t stop there.

The crate comes in six sizes between 21″ in length and 48″; all crates are very spacious. 

  • 21″ Interior Dimensions: 18.75″ L x 13.5″ W x 14.5″ H
  • 48″ Interior Dimensions: 44″ L x 29″ W x 32.5″ H

They’re designed to trigger the denning instincts, and that makes your large and small breeds feel incredibly comfortable.

Personalization goes the extra mile thanks to the two color options; taupe and taupe/black.

The 360-degree ventilation capability is the cherry on top of comfort. It also makes this plastic crate suitable for air travel too.

That’s a common feature between Gunner G1 and Petmate Vari kennel; both can be used indoors and for travel. 

The hardware in this kennel is made from durable plastic. So you don’t have to worry about long-term rusting too.

Unlike the Gunner G1, the Petmate’s vari kennel doesn’t come assembled. But don’t worry; it’s very easy to assemble.

I said there was a considerable gap between Petmate’s plastic crate and Gunner G1 for many reasons. For one, you only get one one-year warranty.

However, you should not feel discouraged since many customer testimonials praise the crate’s resilience.

On top of that, safety is certified with a dependable, easy-to-open squeeze latch door.

But the Petmate’s Veri kennel is not crash-tested.

Petmate also gives you a dog-size measuring guide to ensure your dog gets the perfect crate size.

All things considered, the Petmate Ultra vari kennel is only second to the Gunner G1.


Made from 90% pre-consumer recycled plastic content
Available in six sizes, ranging from 21″ to 48″, the crates offer ample space
Comfort-certified with an interior structure that triggers denning instincts
Comes in two colors
360-degree ventilation for the highest comfort
It can be used indoors and in travel
Fast and hassle-free assembly
Easy-to-open squeeze latch door
Portability is easier with one handle
One-year warranty


Not crash-tested in any way

3. Ruff Land Kennel Dog Crate

Ruff Land kennel looks amazing and performs amazingly.

This crate is proudly made in the USA with premium PE plastic. The high-quality material brings a lot of relief to many dog parents by design.

You’ll notice how the Gunner G1 shape inspires the Ruff Land kennel. It even has two handles on two edges that make crate transportation easier.

Ruff Land is quite proud of its resilience for handlers, hunters, and trainers.

Not only that, this plastic crate’s front door will open both directions.

This door is 100% composite, and that’s why it won’t rust. Ultimately, that increases its durability. 

In parallel, it gives amazing ventilation by design.

If you’re familiar with wire dog kennels, you’ll notice the similarity in Ruff Land Kennel’s door.

Although not crash-tested, Ruff Land claims their crate had no noticeable effect on the kennel after a 12-foot drop

Which is great for dog owners who worry about crate resilience.

You can get this crate in two sizes; an Intermediate SUV and a Large SUV. 

  • Intermediate size: 19.5″ W x 30.5″ L x 22.5″ H (interior)
  • Large size: 19.5″W x 33.5″L x 26″H (interior)

But hold on; what does that mean? It loosely translates to the fact that these crates are compatible with SUVs — hence, it is a travel AND everyday crate.

Coming in five colors (two standards), the Ruff Land kennel comes with or without bottom vent holes. But buying it without the bottom vent holes will cost you an extra $10.

As I said, the Ruff Land kennel is a derivation of the Gunner G1 as it is rotomolded, but the difference is that it is single-walled. If you remember, Gunner G1 was double-walled. 

The sturdy metal inserts are present for attaching multiple kennels. 

One of the unique features of the Ruff Land kennel is that dog trainers and outfitters design it. The shape effortlessly makes your dog’s denning instincts satisfied.

The ventilation holes are pretty big and are placed all over the crate. I personally thought that these were a little bit too big. 

It’s the third-best plastic dog crate I can recommend.

Read more about ruffland kennels here.


The crate looks amazing and comes in five colors (two standard colors)
Made proudly in the USA by using premium PE plastic
Inspired by Gunner G1, the crate has two handles
The latching metal front door opens both ways
Claimed only to have scratches after a 12 feet drop
Available in two sizes
Suitable for indoor and travel use
Single-walled rotomolded for increased strength
Designed by dog trainers and outfitters
You are eligible for a 5% discount if you sign up for special updates


It lacks a warranty
Removing the bottom hole costs extra money

4. Sportpet Designs Plastic Kennel

Nope, it’s not the Petmate’s Vari kennel! But isn’t it nice to notice how all crates are interconnected in quality? This is SportPet’s plastic crate.

SportPet features a unique plastic crate available in five sizes.

The smallest comes with dimensions 23.75 “L x 15.75” W x 16 “H, and the largest is 48 “L x 32 “W x 36 “H for extra-large dogs. 

In other words, this plastic crate is pretty spacious.

If you move your eyes a little lower to the crate’s bottom, a surprise awaits; wheels.

Yes, this crate is quite unique, thanks to the wheels that make transportation much easier. You also get two well-placed handles too.

Sportpet Designs Plastic Kennel

On top of that, these wheels can be removed too.

Since the wheels can be snapped on and off, there’s no problem with its stability. You can easily use this crate for air travel if you were wondering whether the presence of the wheels makes it ineligible.

The icing on the cake combines the 2 free food and water bowls and 4 “live animal” stickers.

The crate is secure thanks to a wire mesh front door with a plastic lock. It’s nothing fancy, but it’s decent enough. In parallel, there are small mesh windows around the crate, with a mesh door. This enables ample airflow, resulting in better comfort.

However, SportPet is upfront about the crate’s suitability; it’s for tamed dogs.

This is simply because it doesn’t possess the resilience of Gunner G1. A determined furry friend could damage the mesh metal door. After all, it has one lock.

The plastic shell of the SportPet crate has metallic bolts & nuts. That’s why there’s a clear rusting risk.

Oh, I almost forgot; this crate also comes with tie-down holes for bungees. These tie-down holes make its stability in travel much more secure.

Honestly, it’s a great alternative crate that you and your dog will love.


Available in five sizes suiting many dog breeds
Easier transportation with wheels
Wheels can be removed easily for higher stability
Well-placed handles make crate moving easier
Denning-instincts-satisfying unique crate shape
Includes two bowls and four “live animal” stickers for travel
The wire mesh door and plastic lock provide considerable protection
The crate is made for well-tamed dogs, saving you money from high-end crates
Metallic bolts & nuts increase durability
Tie-down holes for bungees for stability during travel


It has only one plastic lock
The crate can only hold well-tamed dogs

5. Midwest Homes Spree Plastic Dog Crate

If you feel like some of these plastic dog crates look alike, they do.

These brands are pushed to replicate the looks of the best of their market, such as the Gunner G1.

MidWest Homes Spree crate is another alternative that fits the criteria.

The plastic shell of this crate is made of durable plastic, hence fulfilling the preliminary requirement.

You can also buy this plastic crate in three sizes that boast its comfort.

Midwest Homes Spree Plastic Dog Crate

But there’s another brand-specific specialty. You can get the largest size in the double-door design. Otherwise, the Midwest Homes Spree crate is single-doored.

This door’s unique as it doesn’t have one lock but several around the door’s perimeter. This has its ups and downs, but let’s be honest; not all dogs are escape artists.

The ventilation factor is a priority of this lightweight crate, too; it has ideal-sized openings. The size and the placement ensure your dog’s claws won’t get stuck.

That’s how it should be.

It also has one carrying handle in the middle for easier transportation.

Cleaning dog crates can be a little challenging. But MidWest helps you with that, as the crate has a removable tray. This is leak-proof too.

Just as much as the size options, more personalization is available with three colors; blue, green, and red. 

MidWest is adamant about how easy it is to assemble their crate, which translates to, “It doesn’t come assembled.”

As I said, it’s not the best, but even as an alternative, it’s great to have a 1-year warranty.

All things considered, the Midwest Homes Spree crate delivers enough; you might like it.


Made from durable plastic with MidWest design expertise.
Available in three sizes for most dog breeds.
The largest size comes as single or two doors.
Has multiple locks around the door’s perimeter.
Well-ventilated all over the crate.
Clean easier with the removable leak-proof plastic pan.
Available in three colors.
Easy to assemble.
Carrying handle for easier transportation.
One-year warranty.


Doesn’t have a main lock.
Not recommended for traveling.

6. Mirapet Pet Crate

I’ll be honest; Mirapet’s pet crate looked intimidating at first glance. With its looks come AMAZING features.

Its collapsibility makes this crate stand out. It’s a two-step process that helps you use the least space for storage and make transportation easier.

There’s a picture proving how it can even fit under a bed; pretty amazing!

To make crate moving easier, Mirapet has included a center-aligned carrying handle too. You can SEE how ergonomic it is, which is great.

You can get this crate in two sizes. The smaller one has dimensions of 21.5 “L x 12” W x 14 “H, and the larger one has 26.4 “L x 15.3 “W x 18.8 “H.

Mirapet Pet Carrier

I know the size options are fewer, but check if these sizes work before moving on to another alternative.

But it comes only in black. Frankly, I think it looks great that way with the metallic components.

I also pay attention to the ventilation of dog crates, and the Mirapet crate does a decent job. With safe 360-degree ventilation and a steel mesh wire door, there’s both ideal visibility and air circulation. 

These features tremendously help the crate to be air-travel certified too.

So, as I said, it’s a mesh single-way door with one plastic lock. I’m not it’s the best, but I would say it suits well-tamed dogs more. But they won’t be bending the wires to get out. 

The brand is proud to have made the crate from premium Polypropylene (PP) plastic. In other words, it’s a high-quality plastic crate.

Unlike Gunner G1, this TSA-approved crate also comes unassembled. But not to worry; Mirapet assures a hassle-free and tool-free easy assembly.

However, one clear downside of this crate is the lack of a warranty.

If you’re fine with not having a warranty and all the features mentioned so far, the Mirapet dog crate is an ideal alternative.


The two-step collapsibility feature makes it easier to transport and store.
Center-aligned ergonomic handle for better grip.
Made from durable Polypropylene (PP) plastic.
Has one plastic lock.
Metallic/ wire mesh door for increased security.
Comfort-focused ventilation design.
Looks amazing with a black and silver appearance.
Comes in three spacious sizes.
Meets air–travel requirements.
It can be easily assembled without any tools.


Lacks warranty.
The plastic lock can be weak.

7. Ruffmaxx Almond Kennel

My next alternative plastic fog crate is from PetMate; it’s the Ruffmaxx Almond kennel for dogs AND cats. 

Made in the USA, this plastic crate is dependable due to many reasons. For starters, the crate comes in five sizes.

The length changes from 24″ to 40″, and that’s another way of saying, “Our crate fits small and large dogs easily.”

Personalization is a bit hindered as it comes with one signature color combination; almond and green. But you’ll love how it looks.

Ruffmaxx Almond Kennel

Complimenting the look, the crate has admirable ventilation holes all over the crate. The risk of harm is minimized as the holes are only on the upper half of the crate.

Clever design detailing for crate training, one might say.

What makes this truly impressive is how eco-friendly it is, as not all plastic dog crates can deliver that. PetMate’s Ruffmaxx crate is made from 90% pre-consumer recycled plastic content. 

So, while there’s impressive durability, you’re doing your part for the environment.

Pet owners will also be pleased to hear that this crate is very air-travel friendly too. 

I also noticed a subtle similarity between Gunner G1 and Ruffmaxx, the interior shape that triggers denning instincts. You’ll understand it more if you watch their product video.

However, this is a plastic lock crate, so you should be careful about using it on hyperactive, untamed dogs. But the mesh door’s wires are too closely packed for a dog to bend them.

Buying the crate straight from Petmate’s official site with a Nortan shopping guarantee is a relief.

Personally, I like expert-assembled crates, but I don’t speak for everyone.

With one one-year limited warranty, Petmate brings a lot of credibility to its plastic crate. That’s why I recommend the Ruffmaxx as an alternative.


Suits both cats and dogs.
Made from durable 90% pre-consumer recycled plastic content, very eco-friendly.
Available in five sizes for many dog breeds.
Adheres to most airline cargo specifications.
The crate’s interior shape triggers denning instincts.
The mesh door has closely packed wires to make it escape-proof.
Norton shopping guarantee for all purchases.
Almond and green color brings great style.
One-year limited guarantee.


Suitable only for well-tamed dogs.
Lack of color options.

8. Iris USA Plastic Dog Crate

Iris Travel Crate is our next candidate. Curious about why it made it to the list? 

For starters, this stylish crate comes in black and grey and is made from plastic. So, it fulfills the primary requirement of yours.

What about the sizes? Well, it has two sizes; the smaller is 19 “L x 12 “W x 9.75 “H (pretty much for toy-sized breeds and cats), and the large dog crate is 22.5 “L x 15.25” W x 12.75 “H.

I understand the size range is shorter. But it’s an alternative to the Gunner G1, after all.

Iris USA Plastic Dog Crate

Made in the USA, the crate boasts a top access door. This door features a reversible opening, so you can open it left or right. 

The best thing? The door is removable too.

Trust me; you’ll love it when you want to interact with your furry friend without worrying about them running out. 

You can’t deny how easy it is to grab the Iris crate’s handle. It’s also easier to carry the crate as it is strategically placed.

Since it has a wire mesh main door, the dual door design of this plastic crate delivers a better experience for both dogs and dog parents. 

It’s amazing how the Iris crate is collapsible too. It makes sense as the size options prove how it’s made for smaller dogs, where limited storage comes into play.

What about ventilation? Pretty solid.

Like most crates on this list, ventilation holes are only on the top half. The door is a wire mesh one too. Combined, your dog inside will get enough light, visibility, and impressive 360-degree air circulation.

It would have been great if the crate had a warranty.

But all things considered, you won’t regret getting this crate as an alternative for the Gunner G1.


The crate looks amazing in black and grey.
Available in two sizes for cats and dogs up to 18 pounds.
The top door is reversible and removable.
It has a main wire mesh door with a plastic lock.
Easy to grab handle.
Made in the USA.
Strategically placed ventilation holes for better air circulation and lighting.


Lacks size options.
No warranty.

9. Amazon Basics 2-Door Crate

Even for the last recommendation, Amazon Basics’ 2-door crate is impressive.

Made from a mixture of plastic and steel, you can rely on this crate to contain dogs weighing 12-20 pounds.

This crate has one standard size, which is 22.83 “L x 14.96 “W x 12.99 “H.

The crate has a reversible top door and one at a side.

The wire mesh door and the well-placed ventilation holes provide comfortable 360-degree ventilation for this crate.

Amazon Basics 2 Door Crate

The main door has spring load latches to ensure convenient opening and closing. The second is a top door similar to a garage-style side door.

Although it’s not collapsible, there’s an ergonomic handle that makes carrying easier. These little features go a long way when you need them.

One of the admirable features is its sturdy construction that snaps together the bottom and top half of the crate with four door latches to keep your dogs secure.

But it also means that the crate comes unassembled.

I understand that the wow factor is less, yet it’s one of the best plastic dog crate.


One standard-size plastic crate for dogs between 12-20 pounds.
The convenience of dual door design.
The top door is reversible.
The main door has spring load latches to keep dogs secure.
Ergonomic handle to make carrying easier.
360-degree ventilation for better comfort.


The lock might be weak.
The range of dogs it is suitable for is less.

How to Choose the Best Plastic Dog Crates?

Two pictures of a dog in plastic crates

In this list, I’ll share how I chose and ranked the plastic dog crates.

  • Make sure you get the crate size right: Remember your dog should be able to stand, sit, turn around, and lie down comfortably.
  • Double-check the plastic quality: Gunner G1 is the market’s only double-wall rotomolded plastic crate. There are other types, too; just ensure you’re satisfied with the material quality.
  • Does it have a single or double-hinged door? A double door alone doesn’t mean the best; remember that.
  • Pay attention to portability and convenience: best plastic dog crates are designed to be lightweight. So make sure there are handles to carry it around conveniently.
  • Don’t compromise resilience: plastic isn’t weak unless you choose wrong. Ensure the plastic crate you choose is as close as strong to metallic.
  • Try your best to get a crate with a long warranty: it’s plastic. The longer the warranty, the better it is, whether it is wire or plastic crates.

I know there are more factors to consider, but these are the most fundamental factors for the best plastic dog crate.

Step-By-Step Guide to Crate Train Dogs for a Plastic Crate

Dogs can’t magically understand the crate’s purpose; it’s your job to help your furry friend. If you follow this guide, you’ll be just fine.

  • Step #1: Open the door, throw their bedding inside, and let them explore the crate independently.
  • Step #2: Shift their eating & drinking bowls gradually closer to their cage.
  • Step #3: Include treats and toys inside and encourage them to get inside. But avoid pushing it and making it a negative association.
  • Step #4: Let them get inside the cage and spend time with the door open.
  • Step #5: Start closing the door briefly, and give treats and praise them for remaining calm.
  • Step #6: Increase the time slowly, and repeat appraisals.
  • Step #7: Start making distance from the crate once the door is closed, and continue praising them and giving treats.

As you repeat the process slowly, you’ll have a well-crate-trained dog in no time. But remember to remain patient and compassionate always, as that speeds up the process.

Benefits of Plastic Crates Compared to Aluminum or Wooden

While there are many case-specific benefits, here are some of the most prominent benefits.

  1. Plastic crates are lightweight, making them easier to carry or transport.
  2. These crates are more eco-friendly as most can be recycled.
  3. Durability is much higher as there’s no risk of rusting or corrosion.
  4. They provide a better hygienic environment, resisting bacteria and parasites more effectively than wood.
  5. Plastic crates are less likely to absorb odors compared to wood, making them suitable for pets with strong odors or accidents.
  6. Overall versatility and Air and car-travel friendliness are highest in a typical plastic crate.
  7. Plastic crates lack sharp edges, unlike most metallic crates, ensuring safety.
  8. All plastic crates are very affordable with the same strength level as metallic ones.

Here are our legendary dog crates that fits all your needs.

In Conclusion

As a dog parent, you want resilience and peace of mind in whatever dog crate you choose. When you evaluate all these plastic dog crates, I don’t even think that Ishould point out how Gunner G1 wins with a significant gap. 

The style, the durability, the safety, and even the warranty all come together to deliver that resilience and peace of mind you want.

I hope this review was helpful. Say hi to your furry friend for me!


Yes, plastic dog crates are safe enough, as some have been crash-tested to ensure their safety.

Yes, you can get a lifetime warranty with Gunner G1 plastic dog crates.

Yes, Plastic crates are better for dogs as they offer smoother surfaces that can help reduce the risk of injuries.

Gunner G1
Gunner Product Image
Build Quality






Overall Score


5-star crash tested 
Superior comfort is 12% cooler and needs 20% less energy for warmth
Crowned to be the world’s safety travel kennel for dogs
Designed to reduce separation anxiety
Made in the USA
Lifetime warranty
Get the BEST PRICE valid until the end of June
It may not suit all vehicles

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