9 Best Strongest Shock Collars for Dogs (Powerful Units)

Last Updated on June, 2024

As pet owners, for you to type in the words “best strongest shock collar for dogs” and search for the best recommendation means you are in great need for a reliable collar to control and keep your dog’s behavior in check.

But at the same time making the right choice can be a bit of a tedious task because you have to pay attention to safety, quality and effectiveness worth your investment.

So in this article, you will find nine reviews of the strongest training collars for dogs that I have researched, tested, and rated to help you choose a reliable shock collar for your dog.

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9 of the Most Strongest Shock Collars for Dogs

1. Pet Resolve PTS1200

My first choice is always the best choice you can go with.

In this case, it’s the Pet Resolve PTS1200. When initially introduced, this powerful shock collar had so many fantastic features.

Taking things up a notch, an upgraded version was released to offer many more exciting features, making it a more desirable best shock collar.

This strongest dog shock collar allows you to teach your dog a range of commands using beep, vibration, and shock.

Adding variability, the shock is usable as continuous or momentary of 10 levels.

This gives you plenty of versatility to train your dog effectively rather than just using a single correction mode. 

Be it strong dogs, aggressive dogs or large dogs, you’ll find the perfect tune using the Pet Resolve PTS1200 shock collar.

The best part is you get to do all this over a super long range of ¾ miles. That’s just MASSIVE! Likely, it will cover whatever outdoor terrain you think about.

Plus, with the memory function, you can program your training commands and pick up training where you left off last.

These shock collars work on a super high-capacity rechargeable Li-ion battery that supports an ultra-long battery life, taking just two hours to charge fully. This ensures long-lasting and uninterrupted training with frequent recharge cycles.

These shock collars use durable materials to facilitate a completely waterproof construction, making them submersible in water without any damage.

That means your dog gets to enjoy the rain, showering, swimming, and all other water activities without you having to worry about damaging the receiver.

The strap is biothane, so no worries about comfort, and it is adjustable for all dogs above 15 lbs. 

The additional yet essential features in the latest Pet Resolve PTS 1200 are the Night mode, where an LED light fixture comes in handy for dark settings, anti-bark mode for automatic unnecessary bark limiting, and No standby mode to ensure the shock collar is always ready to train.

The ‘Remove the shock function’ of Pet Resolve PTS 1200 needs special mention. Unlike any other shock collar, this dog training collar lets you remove the shock by simply swapping the default prongs with the plastic prongs, converting the shock to a vibration.

So, if you don’t need to shock your dog, you can use the Pet Resolve as a vibration and beep-only system.

Key Features

  • Ten levels of continuous or momentary shock, vibrations, or beeps to safely and efficiently train your dog.
  • The super long range allows training over the farthest outdoor terrains.
  • Memory function ensures ease of use by remembering prior training.
  • Ultra-long battery life ensures continuous use, avoiding the need for constant recharging.
  • Waterproof construction lets your dog enjoy the water without a worry for you.
  • ‘Remove the shock function’ allows the system to be used as beep and vibration only.
  • No questions asked, warranty and world-class customer service for a satisfactory purchase. 


Many correction types and intensities to work with
Long-range control suitable for various terrains
Versatile training with beep, vibration, and shock options
Quick charging with long battery life for extended use
Memory function for seamless training continuation
Remove the shock feature adds versatility to the unit
Multiple other useful features improve overall functionality
‘Remove the shock function’ for a gentler approach
Waterproof design for all-weather and water activities
Comprehensive warranty and customer service support


The remote is only splashproof

2. Halo Collar 3

The Halo 3 shock collar for dogs is in a whole other league. All the shock collars reviewed in this list require a separate, physical transmitter to control it.

But Halo 3 only needs the Halo app downloaded into your smart device. All control is through the app, like a virtual transmitter. 

On the surface, it is a wireless dog fence and GPS collar, but you can also use it as a dog training collar.

You can pre-program it to your dog’s sensitivities using its many correction modes.

You can work with sound, vibration, 15 levels of static, and even set personalized audio cues

Considering typical dog-level wear and tear, the Halo 3 shock collars have a rugged build to withstand such use, giving it an IP67 waterproof rating.

This durable training collar uses patented GPS technology, where data from 50+ orbiting satellites are obtained to give you the most accurate real-time tracking details. 

Moving to the training range, now that depends solely on you because you get to create virtual fences. You can take your fence creation to as long as 6.2 miles or as short as 30 feet. It’s a complete game-changer. 

Using this GPS technology, you can keep track of your dog’s real-time location and receive safety alerts if your dog crosses the range you’ve set for it.

So, you always have a tight hold on your dog’s safety. You can view an activity tracking feature through the app, where you can see stats of the dog’s movement over time. 

This shock collar for dogs comes in four funky colors and two sizes: S (11″ -15″) for small dogs and M/L (15″ -30.5″) for medium and large dogs.

Given this shock collar’s many functions, it has a pretty amazing 24-hour battery life, and the magnetic charging makes powering up all the easier with just a snap.

Key Features

  • The Halo app enables easy fingertip control of the GPS system and dog training collar.
  • Train using sound, vibration, 15 levels of static, and customized audio cues for a more personalized approach fitting for your dog.
  • The patented GPS technology is the heart of the Halo 3 Shock collar that enables various other useful functions.
  • GPS technology allows the creation of up to 20 virtual fences extending up to a 6.2-mile range to accommodate any terrain you desire.
  • Real-time location and safety alerts enable you to ensure your dog’s safety at all times.
  • Activity tracker featuring daily activity charts are useful in keeping a health check on your dog.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee for a 100% satisfactory purchase.

Interested in learning more? Read our in-depth review here.


Incredibly durable with rubberized and fabric casing
App-controlled for convenience and ease
Includes a 21-day training program by Cesar Milan based on positive association
Easy programming
Virtual fence creation offers extensive range
Customizable correction modes for tailored training
Advanced GPS for accurate real-time tracking
Multiple correction modes
Durable, waterproof build for longevity
Money-back guarantee provides purchase security


Expensive compared to the first-choice
Not suitable for dogs with less than 11″ neck sizes

3. Dogtra PATHFINDER 2

The Dogtra Pathfinder 2 is also a GPS system controlled via the Pathfinder2 app or the GPS connector, the remote tool included in the packaging. 

For real-time dog tracking, the system is compatible even with smartwatches.

Many features, including e-commands and location tracking, can be done via the GPS connector, smartphone, and smartwatch, whichever is convenient.

This shock collar has audible tone, pager vibration, nick, and constant static corrections, enabling varied dog training to suit your dog’s personality.

Plus, LED locate light is handy if you want to train or walk at night.

This GPS system supports a 9-mile range, making it an excellent choice for large terrain activities like hunting, hiking, camping, and many more. The lost collar locator and lock feature allows you to protect your system and prevent mishandling.

These shock collars for dogs are also equipped with a battery-saving sleeping mode, so you don’t have to recharge them constantly. 

Key Features

  • The E collar function button allows direct connection for quicker response.
  • Facilitates multiple control modes like the Pathfinder2 app through the smartphone, smartwatch, and GPS connector to conveniently stay connected to your dog.
  • Correction modes: audible tone, pager vibration, nick, and constant static works over a 9-mile range, allowing you to customize the perfect training for your dog. 
  • IPX9K waterproof rating means it is ready for the most demanding environments.

Read our in-depth review of Dogtra Pathfinder 2 to learn more.


Highly customizable and can operate without cellular data
Versatile training with various correction modes
Real-time tracking supports large terrain activities
App does not require any subscriptions
Lost collar locator improves security
Multi-device compatibility enhances convenience
Can track up to 21 dogs 
Long-range capability ideal for expansive areas
Battery-saving mode reduces frequent charging needs
Waterproof rating ensures durability in harsh conditions


Smartphone control is a must
No variety in static intensity
Expensive than the first choice

4. PATPET Dog Training Collar With Remote

The Patpet shock collars for dogs are designed for professional trainers to train even stubborn dogs.

So it has three working modes: beep, vibration, and 16 levels of static stimulation to safely find your dog’s sensitivity and effectively train over a 1000-foot remote control distance.

Interestingly, this shock collar supports both remote and app control to allow convenient use for you.

The remote features a small LCD display showing the channel, intensity, and battery level to inform you of your training and battery recharging needs.

PATPET Dog Training Collar

This e-collar can be recharged in just two hours, and it will last up to 11 days, so you don’t have to keep an eye on the battery frequently. 

Key Features

  • Three working modes, beep, vibration, and 16 levels of static stimulation, work over a 1000-foot remote control distance so you can find the best combinations and freely train both outdoors and indoors.
  • Rapid charging and long-lasting battery life eliminate the need for frequent recharge cycles.
  • The LCD display keeps you informed of the training variables so you can make informed decisions.
  • IPX7 waterproof receiver is ready to take on any water adventure.


Comfortable and durable control collar materials
Dual control mode over the receiver
Long battery life
Collar is adjustable from 8.8″- 23.7″


Frequent timeouts
Some users had recharging issues with the remote
The receiver can be heavy for small dogs

5. Educator E-Collar ET-800

The Educator e-collar is a 1-mile range training system that allows you to train using tone, vibration, and 100 levels of momentary and continuous static stimulations.

This extent of variability gives you a lot of space to curate personalized training just right for your dog. 

These shock collars for dogs are fully waterproof, and the remote even floats on the water, so you don’t have to worry about water damage.

If you lose the remote, you can activate the beeper from the collar to locate it.

And if you want to take your dog out at night, you can remotely control the night light on the receiver.

Educator E-Collar Dog Training Collar

Quick rechargeable batteries power both units to avoid long recharge periods and ensure it is always ready to use.

Key Features

  • Train using tone, vibration, and 100 momentary and continuous static stimulations over a 1-mile range to correct your dog’s behavior.
  • Waterproof construction ensures worry-free use around water.
  • Quick rechargeable batteries ensure convenience and readiness of the system at any time.


Easy to use
Both receiver and remote is waterproof
Holds charge for a long time
Multiple static stimulation intensities


Switching through modes takes time
The receiver can be a bit bulky for small to mid-sized dogs
Hard to find battery replacements

6. SportDOG Brand SportTrainer 1275 Remote Trainer

The SportDog Sport Trainer 1275 shock collar for dogs, facilitates a 3 ⁄ 4 mile range to train with tone, vibration, and ten continuous and momentary static stimulations.

The variety offered will help you customize the training to your and your dog’s liking.

This shock collar for dogs uses Dry Tek Technology, so it is IP67 waterproof to allow use in and around water.

The remote is designed with easy-to-use and grasp button controls and an OLED screen that displays static level and battery status at just a glance. 

This shock collar runs on rapid-charge lithium batteries, so the receiving works up to 160 hours before needing a recharge.

SportDog 1275 Collar

And with the low battery indicators, you will always know when to recharge again.

Key Features

  • Multiple correction modes: tone, vibration, and ten continuous and momentary static stimulations work over a 3 ⁄ 4-mile range to allow customized training.
  • IP67 waterproof using Dry Tek technology prevents the system from getting into water-related damage so your dog can enjoy the waters.
  • The OLED screen displays valuable information at a glance to keep you informed of your training variables.
  • Rapid charge and low battery indicators ensure convenience with powering needs.


Hardy build
Easy to use
Can train multiple dogs with a single transmitter
Collar is adjustable for small to large dogs from 5″ to -22.”


Beep is not audible enough
Remote lags when switching between dogs
Antenna is long and easily detaches

7. PetSpy M686 Premium Dog Training Shock Collar

The PetSpy M686 is a nicely designed strongest shock collar system with an interesting orange-colored adjustable collar strap.

The remote is intuitively designed with distinguishable buttons for a no-look operation to ensure the training continues undisrupted. 

The antenna of the remote supports communication with the shock collar receiver over a range of 1100 yards, so you can train even over greater terrains.

This strong shock collar offers four training modes: beep, vibration, continuous shock, and 1-second shock.

PetSpy M686 Collar

With the shock and vibration adjustable on eight levels, you can find the perfect intensities to train your dog.

These shock collars have built-in safety features to protect your dog while using it. 

Key Features

  • Four training modes: beep, vibration, continuous shock, and 1-second shock to facilitate a versatile and flexible training process.
  • Shock and vibration are adjustable to 8 levels to help you find the perfect fit for your dog.
  • Long range of 1100 yards to ensure reliable connection no matter the location.
  • The intuitive button layout on the remote allows easy operation without breaking your attention on the dog.
  • The built-in safety features protect your dog from the potential side effects of using a shock collar.
  • Water-resistant receiver allows flexible training no matter the climate.
  • The USA-made and 1-year warranty reflects on the product quality and reliability. 


Versatile modes and static stimulation styles
Good range coverage even in mountain areas
Easy to operate
Includes a free training guide


It is not waterproof
Some users experienced issues with customer service
Quality can be improved for the price

8. DogWatch S-15 BigLeash Dog Remote Training Collar

The Dog Watch S15 strongest training collars support a ½ mile range to allow multiple training modes such as tone, vibration, and 15 levels of static stimulation.

Plus, you can use the stimulation in brief and continuous styles. These many options will help you execute thorough obedience training. 

The remote transmitter of these dog collars allows the control of two dogs. It features a simple and user-friendly design with a green backlit screen.

You can see the current stimulation level and the ‘In-Touch’ range on this screen.

DogWatch S 15 BigLeash Dog Remote Training Collar

The built-in distance tracker keeps you updated on the distance your dog is away from you. That’s a handy feature to know if your dog is still receiving all the corrections.

These training collars are made of biothane straps and adjustable to neck sizes from 9′- 28″. There are four LED lights on the collar receiver for safety purposes in case you need to locate your dog in the dark. 

Key Features

  • Efficient training modes: tone, vibration, and 15 levels of static stimulation usable over a ½ mile range to devise the perfect training for your dog.
  • The built-in distance tracker informs you of the distance between the transmitter and the receiver.
  • LED lights are a safety precaution to locate the dog in the dark.


Multiple correction types and intensities
Low battery indicator on both the receiver and transmitter
Weatherproof remote and waterproof receiver
Made in USA- 2-year warranty


Uses a proprietary charger
The lanyard is low quality
Cannot program; have to use static, vibration, and tone options separately

9. Irazia Shock Collar

The Irazia dog training collar is built with three training modes: beep, vibration, and 0-16 levels of static mode.

The correction modes can be used over 1000 feet to effectively train your dog. 

The remote transmitter of these shock collars can support two channels to train multiple dogs.

It features a simple, sleek design with minimal buttons and an LCD display showing the battery status and static intensity.

The transmitter has a security key lock to prevent the misoperation of the remote so your dog doesn’t get corrected mistakenly.

Irazia Shock Collar

These shock collars for dogs rapidly charge in just two hours via the dual USB cable provided, so you have multiple ways to charge them. This collar can fit 20-100 lbs, so it is suitable for small, medium, and large dogs.

Key Features

  • The beep, vibration and 0-16 levels of static mode work over a 1000-foot range to allow you to find the perfect combinations of corrections and train your dog.
  • LCD display shows essential info like the remaining battery level and stimulation level to keep track of your training.
  • Security key lock prevents the mispressing of the remote buttons to protect your dog from accidental corrections.
  • IPX7 waterproof receiver removes the worry from using it amidst the rain, snow, and showers.
  • Fast charging in two hours but lasts 15 days to ensure absolute convenience.


Good battery life
Easy to use
Rubber prongs and security lock lets train your dog safely
Very affordably priced


The strap should be longer for large dogs
It has an automatic shut-off that can delay training commands
Some users experienced battery issues

How to Choose the Strongest Dog Shock Collar?

a dog wearing a shock collar walking in ice

As a pet owner, you must secure the perfect shock collar for your dog. Below is a guide that includes must-consider key factors when choosing the best dog shock collar.

Size of Your Dog & Collar Adjustability 

The first variable to check in any e-collar is whether the collar fits your dog’s neck size. For that, you have to first know your dog’s neck measurement. Most collars are adjustable, so one size fits all. But some collars come in different sizes.

Adjustable collars will allow you to achieve the perfect comfort for your dog while ensuring a snug fit for proper functioning.

However, even if you choose a non-adjustable collar, just make sure the size you pick can accommodate a snug fit in case your dog gains or loses weight because, with adjustable collars, you can easily work around these differences.

Variety in Training Modes & Intensity Adjustability

Consider your dog’s nature and decide on the essential training modes you need. For example, if you have a large and stubborn dog, a collar offering modes like voice, vibration, and shock is important. 

Similarly, for a small dog, just beep and vibration would do, but having the shock features is always safe.

At the same time, the collar should allow you to operate these training modes on different levels or intensities suitable to each dog’s tolerance. This versatility is a must to ensure your dog’s training is well-controlled.

Collar Range Coverage

an animated image of a dog trainer training a dog on a field

The range is the distance over which the remote control effectively controls the collar receiver. The bigger the range, the larger the area you can effectively communicate training commands to your dog.

Also, your dog gets to enjoy and explore large outdoor areas while being under your control. You can choose a suitable range based on where you expect to train mostly.

Battery Life

Battery life matters because you don’t want to have to replace or recharge batteries every so often and waste additional bucks on it. So a rechargeable battery offering long-lasting use is a must. 

Comfort & Durability

Consider the materials used to make the collar. It should be durable and comfortable for your dog. Go for leather, nylon, or polyester over a synthetic collar strap that can cause skin irritation.

Also, a good quality product will have gone through multiple quality standard tests. So check for labels like 100% waterproof receiver, impact resistance, and splashproof to ensure long-lasting use in any condition.


Controlling the shock collar should be interactive and user-friendly, even for first-time dog owners. An easily programmable collar receiver and an easy-to-operate remote control will make it more convenient for you to use. 

Controlling modes and intensities should be at a glance rather than going through long cycles to avoid a supposed bad situation. A remote with a display showing the mode, intensity, battery level, and important variables is a great feature.


You can find shock collars on a wide budget range. But having some features and the quality build often makes it pricier.

So consider the features above and other additional features offered by the collar to compare and contrast with other same-level collars you are interested in. Accordingly, you can decide if it is worth making that investment on your budget.

Get to know the overall best shock collars that can fit all the needs.

Tips & Safety Precautions When Training a Dog Using a Shock Collar

a brown and white dog wearing a shock collar

Apart from employing a proper training routine that uses reliable techniques, below are some vital safety tips that will elevate your training journey and ensure minimal frustration for you and your dog.

1. Choose a Quality Product

The dog shock collar market is saturated with many sub-standard collars. A poor-quality product risks reliability because it can malfunction and cause inconsistent, random shocks when not even automated or programmed.

Eventually, it becomes dangerous to the dog’s physical and mental health. The above review list are all dog collars from reputed manufacturers.

2. Follow a Few Steps First to Introduce the Shock Collar

Using a shock collar requires some prior preparation. You can’t just secure the collar around your dog’s neck and dive into training. Dogs are intelligent creatures.

If they figure out the shock is coming from the new collar, then it will manage to take it off. To prevent that, follow the basic steps below.

Shock Yourself First

Try out the different shock intensities on yourself first. This will give you some idea of the intensities. If it is too intense for you, don’t even test it out on your dog. This will help you establish a bar so you don’t have to push it to extreme levels.

Master the Basics

If your dog doesn’t already know, you must introduce basic obedience commands like ‘sit,’ ‘lie down,’ ‘stay,’ and ‘come.’ The dog needs to understand and be familiar with these commands.

Pair it with reassuring commands like ‘Yes’ and ‘Good Boy’ to let it know that it was successful in what it achieved.

Take it Slow and Make Your Dog Like the Collar

You can now secure the collar around your dog’s neck like any other regular collar. Ensure it is snug, not too tight or loose, just enough for the shock to penetrate the skin.

Leave the collar around your dog’s neck for a few days before starting to train. As I mentioned before, the dog shouldn’t associate the feeling of discomfort from the shock to the new collar. 

3. Establish Your Dog’s Level of Tolerance

A dog wearing a collar is being petted by a person

Start with the sound and vibration modes and see how your dog responds. If you don’t get a positive response, deliver the shock at the lowest intensity and ratchet it until your dog responds.

The response time should be long enough to catch its attention for you to communicate whatever the command. Be attentive because stubborn dogs and large dogs will have higher tolerance levels.

4. Understand Your Dog’s Responses

Observe your dog’s behavior. If you spend much time with your dog, you may already know how it behaves generally. Using a strong shock intensity can change these normal behaviors.

When delivering the shock, you know the shock intensity is working if you notice behaviors like flicking neck, scratching neck, head tilt, or any other startled expressions. 

Do not test higher intensities beyond that because you only need to break your dog’s attention and divert it to you, not cause it any pain.

5. Start From the Basic Commands

You can now couple the above basic commands you introduced with the correction mode and intensity you have established for your dog. Communicate using body language and help your dog put the different sensations into proper context.

When your dog starts getting it right, you can show more behaviors you want it to learn. 

6. Combine Positive Reinforcement

You want continuous progression. Positive reinforcement is a great technique to keep your dog motivated and encouraged. So whenever you use the shock collar, your dog should make the connection of an upcoming treat.

This will encourage your dog to pay attention and obey because it knows a treat is coming. 

7. Do Not Let Your Dog Catch You With the Remote Control

A yellow labrador retriever wearing a shock collar on a leash in a walk

You need your dog to associate its behaviors and actions with the cause of the discomfort. If your dog ever catches you using the remote control, it will soon figure out you are the reason behind the discomfort.

Soon, it will start to fear you, lose respect, or become aggressive. Be as discreet as possible because your dog needs to feel safe with you. 

8. Do Not Leave the Collar Unsupervised

When you aren’t training, keep the collar switched off. However, removing the collar after training is best because when your dog is active and playing around, it may damage the collar.

This damage may be a reason for unintentional shocks. More or less, using it under your supervision ensures your dog’s safety.

9. Do Not Combine the Collar With a Leash

A leash and a dog training collar are different types of control. When you combine and use them simultaneously, your dog may get confused about the cues and commands it may receive.

10. Use Shock Only When Necessary

Use the shock as sparingly as possible because it is meant to be used only as a supplement to reinforce good behavior positively.

Excessive and constant use will take the effect away and may even cause a stressful learning environment for your dog.

11. Timing is Crucial

Timing is crucial when using shock collars. For the dog to connect the shock with the unacceptable behavior, the shock must be delivered instantaneously after the behavior.

It will help the dog understand and ensure that it does not let it happen next time to avoid the shock.

12. Have Patience

Different dogs are at different learning speeds. So be patient and give your dog space and time to understand and embrace the changes. At the same time, stick to a schedule and consistently train to keep your dog on track.

13. Know When to Quit

For some dogs, the change may be too drastic. Since you know your dog and its behavior, don’t push further if you see it acting stressed out. Take a break and approach on a more enthusiastic note.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, a shock collar is a good training tool when used in conjunction with positive reinforcement techniques and only used as a last resort.

The length of training varies for each dog depending on their individual learning curve. With the use of patience, consistency, and proper guidance, the dog will become acclimated to the training.

No, shock collars do not necessarily make dogs aggressive. Depending on how they are used, they can even help reduce aggression in dogs.

No, it is not recommended to leave a shock collar on a dog at all times. The longest recommended length of time to keep the shock collar on is 10 hours and should only be done under supervision.

The strength of a shock collar should be adjusted to the dog’s individual tolerance level, which varies depending on size, personality, and sensitivity. Start with the lowest setting and adjust accordingly.

It is recommended to begin training a puppy on a shock collar at six months old, when puppies are most responsive to positive and negative stimuli. With proper instruction, they are more likely to establish good habits and behaviors during this natural learning phase.

The Takeaway

If you are new to training, it’s best to consult a professional dog trainer or sign up for a reliable dog training program that will give you complete guidance throughout the training journey because using the correct methods and proper training tools is key to transforming your dog.

To help you with this, I recommend the Pet Resolve PTS 1200 as the best shock collar for dogs. It offers all the features you would want from a dog training collar and is decently priced. Plus, it comes with a warranty.

I hope the above shock collar reviews and buyer’s guide help you choose the right collar for your dog. 

Pet Resolve
Pet Resolve Product Image




Overall Score


Long-range control suitable for various terrains
Quick charging with long battery life for extended use
Versatile training with beep, vibration, and shock options
Multiple other useful features improve overall functionality
Waterproof design for all-weather and water activities
Comprehensive warranty and customer service support
Get the BEST PRICE valid until the end of June
The remote is only splashproof

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