6 Best Vibrating Dog Collars [Reviewed and Ranked in 2024]

 Last Updated on July, 2024

Although shock collars have been dominating the dog collar market for quite some time, of late, there has been a lot of hype around vibrating dog collars. Pet parents and dog owners choose vibrating dog collars more often now as it is a comparatively more humane option. 

If you are also a compassionate dog owner concerned for the well-being of your dog. In that case, you must get a vibrating dog collar as a safe and humane training collar option.

And to make your work easier, I’ve compiled a list of the top best-vibrating dog collars you can use to train your dog to learn new commands and more.

Editor’s Choice
Pet Resolve Product Image
Pet Resolve PTS1200




Overall Score


#2nd Best Choice
HALO Dog Collar Product Image
Halo 2+ Collar




Overall Score


#3rd Best Choice
SportDOG 425X product image
SportDog 425X




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Top 6 Best Vibrating Dog Collars Reviewed

1. Pet Resolve PTS1200 Bark Collar (Editor’s Choice)

When ranking a collar for the first place, I put the product through elaborate choosing criteria by asking myself all the possible questions that would pop up in a pet owner’s mind.

That’s the only way I can assure you I am recommending a product that meets your requirements on all fronts with no crumbs left. 

And that’s precisely why I choose the Pet Resolve PTS 1200 as the best vibrating dog collars.

This dog training collar is stacked up with so many features that actually serve a purpose.

So let’s see why the Pet Resolve PTS1200 is the best vibrating dog collar you could own?

First, the currently available PET Resolve PTS1200 is a newly upgraded version, which gives you a hint that it contains new features.

As for the essentials, these dog training collars have three training modes: beep, vibrate, and shock mode.

Yes, it is a shock training collar but bear with me to understand why it’s under vibrating dog collars and that also ranked in the first place. The shock mode is operable on 10 levels of continuous and momentary shocks.

So with three training modes and different intensity levels, you get to try out many different combinations of training methods. 

Now for the moment of revelation (drum roll). This new upgraded version comes with a function called “remove the shock.” Yes, you can remove the function to convert it into a no-shock collar.

To set this in motion, all you gotta do is switch the metal prongs with the provided plastic prongs, and et voila, you have a beep and vibration-only system. 

In addition to the training modes mentioned above, this vibrating dog collar features an anti-bark mode. When active in this mode, it keeps track of your dog’s barks. If your dog starts barking excessively, a sound warning is released.

And if the barking is continued, momentary shock will be delivered after 2 seconds of the sound warning until your dog stops barking.

This versatility is one of the major reasons Pet Resolve made it to the top of my list.

Moving on, these vibrating collars feature a memory function to prevent the hassle of you having to reprogram the settings from the beginning, an LED light as night mode to facilitate nighttime training or walks, and extra long prongs to ensure even thick and long coated dogs can efficiently use the collar.

This collar can cover a super long range of 3/4th miles, and the system can train up to 3 dogs simultaneously. Not only will your dog have a large area to train in, but it can also enjoy training with its own or adopted brothers and/or sisters.

The receiver of the collar has a completely waterproof construction to allow your dog to enjoy the rain and swim all day long. The collar strap made of biothane is adjustable to fit any dog breed weighing above 15 lbs. 

This waterproof collar runs on a high-capacity rechargeable li-ion battery; these vibrating collars can give you super long-lasting battery life, so you don’t have to constantly worry about the receiver running out of charge.

Even with the standby mode removed and the collar actively available whenever needed, the runtimes are great.

Even with all these impressive features, like a cherry on top, the Pet Resolve company offers you a 1-year automatic warranty, a questions-asked money-back guarantee, and world-class customer service.

All this assures you that you will have an excellent experience with their training collar.

As I said, Pet Resolve has got you covered on all fronts! 

When you look at a standard training collar, you will see all the basic training modes, rechargeability, and, if anything, the waterproof construction. 

But the Pet Resolve PTS1200 offers so much more than the basic modes. It goes a step ahead and gives you a specialized anti-bark mode to correct your dog’s behavior in barking and a memory function to remember all your program settings.

Also, the shock removal feature and warranty are not something you get from just any collar.

Key Features:

  • Three training modes: beep, vibrate, and shock mode, allows you to teach your furry friend by combining positive reinforcement.
  • ‘Remove the shock function‘ converts the shock into vibration mode.
  • Anti-bark mode to control your dog’s excessive barking behavior alongside regular training.
  • The memory function helps you pick up where you left off without reprogramming.
  • Night mode allows you and your dog to train in the night.
  • Coverage over a super long range of 3/4th miles gives your dog a large area to enjoy training.
  • The complete waterproof construction makes it a great collar if your dog enjoys the water.
  • Super long-lasting battery life eliminates the need for frequent charging, saving time and energy.
  • 1-year automatic warranty, no questions asked money-back guarantee, and world-class customer service to ensure you have the best experience with the collar


Can train multiple dogs simultaneously
Completely waterproof
It’s the only collar that can be converted into a beep and shock-only system
Long-lasting battery
Long prongs ideal for furry dogs
Warranty and money-back guarantee


The receiver cannot be turned off via the transmitter

2. Halo 2+ Collar (#2nd Best Choice)

The Halo 2+ is another fantastic vibrating collar for dogs. 

Training with the Halo 2+ means using Voice, Vibration, Sound, and Static modes. Yes, it offers a variety of training modes to help you conduct the most elaborate training on your dog.

Static stimulation is offered at 15 different intensities to make the training more intricate.

This dog training collar covers a massive range of 6.2 miles, so your dog can enjoy its training grounds to the fullest.

But to fully use this excellent range, you must first create fences.

The Halo 2+ training collars are GPS collars that work with virtual fences. So you have to create virtual fences. How, you ask? Through the Halo app. So the app is super easy to use, and it takes only a few minutes to set up. 

You can create fences as you like and wherever you like. Be it the dog park, beach, backyard, or even the shopping mall, the fence will do the rest of the training if you create a fence.

Also, the Halo app gives you access to features like a location tracker and daily activity tracker. Using the location tracker, you can instantly know where your dog is.

The daily activity charts will summarize your dog’s activity levels, which is great for determining if your dog is getting its required exercises.

This training collar can give you 21 hours of use per charge. That’s sustainable battery life. All you have to do to ensure the collar is good to go the next day is remember to charge it when you charge your mobile phone.

Talk about durability; the Halo 2+ wins the award. To ensure the collar can stand the dog test, the collar uses chew-resistant, slobber proof and waterproof construction rated at IP67 to give an excellent finish quality

Plus, unlike other collars, these collars are not one-size adjustable collars. The Halo 2+ comes in three different collar sizes to fit neck sizes 11- 30.5 inches. So most small to big dogs can comfortably fit into one of the three sizes it offers.

Key Features:

  • Voice, Vibration, Sound, and Static at 15 different intensities allows multiple training possibilities. 
  • A range of 6.2 miles covers a large area to ensure your dog has freedom.
  • The Halo app is easy to use and requires only a finger-tap setup.
  • The location tracker and daily activity tracker are excellent features for pet owners who are always concerned about their pet’s well-being and whereabouts.
  • 21 hours of use per charge is a good battery life that will last almost a day.
  • The excellent finish quality featuring durable and waterproof materials ensures the collar can be reliably used for a long time.
  • Available in different collar sizes to comfortably fit various dog sizes and breeds.


Superb range coverage
Chew-resistant, slobber proof and waterproof
Virtual fences are highly accurate
Decent runtimes
Easy to use
One year warranty


A bit on the pricier side
No collar size that fits smaller dogs below 11-inch neck size

3. SportDog Rechargeable Vibrating Training Collar (#3rd Best Choice)

The FieldTrainer by 425X is the SportDog brand’s smallest and lightest training collar. These dog vibrating collars come with a beep, vibration, and 21 levels of static stimulation.

You can cook up a variety of communication methods for training to suit your dog.

Since consistency and timing are key to ensuring thorough training, the remote of this collar is designed to be easily used without having to look at it.

This way, you won’t have to break focus from your dog to figure out what buttons to press next on the remote control.

This training system can be expanded to train up to three dogs simultaneously. And the communications are reachable over 500 yards, so your dogs can enjoy a large ground area for off-leash dog training.

This vibrating collar for dogs features DRYTEK® WATERPROOF. This gives the collar and receiver the ability to be submersible up to 25 feet deep into the water.

So your dog can take the collar for swimming, and you can leave the receiver in the rain if you forget to take it with you after training.

These waterproof collars run on 2-hour quick rechargeable li-ion batteries, so less downtime is involved. And with the low battery indicator, you’ll always know when to recharge again.

If your dog’s neck size falls between 5- 22 inches, this dog training collar can be adjusted accordingly.

Key Features:

  • With a beep, vibration, and 21 levels of static stimulation, you can teach your pet dog 
  • The remote control is designed to be easily used without having to look at it to eliminate distracted training.
  • With a range of 500 yards, your dog can enjoy a massive training ground.
  • DRYTEK® WATERPROOF makes dog collars able to be used in various water environments.
  • 2-hour quick rechargeable li-ion batteries are convenient for you cause they’ll be dead only for a short while.


Good range
Both the remote and collar are waterproof
Easy to use remote
The collar is adjustable to suit many dog sizes


Doesn’t hold a charge long enough

4. Dogrook Dog Bark Collar

The Dogrook training collar is simple and super easy to use. It doesn’t involve any complex setup or programming.

Just the two buttons on the receiver let you control the 2 modes: sound and 5 intensities of vibrations it offers.

This dog training collar uses only humane and safe modes. With its variety, you can cook up a few combinations to figure out what works for your dog.

The smart microphone featured in these vibration collars intelligently filters out all the surrounding noises, including other dogs’ bark, to ensure the corrections are released only in response to your dog’s barks.

DogRook Humane No Shock Dog Bark Collar

This rechargeable vibrating collar gives you a super long battery life of 14 days. So the collar is always ready for training, saving you time and energy. 

This bark collar features a lightweight receiver weighing only 70g, which is ideal even for small dogs. The collar strap is adjustable to fit all dog sizes; small, medium, and large.

Since the receiver is waterproof you can let your dog play and train even in the rain or snow.

Key Features:

  • 2 modes: sound and 5 intensities of vibrations, give you options to try out and find what your dog responds to.
  • The smart microphone prevents false triggers so your dog doesn’t get corrected unwantedly
  • The super long battery life of 14 days saves your time by eliminating the need to frequently recharge
  • The lightweight receiver makes it easier to wear for dogs of all sizes
  • The waterproof nature lets your dog enjoy the rain or snow while training.


Superb battery life
Uses only humane and safe modes
The lightweight receiver makes it effortless to wear for all dog breeds
Water Protection


No extra features
At high bark sensitivity sensor does pick up on surrounding noises 

5. Goodboy Mini No Shock Remote Collar

The Goodboy mini collar comes with a small receiver and remote. The pair is designed to be sleek and modern while keeping it small.

The remote is straightforward, with only the relevant buttons included. 

The strap of the collar is super thin and is recommended to use on smaller dogs weighing 5-15 lbs.

Because of the small size, there is no assurance it will be effective on dogs over 15 lbs.

These vibrating collars come with sound and 9 levels of vibrations. So you can explore and find the intensity that best gets your dog’s attention.

The transmitter has control of the receiver over a range of 1000 feet, so it is ideal indoors and outdoors. 

GoodBoy Mini No Shock Remote Collar

This rechargeable collar runs on a lithium battery that can provide battery life lasting a week. And with the battery-saving standby mode, you can save more battery life for better runtimes.

Your purchase of the Goodboy training collar comes with a detailed dog training guide to help you understand the best teaching methods to achieve the best results out of your training.

Key Features:

  • The sleek and modern makes it attractive to own
  • Through sound and 9 levels of vibrations, explore a training combination suitable for your dog.
  • A range of 1000 feet gives your dog plenty of ground area to enjoy.
  • A week’s battery life eliminates the need for frequent charging, thereby saving time.
  • The detailed dog training guide is helpful for pet owners in training pets.


Good battery life
Nice design
Easily operable remote
The training guide


Not waterproof
No automatic mode for corrections

6. TBI Pro Bark Collar

The TBI Pro Bark collar has 3 dog training modes: sound signal, vibration, and light shock. You can easily adjust to different levels to address your dog’s needs.

You can use the collar on the beep + vibrate mode to eliminate the shock feature.

This vibrating collar is specifically designed to modify the excessive barking behaviors of large dogs, so it features a high-accuracy smart barking chip to help prevent false correction triggers in response to other surrounding sounds.

The receiver of the collar is IPX7 waterproof rated, so your dog can splash water around and play in snow and rain.

TBI PRO UPGRADED Q6 Collar Product Image

Since the shock is soft, this collar is also suitable for small dogs. So the collar can accommodate dogs from 7- 120 lbs.

Key Features:

  • 3 dog training modes: sound signal, vibration, and light shock allow you to adjust to varying levels to cater to your dog’s needs. 
  • The high-accuracy smart barking chip will efficiently prevent false triggers of corrections.
  • The IPX7 waterproof receiver allows your dog to use the collar in the rain and snow, splashing water around.


Durable, lightweight, and waterproof
The shock feature can be turned off
Has a display screen
Includes two collars so can train two dogs
Includes silicone sleeves for the electrodes
Vibration strength is good for stubborn dogs


If another dog is close enough, the collar does tend to pick up that bark and release triggers
The battery tends to wear out faster

A Guide to Purchase the Best Vibrating Dog Collar

pictures of Best Vibrating Dog Collars

Since you already know the correction type you want for your dog, let’s consider other factors before buying a vibrating dog collar.

Purpose of Purchase 

Vibrating dog collars are meant to be used only as a training guide to get your dog to respond to you. So make sure your intention aligns with this, and you do not expect the collar to do the training by increasing and decreasing vibrations.

You must be actively involved in the training process if you want your dog to understand and respond to what you teach.

Intensity Adjustability

Although it’s already decided that it will be a vibration collar, go for a vibration collar that allows you to adjust the intensity of the vibrations to various levels, as the Pet Resolve PTS 1200 does.

This way, you can ensure you only apply the required vibrations, unlike set-level vibrations that can be too sensitive for some dogs and ineffective for others.

Neck Size

One of the first things you need to check in a vibrating dog collar is whether it will fit your dog or is adjustable.

Also, remember adjustable collars are better than one-size collars because they give you the flexibility to scale back and forth in case your dog loses or gains weight.

Comfort and Durability

The comfort of a vibrating collar is important because it must be worn by your dog throughout the training period.

At the same time, durability will ensure the collar holds up through extensive long-term use, especially in different weather conditions.

So check for the materials used for the collar strap, receiver, buckle, prongs, and button operations. Ensure it is not flimsy and insufficient.

Keep an eye out for completely waterproof receiver construction because they are often durable through heavy use.

A dog wearing vibrating collar and sitting in the beach

And collar straps should ideally use nylon, leather, or biothane to be durable and comfortable at the same time.

Similarly, check the quality of the other components involved to ensure they are satisfactory.

Rechargeability and Battery Life

The rechargeable nature and battery life are two important aspects that determine the reliability of the vibrating collar. 

If it is rechargeable, you don’t have to worry about battery replacements, which can be an ongoing cost. It is even better if it is rechargeable, featuring a high-capacity battery. 

High-capacity batteries usually mean ultra-long battery life, so you don’t have to recharge often. The vibrating collar will give long hours of use with less downtime, so it is always ready for training whenever you want it. 

How Do Vibrating Dog Collars Work?

A dog wearing vibrating collar

Vibrating dog collars are training tools that feature a small electronic device known as the collar’s receiver. This receiver has a set of prongs attached to it.

These prongs are the contact points between the receiver and your dog’s skin area around the neck. When the receiver is activated to the desired level, it releases vibrations transmitted to the dog via the prongs. 

The vibrations released create a gentle jolting sensation and are not meant to cause pain or harm to your dog. But they are strong enough to grab your dog’s attention, and that’s exactly the intended use behind a vibrating dog collar. 

The vibrations from a vibrating dog collar can be combined with training methods to teach your dog to understand and respond to your commands. Since the vibrations do not cause pain, these collars have become popular among many animal lovers.

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Vibrating Collars to Help Dogs Dealing With Hearing Disabilities

A dog wearing vibrating collar and lying on the ground

Approximately around 10% of the dogs in the US are deaf

Deaf dogs also want to be able to run around and have fun, just like any other dog. But pet parents who own deaf dogs are scared and reluctant to let them off like this.

Their hearing disability makes it an issue because it is difficult to command the dog back while it is off-leash. Unless the dog is looking at the owner, you can’t gain its attention, and that is a problem.

As a solution, many deaf dog parents have been resorting to vibrating dog collars to help train and better manage dogs with hearing disabilities while giving them the off-leash freedom they deserve.

Using a vibrating dog collar, you can train your deaf dog to make eye contact responding to the vibrations. When your dog makes eye contact, you can command your dog through body language and hand signals.

Here’s our best picks of vibrating collar for deaf dogs.

Vibrating vs Shock Dog Collars

Vibrating collarsShock dog collars
Works on vibrationsWorks on static shock
Designed to cause mild discomfort to grab a dog’s attentionCan be painful for some dogs
Does not involve any electric or electronic shock so chances of causing fear is lessMay instill fear due to negative reinforcement through pain
Considered to be more humane so it is not illegalThere are ethical concerns surrounding its use so it is illegal in some countries
Works effectively on most dogsCan sometimes worsen problem behavior

The Pros and Cons of Vibrating Collars


Suitable to train dogs with hearing disabilities
Provides remote training options
Shock free stimulation so doesn’t hurt your dog
Safe and humane to use
Legal to use in most countries


Can cause anxiety in hypersensitive dogs
At the same time it can be ineffective on some dogs who are super resilient

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, vibrating collars do not hurt dogs. They use shock-free vibrations to distract the dog from undesired behavior without causing any pain.

Yes, vibrating collars can be used in the rain as long as the waterproofing ability of the model allows for it.

Yes, vibrating collars can be used as an effective tool for anti-bark training. These collars provide humane corrections and can help reduce excessive barking when used with the correct training techniques.

Conclusion: The Best Vibrating Collar

If you patiently and consistently follow through with your dog training, be it to stop your dog’s barking or to train it to be more well-mannered and obedient, or just some basic commands to get it to do what you want like a service dog, you can achieve it all with the guidance of the right vibrating dog collar.

And for that, I recommend you choose the Pet Resolve PTS 1200, which lets you convert it into a sound and vibrations-only training collar. With 10 levels of vibrations, you can create an elaborate training process for your dog to teach it whatever you want. 

Remember the excellent warranty that will give you peace of mind until you put it into action and decide that this is exactly what you’ve wanted.

I hope this article gave you what you came looking for and helped you choose the best dog vibrating collar for your dog.

Pet Resolve PTS1200
Pet Resolve PTS1200 product image




Overall Score


Can train multiple dogs simultaneously
Completely waterproof
It’s the only collar that can be converted into a beep and shock-only system
Long-lasting battery
Long prongs ideal for furry dogs
Warranty and money-back guarantee
Get the BEST PRICE valid until the end of July
The receiver cannot be turned off via the transmitter

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