9 Best Dog Crate Beds (Reviewed in 2024) Cozy Kennel Mats

Last Updated on June, 2024

The choice of your dog crate bed either makes the crate extremely valuable or useless — that’s just how serious the crate bed’s choice is.

But don’t worry; you’re in the right place because I did the most challenging work for you. All you need to do is read through.

I chose about 20 crate beds and tested them with the iPetGuides team. That’s why I KNOW what’s ACTUALLY the best.

At the review of the review, you’ll find some must-know information about the subject; remember to read through that too.

So, without further ado, let’s begin. 

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9 Best Dog Beds to Invest in

1. Diggs Snooz Crate Pad

If you don’t know already, DIGGS is a beloved brand, and their Snooz crate pad is the best dog crate bed by design. 

Let’s see why it is so.

For starters, this standalone bed comes in four sizes, small, medium, intermediate, and large. This is the same as their crate size range.

The smallest one comes with dimensions 24.75″ x 2″ x 16″, and the largest is 42.5″ L x 28″ W x 2.75″ H. So, it’s clear that this rectangular shape pad is big enough even for an adult Great Dane.

You’d be pleased to hear that this pad is tear resistant. It’s best to train your dog not to scratch the surface, parallel to crate training, because dogs love scratching.

DIGGS has made washing the pad easier as you can easily remove and wash it. Being careful about the detergents you use is what you should be cautious about.

The BEST feature about the Snooz is its CertiPUR-US® Memory Foam. If you’re unfamiliar with the word, it means that the foam gradually fits the body of your four-legged friend, so the comfort is much more than a fully flat pad.

It’s actually an orthopedic dog crate bed to relieve pressure points.

I wouldn’t say it has a 100% anti-slip bottom, but it comes closer. Any anti-slip bottom works best on any hard floor.

This dog crate bed is also made without ozone depleters, formaldehyde, or flame retardants. This combination makes the Snooz pad better in ways its competitors aren’t even aware of. 

If you own their Revol crate or anything with similar dimensions, this will fit perfectly.

Coming in dark and light grey, DIGGS Snooz is the hallmark of the best dog crate beds; you and your dog will love it.


Comes in four sizes catering to different crate sizes suiting small and large dogs.
Suitable for puppies and senior dogs.
The tear-resistant material ensures durability and longevity.
CertiPUR-US® Memory Foam provides exceptional comfort like an orthopedic dog bed.
The foam gradually molds to the dog’s shape, offering better comfort compared to flat pads.
Free from ozone depleters, formaldehyde, and flame retardants, ensuring safety.
Seamless fit for DIGGS Revol crate or crates with similar dimensions.
Available in stylish dark and light grey, adding a touch of elegance.
The removable and easily washable cover makes cleaning easier.
Highly rated and well-regarded as a superior dog pad by customers.
The hidden zipper makes it difficult for the dog to damage it.
Has a borderline non-skid bottom.
30 days money back guarantee


It cannot be used when a crate divider is being used.

2. Petmate Cozy Kennel Mat

The best alternative for the DIGGS Snooz dog crate pad is from Petmate; it’s the Petmate Cozy Kennel Mat. I’ll call it the Petmate mat from now on.

The Petmate dog crate bed also boasts four sizes that fit 28″ kennels and all the way up to 48″ kennels for large-sized dogs.

The smallest weighs only 1.16 lbs, and the largest weighs only 2.22 lbs.

Don’t worry; these are almost standard kennel sizes, so you can find a better fit.

Darker colors are always better with pet beds and kennels since they’re easy to wash.

So, it’s a bit of a letdown that this crate bed is light grey. However, it won’t be an issue if you’re careful.

But this is NOT a flat mat; it has support from four sides. So Petmate is proud that their product supports the dog’s natural denning instinct.

Pet lovers will LOVE the long plush fabric; it brings a lot of comfort to your dog. The fabric will keep your dog perfectly warm, especially during colder months.

But remember that this dog crate pad doesn’t come with a cover. So remember to be cautious when washing it.

Coming with the Norton shipping guarantee, the Petmate Cozy Kennel mat will surely keep you and your dog happy. It’s almost the best dog crate bed.


Available in four different sizes, accommodating a range of dog kennel sizes.
Its lightweight design makes it easy to handle and transport.
Versatile options ensure a better fit for your specific needs.
A supportive design with four sides promotes the dog’s natural denning instinct.
Long plush fabric provides extra comfort and warmth, particularly during colder months.
Easy to clean and maintain, making it convenient for pet owners.
Norton shipping guarantee ensures a reliable and secure delivery.
Well-regarded brand in the industry, known for producing quality pet products.
Suitable for dogs with a preference for darker colors, as it helps mask dirt and stains.
Affordable price point, offering value for money.


Lacks orthopedic foam.

3. Fable Bed

Fable’s crate is unique as it’s fully wooden, but how unique is the next best dog bed, the Fable Bed? Let’s find out.

For starters, this crate bed comes in six colors. There are light and dark colors, so you can choose your preference.

Having different sizes is also very important, and that’s why Fable produces its bed in three sizes.

The smallest size is recommended for dogs around 9 lbs, the medium for 18 lbs, and the large for 48 lbs.

This dog crate bed is water resistant, and that increases its overall value. The bed is also stain-resistant and scratch-resistant, further increasing its durability. 

But the bed features like these shouldn’t be taken for granted; the less you use them, the longer the bed lasts.

Fable dog crate pad is known for its material’s breathability, which easily contributes to comfort and durability. Fable’s signature memory foam bed complements that breathability. Now you know what memory foam does.

Did I tell you that this whole bed is UV resistant too? Well, it is.

Fable gives you clear instructions on how to machine wash it, so don’t worry about that. That’s more convenient as their bed cover comes with a zipper enclosure. 

You’ll be pleased to hear that you get free shipping with 20% off. 

This USA-designed dog crate bed is definitely a great alternative.


Six color options allow you to choose a style that suits your preference.
Available in three sizes for dogs of various weights, including large breeds.
The waterproof layer beneath protects the bed from moisture-related damage.
Stain-resistant and scratch-resistant properties enhance durability.
Breathable material provides comfort and ensures proper airflow for the dog’s comfort.
Utilizes memory foam for superior support and comfort for the dog’s body.
UV-resistant design protects the bed from sun damage and fading.
Easy-to-follow instructions for machine washing make maintenance hassle-free.
The bed cover has a zipper enclosure, ensuring a secure fit and easy removal.
Free shipping and a 20% discount.


The price is considerably higher.

4. EveryYay Happy Place Plush Dog Mat

The first image of the product’s webpage makes you quickly realize one crucial clarification; the EveryYay dog mat is a bit hard to fit inside a cage.

It’s simply because of the mat’s shape, which is covered from all sides.

But with some effort, dog owners can push this inside a dog’s crate. But on the flip side, these raised walls also bring an extra layer of comfort.

There are more reasons why this is the fourth-best crate bed. EveryYay’s dog crate bed comes in impressive seven sizes.

The smallest size has dimensions of 16x10x2 inches, and the largest is as big as 46x28x3.5 inches.

EveryYay Happy Place Plush Dog Mat

So rest assured, you can fit any dog on this mat effortlessly. 

But how do you find the right fit? Since the crate bed has a unique shape, EveryYay provides you with its own measurement guide. That makes it easier to find the perfect size.

However, remember that this dog crate mat is NOT chew-proof or odor resistant. That’s your cue to be extra careful.

I love that this mat is machine washable, as similar mats are advised to hand wash. But since it’s an ultra-soft plush material, you should be cautious about the detergents you use.

It brings a lot of peace of mind as you get free shipping for $35 as well.

All things considered, EveryYay’s Happy Place plush crate bed delivers the promise and is recommendable as a reliable alternative dog mat.


Available in seven sizes, providing options for dogs of different sizes and breeds.
Raised walls of the mat offer an extra layer of comfort and security for the dog.
A unique shape and measurement guide makes it easy to find the perfect fit.
Versatile usage options, not limited to fitting inside a crate.
Soft plush material provides a cozy surface for the dog to rest on.
The machine washable feature allows for convenient and easy cleaning.
Free shipping for orders over $35 adds value and saves on additional costs.
An impressive range of dimensions ensures suitability for dogs of all sizes.
The mat’s shape and design contribute to a visually appealing aesthetic.
EveryYay brand is recognized and recommended as a reliable alternative for dog mats.


Not chew proof.
The shape might make it harder to fit inside some crates.

5. MidWest Bolster Pet Bed

Midwest is a brand known for strong metal crates. But did you know that it was also known for super-soft dog beds?

Similar to the other beds so far, the Bolster bed too comes in multiple sizes. It’s an impressive range, from 18 inches to 54. That’s why the Midwest dog crate bed will fit any crate perfectly. 

If you don’t want it inside a crate, that also works fine. 

Midwest enables more personalization thanks to the five colors it comes in. As always, my recommendation is to go with a darker color as their original look stays longer.

MidWest Bolster Pet Bed

Most dogs will love the elastic corner straps of the bed that makes the bed fit perfectly to a crate pan — no sliding risk!

But it’s the comfort factor that makes this pet bed so priceless. It comes with an ultra-soft fleece top. This top is backed with a comfortably padded polyester filling around the perimeter of the dog.

Why is this soft filling there? For your dog to keep their heads on.

The bolster pet bed also brings much peace of mind as this dog crate bed is 100% machine washable and dryer friendly. 

It’s admirable how Midwest gives you an entire 1-year warranty; after all, it’s a recognized brand.

For an alternative, Midwest’s dog crate bed is definitely recommendable.


Sizes are available from 18 inches to 54 for dogs ranging from small dogs to large.
Versatile usage options, suitable for both inside and outside of a crate.
Variety of color options, allowing for personalization and style preferences.
Elastic corner straps keep the bed securely in place, minimizing the risk of sliding.
Ultra-soft fleece top provides a cozy and comfortable surface for the dog to rest on.
Comfortably padded polyester cushion around the perimeter serves as a headrest.
100% machine washable and dryer friendly, making maintenance easy and convenient.
Backed by a 1-year warranty.
Overall high-quality construction.
Folds easily for convenient storage and travel.


Some might not like the conditions of the warranty.
Lacks memory foam.

6. MidWest Homes for Pets Super Plush Dog & Cat Beds

Midwest is such a dog-focused brand, and the same brand also produces the next best option. Let’s see what makes the super plush dog crate bed special.

This size range is one slot less than the previous Midwest dog mat, But chances are high that your dog will fit a dog crate bed between 18 to 48 inches.

I have to admire the non-skid surface as that prevents the bed from shifting or moving, especially when your dog steps on or off. It makes things easier for the dog.

This bed’s material stands out big time, in a great way, and Midwest directly recommends it to all breeds.

MidWest Homes for Pets Super Plush Dog Cat Beds

The unique story pattern of the polyester makes this pet bed a decorative item while delivering superb comfort.

However, it’s a bit of a letdown that the bed doesn’t have a zipper. But don’t worry; you can wash this comfy dog crate bed in a washing machine. But remember to avoid bleach and go with tumble dry low.

Cocoa, grey, and mocha; are the three colors in which the midwest deluxe super plush is available. So, you get some interior-decor personalization.

It’s not the best dog crate bed, but your dog will love the Midwest dog crate bed just as much as you will.


Size options with sizes within the 18 to 48 inches range.
A non-skid surface prevents the bed from shifting on or off, providing stability and safety.
High-quality material with a unique story pattern polyester design adds a decorative touch.
Recommended by Midwest for all breeds, ensuring suitability for a wide range of dogs.
The machine washable feature allows for convenient cleaning and maintenance.
Avoidance of bleach ensures the longevity and quality of the bed.
Available in three color options (cocoa, grey, and mocha), allowing for personalization.
Designed by Midwest, a trusted brand known for its focus on dog products.
Super plush material provides a comfortable and cozy surface for the dog to rest on.
4.5 rating from over 75,000 customers.


No money-back guarantee.
Lacks material safety features such as fire retardants.

7. EMPSIGN Stylish Dog Bed

The next alternative is the Empsign dog bed.

To start off, the Empsign dog bed to suits a wide variety of dog breeds thanks to the five sizes the pad comes in.

The smallest has the dimensions 23 “x16″ x3”, and the largest is 47 “x29″ x3”.

No worries about the ideal space.

The design has two sides of the mat; one warm and plush side for cold days and the canvas side for warmer days — a unique feature that increases the functionality of the high-density foam.

EMPSIGN Stylish Dog Bed

Empign boasts that inside foam is enclosed with a waterproof lining and that increases durability. The durability factor further increases as you can easily wash it. The zippered removable, machine-washable cover makes cleaning easier.

You can buy with Amazon Prime shipping as well. But remember to let it inflate for 24-48 hours as it comes vacuum compressed.

It’s a very comfortable dog crate mat; your dog will love it.


It comes in five sizes. largest has dimensions 47 “x29″ x3”.
Dual-surface design for warmer and colder days.
High-density foam enclosed with a waterproof lining.
Comes with a zippered, removable, and machine-washable cover.
Easy to set it up as it comes vacuum compressed.
Conveniently portable weight.


Comes with only one color.
Has no warranty.

8. K&H Self-Warming Crate Pad

K&H might be a lesser-known brand, but their self-warming pad is a great alternative.

This comes in one color, cream, and six sizes. The smallest is 14’’x22″, and the largest is 37’’x54″. K&H recommends the smallest for dogs up to 20 lbs and the largest for dogs up to 180 lbs.

So, there’s a long range.

As mentioned in the name, the pad has a self-warming mechanism that works with two layers; the 1st layer works as insulation, and the second reflects the heat back to your bed.

KH Self Warming Crate Pad

Remember that this design helps your dog MAINTAIN ideal heat but does not make them uncomfortably warm.

Above these self-warming two layers is the microfleece top. It might not be as comfortable as a memory foam, but it’s comfortable enough as an alternative mat. It suits car rides too.

I also like the corner slits because they make fitting crates easier. If not, the mat’s shape will be disoriented quickly, affecting its durability as well.

Cleaning this crate pad is a piece of cake as the product is conveniently machine washable. You can wash the entire bed on a gentle cycle with cold water.

The K&H brings you this mat with 20 years of experience, and that makes this one of the best dog crate pads.


It comes in one color and six sizes to a large size range.
Self-warming dual-layer design provides ideal heat.
Superior comfort by the microfleece top.
Corner slits to ensure the best fit inside the crate.
A completely machine-washable mat makes everything easy.
Made with 20 years of experience.


Lacks a zipper-based design.
Lacks memory foam.

9. Majestic Pet Products Dog Bed

If you have been unable to find the Diggs Snooz Crate Pad and all the alternatives so far, my last resort recommendation is Majestic.

Let’s see what makes it special.

Majestic’s dog bed comes in four sizes, 24 inches to 52 inches, so there’s a vast size range. That size range is more valuable as it comes in 14 colors.

Premium high loft polyester fiber fill stuffing is a unique selling point of Majestic’s dog bed. The comfort is phenomenal, but it would have been perfect if it was a memory foam.

Majestic Pet Products Dog Bed

You’d like the waterproof denier base made of waterproof 300/600 denial for any unwanted accidents or spills. While it’s waterproof, you can easily machine wash this pet bed.

But I doubt if you can fit this pet bed inside a crate. If that’s not your intention in the first place, then it’s all good because remember that it’s a bit of a cushiony bed.

All things considered, Majestic’s dog bed is my last alternative recommendation for a dog bed.


The dog bed comes in four sizes and 14 colors for better personalization.
Premium high loft polyester fiber fill stuffing for superior comfort.
Waterproof denier base made of waterproof 300/600 for durability.
Very cushiony bed to hug your dog’s body all over.
Completely machine washable.
Assembled in the USA with imported materials.


The bed is least likely to fit inside a crate.
The cover isn’t removable.

With that, we come to the end of the review. Up next is some of the must-know knowledge regarding dog crate beds & pads. Let’s start with how to choose the best dog crate bed.

How to Choose the Best Dog Crate Beds?

2 dogs sleeping on a bed inside a dog crate

Finding the perfect dog crate bed requires considering various factors.

Here are some key points to keep in mind during your selection process:

  1. Ensure the size and fit is correct regarding the dog’s dimensions and the size compatibility with the crate.
  2. Opt for high-quality materials such as memory or orthopedic foam, as you’d want decent comfort for your dog.
  3. The machine washability of dog crate mats makes everything convenient, and remember that removable covers further increase durability.
  4. Tear or chew-resistant dog pads are there; you should try to choose them. Water-resistant crate mats are amazing too.
  5. It’s always best to buy dog crate mats with money-back guarantees to make it risk-free.

I’m sure there’s more, but you can start with these.

Getting the best dog crate bed is not only the job you should do. You should also get a best dog crate that fits your dog. Click here to find a best dog crate.

Cleaning Guide of Dog Crate Beds

Cleaning crate mats isn’t the same as cleaning a crate. Wrong decisions can reduce the bed’s lifespan and cause health complications for your dog.

So, how to do it like a pro?

Regular maintenance

  • Regularly remove loose fur and debris from the crate mat with a vacuum cleaner or lint roller.

Spot cleaning

  • Use a pet-safe stain remover or mild soap and water for minor stains or pills.
  • Gently blot the affected area with a clean cloth/sponge, being careful not to saturate the crate mat.
  • Allow the area to dry completely before returning the crate mat.

Machine washable aspect

  • Always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for washing and drying.
  • Use a gentle cycle and mild detergent specifically designed for pet items.
  • Before washing, remove any removable covers or inserts in the crate mat.
  • Double-check the recommended temperature settings.
  • Best to avoid bleach or hard chemicals.
  • Once washed, let the crate mat dry thoroughly, and put it back.

Non-machine washable beds

  • Spot cleaning and regular cleaning are crucial for these beds.
  • Use a mild pet-safe detergent or cleaning solution and gently scrub the bed’s surface.
  • Rinse well, and allow the crate mats to air dry before returning to the bed.

Odor control

  • Sprinkling baking soda or a pet-safe odor neutralizer on the bed’s surface is ideal.
  • Let it sit for a few hours to absorb odors, then vacuum or shake off the excess.
  • This helps the crate mats smell fresh and clean for your dog.

Remember that maintaining a clean and hygienic dog crate mat is essential for your pet’s health and comfort.

Regular maintenance, prompt spot cleaning, and following the appropriate cleaning methods based on the bed’s specifications will help keep it in optimal condition.

How I Tested and Picked the Best?

As I said at the beginning, there were about 20 dog crate mats, and coming across these isn’t hard. 

All you need to do is look it up. But evaluating these dog crate mats is the challenge.

This is the stage where I take my time to review each dog crate mat carefully. It doesn’t matter where I start from as I compare each other as I go.

So, by the time I made it to the 19 and 20th dog crate mats, I had a thorough idea about each crate bed or pad.

That’s when we order units from each dog crate mat. That’s the level of credibility we aim for.

a toy dog on a bed inside a crate

Once the dog crate mats arrive, we closely test them in multiple ways. If the manufacturer says the product is waterproof, we test that. Likewise, all the features are tested. 

But most importantly, we put all the beds through a common set of parameters; size, cleaning convenience, etc. As you go, it’s obvious what beds are really good.

So, why didn’t I list down all 20? It’s simply because I’m confident that you’ll pick one from the top 9. They’re the best.

Pros and Cons of Using a Dog Crate Bed


Enhanced comfort and relaxation for your dog.
Provides joint and muscle support, especially for older or arthritic dogs.
Creates a cozy and secure environment promoting mental health.
Temperature regulation to maintain comfortable heat levels in your body.
Helps contain shedding fur, dander, and allergens within the crate easily.
Offers a designated space for your dog, minimizing the risk of them choosing couches, etc.
Discomfort and pressure sore risk reduction by preventing direct hard contact with hard surfaces.
And so many more.


Some dogs may not immediately adjust to using a bed.

In Conclusion

Having a bed inside your dog’s crate is one of the easiest ways to make them understand that you care enough. Remember that you won’t be buying dog beds every month; it’s an investment. 

That’s why investing in Diggs Snooz Crate Pad is a great idea. It meets and exceeds expectations by design — the bed is objectively the best.

I hope this review was helpful. See you in another!


Yes, crate beds are beneficial for dogs as they provide additional comfort and help dogs feel calm and secure.

No, not all dog beds fit dog crates. It is recommended to research the product and understand its size and shape before purchase, to ensure a proper fit.

A memory foam is a type of foam material that molds to the shape of a dog over time, providing them with a comfortable and snug fit in their bed.

Diggs Snooz Crate Pad
Diggs Snooz Crate Pad Product Image
Build Quality





Overall Score


Suitable for puppies and senior dogs.
CertiPUR-US® Memory Foam provides exceptional comfort like an orthopedic dog bed.
The removable and easily washable cover makes cleaning easier.
The hidden zipper makes it difficult for the dog to damage it.
30 days money back guarantee
Get the BEST PRICE valid until the end of June
It cannot be used when a crate divider is being used.

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