7 Best Collapsible Dog Crates (2024 Upd.) Portable Cages

Last Updated on June, 2024

If only people knew how unique collapsible crates were. But both you and I know, and that’s why you’re here. 

So, what’s the best collapsible dog crate?

The answer to that lies in this comprehensive review. But why trust me?

Why Trust Me?

I actually bought about 15 crates with iPetGuides and evaluated them with the team’s help. That’s why we know the truth, not what people want to hear.

So, buckle up, and read carefully to pick the best of the best dog crates.

Let’s start with the first and the best dog crate: IMPACT’s collapsible dog crate.

Editor’s Choice
Impact Collapsible Crate Top Pick Product Image
Build Quality






Overall Score


#2nd Best Choice
Diggs Revol Crate Product image
Build Quality






Overall Score


#3rd Best Choice
MidWest Homes for Pets iCrate Product Image
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Overall Score


7 Best Collapsible Dog Crates (Portability Certified)

1. IMPACT Collapsible Dog Crate

The IMPACT is a beloved dog crate brand. Their collapsible crate sets a new standard for collapsible dog crates.

Let’s see why.

This crate is 100% collapsible. Which basically means that it folds flat.

But what’s impressive is how long it takes to collapse and expand, just 60 seconds.

Once it does, you can comfortably store it with the least space and carry it even more easily with strong handles made with durable materials.

This is anything but a soft crate.

On top of that, this is a strong Aluminum crate made to contain small and large dogs easily. 

This crate comes in six sizes, from 30.5’’L x 20.5’’W x 26’’H (22.5’’W with airline rails) to 54.6 “L x 35.6 “W x 42.03 “H proves that.

Personalization further increases thanks to the six earth-tone colors. I personally love grey; it blends so nicely with the black metallic parts.

IMPACT’s collapsible metal crates have one lock, which can be operated by one hand — super easy to use.

But what about your dog’s comfort? IMPACT’s design team has incorporated enough rounded-diamond-shaped air holes that enable optimal airflow. 

On top of that, it gives enough light and visibility while avoiding separation anxiety triggers. It’s well covered in parallel, and dogs prefer this safe feeling.

You get all of these with a lifetime guarantee too. Additionally, you’re also entitled to free exchanges and free shipping. Sometimes, you also will get free fastening straps too. 

Since the crates ship assembled, pet parents can use it as soon as it arrive. 

Remember that this is USA-made, with top-notch quality; it really is a game-changer collapsible crate. It definitely deserves to be your new crate.

Interested in learning more? Read our Impact dog crate review.


100% collapsible crate that folds flat
Expands in just 60 seconds
Available in six sizes for all dog breeds
Rounded-diamond-shaped air holes for perfect ventilation
Military-grade handles for the easiest moving
Comes in six attractive colors
Strong aluminum crate made to last longer
Lifetime guarantee
Free shipping
Free exchanges
Ships assembled for your convenience
Stackable design quality
Made in the USA


Bit heavier

2. Diggs Revol Crate

DIGGS’ Revol dog crate has a unique look, and it’s my best alternative to IMPACT’s collapsible crate.

This is also a 100% collapsible crate that folds flat under 60 seconds. The process is swift and demonstrated on the product page. 

That allows convenient storage in any safe space.

As a brand, DIGGS has prioritized personalization, as this crate is available in three colors and four sizes.

The size ranges from 25 “L x 17” W x 19 “H to 44 “L x 28 “W x 30 “H. 

That loosely translates to, “Revol dog crate is suitable for smaller and larger dogs.”

One key difference between Revol and IMPACT’s crate is the material. The DIGGS Revol dog crate is made mostly from a strong plastic frame with metallic components. It’s great since this is closer to being a durable metal wire crate.

However, whether this can be a dependable travel dog crate is questionable.

But on the brighter side, ventilation, lighting, and visibility are higher in the Revol dog crate. Thanks to the super safe diagonal mesh, your dog’s paws and nails will be safe too. I think all collapsible dog kennels should be like that.

It also has a removable tray that makes cleaning much easier.

How about the accessibility of the Revol dog crate? Get this; it has TWO doors on adjacent sides. Yes, there’s a garage-style side door.

Pet owners will love moving it as it is collapsible, with a carry-friendly handle. The cherry on top is its wheels at the bottom, which makes it even easier; it’s a great travel crate.

All of this is made in the USA, with a 1-year warranty.

If your dog is well-tamed and the conditions don’t require immense strength, the Diggs Revol crate just might do the job.

If you want to know more details about the Diggs Dog Crate, dive into our in-depth review here.


Fully and fast collapsible crate
Comes in three colors and four sizes for large, small, and medium-sized dogs
Made from strong PVC frame and metallic components
Wire/mesh crate with safe diagonal openings
Higher ventilation, lighting, and visibility
Dual door design
Wheels to carry this travel crate easier
Free shipping


The PVC frame isn’t as strong as IMPACT’s crate
Limited warranty period

3. MidWest Homes for Pets iCrate

MidWest is a dog crate brand known for innovative and affordable dog crates. Their iCrate is another example of that.

MidWest crates are one of the best collapsible dog crates that fold flat.

But since it resembles the traditional wire dog crate, you shouldn’t expect the collapsibility and expansion convenience of the IMPACT’s or Diggs’ crate.

The brand is known to boast its crate size range, and iCrate continues that tradition with six sizes.

It’s an impressive crate length range from 22 to 48 inches.

It’s crate not only for small and medium sizes but ALSO for larger dogs.

But not the escape artist dogs who’ll damage the wires.

The brand recommends this collapsible dog crate for indoor purposes, as it lacks what it takes to be a travel or outdoor wire dog crate. After all, it has one simple lock and one door.

But a silver lining is the free polyester crate cover. You can easily cover the crate to reduce separation anxiety being triggered.

Additionally, you also get two bowls for food and water — how thoughtful of MidWest.

That’s not all; Midwest also provides a fleece dog bed. This bed is very comfortable, machine washable, and dryer-friendly. But you might want to remove the dog’s collar as your dog goes inside since you don’t want it to entangle with the steel frame.

On top of all this, dog owners can train their dogs better with this collapsible dog crate, and not to mention, it comes with a divider panel too. 

All of these come FREE with this collapsible dog crate.

How about cleaning convenience? Thanks to the leak-proof plastic pan, it’s easier than you’d expect. Add to that the 4 roller feet and moving convenience further increases.

I understand that it lacks factors such as strength compared to Revol and IMPACT’s crate. But for this price and all its features, MidWest iCrate collapsible crates are impressive,


Fully collapsible dog crate
Six sizes to choose from
Metallic crate made for indoors
Has a polyester crate cover
The crate train is better with the crate divider
Clean easier with the leak-proof plastic pan
Free fleece dog bag for convenience
4 roller feet for easier moving
Free two bowls for food and water


Doesn’t have handles
Comes only in one color

4. Pettycare Collapsible Dog Crate

If you’re into camping, the product image should remind you of some nice memories. 

This is the Pettycare collapsible dog crate.

Pettycare’s dog crate is collapsible too. But since it’s fabric-based, it doesn’t collapse similar to Revol or IMPACT’s crate; it shrinks. 

But it’s not just any regular fabric but a 6000D Oxford cloth. But you can’t expect the resilience of the first few crates we discussed.

Pettycare Collapsible Dog Crate

On the brighter side, you can buy this collapsible dog crate in five sizes. The range varies between the dimensions 20”Lx13”Wx15”H and 42”Lx31”Wx31”H. This soft-sided crate fits many dogs easily.

Pettycare crate’s one significant feature is the strong frame tube design. Not only does it make the crate lightweight and easy to collapse. Most importantly, it stays in the right shape.

Wouldn’t you be surprised to hear that this crate has side pockets? Yes, it does. On top of that, you also get a carry handle for convenient carrying. The elastic strap to contain water bottles is certainly a great addition.

I didn’t mention the fleece pad, did I? It’s so comfortable for your dog while being removable and washable.

To me, the biggest flex of the Pettycare collapsible dog crate is the three entry points with an openable top window. This ensures amazing air circulation, giving the utmost freedom to your furry friends.

However, dog owners must remember not to cage any strong dogs who need better crate training or dogs with severe separation anxiety. The fabric is only scratch-resistant, not scratch-proof.

But overall, it’s a great collapsible dog crate.


100% collapsible dog crate that folds flat
Comes in five spacious sizes
6000D Oxford cloth-based breathable & scratch-resistant fabric crate
Has a polyester crate cover
Frame tube design to hold the shape better
Free removable and washable fleece bed
Three doors with an openable top window
Elastic strap to hold water bottles safely


Not a durable metallic crate
It cannot be recommended for regular outdoor or travel use

5. Mirapet Pet Carrier

With the Mirapet crate, we’re back again with solid crates, and this one sure looks amazing. And it delivers pretty amazing too.

Made from strong polypropylene, this is a plastic-dominant crate. So, the durability of metal crates isn’t there, but the build quality is supreme.

You can buy the Mirapet crate in two sizes; 22″ and 27″ sizes. The brand recommends the crate for adult dogs between 7lbs to 15lbs.

It suits medium and small dog breeds.

Before you judge, check out the crate yourself.

Mirapet Pet Carrier

Since the Mirapet crate is on this list, it’s 100% collapsible. The secret is the easy snap-in-place collapsible design. Just pull up the top handle, lock the sides, and secure the front and back.

In case you missed it, the same ergonomic carrying handle makes crate transportation easier. Thanks to the material, this TSA-approved pet carrier is lightweight, making carrying even easier.

The door is very secure, and you can see that the wires can’t be bent. There are 360-degree ventilation openings to complement that. One downside is that the lock is plastic-made.

The crate comes assembled, so dog owners don’t have to worry about that, either. As I said, the crate folds flat and expands more easily with no tools.

It’s a shame that the crate doesn’t have a plastic tray for easier cleaning.

All things considered, I’d definitely recommend the Mirapet collapsible dog crate; you just have to make your mind up for some feature gaps.


It folds flat and expands easier with a snap-in-place design
Available in two sizes up to 27″ in length
Made with higher-quality polypropylene
360-degree ventilation for the highest comfort
TSA-approved crate
It has one ergonomic carrying handle
The crate comes assembled
Unique shape that ensures sturdy placement


Side latched are made up of plastic
Some dogs won’t like how intimidating the crate looks

6. Beatrice Portable, Collapsible Kennel

At first glance, the Beatrice collapsible crate should surely remind you of a camping tent. 

After all, the brand positions the crate as a pop-up travel crate; it’s very simple to use. But the biggest advantage has to be the lightweight nature.

But the downside of that is lowered strength. However, it should be fine if you don’t use this crate to replace situations the IMPACT’s crate sustains.

Unlike the Mirapet collapsible crate, the Beatrice crate is available in seven vibrant colors.

Personalization further increases thanks to the three sizes it comes in.

Beatrice Portable Collapsible Kennel

The range is between 24 “L x 16.6 “W x 16 “H and 40″L x 27” W x 27 “H.

Because of this, the crate folds down to 12″ to 13″ round. This makes it carrying the crate extremely easy.

Although the fabric is not as good as the Pettycare crate, the Beatrice crate is pretty good. However, you must not cage any strong or highly anxious dogs as they’ll easily damage the crate.

After all, there isn’t any steel mesh wire for protection.

That’s why taming dogs is extremely important. Remember that I included a guide late in this review just for my beloved pet parents.

Moving on, it’s a letdown that the crate doesn’t have a strong lock. But so don’t typical camping tents. Instead, there’s a dual-zippered front opening for entry and exit.

That’s why this tent-like dog container is recommended indoors and outdoors.

As you may remember, IMPACT’s crate is USA-made, but Beatrice’s collapsible crate is made in China.

All things considered, the Beatrice crate is another good enough product as long as you’re fine with its features.


Collapsible fabric-based crate
Available in three sizes
Available in seven vibrant colors
Breathable fabric for comfort
Fabric-based crate for easier management
Made in China
It doesn’t require assembling
Has a dual-zippered front opening for entry and exit


It doesn’t have a strong lock
The fabric material is not that durable

7. Merry Pet 2-in-1 Configurable Pet Crate

Furniture, anyone? 

So far, we have discussed metallic, plastic, and fabric crates. Merry Pet 2-in-1 changes that as this is a wooden crate.

This crate is quite unique as it doesn’t fold flat but collapses to a gate. Yes! In the gate form, you can use it anywhere you wish.

On top of that, this crate also blends inside your house as amazing interior decor.

How about the size range? It comes in two sizes; the smaller is 32.5L x 23.5W x 22.5H in. The larger is 40″ L x 28″ W x 31.5″ H — it’s very spacious too.

Merry Pet 2 in 1 Configurable Pet Crate

As a kennel, you also get a removable leak-proof pan. This makes it more comfortable for your dog and helps you clean it easily too. 

The crate is wood-based, but it has metallic wires on each panel. This helps you secure the dog pretty nicely. But a stronger dog could possibly damage these wires. 

This is my last recommendation for IMPACT’s collapsible crate alternative; it delivers pretty well, considering the price.


Easily collapsible crate
Comes in two sizes
Works amazingly as an interior decor item
Collapses to a gate with a door
Easier to clean with a plastic pan
Durable than most fabric-based crates
Comes assembled
Flat top to keep items as an end table


It doesn’t fold flat, although it collapses
Doesn’t have a dependable lock

What is a Collapsible Dog Crate?

Collapsible dog crates usually fold flat or can be collapsed into a compact size for easy storage and transport. You can expand them back to the crate following the manufacturer’s instructions.

How to Choose the Ideal Collapsible Dog Crate?

A black and white dog is sitting in a crate

If you’re wondering how I chose and ranked them, you’re about to learn the secret.

Here are some critical points to consider:

  • Ensure how it collapses and expands back to suit your needs.
  • Check how long it takes to collapse and expand.
  • Make sure you don’t need special tools and expertise to collapse or expand it.
  • Consider the dimensional difference between collapsed and expanded states.
  • Do you get a caring handle or wheels to move it?
  • The standard stuff: dimensions, resilient material, ventilation, locks, and tie pins.
  • Best to get a crate with a long warranty.

I’m sure there are more, but considering these factors is more than enough.

Benefits of Buying Collapsible Dog Crates

There are SO many benefits, and here are 8 off the top of my head:

  • Collapsible dog crates are highly portable.
  • They save up space due to their compact folding design.
  • All these crates come assembled.
  • Potty training is much easier.
  • You can use these for indoor, outdoor, and even travel.
  • Cleaning is easier, thanks to the typical build quality.
  • Ventilation is given priority.
  • Security of collapsible crates is generally higher.

I’m not going down the benefits of dog crates in general. So, in conclusion, it’s a fantastic investment.

How to Choose the Right Size Crate for Your Dog?

Two pictures of a dog in a cage

Although some crates have recommended breed-specific crates, it’s always best to measure it by yourself.

It’s very simple:

  • Length measurement: Measure the distance from your dog’s nose tip to the base of the tail. Add a few inches, and that’s a decent crate length.
  • Width measurement: Measure your dog’s torso and add twice the amount of inches that you did with length. This ensures that your dog has enough space to move around and lie down comfortably.
  • Height measurement: Measure the length from the bottom to the top end of the ears when held up. Add a few inches, and there’s the crate height.

Now that you have the three measurements, you can check which numbers are closest. It’s as simple as that.

If you want to learn more about crate size, here’s my comprehensive guide.

How to Collapse a Dog Crate?

a man collapsing a crate

This question doesn’t have a universal answer as it depends on the crate. But almost always, every crate has at least two hinges where you can ‘unlock’ the position. Once you do that, you can slowly fold the crate, or it collapses on its own.

It’s anything but complicated.

Want an in-depth step-by-step guide? Read our how to collapse a dog crate guide here.

Tips for Training Your Dog to Use a Collapsible Dog Crate

Whether it is a normal or a collapsible dog crate, crate training your dog is important.

To do that, all you need to do is follow these steps, and you’ll be more than fine:

  • Keep the crate door open, and put familiar bedding inside, with maybe a soft toy to make the crate welcome. Let them explore the crate by themselves.
  • Once they’re used to it, feed them treats inside and make them stay inside without the door closed.
  • Simultaneously, bring the feeding bowl closer to the crate each time.
  • Simultaneously, remember not to force or punish them; the crate shouldn’t symbolize punishment.
  • Once they’re comfortable enough, start closing the door for brief periods of time. Open the crate and praise them for being calm.
  • This is when you should practice a cue or phrase like “crate” or “go to bed” to signal them when to go inside.
  • Gradually increase the time when the crate door is closed. Provide praise and traits to them for remaining calm.
  • Repeat the process until they’re fully dependent on the crate.

While you do all this, remember that success depends on how patient you are. If you do everything right, your dog should LOVE their crate.

In Conclusion

Buying a collapsible dog crate is an investment due to several reasons. Out of all the best collapsible dog crates, IMPACT’s crate wins with a considerable lead.

This is due to its unique characteristics that make your dog’s life comfortable while putting you at ease. For that price, it’s a steal.

I hope this review was useful to you. Say hi to your pepper for me!


Yes, it is possible to collapse a dog crate and there are specific crates designed specifically for that purpose.

Yes, collapsible dog crates are worth the money due to the numerous benefits associated with their convenience and portability.

The best material for collapsible dog crates is any form of metal, as it is the most durable and long-lasting.

IMPACT Collapsible Dog Crate
Impact Collapsible Crate Top Pick Product Image
Build Quality






Overall Score


Made in the USA
100% collapsible crate that folds flat
Available in six sizes for all dog breeds
Rounded-diamond-shaped air holes for perfect ventilation
Free shipping
Lifetime guarantee
Get the BEST PRICE valid until the end of June
Bit heavier

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