10 Best Dog GPS Trackers & Pet Tracking Devices [2024 Upd.]

Last Updated on June, 2024

If anyone told me that keeping track of my pet’s location and, at the same time, its health data via a simple collar 15 years ago, I would’ve said that it’s impossible. 

But now here we are! 

GPS dog collars are gaining extreme popularity, and more and more dog owners are starting to get one. Quite rightly so, considering the benefits these devices provide.

After all, it seems like you’re interested in getting one too. GOOD! 

Because each year in the US alone, around a whopping Two million dogs are victims of DOG THEFT. What’s worse than that is only around 10% are able to recover their canine companions, which is just SAD! (1)

With GPS pet trackers, you can say goodbye to incidents such as this as they’ll help you keep an eye on your pooch almost all the time. 

Below are our Top 10 Picks For The Best GPS Tracking Devices For Dogs. Go through and find out which one of these is right for your canine companion.

Editors Choice
Fi series 3
FI Series 3
Battery Life
Extra Features






Overall Score


#2nd Best Choice
Jiobit Smart Tag
Jiobit Smart Tracker
Battery Life
Extra Features






Overall Score


#3rd Best Choice
fitbark 2
FitBark GPS 2nd Gen
Battery Life
Extra Features






Overall Score



All of these GPS trackers and collars were picked based upon thorough testing and research with many factors such as location tracking, tracking range, and battery life considered. No matter what GPS tracker you go with, it’ll serve great.

Our 10 Picks for the Best Dog GPS Trackers

Below are our top picks in detail; make sure you go through everything to get a clear idea of what each one is capable of. 

Also, most of the GPS collars mentioned below can not only track your dog’s location. They can even keep track of your pet’s activity, health, and more, which is great and can truly help you keep your dog healthier.

1. Fi Series 3 (Editor’s Choice)

Fi Series 2, even though was promising, was overshadowed by more advanced trackers like the Jiobit and Whistles of the world.

Series 3 is different, and I would say it’s the perfect redemption.

Everything you need in a GPS dog tracker: Connectivity, Durability, Build Quality and Battery Life is top-notch here. 

All that, as you might’ve have guessed, makes it the best tracker to put a stop to your spirited nomad.

Let me just list out what Fi Series 3 brings to the table starting off with its GPS location tracking. This device does it better than any other out there.

Location tracking and updates in Series 3 is fast, and most importantly accurate

That’s thanks to the 78 satellites it connects to. It also contributes to improved cellular and GPS coverage remote areas.

Let me get this out of the way before moving forward. To check your dog’s location and receive alerts once it takes off, you need to download the Fi app available on both App store and Google Play.

You get to control everything about the collar through there. As far as trackers go, Fi not only does that, but it also helps you create safe zones for your dog.

Once you’ve designated the safe zones, you will receive alert notification with the dog’s location through the app on your mobile phone whenever your dog gets near or over it allowing you to take prompt action. 

If your dog wanders off too far, that is where the real magic of Fi comes in. You can turn on its Lost Dog Mode. This mode will update your dog’s location every 10 to 15 seconds.

According to my testing, the updates were mostly in between that range, but it can also go longer. Your cellular strength plays a role here, the higher it gets, the faster the updates. That’s the outdoor capabilities of the Series 3.

As for it’s performance in the indoors, it’s equally great. We all know that cellular connectivity could take toll on battery life, to counter that, Fi, when indoors, automatically changes its connection from cellular to WiFi or Bluetooth for location tracking. 

This process saves a ton of battery life, which is something you already have nothing to worry about in the Fi Series 3. 

Out of all the trackers, this has the best battery life. Relatively less use of cellular connectivity will keep the device on for a whopping two and a half months if not three.

With constant GPS and cellular usage along with WiFi and Bluetooth, my unit went on for three weeks max before giving up. Which in itself is excellent. 

That said, on Lost Dog Mode, Fi Series 3 can go for two whole days, that is top-notch considering the stress the collar is put through. 

Activity tracking is something many trackers fail to deliver, Series 3 in that regard is different class. Even the Series 2 was top notch. You can monitor your dog’s Activity and Sleep daily, weekly and monthly with detailed graphs. 

Looking at the build quality and durability of the device, I would again say there’s nothing that comes close. Tracker is fully stainless steel and that give it the strength to withhold almost 400lbs of static force.

Moreover, the tracker is IP68 and IP66K rated, meaning it can not only withstand submersion but also high-pressure water exposure.

The cherry on top is the set up process and ease of use. Everything is just seamless and the app guides you through everything you need to know about using the collar. 


  • Fits Dogs With Neck Sizes Of 9.5 Inches To 31 Inches. 
  • Real-time Live GPS Tracking
  • Advanced Activity Tracking
  • Safe Zones
  • Supports LTE, WiFi, And Bluetooth
  • IP68 and IP66K rated
  • 3 months battery runtime
  • 400lbs+ resistance
  • Unlimited Warranty Replacements For Active Members


Superior GPS tracking accuracy and speed
Connects to 78 satellites for improved coverage
App for easy control and alerts
Lost Dog Mode for rapid location updates
Indoor mode switches to WiFi/Bluetooth, saving battery
Exceptional battery life 
Robust activity and sleep tracking features
Durable, stainless steel build, IP68/IP66K rated
Easy setup and user-friendly app experience


May have occasional longer update intervals

2. Jiobit Smart Tracker (#2nd Best Choice)

A tracker that’s the size of a cookie, Jiobit is an excellently small GPS tracker that fits not just your dogs but also cats and even children.

That’s not the reason why it secured second place though. 

This collar has more to it than its size; it’s packed with essential tracking features, all of which help you track your dog without any difficulties. 

Location tracking, let’s start with that; Jiobit, just like all the devices, is GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled, and with that, it’s 5G compatible. 

That’s typical; the way all of them work is what makes Jiobit unique.

Their patented Progressive Beaconing technology takes advantage of all the connections mentioned above.

The outcome? 

Jiobit is connected to the Jiobit app all the time, keeping track of your dog’s movements. That allows for instant updates and alerts if your dog tends to move further away from you. 

What’s even more excellent is Jiobit’s 5G-compatible, low-power network, which provides faster and more stable connection even in rural areas.

Connection stability is super important when it comes to GPS trackers; even a single blip can change everything if you’re searching for your lost dog; you don’t have to worry about that with Jiobit. 

However, to get instant location updates, as mentioned above, you need to turn on ‘’LIVE MODE’’. 

Tracking with ‘’LIVE MODE’’ turned off is a little different with Jiobit. First, you need to assign your Trusted Places within the app, like, for example, your house; you can set any amount with no issues by the way. 

Trusted Places are much like the safe zones in Fi. It operates just like it and does what it’s intended impressively. Also, thanks to it, the battery runtime is increased significantly. 

a human holding Jiobit tracker
a dog wearing Jiobit tracker

If your dog is inside that trusted place, the device will be in normal tracking mode using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi; it won’t be sending updates often, and you won’t be able to check the real-time location of the dog. 

Only when your dog gets out of that trusted place, an instant notification will be sent, and you can enable live mode, which will change the connection to cellular and GPS.

Trusted Places are much like the safe zones in Fi. It operates just like it and does what it’s intended impressively. Also, thanks to it, the battery runtime is increased significantly. 

And speaking of battery runtime, it’s top-notch in Jiobit; it can run up to a maximum of 7 days with heavy use and up to 20 days in normal use with minimal tracking. 

Also worth noting is that Jiobit is a tag and does not come with a collar; you’ll need to attach it to one; it’ll fit into any collar though. 

With all that said, Jiobit missed out on Activity tracking, which would’ve made it complete. In that place, you get a highly sorted out location history feature that’ll record all the locations you’ve dog has been to for 7 days. 

Jiobit, with everything it offers, is a simple GPS tracking device that works as it’s supposed to. It’s small, making it supremely portable; your dog won’t even notice it, and on top of that, the tracking technology inside it is impressive, to say the least.


  • The Tag Fits Into Any Collar
  • 7 to 20 Days of Battery Runtime
  • 5G Compatible
  • Progressive Beaconing Technology
  • Real-Time GPS Tracking
  • Virtual Fence
  • Location History for up to Seven Days
  • Supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • IPX8 Water Resistant and Shockproof
  • 12-Month Warranty


Supremely small and lightweight collar, less than a pound
5G for better coverage in rural areas
Top-notch battery life 
Effective virtual fences
Accurate real-time location
Well-thought-out location history
Easy-to-use app


Inclusion of activity tracking would have been great

3. FitBark GPS 2nd Gen (#3rd Best Choice)

FitBark, I’d say, is about the same as Jiobit; it’s small, weighs less than a pound, and comes as a tag that can be attached to any collar.

Even though small, it does an excellent job when it comes to the tracking aspects. 

First of all, FitBark relies on 4G LTE-M network,Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth for tracking, just like all the other devices. That is all the connection you’ll need for tracking and more.

I already mentioned that FitBark is almost similar to Jiobit appearance-wise, but the same goes for performance too.

The location update is instant, and the connection is reliable; the main reason for it is its capability to connect to multiple global satellites at once. 

That not only makes the connection stable but also enhances real-time location tracking along with improved connectivity in rural areas and urban canyons. 

FitBark also has Virtual fence similar to two of the collars we looked at above. You can create safe zones within any place you’d want to and rest easy. And whenever your dog tends to leave the safe zone, you’ll get an instant alert notification through the FitBark app. 

Also, once your dog is out of the safe zone, FitBark will change to live tracking mode on its own; a simple glance at your phone will display every step your dog’s taking. 

That is everything FitBark brings to the table in the tracking aspect, nothing too fancy, just a simple, straightforward tracking technology that’ll work wonders when needed. 

But wait, there’s more. Health and fitness tracking on FitBark is unlike any collar I’ve seen; almost everything that you need in terms of the health and fitness of your dog can be tracked with FitBark. 

a human holding fitbark 2
chihuahua wearing fitbark 2

For starters, FitBark allows for minute-by-minute activity, distance traveled, sleep quality, calories burned, and overall health and behavior.

Along with that, you can even set your own fitness goals for your dog. On top of all that, you can monitor early signs of health issues, skin conditions, anxiety, and mobility

Like I said, that’s the most polished health and tracking you’ll ever see in a GPS tracker for dogs.

At first glance, activity and health tracking might seem like one of the gimmicks, but no, it’s super useful when you need it; you will understand its importance once you use one. 

A little note on the battery life, FitBark device-wise, as mentioned already, is super small, and to see it having this good battery runtime was nothing but a surprise.

You can go up to 6 months with a single charge, even though that is if your dog is always inside the safe zone, it’s impressive. 

If that does not sound good, how about a full 10-day runtime while connected to the cellular service?

That is perfectly ideal to keep track of all the movements of the missing pet. 

FitBark hosts an impressive amount of tech for its size, solid location tracking with safe zones, class-leading activity tracking, all topped with a superb battery life, make it undoubtedly one of the best dog GPS trackers money can buy. 


  • Fits Dogs From 5 to 240 lbs
  • Available In One Color. Different Colored Covers Sold Separately 
  • Real-Time GPS Tracker
  • Allows To Create Safe Zones
  • Health And Activity Tracking
  • Supports WiFi, LTE, And Bluetooth
  • IP67 Water And Dust Resistant
  • 2 Year Warranty

Learn more about FitBark GPS 2nd Gen here.


Super small device
Reliable location tracking with the help of multiple global satellites
Supports all 3 major US carriers; Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile
Activity and health tracking, unlike any GPS trackers for dogs
Extra safety for dogs thanks to the safe zones
Excellent battery life


Escape alerts, even though quick, aren’t as quick as the ones above

4. Halo 2+

Halo 2+ has literally everything you would want in a smart collar.

Co-founded by the world-renowned dog trainer Cesar Millan, this collar has pretty much made a name for itself with its stellar features and capabilities.

As mentioned above, this collar has everything. First of all, it’s a GPS pet tracker and a dog’s activity tracker. 

That’s not all, though; it can be used as a training collar for dog training, plus a wireless fence to keep your dog safe.

Fit-wise, the Halo 2+ can fit dogs that are 20lbs or higher.

The build quality, on the other hand, is rugged and is made to withstand harsh terrains and chewing.

Halo 2 Collar Product Image

On top of that, the Halo 2+ is IP67 rated, meaning no water and even dust can harm the collar. 

GPS Tracking and Virtual Fence Technology are the key aspects of the Halo 2+. It uses GPS/GNSS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and LTE for tracking and is able to cover up to 10 square miles, which in itself is excellent. 

With Halo 2+, you’re able to create up to 20 virtual fences, and every time your dog exits the safe zone, you’ll be notified instantly.

But that’s not the interesting part. Once your dog is out of the safe zone, the collar takes action right away by sending three types of warnings to your dog.

You’ll be able to train your dog to understand these thanks to Cesar Millan’s boundary training program offered with the purchase of the collar.

Battery life on the Halo 2+ is almost the same as Whistle. It can last 21 hours with a single charge, and it only takes two hours to juice the collar from dead.

Halo 2+ does not miss out on Activity Tracking. You’re able to easily keep track of the number of walks and time spent being active vs. resting, where they’ve been, and how many precautions they’ve received.

Halo claims that their 2+ is the most advanced smart collar out there and by the looks of it, it’s somewhat true. However, the price can be a concern for most. If you’re interested in trying the Halo 2+ make sure to click the link below to get the lowest price possible.


  • For Dogs That Are 20 Pounds Or Larger 
  • Available In Two Different Colors; Black And White
  • Real-Time GPS Tracking And Activity Tracking 
  • Keeps Your Dog In The Safe Zone On Its Own
  • Has A 21-Day Training Program Conducted By Cesar Millan
  • Supports Wi-Fi, LTE And Bluetooth
  • Lets You Create Upto 20 Virtual Fences
  • IP67 Water Resistant
  • 12-Month Warranty

If you want to learn more about this device, checkout this Halo Dog Collar Review.


Activity tracker lets you keep track of many things
Accurate pet tracker 
Cover an impressive 10 square miles
Rugged build quality
Impressive battery life
Upto 20 virtual fences can be created



5. Tractive GPS for Dogs

Tractive GPS For Dogs is probably one of the best sellers out on the market right now, mainly due to its price and the features it offers.

And if you’re outside the US and are looking for an excellent GPS dog collar, Tractive GPS For Dogs is something that you can consider. 

Considering all things, it’s not that lacking when compared to the collars above except for a few things.

It has an IPX7 rating, meaning water can produce no harm; however, you’ll need to be careful with dust as it’s not resistant.

Tractive GPS Tracker

Tractive is slim and lightweight (1.2ounces) and comes in five beautiful color options; Snow, Coffee, Midnight Blue, Light Blue, and Light Pink.

While testing, I accidentally dropped the collar from around 1.5 meters, and except for a single minor scratch, there was no big effect, which is excellent for a collar this light.

Getting into the tracking ability, Tractive does its job excellently. There are three types of tracking modes in the app; Location Updates, Live Mode, both of which use GPS, and Find Mode, which uses Bluetooth. 

Location Updates are always on, and keeps updating the location of your dog depending on its movement. If your dog is frequently moving, the location is updated every two minutes, and if it is not moving often, it’ll update every sixty mins. This is to save battery life, and it really works.

Live Mode, on the other hand, is precisely what the name suggests. It’ll keep track of every movement your pooch makes. However, the downside is that the battery life takes a significant hit.

Find Mode is totally different from the other two modes. If you’re in an area with a weak GPS signal, this mode will help you locate your pooch with Bluetooth. Your dog should be in the Bluetooth range of the tracker though.

Apart from the tracking modes, there’s also a virtual fence mode. With this, you can create up to five virtual fences, and if your dog exits the allocated area, you’ll be notified. Also, the fence can have a minimum radius of 150 feet.

Another place where the Tractive GPS tracker for dogs excels is in the battery life. The company claims that it can last seven days. However, during my testing, the collar exceeded that mark with an extra two days, which is excellent.

Even though it’s not as good as the for example, FitBark, it’s still better than most other pet GPS trackers.

Charging time, when compared to Fi, is faster, though. Tractive can fully get to 100% in two hours.

Just like the 3 collars we looked at above, Tractive too has Activity Tracking. Here you can check how long your dog’s been active, calories burned, calm time, and sleep time each day. The app also recommends daily goals for your dog, and on top of that, you can edit them and even set goals depending on your liking. 

That’s everything the Tractive dog GPS tracker has to offer. Overall, for its asking price, it’s an excellent choice for most pet owners. However, we should not forget that it’s a GPS tracking collar with a monthly subscription. 

If this information isn’t enough for you, I recommend you check out this full Tractive GPS Dog Tracker Review here.


  • Fits Dogs That Are 8.8 Pounds Or Larger
  • Available In Five Different Colors
  • In Built Light 
  • Real-Time GPS Tracking And Activity Tracking 
  • Supports Wi-Fi And Bluetooth
  • Allows To Create Virtual Fences
  • Live Mode
  • IPX7 Water Resistant
  • 2 Years Of Warranty


Works on over 175 countries
Very lightweight
Excellent durability
Fast charging
Easy to use
Multiple tracking modes
Has night light 


Escape notifications take time to arrive

6. Whistle GO Explore

Whistle announced its name through its health tracker “Whistle Health,” which was a major success. Now they are much more than that.

GO Explore is Whistle’s GPS Tracker, and you might have already heard of it. 

Whistle 3, GO Explore’s predecessor, was excellent, and a few key tweaks make the GO Explore the best dog tracker in their lineup.

As always, let’s start with the fit. But before getting into it, if you’re a small dog owner, you might have to look for other options. 

GO Explore fits dogs only above 25lbs, which is a bummer considering that it can attach any collar. 

Whistle GO Explore Image

Even though it only fits larger dogs, the tracker is relatively lightweight compared to most others. It comes in at 1.3 ounces. Taking the tech inside the tracker into account, it’s surprising that they managed to keep it this small. 

The build quality is excellent, too, considering the size. Plus, to protect all that tech, the GO Explore is IPX8 rated, which means that no amount of freshwater can damage the internals. 

As for tracking, the GO Explore utilizes AT&T’s 4G LTE-M along with Google Maps. Before getting started, you need to download the app and register the safe places for your dog, such as your home or office, and once done; these places will be considered safe zones.

The app will notify you whenever your dog is outside the safe zone and will get into live tracking mode, which will update the location of the dog every 15 seconds. This is extremely quick when compared with most dog tracking collars. 

Moving on, GO Explore has an excellent battery. The way they’ve optimized everything is what works here. Your dog’s tracker will remain in Power Save Mode as long as it’s connected to Wi-Fi, plus it’s able to last at least 20 days like this.

Health tracking technology is the other main feature. GO Explore lets you check in on how many calories your dog burns, distance traveled, and rests taken per day. Along with that, you can also check the time spent drinking, scratching, licking, and even the sleep quality. 

With all that said, the GO Explore dog GPS tracker is, without a doubt, one of the best in the market. If your dog can fit into the collar, it can serve you well for years without a doubt.

If this information isn’t enough for you and wants to know more about this GPS device, I suggest you check out this full Whistle GO Explore Review here.


  • For Dogs That Are 25 Pounds Or Larger
  • Available In Three Different Colors
  • In Built Night Light 
  • Real-Time GPS Tracking And Activity Tracking 
  • Supports Wi-Fi And Bluetooth
  • App Allows To Create Multiple Safe Zones
  • Reminds You About VET Visits, Grooming And More
  • Live Tracking Mode
  • IPX8 Water Resistant
  • One Year Warranty


Extremely quick location updates
Long battery life
Helps keep track of time spent drinking, scratching and licking
Compatible with almost all the collars
Lets you create multiple safe zones


Tracking is unreliable when in areas with poor cell service

7. Garmin TT 15X

Garmin is known for its adventurous mindsets, and the TT 15X is one of those products that literally symbolize it.

If you go on hikes, hunt, or do any type of adventurous stuff with your dog, then the Garmin TT 15X is a must-check. It’s made for individuals like you!

The build quality stands out, rugged, extremely durable, and very well built to the point where it can be put to extreme conditions without any worries.

It’s waterproof too, and can be submerged up to a whopping 10 meters (1 ATM), which is excellent. 

Garmin TT 15X

Durability is something Garmin products rarely miss out on; they’re regularly top-notch. The same can be said for the tracking tech, too; it’s one of the most advanced here. 

Garmin TT 15X uses GPS and GLONASS satellite networks and is capable of tracking dogs up to nine miles away from you; that’s more than enough when you’re out in the wild. (2)

In case it’s not enough, the tracker comes with two antennas, both of which can help you extend the range and increase the signal strength for highly accurate and reliable tracking when in harsh conditions where there are a lot of trees and other objects that could block the signal. 

And by the way, I know you’re confused about where the two antennas came from. The TT 15X isn’t controlled via a mobile phone app. Instead, you get a separate transmitter to take control of the whole dog tracking collar.

Just like the Halo 2+, TT 15X too can be used as a remote dog training collar. There are 18 levels of continuous and momentary stimulation, tone, and vibration.

You can pick one of the three modes with your handheld device and start the training sessions. 

The tone can also come in handy when your four-legged hunter wanders out of sight. If that’s not enough to find your dog, you can use the LED beacon lights to keep track of your dog. The light can also assist you greatly during night walks. 

A small note on the battery. The Garmin TT 15X does not disappoint here, either. Even with heavy use, you can have up to a perfect 80 hours of battery life.


  • Can Be Fitted Into Any Collars. May Not Be Suitable For Small Dogs As Tracker
  • Available In One Color
  • Real-Time GPS Tracker 
  • Also A Remote Dog Training Collar
  • Has A Sleep Mode That Can Help Save Battery 
  • 1 ATM Water Resistant 
  • 1 Year Warranty

Here’s the list of the best Garmin Training Collars.


Top-notch durability 
No subscription needed
Excellent tracking capabilities 
Impressive battery
Has three training modes
Waterproof tracker


Tracker too big for small dogs

8. PETFON 2 Pet GPS Tracker

Most of you might prefer this collar for one main reason; it is one of the best pet trackers without subscription fees, just like the TT 15X.

Even without any monthly fees, it has some of the major features other subscription-based pet trackers have.

Let’s start with the build quality first. PETFON 2 overall is a tracker with a very neat design.

With that, it’s an incredibly lightweight tracker weighing just under a pound. 

You’re also looking at an IP65-rated dog tracker here, which is excellent for protection against water and even dust. 

PETFON 2 Pet GPS Tracker

As mentioned earlier, PETFON 2 does not miss out on many features compared to subscription-based collars.

The tracker, just like most others, uses GPS, WiFi, and Bluetooth for tracking, and if you lose GPS signal, you can use the PETFON’s Radar Tech, which uses sound for tracking. The closer you’re to your dog, the faster the sound starts to beep. 

GEO-FENCE is also a part of PETFON; you get to set safe zones plus boundaries for your dog to ensure their safety. 

There’s also a smart feature that most other trackers don’t have, Voice Command. With this, you can record your verbal commands into the tracker.

This can work great when your dog is a bit too far from you; you can just play the command instead of them shouting at them to get back to you. 

The battery is the only gripe for me with this tracker; with heavy use, it can only last a max of 8 hours, which isn’t that much.

There’s a power-saving mode, but that severely limits the location tracking. When set to power saving, the device won’t send you auto updates of your dog’s location unless you keep checking manually.

Apart from that, there’s nothing to report; PETFON 2 is a really solid tracker and what makes it even great is that there’s no subscription.

Learn more about PetFON Pet GPS Tracker Review here.


  • Fits almost all dogs
  • Available In One Color
  • Real-Time GPS Tracker
  • Geo-Fence Tech
  • Radar Tech
  • Supports WiFi And Bluetooth
  • Voice Command
  • In-Built Light And Sound
  • IP65 Water And Dust Resistant
  • 1 Year Warranty


Doesn’t need any subscriptions
Neat design and very lightweight
No cell service required
Radar and voice commands work great


Poor Battery Life
No health or activity tracking 

9. Tile Pro

If you live in the US, you might already know about Tile. 

Tile is not a GPS Tracker; instead, it’s a Bluetooth tracker that does a great job of keeping track of your furry friend’s footsteps.

All you have to do is attach the tracker into your collar, and you’ll be good to go—no recharging or anything that is similar to the other GPS pet trackers.

It has a very good, durable build, IP67 water and dust resistance, and an overall excellent and compact design.

Since it’s just a Bluetooth tracker, it only has a range of 400 feet.

Tile Pro

However, that’s just half of the story; the star feature here is the ‘’Tile Network’’ basically a network where all Tile app users are connected. Even if your dog goes out of the 400 feet range, you’ll be able to track them thanks to Tile Network. 

Right after you go out of range, open the Tile app and click on ‘’Notify When Found,’’ and when your dog is in range of a Tile app user, you’ll be notified instantly. 

If you rarely go on hikes and other adventures with your dog, Tile Pro can be a great option to consider.


  • Can Fit Almost Any Dogs
  • Available In Black And White 
  • Bluetooth Only Tracker 
  • Tile Network
  • One Year Replacement Battery
  • IP67 Water And Dust Resistant
  • 1 Year Warranty


Battery life upto one year
Has voice-assisted finding
Monthly subscription not required


Poor tracking range because of Bluetooth

10. Cube GPS Tracker

If you want a GPS Tracker that does its job without any problems, Cube can be an excellent choice for you.

It’s a worry-free tracker that does everything you would want.

GPS, WiFi, and Bluetooth are all part of Cube’s tracking technology.

It does an impressive job of pinpointing the exact whereabouts of the pet instantly.

Battery life is quite excellent, to say the least; it can last 10 to 60 days, depending on the usage, which is excellent.

Cube GPS Tracker

The tracker also lets you set up geo-fence zones (safe zones), includes an SOS button, and is capable of showing location history for up to 5 years. 


  • Fits almost all dogs
  • Available In One Color
  • Real-Time GPS Tracker
  • Geo Fence Tech
  • SOS Button
  • Supports WiFi And Bluetooth
  • In-Built Sound
  • IP67 Water And Dust Resistant
  • 1 Year Warranty


Top-notch battery
Instant alerts
Worthy extra features


Collar clips needs to be purchase separately 
Subscription costs are higher compare to most
Tracking in area with poor cell service can be laggy

What to Look for in a Dog GPS Tracker for Dogs? (Buyers Guide)

a dog lying on the ground and wearing fi GPS collar

All GPS Dog Trackers on the market promise to do the same thing; however, that does not mean that they’re capable of doing it. Most companies tend to offer inferior products with poor apps, and it’s not difficult to fall for one. 

Below are some of the most important things that you need to consider when buying a dog GPS Tracker if you’re to get the best one.

Consider Your Needs

To put it simply, if you go on hunting with your dog, a regular GPS Tracker isn’t going to fit mainly because you’ll be in nowhere with little to no cell signal, and the tracker will struggle to keep up with your dog.

So getting a tracker with radio frequency is important for this purpose. Likewise, before actually getting one of these devices, consider your needs. 

Here are the best GPS trackers for hunting dogs.

Size of Your Dog

Dog GPS Trackers come in different sizes and variations, and you can very easily pick the wrong one. Make sure to measure your dog’s neck size and thoroughly go through the size chart before picking one. 

GPS Technology

This is probably the most important feature to put most of your attention into.

Most Dog GPS Trackers claim to use LTE but tend to have either 2G or 3G, which is a big no-no in this day and age as they’re entirely down.

Make sure to double-check and pick a tracker from a reputable brand so that you don’t get scammed.

Also, thankfully, most modern dog tracking collars tend to have excellent connectivity, and picking the right GPS Pet Tracker won’t be too much of a hassle unless you pick one from a third-party site.

a dog in the boat and wearing fi gps collar

Build Quality and Durability 

Most GPS Dog Collars are made with poor-quality materials that can be easily damaged. Some can’t even withstand water. Avoid these types of trackers at all costs.

Pick a GPS Tracker that’s made of premium materials and IP-rated so that it does not break when your dog chews on it or with simple splashes of water. Because, as you may know, dogs are active creatures and can get into trouble at any moment. 

Battery Life

You don’t want your Dog GPS Tracker to die on you while you’re searching for your dog. So, getting a GPS Tracker that can last for at least a few days is important.

Of course, battery life depends on the usage; consider how you’ll be using the tracker and get one depending on your needs. 

Also, Trackers typically come with lithium-ion rechargeable batteries. It’s crucial that you get one with it too.

One-Time Payment or Subscription

If you’re going for a GPS Device with a monthly subscription fee, make sure that you’re getting your money’s worth. A subscription-based tracker should’ve all the extra features such as Activity and Health Tracking along with a few other essentials. 

If the tracker you’re about to purchase has a subscription fee but does not have any of the features mentioned above, it’s really not worth getting it. Instead, you can opt for a pet tracker with a one-off fee like the one I’ve listed above. 

Also, as mentioned earlier, consider your needs before you pick a Dog GPS Tracker. 

Types of Dog Trackers Available 

Types of Dog Trackers

Dog Tracker can be divided into three basic categories, GPS, Radio, and Cellular. Let’s look at each one of them in detail.


This is literally what most pet trackers tend to use. GPS (Global Positioning System) uses satellites to track your dog’s location in real-time. It’s much more accurate, and the range is much higher compared to Radio and Cellular.

Radio/Bluetooth Trackers

These take advantage of radio frequencies in order to locate your pet. Radio-enabled pet trackers don’t require cell towers or GPS satellites to work, which is a plus.

However, these trackers aren’t able to provide the real-time location. Instead, they’re able to point out the distance and direction of your pet. 

Usually, these trackers are incredibly accurate and are a top choice for pet owners who own hunting dogs.


These trackers use cell towers to pinpoint your dog’s location. They’re typically accurate within a few blocks. However, if your dog’s stranded in an area where there are dense trees and poor cell signal, cellular trackers can struggle to track your pet. 

How Do Dog GPS Trackers Work?

As mentioned already, GPS Trackers connect to a series of satellites to determine your dog’s location and send it to your mobile phone. The app on your mobile phone then interprets your dog’s exact GPS coordinates and displays its position on a map.

If your dog is a little aggressive and always runs away from your home yard, there’re GPS trackers with the shock feature. Click the link and learn more about the devices.

How to Use a GPS Tracker for Dogs?

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Using a GPS Tracker varies from product to product. However, using one is not difficult, even if it is your first time. All you have to do is to set up the tracker with the app, and you’ll be good to go. 

You can also go through the manual if you’re finding it hard to figure things out. 

Why You Need a GPS Dog Tracker? (Benefits)

Using a GPS Tracker for Dogs can do a whole lot of good. If you’re still on the fence about getting one, here are some reasons why most other pet owners have already gotten one.

They Can Be Life Saving

A Dog GPS Tracker allows you to keep an eye on your dog almost all the time, even when you’re away from it. This means you know that your pooch is safe. 

Even if your dog runs away, you can retrieve them rather quickly, thanks to the real-time location tracking these trackers provide. 

Lets You Monitor Your Dog’s Health and Activity

Most GPS pet trackers keep you updated on your dog’s activity levels and health.

They can record the time your dog has spent walking, resting, sleeping, and even more. 

Health-wise, some GPS tracker for dogs lets you check the heartbeat and if there have been any changes to the pet behavior-wise so that they can notify you if something is wrong. 

You can also consider the following dog fitness & activity trackers.

wagz collar Activity and Wellness Monitoring

A Virtual Fence Instead of a Physical One

GPS Tracker For Dogs lets you create virtual fences to contain your dog. 

Setting up a physical fence can cost a lot, and with that, they have many downsides. Virtual fences, on the other hand, are excellent and can contain your dog and let you keep track of them.

If your dog goes past the fence, you’ll be instantly notified so that you can take action immediately. 

You’re also able to create more than one fence with these devices.

A Pet Tracker is Excellent for Hunting

If you go on hunting with your dog, a GPS Tracker is a must-have. When the action heats up, you simply have nothing to worry about as you can keep up with your hunting companion all the way through.

The tracker will also show your dog’s behavior in the field, and other important info such as distance traveled and time spent. 

Note: If you have a cat, Check out the best GPS trackers for cats.

Downsides of GPS Dog Trackers

a dog wearing gps tracker, and running on the ground

Dog Trackers as a whole does not have any downsides except for being expensive. You know the technology these devices use, and it does not come free.

If you’re to get the best Pet Trackers, you should be ready to spend a hefty amount. Plus, if you factor in the subscription plans, you’ll be really paying a lot at the end of the day. However, you need to know that all Dog GPS Trackers stacked with features aren’t expensive.

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Yes, GPS trackers are safe for dogs. They are similar to regular collars and pose no harm to the dog.

No, not all GPS trackers are subscription based. Some dog trackers do not require a monthly fee, but these typically lack additional features such as health and activity tracking, and may not offer the same level of GPS technology as those with a subscription.

No, a microchip does not allow you to track your pet like a GPS pet tracker.

Final Thoughts: The Best Dog GPS Tracker

GPS Dog Trackers are rapidly becoming one of the essentials. If you’ve got an escape artist and are willing to end its monstrosities, these devices can play a part in that. 

We’ve provided you with 10 of the best options available; go through them one by one, make sure they match your needs, and most importantly, work in your country.

A special shoutout to Fi Series 3 though; considering what it offers for its price, it really is an excellent choice for many.

That’s all from us; I hope we’ve made your job easier. If you’re still on the fence, make sure to let us know what it is, and we’ll get back to you in no time!

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