7 Best Citronella Spray Bark Collars [Humane Picks in 2024]

Last Updated on June, 2024

Does YOUR dog have an excessive barking problem? Have you had enough of your dog’s constant barking and thought it’s time to TRAIN your dog not to bark too much…

Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here is a list of the 7 BEST Citronella Spray Collars in the market. These collars are specially designed to help YOU resolve excessive barking.

Considering the fact that Citronella can be dangerous to dogs in high concentration, it is essential that you TRUST a RELIABLE brand that is known to be SAFE.

You can TRUST iPetGuides ONLY to recommend products that are RELIABLE and TRUSTWORTHY.

These 7 Best Citronella Spray collars are the BEST of the BEST in the market, brands that are known to have helped MANY dog parents resolve the issue of excessive barking.

Editor’s Choice
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#2nd Best Choice
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#3rd Best Choice
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7 Best Citronella Bark Collars

Citronella bark collars are a GREAT way to help reduce excessive barking. Let’s face it, sometimes your furry friend’s EXCESSIVE barking can become a real problem.

These 7 Citronella Bark Collars are considered the BEST of the BEST in the market. If you want your pooch to stop excessive barking, this selection of the best seven will provide you with the most RELIABLE and TRUSTWORTHY choices in the market.

1. WWVVPET Citronella Spray Dog Bark Collar (Editor’s Choice)

The WWVVPET Citronella bark collar is a humane solution to nuisance barking. When picking a dog bark collar, there are two options.

One, you can use a shock collar to shock and correct your dog. This option is considered rather brutal if you ask me. 

Dogs naturally bark, and when it comes to managing nuisance barking, it is BEST that more humane approaches are adopted to get your furry friend to stop barking so much.

This dog bark collar is a training collar with remote control capabilities. That’s right; it has a REMOTE CONTROL!

The remote control can be used to trigger the squirts of Citronella. What is great about this product is the control of the administration of the spray is in YOUR hands. This way, you have complete control of HOW you choose to resolve YOUR dog’s excessive barking. 

However, it is worth noting that you NEED the remote control and an operator to make this collar work. This is NOT an automatic trigger collar, but a remote control bark collar. 

The remote control works to a range of 1000 feet. This spray bark collar uses a completely safe and humane means to train your dog and control the dog barking. 

The WWVVPET Citronella bark collar has three modes, the first, Citronella Spray and Beep. This mode administers a spray of Citronella from the collar, with the simultaneous sound of a beep.

If you don’t NEED the Citronella, you can opt for either the Vibration and Beep mode or the Beep only mode. 

What is remarkable is that you can control the levels of the spray. This Citronella Bark Collar has a High level of Citronella and a Low level, allowing you to control the amount of Citronella administered. There is also a no-spray mode, as mentioned earlier. 

This is one of the BEST Citronella Bark Collars due to the simple fact that this is a RECHARGEABLE Citronella Bark Collar and is fully charged in ONLY 2 to 3 hours. 

The collar will work for 11 DAYS on a single charge, and the remote for 27 DAYS!

You can refill this collar with Citronella Refill. 

At the top of this list is the WWVVPET Citronella Spray Dog Bark Collar, which is a GREAT selection and one of the BEST Citronella Bark Collars in the market. 

This is an adjustable collar that fits all breeds of dogs over the weight of 8 lbs & age of over six months (8-27 inches long strap).


Remote Control
Spray Level Control
Long battery life


No Automatic Feature

2. QueenMew Citronella Bark Collar (#2nd Best Choice)

The QueenMew Citronella Bark Collar is an AUTOMATIC spray collar that will automatically spray Citronella to control your dog’s barking.

What is GREAT about this collar is that it doesn’t need YOU always to be present to administer the correction.

This automatic anti bark dog collar will work to STOP barking and control your dog’s bark by automatically correcting your dog’s nuisance barking.

This bark collar has a bark sensor. You can test this collar by simply making a woof sound.

This spray bark dog collar gives you CONTROL over the level of the spray. Considering how the administration of the dosage of Citronella should be varied based on the dog’s size, this barking collar allows you to control the spray volume.

This bark collar is a SAFE and EFFECTIVE means to finally get your dog to STOP nuisance barking.

Dogs barking can be therapeutic, but not when it is so excessive that it becomes a nuisance. 

Bark Collars such as the QueenMew Citronella Bark Collar are a great way to get the upper hand on your dog’s barking habits.

If your dog barks too much and your dog’s bark is getting in the way of getting work done or even having guests over, then a dog’s bark WILL have to be controlled. 

This spray collar is entirely safe, with NO harmful shock and most certainly no pain to dogs; QueenMew is 100% HUMANE!

This is a RECHARGEABLE dog collar that takes 2 hours to fully charge with a full charge lasting 7 DAYS!

If you are looking for a bark control collar and don’t have the time to administer spray manually, this automatic anti barking collar may be a GREAT selection!

This dog bark control collar has an adjustable nylon strap that fits small, medium, and EVEN large dogs. 


Automatic trigger
100% humane and safe
Seven days of charge
Suitable for dogs of all sizes


It can take time to train the behavior of the dog with this collar

3. Kaiercat Citronella Bark Collar (#3rd Best Choice)

When considering Citronella Bark Collars, the Kaiercat anti-bark Citronella spray collar is a MARVELOUS inclusion to this list, which did strike me as AMAZING.

This Citronella dog bark collar is PERFECT if you have more than one dog. You can buy collars and effectively train two dogs at the SAME TIME!

The Kaiercat Citronella Bark Collar is a remote control anti bark collar that gives YOU control of your dog’s bark.

You can use the remote control to a range of 500 feet.

The remote control is used to administer the safe spray of Citronella, which can be used to TRAIN your dog to stop excess barking and other things. 

But what is simply FABULOUS about this Citronella dog bark collar is that it also works AUTOMATICALLY! (This collar detects barks!)

That’s right, this is both an automatic and remote-controlled Citronella Dog Bark Collar. In automatic mode, this Citronella dog bark collar will control dog barks and stop your dog from barking excessively. 

This spray bark dog collar has 3 LEVELS of adjustable spray intensity. Setting the correction level is EASY, and you have control over the correction status when it comes to Citronella administration.

The Kaiercat training collar is also WATERPROOF. That is right; you can let your dog swim with this collar on. 

This waterproof collar is suitable for all dog breeds except aggressive dogs. This lightweight collar is not designed for aggressive dogs who could easily damage the collar. 

When picking bark collars, whether remote-controlled or automatic collars, you have to check whether the collar is RECHARGEABLE. This collar uses rechargeable batteries and allows fast charging in only 2 hours, with a full charge working for DAYS!

This collar will fit neck sizes betwee 3 and 21 inches. 


Automatic trigger
Remote control feature
Fast Charging


Not suitable for aggressive dogs

4. PETCTN Citronella Bark Collar

The PETCTN Citronella dog collar is a Citronella spray collar that many dog owners RAVE about. 

This is an AUTOMATIC citronella collar and one of the BEST training collars in the market.

This spray collar uses harmless essential oil or Citronella liquid and has an adjustable nylon collar.

Compared to manual collars, which require you to press a button, the PETCTN can automatically tell when your dog is barking too much and correct the behavior.

Compared to electric shock collars, this selection is 100% HUMANE!

PETCTN Citronella Bark Collar

Most Citronella dog collars with a manually triggered collar are not as effective in stopping excessive barking.

A training collar with remote control is a training tool in YOUR hands; an AUTOMATIC one only simply requires you to install the spray bark dog collar around your pooch’s neck, and you are good to GO!

This Citronella spray collar will sound an audible warning at the sound of the FIRST bark. It will then administer the Citronella spray on further barks to get your dog to STOP barking.

Citronella dog collars such as this will NOT falsely trigger. That’s right; the PETCTN has the most ADVANCED bark detection chip.

It only works on the bark of the dog wearing the collar. You won’t have to worry about another dog’s bark messing with this Citronella spray collar. 

You can control the spray volume and sensitivity to best suit your pooch. Furthermore, this Anti bark citronella spray collar is RECHARGEABLE and will fully charge in only 2 hours. This will allow the collar to work for 8 DAYS continuously or 30 DAYS on standby. 

This Citronella dog collar is IPX67 WATERPROOF, so you won’t have to worry about your dog getting this collar wet. 

This Citronella spray collar is suitable for dogs of all sizes (6 months and over that weigh more than 8 lbs)

Many dog owners will tell you why they PREFER the PETCTN Citronella spray collar. It is because they offer a REFUND or REPLACEMENT in case the collar does not fit your dog. YOU can CONTACT them!


Automatic correction
Control of spray volume and sensitivity
Long lasting charge
Refund and Replacement


Not suitable for aggressive dogs

5. POIIOPY Citronella Bark Collar

The POIIOPY Citronella dog collar is an anti bark Citronella spray collar that many pet owners have grown to TRUST!

Manual Citronella bark collars work with a remote control.

This Citronella collar is another remote-operated, manual Citronella bark collar, which is an effective anti bark collar that could work to TRAIN your dog to STOP excessive barking.

Once again, the trigger is in your hands, and you choose the mode of correction and when the correction is to be administered.

POIIOPY Citronella Bark Collar

Compared to automatic Citronella collars, manual Citronella collars require YOUR active involvement in your dog’s training to stop excessive barking. 

This Citronella collar has various training modes based on the modes of operation. It has a Spray and Beep function, which can be one of the most helpful training modes.

Furthermore, this Citronella collar has two more training modes, Vibration and Beep, and Beep only modes.

Pet owners love the degree of control of the POIIPY Spray dog training collar. How you want to train your dog is in your hand, whether to sit or stop barking. 

Dog collars such as this Citronella dog collar by POIIPY are much more HUMANE than shock collars. They are known to be the more pet-friendly option. 

This is a RECHARGEABLE collar and only takes 2 to 3 hours to charge fully. This will allow the collar to be used for 17 DAYS and the remote for 30 DAYS! (Talk about LONG battery life.)

This adjustable nylon collar is EXTREMELY durable and is also WATERPROOF. You won’t have to worry about your pooch getting this collar wet in the rain. 

It has a low battery indicator, so you know when to recharge the collar. This adjustable collar is one of the BEST Citronella spray collars on the market.

When it comes to training, this spray dog training collar can be a VERY useful selection. 

The POIIPY Citronella collar is adjustable between 10 to 30 inches long and can fit any dog over the age of 6 months and a weight of 8 lbs. 


Remote Control Trigger
Rechargeable and fast charging
Long battery life
3 Training modes


Requires active involvement of owner or person

6. BOMNIS Citronella Bark Collar

The BOMNIS Citronella dog training collar is an AUTOMATIC Citronella dog training collar that can detect and correct your dog’s bark and correct it. 

This Citronella dog training collar is specifically designed to fix the issue of too much barking. 

This harmless bark collar uses the Citronella scent to correct the dog’s barking.

Though the dog training with this collar is limited to barking, this collar is an EFFECTIVE means of training with regards to barking.

BOMNIS Citronella Bark Collar

The sensitivity and volume of the spray can be ADJUSTED, allowing you to change the dose based on the SIZE of your dog!

This collar has SMART bark detection technology, allowing for greater accuracy in correction. The advanced technology in this dog collar will work to PREVENT false activation, allowing for EFFECTIVE correction.

This is an adjustable collar and is one of the BEST Citronella spray collars because it delivers what it promises. 

Many EXCELLENT reviews left by many happy customers will tell you how RELIABLE this Citronella spray collar is. This is a popular choice with a community of pet parents who have TRUSTED and used this product.

This is a RECHARGEABLE collar that has VERY fast charging. (Full Charge in 1 to 2 hours.) On a single charge, this collar will work for 14 DAYS!

Remember, with this collar, only YOUR dog can activate the trigger. The barking of neighboring dogs or dogs in the park won’t activate this collar. This collar is indeed a fine piece of technology that I personally found to be VERY trustworthy!

Suitable for most dogs, this collar will fit dogs that weigh more than 8 pounds. 


Automatic trigger
Advanced bark recognition technology
Volume and sensitivity control
Great customer reviews
Rechargeable and fast charging
IPX7 Waterproof


The collar doesn’t work for small dogs

7. Chidory Citronella Bark Collar

Chidory Citronella Bark Collar is another very HUMANE solution to get your dog to stop barking too much.

Though at the bottom of this list, DON’T underestimate this collar.

The Chidory Citronella dog collar is a very RELIABLE product trusted and effectively used by MANY people.

This product also has some great reviews and a community of pet parents who stand by this BRAND!

What’s great is when you buy this collar, you get two adjustable straps in case the first one wears out.

Chidory Citronella Bark Collar

This replacement strap is a neat addition to this AUTOMATED humane correction device.

You can control the spray’s volume and the trigger’s sensitivity. This gives you a reasonable degree of control over the level of correction, considering the size of your dog. 

Changing the volume of the spray and sensitivity is simple and can be adjusted with EASE. Really, the user interface of this collar could not be more simple. 

This collar does not administer shock or have a beep or vibration correction. However, this bark collar is an effective remedy to excessive dog barking and will help you better TRAIN your dog!

The Chidory Citronella dog collar is a RECHARGEABLE dog collar and can be effectively recharged in 1.5 to 2.5 hours. (FAST CHARGING)

On a full charge, this collar will work for 10 DAYS! This is GREAT battery life.

You can effectively and safely resolve the problem of too much barking by trusting this product that has been trusted by many people and is RECOMMENDED by many!

However, you should note this collar is not waterproof, which could be a drawback for many people. 

The collar fits dogs of all sizes above the weight of 8 pounds. 


Automatic trigger
Reliable and trustworthy product
Rechargeable and fast charging
Long battery life


Not waterproof

How Do Citronella Bark Collars Work?

A dog wearing Citronella collar and sitting on the ground

Citronella bark collars work simply by administering Citronella essential oil or a Citronella liquid through a spray pointed at the nose of a dog held on a collar, which is either activated automatically at the sound of repeated barking or manually triggered through a remote to correct behavior. 

There are mainly two types of Citronella bark collars. There are those that offer automatic correction without the need for the presence of the pet parent.

The other type uses a remote trigger to manually correct behavior using a remote control button.

Both types of collars have the same understanding behind them; the use of Citronella in correcting dog behavior, especially in relation to barking.

Citronella bark collars are known to be a GREAT means to resolve the issue of too much barking.

If you have a dog that has a barking problem or if you have an issue with your dog’s repeated barking, then a Citronella bark collar would be the most HUMANE means of correcting this. 

These bark collars are humane, safe, and 100% effective!

How to Find the Best Citronella Bark Collar?

Product images of Best Citronella Bark Collars

When looking for the BEST of the BEST in relation to Citronella bark collars, you NEED to be on the lookout for specific things. 

Firstly, the BEST Citronella collars will allow you the control you need over the situation. Maybe, you work and don’t spend all day at home. In such a case, relying on an AUTOMATED Citronella bark collar may be the BEST for you. 

On the contrary, if you like playing a more proactive role in training your dog or have the LUXURY of spending a lot of time with your pet, then relying on a collar that allows for a remote manual trigger may be the BEST choice.

However, regardless of this, you need to consider things such as battery life, modes of correction, and whether the collar is waterproof.

The best will offer you various modes of correction with EXCEPTIONAL battery life and will also ensure that you won’t have to worry about your dog getting this collar wet (WATERPROOF.)

Hence, when selecting the BEST of the BEST for YOU, you must consider all these factors and look for reasons why a specific collar can be viewed as the BEST of the BEST!

Why Do You Need a Citronella Bark Collar?

If you have an issue with your dog’s barking, you NEED a Citronella bark collar. These collars are considered the most EFFECTIVE and HUMANE means of controlling a dog’s behavior when it comes to barking.

Though you can often train your dog to sit, play and even eat off a plate, controlling your dog’s barking is a little trickier. 

If you have a pet on your hands, known to be disruptive with excessive barking, then you most certainly NEED one of these collars.

Training is an essential aspect of well-being for the dog and the dog owner.

These collars are useful in effectively managing the issue of too much barking. If you have a dog that simply will NOT stop barking, you most certainly NEED one of these collars. 

How Safe is Citronella for Dogs?

A dog wearing  spray collar

In actuality, Citronella is TOXIC for dogs. It is considered a toxic substance that can cause adverse reactions in a dog’s body. However, on a small dose, Citronella is deemed harmless to dogs. 

The dose on these dog collars is usually ensured to meet the requirements to prevent any harm from coming your dog’s way. 

This is why it is IMPORTANT that you TRUST a Citronella bark collar from a recognized brand known to produce SAFE and EFFECTIVE products. 

Though ingesting Citronella can generally be considered unsafe for dogs, the dose used by these TRUSTED products on this list are all SAFE

In comparison to the other alternatives in controlling barking (electric collars), Citronella is considered a SAFER and more HUMANE option when it comes to collars and training dog behavior.

Citronella Collars vs Other No-Bark Collars

Citronella collars are considered to be a VERY effective means of resolving the issue of too much barking. When picking a collar, there are other options in the market. 

When considering collars to stop barking, the Citronella Collars are on one side, while two other types of collars are on the other. 

One, the electric collar, which is considered an EXTREMELY inhumane means of resolving excessive barking. The second, more humane option is the vibration and Ultrasonic anti bark collars, which are NOT as effective as Citronella collars.

Hence, though in actuality there are options in your hands, with regards to EFFECTIVE and SAFE options, you are actually limited to Citronella collars. 

So when you compare Citronella Collars to other no-bark collars in the market, it is worth remembering that Citronella collars are more EFFECTIVE and considered MORE HUMANE, making them the WINNER in this match-up.

Tips for First-Time Users of a Citronella Collar 

A dog wearing  spray collar and sitting on the grass

Here are a few things to remember if you are a FIRST time user of one of these Citronella collars. 

  • Control the spray’s sensitivity based on your dog’s size. It is essential that you control the measure of correction, including both the volume and sensitivity, to ensure that the correction level is appropriate for the size of your dog. 
  • If your collar is NOT waterproof, DO NOT let your dog get it wet. If you opted for something not waterproof, you might want to be careful about your dog getting the device wet because if it does, you may have to BUY a new collar.
  • Ensure you know when you need to charge the collar. This will ensure that the collar is working at all times.
  • Oftentimes, the dog can be trained to bark less. After some time with the collar on, the dog may learn to bark less and may not even need the collar once effectively trained. 
  • Ensure to point the nozzle of the spray at the nose of the pooch. This will ensure more effective administration, leading to the most EFFECTIVE correction. 

Final Thoughts

Citronella bark collars are a GREAT way to fix your dog’s barking issue. This list of the BEST 7 was formulated after careful research and testing of various products in the market. 

You can trust the information in this article to make an informed decision. When it comes to picking a Citronella bark collar, choosing any one from this list would be fine. As mentioned earlier, your best pick depends on what you are looking for. 

Though these seven are considered the most trustworthy collars in the market, it wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t PICK the BEST of the BEST from the list.

With remote (manual) training capabilities, giving you COMPLETE control with correction at the touch of a button, the WWVVPET Citronella bark collar, the HUMANE solution to nuisance barking, takes TOP PRIZE as the TOP PICK!


Yes, Citronella bark collars are an effective tool for reducing a dog’s barking levels.

To find the best citronella bark collar, look for features such as rechargeable batteries, automatic and manual triggers, sensitivity and volume control. Additionally, read customer reviews to get an informed opinion on product reliability.

Yes, Citronella bark collars are safe, excellent, and effective for dogs in controlling excessive barking when using trusted brands.

WWVVPET Citronella Spray Dog Bark Collar Product Image




Overall Score


Remote Control
Spray Level Control
Long battery life
Get the BEST PRICE valid until the end of June
No Automatic Feature

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