German Shepherd Mastiff Mix: Facts, Information & Full Guide

Bullmastiff German shepherd mix is a super cool creation that originated from the crossing of the two legendary breeds, BULLMASTIFF and GERMAN SHEPHERD. This breed is really unique and awesome that it is totally different from any other dog breeds.

If you are interested in making this large breed, your best friend, then keep on reading for significant information. 

What is this breed’s specialty? How does it look? Can we pet this breed? There’s a lot to cover today, so sit tight and paste your eyes onto your screens. 

Quick Summary

Bullmastiff German Shepherd Mix is a unique and large breed that originated from crossing the Bullmastiff and German Shepherd breeds.

This breed is known for its loyalty, gentleness, and protectiveness towards its family.

Proper training, exercise, and grooming are essential for owning a healthy and well-behaved Bullmastiff German Shepherd Mix.

Overview of Bullmastiff German Shepherd Mix 

These shepherd mastiff dogs are similar to their parent breeds. They have the-one- and-the-same behavioural patterns and great familiarity. 

NOTE: The new mixed species of these two most popular breeds can also have a great impact on its temperament, appearances, proneness and genetic susceptibility.

Accurately, these large breeds are intelligent and powerful, for they are the best breeds with great personality traits. Bullmastiff german shepherd dogs are very keen on protecting their owners and good at being watchful.

Excellent training from the early stage can make the pup intelligent, powerful and a perfect strengthful guarding companion for dog owners. 

Will this super cool species be the best companion for kids and others?

The whole impact is on how you train and bring up your pup beforehandAnd this is what matters. 

Let’s get something pretty interesting. Read below,

Appearance or Look of the Dog Breed

bullmastiff german shepherd mix

When it comes to the glance of the bullmastiff german shepherd mix, it differs significantly as there are vast variations in mastiff breeds. 

This mixed breed is really very large and big in size as similar to their parents, GERMAN SHEPHERD and MASTIFF (mixed). 

Bullmastiff dogs can weigh about 45-54 kg as their height is 61-66 cm. German shepherds would weigh about 40 kg and a height of 65 cm. 

So, most probably, your bullmastiff german shepherd mix can weigh about 36-91 kg (80-200 lbs) and grow to a height of about 60-70 cm(1.9-3 feet).

The appearance of this hybrid dog may vary from other breeds. You can expect your german mastiff mix to have either a black or a red coat. There might be a mix of brown and grey (like sandy silver) as well, and rarely you could find brindle coats. 

You must have a thorough knowledge of this mixed dogs shedding process as these breeds are regular shedders. This might be a hindrance for the owners of the dogs, often shedding itself.

Have a good study on these issues and clear out the facts regarding this matter before making this large breed your canine companion.

Is Grooming required for This Mixed Breed?

Breeding Mixed Breed

Usually, the coat of this mixed breed is thick and either lengthy or short. Typically this hybrid breed is of two kinds, and their grooming differs. If your dog is more like a german shepherd, it must get on-and-off slicker brushes touching its coat.(1)

(German shepherds have kinds of coats: lengthy, medium or short.)

But bullmastiffs neither need grooming nor shedding. These hounds have short and oily coats but need bathing on-and-off to smell if they skip baths. (STINKY!) 

Buthow can I groom lengthy coats if there’s no sign of short skin?

Yeah, this question is pretty much fair, right! We’ll not be identified as to how our canine will grow and what kind of coat it will have. (UNPREDICTABLE!) 

So here I’ll show you some real work on grooming for all the types of coats. 

  • Long coat grooming

Since German shepherds have long coats and thick undercoat, your pup might get this kind of coat as well because you know it’s mixed. So if that is the case, make sure you brush them often and bathe once a week as well.

Significantly, you must also take your pup to groomers to remove the undercoat twice a year. 

  • Medium length coat grooming

Your dog is not forced to be groomed daily but does it seldom if it has a medium-length coat. If neglected, a situation might arise to totally shave your pooch’s coat because it’ll form clumps, and coats will get tangled. 

You can use a pin brush and comb your tyke and make your doggie bath whenever needed. Twice a month will be sufficient.

  • Short coat grooming

An easy coat to be groomed, though. Brushing your dog weekly is also wise, for it’ll reduce shedding. Monthly baths are more than sufficient for short-coated dogs. 

Better groom your pooch before taking a bath with a quick brush.

Personality of Bullmastiff German Shepherd Mix 

Mastiff Shepherd Puppy

Generally, the temperament of every dog may vary from one another. To be considered, this shepherd mastiff dog breed is unique. They are powerful, personable and people-pleasing. 

Look below some of the great personality traits hybrid dogs possess,

  • Loyal

The well-known guardians in the universe. Certainly, this dog breed is really very keen on guarding its owners. Loyalty affects temperament as it composes it. 

They act the vice-versa towards the strangers. They are extraordinarily loyal in protecting their family, and if trained well, they will be the best protective agent for your family.

  • Gentle

Mastiff dogs are kind-hearted and possess a sweet personality. It’s recommended to train your puppy socially to prevent aggressive behavioural patterns. 

No harm, you can leave your kids with this pretty kind canine companion unsupervised. Literally, they are loyal and gentle towards people who are close to them. 

Is training Important For bullmastiff german shepherd mix?

Generally, bullmastiff german shepherd mixes tend to work hard, and if they are given immense love and care with proper efforts, your dogs are going to be the best hound like no other.

This dog breed is easy to be trained for it neutralizes energy and has a patient attitude with an intelligent mind. Apart from this, it’ll be really very easy if you start training it from an early stage.

But if you let them loose, it’ll be the hardest time you’ll go through to control your dog.

Basically, you are going to find both courageous as well as the strong and pleasant characteristics of the two popular dog breeds onto one breed. So proper and immense training must be carried out. 

If left unattended, these german shepherd mix-breeds might grow wild and cause a mishap, and you will have to face the chaos. Ineffectual pet parents cannot afford to take this puppy as their pet. You will have to spend plenty of your precious time to train and socialize with your puppy. 

Go on training your shepherd mastiff puppies from the time you become its parent. Teaching your puppies to socialize and love and care is essential to turn out your hound into a pleasing tyke.


Basic facts about Mastiff Shepherds

There is some necessary information to consider if you are planning to make this large dog breed your canine companion. 

Average Life Span

The statistical probability of this shepherd mastiff mix is about 7 plus years or 8-12 years. (2)


Usually, this dog breed costs between US$350-$1100.

Common Health Issues/Risks of

Though you care for your german shepherd mix, there are chances of critical health issues occurring due to the dog breed’s immense size.

Joint problems

Joint problems occur due to a lack of exercises. Hip and elbow dysplasia are frequently affecting joint issues of the german shepherd mix.

If no proper diet and exercises are taken, it could turn things worse and create a situation where you’ll lose your dog.

Weight is the major factor to be considered in your dog’s health. This could quickly bring pain to your dog’s joints and makes the dog frustrated. 

Symptoms could be: aggressive behaviour when touched in a particular painting area (joints), avoids workout or daily walks and weakness in front leg areas.

Cherry eye

A red colour lump could be seen in the corner of your shepherd mastiff’s eye. This occurs when the third eyelid of your dogs falls out of place.

Your shepherd mastiff might go through inflammation, irritation, dryness and swelling in the affected area, which could result in infections. 

You couldn’t find any symptoms of this.


Bloat is a health issue related to the digestion of your dog. When your dog’s stomach is being twisted on both sides and causes irritability, and foods don’t digest, and this can lead your dog to death. 

Lack of nutritions may occur, and if not treated, your dog could lose its life.

Symptoms: a visible bulge in your dog’s abdomen area, frothy saliva, lack of energy during exercise, coughing and getting tired quickly.

To Finish it Up (Conclusion)

Bullmastiff german shepherds are an amazing breed that a wise pet parent can train. With proper training, exercises and diet, you can own a mysterious canine companion. This can be the best guardian for a big family. 

Remember all that you have to do to turn your dog into the ultimate hound. Consider the health issues before owning a shepherd mastiff, and make sure you have a thorough knowledge of grooming your pup.

And be vigilant on how to train your shepherd mastiff and develop its personality traits. 

I hope my article gives you a piece of knowledge on this account.


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