Apple Airtag vs GPS Tracker for Dogs: Which One’s Best?

Last Updated on July, 2024

The Apple Airtag works similarly to any GPS Tracker for Dogs. But which is the better option?

Both Apple Airtag and GPS trackers work to keep an eye on your dog. A GPS pet tracker is specially designed to be used with pets.

On the contrary, the Apple Airtag is not strictly intended for a pet but performs location tracking using advanced Apple technology. 

Now, if you are a long-time fan of Apple, you may already be inclined towards using an Apple Airtag. But let’s look into the Apple Airtags and GPS trackers in further detail and understand how they function as a tracking device. 

Quick Summary

The Apple Airtag works similarly to a GPS Tracker for Dogs, but is not as reliable because it has a limited range and is not specifically designed for pets.

A GPS Tracker for Dogs is the better option because it offers an unlimited range and is specifically designed for pets.

GPS Trackers for Dogs also offer activity tracking, which Airtags do not let you do.

What are Apple Airtags?

Apple’s Airtag is a small disc that enables you to track location. The tracking of the disc is carried out through an Apple iPhone.

The thing with Apple is Apple devices are designed to only work with other apple devices.

These discs will connect to iOS devices. You can attach these discs to anything; your phone, your wallet… just about anything. (Which is probably why you are thinking of sticking one of these on your DOG!)

iOS devices are AMAZING! Which is why everyone loves Apple! And Apple Airtags are EXCELLENT.

These discs can be hung on key chains or in this case, your dog’s collar.

apple airtag on the rock

The Apple Airtag works very similarly to any other tracking device. You can use the Find My Network option (which uses Bluetooth signal) on your iOS device to connect to – a billion devices.

This means the reach and coverage of Airtags are good. It only uses Bluetooth for connectivity. 

Though this is a great way to find lost keys, we wonder how practical it is to use them with your furry friend.

Airtags send location data to iCloud, which can be viewed by logging into your account on the Find My app. 

In this case, if you are using the Airtag on a dog, ‘FIND MY DOG!

What are GPS Trackers?

GPS trackers work to track location using GPS. A GPS tracker is a GO-TO gadget to keep an eye on your pet for many pet owners.

GPS pet trackers are specifically designed to track your pet’s location. 

The technology used in GPS trackers are innovative and ADVANCED. They (GPS pet trackers) use SATELLITES to track location.

What’s great is that GPS trackers are not limited to iOS devices. Android users can too use these GPS devices. 

a human holding a gps tracker

These GPS trackers have unlimited range and activity tracking. They can be used on either a dog or cat. GPS dog tracking has been around for a while.

GPS dog tracking allows you to attach a small GPS tracker to your dog’s collar. This GPS tracker will help you find a lost dog at night or anytime!

Tracking pets using GPS trackers are considered IDEAL. It simply means you can NEVER lose a pet! (All you need is a GPS tracker attached to your pet’s collar.)

What are the Similarities Between Airtag and GPS Trackers?

Apple Airtags and GPS trackers work to position, locate, and track items globally via phone apps. 

Pet parents have considered BOTH these options to keep an eye on their beloved pets. They both provide location updates that are viewable on a mobile device. 


Both tracking items can be positioned and tracked ANYWHERE in the globe.

Both have a lightweight and customizable design.

What are the Differences Between Airtag and GPS Trackers? 

dog wearing airtag and gps tracker

The main differences between Airtag and GPS trackers are the range and connectivity. 

Apple Airtags offer a limited range (maximum bluetooth range is 10 meters). This is because Airtags work using Bluetooth signals. Hence, the location tracking ability is limited by Bluetooth connectivity. 

Though Apple Airtags allows you to view the location history, this would be useless if you can’t find the item because it isn’t in Bluetooth range. 

Pet parents may find the Apple Airtag to be unreliable. If you need to track your dog, you need to be able to see where your dog is at all times. If your dog isn’t within Bluetooth range, it may become difficult to track your dog. 

This is because Apple Airtags are designed to locate items. Lost items are not the same as lost dogs. They are not explicitly designed for your furry friends, while GPS pet trackers are designed specifically for pets. 

GPS devices such as these trackers require a battery to work. Hence the battery life is something that has to be considered. Similarly, with the Airtags, you will have to consider battery life, including the battery life on your phone. 

Plus, GPS trackers allow for activity tracking, which Airtags do not let you do. You can track your dog’s activity levels to ensure that your furry friends are active enough. 

Lastly, Apple Airtags only work with Apple iPhones; you cannot use them on other phones. GPS trackers, on the other hand, can be used on both Android devices and latest iOS devices, and other iPhones.

Read this guide to know the difference between Bluetooth and GPS Tracker.

The Better Option – Apple Airtags or GPS Trackers?

Apple Airtags or GPS Trackers

To understand the better option, we HAVE TO look into various pros and cons of each tracker.

Apple Airtags


Can work to locate lost personal items
‘Find My Network’ has access to billions of devices, so the range isn’t too limited
The device and app are easy to use
Uses Bluetooth technology for location tracking (Bluetooth offers reliable connectivity)


Not specifically designed to find lost pets – or your four legged friend (used to locate any lost ITEM)
Does not have activity monitoring. It only offers location tracking
Limited range of only 100meters using from the Bluetooth receiver

In case you already have an Airtag and looking for a holder to attach it, checkout our Best Airtag Dog Collar reviewed on our website.

GPS Trackers


Offers UNLIMITED range. You can locate your pet anywhere in the Globe!
Has a lost mode to get the community involved in locating lost pets
You will know when your pet leaves your property (advanced GPS trackers will allow you to create geofences and receive notifications if your dog leaves your property)
Not limited to only iOS devices, it can be used on other devices such as Android


The GPS tracker uses a battery that must either be recharged or replaced
The quality of GPS trackers varies. While some offer EXCELLENT connectivity, some are less reliable

Which is Better?

Obviously to state, when intending to locate your furry little friend, a GPS tracker is considered the better option. They are specifically designed to locate and track pets. 

The Pros of GPS trackers outweigh the Pros of Apple Airtags. GPS trackers offer better connectivity and range, so they are the more reliable option. 

Using an Airtag could mean that your dog finds itself in a spot with NO Bluetooth connectivity, meaning that your pooch will NOT be able to be located.

GPS trackers are considered the better option. The chances of locating a lost pet are much greater when considering a GPS tracker over Apple Airtags. 

Why Consider GPS Pet Trackers?

dogs wearing gps tracker

GPS trackers offer an UNLIMITED range, and they are specifically designed for the task of locating and keeping an eye on pets. 

Regardless of where your dog may find itself on the globe, just so long as it is still wearing the GPS tracker tag, you can locate them on your phone. 

GPS trackers also use a mobile app to do the location tracking. While some models of GPS trackers only track location, more advanced models will allow you to EVEN track your dog’s activity levels. 


If you are looking for the means to keep an eye on your furry little friend, then a GPS pet tracker is by far the BEST choice.


Though Apple Airtags and GPS pet trackers essentially do the same thing, they are designed for very different things.

While GPS pet trackers are specially designed to track and locate pets, Apple airtags are intended to help you find lost items, such as keys or wallets. 

Obviously, when it comes to tracking a dog, a GPS pet tracker specifically designed for tracking and locating pets is considered the better option.

Follow this link to read about the best GPS pet-tracking systems for dogs


Yes, GPS trackers allow you to locate your pet on the phone that the tracker is connected to.

Yes, GPS pet trackers use a battery to power the tracker tag.

Airtags are not waterproof but are resistant to water damage.

Most GPS pet trackers in the market are waterproof. 

Apple does not recommend the use of airtags on pets. 

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