Are GPS Pet Tracking Devices Safe & Humane for Dogs?

Last Updated on July, 2024

Pet trackers give you peace of mind, and you can go about your activities without worrying about your pet’s safety.

These helpful gadgets will keep your dog safe and send you regular alerts of your pet’s activities and bearing. 

But are GPS devices safe for dogs? 

Do these devices emit harmful radiation?

We are here to clarify your doubts about GPS devices and how they work. 

So keep reading to find out all about GPS pet trackers. 

Quick Summary

GPS trackers are safe for dogs and emit harmless radiation.

The primary use for a GPS device is to track a lost or runaway dog.

There are a few risks associated with GPS trackers, such as hacking and faulty devices, but overall they are very beneficial.

What is a GPS Tracker, And How Does it Work?

dog gps trackers

GPS (Global Positioning System) is the most renowned method of monitoring location. We can use this technology to locate missing mobile phones and electronics and even monitor our pets.

A GPS pet tracker contains a receiver powered by batteries. The receiver collects satellite data and uses the information to determine the exact coordinates. The coordinates are usually very reliable with a low margin of error.

A pet tracker sends real-time location information to another connected device, such as a smartphone, which lets you stay updated on your dog’s bearings.

Are GPS Trackers Safe for Dogs?

a dog wearing gps tracker and laying on the floor

Yes, GPS trackers are completely safe for all pets. In fact, they are a valuable tool for keeping your dog out of harm’s way. 

Do GPS Collars Emit Radiation?

GPS trackers emit radiofrequency radiation. This is a virtually harmless type of radiation emitted by most electronics. Both you and your pet are exposed daily to GPS signals emitted by mobile phones, TVs, and Wi-Fi.

What is Radio Frequency?

Radiofrequency radiation is a form of non-ionizing radiation from the lower end of the electromagnetic spectrum. Cell phones, tablets, and most other electronic devices emit this radiation. 

Non-ionizing radiation is completely safe for humans and animals, and as of today, there is no evidence radio waves cause health issues.

Are There any Risks of Using GPS Trackers for Dogs?

The most substantial risks of using GPS trackers come from the risk of the tracker being hacked. 

  • Hacking: A potential hacker can gather personal information from a GPS device. A tracker collects most of your personal information, such as your name and email address. Hackers can also gain information about your daily routine, like when you let your dog out of the house. Hackers may use this personal data to commit crimes against pet owners.
  • Faulty devices: Another risk of using a pet tracker is that the device can be faulty. Some devices on the cheap end do not provide accurate real-time location information. You may think your dog is still in the backyard while he has already left the safe zone.

Why Use GPS Devices?

dogs wearing gps tracker

Track down lost dogs: The primary use of a GPS device is tracking down your dog.If your pet wanders out of a safe zone, you’ll get a notification on your cell phone. This lets you locate your pet before he gets in trouble.

Gives your dog more freedom: Most dogs are bound to run away soon as you open the front door. Because of this, you’ll have to always leash them or keep them within a fenced area. However, with most trackers, you can set up a safe geofence around the house, so your dog will be safe.

Pet trackers are also a good option for exploring outdoors with your dog. You can unleash your dog during hiking and keep track of his whereabouts. 

Monitor your dog’s health: GPS trackers are the easiest way to keep monitoring your dog’s health. 

You can monitor your dog’s behaviors, such as exercise level, sleep times, and overall health.

The Best GPS Trackers for Dogs

Here are a couple of the best pet trackers. 

Fi Series 2

Fi Smart Dog Collar is one of the best pet trackers out there. Fi collar tracks your dog 24/7 and has excellent battery life.

Also, the Fi collar tracks your pet’s behavior patterns, such as sleep time and activity levels. This makes sure your dog is always safe and healthy. 

The Fi collar works ideal for lost dog scenarios. The Fi app has a lost dog mode that lets you find your dog fast and safely. 

fi collar

Tractive Dog Collar

The Tractive Dog Collar is another great option.

This pet tracker is accurate, has excellent battery life, and sends updates to your phone every 2-3 seconds.

One of the best features of the Tractive collar is its unlimited range with worldwide tracking ability that enables you to locate your pet almost anywhere in the world. 

tractive gps tracker


The tracking range of a GPS tracker varies depending on the model, with the best GPS collars having worldwide tracking ability, and other collars having an average range of 3-5 miles.

Yes, GPS trackers can work without cellular data as long as there is a stable Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection; however, if the pet is out of range of both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, the device will need a cellular network to get the pet’s location.

No, GPS collars do not shock your dog. They are tracking devices that provide updates on your pet’s location, but some tracking collars have additional features like shock and vibration modes to prevent your dog from wandering into unsafe areas.

Yes, pet GPS trackers are vulnerable to hacking, which can potentially lead to the exposure of personal information such as the user’s name, address and other personal data, as well as the pet’s activities.

Final Thoughts

A GPS device is undoubtedly the best way to locate your pet. 

You have nothing to worry about health-wise. Radiation from a collar is harmless, and your pet will be completely safe. The only risks with GPS trackers come from potential hackers and faulty devices. 

Even with the few risks they pose, a GPS tracker seems to be the best way to keep your pet safe. 

If you’ve decided to buy a pet tracker, the Fi collar and Tractive collar are great options. They are well-trusted and reliable brands. Check out the best GPS trackers here. Once you’ve bought a GPS collar, you can go about your daily work without worrying about losing track of your dog.

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