BarXstop Review (2024) How Does This Anti-Bark Device Work?

Last Updated on July, 2024

A barking dog is always despised, whether it’s your dog or someone else’s.

And by the looks, it seems like your dog is a barkzilla too. Not to worry, there are plenty of options. 

One is bark collars, but this can be a hit or miss since there are no manual controls; the other option is dog training collars, but the prices of these devices can be over the roof, and the third and one of the newest options is a handled bark deterrent BarXstop.

BarXstop is one of the first of its kind, and I’ve been using it to train my neighbor’s dog. It’s been great; for its price, I’d say there are not many devices as effective as this. 

 Overall: 4.9/5.0
barxstop product image
Product Effectivenes
Brand Reputation
  • LED Light
  • Training Button
  • Bark Prevention
  • Good Range
  • Portability 
  • Compatibility
  • Good Battery Life
Product Benefits
  • Swiftly interrupts unwanted behavior without causing harm.
  • Easy setup and operation for all user
  • Effective up to 50 feet, no need for close proximity
  • Widely accepted and praised by dog owners and trainers

About BarXstop

BarXStop Logo

Picture this: a peaceful evening, cozying up on the couch, sipping a cup of tea, and reading your favorite book. 

Suddenly, the serene atmosphere is shattered by the high-pitched chorus of neighborhood dogs barking their hearts out. That’s where the BarXstop device swoops in to save the day!

First and foremost, let me tell you that this one-unit BarXstop device is a true miracle worker.

Designed with cutting-edge technology, it emits a gentle, ultrasonic sound in high-pitched tones that’s inaudible to humans but works wonders in capturing your furry friend’s attention.

It’s like having a secret superpower to stop barking in its tracks!

Now, to the technical aspect of the BarXstop.

BarXstop utilizes ultrasonic sounds in high-pitched frequencies that are inaudible to human ears.

Only the dog can hear the sound that is emitted. These frequencies are entirely safe for dogs and do not cause pain. 

Instead, they act as a strong jolt or interruption that grabs their attention and swiftly interrupts negative behaviors. 

In other words, it provides a fast and effective way to redirect their focus and control dogs.

BarXstop Review: Key Features Explained

features of barxstop anti-barking device

LED Light

The BarXstop device features a high-powered LED light that is integrated into its design.

This versatile feature can be utilized as a flashlight during nighttime strolls, providing illumination and enhancing visibility. 

Additionally, the LED light can be used as a visual cue for stubborn dogs, helping to redirect their attention and reinforce training commands.

Training Button

The BarXstop gadget serves multiple functions, acting as a flashlight, a training aid, and protection against intimidating dogs.

Emitting high-pitched tones that are inaudible to humans but targeted toward a dog’s hearing provides effectively interrupts unwanted behavior and stops your dog in its tracks.

This versatile device offers a comprehensive solution for various dog-related situations.

Bark Prevention

The BarXstop device features a one-button system that offers exceptional convenience for those in need of a swift remedy for dog barking.

Just aim the device at the dog and press the button to activate it. This straightforward approach makes it a great training tool for prompt intervention and behavior adjustment.


The BarXstop device is created to function well even when your dog is far away, removing the necessity for chasing after them.

Operating within a range of 50 feet, the device employs frequency-based training methods to communicate with your dog.


The BarXstop device is lightweight, user-friendly, and highly portable, weighing approximately 18.1 grams. 

Its convenient size allows you to take it wherever you and your dog go, making it an excellent training companion. 

Its small and portable design ensures you can train your dog anywhere, indoors or outdoors. Moreover, this device is not limited to dogs alone; it can also be used for training cats and other pets. 

When used correctly, the BarXStop device works swiftly and effectively to correct even the most stubborn dog, providing a fast and efficient training solution.


The BarXStop device’s one-button system is designed to provide a quick and immediate solution to dog barking.

Simply point the device at the dog and press the button to activate it.

This simplicity makes it an ideal training device for convenient and effective behavior correction. 

Regardless of the breed or size of the dog, BarXStop has been proven to work effectively.

It can successfully discourage small dogs from yapping excessively and larger dogs from emitting loud barks that may disturb neighbors. 

a media poster on applications where barxstop is used

Its versatility makes it a valuable tool for addressing barking issues across various dog breeds.


BarXstop is equipped with a compact rechargeable battery, eliminating the need for repetitive battery replacements. 

When fully charged, it can run up to a day’s use and only takes 2 hours to fully charge the device. 

However, the device’s runtime may vary for different users based on the type and aggressiveness of the dog.


Price, and Money Back Guarantee of BarXstop

BarXStop’s price of $80 is attractive to dog owners.

The official website offers package choices and special deals to potential buyers. 

For an additional $9, you can prolong the device’s warranty for up to three years, giving you more assurance.

Moreover, when you purchase BarXStop, you’re backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

If the device doesn’t meet your needs or standards, you can return it without any worries.

BarXstop Product Image

Is BarXstop Safe for Dogs?

Now, let’s address the elephant in the room—the ethical aspect of using such a device.

Rest assured, my fellow dog lovers, this device is completely safe and one of the best humane methods.

It serves as a gentle reminder rather than a punishment, making it an effective tool for training while keeping your furry friend’s well-being in mind.

As a responsible dog owner, I was initially skeptical about using a device like this.

However, my concerns vanished into thin air when I witnessed its remarkable impact on my canine companion.

With consistent use, my furry friend quickly learned to associate the device’s ultrasonic sound with unwanted behavior, significantly reducing excessive barking.

This ultrasonic anti-barking device has gained endorsement and widespread adoption by professional dog trainers worldwide.

Overall, the device has been thoroughly tested and proven to have no detrimental effects on both the pet and the owner whatsoever.

So don’t worry; as a dog owner myself, I understand. It’s entirely harmless for your dog. 

Is it Possible to Train Dogs With BarXstop?

Yes, it is. BarXstop can be used as a training and bark-prevention device. If you love dogs, this device is for you!

As a dog owner, you may primarily use BarXStop as an anti-barking training tool; it can effectively address various negative behaviors in dogs, including jumping on people, biting, and excessive chewing. 

It offers a versatile solution for aggressive behavior correction.

Additionally, this mode allows you to train your dog even if it is in a dynamic and active state, such as when it is running around.

For nighttime training, the device includes a high-powered LED light that can be combined with ultrasonic sound.

However, in most cases, the sound alone is sufficient. When your dog exhibits continuous barking, simply point the device towards them, ensuring they see you, and press the button to trigger the high-pitched frequency. 

This instantly interrupts the behavior, and it’s essential to provide positive reinforcement such as treats, ear scratches, or enthusiastic praise immediately afterward.

Repeat this cycle whenever the dog engages in the same behavior, reinforcing the desired change.

How to Use BarXstop?

a dog is being controlled with a BarXStop anti-barking device

Well, it’s not rocket science. It is a simple 2-step process.

Point the device at your dog. Click. And Voila.

The BarXstop comes with 3 different mode settings.

LED Lighting Mode

You can activate the flashlight mode by sliding the device to the first side and pressing the button. 

This feature can serve as a visual stimulus for your dog or help deter intimidating stray dogs or aggressive dogs you may encounter.

Dog Training Mode

By sliding the device to the middle position and pressing the button, you can activate the training mode of the BarXStop. 

In this mode, the device utilizes the LED light and emits a gentle ultrasonic sound to assist in dog training and correcting its behavior patterns.

Bark Prevention Mode / Stop Barking Mode

By sliding the device to the last position, you can engage the anti-barking mode of the BarXStop. 

With a range of 50 feet, this mode emits a harsher ultrasonic sound compared to the training mode, effectively stopping a dog’s annoying barks. It is particularly useful for deterring aggressive dogs through both auditory and visual activation.

Things I Like About the BarXstop

One of the standout features of this anti-barking device is its versatility.

Whether you have a tiny, yappy Chihuahua or a big, boisterous Labrador, this device caters to all different dog breeds and sizes.

Its adjustable settings allow you to customize the correction level according to your dog’s specific needs, ensuring a tailored approach to behavior modification and preventing excessive barking habits.

But what really impressed me was how user-friendly this device is.

BarXstop for different type of dog breeds

I’m no tech whiz, but setting it up was a breeze. Simply adjust the settings, and let the magic happen!

The sleek design seamlessly blends into any home decor, so you won’t have to compromise style for tranquility.

Things That Need Improvement 

BarxStop Anti- Barking Device Social Media Poster

It’s essential to have realistic expectations when using the BarXStop device.

While it is highly effective and works faster than other devices and training strategies, it is not a magical solution that will instantly reverse all negative behaviors in your dog after just a few uses.

It is called a training device because it requires consistent and repeated use to teach your dog and bring about behavior changes.

To achieve the best results with BarXStop, it is crucial to use it whenever your dog displays the behavior you want to change.

The more you can do this during the learning phase, where you guide your dog from an undesirable behavior to a desirable one, the faster you will see results.

If you only correct the behavior sporadically, it can take longer for your dog to understand the learning signal and make the necessary changes. Consistency and effort are vital to achieving success with the device.

Overall, BarXStop is indeed one of the most innovative and effective dog training devices available today and used by the best dog trainers.

Its revolutionary technology allows you to control and address your dog’s barking issues from a distance, providing a solution to help manage and modify their behavior effectively.

What Are Others Take on the BarXstop?

In this section, I will share some comments from the Internet where people have shared their experiences with BarXStop.

I use a range of training techniques with my dogs, but I thought I would give this a try as it’s not something I’ve got in my tool kit. I really like that it’s quick and easy to use, and it also doesn’t cost a lot to own. Works great!

Jerome talks about how BarXstop is an excellent addition to his toolkit. And he mentions that it’s affordable while also specifying that the product is really convenient to use. 

This was so helpful training our German Shepard. Over 100 pounds of energetic dog is a lot to handle. Thankfully, he stops what he is doing and listens to us now, even when he just sees us reach for it. I can’t recommend this enough if you are trying to train your dog.

Antonella says that she recommends this product for dog owners trying to train their dogs. She trained her 100-pound GSD; this proves that this device works on all dog breeds. 

We have a Yorkie that is quite defensive of his territory. He is always barking at people, when they knock on the door, leave, walk by the front of our house. But now he is the perfect dog, just what we always wanted. Everyone who visits comment on how calm and well behaved he is. Our thanks for making such a great dog trainer!

Christian has trained his dog not to bark unnecessarily using this device. From excessive barking to being a calm and well-behaved dog.

I saw this online! I order right away I’ve been using the products for about 2 wks. Honestly, this is unbelievable, all I have to say is WOW.

This customer came across BarXstop online and is unbelievably delighted to see significant results. 

Pros and Cons


Effective Training: Swiftly interrupts unwanted behavior without causing harm.
Versatility: Applicable to various dog breeds and sizes.
Adjustable Settings: Customizable correction levels for tailored training.
User-Friendly: Easy setup and operation for all users.
Safe & Humane: Gentle reminder for behavior correction, endorsed by trainers.
Range: Effective up to 50 feet, no need for close proximity.
Portability: Lightweight and portable, suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
LED Light: Doubles as a flashlight and visual cue for training.
Value for Money: Competitive price with discounts and money-back guarantee.
Positive Reviews: Widely accepted and praised by dog owners and trainers.


Consistent Use Required: Requires regular and repeated use for behavior change.
Learning Curve: Users need to understand proper usage and timing.

Final Thoughts

BarXstop has earned its rightful place as a game-changer in my household. 

It’s user-friendly, versatile, and, most importantly, promotes a more serene atmosphere for you and your neighbors.

Remember, the effectiveness of any anti-barking device depends not only on the technology it employs but also on the understanding and training efforts invested by responsible pet owners.

Ultimately, the goal is to create a calm environment where pet owners and their companions can thrive.

BarXstop is a step towards fostering a deeper connection with your furry friend, built on understanding, patience, and mutual respect needs. 

To wrap things up, if you’re on the hunt for an anti-barking device that ACTUALLY works,

Look no further!

Here’s to a quieter and more peaceful journey for you and your canine companion!


Yes, the BarXstop affects all the dogs and other animals within a 50-foot range.

Yes, BarXstop helps to prevent excessive barking and other unwanted behaviors, such as aggressive chewing, by emitting ultrasonic sounds.

No, BarXstop does not affect your dog’s behavior negatively. It is an ultrasonic device that is completely safe for your dog and can help them with bark training.

barxstop product image




Overall Score


Effective Training: Swiftly interrupts unwanted behavior without causing harm.
User-Friendly: Easy setup and operation for all users.
LED Light: Doubles as a flashlight and visual cue for training.
Range: Effective up to 50 feet, no need for close proximity.
Value for Money: Competitive price with discounts and money-back guarantee.
Positive Reviews: Widely accepted and praised by dog owners and trainers.
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Consistent Use Required: Requires regular and repeated use for behavior change.

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