How to Collapse a Dog Crate? Easy Step-By-Step Folding Guide

Last Updated on July, 2024

It’s easy to collapse a dog crate, making it easy for dog owners to store, move, or temporarily remove it when unused. You can easily collapse the crate and assemble it with just a few simple steps when needed. 

Quick Summary

To collapse a dog crate, remove any bedding, lock the door, remove any attachments, and make sure there are no obstacles in the way. Follow the guidelines from the company to safely fold the crate.

Knowing the different parts and pieces of a collapsible dog crate is important to make the folding process go smoothly. These parts include the frame, top and bottom sides, doors, and side panels.

Cleaning the crate is an important step when collapsing the crate, and you should follow a step-by-step guide to make sure the cleaning is done safely. This includes taking out any items inside the crate, shaking out loose fur and dirt, vacuuming or brushing, spot-cleaning, and washing any bedding and toys.

Identifying the Crate

Two pictures of a dog in plastic crates

When a crate folds, knowing the different parts and pieces is important. This will make sure the folding process goes smoothly and safely. Here are the most important things to look for in a collapsible dog crate. 


Find the crate’s frame, usually metal or strong plastic. The frame gives the crate its shape and supports it.

Top and Bottom Sides

Find the crate’s top and floor sides. Most of the time, these are solid pieces that make up the crate’s top and floor. 


Find the door panel, which gives you entry to the crate’s inside. Most doors have hinges, and some may have latches or other ways to lock. 

Side Panels

Find the crate’s side panels, which comprise the enclosure’s walls. In most crates, these pieces are attached to the frame and may have holes for airflow. 

By getting to know these parts, you’ll be able to easily identify the different parts of the crate when it’s time to put it away. 

Preparing the Crate for Collapsing

Three cages sitting on top of a fence
  1. Take out any bedding or accessories: Remove any bedding or other things from inside the crate. This will ensure the crate is empty and ready to be broken down.
  2. Lock the door: Make sure the door to the crate is closed and locked. This will keep it from swinging open when it’s being broken down.
  3. Look for anything that could get in the way: Look for anything around or inside the crate that could get in the way of folding it. Remove any hurdles to make sure the building falls smoothly.
  4. Take off any attachments: If your crate has changeable parts or attachments, like a handle or a divider, that can be taken off, take them off as directed by the crate. 

By doing these things first, you can ensure the crate is ready to be folded up and avoid any problems that might arise during the process. If you follow the guidelines from the company, you will be able to fold the crate safely.

Cleaning the Dog Crate

cleaning a dog crate

Cleaning your dog’s crate before collapsing is important to ensure it is clean and safe for your pet. Here is a step-by-step guide to successfully cleaning a dog crate:

  1. Remove everything from the crate: This includes your dog, blankets, toys, and anything else. Set them away so they can be cleaned or replaced.
  2. Shake out any loose fur, dirt, or other waste: Take the crate outside or over a trash can and gently shake it to remove any loose fur, dirt, or other things. This step helps remove the first layer of dirt and makes it easy to clean.
  3. Vacuum or brush: Use a vacuum cleaner or a soft brush to clean the crate, paying special attention to corners, cracks, and gaps.
  4. Clean the crate spot by spot: If there are any stains or messes inside the crate that you can see, clean them with a pet-safe cleaner or a mixture of mild detergent and warm water. Scrub the damaged area gently with a cloth or sponge.
  5. Wash bedding and toys: Follow the advice of the manufacturer for washing any debris that can be removed. Use a safe soap for pets and wash at the recommended temperature. If the blankets or toys can’t be washed in a machine, wash them by hand with mild soap and warm water.
  6. Clean the crate: by dampening a cloth or sponge with a safe cleaner for pets or a mix of water and vinegar. Clean the inside and outside of the crate thoroughly, including the bottom tray, crate sides, and other walls. 
  7. Rinse and dry: Rinse the crate with clean water to remove any cleaning solution or dust. Make sure you rinse all the surfaces well to keep your dog’s skin from getting irritated. Let the crate dry out completely before collapsing the dog crate.

Cleaning your dog’s crate should be an essential step when you are collapsing a dog crate. You should try to clean the crate regularly, based on how clean your dog is and how often you are collapsing the crate.

Collapsing the Dog Crate

  1. Ensure the cage is empty: Take out any bedding, toys, or other items inside.
  2. Fold down the sides: First, fold down the crate’s side walls. Find the locks or other ways that the sides are held together. Let them go or open them so the sides can fold in.
  3. Fold down the top panel: Once the sides have been folded in, find the top panel of the cage and fold it down. Depending on how the top panel is made, you may need to open a latch or unlock collapsing mechanisms to fold it down.
  4. Secure the crate when it collapses: Some dog crates have built-in clips or a latch that holds the crate together when it is collapsed. Put these parts to work to keep the crate in this position.
  5. Set aside or move the collapsed crate: Once the crate has collapsed safely, it can be stored or moved. You can put it in a secure place in the house to keep it, take it if it has handles, or put it in a case or bag if one is available.

Make sure to follow the directions or guidelines given by the crate maker since the collapsing process may differ for different types of dog crates.

If you follow the manufacturer’s instructions, you’ll be able to collapse the crate without causing any damage or problems.

Types of Collapsible Dog Crates

Four different types of dog crates

There are different kinds of dog crates, each with its features and goals. Here are some types of Collapsible or portable dog crates that are often seen. 

Wire Crates 

A wire crate is useful and can be used for many things. Wire crates are made of metal wires and usually have a tray on the floor that can be removed and washed.

A wire crate lets your dog get enough air and see the outside environment. (Get the BEST wire dog crates form this article.)

Plastic Dog Crates 

Plastic dog crates are strong and are often used for travel or car and plane transport. Plastic crates are made of solid materials and have movable doors, a plastic tray, and holes for airflow. 

Plastic crates give your dog a more private space that feels like a den. (Get the BEST plastic dog crates form this article.)

Heavy-Duty Crates

A metal dog crate or Heavy-duty dog crates are made for dogs who need more security or who tend to get out. They are made of strong and durable materials like heavy-gauge steel and look like they have been beefed up. 

Heavy-duty crates are best for a big or strong adult dog rather than puppies to keep them secure. (Get the BEST heavy-duty dog crates form this article.)

Soft-Sided Crates

Soft-sided crates are easy to move and can be folded. They are usually made of cloth and have mesh windows to let air in.

Because of the crate size, soft-sided crates are good for traveling (i.e., a friend’s house) or short-term use but might not be good for dogs who like chewing or scratching. (Get the BEST soft-sided dog crates form this article.)

Decorative Crates

Decorative crates are made to look like they belong in your home. They look like end tables or cabinets and are a practical and stylish way to keep your dog in a cage while keeping your living space looking nice. (Get the BEST decorative dog crates form this article.)

Final Thoughts

In the end, collapsing a dog crate is a simple process that makes it easy to handle both our dogs and crates at the same time.

By going step by step and following the directions from the company, you can collapse the crate quickly and safely. When the crate is collapsed correctly, it will be small and safe for storage or transport. 

You should know how to collapse the crate in case you need to store it away temporarily, move it, or store it in preparation for a trip.

Crate training is helpful for you, but it’s also important for your dog, especially when it comes to housebreaking and nighttime sleep. 


The best type of crate for a dog depends on their size, personality, and needs. Two popular options for metal crates are the Impact Collapsible Dog Crate and the Petmate Sky Kennel.

To clean a dog crate, you can use a cloth or sponge, pet-safe cleaners, light detergent, a vacuum cleaner, and water bowls to rinse.

To safely disassemble a crate, first remove any pets from the area and then follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

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