Should I Cover My Dog Crate With a Blanket At Night?

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If you are thinking about whether or not to cover the dog crate with a blanket at night or not- you are at the right place. 

This guide has all the information about covering the crate using a blanket at night, the types of crates requiring a cover, and even the benefits and drawbacks. 

Hence, you have EVERYTHING in one place, and let’s go into detail!

Quick Summary

Wire crates require a blanket cover at night for a sound sleep.

Crate covers can help facilitate crate training and make sure your pup is secure, comfortable, and regulated during trendy and cold nights.

Some disadvantages of covering the crate with a blanket at night include risks of fire, lack of breathability, overheating, choking hazards, and the potential benefits of using a commercially made crate cover.

Should a Dog’s Crate Be Covered At Night? 

a covered dog crate

The question is, “Should a dog crate be covered using a Blanket at Night?”

Yes, you can. Your dog requires a calm and secluded space to sleep well at night. 

After all, they are living beings- just like you and me. 

So, dark space can be beneficial to reduce anxiety, excessive barking, limiting visual stimuli, and even aids easily excitable dogs (including even for a properly crate-trained dog). 

It makes their mind calm and peaceful and signals bedtime. 

Having a restful mind and sleeping well is essential, so covering the crate using a blanket at night helps! 

What Type of Crate Needs a Cover At Night?

Wire Crates require a blanket cover at night.

Did you know a wire dog crate gives the puppy a 360-degree view? When your pup wants to settle at night, the picture can distract them. 

They will notice as much movement, which is unhealthy at night!

So, you can cover the wire crate using the blanket at night to ensure sound sleep. 

What about the airline-style plastic crate, furniture dog crates, and soft-sided crates? 

Well, the dog’s crate helps are of an enclosed type. So, covering with a blanket at night causes extensive heat. 

Also, if you have an unattractive wire crate or an uncovered crate, a pet crate cover is aesthetic. 

What to Look for in a Good Blanket?

a close up view of 2 types of blankets

So, will you pick the best blanket to cover the dog’s crate? Here are our tips:

  • The blanket must be durable
  • Pick a safe fabric type for even sound-sensitive dogs (Ex: Microfiber, terry fabric, coral velvet, and fleece)
  • Ensure the blanket suits well despite the temperature changes
  • The blanket should be easy to clean
  • The blanket withholds odor-resistant quality as it can smell bad at times
  • Allergen-free- if your dog has allergies or sensitivities

Benefits of Covering Your Dog’s Crate With a Blanket At Night

Let’s peek into the benefits of a dog’s crate covered with a blanket at night.

Ensure Security

During night time you must ensure to make your pup feel safe and relaxed. 

If your pup feels anxiety due to the separation of being alone, covering the dog’s crate with a blanket helps. It reduces anxiety issues.

How? It makes them feel cozy and secure in a dark space. Moreover, it enhances the warmth, seclusion and keeps them settled for sleep. 

Like den animals, a covered crate using a blanket provides a safe and secure space. 

The darkness and privacy of the blanket cover mimic a natural den-like atmosphere.

a dog crate covered with a crate cover

Rest Easily

Do you owe a busy household keeping all the lights and TV on even during the night?

Then, the best decision to keep your pup relaxed is by covering the crate at night.

It would dim their space and create peace and a quiet environment for sleep. 

Decrease Anxiety

Imagine a time like festivals of cracking fireworks. Your pup may feel separation anxiety issues. 

Or even times during thunderstorms or lightning. In that case, you can cover the crate with a blanket at night. 

It prevents you from keeping your dog alert or restless in the dog’s crate during the night. 

It helps to overcome anxiety issues in their relaxing space. 

Avoid Excessive Barking

a white cute small puppy barking

Does your dog bark looking at shadows or movements at night? The best way to overcome this is by using the covered crate using a blanket at night. 

Thus, they won’t notice the movements and lessen their barking. 

It happens due to overexcitement or excessive visual stimulus in their perspective. 

Bedtime Ecstacy

A covered crate at night helps to enlighten- OK, this is bedtime now!

It helps them to differentiate the day and night time despite the environment they live in. 

So, when you use the dog crate covers at night, use a blanket and familiarize your pup with the dark aids to sink into the daily routine. 

Generally, most dogs are trained by covering the crate at night to signal the bedtime. 

Regulate Temperature

A covered crate using a blanket can regulate the temperature at night. 

But keep a close eye on the dog overheating. A local shelter is effective to keep most dogs warm during cooler nights. It also adds shade on warmer nights—- especially for security dogs. 

Ensures your dog remains comfortable throughout the night despite the body heat and temperature changes. 

Dampen Sounds for Sensitive Dogs

Do you own a Sensitive dog? Well, this is for you!

Sensitive dogs are prone to reacting to sharp sounds. It includes the traffic, voice sounds, storms, or any! In that case, a covered crate using a blanket helps your sensitive pup to calm down. 

Pet crate covers free them from heavy noise levels and give them peace for some sleep.

Not just noise; it helps to provide adequate airflow as well. 

If your dog has difficulties falling asleep in a brightly lit room- this strategy helps.

A bernese mountain dog laying in the grass

Facilitate Dog Crate Cover Training

If you are introducing or practicing crate training for your pup, a covered crate at night creates a less overwhelming environment.

It might even be your dog’s best friend at night!

A crate with a blanket at night brings your pup more comfort and positive space. 

Even though crate training is a new concept, it helps them to undergo a balanced relaxing period at night.

Disadvantages of Covering Your Dog’s Crate With a Blanket At Night

Explore the drawbacks of covering the dog’s crate cover with a blanket at night.

Use of Inflammable Blankets

A close up image of a grey furry fabric blanket

Do you have heat or open flames closer to your dog crate cover? That’s a red flag!

When you cover your dog’s crate using the blanket at night, avoid loose body heat sources, including open flames. 

Accidents may happen and cause a fire. So, stay guarded!

Less Breathable Blankets

When purchasing blankets for the dog crate covers, ensure they are of good material and breathable. 

What happens if blankets are not breathable? A crate with a blanket can cause your pup breathing issues and lung problems. 

Generally, cotton, bamboo, silk, and linen materials are of breathable type. 

Also, remember to keep one side of the crate uncovered. It ensures adequate ventilation is provided for your pup. 

Risk of Overheating

A close up image of a fire

Covering the blanket at night during winter is advantageous. But is that the same in summer? It depends on the temperature.

Due to the enclosed space, it can cause overheating and behavior changes. As pet owners, you must ensure they are left out with the right temperature and given the proper dog comfort. 

Therefore, the risk of dogs overheating exists when the dog crate is covered with a blanket at night.

Choking Hazard

Are your young puppies in the four and eight months phase? During this period, your dogs may get tempted to pull blankets or chew toy. 

The fabrics of the blankets can be chewed, causing choking hazards. They can also pull the blanket via the wire cages and begin chewing. 

They may even swallow the fabric or choke. 

This risk always exists when you cover your dog’s crate using a blanket at night. You may not be there to check on it as it is nighttime. 

So, get a suitable fabric material to safely cover the dog’s crate.

Why Should You Use a Commercial Dog Crate Cover Instead of a Blanket At Night?

Do you use old cloth or knit blankets to cover your dog’s crate at night?

The blanket cover would not be the RIGHT solution every time. 

Why? It would cause health and safety issues or may not even cover the essential parts of the crate. 

So, what do you do next? A commercially made crate cover would be the best pick now!

Commercial crate covers are made to fit perfectly into a crate. And it has the best fabric. 

It would save your dog’s life from choking on the fabric. Also, let proper airflow through the crate. 

Dog crate covered with a Commercial Dog Crate Cover

The commercial crate cover fits nicely into sturdy crate designs, and yes— it is aesthetic!

A Commercial crate covering your dog’s crate at night ensures your new puppy safety, security, and comfort. So, what’s more important than that?

How Do You Get Your Dog Used to a Covered Crate At Night? 

A dog playing with toys inside a covered dog crate

Here are best step-by-step guidance to get your young or adult dog used to a crate cover at night:

  • First, cover your dog’s crate using a blanket at night. But, tuck the blanket by leaving the sides uncovered (To ensure sufficient ventilation).
  • Trick your dog or make it enter the crate mat by itself. 
  • Then, increase your pup’s time inside the partially covered crate at night to get used to it. 
  • Once your dog is slightly comfortable with the partially covered crate, lower the cover on one side at night. 
  • As days pass, when your pup is pleased with the above coverage, reduce the cover on the second side. 
  • Cover the third side or leave it open once your dog is satisfied with the above range. 

Result of following the above steps: A properly trained dog learns to sleep when you cover your dog’s crate using a blanket. 


Yes, it is a good idea to cover a dog crate at night as it helps to provide warmth, safety, and security for the dog.

No, do not cover the whole crate at night. Leave one side open to allow for ventilation.

You can keep your dog warm in their crate at night by covering it with a blanket for a cozy feel.

You can put food, water, bedding, toys, items with your scent, and special items for nighttime in your dog’s crate at night.

Yes, dogs generally enjoy having blankets in their crates as it makes them feel secure and comfortable.

Yes, putting a blanket over a dog crate can provide a sense of comfort and security for a dog, aiding in better sleep.


It’s time to consider all the factors and decide whether to use a blanket as a dog crate cover at night. 

Your decisions have pros and cons— so think wisely and pick the best to suit your dog’s requirements. 

Then, work on getting your pup used to the blanket cover over the crate at night.

We hope you got all the information on all the aspects, and it’s time to apply it to get the best out of it. If you haven’t yet picked up a crate cover and have no idea how to get the best one, check out this article here

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