5 Best Dog Crates for Golden Retrievers (Reviewed in 2024)

Last Updated on July, 2024

A Golden Retriever is a gentle, friendly dog that loves spreading affection to its family. Such a dog deserves to be treated with the same love that it showers upon you.

For starters, you should get the best dog crate to ensure the comfort and safety of your loyal companion.

To help you choose from the best, I have shortlisted five dog crates for golden retrievers and reviewed them below. Using the Buyer’s Guide, you can determine how and what features of the crate you also need for your Golden Retriever.

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Impact Collapsible
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Diggs Revol
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Fable Pets Crate
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5 Best Dog Crates for Golden Retrievers

1. Impact Collapsible Dog Crate

The Impact Collapsible crate didn’t need a comparison with other crates to score first place in these reviews.

So I can confidently say it is the best dog crate for Golden Retriever because it offers what all dog owners want from a fully functioning crate.

So here’s why you should also choose the Impact Collapsible dog crate for your Golden Retriever.

For starters, it has an innovative and intelligent design that makes the lives of every dog parent much easier. Unlike other crates, you can expand/fold it up in under 60 seconds all by yourself.

And that too without the use of any tools. If that’s not convenient, then what is? Wouldn’t you want a crate that you can just fold flat and put aside when not in use?

The Impact Collapsible dog crate is made of strong aluminum sheets to effectively contain dogs of all temperaments. These sheets keep the dog crate lightweight without compromising on its excellent and solid-quality collapsible construction. 

The dog crate is equipped with airline bars from the outside to hold the structure still and sturdy. These bars make the dog crate IATA-approved so you can enjoy air traveling with your Golden Retriever. 

The sheets have ventilation holes on all four walls to facilitate continuous air supply to ensure the safety of your dog and good visibility to allow you to check on your dog while your dog keeps a check of its surroundings.

For functional ease, the dog crate is equipped with ergonomic handles, two on top and one on the side; these crates are easily movable. These handles are military grade and are spring loaded, so strength-wise, no questions there.

To save floor space, these crates have stackable corners that allow stackability on top of like-sized crates.

The slam latch on these dog crates can be easily opened and closed with just one hand for hassle-free use. For extra security, the lock and key system on the slam latch comes in handy if your Golden Retriever has to leave your sight, like when air traveling. 

These crates come in various colors and sizes, including a size 42 suitable for a Golden Retriever. 

Key Features:

  • Assemble or fold in under a minute without any tools. 
  • The airline rails add structural support and make the crate IATA-approved.
  • Single-handed stainless steel slam latch operation to facilitate hassle-free use. 
  • Lightweight and Durable construction using strong aluminum to ensure portability, strength, and durability.
  • The spring-loaded, military-grade ergonomic handles conveniently move the crate around. 
  • Stackable corners for easy storage on top of similar sizes to save floor space.
  • The rounded-diamond-shaped air holes provide optimal airflow to ensure your dog is safe and comfortable inside.
  • The lock and key system on top of the slam latch adds security. This is a great feature to ensure your dog’s safety while traveling.

Get to know more about Impact dog crate from this review.


Ventilation holes ensure airflow and visibility
Airline bars for stability and IATA approval
Strong aluminum sheets for lightweight yet sturdy construction
It folds down to just 8 inches, making it easy to store in small spaces
Easy and safe closure system
Ergonomic handles for convenient portability
Setting up/ folding takes less than a minute and does not require any tools
Stackable corners save floor space
Lock and key system enhances security during travel


No wheels included

2. Diggs Revol Dog Crate

Can’t decide between wire or plastic crates? Then why not choose the Diggs Revol, made of plastic and metal wires to ensure a solid construction?

These metal crates for Golden Retrievers use high-end materials like aluminum, coated steel, and reinforced plastic.

These crates feature an extra sturdy aluminum frame lined by round-edged reinforced hard plastic on all sides to ensure the safety of your Golden Retriever.

This wire dog crate is exclusively designed for medium to larger dog builds like Golden Retrievers. 

These Golden Retriever crates feature a diamond-shaped wire mesh to protect your dog’s paws and jaws.

It has double doors, a front door with an ergonomic handle that is easy to open and close, and a garage-style side door that lets you convert the crate into an open-air resting spot. 

For travel friendliness, these crates are collapsible. With the carrying handle and wheels, you can conveniently move it around for transport and storage purposes. Also, the removable tray allows you to easily clean the dog crate.

This dog crate has a ceiling hatch that allows you to drop in treats or pat your dog, and with the divider panel, you can house two puppies simultaneously.

This double-door crate comes in 3 colors and four sizes, from small to large. The intermediate or large sizes will suit your Golden Retriever.

These two sizes come with additional features: dual lock front door, auto lock ceiling, a removable tray that locks in place so it can be used as an additional handle when moving the crate, and two collapsed positions to improve flexibility.

These extra features ensure a more secure wire crate for your large dogs.

Key Features:

  • Made of industry-standard non-toxic premium materials to ensure extra sturdiness for safety and longevity. 
  • Collapsible for hassle-free transport and storage in seconds.
  • The unique diamond-shaped wire mesh protects your dog’s paws and jaws. 
  • The round edges of the plastic frame prevent injuries from cuts and scrapes.
  • The double-door entrance allows you to use it differently in different scenarios.
  • The ergonomic handle featured on the front door is easy to use, so no more pinched fingers or struggling to open the door.

You can read more in our Diggs Crate Review.


The collapsibility is travel and storage-friendly
Unique diamond-shaped wire mesh for paw and jaw protection
Additional features for larger sizes enhance security
Aesthetic design
Dual doors, including garage-style side door
Hybrid plastic and metal construction for durability
Most customers agree that it is money well spent
Removable tray for convenient cleaning
Ceiling hatch and divider panel add versatility


A bit heavier than it looks

3. Fable Pets Crate

The Fable dog crate is a fancy-looking furniture crate for your golden retrievers.

Compared to other dog crates, this is like a den for your dog to relax and rewind. Since it looks like a modern side table, it will easily blend in with furniture at home.

This dog crate for golden retrievers is handcrafted using bentwood. It has a sleek and stylish look with box-shaped ventilation holes that supports good airflow.

Since this is a fancy dog den, it doesn’t have a lock system of any sort, so it is most suitable for Golden retrievers who are crate trained.

The crate has a sliding door that can be tucked away discreetly.

Key Features:

  • The sliding gate can be discreetly stored within the unit, adding elegance to the design
  • Ventilation holes keep the air flowing to ensure your dog is comfy.
  • It seamlessly fits in with home decor, so you don’t have to worry about the crate being ugly or unattractive.
  • Handcrafted using bentwood with acrylic or metal doors to give an exclusive look.
  • Resembles a den to create a relaxing space for your Golden Retriever.

Get to know more about Fable dog crate from this review.


Handcrafted with bentwood, offering exclusive aesthetics
Box-shaped ventilation holes for proper airflow and comfort
Stylish furniture piece blending seamlessly with home decor
Resembles a cozy den for Golden Retriever relaxation
More comfortable than a typical wire crate
Sliding gate design adds elegance and discreet storage


Not ideal for travel

4. Lucky Dog® Dwell™ Series Crate

The Dwell series dog crates by Lucky Dog are modern-looking yet classic wire crates.

What’s different about this crate is its intelligent design that uses a single entrance but a double-paneled sliding door to make more space for the dog to go in and out.

The door rail system is smooth and quiet to prevent any creaking. And the door features secure slide-in latches.

These wire crates have a smooth rust-resistant e-coating for durability and patented easy snap corner stabilizers to prevent collapses and protect the durability.

They can be folded flat and moved easily using the handle on top. For adult golden retrievers, the 42″ size will work out fine.

Lucky Dog® Dwell

Key Features:

  • The slide-in latches enforce a secure lock system.
  • For longevity and durability, the crate is coated with rust-resistant paint and patented stabilized corners that improve stability to prevent collapsing
  • For functional ease of use, the dog crate folds flat. The plastic tray allows easy cleaning and the handle convenient movement.
  • The double-panel sliding doors are easy to open and close without unnecessary creaking.
  • The intelligent design optimizes the space to allow easy access to the door.


Easy sliding door for entry space
Foldable to store
Secure latch lock system
Rust-proof e-coating for durability
Hassle-free cleaning


Sturdiness could be better
The crate wires tend to bend with rough use
Rattles when the dog moves around

5. iCrate Dog Crate Starter Kit

icrates by Midwest Homes are standard wire crates that feature a double-door design.

These dog crates use slide bolt latches to prevent your dog from escaping.

These wire crates are the ultimate home training system for new Golden Retriever owners. 

Keeping your dog’s safety, security, and comfort in mind, this dog crate features multiple accessories like a divider panel to adjust space, a durable, easy-clean, removable plastic pan, a strong detachable carrying handle, and rubber floor protectors. 

These dog crates can be set up and folded in seconds without any tools for easy storage and portability.

It comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty reflecting the standard quality. They have a 42″ size that will suit your Golden Retriever.

Icrate Dog Crate Starter Kit

Key Features:

  • The double doors ensure easy in and out for your dog.
  • Including multiple accessories, it is the ultimate home training system for new dog parents.
  • The 1-year manufacturer’s warranty backs the quality of the crate.


Reasonably priced
1-year manufacturer’s warranty
Easily fold and sets up in seconds
Includes multiple items and accessories


Not suitable for high-energy dogs
Thin fleece bedding

Buyer’s Guide: Choosing the Best Crate for Your Golden Retriever

3 dog crates on a golden retriever background image

To choose the perfect crate for your dog, you must make certain comparisons and evaluations to determine if the crate you are considering offers what you need and is worth your investment. The factors described below will help you get started. 

Crate Model Should Align to Purchase Intent

The crate model you choose should agree with the primary purpose of the crate. Maybe you need a crate as a den for your dog to rest and relax or for travel purposes, or for temporary kenneling or vet visits.

Whatever the reason, the crate should be able to facilitate that particular functional reason first and foremost. Crates models that are usually available are stationary crates, high-anxiety crates, and collapsible crates.

For example, if you intend to air travel often, a strong collapsible crate like the one from Impact will be the ideal way to go.

Similarly, if you want to set up a resting spot for your dog, you can still go with the same choice. But if you won’t move the crate much, a stationary crate will do.

Dog Crate Types Against Dog Nature

Deciding on the type of crate suitable for your dog’s nature and temperament is important to make sure the crate can withstand its natural durability. There are many crate types, including;

Ideally, a wooden or metal crate will do for a moderate-tempered Golden Retriever. A soft crate or a plastic crate will work for a sensitive and mild-tempered dog, but it’s not the way to go if your dog has chewing tendencies.

So you have to know what your dog is like to choose the crate type. Choosing a metal crate like the Impact Collapsible crate is always safe as it is suitable for most dog temperaments.

Size of the Crate

Generally, a dog inside the crate should be able to comfortably lie down, stand up and turn around without the roof or the sides getting in the way. Not too big, not too small.

That’s the give-or-take gist of crate sizing. So this means the crate has to be upgraded a few times during your dog’s lifetime to ensure the maintenance of a perfectly sized crate.

A 42″ sized crate will satisfy an average-sized adult Golden Retriever, but some may Golden Retriever owners have experienced that smaller sizes up to 34″ work too. So, be sure to measure your dog following a crate sizing guide.

Other Factors

For added convenience and better overall functionality, look for the features below.

Ventilation & Visibility

Since ventilation and visibility are both equally important for the well-being of your dog, choose a crate that has a proper ventilation design that keeps the interiors circulating with fresh air while allowing visibility for you to check on your dog at a glance and for your dog to keep an eye on its surroundings.

Durable Quality

A golden Retriever is an active and playful dog. So it will need a high-quality crate like the Impact collapsible crate to match its liveliness even if it is crate trained.

Check on the materials used to make the crate, finishing details like welded or riveted joints, no sharp edges, rust, weather-resistant coatings, etc. These qualities reflect the durability and quality of the crate.

Ease of Use

Crates that are foldable, have wheels or casters, feature ergonomic handles, drain pipes or removable trays, etc., add much convenience to the handling and maintenance of it.

Although not necessary, a crate with multiple entrances is also a good feature. Also, a crate with a removable divider will allow you to use the same crate throughout your dog’s lifetime. 

Crate Sizing Guide for Your Golden Retriever Adult and Puppy Dog

4 sizes of dog crates on a golden retriever background image

A 42″ crate size will comfortably suit fully-grown Golden Retrievers. However, it’s best if you obtain your dog’s custom measurements to get a crate suitable to that size because your dog could be smaller or bigger than an average Golden Retriever.

Here’s how to get the required measurements;

  1. Make sure your dog is standing
  2. Measure the length from the tip of the nose to the base of the tail
  3. 3. Measure the height from the top of the head to the floor
  4. 4. Now, you can figure out a crate size by adding around 4-5″ to the length and height measurements and look for the ideal crate.

For a Golden retriever puppy, I recommend going for a large crate suitable for an adult dog, BUT with a removable divider that will allow you to adjust the space for your dog.

This way, you can purchase a superior quality crate and use it throughout your dog’s lifetime instead of spending on upgrades. Especially since puppies grow up pretty fast during the first 6-12 months.

Read our complete Golden Retriever crate sizing guide here.

Keeping Your Golden Retriever Comfy in the Crate

Follow these tips to ensure your Golden Retriever is always comfy in its crate;

  • Choose the correct-sized crate or use dividers to limit the allowed interior space for successful potty training.
  • If your dog suffers from separation anxiety during the initial stages of crate training, check on your dog from time to time to let it know you are around.
  • Use pillows, blankets, or paddings to keep the floor comfortable.
  • Dogs are natural den animals. So Use a crate cover when it sleeps or rests to give it a safe space feeling.
  • Gradually introduce its water bowl. 
  • Place a few toys and comfort items to create a relaxing space. You can also leave some treats.
  • Ensure the smells surrounding the crate creates a soothing environment for your pup to relax.

Frequently Asked Questions

The amount of time it takes to crate train a Golden Retriever puppy can vary, but generally it can take up to 6 months of consistent crate training to successfully learn. This timeline may be different depending on the age, temperament, and prior exposure to crate training of the specific puppy.

Yes, dog crates can be safe, but it is important to research and select one that is designed to minimize safety risks. It is also important to make sure the crate is assembled properly.

Crate training a Golden Retriever provides numerous advantages for both the dog and the owner, such as a starting point for house training, a safe haven for the dog, and improved behavioral development.


Crate training requires consistency and time because your pup has to adapt to a change in environment. Choosing the correct crate and following training tips will help create the ideal setting and speed up learning.

As for the best dog crates for Golden Retrievers, I recommend choosing the Impact collapsible crate that allows you to use it as a travel crate and a den. It is made of the best quality materials, so there are no questions about quality and durability.

It has a good ventilation system, so your pup stays comfortable. It is lightweight and features many extra fixtures to ensure ease of use, And I could go on…

In conclusion, I hope the article helped you choose the best dog crate for your Retriever. 

Impact Collapsible Dog Crate
Impact Collapsible crate Product Image
Build Quality






Overall Score


Ventilation holes ensure airflow and visibility
Airline bars for stability and IATA approval
It folds down to just 8 inches, making it easy to store in small spaces
Lock and key system enhances security during travel
Stackable corners save floor space
Get the BEST PRICE valid until the end of July
No wheels included

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