What Toys Are Safe to Leave in a Dog Crate?

Last Updated on July, 2024

Considering the thought, “What toys are safe to leave in a dog crate?” This guide has the best safe toys tips to get down the best crate toys. 

Choosing the incorrect toys of less safety leads to choking hazards and intestine problems for your pup. 

So, keep your guard on to find the SAFE and BEST toys to leave in a puppy’s crate. 

Let’s go into detail!

Quick Summary

Some safe toys to leave in a dog crate include interactive toys, treat-filled tough toys, chew toys, durable puppy toys, and comfort toys.

Toys to avoid in a dog crate include squeaky toys, rope toys, small toys, bones, and rubber toys or tennis balls.

When choosing toys for your dog’s crate, you should consider its size, preference, and activities and look for toys with the characteristics of not being too big or too small, being indestructable, and avoiding rawhides, strings, and real bones.

What Are Dog Safety Toys? 

A brown dog laying on the floor with a red toy

Dog safety toys are toys considered safe for your dog to play. These exclude rawhide toys, squeaky toys, and inedible items causing choking hazards. 

You need to give your pup toys that can ONLY be supervised. Additionally, you can consider your veterinarian’s suggestions for safe pup toys. You must pick pup toys based on size, preference, and activities. 

Therefore, we will walk through the best dog safety dogs from rubber soother toys, west Paw to interactive puzzle feeders to keep in your puppy’s crate (Check below!).

Things to Look for in Toys That Are Safe for Dogs Inside a Crate

What should you look for in safe toys to put inside the crate, ensuring the dog’s safety? Well, each toy serves different purposes. 

For example, certain toys encourage bowel habits, mental stimulation, and comfort. So, first, find the purpose of the need to add durable dog toys inside a dog’s crate. 

Here are a few checklists to consider to find your purpose for adding the toy to the puppy’s crate:

  • Do you want to distract the dog when he is in the crate?
  • Do you want the toy to be safe? So that you don’t need to supervise always.
  • Do you want to calm the dog?
  • Do you want your dog to overcome anxiety? 
  • Do you want to reduce the bored time of your puppy
  • Do you want your dog to overcome stress issues?
  • Do you want to reduce the isolation time of your dog?

The above are a few of the many purposes of adding a toy to the dog’s crate. As dog owners, it’s your primary responsibility to find the purpose of adding the toy to the crate. 

Once you find the purpose, it’s time to find the best durable dog toys to add to your puppy’s crate. Before you add certain toys to your puppy’s crate, ensure they are safe. No matter if they are big or small dogs. But how?

Here are checklists of characteristics that shouldn’t be in your dog’s toy:

  • Should not be very small: Small toys can be swallowed in the crate overnight, like small balls and children’s toys below three years. Always be concerned about the size of the toy. 
  • Should not be very big: If the toy is very big, your puppy won’t be able to play with it. Therefore, the toy has to be movable and in the right size for your dog to play. 
  • Avoid rawhide chew toys, string toys, and real bones toys: These are less comfortable toys that can harm your dog. 
  • Add indestructible toy: Never add toys that are less durable or destructible. Destructible toys can scatter into little pieces, and what if you missed to supervise them? What if it affects the dog’s intestines or causes a choking hazard? So, dog safety is important.

The Toys That Are Safe for Your Dog Inside the Crate

a dog is playing with colorful toys in the grass

Let’s walk through the best safe toys for your dog to keep inside the safe haven. 

Interactive Toys

These toys are the mental stimulation for your pups. And even they are one of the best toys to keep in your dog’s crate. You can also have them outside of the crate. 

Just like peanut butter without bread is incomplete, interactive toys not inside the crate are evenly incomplete.

These toys are recommended to the stuffed plush dog toys as they give more work for your dog’s brain. It aids them to stay energized, powerful, and intelligent. 

Treat-Filled Tough Toys

What are Treat-filled tough toys? These toys consist of treats for your dog. It helps keep your pup entertained and paves the way for some treats. Such toys keep the pup relaxed and happy. It also helps the crate training process. 

Giving the right toys can encourage bowel habits in your dog. As a dog owner, it can also help you overcome a strict feeding schedule. 

Chew Toys

Did you know? Young pups love to chew toys. Why? Because they are the best snuggle puppy toys to keep your dog entertained. 

There are instances when the dog is not given materials to chew, and they go wild. It even causes them to bite the cages of the puppy’s crate. 

Therefore, picking an excellent chew toy based on your dog’s age and maturity is the best idea to place on the puppy pad. 

Make sure they don’t cause rawhide chews and choking hazards. 

a beagle chewing an orange ball toy on the floor

Durable Puppy Toys

Why consider durable toys? A pup toy must be durable if your pup destroys toys or household items. It is a red flag in that case! It might be caused by your dog being an aggressive chewer, having separation anxiety, or having powerful jaws.

Durable toys are safe; you can keep them closer to the dog bed. 

Therefore, as pet owners, you must pick strong, durable, safe toys. Such a resistant toy can be soft and your dog’s snuggle puppy to ensure no damages are caused to your pup. 

Comfort Toys

Is your puppy feeling alone? Comfort toys are the best dog toy solution. Whether inside or outside the crate, a comfort toy plays the best role. 

They are soft and comforting to keep your pup comfortable. 

If your pup has a calm and gentle personality, a comfort toy will help them overcome their isolation. 

Comfort toys can even be your dog’s snuggle puppies, as they are very comfortable to play with. 

a dog playing with a stuffed comfort animal toy

Toys That Should Never Go Inside Your Dog’s Crate

You must think well before placing a toy inside your puppy’s crate as a dog owner. Here are the toys you must avoid in your puppy’s crate. 

Squeaky Toys

Do you have stuffed toys or squeaky toys in your puppy’s crate? Whoa! Pull them off! 

Especially if your dogs are serious chewers, keeping squeaky toys in your puppy’s crate is highly risky. 

Aggressive rawhide chews can cause harm to the dog’s intestines. So, stay alarmed! As your dog can destroy, chew or even ingest these toys. 

Rope Toys

There are rope toys that cause harm to your dog. What can it do?

Well, these toys can be shredded to pieces. Your puppy can also swallow it. 

Certain toys are chewy. Little shreds of materials can affect your dog’s safety. 

Thus, it is highly dangerous for young pups.

Therefore, never have these toys in your puppy’s crate. 

tow pictures of rope dog toy

Small Toys

Even small toys matter. Their SIZE matters here! If the toy is small enough to be swallowed, you must avoid it. Such toys can lead to choking hazards due to their size and consistency. 

For example, never give your children’s small toys to your dog. There are some children’s toys swallowable by dogs. So, dog-proof your home for any suspicious small items!


Do you feed bone toys in your puppy’s crate? It’s a big ‘no’ option. These bones can turn brittle and breakable as time passes by. They can also turn into sharp objects affecting your dog’s safety and health. 

So, never keep bone toys in your puppy’s crate. 

Rubber Toys or Tennis Balls

Why are rubber toys and tennis balls considered a not-great option for pup toys?

For one, they are small and easily swallowable. 

Next, these toys are destroyable. They can even be put down to pieces and swallowed. 

It might lead to being stuck in his gastrointestinal tract. 

Therefore, avoiding rubber ball-related toys is the best dog toys decision.

a picture of a rubber toy and a tennis ball

Benefits of Getting Crate-Safety Toys for Your Dog

Why must you reconsider getting your puppy-safe pup toys into their crate?

  • Gives mental stimulation: There are times when you are not present or when your dog doesn’t have anyone to play around with. In that case, these safety toys are your pups’ interactive toy.
  • Keep your puppy occupied: It’s important to keep your puppy occupied if you have some other work. In those instances, adding safety stuffed plush dog toys helps! 
  • Avoid chewing the bed: If your pup has the habit of chewing crate bed, you can introduce the pup’s favorite treats. It will keep them occupied with the toys and help them overcome this habit. It mainly stimulates the brain of young puppies.
  • Supports crate training: As pet parents, crate train and potty training is difficult. That’s why picking the best dog stuffed toys and leaving them in the crate helps them for crate training (Making it comfortable to be inside the crate). 

Four Best Safest Toys for Your Dog to Go in With its Crate

Here are the best hand-picked safest toys to keep in the puppy’s crate, from classic kong to interactive puzzle feeders. 

Kong Classic

KONG Classic Dog Toy

Kongs aren’t just treat dispensers. 

Kong Classic is the best chew toy you must consider keeping in the puppy’s crate.

This toy ensures the dogs teeth’ healthiness.

Benefits of the Kong Classic in your puppy’s crate:

  • Strong and durable: So it’s difficult to break. 
  • Considered safe: It is technically approved by veterinarians considering its safety and health for dog’s teeth. 
  • Best for staffing with food: You can leave the food in this case and one of the best crate toys.

Starmark Treat Dispensing Chew Ball

Starmark Treat Dispensing Chew Ball is your puppy’s best treat ball toy. 

This is a must-try toy if your dog eats all the food in a rush!

But why? You can leave food by filling the toy with it. So, how does it help? Your pup must roll the toy to consume the food and get the treat. 

Therefore, your puppy eats at a moderate speed and keeps itself entertained. 

Starmark Treat Dispensing Chew Ball

Sounds like a two-in-one option? Yes, you got me right!

Pups love this toy and are around with it. 

Benefits of having the Starmark Treat Dispensing Chew Ball in your puppy’s crate:

  • Aids your pup to eat food slower: Rolling the toy and eating the food takes time.
  • Highly durable toy: It is made of rubber-like material to withstand its durability. 
  • Lightweight toy: You can use it as a water toy due to its lightweight characteristic.
  • A great chew toy: Stands resistant to powerful chewers and supports the dog’s teeth. 
  • Used inside or outside of the crate: You can leave it in or outside as used as a traditional ball. 

Petsafe Tug-A-Jug Meal-Dispensing Dog Toy

Do you want to give your puppy good brain exercise? Well, PetSafe Tug-A-Jug Dog Toy is your go-to option. 

But why? It’s a great chew and interactive toy, just like puzzle toys, to entertain your pup. 

You can also keep food and a bully stick inside the toy. Therefore, when your pup plays with the toy, it can also get the food in it. 

It also teaches your pup to eat slowly and keep the brain exercised. 

Petsafe Tug a Jug Meal Dispensing Dog Toy

Benefits of having the PetSafe Tug-A-Jug Pup Toy in your puppy’s crate:

  • A good rubber soother toy: This keeps your puppy occupied, and the chewy toy is healthy for the teeth.
  • Able to fill in snacks or food: You can keep food inside the toy and keep your pup entertained at the same time.
  • Safe for dogs: It is made from BPA material and is considered safe. 

Nina Ottosson Dog Brick Interactive Treat Puzzle Dog Toy

How about teaching your puppy some brain games and feeding food? Yes, Nina Ottosson is a two-in-one stuffed toy. 

It’s considered an interactive puzzle feeder to keep the snack hidden in the toy. 

Therefore, the pup has to move the disc using the paw or nose. 

It paves the way to find the food and stay entertained. 

This puzzle toy requires no supervision as it is completely safe. 

Nina Ottosson Dog Brick Interactive Treat Puzzle Dog Toy

Benefits of having the Nina Ottosson Toy in your puppy’s crate:

  • One of the Best interactive puzzle feeders: The puzzle toy keeps the pup’s brain stimulated and healthy.
  • Considered safe: It’s safe to keep inside the puppy’s crate as there are no harmful components.
  • Highly durable: It is made from durable composite materials and is unbreakable. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about any hazards. 

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Final Thoughts

So did you learn the best collection of toys safe to leave in a dog crate?

After you have picked the best toys to leave in the puppy’s crate, maintain a weekly cycle. 

Tip: Change the toys your dog interacts with—from interactive, treat-filled to chew toys regularly. 

If your dog has a favorite toy, leave it all the time in the crate. This strategy overcomes their boredom and keeps them happy. 

But, keep your supervision on as much as possible to prevent any hazards caused by toys.


Yes, it is OK to leave toys in the dog crate as it can help keep the dog occupied and stimulate their mental activity.

Yes, but it is important to consider the safety of your puppy before adding toys to their crate at night. There is a risk that they may swallow small pieces or parts of the toys.

Virtually Indestructible Ball, Tuffy’s Ocean Creatures Larry Lobster Pup Toy, goDog Dragons, Classic Kong dog toy, SmartPetLove Snuggle Puppy, and West Paw Zogoflex Tux are all safe options for unattended puppies.

Most dogs love playing with toys like chasing balls, Frisbees, rubber toys, and flying disks.

It is generally recommended to leave a dog in a crate with a toy for no more than half a day at a time.

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